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KKK Updates Jan 21 - 24

_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2008 at 10:44pm | IP Logged

Hi Guys,

still waiting for the latest videos guys...I'm extremely sorry guys....but I guess I lost track of the episodes and thought that they were going to air the new episode after pongal yesterday (wednesday)...but it turns out that they are still A WEEK behind on VIJAY TV US......but here is a summary on whats happened so far (from the beginning)

Two groups:


First group headed by Bala (a handsome dude and wanting to become a cricketer) includes 'Black Pandy' (the KKK version of comedian Vadivel; cares less about studies), Joe (hm…very funny…but his presence is being dearly missed by many), and last but not the least Pachai (a quiet yet irritating character at times; despite being a top ranker his love for his best friend Raghavi is destroying everyone's peace, including that of his parents who want him to become a doctor)



Ragahvi – the mediator and the female lead of KKK; she had a gruesome past with her entire family being swiped away by the Boxing day Tsunami (or atleast that is what she thinks). 

After the horrid some event, a kind couple came to Raghavi's rescue and 'adopted' her as their own daughter (or the second daughter).  The family's first daughter, Shangavi, had so much hatred for Raghavi.  However, when Sanghavi was willing to accept Raghavi as her sister, fate played a game in the family.  Sanghavi, due to an accident, fell from the balcony and died…the reason being her 'cocaine addict friend' (or atleast that is what some people believed)! 



This introduced a split in Vineeth's group (second group) – consisting of Vineeth (Chinese to many, and had loved Sanghavi), Uni (always joking around), Rishi (cute n looks like Harry potter) , and Chris (who is still guilty of being the reason behind Shangavi's death).  Sanghavi's death led Vineth rejecting Chris's friendship. 



After Shangavi's death, it took a while before things came back to normal!  But things weren't same for Raghavi's foster parents… To their surprise Raghavi's mom is still alive and is longing to unite with her.  Despite being in the same city, the mother and daughter have not met yet…should we call it fate or is someone preventing them?   Raghavi's foster parents do not wish to lose another daughter…..



The story has another set of group – the New +1's!  They always like to compete with +2 group, and are having some internal conflicts…and thus the group split into two… All of these gangs are being supervised by Prof. Gabriel (The strictuuu chemistry teacher and the father of Joe), Jeeva (the laid back, funny, bioish teacher), and finally PT master (cricket coach)



Moreover, the 'chemistry' sparked between the two opposing groups (Bala – Vineeth groups) and they slowly began to accept each other!  In the midst of all this, Pachai begins to feel a little agitated by his fellow friends for their closeness to Raghavi…At this point, it was evident that he had deeply fallen in love with Raghavi.  Eventually everyone got to know about this and a worried Raghavi told Pachai to behave himself and to focus on his ultimate goal (that is to become a doctor)…This adamant Green boy ended up receiving a slap. 



A shattered (and the most irritating) Pachai began to isolate himself (still not being able to realize that he is at fault).  His grades were reaching the low ends and many were concerned!  The only solution to all this (thought black pandi) was to lie to Pachai (of course getting permission from a fearing Raghavi) that she too liked him but under a condition (only will love Dr. Pachai, MD).  Green boy does get convinced by this and reunites with his gang! 



The new episodes (what I heard from someone):

Pachai shares the news with this mother and the latter has a talk with Raghavi telling her that they will treat her like a queen! 



I guess that is it from me for now…As soon as I find the latest episodes, I will treat you guys with the detailed summary.





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ginny007 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2008 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Updates for episode 244:

Sang's mom introduces Priya to every1 saying tht she is sang's athai ponnu.Pandi asks her to introduce them to her.Priya tells tht she will find it herself as Sangs has talked a lot abt them.She first identifies pandi and Black is all pleased and asks her how.She says he was the easiest as he was the only dark person there.Pandi stops her and asks her to proceed identifying.She next identifies UNni chetta n the reason being he looks the oldest.Unni is embarassed.Then she identifies Pachai n bala comments as he is the only 1 lookalike of kadhal kondain dhanush.
N then rishi as teh only HP lookalike.n then bala as thala as he is short(he doesnt allow her to proceed with the explanation) and finally Handsome vineet.She tells tht he is handsome n so she told when ppl questioned her on her reasoning.She then tells tht as V was special to sangs,so will he be for me.
(Actually the whole thing was comical...)finally sang's mom tells tht she is in 11th n pandi is disappointed.Pandi volunteers to take her to class.But then she chooses Vineet who is just pleased and shows her everything on their way to class.Raghavi just looks on.
Puli as usual sleeping in class.Teacher looks at him and every1 is laughing.Inspite of all tht our puli sleeps.finally teacher wakes him up n he kinda roars and then tells him tht in his younger brother's school,they allow them to sleep when they feel sleepy.When teacher questions his age,puli says he is in LKG.Teacher asks him wat a way to compare.asks puli to dance while the students sing some kuthu song.Priya enters and sits next to mintu n karthika.n every1 is discussing.

Bala,Pandi n Raghavi discussing abt Pachai tht he is in the gallery n studying all the time.Raghavi as usual comments her views.Bala n pandi reassure her saying his studies are important and tht he has to realise his mistake.(Well said.PAchai has to realise it..but then is this the way to do it??).PAchai passes them with his book in his hand(ore the padips or orey the thinking?? )pandi calls n then pachai blushes saying he dint see them.Raghavi smiles at him.
Puli n his padai go to the gallery and find mintu n karthika.Puli to impress them tells them tht they had made peace with the other gang.Mintu doesnt believe and wants to confirm they all go to meet rocky who doesnt understand wat they are talking abt.n 1 person in tht gang slaps puli 4 times and then fight ensues.

Pachai's area friend comes and meets thala,pandi.They are read to fight with him when he says tht he had come to meet them.He says he is happy to know wats happening as pachai is very happy now n is studying throughtout the night.Hope this continues if not pachai wd just break and he knows tht Rag wont do like tht.(Pochuda..ava nalla naaleliye polambuva.....ippo sutham)Freezes on rag's face..
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
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Posted: 27 January 2008 at 12:28pm | IP Logged

Hi Ginny,

Thanks so much for your help dear. I really appreciate it.   Clap I just came across the videos, and am watching it right now! will come back shortly with the remainder of the updates...thanks once again Ginny...

Episode 245 –


Begins in the examination hall, with Rishi and Uni doing some last minute preparation while Vineeth remains all cool and collective. The latter receives a text message and Rishi and Uni question him on the sender and the nature of the message.  To their surprise, Vineeth tells them that it was Priya, the new entre to Raghavi's house, wishing him good luck on the exam.  These two begin to ponder more about how they exchanged cell numbers and why Vineeth is not replying to her message.  Vineeth tells them that it is a secret (how they exchanged numbers), and that it wouldn't look cool if he replies to her message right away, so that he (vineeth) would remain in her mind (Priya's mind) till she receives a reply.  Rishi and Uni exclaim the beginning of Sanghavi Part II!  At this point time, Vineeth receives another SMS to which Uni confirms that he wouldn't question Vineeth again, and they are all smiles after.  Smile



The camera then shifts to Raghavi's shifting her sight towards Bala's group, where Pachai, Bala and surprisingly Pandi are all studying for the exam.  Pandi curiously asks Pachai as to why he was studying way past the required chapters.  Pachai replies by saying that he had finished studying for this exam a long time back and that he was studying for the next one (once again showing us that he is really doing all this to attain Raghavi' love).  Both Pandi and Bala tell him not to overdue it as to end up with 30 or 35.  Pachai assures them that he wouldn't get lower than what Raghavi would get (90 – 95).  Raghavi's really happy to hear this.  Black Pandi as usual isn't studying and shares his plans of cheating with Bala but the latter warns him to beware of the police supervisor. 



This supervisor (SV) is none other than the who had always hit Black Pandi a lot.  BP thinks of the past (with the song from pandavar bhoomi – avar avar vaalkaiyil aryiram), where he is being hit with a stick during several incidences.  BP's reactions change!  SV refers to BP as kaatu rasa (wild/forest kind) and asks him how he was doing.  BP jokingly says that he was doing very well in SV's absences.  SV replies: I'm back!  Once again BP jokingly asks him why he was talking like Ajith Billa.  SV says that he isn't ajithu pilla… LOLand this he's his villan!  (Really funny).  BP is asked to put his bit chapters away (BP's plans are all in vein)



All are writing their exam, except BP (who is struggling and almost crying).  Pachai seems the most studious here, happily writing his exam.  BP soon falls asleep (while reading the exam paper) and SV wakes him up and tells him not to snore.  As SV walks away, BP sneaks out the left over bit paper but only to be caught (surprisingly he doesn't get it trouble), and voluntarily hands in the exam paper saying that it is useless without the bit paper Big smile.  He's sure that he'll get at least 3 marks, and happily leaves (what a gutsy fellow). 



Moving on to the +1 class.  Priya asks Mintu why the boys weren't talking well with them.  Mintu tells them that the boys aren't like that however, due to the splitting of the set into two groups, they (the girls) had asked them not to talk till they become one.  She further adds that perhaps the reason why they aren't talking to Priya is because of her friendship with +2 group.  Priya decides to break the shell, and tells the entire class that she would become friends with who ever talks to her first (aiming at Shree and Rocky's group). 



Back to Bala's group in class.  Both Bala and BP are having a good laugh talking about the strict Gabriel sir.  BP refers to himself as Senthil and Gabriel Sir as koundamani.  All this while Pachai remains silent, but upon being questioned he says that nothing is wrong, and they all have a laugh at it. 

Vineeth receives a call from Priya informing him that Gabriel sir was on his way.  Gabriel sir comes in and hands out the paper (surprisingly he's saying out the marks Confused).  Pachai eagerly awaits to hear his mark, but GS cuts off by saying "no body can evaluate a blank paper" J.  He's further punished for getting the same mark all the time.  It's pachi's turn now…and he gets….98 (the highest mark and more than ).  Every one are so happy and cheerful!  For getting the highest mark, he gets a gift from GS (he gets a little emotional here).  Pachai is all smiles and looks at Raghavi (who perhaps is thinking about the lie). 



Pachai rushes off to share the news with his mom.  He gets blessings from her first.  She's elated to hear this.  She ponders over the reason…. Pachai tells her that if he studies hard and become a doctor, then he will attain what he loves the most…Mom's reply: Raghavi!  Then he tells her about what Pandi and Bala had told them!  The screen freezes on Pachai's mom's face… can't seem to figure out how she feels…



Episode 246 –


Raghavi goes to Pachai's house to meet his mom.  The mom tells her that she too wanted to see her today, and was happy that Rag's had come to visit her.  Raghavi asks how she was doing, and Pachai's mom begins to gets emotional, saying how much she appreciates Raghavi's help (she compares her to a god)…for being such a great friend to Pachai, and doing a lot of favor to the family.  Raghavi responds by saying that she hasn't done much!  But the mother goes on to say that more than saving her life, she's happy that Rag's has given her son a life.  A confused Raghavi asks why.  The mother moves on to say that she knew of Pachai's liking for Rag's, but had asked him to promise her to give up his feelings towards Rag's due to various problems involved with it (i.e. class and all that).  But despite all this, Pachai's mom is happy that Raghavi is doing her son a favor by telling him that she would marry him if he becomes a doctor (hence Pachai's mom says that she is willing to take good care of her if she marries Pachai).  Raghavi's shattered to hear this…after all….Rag's know what the truth is. 



Black Pandi tells Bala that he too was going to love a girl like Pachai…and describes how his love was going to develop (i.e. he's talking about Pachai's story).  Hearing this Bala chases him to quite telling him about Pachai's story.  They run into Raghavi…who is seen stilling alone.  Upon inquiry, she informs them of what the consequences of lying to Pachai are (i.e. Pachai telling the mother).  Bala and Pandi are shocked.  Rag worriedly tells that they are cheating Pachai and his mother…after all this is a lie.  She wants to tell Pachai the truth, but Bala and Pandi tell her not to (so that if Pachai finds out after becoming a doctor…it won't harm his future as much as now).



Next up…Priya with the girls!  Ever since Priya announced…the boys have been following them.  Priya asserts that she is clear on her plans – i.e. who ever talks to her first....she'd be their friend.  Shree's gang want to approach her, but are still hesitant since Priya's + 2 students' friend. The scene shifts to Rocky's group.  Rocky's certain that he is not willing to talk.  Meanwhile, one of the members from Rocky's group decides to go near the girls…however, the movements are being monitored and mimicked by Puli (from Shree's group).  Seeing all this, Priya finally tells them that who ever talks to her first will get a treat at the five star hotel (and starts counting)…soon after all the boys are seen running after Priya (who runs away herself).



Raghavi with Pandi and Bala (wearing sun glasses) sitting under a tree….Pandi breaks the silence by singling Punniyam Theedi Kasikku povaar (song from Kaasi)…and asks Bala what the matter behind his sun glasses is (jokingly asks if he had an eye operation).   Bala informs him of Madras Eye (still Pandi doesn't believe).  He keeps bugging Bala…They soon see Priya walking by.  Pandi asks Rag why Priya (refers to her as lady Chinese) was behaving like Sivaji Shreya (head weight).  Pandi warns Rags to be careful or else she would take over and split Vineeth's gang from them.  Bala also agrees, and adds that some of Priya's behaviors such leaving to school without Rags, and giving Bala's groups a nasty look all seem to pose a bit of worry.  Raghavi is concerned but tells them not to confuse her anymore.  When Pandi and Bala leave, she spots Priya with Vineeth (all smiles) far away. 



A lunch scene with Rags, Pandi and Bala …Pandi can't seem to stop bugging Bala (God.. Pandi's lunch is huge….).  Pachai joins and tells them that he's brought chicken (a special chicken for Raghavi).  Raghavi doesn't like this special treatment.  Pandi and Bala try to shape things out but the adamant Pachai wants Rag to have it.  Raghavi seems really irritated.  Soon Pachai leaves to hand over his dad's lunch.  She's finding it very difficult to black mail Pachai.  After he leaves, Raghavi tells the two that she can't handle all this, and wants to tell Pachai the truth, and takes off.  Camera freezes on Pandi's concerned face….



Episode 247 –


Pachai is seen studying under a tree.  Rags slowly approaches him.  Upon seeing Rags, Pachai is elated, and tells her that he is wanting to speak to her alone, however, was not able to (hm..This Pachai is being a little romantic here).  Raghavi seems very distracted.  Seeing this, he jokingly asks her if she is unhappy with him beating her on the chemistry exam.  She scolds him for that and hesitantly begins to tell him that she's here to speak about an important yet serious matter.  But she is finding it very difficult…as she beings…Gabriel sir walks by to inform Pachai of an approved scholarship recommendation to do his medicine degree in US (under some conditions, i.e. can't get below 95 on the remaining exam).  Pachai is excited hearing this, and Raghavi decides not to tell Pachai. 


Next scene…The usual Pandi making some mokkai jokes to Bala (whose still wearing his sun glasses) and Pachai (who is studying).  Bala gets Pandi back with his jokes.  They then see the two new + 1 students, and start teasing them (perhaps Ragging?).  When Pandi and Bala start inquiring them, the two boys start behaving like the two guys from Kallorri (when asked a question, both of them ask the other to respond first).  But their plans are shattered by Pandi of course whose aware of it.  Hm..poor kids. 


Vineeth's group, Bala's group and Raghavi (she is studying) are seen sitting near under the same tree.  Pandi suggests to Bala that Bala's group and Vineeth's group split and fight again.  The reason being Raghavi not giving the party that she had promised earlier when Bala and Vineeth joined (so in 2007).  On hearing this, Raghavi decides to announce that she'd be giving the party next week. 


Scene shifts to Vineeth's group.  Vineeth was somehow able to sense Priya's arrivals and lets Uni and Rishi know.  She indeed did arrive.  Uni and Rishi are surprised and praise Vineeth – Priya's chemistry.  Priya says hi to everyone including Bala's group.  In the meantime, Pachai tells his group that the girl is there to inflict problems among the two groups.  Priya further tells everyone of a party that she is throwing that evening (for the same reason that Raghavi is giving it for).  Vineeth's group is happy.  However, Bala's group starts to ponder on the possible spy (hint…Pandi?).  Raghavi feels a little embarrassed by all this since every one are praising Priya for being a tat bit faster than her. 


Now the focus is on Rocky and Shree who are verbally fighting…soon it becomes more physical (with both beating each other).  Vineeth and Bala rush to the scene to pull them away and begin to advice.  Both Rocky and Shree become convinced and apologize to each other.  Once the juniors leave, the seniors starting joking about their flashback (b/c once upon a time they too did fight like this). 


The two new guys are standing in front of Shree's group and are being teased (Ragged). 


Next scene…Bala sitting by the stairs and Pandi joins him.  The latter can't seem to digest Bala's glasses, referring to it as the Billa style.  The focus of their talk shifts to Pachai.  They seem to be irritated by Pachai's behavior and are afraid for what might happen in the future.  But in the mean time, they decide to maintain the lie, and walk off to class.  Shockingly, Pachai overhears everything and is seen crying.  He recollects what Pandi had told him.  Screen freezes on a crying Pachai. 


Kannavugal thodarum...


Hope you guys like the summary.  Please let me know of where I can improve.  And hm..I sort of feel pity for Pachai but then again…he seems to be an extremist!  We'll have to wait and see what happens next.  Catch you all later with another summary.







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bluegal Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2008 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
thanks aisha for the updates! Clap

for this weeks ep, pls open a new thread like this to post the updates ya Wink
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2008 at 1:49am | IP Logged
thanks aisha.

nice work Clap Clap
usha_pooja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 January 2008 at 6:08am | IP Logged
thx aisha and ginny for your lovely updates. It sure remainds you of the school days.
GGG3 Goldie

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Posted: 08 February 2008 at 5:04am | IP Logged
thank you aisha and ginny.your narrative brings the picture before the eyes.
aarsow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2008 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
thnx Aisha 4 the updatez Big smile

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