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CC Jury Awards Night -New Siggies Pg 8 (Page 5)

Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
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Posted: 28 January 2008 at 1:19am | IP Logged



*Ms. Candy Pls Come again & Accept the Award – and pm me your Thank You Speech*


Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
Posts: 8590

Posted: 28 January 2008 at 1:30am | IP Logged



*Jess waves and then throws a lollipop at nugsTongue …………which hit him on the head* ……….

Nugs: OUCH !! OuchWhat is it ….tonight's winners and the need to keep hitting me???????? Confused* rubs his head*Ouch


Star: LOLLOLDont worry nugs… they love yah reallyWink………… ok so the next award is "The Best Comeback Member" award ……..Embarrassedand although a few members have been away………. this member made a sudden reappearance last week…LOL

Nugs: yep she returned ….and left a cryptic messageEmbarrassed………. which we need to be on the look out!!!Wink...and this winner is none other than lil ladoo aka Anji..........Congrats sweetie!!!ClapClap Well done………… dowzens ladoos on the way to yah….LOLLOL

Star: Well done AnjiClapClap…….. and we look forward to your surprise.LOL


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Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
Posts: 8590

Posted: 28 January 2008 at 1:34am | IP Logged



I would like to thank my dad..and everyone else who has always been with me... i also thank u guys ofcourse...and yea...the surprise should be posted soon...hope u all like it...

Have funWink



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Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
Posts: 8590

Posted: 28 January 2008 at 1:47am | IP Logged


Star:  ok the next award….before a surprise for you guys….is for "The Best Debut"  in CC……..Embarrassed


Nugs: yeah we have seen a few recent additions to cc…. but this lady has made quite an impactEmbarrassed …..and has aligned herself with Sapna and Gracy straight awayOuch………… right so the winner for best debut in cc is Lara aka fly2me...Well done lara!!!ClapClap Hope you are enjoying your time at cc..LOLLOL

Star: Congrats LaraClapClap….you deserved it…........


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Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
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Posted: 28 January 2008 at 1:50am | IP Logged



*Lara Pls Come & Accept the Award - and pm me your Thank You Speech*

Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
Posts: 8590

Posted: 28 January 2008 at 1:53am | IP Logged


Star: ok then guys…. Now we have a surprise for youEmbarrassed…… and the surprise is a play,Wink this play has been done by our friends at cc for your pleasure and we hope you enjoy it....LOLLOL


Nugs: yep the play is called "Papa ki Pant" and it stars….. yours trulyWink………… yep that's right MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!Dancing enjoy people………..LOLLOL


Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
Posts: 8590

Posted: 28 January 2008 at 2:15am | IP Logged


Play: Papa ki Pant


Papa: Nug
Son: Vinu
Daughter 1: Lara
Daughter2: -Pinky-
Daughter 3: faizy
Sister: cool_pooja

Directed by: cool_pooja

Production House: CC Dev. Team

*Play starts as Director Pooja Pulls the curtain up*



Nug is standing in the hall, ironing his trousers when the phone rings. He leaves the iron on and goes on chatting on the phone, burning a huge hole in his trousers.

Nug starts shouting:Dammit, pinky can you bring my other trousers please and wake up that useless nakama brother of yours"


"Take a bucket of cold water and pour it over your brother to wake him up he has an interview today"

Nug himself picks a bucket of cold water and throws it on Vinu . Vinu gets all wet bec of nug's cold water and screams in bed...



Lara comes there and starts shouting.."Haila bro apne bed mein pee karliya.. Omg!

*Pinky was also sleeping during that time unaware of nug screaming* 

oh shooot!!*wakes up and throws the bucket of water at nug ka son, who then stats crying*

Pink says: There u go daddy.. n i got u ur son's pants... all the other pants are in the laundry, but these will fit u just fine.. promise!!  now can i go back to sleep?  chann se sone bhi nahi deta is ghar main koi 

Nug replies, "Chup aur suno yeh jo pants lekar aaye ho main kya karoo behtar yehi hai keh main apne boxers mein chala joa. Actually maine mind badaldi hai yeh pants mein pehnta hoon aur ek aur kaam karo apni maa ki joothi leh ao toh phir yeh outfit poori hogi, shirt meri pants vinu ki aur joothi maa ki jao sow jao sone se pehle faizy ko bulao aur use kaho ke dad ko koi pants doondh laye"

Nug thinks to himself.."Kitne useless betiyaan hai meri..yeh pinky tu jab dekho sowtie rehte hai"

Pinky replies, "boxers?? to pehn lo na..roka kisne hai..faizo..shes at the salon getting her manicure and pedicure done. Papa ab app usee bhi disturb mat karna..n i told u na.. all the clothes r in laundry.. so u will have to wear vinu's pants only!!!!itni buri bhai nahin hain.. pehn lo pehn lo srk ke boxers i swear  ..aur kya pata.. shayad 80 yrs old mrs sapna.. impress hi ho jayee.. yah i will get u moms jutti..."

*Pinky throws Mum's jutti in the air at nug... and says, "Here catch"*

*The famous jutti lands on nug's head*



Pinky says, "Opps sorry" and pinky runs away...

Nug shouts at his son, vinu, "Aur tum yahaan ao tu.. Kyun roh rahe ho.. Tera baap bewakoof lag rahi hai yeh kafi nahi hai ke tumne apna rona shuroo kar rakha hai.. Ab chup karo aur neeche ja kar naashtah karo."

Vinu comes out of his blanket and says, "Main gar se baaag jane wala fed up..Baag jaakar shaadi karloo yaaa.....shaadi karke baag jaavooo??!!!"

Pooja comes and replies, "Yeh lo pehle kapde pehan lena phir decide karlena"

"Yeh kya shour macha rakha hai phoore duniya ki neend churani hai" says 80 yr old mrs sapna the old budhi from next door to nug.

"Aap abhi tak zinda hain? sirf aapki kami thi" mutters nug

"Kya bole" says the budhi

"Kuch nahin kuch nahin kaise aana hua" says nug

"Pishle hafteh tumne mujhse ek aadhi chamach cheeni li thi wohi lene aaye hoon" says the old senile budhi

"Saali budhi ki yaadash bahut achi hai" says nug

"Kya bole" she asks


"Nahin kuch nahin yehi ke aapki haweli bahut achi hai" says nug quickly

"haan jaanti hoon tumhe koi zaroorat nahi kehne ki" "lafunga kahin ka"




*Nug comes to Pooja and asks her sis to cut his pant as vinu's pant is too long for him and nug is already getting late for his meeting... *

Pooja replies, "Bro mere pass aur bhi kaam hai karne ko.. App dekh nahi rahe mien eyeliner apply kar rahe hun.. App pinky se keh de.."

Nug replies, "uff tum kab sudhroge, jao budhi ki liye sugar le ao"

Pooja: Bro agar saare kam mien karoongey tu app kya karenge!

budhi: kya bole

nug: kuch bhi nahin

budhi: vinu kahaan hai

nug: usne raat ko pee bed me kiya tha aur ab neeche naashta kar raha hai

budhi: hai ram ikees saal ki umar ho kar abhi bed mein pee karta hai

nug: nahin woh keh raha tha ke kal raat ko usne aap ko sapne mein dekha tha aur apne usko chumma diya tha na aur woh us darr ke maare pee kar diya

budhi: chup bewakoof kahin ka, mein useh milne ja rahe hoon

nug: haan haan jao jao maine kab manna kiya hai

budhi: vinu jaan kahaan ho

vinu: mein yahaan hoon massi ji

budhi: hai ram kitne handsom ho yahaan ao mein tumhe chummi doon


vinu runs round the house while budhi chases him, she is quick for an 80 yr old

Vinu starts singing a song: Mere sapno ki raani kab aaayegi tuuu.....aaaye rut mastani kab aaayeee thooo...... aannnaa hey thoo aaaaa nahe thoo main doosare koo dooonduuu ....  

Then sapna budhi pops in front of him and he starts running again......


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Star_on_earth IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2006
Posts: 8590

Posted: 28 January 2008 at 2:48am | IP Logged



Nug again tries to find someone in the big mad house to cut his too-long pant as he is getting late for his important meet.

Nug goes to faizy and says, "faizy yeh pants bahut lambhi hai ek kaam karo thodi si kaat doh aur choti kardoh, mere doosri pants ke saath milana kaatne se pehle plz"

Faizy: Dad i m busy ask to pinky di or vinu bhai actually i m watchng junaid's performance

Nug: haan tum sab busy ho aur mera interview cheif minister gracy ke saath woh toh important nahin hai..

Then he mutters to himself.. Kahaan phass gaya hun mien.. Na ma milte hai, na yeh bache kuch kaam ke hain.

Faizy: Dad jus thodi si performance bachi hai so ask vinu bhai or pinky masi na..

*Nug goes to Pinky*

Pinky uthao...

*Nug shakes pinky to wake her up*

Pinky idiot kaheen ki jaldi se meri yeh pant kat do..

Pinky : Papa app ke pass tu koi kaam hi nahi jab dekhe ya mujhe ya vinu bhayya ko disturb karte rehte hain.. Mujhe sone de..

*Pinky wears blanket on her head and goes to sleep again*



nug pulls the blanket of the sleepy pinky and hands her the sisscors and the pants, she is sleepy so cuts one leg and falls back to sleep shouting yeh lo papa i have cut them for you

nug puts them on and looks down




*Pinky gets up again, and cuts the second leg*

"Yeh lo papa same hogaye..*

Nug: you have cut the other one shorter than this one, uff forget it tum soh jao faizy yeh pants teek kardoh plz that sleeping beauty has cut one shorter than the othe 

Vinu: Papa lagta hai app ke pant tu panty ki size ki hogae..Hahaha

*Vinu starts laughing on his dad*

Nug: abhay tu abhitak yahaan hai, interview ki liye late hojayga..hello koi mare pants teek kardoh plz

Faizy: Kya yaad karnge dad app bhi..i have cutted ur pant upto 3 inch thats fibne na but my maths is quite wrong to shayad dusra prt 4 inch kat gaya hai



Pooja: Nug bhayya its ok.. I will just cut ur pant also..

*Pooja cuts Nug pants by 3 inches from one leg and 5 inches from other lug*

Pooja: Now let me do my manicure..

*Vinu comes.. Papa dont cry.. Yeh tu mera kaam hai.. Le mien apke pant cut kardeta hun*

*Vinu cuts nug pants one side by 2 inches and second leg by 3 inches*

*Pinky is laughing her head off at the messed up pant*

Nug: Ok let me try them on..

*Goes inside the bathroom to try dem out*


*Nug comes outside the bathroom and Pooja, Vinu, Pinky and faizy all start laughing*

Suddenly Pinky remember yeh tu uss ki shahrukh khan wali pants thi..

Pinky: Oh my god what did u do to shahrukh wali pants?? ab main shahrukh khan ko kya jaawab doongi.. do u know i borrowed those from srk for ur nikkama son..LOL

Nug ki halat:

Nug: oh thats ruddy marvelous i may as well wear the belt on its own it bigger than the actual pants now..LOL..oh my god.. ab maine david beckham jaisa sarong pehna parega chief minister gracy ke office mein ek high power fan hai agar woh usne chalaya toh yeh sarong patang ki tarah uper chala jayga aur meri naukri uske saath..yeh ladkiya aur woh nakama ladka kisi kaam ke nahin

**Lara gets in quitely and cuts nug's pant half inch more** LOL LOL

*Pinky cuts another half inch when nug's not looking*

*Nug starts screaming as all his daughters are attacking him! LOL*

Nug is thinking, "Yeh ladkyan mujhe aur mere nikame bete ko pagal kar dengey!! Actually i shudnt worry about that nakama son he will go to the interview without any thing on, if his head was screwed on i am sure he would leave that behind somewhere.."



**lara again goes inside quitely and cuts half in. of the pant...and comes back to her room** 

Nug: hey stop that, thats not the pants anymore they are my special heart shaped boxers..Ab bas karo bus yeh bachi hain..LOL"

Pants ki halat:




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