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26 Jan 08 (epi 5) written update

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The battle between Chandramukh and Kalketu starts. Chandramukh throws a mace at Kalketu. The mace hits Kalketu's chest, it does not injure him even a bit, comes back and hits Chandramukh. Chandramukh falls down.

Both come down their chariots and fight with swords. Chandramukh is about to kill Kalketu.

Kalketu – Forgive me, king. Forgive me. You are a descendant of Manu. It is your tradition to give protection to even your enemy if he has surrendered to you. Follow your tradition, king. Spare my life.

Chandramukh – Your life can be spared if you promise that you will never cause terror

Kalketu – I will never cause terror. I will go to forest and become a sadhu.

Chandramukh – I spare your life. Go back to your city.

Kalketu – As you order, king.

Chandramukh's soldiers shout his victory. When Chandramukh is not looking, then Kalketu hits at him with a mace. Chandramukh falls down injured.

Kalketu – Fight with me. If you do not have strength left, then call your son.

Chandramukh want to fight but his driver stops him.

Driver – No king, your will not fight. You are badly injured.

Kalketu – Where are you going, Chandramukh? Where has your righteousness gone? You are running away from the battlefield.

Chandramukh gets provoked and picks up his bow to fight.

Driver – Kalketu cheated you. He is criticizing you that you are running away from the battle-field. But he himself hit you from behind. It is a must that you are taken to a safe place.


In Vijay Durg

King Garud Dhwaj – Dhumraketu took my daughter away. I will kill him.

Sumukhi – Father.

Garud Dhwaj – No, do not stop me. I will attack Kolanagri and kill all the demons. Durjay, order your army.

Sumukhi – Who are you going to kill? Dhumraketu has already been killed. Prince Surath punished him by cutting his head.

Garud Dhwaj – I am indebted to prince Surath.

Durjay thinks – Why is Kalketu quiet after his brother's death?


On the other hand, Chandramukh's chariot driver is taking him to a safe place. Kalketu chases him with his army.

Chandramukh – I do not think I am going to survive. Take me to Chandra Nagri, to Chandrika and Surath.

Driver – Chandra Nagri is very far. We are near Vijay Durg. Its king is your samdhi. I will take you there.

Kalketu – Chandramukh must not stay alive.


Surath is trying to go to his grandmother's house. But his horse Pavan stops.

Surath – Pavan, the left route goes to my grandmother's house.

Pavan shakes its head in no.

Surath – We cannot go to Vijay Durg and meet princess Sumukhi.

Pavan again shakes its head in no.

Surath – Should we not go even to Vijay Durg? Then, where should we go?

Pavan points towards the road that goes to Chandra Nagri. Surath takes that route.


Chandramukh – I am not able to bear this pain.

Driver – We will reach Vijay Durg fast. (To soldiers) One of you go to Vijay Durg and ask them to open the gate.


In Vijay Durg

Garud Dhwaj – Durjay, I have got the news that Kalketu attacked king Chandramukh and king Chandramukh wants to stay in Vijay Durg. Open main gate for him and make adequate arrangements for his safety. Order your army to be ready to face Kalketu.

Durjay – As you wish.

The main door of Vijay Durg is opened.


Kalketu – Stop Chandramukh's chariot. He must not enter Vijay Durg.


Durjay – Go and say that the main gate be closed because it is the king's order.

Mohan – Will you tell a lie Mama ji?

Durjay – Do you want to become my minister or not?

Mohan – Yes, what about but king Chandramukh?

Durjay – To get kingdom, we have to sacrifice the lives of many people. Think that the first sacrifice is of king Chandramukh. If we close this one door, then many doors will be opened for me. All doors will be closed for King Garud Dhwaj and my sister. Go and order that the main gate be closed.


When Chandramukh's chariot is about to enter Vijay Durg, then the gate is closed.

Driver – King Chandramukh is King Garud Dhwaj's samdhi. Open the door. I beg you. King Chandramukh is injured. Kalketu will kill him. Please open the door.

But the door remains closed.

Chandramukh's driver drives the chariot away. Chandramukh smiles.

Driver – You are smiling in this situation?

Chandramukh – When fate is against a man, then even his shadow leaves him.


Garud Dhwaj – Did King Chandramukh come here?

Durjay – No, he went in some other direction.


Kalketu comes on Chandramukh's chariot.

Chandramukh – I am weaponless and injured. It is sin to attack one, who is injured.

Kalketu – Sin? Ha ha ha. For deomns, sin is righteousness, bad policy is good policy. We do not let weaponless pick up weapon. Your son Surath killed my brother. I will kill his father and take my revenge.

Kalketu kills Chandramukh.


The following song plays in the background: -

             Balshaali nrip Chandramukh huaa chetnaahin

             Rath mein aise padaa, jaise path mein deen, jaise path mein deen.


Chandramukh takes Surath's name and dies.


Goddess – I am life and I am death. I created this world. Both humans and demons think something and something else happens.

The following song plays

             Main hi jag-kaareeni hoon, main hi jag-dhaareeni hoon

             Rachan main karteen hoon, nootan samsaar kee

             Tantee jo bhrikuti meree, ghatatee hai mahaa-pralay

             Aur main hi rachtee hoon, leela samhaar kee

             Mere bhava-saagar mein khaate hain thapede praanee

             Swaameeni hoon main hi, is paar, us paar kee

             Main anaadi, main anant, nirgun aur sagun main hoon

             Main hi kathaa likhtee hoon, bindu se vistaar kee


Sumukhi is thinking about Surath.

On his way, Surath sees many sadhus killed.

One injured sadhu – Prince, are you seeing the situation here? So many sadhus have been killed. This is what happens to a state, which cannot protect its duty.

(Huh? Chandramukh gave up his life to protect you people. What else do you want?)

That sadhu also dies.

Update originally written by akhl in India Forums. 

Garud Dhwaj finds out what Durjay did.

Garud Dhwaj (to queen) – I am ashamed because of what your brother did. This Durjay closed the main gate on my samdhi and made me sinner of his death.

Durjay – But what I have done is not sin but right in my eyes. Will you call it a sin to protect my sister's husband?

Garud Dhwaj – Protection to me?

Durjay – Yes, king. If I had opened the main gate, then together with King Chandramukh, you also would have died.

Queen Vijaya – Durjay

Dujray – I am sorry, didi, but this is the truth. If I had opened the door, then Kalketu also would have entered Vijay Durg behind King Chandramukh. Then, he would have entered the palace with his army.

Garud Dhwaj – How can Kalketu come in our palace? Durjay, you do wrong and justify it. I have so much strength that I can face hundred Kalketus.

Durjay – Jijaji, I do not doubt your prowess. But we must not forget that King Chandramukh himself was very brave. But what happened? Kalketu killed him.

Garud Dhwaj – Durjay, I am surprised why I did not put you in jail for disobeying me.

Vijaya – King.

Garud Dhwaj – You are so lucky that your sister is my wife. That is why you are free even after committing such a sin. Get lost.

Vijaya – Calm down.

Garud Dhwaj – How do I calm down? I wonder what prince Surath must be thinking. Surath and Sumukhi's marriage must happen fast. I will go to Chandra Nagri to meet Surath. I will explain everything to him and beg for forgiveness. I will take part in the mourning over King Chandramukh's death.

On Durjay's order, Mohan gives gold coins to two men.

Durjay – King Garud Dhwaj must not reach Chandra Nagri. If he does not reach there, then I will give you one more plate full of gold coins.

The two men agree and leave.

Mohan – Mamaji, what game are you playing?

Durjay – The game of riding on time. Those who do that become victorious.

Mohan – But what if princess Sumukhi comes to know of this?


Sumukhi – Ma, it is because of me. Dhumraketu kidnapped me. Surath killed him for my safety. Dhumraketu's brother Kalketu killed Surath's father in revenge.

Vijaya – This is not your fault.

Sumukhi – I must go to Chandra Nagri.

Vijaya – Your father has already left for Chandra Nagri.

Sumukhi – Why didn't you tell me? I also should have gone with father.

Vijaya – Things are moving so fast. I am confused.


Garud Dhwaj's chariot's wheels come out because the men whom Durjay bribed had loosened the wheel. Garud Dhwaj falls down, his head hits a rock and he faints.


The two men inform this to Durjay. Durjay gives them gold coins and then kills them.


Garud Dhwaj is back in Garud Dhwaj. He is resting.

Sumukhi – What happened to you?

Sumukhi – By Ma Durga's blessing, both the King and the chariot driver survived.

Garud Dhwaj – Do you know about King Chandramukh?

Sumukhi – Yes, Kalketu attacked King Garud Dhwaj. Did we not get this news earlier?

Garud Dhwaj – We got. But the moment King Chandramukh reach the gate of our city,

Durjay – I will explain everything to my niece. You please do not speak anything. Vaidya ji, give medicine to King so that he can take rest.

Garud Dhwaj refuses to take medicine.

He says – This Durjay

Durjay – You keep quiet, jijaji. Do not worry. I will myself go in the final rites of King Chandramukh.

Sumukhi – We will also go.

Durjay – Yes, why not? If Jijaji could also go, then good. But

Garud Dhwaj wants to say something but Vaidya stops him.


Goddess – Jealousy and greed do not let anybody sit quietly. Why I do not have what he has? – a person wastes his life thinking this. Such people are never free. But I show path to the one who comes in my protection. Then he is free from the cycle of life and death. The rest keep wandering in the cycle.


Surath reaches Chandra Nagri. He asks everybody what happened but they all are quiet. Finally Chandramukh's driver speaks.

Driver – I took injured King Chandramukh to Vijay Durg. But King Garud Dhwaj got the gate closed. If the chariot had entered Vijay Durg, then our king would be alive.

Episode ends on Surath's shocked and angry face.

Rate – 8/10

As the precap shows, rift has started between Vijay Durg and Chandra Nagri. Durjay has caused this rift. Hope Surath finds out Durjay's reality fast.

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