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Jassi and aarmaan fanfic (Page 3)

tina22 Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2005 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
i hope u guyz like it, ill post more later today!!!! Wink

Aabha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2005 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
Wow!!! She slapped him!!! Aww....I'm feeling bad 'cuz I'm remembering the Armaan from Gulmohur....but this Armaan deserved it!!!   LOL LOL ...excellent Tina!!!...plz continue yaar!!!
tina22 Goldie

Joined: 01 September 2005
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Posted: 04 September 2005 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
kk u guyz im gonna write da next part

armaan just stood there he took hiz hand and touched da spot jassi slapped him

da ppl dat were watchin da whole thing began to laugh their headz off, armaan had beccome da bigget joke of da whole college!!!

jassi turns around to help nandu up and asks him hez okk

nandu: im fine, jassi dat waz amazing u just slapped armaan suri!!!!!!!!!

jassi: he waz hurting u and i cudnt stand dat, cuz we r friendz rite???

nandu: (smilez and nods) yes we r, we r BEST FRIENZ!!!

nandu doz da special hand clap with jassi and jassi laughz

mallika luks at everyone laughin at armaan and then she luks at jassi, a twinge of anger sparks mallika and she goz up 2 jassi

mallika: u trench!!! u slapped armaan, now im gonnna slap u!!!!!!

b4 she can reach jassi'z face, jassi grabz her hand and sayz: i slapped armaan az a punishment for mistreating armaan, and u cud get da same punishment if u mistreat me!!!!! My beliefs and moral valuez will help me to do so!!!!!

mallika iz shocked and embarressed as she can hear ppl saying dat she waz told by a bhanji

jassi: nandu, i better go or im gonna be late for my english lecture with MR. SHARMA

nandu: wow!!, we both r in da same class, i have enlish next 2 with Mr.Sharma

jassi: really??? then letz go

nandu: ok

jassi and nandu walk off to da english building

armaan luks at them as they walk off in da distance and mumblez in a voice full of anger and rage: so ur name iz jassi (he heard nandu call her jassi), well jassi ur gonna pay for what u did today, ill make sure of it!!!!

raj: armaan lets go we r gonna be late for da english class 2

armaan: ya lets go

in english with MR.SHARMA

Mr.Sharma: so dat iz how magal pandy began the rise against da british, which waz da beginning of the battle for freedom

the bell rings

Mr.sharma: class stay seated. ok u will be doing a report on Mangal Pandy in pairz, and thez pairz i have already selected.


Mr Sharma: yes, so here they r, RAJ and PARI

Pari turned around at raj and winked at him and gave him a blowing kiss

Raj covered hiz face in shame and dissapointment

pari haz had a crush on raj da longest time ever, much to rajz dissapointment

Mr Sharma: Mallika and Vikram

Mallika looked at Mr Sharma in horror, she cudnt believe her earz VIKARAM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Vikram waz a class geek, he alwayz wore trouserz and yellow stripped shirts and big glassez with ugly brasses, he waz da worst site to seeeeeee

Vikram smiled, like pari haz had a crush on raj from da longest time ever, vikram haz had a crush on mallika from da longest time ever


MR sharma: as i said b4 mallika my descionz r finale

MALLika began to sobb
Armaan smilled as she did

MR sharma: kk ummm,where were we oh yes, Nandu and Beauty

Nanduz face lit up as he heard nandu and beauty
beauty turned red but smiled

Nandu haz more than a CRUSH on beauty, hez beginnning to fall in luv with her
He met her on da first day of college, a day hell never forget!!

Beauty iz a lovely girl shez into modern dressup, but not as much as mallika and pari, she wearz clothez dat COVER HER UP!! today shez wearing a long white skirt with a white kurtha dat haz mirrorz on it with long white dangling earingz and her hair iz curled,       she also haz a thing for nandu

Mr sharma: next ummmmmmmmm ohh yess of course JASSI and ARMAAN

the class became quiet after the teacher said da final couple

jassiz face turned pale at da thought of having armaan suri as a partner Ouch

and armaan waznt any less actually hiz face turned red in anger and embarressment Angry of being a partner to JASSI THE SAME GIRL WHO SLAPPED HIM, and he knew no matter what he had to stay as her partner

Raj began to giggle at da thought of jassi and armaan az PARTNERZ LOL Pari waz shocked and confuseed Confused Shocked mallika waz abt to explode at da thought of thoz 2 together!!!! Angry

Mr sharma: alrite class dats all for today i expect this reprot to be handed in after the long week-end (todayz friday) and oh yes each partner has to have their own copy to get full marks, u will be marked indivually not together!!!

everyone got up and left the classroom except armaan

he sat there and thought how he waz gonna get revenge from jassi and then he got an idea, he'll use this report az a way to take revenge!!!!!!

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Clana_621 Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2005 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
woot! yay armaan and Jassi are partners! cant wait for the next part!
tina22 Goldie

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Posted: 05 September 2005 at 12:27am | IP Logged
u guyz im gonna do da next part now lolz im soooo boreddd Unhappy

at da canteen

nandu and jassi were sitting at a table while eat somosaz, pokore, and barfi . . . .(now im gettin hungary)

jassi: nandu do armaan and hiz friends alwayz pick on u like dat??????

nandu stopped eating hiz somosa and hiz eyez filled up with water

jassi: nandu why dont u stand up against them!!!

nandu: jassi, i have tried, and when i did they brought a whole group of ppl to my house to beat me, my mom haz been soo scared after dat, dat i decided i will not stand up again, so they dont come to my house and torture my family . . . . . . .

jassi: nandu u should report this to da police!!!
jassi waz angrey at what she just heard

nandu: jassi pplz leave this topic . . .. besides i cant do anything armaan iz soo rich, hiz father haz so much money, they are the onez dat own this college!!!!!
how can i do anythin

jassi luked sadly at nandu and then at her foood

jassi: nandu i promise u one thing, ill make sure armaan and hiz friends never bother u again!

nandu smiled at hiz friend and said: thanks jassi, ur really my first real friend!


at the other end of da canteen waz mallika, pari and raj, eating somosaz
just then armaan walked to da table and sat down with hiz friends

armaan: hey (he said this in a low, and angrey voice)

mallika: AARMAAN why didnt u tell mr sharma dat u cudnt be jassiz partner, i cant stand dat gurl and she being ur PARTNER!!! (mallika waz fuming in anger)

armaan: mallika, dont get all angrey for nuthing, do u think i wud leave dat gurl without teaching her a lessong abt slapping ARMAAN SURI

raj: so wut r u going to do abt her

armaan: just wait and watch

nandu and jassi were walking on da college grounds when beauty came up behind them

beauty: hi nandu! hi jassi! ( she said jassi a bit coldly) um nandu do u want to go and start our project??

nandu: sure!!!!!!!!!(very happy of course)

beauty: kk then lets go

nandu: kk sure! jassi ill tk to u soon!

jassi: kk bye nandu bye beauty good-luck on ur project!

beauty:(coldly) thanx

in nanduz car

beauty: nandu, do u like jassi???

nandu: jassi'z my best friend, why wudnt i like her??

beauty: do u like her more than me???

nandu:(shocked) beauty shez my friend, ur the gurl whom i lu . . . . . . . (nandu cudnt bring himself to say it for he waz scared of beautyz reaction)

beauty understood and smiled at nandu


jassi waz walkin around da college grounds still, and thinking to herself, how waz she going to tk to armaan abt their project???

suddenly she saw armaan he waz sittin on da bench talking to someone on hiz cellphone

jassi decided she waz going to walk up to him and tell him they need to start their project.
she walked up to da bench and said: armaan

armaan luked up at her and told da person on da phone he'll call bk later

jassi: armaan we need to tk abt our project

armaan: wuts to tk abt, lets go and start it!

jassi: armaan, u kno this project iiizz . . .. . . she stopped ( did she hear armaan rite, did he say lets start, jassi waz astonished)

jassi: so u want to start this project now!, as in NOW!

armaan: well wut else doz now mean?

jassi: alrite, then whoz house shd we go to? lets go to urs

armaan: ur not coming to MY HOUSE, i dont need filth messing up my house

jassi waz hurt by armaanz wordz, but promised herself she wudnt say anything for da time being, atleast until da project waz done!

jassi: kk then u can come to my house

armaan: fine

jassi: so lets go now b4 we miss da bus

armaan: wait, dont u have a car????

jassi: no i dont

armaan began to laugh and said: u cant afford a car!

jassi cudnt take hiz chritisizing anymore, and told him:
i may be poor but atleast i have my family valuez and beliefs and dats all ill ever need!

armaan got angrey and told her: wut family valuez and beliefz??? u slapped a boy infront of da college, now what kind of beliefz and valuez told u to do dat!!???

jassi told herself she wont say anything else becuase she wanted this project done, without any complaints or arguments

jassi: kk lets forget abt this, kk if u dont want to go in a bus, how do u want to go????

armaan: we will take my car (then da thought of jassi sitting in hiz car crossed hiz mind he held it bk in anger, because it waz either da bus or hiz car, and he'd pick going in da car with jassi then da bus with jassi any day, because da bus waz for da poor ppl and armaan suri waz not poor.

jassi followed armaan to hiz car

mallika saw armaan and came up to him

mallika: armaan baby, i missed u where were u???
then mallika saw jassi

mallika: wut da hell iz dat thing doing following u???

jassi luked up at mallika very sternly and told herself dont create a scene, u just want to finsh this project and then u will never have to tk to or go with armaan suri or hiz friendz anywhere

armaan: mallika u kno shez my partner for da english project and dats why shez following me we r taking my car to her house to do our project

mallika: jassi if u do anything with armaan, i mean anything, ull have to tk to me abt it!!! GOT IT !!!

armaan very angery now yelled at mallika and said: MALLIKA IM NOT A BABY ANYMORE, I THNK I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!!!!

mallika very shocked and scared said: armaan i . . .i . . . waz ju . .. jujust luking out for ur best interests

armaan: WELL NO ONE TOLD U TO DO SO!!! come on jassi hurrey up, lets finish this project

jassi luked up at mallika who gave her a dirty luk and then jassi luked at the direction armaan waz going and followed him while mallika waz left to luk on

jassi and armaan in da car

jassi luks out da window and begins thinking abt herself, she doz dat alot after wut had happened to her dat b4 she moved to mumbai . . . .

armaan glances at her and thinks to himself wut in da world cud she be thinking of?? iz it another plan to embaress me??? he wont let her do dat again!

armaan: jassi wherez ur house again???

jassi woke up from her daydream and said: oh! ummm, turn left from here, and yes! here it iz!

armaan luked at da house, it waz a small house but felt very homely, it had this warmth surrounding it, dat armaan never felt b4, he thought it waz soothing and relaxing

jassi: armaan! armaan! ARMAAN!

armaan woke up from hiz daydream now 2 lolz : ya!

jassi: r u going to come inside

armaan: ya! lets go!

jassi went through the enterance as armaan followed her and she went upto da porch and opened da door

jassi: bebe! papa! mama! im home (jassi said happily)

bebe: jassi ur home! how waz ur first day???

jassi: it waz wonderul bebe!

amrit: jassi beti ur home! did u like ur college???

jassi: mama i luved it! mama wherez papa?

amrit: ur papaz gone to work he'll be bk in a little while

jassi: ok

bebe whispering in jassiz ear: jassi whoz dat man over there??

armaan waz standing infront of da enterance door, not knowing wut to do

jassi: bebe hez my english project partner, we r doing a project together

bebe: oh! beta come over here! (she said as she pointed to armaan)

armaan luked at jassi, who signaled him to go to her

bebe: well arent u going to say hi!

jassi began to laugh

armaan turned red as he touched bebez and then amritz feet for arshiward

bebe:may u live long

amrit: such a gud boy

armaan began to blush

jassi: mama, bebe we r going to go to my room to start da project

bebe and amrit: alrite

armaan followed jassi to her room

jassi opened her door and the both of them went in

armaan luked around it waz a small room dat had one window on da side, he saw a desk, a bed, a closet, and tons of pictures of her family, then he saw a manz picture on da wall

armaan: jassi whoz dat??

jassi luked at the direction armaan waz pointing at
jassi: dats my father (she replied happily)

armaan thought to himself wut a ugly luking man, he waz half bald with dark skin and round spectacles

jassi went up to her computer and logged on and she began da project

jassi: armaan can u start da reasearch part?

armaan luked at her then he thought to himself, hez not going to stay here any longer, hez going to start with hiz plan, he planz to leave jassi at da rite moment with an exuse to see hiz grandma, da same excuse he used with mallika to go see tina

armaan: jassi . . . umm . .. i have to go see my grandmother, shez sick, ill come later on kk

jassi heard armaan say this, and began to feel sorrey for him and told him to go and she'll finish da project if he cant come

armaan waz happy that hiz plan worked and ran off

jassi followed him to da door

on da way out armaan bumped into jassiz dad

billu: who da hell r u??? (he said firecly)

armaan took a luk at him and ran b4 he cud catch him

billu: jassi beta who waz dat (jassi waz outside standing beside her father)

jassi: papa dat waz a boy who just got himself into a whole lot of trouble (she smiled)

billu waz confused


armaan waz with tina on da dinner date

armaan: tina ur luking soo lovely tonite

tina:armaan im alwayz luking lovely, but ur luking extra handsome, mallika told me u were doing a project with "bhanji" how did u escape

armaan: for u i cud escape da world,( he said this as he kissed tinaz hand)

da long weekend had passed and it waz da day to hand in da projects

everyone waz seated armaan whispered to jassi who waz sitting beside him (partners were sitting beside partners)

armaan: u finished da project rite jassi?

jassi: of course

armaan smiled devilishly

Mr sharma waz going around collecting da reports
he then went up to jassi and armaanz table

Mr sharma: jassi ur report ppllzz?

jassi handed him her report

Mr sharma: armaan ur report ppllzz?

armaan: mr sharma jassi just handed in our report

Mr sharma: armaan i told u that each partner waz to work together but hand in seperate reports

armaan luked at jassi in shock, who smiled bak at him in victory

mr sharma: armaan u didnt do ur report did u?

armaan sat there flabbergasted

mr sharma got angrey, and then grabbed armaanz ear and took him to da principalz office as armaan screamed: OWWWW!!!

da whole class began to laugh

nandu: jassi ur 2 great!

jassi smiled

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Aabha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 March 2005
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Posted: 05 September 2005 at 12:37am | IP Logged
that was great tina!!! I loved it yaar!!!...plz continue!!!
cutelovelygirl IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 May 2005
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Posted: 05 September 2005 at 1:49am | IP Logged
Very nice tina.. Plz continue
tina22 Goldie

Joined: 01 September 2005
Posts: 1453

Posted: 05 September 2005 at 2:09am | IP Logged
herez dat next part

armaan iz takin to da principalz office

Mr sharma knocks on da door

principal: come in

Mr sharma: armaan u stay outside

armaan waites outside da principalz office for a few minutes while worrying abt his sentence
then MR sharma comez bk and tellz armaan to come into da office

armaan luks at the bak of the princiaplz chair and knowz dat hez going to get into a lot of trouble

the principal turns himself around to face armaan(hez sitten on da chair)

mr sharma: sir im going to go bak to my class

principal: yes, mr sharma pllz do

mr sharma walks out of da principalz office

the principal stares at armaan very sternly
armaan gets scared he knowz dat hez going to get into da most trouble ever

principal: armaan wut do u have to say

armaan: dad its not my fault, its dat dat JASSIZ

(yes, its true da principal iz none other than MR SURI AKA PURU)

puru gets up from hiz seat and walks upto armaan

puru: armaan how many timez did i tell u never blame someone else for ur mistakes, why do u alwayz do dat?

armaan: dad this time it really waz not my fault

puru: Mr sharma told me everything, he told me dat he put da class in pairz and told them to do a report and hand in a reprot per indivual not in pairz so if ur partner handed her report in then y didnt u

armaan: da . . . . .
he cudnt say anything he knew dat hiz dad waz rite and only fighting abt it waz gonna get him into more trouble

puru: armaan me and ur mother want u to do well in college, get a gud job and get married to a gurl such as mallika . . . . . . .


puru: armaan shes a nice gurl, but anywayz u have ur college education ahead of u and ur job and marriage will come after, maybe u'll find a gurl better than mallika

armaan mumblez: any gurl iz better than mallika

puru: wut waz dat armaan??

armaan: oh nuthing

puru: kk armaan i want u to go bk to MR sharma and apologize and ask him for another chance to finish da report

armaan: but da . .

puru cut him off and said: armaan im serious

armaan: fine dad (in a low sorrowful voice)

bk at da classroom

Mr sharma: class is dismassed and we will continue da topic on shakespere tomorrow

da class leavez as armaan enterz
he walkz past jassi(shez collecting her books) who givez him a sly grin and in return he givez her a wicked frown

armaan walks up to mr sharma and sayz: Mr sharma im very sorry for not handing in my project, may i pplz have another chance to complete it

mr sharma luks at armaan for a long time and finally sayz: armaan, i will give u another chance to do ur report, but u will have to do it with ur partner!

armaan: partner???
then da thought crossed him, jassi

armaan: sir ppllz no, ill do it on my own (literally begging)

mr sharma: no armaan, u will have to do it with jassi, because im not going to be marking it, jassi will

jassi waz listening to da teacher and like armaan she 2 waz confused

mr sharma: well if u didnt do da report da first time, it meanz u didnt help jassi, ur partner at all, so now as punishment she will work with u and after mark u

jassi comez up to mr sharma and sayz: sir its alrite, i wont be able to do this, sir im not qualified to mark someone elses work

mr sharma: yes u r jassi, i luked at ur report and i have to say ur report waz da best i had ever seen on mangal pandey

jassi smiled shyly, while armaan gave her a dirty luk

mr sharma: i kno u can do this and if u do jassi, i will give u extra marks in da class

jassi: sir its alrite, i wont do it for extra marks, ill do it because of the confidence u have in me

Mr sharma: gud (he smiled at jassi)

armaan waz in utter disbelief, jassi waz going to help him do da project and she waz going to mark it!!!!!!!!!
how much worse cud it get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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