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FF *Death cant apart us* Pt8A/Pg25- 24/4

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This is Armaan, he's 21 yrs old. At the moment lives in London. He goes to Oxford University. Has a sister called Sapna. She's a doctor in Sanjeevni. Armaan is also studying to be doctor and is waiting 4 his results to come.  Like always he's a flirter aswell.


This is Sapna, she is 21 yrs old. At times she's a dreamer… but loves going out with her mate and party's. V.stylish. Right now she's working in Sanjeevni as a doctor in London.


This is Angad, he's 21 yrs old. He studies with armaan and is also his best mate & as u guessed he is a BIG BIG FLIRTER. They are a very Rich family.


************************************************************ *********

This is Ridhima, she's 20 yrs old. She is also studying in Oxford University and is waiting for her results to come. She is very kind and caring but she is very spoilt. She has a sister called Angali.


This is Angali, she's 21 yrs old. Same as in DMG…but a bit nicer & caring and is very stylish. (defend Ridhima any time)


This is AMIT….he's 22 yrs. He is angali & ridhima's cousin. His parent died wen he was young therefore lives with the Gupta family.

The  1 n only atul…[guys he'll wont be entering my ff 4 some time but he will later on sooo don't worry]..well we all know how Atul is right!!!!!!!


plz reply....hpe u lyk it




***   Well, Armaan lives with sapna & her parents [armaan's dad past away wen he was young and his mom left him…so he was taken in by sapna's family. Armaan calls angad's parents mom & dad.


Armaan n sanpa live in London but there parents are abroad…they are always travelling for business reasons. And as soon as Armaan's studies are over they are goin to move to India and that's the same with Angad. Armaan/Sapna & Angad's family have been together since well….forever.   ***

***Well, let me tell u all about Anjali Ridhima & amit. As u all know Amit is Anjali&ridz's cousin. Amit parents died in a accident and since then he lives with Anji's fam.  They all get along well***













sun rises and the camera zooms into a room. A young man is sleeping on his bed [well almost ] just then BANG!!!!!! He falls off!!!! we see our armaan [too lazy too get up] then angad comes in his room. [ Angad was staying over armaan's house because his parents had to go abroad for some business thing n don't trust him on his own]

Angad- Arre utho yaar…still sleeping?...jogging nahin jana?

Armaan – Nahin jana…tum chale jao….muje sone do!!

Angad- r u sure…?

Armaan- haan yarr chale jao…otherwise I will kick you out!

Angad- alright alright im going chill..




[Gupta's residence]


There's a young beautiful girl a sleeping beauty!! It's ANGALI. She was dreaming until someone came through the door. We see that it was ridhima she goes toward the bed.


Ridhima- Di,  utho naa

Angali- nahin ridzi, mujhe sone do naa 5 mins ok

Ridhima- OK! I'll go 4 a jog then wake you up! We hav to go uni!!

Angali- Wateva now go!


NEXT SCENE……angad is jogging when armaan come from behind and says Y DID U LEAVE ME…U R A GREAT FRIEND

Angad- yh armaan I know I am n thank 4 reminding me

Armaan- Shut up!


They enter the basket ball court and have a match b/w them selves. After the match they were about o leave, when Ridz jogs past them n drops her mobile infront of Angad n doesn't know it herself..


Angad- heyy ridz, yur phone!

Ridhima cant hear cause she had headphones on.

Armaan- [takes the phone off Angad's hand & tells him] I'll give it 2 her

He runs up to ridhima n says hi

R- hi  armaan!!

A-where's angie?

R- mm..di's still sleepin

A-ohh…here's ur mobile, u droped it

R- thnx

A- u wanna match

R- urmm….not 2day …. We got uni na?

A- hmmm yh ur right…otherwise we'll be late ….. me and angad will pick u lot up?

R- k….cya then bye

A- bye…[walks bak to angad & go home 2gether.]

Gupta's residence


R- hi bro….where's di?

A [amit]- hi ridz….as usual sleepin!!

R- wat??? Still..omg were gonna b late!

Rund 2wards angie's room to wake her up.


R-di, utho, were gonna b late and armaan's pickin us up!!

Anji- 5 more mins na! u go wit him

R- diiii, angad cumin aswell [says it teasingly]

Anjji- wakes up in a jerk….kya???? y didn't u say datt?


half an hour later...both anjie n ridz get ready.....[btw guys ridz doesnt wear salwaar kameez in my imagine her wearing skirts and jeans n dat n anji is da same]
Few mins later armaan n angad come.....they see ridz, anji n amit havin breakfast...


Ar&An- hey guys


A,Anj,R- hi....


A- do u want anything?


Ar- na im not hungry?


An- suit ur self hungry [ n stuffs him self on the da food]...few mins later they all reach uni..


In classroom


some new teacher enters with the back towards us!


T- ok everyone stand against the wall as im goin to make a new sitting plan


[every1 moans as they normally sit where ever they want]

the teacher den turns around and says-

T- i am goin to be ur teacher from now on ...[guys guess who it is...non other den our 1 n only nana2LOL.....imaginin nana as a teacher lolLOLLOL



he make Ridz sit next 2 armaan n angad sit next to anjie.......every1 moans at where they sit except 4 armaan ridz angad & anjie.


It was half day 2day so dey could go out.....outside uni


An[angad]- so wat shall we do now

Ar- where do u want to go?

R- i dont long as its not boring

Anji- me 2

Ar- hmmmm....whishper's in angad's ear



guys i know it was a boring part 2day...buh i hope 2 make it a bit intresting as i go long......plz comment !!!!!


n i thought of asking u guys where should they all go.....cinema, restaurant, shopping etc....u guys dicide and if u hav anyother idea plz share!!!!!!


**Part 2**


Armaan wishpers to angad, they will go 2 his house and have a picnic in his garden and den watch a horror movie…

Ang- y horror

Armaan- cuz ridz doesn't like dem

Ang- OkaayyyConfused …….den wat?

Armaan- den we all can go nite clubBig smile

Ang- buh wat about di[sapna] n bro[amit]

Armaan- they might be busy but we'll invite them anyways

Anji- so wat u lot decided?

Angad told her wat they were gonna do buh they didn't tell ridz about the movie otherwise she wouldn't come!!!

1:15 pm…..angad's house/garden

Ar- lets order something….

Ang- I want Chinese

Anji- me too

R- diiiii, I h8 chinese..

Ar- tho wat do u want?

R- urmmmm…..italian

Ar- okay w8 here I'll make a fone call

Ang- no don't worry….i'll do it

Ar- k den …I'll hav Chinese aswell

Anji- ummm….i need to go aswell. [left with angad without any proper reasons]Embarrassed

Armi n ridz are left.Embarrassed

Ar- ridz can I tell u something serious

R- serious or tum???LOL

Ar- kyun … can't I??? mein bhi insaan hu?Angry


R- ok ok I was just jokin

Ar- yeh sab bato chodo…n listen….do u fink angad and anji like each other

R- Confused[got nervous as she knew the answer but told her sister she wouldn't tell no one]…..errrrmmmm…..whhoo mujhe…I mean…I dno…mujhe nahin pata!!

Ar- u really don't have any brains do u?

R- ARMAAN!!!AngryAngry

Ar- buh I mean com on, there always with each other 24/7

R- [thought 4 a sec and answered] who tho hain!!!

Ar- sooo do u fink we should help them…..

R- ofcorse!!!

Ar- ok so mission AA…starts 2 day!!!

R- [gave him da usual face reaction she always make thinking he's a weirdo]Confused

Angad & anji some with da food and they all eat food….it was around 3:00…and they went inside the house. Went in the living room…armaan & angad set up 4 da moviue while anji & ridz go 2 da kitchen 2 get drinks & snacks!!.....they all sit down.

Anji, angad, ridz den armaan.

R- wat movie r we watchingShocked

Ang- horror/love…kuch to hai….(I think this is da movie with isha, tushar, & Natasha)

Anji & armaan gave a look like they were gonna kill Angad…

R- kya???Shocked........horrorShocked…..fine u lot watch it but im going

Anji- c'mon ridz jus dis once 4 me plzzzz

R- theek hai buh I'm not gonna watch the film buh I'll stay!!!

They start watching the films ……………….. when the scary bits came, she closed her eyes tightly 4 quite a while and ended up falling a sleep on armaan's shoulder's. Armaan was too busy watchin the movie to realises that ridz fell a sleep.

One hour later the movie finishes, it was 6:15…they were all talking and den realised dat ridz was sleepin

Anji- beechari …… tum log nah….daraahi dia…meri sweet sis ko..

Angad- I think we should wake her up as we are goin to the night club.

Anji- ok…I'll wake her up.

Anji wakes her up and dey both leave to go home so dey can change!!

[gupta residence]

Anji is choosin was ridz should wear n same with ridz.

-anji is wearing this

- ridz wears this

[lil info guys …. Amit and sapna are going out….and they are comin to the night club with Ar+Ang+Anji+Ridz.

Armaan is wearing white hood with blue jeans.----[da 1 he wore on new years day]

Angad is wearing a red shirt with black jeans.

[I'll continu soon….buh I have exams so gtg…plz comment]


**PART 3**


Angi'z room

Ridz & anji was getting ready when…

Anji- Ridz mujhe tumhe kuch batana hai

Ridz- kya di, while puting eye liner on.

Anji- I wanna confess my love toward angad 2day.Embarrassed

Ridz- sach di, Big smileomg congrats…it was about time..i mean…look how long u've been crusing on him.Wink

Ridz and anji hugged….

At the same time in angad's house armaan and him was getting ready aswell

Ang- I been thinking and now I've decided im gonna confess 2day

Ar- Confused confess??? Confess wat?

Ang- my love to anji yaar!!!!!

Ar- mujhe pata tha tum usse pyaar kerte ho. Anywez  goodlucck yaar. Aur ha who mera  bhi dost hai so u better not hurt her and keep her happySmile

Ang- of corse I will….so I need a favour… can u pick ridz up & nd I'll pick anji and hopefully, if fates wih me I'll tell her b4 we get to the aurora club.

Ar- hmmmmmmmmmmm….ok!!!

And dey both call them.

anji & ridz got ready to go and went down stairs to find amit!....buh realised he left without them!.

Anji- where's Amit?

Ridz- pata nahin but I think he's gone with sapna!!

Anji- so how are we gonna get there?


[just then the fone rings on anji's and ridz fone at the same time.]

Ar- hi  ridz, are you ready?

R- yh I am but amit bro isint here. Well me and di cant find him, I think his left.

Ar- yh, he has, he came here to pick sapna di up.

R- so how are me & di gonna get dere?

Ar- don't worry, angad will pick anji n I'll pick u up.

R- y are u picking us up separetly?Confused

Ar- so dat angad & Anji could be together alone! Idiot!!!

R- shut up armaan……I'm wating 4 u…..hurry

Ar- ok I'll be there in 5 mins

R- k…….bye.



[anji put da fone down after talking to Angad aswell]

R- Di

Anji- Ridz

R- Armaan mujhe pick up kar raha hai

Anji- Angad mujhe pick up kar raha hai

Both of the sisters said this at the same time and started laughingLOLLOLLOL….when the knock at the door. Anji went knowing it was Angad and left with him.

Out side- while walking

Angad- u look really beautiful!!

Anji- thnx….u look nice in red aswell

Angad stops and says – anji I want 2 say something

Anji- meine bhi

Anji & angad meine tumse… both smile

Angad- close yur eyes….and anji did, angad went on his knees and held out his hand & told her to open her eyes,

Anagd- anjali gupta, I love you and forever will….will u always stay beside me and never let me go.

Anjali has tears in her eyes and says yes, and take angad's hand and says I love you angad.

Angad- hugs and her & says I love you too.

They walk hand in hand to the car and opens da door 4 anji.

She was about to sit down when she sees a present. Its in her name so she opens it and sees a diamond heart necklace. Angad make her wear dem….dey den ge in the car & drive to the night club]

[after sometime armaan fone ridz and told her to come out as he was wating for her.]

Ridz went downstairs and out of the house. Saw aarmaan lying on the front of his car and went towards him. Armaan heard something so he looks up and saw the most stunning girl walking towards him. Looking at Ridz his jaw droped and says

Ar- no1 can look more gorgeous den her- [wat the hell….wa am I saying…omg im saying this about ridz]- buh look at her she looks like the precious thing on the universe. Damn she hot-[armaan shut up…u cant say dat] and mentally bangd his head on the wall.

Ridz toward him and said hi buh he was tooo busy looking at her to even realise she went and sat down in the car. After armaan come out of his dream land, he goes and sits in the car and starts driving. The whole jjourney was of silence …. As both didn't felt awkards and didn't know wat to say.

 He steps out of the car and open the door for ridz to come out.

Ar- ridz!! U look really gorgeous.

R- tanx….tum bhi bohaut ache laghte ho.

Armaan give his arm and ridz take it and they link each other and go inside the Aurora night club.

They can see angad & anji and walk up to dem,

Ar- hi guys


Ridz- hi

Ang- guys me & anji have something 2 say.well….i love anji & im goin out with her.

Anji- blushess

Armaan and ridz congrats dem and they all talk and have drinks and everything, and angad offeres anji to dance with him, they both go and armaan asks ridz- wanna dance give his hands buh she declines.

Ar- your choice…

Ridz just sit there having her drink and lookin around.

Armaan is dancing with some random buh hot and sexy girls …lol

Angad and anji are dancing together aswell.

After some time Ridz got bored and wanted 2 dance aswell buh armaan, anji & angad were all busy when a half drunken man(who happened 2 be armaan mate vinay) walks towards rids and asks her-wanna dance gorgeous?

Ridz- wanted 2 say yh buh by lookin at him in dat state said no and walk towards the bar ad asked her 4 a drink..

Vinay followed her and asked her again and ridz  still didn't change her mind.

So he unwillingly grabed her by the arm & forced ridz on the dance floor and made a dance. Armaan from far saw that and came over, riddz was more relaxed after seeing armaan there. Armaan saw how uncomfortable ridz looked with vinay.

Armaan- vinay, leave her

Vinay- arre yaar, tu chal, mujhe mazza kar ne de.

Armaan- vinay, meine kaha, usay Chod de

Vinay- nahin chodunga, kya kar lega & and grabed ridz by da waist and wrist and pulled her close 2 him, he dug  his nail so hard that it went red , u coulld see blood nearly comin out of ridz wrist. Armaan became furious seeing this.

Armaan- Vinay I'm saying this da last time, leave her or u'll regret it.

Vinay also got angry but just left without saying anything. Armaan took hold of ridz and saw her wrist was still bleeding and got out his hankerchief and tied it around her wrist. He looked up saw her crying, he wiped off her tears.

Armaan- heyy, don't worry, nothings  gonna happen & hugged her make her comfortale.

Just den vinnay went 2 da bar grabed a bottle went toward armaan and smashed it on his head. Armaan let go of ridz and

Ridz- ARMAAN!!!!

Armaan's his head started spining and punched him hard in vinay mouth, angad and amit came and tried 2 stop but was unsuccessful,

Armaan & vinay carried on fighting and armaan banged up vinay & ended up on da floor in a really reallyOuch bad stateOuch and den armaan's head started feelin heavy and dizzy and fell on the floor.

Ridz angad amit anji & sapna all ran towards armaan…oviously ridz da 1st 2 get there and took him in her arms and started crying.

Ridz- Armaan wake up plz….armaan!!!!!!!!!CryCryCry


To be continued……………..plz comment.

Guys i made this part a little long as i didnt update last 3 or 4 days!!!

Hope u enjoyed it.

************************************************************ *********

                                                 **Part 4**



The guys took armi to angads house and amit and sapna took care of him. When everyone else were downstairs discussing things, Ridz went to the room where armi was and stared at him and started crying as she thinks its all her fault.

She stayed with him for 2 or 3 hrs, holding his hand and fell a sleep on his chest.


Next day- As the sun came out and peered through the window, Ridz woke and realized she was sleepin on armaan. She got lost in her own world, and dat moment she felt a different feeling towards him, but she didn't know wat it was. She came out of her trance and went to the washroom. She went downstairs and she found anji sleepin on angads shoulders, and sapna nd amit holding eachother hand but a sleep. She decided to make breakfast for everone.


By the time she came bak, everyone was awake. She put the aloo paratha of the table as everyone took some. Armaan came downstairs –


Armi- Good morning guys

S,Amit,Anji,Ang,R- Morning…

Ang- u alright man?

Armi- yhup…fit n fine

Amit- r u sure? Wa happned anyway?

Armi told him everything that happened in the night club.


Anji- Gud…less that wat he gets for messing with my lil sister…but u sure u're ok na?

Armi- yhh…don't worry I'mm gd.

Everyone continued on with there breakfast.




Through out these months, Armaan n Ridz didn't know what they really felt for each other. They might not, but Sapna, amit n anji n angad always knew they were born to be together as they always looked happy when there are with each other and support them when needed. One night at Gupta's residence, Amit was at night duty, and tanu (anji's best mate) came, so the gals were staying up late chatting. Anji kept on telling them about angad and other girls stuff.


Anji- Guys, im bored lets play something na?


R- like???


Tanu- I know! I always play this game with my friends and my cousin. Its simple all you have 2 do is close yur eyes, think of nothing, clear yur minds, and wen I say a word, u have to say what is the first thing you see.


Tanu- K??? anji ur 1st.


Anji- OK!!!!


Tanu – close yur eyes don't think of anything ok!!...............BEST MEMORY


Anji- Opens her eyes and says- when me and angad  confessed 2 each other.


Ridz- awwwwwwww di, cho chweet


Tanu- Ridz now ur turn?


Ridz- urmm…. Ok.


Tanu- ok….. close yur eyes clear your mind...............LOVE


Ridz- The first thing she saw was…..











Ok… was our ARMAAN!!......................buh ridz wasn't expecting this and opened her eyes in a jerk.


Anji- Who did you see???


Tanu- YH, who or what?.......


Just then tanu's phone rang and she had 2 go home….as soon as she left the house. Anji kept on asking her who ridz saw as she knew it was armaan but wanted 2 hear it from her lil sister


Ridz- Di, let it go na. its not important.


Anji- If it isn't then jus tell me.


Ridz- Di…no

Anji – yes

Ridz- no

Anji – yes

Ridz- no

Anji – no

Ridz- yes

Anji- got ya! tell me

Ridz- okkkayy…it was …ermmm armaan.

Anji- omg, I knew it.

Ridz- Kya?? Huh? How did u…

Anji- Oh c'mon …we're not blind…anywez lets go 2 sleep..we got 2 go bak to uni tomorrow…

Ridz- yhh di, its our last year aswel…gudnite

Anji – Gudnite.


Both the girls went to sleep…having sweet dreams about their lover boy.


[at the same time in angad and armaans's room]


Angad was a sleep dreaming about anji…whereas armaan went towards his wardrobe and took out a box. He opens it and he took out some picture. It was of him and ridz on his 6th birthday, ridz kissed him. Since that day he knew he loved ridhima but kept his mouth shut so their friendship would not break. Then he took out a payal (anklet) and remembered the moment when he stole it from her while she was sleeping…..he took out her favourite earings which he also stole from her and little thing Ridz gave him, like a rose which a stiff and dry right now. After a while he put it all back and went to sleep.


plzzzzz comment .x.


okay as per my promise here's the next part. i know its not wat u guys expected but it's something na? ...plzz do read and enjoy

                                                     **PART 5**



[Next morning]


Today was the day when the guys were starting the last year of oxford medical university. After one year they would all be successful doctors and go to India and work in the best hospital there – SANJEEVNI.

As usual amit and sapna left early to go sanjeevni as they had duti and ridz and angi were getting ready when they heard someone parking a car outside there house.


Anji – Ridz hurry up armaan and angad are here


Ridz- ready di lets go.


Armi & ang – heyy girls


Anji & ridz – hii


Ang – lets go we're already late enough.


Angad and anjali sat at the bak and ridz sat at the front with armaan.

They all went uni together. Armaan parked the car and the rest went ahead.


Armaan saw Reena (just a random girl)


Armaan – hey gorgeous, wat r u doing to night?


Reena – hey handsome, going to the beach with you if ur not busy?


Armaan - not at all sweety.


Ridhima see's all this and goes towards him and stamps him on his right foot.


Armaan – aaahhh wat the hell was that for?


Ridz – Armaan honey hav you forgotten our date tonight?


Armaan- Huhh?? Wat date?



Ridz – I'm sorry reena, buh he's busy.


Reena – you jerk!


Ridz stuck out her tongue in a teasing way and stamped armaan on his left foot.


Armaan – aaaahhhh now wat?


Ridz – we're getting late for lecture c'mon…and dragged him to there class room.




Professor – Class, today we have a new student joining us from India, his name is Ataaa…ermm atuu


Guy- sir, its Atul.

P- sorry Atul, welcome to oxford medical uni and goodluck… who will show atul around. The teacher started lookin around and said ARMAAN!!!


Asfor our armaan was a sleep, ridz started nudging him and he woke up.


Armi- errmmm yes sis (in a sleepy tone)

P- would you be kind enough to show atul around

Armi- sure sir

They continued on with the lesson.


[End of lesson and it was lunch]


Armi – Atul, hi I'm armaan. Let me introduce you to my mates.

This is anji, angad and ridz

Anji – hi

Angad – wassup

Ridz – hii


Atul – hi, so r u all Indians?

Armi – yup,

They sat down and starting about numerous of things and all got along with atul, and he started telling them about this plants and how he had to leave them back in India. Lol


Armi - heyy do you wanna hang out with me and angad and the rest of our gang, we're all having a little party as its our last year here, and its boys only no girls allowed.


Angad- yhh c'mon it'll be fun


Atul – yhh okay


Anji – wat u mean no girls allowed


Angad – pagli …. It mean only boys dumbo


Anji – 1 im not pagli 2 I'm not dumbo and 3 y aren't we allowed


Angad – just!!!


Armi – forget this…lets go nd eat before lunch gets over. One more lecture to attend and we need to get ready. 


At the day ended and everyone went to there homes. The 4 boys [ARMAAN.ANGAD.ATUL.AMIT] were getting ready when *DING DONG*

Angad – I'll get it….he opened the door and saw his other mates come in….

Milan – wag1!

Nitesh – wassup

Tanaaj – hows it going?

And some other randome people buh there all boys.

Angad – heyy guys…go at the bak and enjoy ur self me armaan & atul will be there.

M,N,T – kk…..


Armaan angad and atul got ready wearing there hoodys and jeans and were ready to get drunk like hell. They went downstairs and found the whole house was full of people partying like mad.




Anji – kya yaar? They're partying and were sitting here bored.

Sapna – anjali, ur right. Lets do some masti.

Anji – yhhhh buh wat?

Ridz – I know, the boys said no girls right?

Anji n sapna – yhhh

Ridz- well we never said that so whos stopping us to go there!!!

Sapna – brilliant idea lets see wat there doing,

Anji – agreed and if angads doing anything wrong na, then I'll kill him.


The 3 girls got ready.


– ridz dress

– anji's dress

– sapna'z dress


They wore these outfits and left there house to suprise the boys.


Okay I know this part is also short but I need to revise for my moc cumin up tmrw….

I will post the next part on Wednesday if I can, bcuz I will finish my exams den well hopefully. I know this part isn't much buh plzzz leave your comments.

Buh the next part will be definetly funny and romantic.




part 1-5 - page 1


part 6 - page 17


part 7 - page 20


more to come!!


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wow!..i liked it! especially the fact that its in london coz i mite have a chance in meeting them!! lol..if only dreams cud cum true..nyways PLZ continue!
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kool ff!! start soon...i liek da intro! Clap

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Thnx guys i'll continu 2day.....
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Betrayed By Life: THE DEAL:UPDATE PG 65

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Author: AngelsHeaven   Replies: 525   Views: 59884

AngelsHeaven 525 59884 06 April 2012 at 6:06pm by cutestar12
----->beggars cant be choosersak/ar<kripa'intro---


Author: love_ks   Replies: 10   Views: 1220

love_ks 10 1220 04 November 2009 at 3:39am by love_KYPH
AR:Drifted Apart:Part1:Page1!

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Author: IsabellaCullen   Replies: 49   Views: 5616

IsabellaCullen 49 5616 25 July 2009 at 8:49am by ridzi830
2 worlds apart... ending---note 9

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Author: muqualp   Replies: 69   Views: 8352

muqualp 69 8352 22 September 2006 at 4:48pm by brainychild92

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