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Melissa Anelli (MA): Okay! Welcome to PotterCast number one- no, no, wait. I can't count that high. Let me start this over. I'm sorry. (laughs) We've reached a number I've failed to be able to count, everybody. Welcome to PotterCast Number 117! PotterCast One Seventeen. Welcome! I'm Melissa, I'm here again with John and Sue, and we are in for another week of awesome Harry Potter discussion, theories, breaking down the canon as it now exists in its complete form. Lots of fun stuff this week. We have this week (laughs) a Scribby 5. We have another Phoenix Files for you. We have Canon Conundrums which this week is about...

Sue Upton (SU): Oh.

MA: Why Dumbledore is such a jerk.

SU: He is! (gasps)

John Noe (JN): Oh!

MA: Oh, I said it! Oh, no, you didn't! (laughs) Yes, I said it! (JN: He is not!) (SU and MA laugh) But before we do that, I would, for one, would love to hear from Borders.

JN: Of course.

Borders Ad SU: Haven't read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet? Don't worry, Borders is here to help. Pick up your copy of this summer smash hit soon– you won't be able to hide from the spoilers forever. You can count on Borders to have it in stock and ready to take home tonight, along with the audio book version. Even if you've read the book, the Harry Potter fun doesn't have to end yet! Visit bordersmedia.com or click on the Borders banner at the top of the PotterCast page to find out more.

MA: All righty.

JN: If you haven't Deathly Hallows yet, what the hell? (MA: What the hell?) (MA and SU laugh) Though, for real, (MA makes buzzing sound) (SU: Well.) definitely take note to the audio book version being in stores because I don't have it yet, but I want to hear (SU: Me too.) this book read to me. I have the other books on audio (MA: Do it.) CDs, but...

MA: I don't have the other ones, but I have seven. (JN: Do you?) And the end? Listening to the end? (SU: Oh!) Ah! (JN: Mm.) It'll stop you, whatever you're doing. I know some people like to leave it on as background music. No, no, no. It will just- it will stop whatever else you're doing and (JN: Oh.) you'll just get completely caught up. It's great.

SU: (sighs) That is my Christmas wish. 'Cause I have both Mr. Dale's and Mr. Fry's versions. And my Christmas wish is to get both of those for Christmas, so...

JN: Hey, speaking of presents, (SU: Yeah?) a big thank you to you two! (SU: Ooh!) I just got both of your birthday presents for me. (MA: Yay!) (SU laughs) You guys are too awesome.

SU: We love you, (JN makes smooching sound) (MA: Sometimes...) but now that you're a big- what? Twenty-nine-year-old, thirty-five-year-old, (JN: Hey!) fifty-year-old, whatever you are. (JN: Nowhere near!) Oh, okay. Well, now you gotta, you know, show us your wisdom. Do well in the world.

JN: I'll do my best.

MA: You're heading straight into mid-twenties, John. It's all downhill from here.

SU: That's right.

JN: This is true. (MA and SU laughs) This is true.

SU: Oh.

MA: Welcome to our world. (SU: Yeah.) All right, what's happening in the Harry Potter news? (SU: Oh!) The only person I could possibly ask that question is Sue.

SU: Well, we are starting to hear, slowly, more and more, it's now official. Half-Blood Prince filming is going to begin on September 17th, according to Mr. Dan Radcliffe who's been giving a thousand trillion zillion interviews for the release of his film December Boys. And he's been talking, too, about the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film! Very cool! And he talks about the key, pivotal character of Horace Slughorn! Ooh! (applauds)

MA: Who are they gonna get for Slughorn?

SU: Oh man, I don't know. They haven't announced the casting.

MA: Who have they been talking about? (JN: Somebody.) I haven't been reading the rumor stuff, Sue, who have they been saying in the rumor mill about who's up for Slughorn?

SU: Well, there's been two. There's one, there's been Bob Hoskins, who's a fabulous actor. And also Jim Broadbent, who's also a fabulous actor. Even the Daily Mail said Jim Broadbent, who's just this divine actor. I don't know if you saw him, he...

JN: I haven't heard of any of them.

SU: Oh, man. (MA: John!) Moulin Rouge!

JN: What? I'm Joe American, here. (SU sighs) I don't know who any of these people are.

MA: Okay, well, Jim Broadbent was Zidler in Moulin Rouge.

SU: Right, yeah, right.

MA: And Bob Hoskins- I can't remember a role. (SU: Well, he was in...) Sue, what did he do?

SU: Did you ever see Who Did Roger Rabbit movie? (MA: Oh, yes!) Yes, he's so good. Though, I thought he would have been great if they had cast Mundungus Fletcher. But Jim Broadbent is also...

MA: He would be a great Dung!

SU: Yes, he would, wouldn't he have been? He's just- he's got that little round little- he's got that little laugh...

JN: Who did they cast for Dung the last time?

SU: No one!

MA: John.

JN: Ah, didn't cast the Dung!

MA: Hey, here's my question, was Bob Hoskins the one that was on Jonathan Ross right before J.K. Rowling? (SU: He was, and...) She said that there was a role he could play, but that she couldn't say it. So it had to be (SU gasps) somebody in Book Seven. Who was that?

SU: Oh, my God!

JN: I don't know.

MA: I don't even know who that could have been.

JN: (in a high voice) I don't know!

SU: Huh. (MA: Right?) Yeah, but I wonder who that could be?

MA: It had to be somebody who was introduced in Book Seven, and I just can't think of one (SU: Book Seven.) that was round-headed like him.

SU: I don't know. (JN: Aw.) 'Cause I don't think he'd be any good at any of the Gaunts, you know? And he wouldn't be Grindelwald, would he? (MA: No...) No.

JN: Grindelwald? We don't even see Grindelwald (MA: No.) until Deathly Hallows.

SU: Well, maybe that's what she was talking about. I don't know.

JN: So confused.

MA: She told us that he died!

SU: Yeah.

JN: Yeah. She also told us that Dumbledore was 150 years old.

MA: Why wouldn't he be?

JN: Because according to her Wizard of the Month dates, (SU: Yeah.) he's something like 110, 120, or something.

SU: Fifty- yeah.

MA: Was he Wizard- oh, okay. (SU: Yeah, we got a...) Well, no, did she say 150? I thought she said over 100.

JN: I remember the number being vividly 150.

SU: Yeah, I think she'd said that. (MA: Mm.) Or something like that.

JN: And, like...

MA: Well, the Lexicon has had his birthdate down as 1884 for a while. (JN: I don't know.) So I don't know where they got that from.

JN: Yeah. I blame Lightmaker.

MA: Okay.

SU: Well, I'm excited about this- back on the Half-Blood Prince film, because I'm excited about this movie, and (JN: I'm not.) Radcliffe said that- this was a really neat line- he said most of the time Slughorn, he's going to be very funny. But then you will really see the dark side of him, and that they're going to have the "After the Burial" scene about the Horcruxes. You know the chapter in Half-Blood Prince called "After the Burial," when he's (MA: Yeah, yeah.) trying to get the memory out of him, and he talks about the Horcruxes and stuff? And he pleads (MA: Yeah.) to him to honor the memory about Lily Potter? (sighs) And Radcliffe says that will make the tragedy of Slughorn outweigh the comedy. Wow.

MA: The tragedy? I mean...

JN: Everybody's hung up on Lily.

SU: I don't- you know?

MA: No, what tragedy? Because I understand that he did something terrible in telling Tom Riddle this, but he didn't know what Tom Riddle (JN: I know!) was going to turn into. And yeah, he liked Lily a lot as a student, but it wasn't like they were great- I mean, it's not like Snape here.

SU: Yeah. (MA: You know?) Right. Now that (JN: I thought...) obviously was tragic, but...

JN: I thought Slughorn had this tragedy back in his early days when he had this fight with his brother. And they were fighting a bunch. (SU laughs) And then his sister accidentally got killed. (SU: Uh-uh.) And Slughorn didn't know whether or not it was him or his brother that did it. (SU: Was that Slughorn?) Or was it his friend? It could have been his friend, he doesn't remember.

SU: Or was it Albus Dumbledore we're thinking of?

JN: Oh! (SU laughs) I can't keep them straight! What the hell else is going on?

SU: Oh, my God, John, I love you. (laughs) Okay, speaking- more movie news, the DVD now it looks like it's coming out December 11th. (JN: Woo!) Woo, very cool. And they're gonna have (MA: Fun.) all kinds of cool, neat, little things on it, including our friend, Mr. Steve Vander Ark, who was in a...

JN: Ah, Steve-o!

SU: Yeah, he was in that documentary that Arts and Entertainment did with, I think John Granger or somebody else was on there. I don't remember.

MA: John Granger.

JN: I'm just so upset that I was busy that weekend, (SU: Yeah.) (MA: Okay, John.) because I was at the top of their list!

MA: Yeah.

SU: But here's the thing, we don't know- (JN: I had a previous engagement.) John, we could finally hear a commentary. This is the rumor. (JN: No kidding?) Yes. But it might just be on the high-definition versions. It may not be on the regular, standard...

JN: Now, see, this is very interesting, that these (MA: Boo.) high-def versions...

MA: I'm not buying a new set- A new DVD player to get a new D- I'm not doing it. I'm sorry. I spend too much money on this series as it is.

JN: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. If they put out high-def DVDs, (SU: Right.) with all of the deleted scenes put back in, and a commentary, I would buy the player just for those DVDs.

SU: Yeah, but..

MA: (sighs) Do you know how much money you're talking about, John?

JN: You know how much we've wanted this? (SU: Yeah.) And how long?

MA: I get it, but, you know, money.

JN: My little ABC Family recording is only (SU: Yeah.) so nice. Got the commercials in there.

MA: I get it, but we're not talking about twenty bucks for a DVD. We're talking about a couple of hundred dollars for a new DVD player, (JN: Well, you only have to buy it once.) and then the DVDs themselves are seventy bucks.

JN: You only got to buy the player one time, not for every DVD.

MA: And then the DVD itself is so expensive. Until these things go down in price, I'm just not...

JN: Well, okay, but what if it was Dan Radcliffe, Jo Rowling, Chris Columbus, Alfonso, Newell, and Tony Maudsley (SU laughs) doing the commentary for every single one?

MA: I would go to a friend's house and watch it. No, seriously, (JN: Ah!) I appreciate it, but we're not talking about a hundred dollars for a theater ticket, (SU: Yeah.) or a hundred- or something that's- we're talking about several hundred, like five hundred bucks! (SU: Yeah.) Between the DVD and the DVD player. That's huge! That's unconscionable! You know?

SU: Right. (JN: Eh.) Right, (MA: Well...) for me- I'm hoping that I can get a PlayStation 3 that will play high-definition things (MA: Ah. Smart. Okay.) so I can cut the corners. You know?

JN: There you go. (SU: But see...) There you go.

SU: But see, they're not putting out the extended ones. At least now, the ones they're releasing on high-definition are just the standard things. (JN: See, that's crap.) You know?

JN: I thought, I thought this whole time that when they would start putting out the high-def versions, that would be when they would release the extended versions, as well. (SU: No. Nope.) I was wrong. And why don't we ever remember to ask freaking Heyman about this, whenever we see him at all (SU: Mm.) these premieres. That's the one darn question I forgot I (SU: I know.) wanted to ask him is, "When are we getting extended cut DVDs?" (SU: Well...) What the hell? Why ABC Family exclusives? That's crap.

SU: Yeah, I know, but...

MA: (laughs) Okay.

JN: That's what I would tell him right there. I would tell him it was crap.

SU: Yeah.

MA: It's so funny how Warner Brothers aligns with ABC all the time, (SU: Right.) (JN: I know.) and Jo, for every book, aligns with NBC. (SU: Right.) (JN: Yeah.) It's weird, it's a weird (SU: It is.) dichotomy there.

JN: Well, NBC also owns Universal Studios, where the park will be.

SU: Oh.

MA: So why- what is Warner Brothers doing? Come on, get with it. Maybe ABC just has a bigger family audience, and that's why.

SU: Oh.

JN: Yeah.

MA: Which I think it does.

SU: Well...

JN: I don't think there's an NBC family channel.

SU: (laughs) No, I don't think that there is. I don't know, but I like the ABC Family Channel. (JN: Well.) I actually (JN: Yeah.) watch that. Well...

JN: Oh, anything else going on?

MA: All right. All right, all right, all right.

SU: One final thing. The movies have been doing really good, and I just- I wanted to mention this really quickly. Now they're claiming, Warner Brothers is claiming that they are now- Harry Potter is now the top grossing franchise of all time. That they've out- they've passed the James Bond (MA: Bond.) and the Star Wars films. Although people are (JN: Hey!) saying, "Inflation!"

MA: People quibble, huh?

SU: They're saying, "Nah, (MA: Right.) maybe not so much." But still...

MA: But I'm sorry, Bond had like, what, twenty films, or something? (SU: Twenty- yeah.) So don't give me the inflation. (SU: Yeah, I know.) You know? We're on Number Six. But you know, it's sad, because it will be the highest grossing franchise of all time for a while. (SU: Yeah.) Then they'll stop, and (SU: Right.) that's it. You know? So it will eventually get overtaken. But hey, that's pretty cool.

SU: I know, I know. I mean, 4.47 billion dollars. That's (MA laughs) just (laughs) (MA: Ridiculous.) a stupid number. (MA: Completely ridiculous.) Come on. You know that's more than most- (MA: Completely ludicrous.) the gross income of some countries in the world!

MA: Small countries, yeah. I know, yeah. (SU: It's just...) It's a week in Steve Gates' bank book. (SU: Yeah.) Steve Gates's. Did you hear this? Bill Gates. (JN: Wow.) I'm combining them.

JN: Is that your ship? (SU and MA laugh)

MA: Yes. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, (SU applauds) that's my ship now. (JN: Nice.) Could you imagine? They would (JN: That's a very popular ship.) take over the world. (SU laughs)

MA: They would, they would just- They would rule the entire universe. (JN: Oh, God.) There would be no stopping them. It'd be like Dumbledore and Grindelwald, both evil.

JN: Oh, God. (Ma: Okay.) I think, I think we need to jump to some Phoenix Files to save us.

SU: That's kind of like (MA: I think it's about time.) Trump and Rosie getting together. (All laugh)

MA: Trump and Rosie!

JN: Oh, my lord.

SU: Sorry, I just, I don't know. I'm sorry. I digress.

JN: Jeez, gross. (MA and SU laugh)

MA: Very nice. Well played, Upton.

SU: Okay, sorry. (MA: Let's go.) Better move along. (laughs)

MA: Doop-dee-doo.

JN: Good Molly.

SU: Sorry!

source: www.pottercast.com

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