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Jassi and aarmaan fanfic (Page 7)

mimo Senior Member

Joined: 08 August 2005
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Posted: 07 September 2005 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
this is wayyyy better than jjkn!ur great at this Clap !!plz countinue Smile

Angelic_J IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2005 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Tina where is ur next part?Confused This is not fair u and Mallika always make us wait for so longAngry But it's always worth waitingEmbarrassed
tina22 Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2005 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
jassi luked at da room, u cud tell it waz armaanz room just by luking at it, it had hiz pics everywhere

jassi: wut a self-centered man! (making a "armaan iz pathetic voice"

she went around da room, there waz satin turquise curtinz, with turqoise silk bedsheets, on da bed

jassi went twords armaanz dresser and she began luking around, she saw da normal stuff armaan wud have, pics of hiz gurlfriends, and pics of himself!
she waz abt to turn bk when she noticed a little book
jassi picked it up, on da cover it said "armaanz diary"

jassi: armaan and a diary! (she waz shocked)

jassi decided to luk in it, but her consience stopped her, it told her wut if armaan got mad, she didnt want armaan more mad at her then he already waz, dat wud make matterz far worse then they already are, but on da other hand, there mite be sumthing dat she mite find, dat will help her understand armaan alot better . . .

thez thought circled jassiz head, then she finally decided to have a peek . . . .

jassi: "dear diary, today waz my first day at skool, i waz hoping to make new friends, but da same happened, i didnt, but instead i got punched in da bus, and ppl called me namez"

jassi waz saddened and shocked to hear this, she didnt kno wut to think, she then continued reading . . . .

jassi: "dear diary, I FINALLY MADE A NEW FRIEND! can u believe it! hiz name is Arjun, hez really nice and caring, im glad i finally have a friend!"

jassi turned da page

jassi: "dear diary, i dont need friends, Arjun iz not my FRIEND! he betrayed me, he lied to me, he told me he just did this becuz someone gave him a bet to do so! diary i dont think im meant to have friends . . . Cry

jassiz eyez began filling up with water, then she turned da page, she wanted to kno da whole story, why armaan iz da way he iz and how he truly feelz . . .

jassi: " dear diary, i met a boy named raj today, i kno dat he haz had a bad past, but i really can relate to him, he haz gone through da same emotionz and tramaz i have, i think he can be my first real friend" Smile

jassi smiled, she waz happy, she didnt kno y but her heart felt light and smiling with happiness

jassi waz abt to turn da page, when suddenly someone began opening da door

jassi waz scared, she quickly put da book down and luked twords da door . . .

armaan: Jassi??? wut r u doing here???????

jassi (still in shock) : arm . . . .mmm. . . .armaaaaa . . .armaan, im here to help u . .u . .. u with ur report, remember? ur dad told me to come up here

armaan luked suspiciously at jassi, who gave him a terrified smile bk

jassi: armaan why dont we begin????

armaan: wait on sec,
he began luking around da room to make sure jassi didnt do anything, or touch anything dat she wuznt supposed to, then armaan luked at hiz dresser, and hiz diary

armaan went twords hiz diary, and held it in hiz hand

armaan: jassi, u dint touch my diary did u?????

jassi: armaan of course not!! y wud i!!!
jassi waz afraid if armaan found out she did, he wud get mad, she didnt want dat, she didnt want to argue with armaan anymore, after finding out abt hiz past . . .

armaan took jassiz word for it, he didnt kno why, he just felt as if he shd . . . . . .
he then put hiz diary down and luked twords jassi

jassi: so armaan shd we begin

armaan: sure, lets start

armaan walked twords hiz computer, and turned it on
they waited for da computer to start

armaan: kk, its ready

jassi: alrite armaan, lets begin!

armaan luked puzzled at jassi and said: how shd we begin?????? Confused

jassi stood there and thought to herself, OMG Shocked Ouch

jassi: armaan, begin researching on mangal pandey, ill wait here until u get the information u need


jassi sat down on armaanz bed and waited, and waited and waited, eventually jassi fell asleep

3 hours later

armaan smiled in joy

armaan: jassi i did all da research, shd i begin da typing???? (he said this while luking at da computer screen) jassi??? jassi?????

he luked bk and found jassi sleeping, he thought dat it wud be best if he left her to sleep, and he began working . . . .

jassi woke up, and rubbed her eyez she then cleared her glasses and luked at her watch, it waz 8:30pm, she luked twords da computer and saw armaan sleeping
jassi walked twords da computer, and saw how much armaan had done, she waz proud of him, and she decided to finish it off for him, he deserved it, she thought

so jassi, quietly moved armaan to da bed without him waking up, she dragged him off da chair, and jassi had to agree, it waz hard work!!!!!
after she put him on da bed she tuk a deep breath, it waz tiring work moving a man such az armaan!!!

she then began typing . . . . . . .
few hours later, jassi finished, she printed it off da computer and marked it

suddenly there waz a knock on da door

jassi waz startled but managed to say: come in!

it waz puru

puru: jassi, its 10:15pm, ur parents phoned they wud like if u come home now, r u ready?????

jassi smiled and said: yes

puru: kk ill tell armaan to drop u off, where iz armaan anywayz????

jassi pointed to da bed

jassi: puru uncle, armaanz exhausted, i think we shd leave him to sleep, he worked very hard . . .

puru smiled and said: alrite jassi, ill drop u off, wud u like to eat anything b4 we go . . . .?????

jassi nodded her head signaling no

puru: alrite jassi, lets go
puru left for da car outside

jassi got up from da chair and put da report down beside da sleeping armaan, and she smiled, she truly waz proud of armaan, and with dat she left da room

(P.S.armaan luked adorable, he luked like a lil baby
Embarrassed )

jassi walked down da stairz and past da living room, and there she got a wicked luk from illa, while angel again whispered sumthing in mallikaz ear and both began to laugh, jassi walked twords da door, luking sadly on . . .but b4 she opened it, illa stopped her by saying


angel and mallika nodded in response

jassi felt like telling her dat it waz armaan who needed da help and she didnt even want to come, but she wanted to end da conversation there, so she gave them a strong luk and opened da door and left for puruz car

in puruz car

puru: jassi, tell me da truth, did armaan do da report or did u do it for him?????

jassi luked at puru, she waz abt to say dat she did the last half, but didnt want puru to feel dat armaan waz incapable of anything, so she said:

jassi: no puru uncle, armaan did da whole report on hiz own! i just marked it

puruz face lit up az he heard jassi say thez words and he said

puru: jassi u kno, armaan till today haz never done a project or report on hiz own, but today its different!!!
jassi thank u

jassi waz surprised at y puru said thank u

jassi: puru uncle, y thank u???? it waz armaanz hard work and determination, dat got him there! i just helped my giving him a mark!!!

puru stopped da car, and jassi waz shocked
puru then looked twords jassi and gave her a big hug, jassi waz bewildered, but also happy and smiled

tears fell down puruz eyez az he said thank u to jassi, jassiz eyez filled up in response

puru: jassi u r like a beti to me

jassi smiled with eyez filled up in tearz

jassi: and puru uncle u r like a second father to me

both luked at eachother and smiled as they drove off . . .

a few minutes later

puru stopped da car

puru: jassi we r here!

jassi luked out and saw her house, she then said good bye to puru and left for home, while puru drove off

jassi walked up to da porch and opened da door, in da living room she saw her papa

jassi waz surprised he waz still up

billu walked twords jassi, while jassi stood and watched

jassi: papa, ur still awake???

billu: jassi of course i am! u can never go to sleep without knowing if my "Queen Victoria" iz home, safe and sound!
billu smiled and hugged jassi, jassi smiled at hiz words, and gave a grin

("Queen Victoria iz a name billu gave jassi since she waz a little gurl")

billu faced jassi and asked her if she ate

jassi: papa, im not hungrey . . .

billu heard jassiz stomach groul

billu: not hungrey! lets go eat roti with dal, dat will settle ur stomach

jassi nodded her head and follwed her papa for a late nite dinner

the next morning

lite shown on armaanz windoe, which startled him, and cauzed him to wake up, he rubbed hiz eyez and sat up . .
he luked around and saw he waz on hiz bed

armaan: how did i get on my bed!?

then armaan remembered abt hiz report, and remembered he didnt finish it!!!

armaan: OH NO! my report!!!!!!!!!!!
he got up, and waz abt to run for da computer, but then saw sumthing on hiz bed, he picked it up

armaan reading the cover it said: Mangal Pandey . . . . By: armaan Suri    marked by: jasmeet walia aka jassi

armaan waz shocked and wondered how hiz report waz finished, he luked up twords hiz celing and said

armaan: bhagwan! thank-u for finishing my report! i owe u god, u r my hero!!! without u i dont kno where i wud be!!!!!!

armaan sat on down on da ground and put hiz hands together while he said:

armaan: thank u god, thank u god, thank u god . . . .

suddenly angel wallked in

angel: morning armaan!!!

she luked at armaan while he said

armaan: thank u god, thank u god, thank u god . . . .

angel gave her brother a weird luk Confused
and decided to leave, b4 she caught whtever armaan had . . . . .
(she thought he waz sick or sumthin)

armaan, who waz still sayin thankz, wondered if god had finished da report or someone else . . . . .

at mumbai college

nandu: jassi, so how did yesterday go with armaan?????

jassi luked bk at nandu and smiled and said:

jassi: pretty well, actually . . . .

nandu stood there shocked at hiz friend, "pretty well, actually" with armaan suri, OMG, she must be suffering from a somesort of sickness thought nandu

meanwhile raj and armaan were talking

raj: so how did ur day go with "bhanji" did she slap u again . . .
raj began laughing    LOL

armaan luked at him angerly   Angry

b4 armaan cud tell him anything, mallika came up behind them, and following her waz pari

mallika waz wearin a long white skirt with a pink tank top, and pink high heelz, with pink and white dangling earings

pari waz wearin blue jeanz, with a green top dat had blue stripz on it and big hoopz

mallika: hi armaan Baby! i missed u all day yesterday, dat stupied bhanji made u do work all nite
mallika put her armz around armaanz shoulderz

armaan gave her a OMG luk

pari laughed and said: bhanji

b4 long all three of em, raj, mallika, and pari began to laugh, armaan first didnt laugh, but then gave in and began laughing as well

raj (still laughin): kk guyz lets get to class

at mr sharmaz class

mallika, raj, pari and armaan sat at da front, as they watched ppl come in

mallika saw jassi come in and luked at her from head to toe

jassi waz wearin a lite yellow kameez dat had white flowerz, with a white salwar, tye die chini, with yellow and white, hair tied up in a ponytail, and glasses

she then luked at nandu who waz wearin a striped t-shirt with blk jeanz and had glasses on

(by the way u guyz this is wht ur fav heroz were wearin . . .

armaan- light blue turtle neck t-shirt with blk jeanz

raj- grey sweater with blk pants)

mallika to pari: pari luk, bhanji and her boyfriend came today! iznt dat great!"
mallika frowned at jassi and gave her a wicked frown

jassi luked sadly at them

nandu (angry): jassi lets go, we dont need to listen to them!

nandu and jassi then walked to da center and found their seats

mr sharma: good morning class! b4 we start da day i wud like armaan suri to hand hiz report in, the one on magal pandey . . . .

armaan stood up and walked twords mr.sharma and handed him da report

jassi watched

mr sharma gave a quick glance and said armaan diz iz gud, and luked at da mark given and waz happy to see a A

mr sharma: this is gud armaan, im proud of u, jassi must have enjoyed marking this report!

armaan smiled, but then a thought crossed him, jassi!!!!
jassi must have done da report for him! there waz no other possible explanation!

armaan turned around at jassi,who smiled at him, armaan waz shocked, he then wondered why jassi wud do sumthin like dat for him . . . .

Edited by tina22 - 07 September 2005 at 9:48pm
Angelic_J IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2005 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
OMG Tina luv u Big smile This part was so nice and big LOL Worth waiting but when r u posting ur next part Confused Please post it soon Big smile
Aabha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2005 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Excellent!!! That was great yaar!!! Plz continue!!! Smile
tina22 Goldie

Joined: 01 September 2005
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Posted: 07 September 2005 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
u guyz ill try to post the next one today, but cant make any promisez

im glad u guyz r enjoyin it, dat makes me happy Smile
Angelic_J IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2005 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
Please post the next 1 today Please Big smile
Aabha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2005 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
I can wait tina....ur so amazing with ur stories buddy!!! plz keep it up...*hint hint* Wink Wink

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