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Hi guys

Thank you so much for your support and love shown during this incident and I was so overwhelmed by every post as it was touching to read.. at the moment the Jury is out (the ppl have spoken the case is closed!! thank you all so much)ClapClapClap… but as a show of gratitude I'm posting this intro.

Again this is totally an experimental FF…well u guys know me by now I'm still trying to grasp this writing thing…Embarrassed

Disclaimer: ***This Fan Fiction follows the rules and regulations set by the IF Dev team. I DO NOT take any ownership of any obscene or profound statements made by IF members on this forum. I nor my Fan Fiction will be used to justify such post in this forum. This Fan Fiction may contain adult material and members have been now advised before proceeding. Rating of Fan fiction ( 16+)***

Intro                 ~Don't step on the Daises~

As she sat on the plane to go back to Mumbai… the tear ran down her face as she look out towards the clouds the last two days came flooding back…..

As the warm sunlight seeped through the bedroom curtains a little smile formed on her lips…pulling up the covers she rolled over as she moved forward a frown appeared on her face. 'what is this?' she thought as her ran her hand forward… feeling skin she opened her eyes. 'What the hell?" blinking and finding her bearing she remembered the medical seminar she was in Las Vegas for….  she looked at his black hair and muscle body draped in the black sheet as he lay on his front.

"No I did not?" pulling up the covers to see herself she gasped and clutched the sheet covering herself up as a lone tear ran down her cheek

'Oh my god I have to leave? Before he gets up?' she thought shifting her weight towards the end of her bed.

"Morning wifey?" feeling a arm take hold of her she closed her eyes feeling two pairs of hands pulling her back into the bed as she struggled.

'WIFE?' she mouthed as he placed his chin on her bare shoulder…she opened her eyes

"YOU!" he looked at her and frowned.

"Wow was not expecting that?" she looked at him as he looked at her total confused by what she had shouted!

"Look here …You…. you…" she looked at him chuckling as she waved her finger at him as she clutched the sheet getting up.

"Baby we married now! Remember the white chapel!! Elvis…Love me tender!!" looking horrified she looked at him as he shuffled himself towards her.

"NO! NO! ….No that was a dream not real and the guy was not YOU!"

"It was ME! Mrs Riddhima Armaan Malki!" NO WAY!! YOU ARE EVERYTHING I HATE IN A MAN!!

~~~Part 1~~~

He looked at her totally surprised as she leaned against the wall and slowly moved down sobbing as she sat on the floor… The black satin sheet covered his preying eyes as it clingled to her naked body, seeing her loose hand holding her forehead he watched her as she cried her heart out.

"Look babyy? I have no idea what the heck is going on here?" she looked at him as he sat on the heart shaped bed scratching his head as he looked at her.

"I don't remember anything except going to the show with Muskhan! I don't even know you?and know you are saying we are married? I remember you at the seminar being rude to your friend!!" he looked at her stunned.

"Ok! This is a scam right! Do you take me for a mug?" she looked at him as she wiped her tears to see him get up in all his splendour as he got up she lower her eyes with her heart pounding in fear and embarrassment.

"You told me you loved me and asked me to marry you in front of everyone as you cant live without me and would die! I can't believe you have totally forgotten the last 24 hours…I bet this is about money right? Well you are getting nothing from me!!…do you thing these so called tears are going to work on me? I am going to have a shower.. I want breakfast order from house keeping and that just for starters" she looked at him turning around to leave.

"You must have drugged me?" hearing his feet stop he turned to look at her staring at the floor shaking her head.

"What?? are you saying I took advantage of you? OMG I cant believe this… you were all over me like a rash… and look at me!" she raised her head to look at him as he pointed at his neck.

"This lipstick and bite marks are you're and look!" she looked at him turn around

"These nail marks on my back are yours too… all night you told me to make love to you… and believe me sweetheart if I wanted you that desperately I would have not married you! I would have scr***** you over and left you!!" the tears ran down her face as she looked at him as he shouted angrily.

"Look at my chest… this tattoo has your name on it! You look at your chest you have one saying 'Armaan' …" she looked at him as he kneeled on the floor next to her and pulled down the sheet and pointed at her tattoo...the pain of needles and incetions could be felt.

It was a heart shaped tattoo with the word Armaan.. she looked at him as he looked at her so angrily...

"Heck if I was going to take advantage of you then why would I have saved you from that creep yesterday evening when he tried to rape you… heck I wish I never ......Uff" she looked at him totally stunned as he shook his head at her.

"I don't remember anything? I am telling you the truth!! Listen there must be some misunderstanding…here??" he looked at her eyes to see there was no evidence of him there like there was only 7 hours ago…he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I really hope you are not playing with me shona…why don't you have a shower I will order breakfast and we can sort this whole mess out!" nodding her head she looked at him. I need to get to Muskhan and find out what happened after watching the show…right now he the only one with some answers.

He looked at her as she nervously pulled the bathrobe around her so consciously knowing he was watching her as she stepped out of the bathroom.

"You're clothes are here…you order them to be moved to the honeymoon suite.." she looked at him as he went to open the front door dressed in the matching white hotel bathrobe.

She noticed the daises on the trolly and looked at him tip the waiter.

"You're favourite flowers and I remember you wanting them in your bouquet at our wedding… here is the marriage certificate and photo… may be there can jog youre memory…" he looked at her as she picked up the photo and stared at it with the tears running down her face.

"Eat something! I'll just shower and join you later…" she looked at him with a sad look on his face as he disappeared.

'Ok this is the best time to leave this place…' she grabbed her things and left the room.


"I have been so worried Ridhima …I was so scared and looked for you everywhere?" Ridhima wiped her tears as she informed her what had happen as she held her in her arms.

"Look Ridhima you remember we went to watch Nana the great the eastern magical show… he picked you and hypnotized you. It was so funny you where barking like a dog and I did everything he asked you … when the show ended I went back stage to get you and his assistance vivek told me you were back in you're hotel room. I had a bad feeling about the guy he kind of freaked me out it was something he said… After a long time of waiting and i had not found you in your room… I went back stage and there I heard Nana beg vivek to stop doing this… vivek said he would no longer keep the secret hidden if he never got what he wanted… Nana nodded and said the first guy the girl see she when she opens her eyes, she will fall in love with and give you what your heart desired but this will last only for 24 hours………After he left I spoke to Nana and he said vivek was blackmailing him as he did not have legal papers to work in the states and has you locked up in his suite…When I got there I saw him get arrested but you where no where in sight….the police said a stranger saved you and with both your statements he will be locked away for a long time as they were after him for a long time… I waited for you to return……I looked everywhere Riddhima I am so sorry!!" Ridhima looked at Muskhan cryin as they both held each other....

As the light above her indicate that she should fasten her seat belt she looked over at Muskhan as she held her hand………'the fast I get home the better as I can forget this whole nightmare!'

"What time is it?" Armaan looked up to see her glaring as he just did not have time for all this..not know…. She looked for an answer to see no reaction.

"Minnie? Navi?, I can't believe you girls are not getting into bed? You have school tomorrow" Seeing Armaan with his finger on his lips they giggled looking at him behind there mother dressed in her light blue sari with her hand on her hips as she looked so angrily at them.

"Ok why are you laughing!" feeling someone lift her off the ground she screamed as everyone laughed.

"Armaan put me down!" she giggled as he placed her gentle on the floor to see the girls clapping there hands.

"Chacha got mummy!" Armaan smiled looking at the girls as they ran to hug him....picking them both up he smiled. 'It was good to be home' he thought feeling a little better....

"Right you two bed NOW!" Armaan stared at his Bhabhi as she turned to look at him shaking her head.

"Armaan! they are total spoilt because of you and Shubhankar…!" she looked at him smiling cheekily as she turned following the kids up to bed.

"Gabbar gone?" Armaan turned to see his brother peeking into the room looking around not to be heard and chuckled as he sat down next to him on the sofa.

"You love her…right bro?" Shubhankar looked at him oddly and smiled.

"I don't think I could every have managed anything if Kirti never came into my life…" he looked at his brother as he watched her come down the stairs the look of nothing but love… he teased her so much but she never did anything but love him and his family… he watched them all evening as they ate and spoke to each other… His wife was gone and the 24 hours he spent with her was like nothing in this world as he looked at their wedding picture in his room there was a knock on his door…quickly hiding the picture under his pillow he looked at his bhabhi come into the room.

"Sorry Armaan! I never got to ask how you're trip was?" she had noticed he was not his usual self as she walked into his basketball designed room.. he was the big kid of the family and when Krishna mummy pasted away she promised she would keep an extra eye on him. Both Shub and her where worried about him but as a family they got over the bereavement…she had formed a loving bond with her brother in law there were more then friends since the incident.

"Full of surprises and a journey of discovery in so many ways…Bhabhi" I learnt how people use each other just to get what they want I feel so cheap and used.

"Discovery??… will sometimes these experience teach us about life. Good you found Las Vegas full of surprises …" he looked at her smiling as she looked around the room shaking her head.

"You're wife will have some doing to get this room into shape?" he looked at her giggling as she looked at the state of his room as she got up and walked over towards the door.

"My wife will have to take me and this room!! I will not change for no woman!" surprised by the tone of his voice she turned to look at him.

"Ok Baba! I will not moan about the state of your room ok…oh don't forget it's your first day at Sanjeevni as an intern…holidays are now officially over! Good night Armaan!"

"Good night Bhabi!" like clock work he knew she could not sleep until she did her rounds in the house…first she would check on the kids, then him and then retired…Smiling he hugged his pillow it was good to be back home away from people who would take advantage of him…..
Closing his eyes all he could do was see her smiling face as she called out he name... feeling the pain of betrayal he opened his he touched his chest feeling the pain of the tattoo....he knew this pain will never go away......................

~~~Part 2~~~~

"Ridhima?" Padma looked at her youngest daughter as she was not her normal bouncing self…it had been 4 weeks and she looked at Shanshank and gestured him to say something as they looked at her stare into space at the dinner table for breakfast….

"Beta everything ok?" she looked up at her parents and smiled weakly… I don't know I feel so strange and I don't know what to do? I feel like I have lost a whole part of me…I feel so odd?

"Hmm I think you're missing Anjali!" they looked at Ridhima nodding and smiling but inside she felt to violated…

"She did call and say that Atul is driving her insane and will be coming to Mumbai soon…" placing the toast in her mouth she listened to the conversation at the breakfast table not taking anything in as she thought about him.

"Actual she has invited us all to Delhi for Atul surprise party…" Padman looked at Ridhima it was not like her to not to react to such news…. There was a party and no reaction?? She could sense something was wrong since she had been back but knew Ridhima would tell her when the time was right. With her daughters she knew she could trust them...she looked at her toying with the melon with her fork.

"Ridhima beta! How's you're internship at the hospital?" she looked up at her father.

"It's going great dad.. we are getting different cases and I am actually learning a lot papa!" it the only thing I have to occupy myself with…

"Morning!" they turned to see Muskhan smiling as she walked into the house.

"Muskhan beta …breakfast?" Ridhima looked at Muskhan as she hinted to go to her room as she smiled at her mother.

"No thank you Aunty! I was after Ridhima!" Padma stared at them both whispering to each other as they climbed up the stairs.

"I have search the entire net and there is no way to removed this dame tattoo!" Muskhan looked at her feeling guilty for not being there for her best friend. As they looked into the mirror to see the 1 rupee coin size heart shape design with his name inter weaved in the middle 'Armaan'.

"I got some foundation to match your skin tone to cover it up…" Ridhima looked at her as she held out the small tube.

"But for how long do I cover this thing up?…there has to be some way to remove it?"
Muskan could hear the stress in her voice.

"I found this in my bag…" Riddhima looked her as she held out the large white envelope engraved on the top 'love me tender'. Taking hold of it she closed her eyes to open it… She saw a girl with her face looking to lovingly at him as he held her smiling.

"It's that guy from the seminar?" Ridhima nodded as she remember.

"I could not get over how rude he was to the host!" Muskhan shook her head remembering the incident.

"Yeah he was so rude everyone looked at him storm out of the seminar…as he disagreed with the guest speaker" she added moving over towards the bed to sit down.

"But you know him right?" Muskhan looked at Ridhima nod and look away.

"He's brother is Jiju's friend… when I visited Di in Delhi she showing us some pictures and I saw him there for the first time standing next to Jiju. Momma asked who he was and then Rahul said he was a senior at his college… he has an attitude problem and a temper. Di agreed and said Armaan fiery temper is famous and so is his association with the girls in Dehli…"

"So really you don't know him until vegas… you have just heard about him…He very handsome you're husband! In the picture he looks as if he is totally into you.."

"He's NOT my husband?" Muskhan looked at her as she looked upset.

"But Yaar I don't think he took advantage of you… he saved you from the creep Vivek so…"

"He's no Hero either…I just want to put erase his name forever…."Muskahn nodded as she looked at Ridhima grabbing her bag.

No one understand how can I have marry someone who I do not know and met when hypnotized this…he took total advantage of me and I will never let him come near me again…


Shubhankar looked at Armaan as he shoot the basketball and missed…for the past 10 minutes he looked at him angrily throwing the ball and missing everything…it was not like him to be working out so late in the evening…grabbing hold of his night gown he opened the bedroom door.

"Armaan?" Seeing Shubhankar he threw the ball at him to see his brother smiling at him.

"Bro …1 on 1" seeing Armaan waving his hands at him he threw the ball back at him.

"If I win you tell me what going on?" smiling Armaan knew bhai would never win and nodded his head.

Shubhankar watch Armaan bounce the ball and move past him …jump up and land the basket… He looked at him smiling as threw the ball back at Shub handing.

"Come on bro let see what you got?" seeing Armaan chuckle Shubhankar turned and threw the ball without moving landing straight into the basket…Armaan looked at Shub as he placed his hand on his head and ruffled Armaans hair.

"Bro how did you?" shaking his head he looked at his brother.

"Come on you didn't think you're the only star of the family…" he looked at him brother in admiration.

"I have been letting you win all this time…I promised Kirti!" Armaan looked at him chuckling and laugh with him.

"Now tell me what the matter?" Armaan looked at Shubhankar as he placed his arm around him and lead him back into the house.

"I kind of met someone and …"

"Let me guess it's all gone a little soar…look Armaan one thing I learnt when I fell in love was …everything is fair in love and war… just go get her…ok!" Armaan looked at him a little surprised.

"Armaan if you want something in this life you a have to take it…but in love this challenges will be tuff but you have to win them with heart and nothing more… If your love is true then you will win!"


Ridhima looked at her parents whispering and looked at her as she came down the stairs….the flight to Delhi may take her mind of everything and the party will be fun. Rahul was going to be there with his family as well…so she was not going to be bored out of her mind.. Plus she had not seen Di for a long time..

"SURPRISE!" Atul looked at the room light up and smiled to see Anjali come forward wearing her gold lengha and take hold of him.

"Happy Birthday!" Atul kissed her on the cheek to see her blush as she lowered her eyes. Everything about her was beautiful and she had this gift of making everything she touch as beautiful as her.

"Armaan you sly dog!" Armaan smiled as he looked at Atul shaking his head.

"You tricked me new club? Boys night out?… and you Anjali fightin with all morning about me going out with the boys?.." they al laugh as Ridhima and her parents came forward….

He looked at her take hold of Anjali and Atul smiling as his eyes thirsty upon the sight of her…he stepped forward to find Sapna take hold of him and led him away.

"Armaan help me with the cake…" nodding his head he looked at her as she smiled at him.

"Di where is Sapna?" Ridhima looked at the way everything was decorated Di had the best taste and the party was a hit.

"I think she has a crush on someone at the moment…" Ridhima looked at Anjali as she looked to see Sapna walk away with a guy.

"Di who's the guy?" Ridhima look Anjali as she winked at her.

"I am not sure ..but Atul wants to know who his sister is interested in!" Ridhima watched Sapna disappear but got a nervous feeling about the person near Sapna.

"Ridhima?" she turned to see Rahul a friendly face.

"Armaan is Amit coming?" Armaan chuckled at Sapna's question to see her blush.

"Hmmm… Amit is it?" seeing her go even more red he chuckled out loud as he watched her organise the waiters with the cake.

"Come on yaar… help me as there an important announcement later today…" he looked at her slightly puzzled.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Atul!! Happy Birthday to you!" Everyone sang as she turned around to see her family she stopped to see him only lengths away looking at her. With her heart pounding she looked at him coming forwards… Feeling an arm take hold of her she turned to see Anjali led her to stand by Rahul's side.

"Everyone today's a double celebration as I want to announce my daughters Riddhima's engagement to Rahul…" She looked at her parent smiling and congratulate them and smiled…

Feeling someone take hold of her arm and pull her into the room …she heard him someone come closer to her.

"Hi babe!" she looked at him as he cornered her against the wall… feeling his breath on her face she closed her eyes feeling the butterflies in her stomach and her heart pounding in her ears…. He looked at her with her eyes lowered and breathing heavy…feeling his finger on her face she looked into his hazel eyes…as if he had cast a spell on her she felt his fingers on her cheek… slowly moving towards her lips as he gentle traced them… "I felt as if part of me died when you left !" ….feeling his lips on hers…she melted in his arms as he pulled her closer….She found herself kissing him back as he released her he smiled.. "lets tell everyone we are married!" as he held her hand and led her towards the door.

"NO!" he turned to look at her…

"Look I was hypnotized and this so called married never happen…I was under some spell and I don't want to be with you…."

~~~Part 3~~~~

"Just stop this crap!" she looked at him as he took hold of her hand and moved towards the door.

"No Listen!" he turned to look at her

"Look! Look how about a  Divorce! I give you one we can get in touch with the USA and get it finalised!" she looked at him as he moved closure to her.

"What would you give me in return of the divorce?" looking at his stern look she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Oh I get it! Blackmail!" he looked at her as she turned around and walked forward feeling the pain she was in he had no choice.

"Yes! I want my payment for agreeing to the divorce!" she turned to look at him stunned. I married him?  who care about nothing but himself she thought looking at him moving towards the bed and sitting down in the hotel room.

"I can only give you what money I have…" she looked at him taking off his jacket and placing it on the bed.

"Riddhima come here!" looking at him pat the bed she closed her eyes feeling her heart racing… feeling his hand touch her she froze as she looked into his spell bounding eyes.

"I want you to spend 30days and nights with me….only then I will give you a divorce!" her eyes widened as she looked at him leading her towards the bed.

He looked at her as her eyes watered as he sat her on his lap and looked at her totally unaware of what he was doing? As he gentle stroked her hair…..

"I am set to marry Rahool and…"he looked at the tears running down her face and the helplessness look on her face….feeling the touch of his finger wipe away her tears she looked at him confused.

"You are already married we could go and tell them..darling…" closing her eyes she felt his warm breath on her face as he his lips brush past her ear.

"What are you doing?" feeling her anger breath he looked at her struggling to get out of his arms as he held on to her stubbornly. Cursing herself as she discover what he was doing she freed herself and looked at him grinning on the bed.

"You want a divorce!! so you will do exactly as you're husband wants!" he looked at her moving towards the door…

"I will do no such thing… you will hear from my lawyer…"

"I wouldn't do that if I was you… as then everyone would find out where married and that is something you want to hide…if I am not mistaken… am I correct!" she looked at him as he placed his arms in his jacket and walked over towards her grinning evilly

"It's my way or the highway! darling" she looked at him opening the door and leaving the room.


"I am so happy to have you here with us Ridz" Riddhima looked at Anjali smiled as they walked towards the large dinning table for breakfast.

"It will be like old times remember…" Anjali looked at Riddhima as she nodded and smiled …She was surprised that Riddhima had decide to complete her final year intern in Mumbai Sanjeevni …but was kind of happy that she wanted to spend time with Rahool since he was here… it made sense as Ridhima was going to be spending most of her time with Rahool… at least know they can get familiar with each other.

"Morning!" they both turned to see Armaan in his length shorts an white sleeveless top walking into the house smiling as he looked at them… Riddhima's heart raced looking at him as he so arrogantly walked into the house as he owned it… she looked at him as he headed straight them smiling.

"Morning Armaan!… and where is Atul ?!" Ridhima looked at her sister walk away from them as she stared at Atul walking in!.. Riddhima looked at him as he took hold of her dupputa and whipped the sweat of his brow and looked at her panic as he stepped close to her… "Morning wifey!" she looked at him catching his breathe as he winked at her… Seeing Anjali just about to turn around she stepped away from him.

"Not fair Armaan!… you cheated!"  they all looked at Atul as he ran into the house panting and holding his waist looking at Armaan.

"All's fair in love and war!" Riddhima looked at him as he stared at her and feeling very uncomfortable she cursed herself for have ever met such a creep.

"Armaan you are so right!" they turned to see Sapna coming down the stairs for breakfast.

"Armaan you are a sly dog! I tell you…" Armaan looked at Atul as he walked over towards him.

"Well Kirti Bhabhi told me you and Shub bhai have been cheating me for so long.." Anjali looked at Atul grinning as he lead Armaan to the table.

"Come on… Armaan! We were making a man out of you!… so we made you work out a little hard and those large muscles and six pack.." Armaan looked at Atul tap his stomach and chuckle .. "Is all worth! I seen those girls staring at you in the joggers park…"

"Hmm I always thought they were looking at you and bhai… as you both stop to admire them…" Armaan looked at Atul blushing and chuckled as Anjali narrowed his eyes at him.

"Anjali? Armaan is lying…I have eyes only for you! Honey!" Sapna and Armaan laugh at Atul running after Anjali as she stormed of towards the kitchen.

"Armaan why do you get him in trouble with bhabhi?" He turned to look at Sapna grinning to see Ridhima turning to go upstairs.

"Omg that is nothing he always picked on me when I was an intern and him and bhai never stopped!… it pay back or the both of them…" she looked at him letting out his evil laugh and giggled…. Ridhima turned to look at him as he looked at her.

"You staying for breakfast?" Armaan looked at Sapna and jerked her with his elbow.

"Intoduce us yaar!" Sapna shook her head at him

"Riddhima…" she turned to look at them approach them at the foot of the stairs.

"This is Dr Armaan… he a nuter and my best friend!" Ridhima looked at him as he smiled moving his hand forward… Ridhima looked at Sapna smiling and moved her hand forward slowly…

"NO! Riddhima don't shake his hand!" they turned to see Atul marching over.

"You shake this devils hand and you will never forget him or he will cast this spell on you …"

"Omg Atul don't be so mean! Armaan is an Angel and we all know who's the " Anjali gave Atul and dirty look and looked at Armaan and Riddhima.

Di believe me it all to late.. he has me under his spell already and I have to remove him and his omen soon… Riddhima looked at them all and placed her hand in his and looked at him smiling.

"I better be going… I will see you all later!" they looked at him smiling as he stepped towards the door.

Anjali and Atul looked at Sapna as she giggled and turned to look at them staring at her..

"Anjali I telling you the girl he marries will be lucky!" Sapna giggled

"Bhaiya I will feel sorry for the poor girl as Armaan is as romantic as a chocolate teapot!…" they looked at her giggling.

"And how would you know?" Anjali looked at Sapna

"Omg Armaan can never remember any girls name … he forgets the name of the day.. I think he will need someone whom he can never forget…" Riddhima looked at Sapna as she looked at her pull a sit at the table….


"Riddhima hurry up!" Riddhima nodded as she looked over at Anjali

"Di I need to get my bag and mobile from my room… why don't you wait in the car I will be right down!" Anjali looked at Ridhima heading for the stairs.. she not changed at all always remembering thing at the last minute…

Riddhima opened the bedroom door as we shocked the whole room was cover in daisies and she enter the room smiling…

"Promise me every morning you give me daisies!" hearing her own voice she turned and looked at the small tv screen in the room.

"I promise!" she looked at Armaan pulling her closer to her and staring into his eyes.

Walking over towards the screen as she moved around the flowers she turned off the screen.

"I guess you don't remember that footage…" hearing his voice she turned to see him looking at her. His hair was wet and he masculine persona filled the room… as he stood in jean and a yellow shirt.

"What are you doing here? This morning was bad enough what were you think? What if they found out and…." She looked at him picking up a single daisy in his hand…

"She loves me ?…" he pulled off the petal and looked at her smiling… "She loves me Not ?" he looked at her taken hold of the flower as he quickly pulled another petal

"Stop this rubbish!" she looked at him walking toward the bed.

"Look you are forgetting the deal 30day and nights remember!!" seeing him pick up her picture frame he smiled.

"I remember.. you are sick and after one thing… and you know what you can play this perverted game but you will never have my heart!" he turned to look at her angrily.

"Listen to me … this body of you're is nothing special as I have had many girls more beautiful then you… there is a gift box in you're wardrobe and I will call you at 3pm so make sure you are ready… understand or I will publish our wedding photo in the Mumbai paper… understand!" he looked at her as she turned red in anger.

"How will I ? look I cant leave the house just…"

"I don't care… you wear what's in the box and follow the instruction in the box!.. I will call you at 3pm…."she looked at him walking towards her.

"Look Armaan…I" feeling him step closer to her she looked into his spell bounding eyes.. as he took the daisy out of her hand…touching her fingers…….she just stared at him walking towards the window… "she loves me?…. she love me Not?"

"RIDHIMA" coming back to her sense she grabbed her bag and turn to see him no longer in her room…………….. "SHE LOVES ME!" hearing his voice she turned back…

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"We like to welcome you here?" Ridhima looked at Dr Kirti as she showed her around the hospital..

"We have 15 interns here and many are on different shifts? I know Anjali is your elder sister and your fathers the trustee in Delhi and here ? so I'm expecting a lot more from you then the others?" Kirti looked at Riddhima and smiled to see her nod.

"At the moment im going to get you to working with a senior doctor ?  and I rota interns and they work in all areas of the hospital but I have something else in mind with you? see a very senior nurse leaving to get married and I need some to assist the senior orthopaedic doctor" Riddhima looked at Dr Kirti and nodded

 "once Nurse lovely is back I will add you back on the intern rota at the end of the month? right this is the ward"

"Beta?" Riddhima was stunned to see him smiling as he looked at the old frail women grabbing his arm..

"Ji Amma?" Dr Kirti looked oddly at Armaan as he gestured with his eyes everything is under control.

"You never come to see me? Don't you care about you're mother?" Armaan sat her down on the near by chair and kneel on the floor next to her.

"Amma I am a doctor and look at these sick people in their beds all needing your sons help? I have to help them!"  he looked at the old woman nodding as she got up.

"You will come and see me beta?" Armaan helped her up and looked over at Nurse lovely and nodded.

"Ok I be over soon Amma! Later this evening before you go to sleep"  they watched him lead her out of the ward?

"That Amma!? Maya is her name? she was hit by a bus 1 year ago while Dr Malik was interning? and she thinks Armaan is her son.. Her real son left her 10 years ago and with the complications of the operation she here with her recovering especial her mental state..She has attached herself to Armaan? we all call her Amma! You get used to her she a sweet soul?"  Riddhima nodded silently as she looked around the ward?

"Morning Doctors is there anything I can help you with!" Riddhima smiled as she looked at the Nurse.

"Sister Lovely this is Dr Ridhima Gupta she will be assisting Dr Malik and the registrar here for the next 2 months?" hearing his name she looked at Dr Kirti stunned ? no way u have to be kidding

"Awe thank Dr Kirti I was thinking poor Dr Armaan would be alone and we would get no help!" Riddhima looked at him grinning as he walked over towards them smiling

"Dr Kirti this is a pleasant surprised.." he looked at her stand there with her eyes slightly lowered as he played with the stethoscope around his neck

"Actually Dr Armaan ? this is Dr Riddhima your assistant for the next month" Riddhima looked at him as he looked stunned by the news too?

"Dr Kirti.. can I have a word!" Riddhima looked at him as he looked slightly unsettled by the news? But why?

She stepped a little closer to them as they were engrossed in there conversation.

"Bhabhi I don't mean to be rude but I need someone experienced and not an intern? I can't be putting my patients at risk by some rookie?" Kirti looked at him surprised and back over at Riddhima as he made himself heard to everyone in the ward.

"Dr Armaan! Dr Riddhima has decided to complete her final year here in Sanjeevni and amongst the interns I have available she the more experience and top graduate in the group? and knowing your past history with Rahol I know he and you would simple just not work?" Kirti looked at him holding his head

"Fine but if she not capable then I'm send her back to you!" she looked at him storm off

'what is his problem he runs so hot and cold' Riddhima though looking at Dr Kirti as she returned back to her?

"Dr Armaan is in his office and waiting for you! Good luck..he a nice guys but very devotee to his patients"


She looked at his disorganised office.. files all over place and the number of mugs on the table? she looked at him holding up a round sponge basket ball in his hand as his legs where so casually on the desk.. looking at the wall to his he threw it in the small hoop in the office which was on the wall

"First off I want to make myself clear? I will not compromise my patient's health so what ever is goin on between us?does not enter this ward?" she looked at him looking at the hoop and totally avoided looking at her..

"Man this is goin to be so hard!" she watched the ball bounce off the ring and land at her feet? he turned to look at her as the smell of her fragrance was seeping though the small office? with his heart pounding?. He got up and walked over towards her?

"You planned this whole thing! Didn't You!" she looked at him purging on his desk looking at her as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"Look here you have wrecked my personal life and I will not give you a chance to ruin my profession one ? do you understand? I have planned nothing but you have ruin MY LIFE!" feeling his anger engulf her she looked at him walk past her and slam the office door shut

All day she looked at him totally ignore her as she worked on some of the patients in the ward? as she looked at her watch she gentle placed the arm of the patient down and smiled noting the pulse on the chart.

"What wrong with Dr Armaan? he normally in a good mood?" Riddhima looked at the patient and smiled?. She had noticed it too and the mood of the whole ward was down to him.

"You know he a nice man? I cant pay some of my medical bill and he told me not to worry ? and loaned me the money.. who does that now days?.. pay for someone?" Ridhima looked at the young man and smiled.

"See that girl there in the full body cast? everyone though she was going to die but he saved her! We never seen her talk to anyone but him?" Riddhima looked at him as he sat on the bed next to the young girl..

"Dr Riddhima!" hearing him call her name she approached the bed.

"Tanya? this is Dr Riddhima ? she is goin to help me to remove you cast on your arms.. and tomorrow we are going to remove the ones on you're legs.. so soon we have you dancing again.." Riddhima looked at the young woman's tears rolling down her eyes.. and watched him shaking his head at her?as he wiped her tears away gentle

"Now now ?Tanya.. you know I hate tears?" seeing the smile spread on Tanya face she looked at him getting up?

"Dr Riddhima ? Once we have removed the cast I want Tanya booked into x rays so we have a clear picture of how she healing and if the bones to her arms are set?." She looked at him step away from her and followed him..

"That fragrance is goin to kill me and ?" as they stepped into the small supply room she felt his hand pull her close to him?as her heart raced she lowered her gazed not wanting to look into his eyes..

"Why did you come into my life? and why do you smell so good!" unable to move a muscle she closed her eyes hearing his soft gentle voice boom into her ears..

"Please!" hearing her whisper so softly he released her and closed his eyes?as she looked at him walk away?

"Armaan what are you doing?"  as her cheeks blushed feeling his body so close to her again she closed her eyes?

"What are you doing remember he is the enemy!"  grabbing the trolley she wheeled it over towards Tanya's bed?


"Riddhima tough day?" she looked over at Rahool as he pulled up the chair next to her in the canteen.

"Actually to tell you the truth ?its ok and I have learn a lot so far.. Dr Armaan.." she stopped and picked up her coffee mug.

"Dr Armaan?" she turned to look at the frown line on his face

"I am his assistance for the next month.." she watched him grip his coffee mug and looked at her.

"Careful with him Ridz and if he gives you trouble then let me know.." Riddhima nodded her head?knowing that they did not get on.

"So I was thinking this evening ?"

"I cant this evening as I'm meeting a friend.." remembering the daisies and box in her room she closed her eyes.

"Ok who?" she looked at him and saw Armaan come over towards them

"Dr Armaan.." Rahool looked at her puzzled and saw him looking at them

"Dr Riddhima if you could be so kind and return back to work!"  Riddhima stood up and looked at him as he took hold of the coffee mug from her hand.

"Armaan leave her alone? she with me having coffee.." seeing the anger in his eyes she looked at him?. Staring at her coffee mug in his hand he placed it to his lips and drank it in one go.

"No more coffee!! break over!!?" Rahool looked at him angrily as he banged the coffee cup on the table and stood up?

"Riddhima I'll get you another one!" Riddhima looked at Rahool staring Armaan

"Rahool its ok? I will get back to the ward?"

She looked at him mumbled as they walked down the corridor

"I hate sharing you? and.."

"What?" he turned and looked at her?

"Why is this place full off sick people??" she looked at him confused as he placed his hand in his hair

"Look here you are here to work now to spend it with?" feeling her anger boiling up she looked at him

"I am marrying him!" feeling his hand take hold of her arm she felt him pull her to the fire escape.

"You are my wife and ?" feeling his lips upon her she found herself kissing him back as they parted she looked at him smiling sheepishly?

*SLAP* "What was that for?" he looked at her holding his cheek.

"Don't touch me!" he looked at her storm off and smiled.

"I just love her? this evening is going to kill me"


Her hands trembled looking at the white box on her wardrobe as she picked up the box she sat down on her bed dressed in her grown as she had just had her shower?as she lifted the lid she saw the gold sari with the red embroidery on the sides.. she was stunned to see and feel the fabric and picked up the card "You are breath takingly beautiful and I hope you can make this sari as beautiful as you?love Armaan"  feeling her cheeks slightly burning she stared at the card?as her heart pounded?as she feel back on the bed she closed her eyes? "What is happening to me?" she whispered getting up?

"This guys a walking disaster and runs hot and cold ?everytime he says something I am nothing but stunned? He rude and a Jerk!..." grabbing the sari in her hand she looked at herself in the mirror? "Lets get this over with!"

"Wow Riddhima you look stunning!" She looked over at Anjali as she walked down the stairs.

"You going anywhere nice?" feeling her heart pounding she looked over at the clock.

"I am meeting a friend?" Anjali narrowed her eyes at her.

"Ok who?" Riddhima cursed Armaan for making her lie

"Muskhan's cousin ..You don't know them Di.. !" seeing Anjali nodding she looked at the clock it was now 4pm and he had not called?

'beep beep' she looked down at her mobile.

"Missing you Rahool!" ?.

Riddhima looked at the watch it was now 7pm and he had not called

"This must be another sick joke!" she looked at herself in the mirror and took of the sari?As she walked downstairs hunger she looked over at Atul walking into the house looking upset.

"Atul everything ok?" Riddhima looked at Anjali as she walked over towards him.

"You remember Amaam?" Riddhima moved closer towards them hearing her name.

"She had another one of her attacks and past away this evening!" they both looked at him as he sat down on the sofa.

"Is Armaan ok?" Riddhima looked over at Anjali as she moved closer to Atul and sat down next to him.

"He takin her to the perform the last ritual ?she requested him to perform all her sons rights.."  Anjali looked at him shocked.

"I have never seen him so withdrawn.. Shub is with him as they left? I never knew Armaan was paying for all her medical bills and ?helped some others bills as well? half of his inheritance he has spent on peoples bills? he really is amazing"

Riddhima looked at he clock and grabbed her clothes ?.



"Wait up Sapna I'll come with you!" they turned to see Riddhima dressed in a pink sari running down the stairs

"Sure Ridz? I'm sure Armaan can do with some moral support!" Ridhima looked at them looking at her puzzled as she stood next to Sapna

"I am working closely with him for the next month? so I guess I need to assist him in anyway I can?" she looked at them as they nodded.

Sapna looked at Ridhima in the car as she drove..

"We not goin to his house.. Amit called to say he is drinking at the beach club? I just hope he does not go through the same depression he went when his mother pasted away? Amit told me it was hard for him.. but Kirti bhabhi helped him threw it!" Ridhima glanced over at her as she held the steering wheel.

"I don't know him ? what is he like? I mean I hear he has a temper and .."

"No you got it wrong? he passionate about the things he loves! And get possessive too?he wouldn't hurt a fly...but speaks before he thinks sometimes?I guess he speaks from his heart.. Armaan does not mean it really? " Ridhima looked Sapna as she stopped the car.

"You know what Ridhima I love him to bits as he my best friend and he introduced me to Amit?. Whom I simply adorn? but on one knows about us as we waiting for Amit's parent to arrive from London?So Armaan is my cover? I can trust Armaan with anything? but lately I think he hiding something from me since he come back from the states.." Riddhima looked at her as they entered the club..

Hearing the loud noise and entering the darkness to be surrounded by the strobe lighting flashing as they enter.. Riddhima looked at girls dressed in tight clothes and looked at the sari she was wearing as it was not suitable attire for clubbing.. even Sapna jeans and top made her blend ?she looked up to see the men looking at her in a sari and looked over toward the table to see Armaan hugging Sapna as she sat down next to him.

"Hi Armaan!" she looked at him looking totally surprised to see her and looked at how uncomfortable she was as she sat down opposite him..with her eyes lowered.

"Amit why don't get the girls a drink?" Amit looked at the way he looked at Ridhima and took hold of Sapna's hand. She looked at him as he pick up the bottle of beer and placed it to his lips. ?he noticed her looking at the 5 empty bottles on the table.

"This is my second beer if you are wondering?if you want I will stop drinking!" he looked at her as she lowered her eyes again.

"I am sorry about not coming to meet you this evening? I was a little occupied!" she looked at him as got up from his seat and sat next to her on the chair next to her.

"Did you like my gif?" she looked at him as he took hold of her pallu in his hand and rubbed it gentle on his face?taking in her scent of Dior.. the poison was killing him slowly as he closed his eyes

"I had a feeling you would looked stunning in a sari?" she looked at him as he moved closer to her and closed his eyes again.

"Armaan they are coming back?.please!" he opened his eyes letting out a sigh and released her.

"Armaan you sure you are ok?" he looked at Sapna and smiled

"Totally why don't you and Amit go have some fun.. I will drop Riddhima home.." Sapna looked at Ridhima and smiled to see her nod her head at them.


She looked at him drive the car back he was silent and she knew he was think about Amma..

"Why are you here?" she turned to look at him as his eyes questioned her.

"If you want the truth I don't know?" she looked at him nodded his head as he stared at the road with a small smile forming on his lips.

"Do you love Rahool?" he looked at her look away and did not really want to hear her response as he let out a sigh.

"I guess honesty ?I don't know either!" she looked at him as he stopped the car at the traffic lights

"Why is it I cant see?? or want nothing more in my life then you??. When you are not there by my side I feel weak? Amma was ok this morning.. before leaving I go and see her and make sure she eating and taking her medicine.. she looked at me oddly and said .. I have been waiting for you beta and then next minute she collapsed? she suffered a heart attack?." She could hear his voice tremble and saw the tears in his eyes. 

"Just like that she was gone!? we later found a letter requesting that I perform her last rights?" hearing him start the car again she looked at him drive in a different direction and just looked at him as the tears ran down his cheek.

"I have one thing to do?" as he stopped the car she looked at him as he turned around to see the urn in his hands.

"She request her ashes to go in the sea at sunrise?" she looked at him looking at the horizon.

She looked at him as he looked at the sun rising as she stood next to him on the beach?he looked so hurt and upset?. As he hands lifted up the urn towards the morning sun arising he felt her hands under his as they emptied the ashes into the sea ?he watched them go out to see as they took away his tear?.


As she moved closer to the warmth of the pillow a smile formed on her lips?feeling something pull her closer she opened her eyes to see him.

"Please tell me you're not goin to scream or cry?" he looked at her removing her arms from around him and pulled away quickly hiding her embarrassment. 

"I uh? you fell asleep on the way back home ? I carried you to you're room ? and I wanted to stare at you sleepin I guess I dozed off?" he let out a sigh and watched her nodded her head.

"For a second I thought you would not remember.."  she looked at him smile warm as he looked at her on the pillow feeling his warm breath and eyes staring at her lips


"I better leave?.before some one asks me why I'm sleeping with my wife.." hearing him chuckle she looked at him as he moved off the bed.

"I get some tea!" he looked at her surprised as she got up.

"How are you going to explain breakfast for two in you're  room?" she looked at him as he placed his shoes on his feet.

"Uh? I guess you're right?plus I'm meeting Rahool this morning!" he looked at her angrily?

"Really? Why?" seeing him approaching her she looked at his frowning face.

"We are set to get married remember? and this is part of the arrangement between us! 30days?" he looked at her staring at him

"Look you are married to me.. and?"

"Listen Armaan that was a mistake? and I want to get this month over with and start my life with Rahool.."

"And Last night?? what was all that?? You don't love him you love me you said so!"

"No I said I don't know what love is and last night you need a friend and?" Feeling him move closer to her she looked at him

"I don't need you're pity! What is wrong with you women I give you my heart and you break it? mummy, amma and now you" feeling his firm grip on her arm she looked at him.

"You're hurting me?" he looked at the pain on her face and released her.

"God dam it! Armaan you wanted 30day and nights remember? so im keeping my end of the bargain and tolerating you but I will not let you hurt me ?."  He looked at the anger on her face and stepped closer to her.

"What you goin to do Ridhima? As you have no choice but to do as I want? and tonight you will do exactly as I want?" she looked at him heading toward the window but she did not like the tone of his voice?

"Fine Armaan? you want to play these sick games then bring it on!"



Riddhima took a deep breath as she enter the ward to see him not there at all? as she looked over at the patients all smiled as she walked in too the ward? as she looked at all the sisters as she moved forward? picking up the file she looked at everyone oddly? "Dr Riddhima! Armaan Sir is waiting for you in his office?"  she was 30 mins late and the way he was cold with her this morning she knew that she would feel his wrath yet again.. as she walked into the untidy room she looked over at him as he waved at her to sit down on the phone?

"I am sorry baby!" she looked up at him as he turned to look at her on the phone.

"No! I promise tonight it is goin to be just us?"  he looked at her dressed in pink today as she sat before him ?as she nervously ticked away the loose strain behind her ear he knew she was feeling uneasy? in fact he knew everything about her more then here?

"Ok Princess ?I love you bye..!"  she looked at him as he smiled warmly as she stared at him as he placed the phone down.

"We have 4 patients discharging today ? so I want you to take these cases!.. Since I was here early I have checked everyone?they are all sorted. Tomorrow you are covering the night shift here and the general ward.. I have spoken to Dr Kirti about this all set up!? You can go!"  she looked at him surprised ? no argument no confrontation?he spoken to her like a senior doctor?as she picked up the files she turned to look at him as he rose from his desk and placed the new x- ray film to the screen..

"Dr Riddhima!" she closed her eyes as she looked at his back.

"Come and look at this?"  I spoken to soon she though approaching him.

"Look at this x-ray what do you see?"  she looked at him staring at the film.

"Umm? the pelvic is broken in 2 places?" he looked at her finger on the film.

"See here ? there a small slight fracture.." feeling his body move close to her she shuddered and collected herself? seeing her shudder slightly he loved to see her so unsure of her feeling?how he longer to hold her and kiss her but now was not the time.

"Do you see it?" she turned to look at him and nodded.

"I am operating on Mrs Sharma this afternoon? right now I have surgery to assist Atul in and hit and run case in ER? I be there all morning? Everything is handle so you have nothing to worry about here"  she looked at him as he moved towards the door.


"I can't believe he has left you alone?" Rahool looked over at Riddhima as she stared into space.

"Ridz?" ever since she had sat down in the canteen she has a little spaced out.

"Uh? Oh ?mmm actually he attended all his cases and left me with instructions on the reset? I just done the basic?I'll have not seen him all day? I called and was informed that he in operation room 2"  for some strange reasons she felt something and could not understand what?

"Ok like tradition we having a Holi party on the weekend at My Dr Shub and Dr Kirti's place? You be there right?"  he looked at the smile and nod she had given him. Today she looked very distracted and she did not say why?

"Di mentioned something about it in the morning?. Say that her and Dr Kirti will be shopping for the occasion? I heard from Sapna there are good parties?"

"Yeah they are! So I meet you there as you doing the nightshift tomorrow!" she looked at his glum face and smiled.  It was not far on Rahool she was to occupied with what was going on with Armaan and her she total did not make any time with him?

"Rahool this evening are you free?" she looked at his face light up.

"OK pick me up at 7pm!" he looked at her and nodded as he reached for her hand.

"OH gosh look at the time? Rahool I met you later!" ? as she walked through the corridor she felt someone take hold of her and drag her into the supply room?

She looked at him as he stood almost on top of her with a smile spread across his face? "So did you miss me?" he looked at her as she looked the other way.

"NO!" ?feeling his fingers on her chin?as he turned her slowly towards him?those spell bounding eyes?as she lowered her eyes?she noticed his lips ? seeing her blush slightly. As she felt his arm around her waist pull her hard towards him ?feeling his warm breath tickling her neck..

"Armaan please?" hearing her gasp him's name he just closed his eyes as he held her?she stood so still as he held her? How he wanted to feel her arms around him?but like usual her arms did not move?. Feeling his hands in her palms he looked at her with her eyes closed.

"Lets just stop this and tell everyone we are married? I cant take not having you and I hate sharing you?" feeling his lips on her cheek ?he felt her shudder again by his touch? as he kissed her again this time slightly close to her lips?. She felt him tease her tenderly as he kissed her tenderly on her face ?

"Armaan?" As he opened his eyes he looked at her standing her with her eyes closed?feeling his lips brush her lips she opened her eyes to see him?. Unable to understand what was happening to her as the desire to simple kiss him was so strong now as she felt his lips on her chin?. As she final felt his lips on her she melted in his arms? It was everything she had imagined and much more? like a dream she had lived? Feeling her arms now holding him? he felt her body melting by his touch? As she kissed him back?the desire was so strong she felt his lips part and hugged her tightly?

"You love me!" as the feeling of what just happened sank in she pushed him away.

He looked at her struggling with her emotions as took hold of her hands..

"I will not be able to see you this evening? as I have another engagement?" she looked at him and remembered his conversation from this morning?

"I know you met some other woman!" she closed her eyes and could not believe what she had just said.

"True! See she not afraid to tell me she loves and does not ask for anything from me ?but love!" He looked at her turn red slightly?

"But you know Riddhima she can never kiss me like you do!" feeling her anger now she looked at him.

"How dare you?" he looked at her storm off and smiled.


"Wow Ridz you looking good!" she turned to see Anajli as she walked down the stairs.

"Hmm? Rahool must be a lucky man.." Riddhima smiled at Atul as he walked into the house.

"Atul?" Riddhima looked over at Anjali as Atul kissed her on the cheek and made her blush slightly.

"Anjali I am famished!" Anjali smiled at him as he looked at her.

"Ok I get you dinner then I am goin to see Armaan!" Riddhima looked over at her surprised?

"Why?" Riddhima followed them towards the dinning table.

"He is baby sitting the two most demanding females in his life, while Kirti and Shub have gone out for the evening! ?Its Easter so I though I pop over and see them?with Easter eggs!"  Riddhima looked at the gifts wrapped on the table.

"Poor Armaan!" they both looked at him as he sat down.

"He had operations all day and when he did get 5 mins he didn't even eat anything!  He had this strange smile plastered on his face and carried on!" Riddhima blushed slightly as she looked over at them.

"Hmm you know joking apart? he does have a reputation as a player but when he does marry? that girl will be so lucky? as he already trained for kids and he make a caring partner.." Atul looked over at her amused and smirked.

"What Atul?" she looked at him getting up.

"Hey Riddhima did she tell you?" Riddhima looked over at his as he hugged her.

"You're Sister will be the best mom!" as he looked at him kiss her on the forehead? she looked at her blush again.

"Di? Is this true!" Seeing her sister nod she took hold of her.

"Anjali! I don't want you travelling to Armaans alone!" Anjali looked over at him and sighed?

"Atul?" she looked at the stern look on his face and knew he was not goin to let her get away with anything any more.

"You heard Sapna! You're iron is low ?and you need to rest! I will take you over there!.." Riddhima looked over at her sister? I have to do more around the house and?

"Actually? I will take the eggs Di!" they turned to see Riddhima

"Why don't you both enjoy a cosy dinner and spend some time together? I pop round now before Rahool comes? " Riddhima looked at the clock it was 6:30pm..

"OK!" they looked at her leave the house?.


"As she pulled open the front door she hear screaming?and looked to see Armaan blindfold waving his hands around? seeing him frowning as he bumped into the furniture she smiled looking at the girls giggling..

"OK I hear you monkeys!" as the girls looked over at the stranger enter the room they looked at Armaan and grinned.

"Face it Minnie Di! Chachu cant find us at the door!" Riddhima step forwards and stood by the sofa and winked at the girls.

Armaan stepped past the sofa and headed towards the door but stopped? as Ridhima love around past him he grabbed her?Feeling his arms around her she felt his lips brush her cheeks and As he took of the blindfold he smiled as the girls cheered?

"Di it you're turned!" Riddhima looked at the girls and smiled as she broke free from Armaans hold.

"I guess no one wants chocolate Easter eggs?then I better return this to Anjali Di!" the girls ran over to her and smiled.

"Thank you Di!" Riddhima looked at them open the boxes and smiled?feeling his hand in her she looked at him.

"You are beautiful this evening!" he looked at her blush and smiled.

'Beep Beep' he looked at her place the phone to her ear.

"Hi Rahool?. Ok I be there in a sec!" she turned to face the girls and smiled.

"Bye girls!" Armaan looked at her as she head for the door.

Riddhima felt him behind her and stopped.

"I'm going?"
"To cheat on your husband!" hearing the anger in his voice she looked at him shaking her head.

"What ever Armaan!"  feeling him taking hold of her arm she looked at him.

"Look Armaan I need to spend time with Rahool and.."  As she felt him drag her outside the house she looked at him pulling her close to him.

"Fine this is the last time Riddhima! Enjoy you're evening!" she looked at him storm off and heard the horn as she spotted Rahool drive up?..

~~~Part 7~~~

Armaan looked over at Minnie and Navi as he gentle closed there bed room door as he walked over towards his bedroom door ?he closed his eyes and could see her in Rahool's arms and opened his eyes angrily  "God Dame it!" he lay on his bed and looked at the ceiling?. 'Why was it she always knew where and how to hurt him?' he thought as a lone tear ran down his cheek.  "I am going to see her!" he looked at the clock and it was approaching 10pm she must be back by now he though getting up?

Riddhima lay on her bed and looked at the ceiling "Cheating on your husband!" his voice echoed in her ears and she turned over restlessly was that was she was going?  "No!" she told herself again and again as she closed her eyes ?

"Hey!" hearing a whisper she open her eyes to see him and sat up on the bed shocked?as her heart pounded looking at him grinning cheekily.

"I could not sleep? so I knew you could not either!" she looked at him as he jumped on the bed and turned to look at her.

"Armaan? Please leave me alone!" he looked at her as she laid her head on the pillow and turn over not to face him?.Feeling his arms around her and pull her close to him she closed her eyes.

"We had an agreement remember!" feeling his cheek on hers ?he felt her moist cheek and turned her to face her as she sobbed silently? pulling her close to him he head her.

"I am sorry!" he did not want to hurt her but she left him with no choice?.As he felt her arms take hold of her he sob loudly.

"Riddhima?!" unsure why she was crying so much he kissed her on the forehead.

"Rahool tried to kiss me!" hearing her whisper he closed him eyes feeling the pain in his chest ? she looked up at him with his eyes closed.

"It's ok Riddhima!" she looked at him as he opened his eyes and looked down on her.

"I think you seriously need to make up your mind who you want?" she felt his arms let go of her as he slow shifted his weight on the bed.

"I uh?" feeling his lips on her she felt his arms around her again and this time the kiss was so hard and passionate ?as she felt his tongue inside her mouth she opened her eyes as he released her and looked at her?.Seeing the look in her eyes he just held her in his arms..

"Go to sleep Riddhima its?been a long day!" feeling the warmth of his body and a fizz warm feeling tingling her entire body she closed her eyes in his arms.. He looked at her asleep and knew that he was goin to make this decision for him? She loved him and need him? Rahool was someone she was honouring and using as an excuse but now enough was enough?.


Riddhima looked over at him as he stood dressed in white as he laugh with Atul and Shub?.All day she though about what he said and in the morning when she woke up he was gone but she found the daisies on the bed next to her? as she walked into the garden grounds where the Holi celebration where taking place she felt a hand take hold of her as she smiled closing her eyes she knew it was him? as she turned around. "Rahool?" seeing his smiling face she felt a slight pain in her chest of disappointment.

"Happy Holi!" as she felt his hand gentle place the colour on her cheek she smiled looking at him?Suddenly she was surrounded by everyone as she coloured her cheek as she did there? Armaan looked over at the staff surrounding her and colouring her cheek.

"Ok Spill!" he looked over Sapna as she stood next to him.

"For a week now I have seen you stealing glances at her and leaving the house in the mornings?" Armaan looked over at her and grin..

"You will find out later today? and don't give me that look!" she looked at him staring back at her.

"I hope you know what you doing!" she looked over at him and he was so secretive now days and she did not want to see him hurt.

"Momma? Papa?" Riddhima looked over at her parents surprised as they embraced her.

"How did you? And not tell me?" She had missed them all day and to see them here she was surprised.

"We came this morning but Atul and Armaan wanted us to surprise you and Anjali!"

"OYE! Remember me!" As Riddhima looked over at Muskhan she embraced her and giggled.

"I have so much to tell you and?" Riddhima took hold of her hand and dragged her away from everyone.

"I bet as when I saw Armaan jiju at the airport early this morning I nearly had an heart attack and ?we stay here in his house!? Omg he is so cute and !" Riddhima looked over at her and knew there was no stopping Muskhan when she went off but felt a pair of eyes upon her and smiled.

"What is she doing here?" Mukhan looked over Rahool and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Jiju asked me here!" Riddhima looked at her and pulled back her hand.

"Atul?? I guess he the only one who likes you!" They looked at him chuckling and Riddhima hated that about him as he always was mean to Muskhan?but he justified himself saying she spends more time with her and is jealous.

"Muskhan!" they looked over at Armaan as he gentle placed his arm on her shoulder and she looked over at Ridhima grining.

"I have a surprise for you!?I have spoken to some of the senior doctors here you can transfer here to Mumbai like Riddhima!" 

"OMG JI.." feeling Riddhima look at her oldly as she shut her mouth and he looked over at her and chuckled.

"Thank you so much Armaan!" feeling her arms grab hold of him he chuckled looking over at Riddhima and Muskhan as he released her.

"Omg the dhool player is here!" as Riddhima felt Muskhan drag her over towards them as they played? Armaan looked over at everyone dancing and went inside the house to assist with the food to be served?..

"I like him and he cute and handsome?I told you before right!" Riddhima nodded her head as they both danced?.

"What's the matter?" Muskhan knew her so well and she shook her head

"He has not spoken to me once and not wished me!" Muskhan looked at her shocked.

"Oh will you are mean to him?I don't blame him!" Riddhima looked at her surprised her best friend was no longer there and she sided with him??Feeling someone take hold of her she turned to see Rahool looking at her oddly.

"Riddhima dance with me!" she looked over at Muskhan and then at him.

"The bhang!" Muskhan shouted over the dhol

As Rahool held up her hands dancing she looked over at everyone staring at her?Sapna moved forward and took hold of Anjali and let her towards the dance floor? "Rahool!" they turned to see Anjali smiling at him.

"I need Riddhima!" feeling him release her she looked over at Anjali taking hold of her hand and lead her away.

"Come on lets eat? Kirti and Armaan are serving and Shub and Atul are up to there normal tricks!"

She looked over at Armaan he looked so busy and Minnie and Navi wanted his attention and led him away? everyone looked on the dance floor as he danced with them ? He looked so cute and dancing with the children and she looked over Anjali and the others looking at him.

"Kirti you so lucky!" Anjali looked over at her grinning.

"Armaan ?loves them both a lot and poor guys done all the chores today.. Shub is having fun!" Kirti giggled looking over at Shub and Atul over with all the men at the other end of the garden.

"Hey no ones coloured Armaan yet!" Riddhima looked over at Sapna as they all agreed..

"No! look!" they watched Minnie and Navi throwing colour at him as they played.

"Bhabhi!" they all looked at him covered in colour chuckling at them

"I get the soft drinks from inside?"

"Wait Armaan? Sapna can you get the glasses please!" Sapna looked over at Armaan how hinted at her as he gestured with his eyes over at Riddhima.

"Riddhima can you go! I have an important call to make!" Sapna looked over at her and hinted Amit and Riddhima nodded her head getting up?

She looked at him silently as he lead her into the kitchen? feeling him take hold of her she closed her eyes feeling his hands on her waist.

"You not going to wish me?" he looked upset and she shook her head at him.

"OK! Fine!" feeling him release her she looked over at him confused as he walked out with the tray of soft drinks?

As she placed the tray of glasses on the table he looked over at her looking upset and smiled? 'hmm lets see hope u like being ignored today!' he thought?

Feeling Rahool's hand on her arm she turned to look over at Armaan as he did not see her and looked over at Muskhan?  Armaan noticed how Rahool was pulling Riddhima on the dance floor to dance with him as the rage built up inside him he took a hand full of Sindoor and march over to the dance floor.

"Riddhima! I have been every busy? Happy Holi!" she looked up at Armaan in desperation as he stepped between Rahool and her? the Dhol stopped and he looked over at the dhol players as they banged the dhols loudly as everyone turned to see him?. He looked at her as he placed the sindoor in her mang? seeing the tears in her eyes he nodded his head gentle at her?

"OYE ARMAAN!" as Rahool looked at him angrily as he stepped closer to him.

"Riddhima? Wash it out now!" Riddhima looked over at everyone staring at them as Armaan took hold of her hand.

"Rahool? She is my WIFE! And Has been for three and half months! It is traditional for the husband to place the sindoor in his wife mang!"  Rahool looked over at Ridhima and her parents step closer to them.

"Riddhima Beta is this true!"  Riddhima looked over at parents??..




"I Riddhima Gupta, take you Armaan Malki, to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness!" Riddhima looked over at the family members as they witnessed Armaan's and her marriage on the large screen as she looked into his eyes?. Nervously she looked at her fathers face filled with confusion and shame as she hugged Armaan ? as he moved closer to kiss her on screen.


"Padma we are leaving!" Riddhima looked at her father as she stepped towards the door.


"Papa?" she approached him and saw the anger on his face.


"You know what hurts the most is the fact that you were be adult enough to get married and not adult enough to let us know about THIS? I don't think I could ever trust you again?"  She looked at the stern look he gave her mother as he looked over at Anjali and Atul too.


"But Papa I was?." She looked over at Armaan in desperation to see him with his head lowered.


"You were what Riddhima?  Don't lie to me !! What I saw just now in front of you're mother and sister was a wedding! You seem very happy with him!"  Armaan looked over at Shashanks angrily expression.


"And you! This whole thing of giving Anjali a surprise was an suck up act!"  Armaan looked at Atul and then lowered his head.


"No Papa! Seriously that was my idea Armaan had?.." Atul stopped as he saw Shanshanks hand raised you to stop him.


"I guess me and Rahool are the biggest mugs here? and Rahool I am so sorry that I could not honour your fathers wishes to turn our friendship into something else? While my daughter was seeing another man behind both our back.!"  Riddhima looked over at her mother as the tears ran down her face.


"Papa I'm sorry and.." Riddhima stepped closer to him as he stepped back.


" I wish you a happy married life!" she looked at her father turn towards the door.


"Padma!" Riddhima looked over at her mother who was tearful as she walked passed Riddhima


"Momma!" Riddhima took hold of her as she sobbed


"I will talk to him.. but he very upset we all are ?it will be ok beta!" hearing her mother shoking on her own words she felt her mother release her as she looked over at Anjali.


"Di?!" she looked over at her as she cried.


"Ridz you could not even trust me?? and you sneaked around in my house behind my back!!" as she placed her hand to her mouth she cried feeling everyone harsh words sting her as they left?


Kirti and Shub looked at Armaan and as Shub stepped angrily towards him, he stopped feeling Kirti's hand.


"Honey! They don't need it from us as well!" Shub nodded his head and walked away angrily.  Kirti looked over at them both and sighed.


"Riddhima is you're responsibly and need you more then ever now Armaan!" he looked over at her sobbing and looked to see Kirti follow Shub.


"Riddhima!" feeling his arms around him she sobbed feeling the warmth of his embraced.


"I am here! Its OK!" she released him and looked at him angrily.


"You planned the whole thing and I hate you!" he looked at her surprised as she turned around not to face him? as he grabbed her arm and he pulled her close to him.


"You brought the whole thing on yourself? you so wanted me to rescue you when Rahool was touching you? as why did you tell he tried to kiss you last night?? and today in the celebrations when he forced you to be with him? were you're eyes not searching for me.. I sent Sapna to you're aid! Thinking of the arrangement between us the first time? but that look you gave me? telling me to come.. what the hell was that?" she looked at him as he pulled her close to him.


"I never asked you Armaan and ?" as she struggled to free herself she felt the sheer strength of his arms pull her back to him hard.


"You will do what I say and obey our wedding vows! Till death do us part!!"  seeing the rage in his eyes she pulled herself away from him as he stubbornly held her.


"What wedding and what vows?!!?! I HATE YOU!!" feeling his lips on hers hard she hit his chest with her fists and trying to free herself by pushing him away?. He kissed her more intensely and found her no longer resisting him as now she was melting in his arms? as he carried her up the stairs in his arms still kissing her he open the door to the bedroom and laid her down on his bed?. feeling her fingers through he hair he bit her on the neck and then he released her and smiled.


"That is all you are getting! I am hunger go and get me something to eat!" she looked at him getting of the bed and opening the wardrobe door taken back by what just happened


As he pulled off his white top covered in colour he turned round and faced her ? he narrowed his eyes at her and look at her.


"Did you hear me?" she looked up and nodded seeing him topless as she looked away quickly getting of the bed.


"I'm going into the shower and I expect something to eat!" as the tears ran down her face she looked at him shutting the bathroom door shut?




He looked at her through the mirror as she placed the tray of food on the bed as he combed his hair?. As he looked at the food on the tray he looked at her dressed in her white dress covered in colour?


"Bhabhi has given you something to wear it's in the bathroom get freshen up!" he looked at her sternly as she moved towards the bathroom door.


He sighed as soon as the door shut? you're hatred is enough for me to live my life with know you are close to me? I know you love me but you need to fulfil you're vows and so far in this relationship I am the one living my life as you're husband?I am going to have to teach you this vital lesson honey!


As she felt the warm water on her face she looked at the colour on the tiled floor? as her tears ran down her face she looked at herself in the mirror and saw a spec of colour in her hair not completely washed out ? as she reached up to touch it she remembered the Sindoor he placed in her mang? It was true what he had said she was looking at him to intervene but not in this manner ? as she has lost her family complete now thanks to him? Now no matter what I am getting a divorce just to be free of him and to get my family back? she though placing the black satin nightie on?


She looked around the room to find him not there and the food on the tray was not touched as she heard gentle laughter coming from outside she looked at the open door ?. Moving forward she walked down the corridor to where the giggling was stronger.


"Ok my sweethearts! Good night!!" as she peered through the door she saw him kiss them on the cheek and smiled as he approached the door.


"Chachu! Chachi is nice right?" he turned around and smiled at them both.


"You know what I have a feeling she will love you both more then me!" Riddhima closed her eyes as she felt her heart skip a beat..


"So why she not come to say good night!" Armaan looked over at Minnie as he scratched his head.


"Armaan!" he turned to see her walk into the room.


"Will you introduce me!!" he looked at her memorized to see her dress so elegantly in the long black night with the matching Satin night gown as she moved closer to him?He looked at her tucking the girls in as he smiled ? God how I love her he through looking to see her by his side?. Riddhima smiled at him? I need all the help I can get to pay you back! She thought looked at him as he took her hand and lead him towards his room.


"Why don't you eat as you have not eaten all day!" she looked at him surprised as he sat her down at the edge of the bed?. he saw her looking around the room and smiled.


"It's very man-ish so I guess we will make it ours!" he looked at her as he broke the roti and dipped it in the dhal? he saw her nodding as he placed the roti towards her lips?. What is it with this guy?as one minute he a jerk and next????? He looked at her open her mouth and smiled.


"Armaan you are hunger as well!" she looked at him shake his head when suddenly his stomach spoke the truth? he looked at her giggling and smiled


"Liar!" he chuckled as he looked at her place the roti in his mouth?


As he looked at the ceiling he smiled his wife was in there bed with him and in his house.. as he turned over to face her he looked at her with her eyes closed? he smiled turning back? feeling her arms take hold of him he smiled


"You just wait! You have taken away my family from me I will make you pay!" he looked at her total shocked as she mumbled in her sleep turning over.......'If you want a war Riddhima I will give you one'!?.



~~~Part 9~~~


"Riddhima!" feeling a gentle nudge she frowned as she pulled up the covers.


"Time to rise!" feeling the warmth of her bed she moved deep into the covers and smiled.


"Come on Ridz! were going to be late!" opening her eyes she looked at her sister standing at the foot of the bed frowning as she shook her head at her? Anjali looked at her surprised as she jumped out of bed and hugged her.


"I love you di!" smiling Anjali hugged her back a little taken back and smiled.


"Thank god! me and Atul got you and Muskhan home as soon as we found out the pakora's where full of bhang?"  Riddhima remember that Muskhan and her where dancing and how she had her arms around Armaan and told him she hated him a lot? and then Atul and Anjali put her to bed? As she hugged Anjali ? OMG it was all a ?..


"Thank God! I was dreaming and that never happened!" she smiled as she released Anjali.


"What never happened?"  Anjali looked at her heading towards the bathroom.


"Keep having bad dreams and this time ? you all left me! Papa was angry and You where mad at me and it was all Armaan's Fault!  I so hate that MAN!" Anjali picked out Riddhima clothes and placed them on the bed and smiled.


"Just because he's your senior does not mean you hate him!!?. We all saw how you shouted at him for not wishing you Happy Holi and nearly ripped his top off as you and Muskhan pushed him on the dance floor?." Anjali heard her giggling in the bathroom and smiled.


 "He was so embraced as you both pulled the sleeves of his top!? Any way ?.He told me and Atul yesterday that he wanted to discuss something really important and he wanted mom and dad present too?."  Anjali looked at Riddhima as she stumbled out of the bathroom holding her tooth brush?


"Why? And where's Muskhan?" Riddhima looked over at her sister heading for the door


"She having breakfast with everyone else! Come on we all going to the Mandir this morning?"




"OMG if everyone found out about me and Armaan? they will disown me and I have to live with him?"  Riddhima looked over at Muskhan laugh as she told her about her dream


"You watch to many bollywood film?the sindoor part was a great touch and we all know Rahool when he dragged you to dance again? left you as soon as he saw Nurse lovely to congratulate her on her wedding?that was funny!  He kept telling everyone she is a excellent Nurse and passed out ? Jiju carried him inside and put him to bed?" Riddhima looked over at her laughing as she frowned.


"Stop calling him Jiju!" Muskhan looked at her pouting her lip and laugh even more.


"He is but and you have to admit the whole marriage thing is funny as you have an accidental husband ? and Fiance!" they both giggled


"Now what are you two laughing about!" Muskhan looked over at Armaan standing at the bedroom window.


"Wow!" Riddhima looked over at Muskhan as she ran over to look at the way he came up to see them.


"Jiju! How romantic like Romeo your climbing up the drain pipe to see Juliet!" Riddhima looked over at them laughing and shook her head.


"What's the matter with Juliet?" he looked over at Muskhan and winked as he approached Riddhima.


"You Romeo are a bad man!? now you are disturbing her dreams!" Armaan looked over at Riddhima grinning as he looked over at her bed and then back at her.


"Really!"  Riddhima looked at him smiling like the cat had got his cream and looked over at Muskhan frowning..


"I leave you too alone!" Riddhima looked at her winking at Armaan as she left.


Armaan looked at her dressed in a pink sari and smiled? as he stepped closer to her? Riddhima looked over towards her dresser and sat down in front of the mirror not wanting to look at him? he noticed her foul mood and looked at her picking up her bangled and moved closer to her? he looked at her cursing the bangles as she struggled with her bangled? she looked up at him as he placed his hands on her wrist as he kneeled on the floor beside her


"You hate me yes!" feeling his hands take over her arm as she closed her eyes feeling the pain of the bangle brush pass her knuckles he sighed hearing her gasp as she nodding her head as a smile danced on his lips ?she opened her eyes she looked at him


"14 days so far!" she looked at him taking hold of the bangles from the dresser as he turned and looked at her smiling..


"30 days will be a life time for me? I can live the rest of my life as a divorcee and never remarry!" she looked at him as he stared at her smiling?seeing her gasp again as he pushed the bangles onto her wrists smiling.


"Was it a good dream?" he looked at her as she shooking her head as he smiled.


"Well aleast you are thinking about me!? as you stole all my dreams when you left me!" she looked at his eyes and looked away?smiling he picked up the small jewellery box on the dresser and picked up the earring? feeling his finger brush her cheek towards her ear she shuddered feeling his warm breath on her neck so lightly sending a shiver down her spine as she closed her eyes?


"Did I kiss you in this dream!" feeling his lips gentle brush past her earlobe she nodded as she felt his hands on her waist turning her towards him ?as she felt his finger tips on her other ear ? he smiled as he saw her eyes clench together tightly as he fastened the last earing? moving closer to her he smiled.. "Don't open you're eyes!" feeling her heard rapidly pounding she felt his hands on her neck and gasped as she felt the cold precious metal against her neck.. as he kept her eyes closed?. Feeling his fingers running through her hair.


"Armaan? I ?"


"Ok open you're eyes now!" she slowly opened her eyes to see the small tikka in her hair and her bindi on her forehead?and her hair set like how she normally had it and the only thing missing was her light make up? as she turned to looked at him walking towards the window.


"Armaan!" he turned back to looked at her and smiled.. if he did not leave now then his desires would kick in and he would not be able to control them.. as he looked at her in her pink sari and jewellery


"Why are you seeing Di this evening?" she looked at him shifting his weight and narrowing his eyes at her.


"I have something important to inform them off!" he looked at her looking worried as she stepped closer.


"I will do anything you want ? but I don't want to loose my family! They are all I have Armaan? please don't! ?" seeing her chocking on her words as the tears ran down her face he stepped closer to her and held her in her arms.


"You are my everything.. and I promise you that you're family will not leave you!" feeling her sobbing in her arms he pulled her close to him.


"So will you stop this 30 days stuff and give me a divorce now!" she felt his arms release her and looked at him.


"OK I know what you doing here! And im not an idiot!" she looked at him with his arms on his hips looking at her.


"What?" she wiped her tears.


"First you made you're wedding vows and broken them? and now our agreement!" she looked at him as he pouted his lips at her and looked away.


"I cant take it anymore? I cant lie to my parents and Di!" he looked at her and took hold of her


"So lets tell them! Come on!" she felt him drag her towards the door as she pulled back.


"They will disown me! That what happened in my dream? I hate you!" as she pushed him away she fell on the bed sobbing?


"Look Riddhima all I am asking for is 30days to live a life time with you after that I will walk away from you're life forever? and ?"  he looked at her crying and walked over towards the window?. She cheating herself and I have to make her realize she loves me?




"I just hope Armaan comes clean!" Riddhima looked over towards her sister as she picked up the tray full of tea as Armaan was over making everyone laugh? Riddhima followed her in the room and looked at him dressed to formal.


"Actually I have come to ask for something!" She looked at him with tears in her eyes? he had arrived and did not talk to her or acknowledged her and now he was scaring her as he was going tell them all?. I hate this hold you have over me she though cursing him and herself for ever doing to Vagas.. They all looked at his watch nervously and looked up at them..


"Armaan you ok!" Atul looked at him as he looked nervous about everything and he never saw him like this and as he looked around the room Sapna was not there.


"Anjali where Sapna?" he looked at her confused.


"Muskhan can you get Sapna from her room!"


Armaan smiled as he heard the door bell?. And sighed as he saw them all heading towards them..


"Aunty! Uncle please sit down!" Atul smiled as he looked at the guests and looked at Armaan confused.


"Atul this is Amit and his parents!" Riddhima sighed and smile in relief as Armaan explained why there where all there?. She looked at him all evening as they discussed wedding plans and the arrangements?


"See Atul beta we live in the UK and Amit looks after the Mumbai side of the business while his brothers look after the UK side of thing? we like to see Amit settle down ? and since we know Sapna beti well! We would like to see them married as soon as possible?" Armaan looked over at Atul and Anjali who looked total shocked by the news?


"Thank you Sir! I would like to talk to my family and let you know!" Armaan looked over at Sapna as she looked worried and reassured her it would be all ok?


Atul looked over at Sapna as the guests had all left as she sat next to Armaan with her eyes lowered not wanting to look at her.


"Dame it!" Everyone looked up at Atul.


"Anjali did you know about Amit!" he looked over at her as he shook her head at him.


"Armaan! You kept this from me as well!" Atul looked at him as she stood up.


"Atul!? see!"


"Sapna! Look at me!" Armaan looked at Sapna look up at her brother with tears in her eyes.


"Stupid girl! When mom and dad passed away we told each other no secrets and when you fell in love you ?did not tell me?" Sapna looked at the hurt look on his face and stepped closer to her brother.


"Bhaiya I wanted to be sure Amit was the one? like you discovered you're feeling for Bhabhi? I wanted to be 100% sure Amit was him and Armaan helped me like an brother and friend? he? knows Amit and his family well? so? that why he come to ask?"  Atul looked over at Sapna as she sobbed and at Armaan as he placed his arm around her sobbing?


"Atul! I have more right over Sapna as she is my best friend and I love her more then you?so if you stand in her way of happiness you have to go through me first!" Riddhima looked over at him as he stared at everyone as Atul stepped towards him angrily?Riddhima looked at her father getting up.


"Armaan! You!" As Atul stepped towards him ?.they looked at him hug them both.


"I love you guys more then anthing but you should have told me!?" Anjali looked over at Atul in tears and smiled shaking her head..


"Atul is such as pussy cat ? which is why I love him.. as he never gets anger and his way of looking at thing is beautiful?"  Riddhima looked over at her sister now in tears.


"Anjali looks like we have a wedding to plan!" Riddhima looked at everyone smiling and happy and felt a elbow in her ribs..




"Omg jiju was like amazing ? you were freaking about everything!!" Riddhima smiled looking at her and as she turned she looked up to see him leave?


"Anjali Di! Where Armaan going?" Riddhima looked over at Muskhan


"He is leaving town?."  Muskhan looked over at Riddhima looking worried

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ranbir_lekha 12 3036 22 January 2010 at 10:29am by tehzeeb25
*Dont Walk Away*Jonas Brothers,Dem,Selena Ch1 pg1

Author: tangina r   Replies: 5   Views: 1657

tangina r 5 1657 13 November 2009 at 12:47am by tangina r

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Author: arshluver_15   Replies: 128   Views: 8014

arshluver_15 128 8014 12 October 2009 at 6:18am by nidha1983
· FF: One Step At A Time(AR) - [Part 5 - Pg.11]

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Author: queen_rumz   Replies: 119   Views: 16130

queen_rumz 119 16130 03 April 2009 at 10:14am by bazingaaa
FF: Diamonds or Daisies (Shiv & Gauri)

Author: Saregama_fan   Replies: 4   Views: 1154

Saregama_fan 4 1154 12 April 2007 at 4:53pm by *dels*

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