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KKK Jan 28 - 31

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Episode 248 –


Starts off with Pachai (at his house) thinking about the much talked about issue (the Raghavi matter).  The flask backs are shown (Pandi telling Pachai the lie, and then Bala telling Pandi about maintain the lie).  Just then, Pachai's mom offers him coffee telling him how happy she would be after 6 moths (that is once he gets a medical seat).  She also tells him that his father had gone to the temple to offer some prayers, once again reminding him of her (and her hubby's) dream.  Pachai looks at his book and (I'm assuming that he is thinking about his parents' dream). 



Uni (dancing while walking) and Rishi are walking and the latter comment on Uni's dancing abilities (of course since Uni is part of Jodi No 1).  Uni tells Rishi about taking dancing class ;), and they add a few crackers.  Soon they spot Black Pandi (whose also part of Jodi No. 1) and go to say hi.  Pandi informs that he wants to grow a beard, to which both Uni and Rishi laugh.  They tease him by saying that know one would be able to see his black beard since it would blend in with his color complexion, and that is a good idea to grow after he's 50 – as to get a good color combination LOL.  Pandi further adds that he is in love – repeats by saying Pond's in love.  When Rishi and Uni inquire on his, he sings a few song (saying that he's not able to sleep, and is feeling butterflies in his tommy), and adds that he's yet to find a girl.  In a laughing mode, Rishi tells that Pandi's not in love, and that he needs to take lession form Vithwans (in this case Uni).  Uni advices Pandi on ways to improve his chances for girls to fall in love with him (like the usual, investing money etc.).  The school bell rings, and the two buddies take off, leaving Pandi, whose pondering over how the guys managed to over take him (with respect to those teasers they threw at him). 




As Vineeth arrives to school, Priya arrives on Sanghavi's scooty.  She questions Vineeth if he could recall whose scooty it was, and Vineeth gets irritated.  She further inquires him on how his parents were doing.  A surprised Vineeth asks how she knows all this.  She tells him that Sanghavi was her best friend and that Sanghavi used to shared everything wit her.  She further adds that Sanghavi had many dreams which went in vein (due to her death), hence Priya is wanting to 'live Sanghavi's life' to fulfill her dreams (Guys, this would solve a lot of our questions….Priya is going to fill up Sanghavi' s space Confused!).  Vineeth is once again irritated.  Priya asks him about his feelings towards Sanghavi, and adds that if he tells the truth, she would tell him what Sanghavi felt about him.  But Vineeth doesn't fall for her trap, and rather replies that he is liking the suspense!




Bala and Pandi are sitting under tree, with Pandi making some Mokkai comedy.  They tell each other how happy about Pachai being sponsored for a medical seat in US (so that they could go visit him).  Pandi adds that if Pachai leaves to US, then the Raghavi matter could be solved fairly easily (he's aiming to get 2 mangoes in one stone LOL).  To convince Bala, Pandi suggest that if Pachai falls in love with a while girl, then he'd forget Rags.  But in order to make Pachai meet the requires (> 95%), Pandi wants to further build up the lie to Pachai.  Bala refutes, saying that what ever they've done so far can become problematic anytime, but Pandi says that what ever they do should be done fully. 


Just then Pachai walks in.  Right away Pandi starts to add fuel onto the burning fire (not knowing that Pachai is aware of all the drama).  Bala warns Pandi (telling him not to drag Rags), but Pandi doesn't seem to be bothered.  Pachai is a little disrupted, but doesn't seem that angry (like he used to be...). 


Rishi and Uni are sharing some mokkai jokes.  Uni inquires Rishi on a gift the he has, and the latter tells him that it was a gift from him dad (i.e. book guide), which he wants to give it to Pachai.  Right then Pachai walks in.  Rishi calls him and hands over the guides and tells him that more than him, it would be useful for Pachai since he's the one who has to get 95% and above.  At first Pachai refuses, but later accepts it with full heart (hurray guys, this Pachai is changing…I think he's realizing how much everyone around him want him to be a doctor). 


Pachai is sitting at a place to be joined by his friend (I can't remember the name).  The guy keeps mentioning Raghavi, and Pachai asks him to stop.  The friend wants to know why…and Pachai tells about being cheated by everyone around him (and crys).  He seems very mad at Bala and Pandi (including Rags)…and latter angrily tells his friend that he wants to punish his friends through emotions (BY HAVING TO LOSE A FRIEND)…and that is by….(omg…I think he's going to commit suicide)…by taking his life (saying this indirectly)!  His friend seems terrified and doesn't want Pachai to do something stupid, but the latter wants to be left alone.  Screen freezes on Pachia!  Guys this Pachai is really a loser…he doesn't seem to be thinking about his parents….all he cares about is his love!  Angry


Episode 249:



Bala and Pandi are walking (of course with their usual mokkai jokes) and upon seeing Pachai, they approach him.  They start teasing Pachai for being a little too serious.  Pachai then tells them that they can do tease him as much as they want and that he wouldn't be here for too long.  Pandi and Bala don't seem to take anything serious.  Pachai then asks them if they'd shed a tear if something happens to him.  To this, Pandi replies that he would happily send him off with the typical dance and starts dancing (kuthattam)..soon Bala joins.  I seriously think that this guy is going to do something stupid soon. 



Raghavi at her mom's place.  Her mom (foster) tells her not to study all the time, but Rags suggest that studying is better than being hit by Gabriel sir.  Mom compares Rags to her dad, and soon the dad joins in.  They have a nice chat!  Soon the fun times are disrupted by Priya (who breaks something).  Soon all of them approach her.  They see Priya playing around with Sanghavi's belongings.  Seeing this, Rags tells Priya not to touch Sanghavi's belongings (since Sanghavi disliked others taking her things).  However, the parents don't seem bothered, and tells Raghavi that she was planning of giving it away (since it kept on reminding her of Sanghavi).  The dad supports the mother's view and adds that they do something good on her behalf (i.e. charity wise).  All this while, Priya gives a cruel look to Rags.  The phone rings and the parents leave.  Then Priya tells Rags that Rags has no right to tell her anything since she is the third person (i.e. hinting that she was adopted) to the house and not herself and that she has all the right to Sanghavi's belongings (with a bad attitude).  Rags is saddened by hearing this.   



Bala, Pandi (with his huge lunch) and Pachai are sitting under a tree.  Bala asks why Pachai is being quiet, and the latter replies that he is feeling sick.  As they wait for Rags (to have lunch), they see Priya walking towards them.  Pandi praises and thanks Priya for the wonderful treat.  The boys soon offer some lunch to Priya (since she forgot her lunch).  Since they are all hungry, they decide to eat without waiting for Rags. 



Rags, on the other hand, tells a friend (who wanted her notes) that she would give it once she eats her lunch since the guys would be waiting for her (Oh Oh…stupid Priya is trying to create problems).  When she gets there, she is a little disappointed and leaves without eating (of course after giving them a little excuse). 




Rags is sitting alone thinking about everything.  Priya approaches her and asks her why she didn't eat with them.  Rags shrugs off but Priya kept pulling her legs by saying that Rags wasn't happy with her (Priya) joining her (Rags) buddies.  She further adds that Rags is unhappy with her arrival.  Rags refuses all this, and tells her that Priya is the one whose been wanting to fight with her.  Priya reminds her that this house belongs to Sanghavi and that she's unhappy with Rags receiving all the things that Sanghavi should be (this Priya character is really annoying).  Rags tells Priya to change her thoughts and adds that she was present during Sanghavi's last moment, and that she's trying to do what Sanghavi wanted to happen.  This adamant Priya tells her she'd distract her all the way through her stay here.  To this, Rags replies by saying that she isn't the same to everyone and leaves.



Uni and Rishi (studying) are waiting for Vineeth (in the mean time they are sharing some kadi jokes).  Pachai then comes to meet them.  He gives Rishi all his notes (that he had prepared for all the courses – in prep for his suicide).  Rishi tells him that he'd give it back soon, but Pachai tells him that he doesn't need it anymore.  At this time, Rishi reminds him that he (Pachai) must study hard.  Pachai then shakes hands with Rishi (wishing him good luck in the future) and Uni before leaving.  Rishi and Uni are confused as to why they received this farewell treatment…..




P.S. I think this Pachai is slowly preparing for his end.  But it is so unpredictable….by the way things are going, Pachai's actions might by subtle and more undisclosed.  I guess we'll have to wait and see….. common Pachai think of your parents….and your friends who want you to succeed in your life…..




Episode 250 -

Bala and Pandi (B & P) are sitting under a tree, and the former begins to tease the latter for munching on something all the time (referring to his belly).  Pandi tells him that after all, the puppy fat will go away.  Just then, Rishi (with Pachai's notes in his hands) and Uni walk by.  After greeting each other, Rishi asks Bala and Pandi what is wrong with Pachai.  Bala tells him that they do not know exactly what the problem is, and asks them why.  Rishi tells him about Pachai giving his notes to him and wishing him all success.  Bala and Pandi are shocked, and the latter gets a little irritated by Pachai's behavior.  All of then start to think about what they could do to get Pachai back to 'normal'.  In the meantime, Rishi returns Pachai's notes to Bala and tells him that he wants Pachai to top the class.  For once Uni is being serious and tells B & P that whatever the case be, it is best to find out and solve the problem for Pachai.  B & P tell the other two that they'd definitely talk to Pachai.


Pachai is sitting alone, and B & P approach him (both seem mad).  Pachai asks them why they are being silent, and suggests to them that they all go to class now.  Bala stops him and Pandi asks him why Pachai is behaving the way he is.  Pachai pretends to not understand anything, but B & P scold him.  They show the notes he had given to Rishi, but Pachai keeps on refusing.  Eventually, he does accept the truth but maintains that he wanted to share with another fellow student who also excels in class.  But Pandi kept on insisting that this is an unusual behavior and refers back to what had happened in Grade 2 (where Pachai refuses to show the multiplication table to Pandi).  Pachai is maintaining the same story, and asks them why they are doubting him.  Pandi replies that if Rishi and Uni are suspicious then why not them (after all they are his close friends)!  He further adds that Pachai is perhaps planning to not write the exam (Pachai of course refuses it).  Bala on the other hand, asks Pachai if he's planning to run away (Pachai stairs at him and says NO).  As to calm B & P, Pachai tells them that b/c Rishi gave him the guide books last week, he felt the need to share the notes with Rishi; and leaves from there.  B & P aren't convinced and are suspicious that something bad is about to happen.  They decide to keep an eye on him. 


Rags comes back from school (on her bicycle) and rings her house door bell.  She waits for a while, but doesn't get a response.  She phones someone (perhaps her mother) but the cell was switched off.  She decides to sit front of the house and study.  A car enters the house, and it is her family.  They apologize and enter the house.  Later Rags asks where they had gone, and mom tells her that they had gone out to buy cloths for Priya since her cloths (luggage) hasn't arrived yet.  Rags is a little upset (perhaps because they did not get her anything).  The mother then asks Rags to give her a cup of coffee…and Priya also asks for one.  Rags stares at her and leaves. 


Back at school, Rags (studying), Bala and Pandi are sitting and discussing about everyone's problems…Pandi also mentions Joe, saying that he's been admitted to a Boarding school (so I don't think Joe will come back for a while).  They also discuss the how much that lady Chinese is troubling Rags at home.  So B & P suggest that they can get rid of her in Pachai's style.  Just then, Pachai enters, and the guys are teasing him with their kuddi jokes (throughout this entire time, Rags keeps quiet).  Pachai then hands over a gift to Rags, and upon being inquired, he tells her that she'd find out the reason tomorrow afternoon (oh oh…he's going to attempt suicide tomorrow…noooooo), and leaves.  Not knowing the reason behind Pachai's gift, Rags yells at B & P for maintaining the drama.

Pachai (at home) writes his last letter to Bala, Pandi and Rags. 

Dear Pandi, Bala, and Raghavi, I've been through so many problems (and embarrassments), thinking that I'd attain what I wanted ultimately.  However, I've lost hope.  You guys are  all faulting me for falling in love with Rags, but I'm not able to change myself.  I'm not able to imagine a life without Rags, and as such am not sure if I'd be able to study hard and enter med school.  If I'm not able to get into med school, then I won't be able to face my parents.  Hence, a life without bringing happiness to others is worthless.  I feel disheartened to leave you all, but I believe that this is the best solution.  I'm sure Rags will take good care of my parents.  Please forgive me.  I've also written a letter to my mother.  I pray for you all…

Yours truly,


And starts crying……screen freezes….



Episode 251 –


Rags and her dad are in the living room, and the latter is advising Raghavi of how to deal with problems in life; he suggests that she should try her best to deal with it, but if things don't work she should flee from the place.  Rags jokes by asking if the same method would work during exam times, and the dad replies that this is an exception.  Soon the door bell rings, and Rags goes to open it ….. only to find Pachai!  Rags asks Pachai why he came at such hour, and Pachai replies by saying that he had some stuff to do in the neighborhood and hence decided to visit it her (but only we know the truth).  The dad asks Rags to bring Pachai into the house, and Rags reluctantly lets him in. 


The dad is excited to see Pachai and asks how his gang is doing (Bala and Pandi).  Soon the mother brings juice.  Pachai adds that he had come here to 'thank the two (Rag's parents)', and when asked for the reason, he tells them about how much he appreciates their help to make his mother's operation a success.  Noticing how tensed Pachai looked, the father asks him why he was being sentimental, but the mother cuts.  The father soon tells Pachai to study hard, at which point, Pachai asks both of them to stand up and come near him….and asks them to bless him!  They both bless him!  Without having supper, he leaves.  Rags goes to send him off.  When he takes leave, Rags ask why he's being/ acting like this.  Rather than replying he apologizes for behaving wrongly, and wishes Rags the best for her future, and shakes hands with Rags.  He thanks her once again, and asks her not to get distracted by anything.  Rags is a little confused by Pachai's behaviors and asks him why, but to her dismay, he doesn't reply and takes off.


Pachai and his friend (Murali) are sitting by the road side (at 11 o'clock).  The friend asks Pachai why they'd been sitting at the same place for 2 hours, that too without talking much.  Pachai tells him that he's spent many days with him (the friend) like this, and that this would be the last time, and from tomorrow he wouldn't be a burden.  The friends scolds Pachai for his weird answers, and asks the reason for his behavior.  He tells Pachai to forget Rags (if that is what's making him behave this way), and move on with his life.  Pachai, then, asks for a favor, and tells him about the letter he had written for Bala, Pandi, and Rags.  The friend agrees and Pachai hands over the letter asking him to pass it on tomorrow evening.  Pachai also gives his friend money, but Murali is scared about Pachai's behavior.  But soon gets convinced and leaves. 


Omg guys, I feel like crying now…it is soo sad (and hard) to see someone seek their end!!!!


Morning….Pachai gets ready in the morning to go to school (obviously all dull).  He prays and takes a last look at everything. 


By the stair cases, Bala is walking back and forth while Pandi is lying (both are not in uniform).  Soon Pandi gets up and asks Bala why they had to come to school on a holiday.  Bala tells him about a call he received from Murali (Pachai's friend) asking if he could meet him ASAP, and hence Bala asked him to come to school.  While waiting, they share some mokkai comedies.  Soon Murali arrives and tells B & P about the letter, and seeing Pachai behave that way, he decided to give it to them now (rather than in the evening).  Bala grabs the letter and hurriedly starts to read it.  Without telling what the matter is, Bala tells how screwed Pachai is and runs to find him. 


B & P in their bicycles go to Pachai's house.  Bala asks Pandi no to share anything with Pachai's mother.  They can't seem to find anyone, nor Pachai's bike.  Both get tensed up!  Soon they see Pachai's mother walking out.  She asks them what they were doing on a school day (not knowing that it was a day off at their school). Pandi tells her that there was no school.  She's a little shocked, and tells them that Pachai had already gone to school for a special class.  B and P tell her that they had forgotten about the special class and rush off to search for him.  They go and look for him everywhere, including Pachai's usual spots. 


Pandi gets really tired, and decides to sit down for a bit.  All of a sudden, Pandi tells Bala to try at 'Guari' – their usual meeting place (and the place where KKK began with the boys shouting).  Bala doubts it! 


Pachai is approaching the mountainous place Pandi had told Bala.  Once he reaches it, he is thinking about the time B & P had told him the lie (as well as all the other incidents that had happened ever since), and stares at the top of the mountain.  He soon walks up the mountain and reaches the cliff.  He looks down and the camera freezes on him. 


Kanavugal thodarum…


Today's episode was a bit emotional and it revolved around Pachai entirely.  Well hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend.  Catch you all next week…






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sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2008 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
ya aisha i think pachai is preparing for suicide doing all the farewell

if he really loves rags & his friends he will not do it.Angry

thanks aisha for the lovely updatesClap

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ginny007 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2008 at 5:58am | IP Logged
Thanks aisha for the updates..This pachai is seriosuly irritating..he is not bothered abt ppl ard him n i hated when he said tht he has to prove to his friends his true love...he doesnt even realise tht they are doing..he is a goner!!
I liked Rishi's attitude.....nice gesture...
usha_pooja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2008 at 6:27am | IP Logged
thx aisha for the updates. I think Pachai is gonna end up doing some silly like suicide. Oh no he should think about his parents first and his career i mean his dream career.
Aahaana Global Moderator

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Posted: 30 January 2008 at 11:00am | IP Logged
hehehe...greenboy have always be an irritating person for me..happy to see
other also feel the same LOL LOL he doesnt know of the meaning for be honest..I dont think he really loves Rags...he just cant see things
in different perspectives..

Priya is really annoyingAngry ...little does she knows about Sanghavi, she
changed for the best before she died.. and how much she regret her acts
towards Rags Ouch

Thanks for the update AishaBig smile

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_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2008 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Hey all, today's update (Ep 250) is posted above. Thanks for all your appreciations...

sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 January 2008 at 12:33am | IP Logged
thanks aisha

torture boy & his letter Angry

i dont know what will happen now?

Priya is another torture now Confused
ginny007 Senior Member

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Posted: 31 January 2008 at 12:35am | IP Logged
thanks aisha for the updates...tht Priya seems to be another annoying character....right from her first episode,she was annoying...I hope some1 foresees Pachai's move and stops him...dont want another sogam in this serial

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