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Episode No 60 Wednesday 27/2/08

Thalai is in bed - Doc is checking and find that the vital stats
are ok. Looks like the doc knows this guy's dad - a man and
woman come searching for this rowdy -Somasundaram ,a big
business magnate arrives with his sis Rangamma and we learn that
the guy's name is Rajarajan. Doc says that sonny boy is
fine except for a leg fracture.  Dad laments about son's
behaviour and athai confirms that sonny boy has all the
vices of the world.

Kappu's mom is mending her saree. Bother's men bring
in a load of grocery. Bother follows and says that he has
to take care of the family in the absence of Dakshina. Mom
melts by his concern and and calls him God a la son. But
Bother just wants to be a part of their family -mom says
" welcome to the family"!!!  Bother is trying to talk to
Eashu who wants to hit him for making Kappu cry the other
day. She excuses him as he has a beard similar to Dr.Ben.
Kappu comes and shouts as usual - first at Bother for
talking to Eashu and then at mom for accepting Bother's
help. Asks mom to dispense with the grocery, mom is
helpless and Bother is understanding. He vows within
himself to put an end to Kappu's job.

Senthil is at work - pensive and curses Kappu for changing
her attitude towards him. Maama comes, has a look at him
and take shim to his cabin. Senthil vents out his feelings -
narrates all that happened between him and Kappu and says
that she does not like him any more. Maama pacifies him
saying that women are a class by themselves and he can
not give up so easily. Sekar walks in and sees maama
having a private talk with Senthil. Comes to them and throws
a common warning - "work while u work or else Mano's
money is wasted"  -Senthil apologizes, goes to his seat
and maama is thoughtful " not a good sign hmm"


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Episode No 61 Thursday 28/2/08

Anjali comes to Nagalapuram after successfully dumping
the statue in the temple well. Meets Nagathamma's niece
who takes her to her aunt. Introduces Anjali to aunt "unakku
oru nalla grakki kootti vanthirukken - An old lady emerges
out - Even Anjali looks
slightly bewildered!!!

Naga wants to know the details of thepatient so that she can
dole out the right medicine.the right medicine and promises
that client confidentiality
is a virtue with her. Anjali says that
the medicine is for
a 35 yr old person and first pregnancy. Naga
brings a medicine
and gives the prescription details,Anjali
extends her hand to
take it but Naga is still in negotiating
stage. Anjali gives her
some money but the old lad y is not
 happy -"u want to chea
t some one and have come asking f
or the medicine.But u want
to cheat me as well?" Wants
20,000 rs as Anjali is coming
in to crores worth of property
 because of this medicine.
Anjali says that she does not have
so much money and wan ts
to go back to bring more money.
Naga says that Anjali can
give her bangle and buy the
 medicine. Anjali parts with her
bangle, Naga rubs it by her
hand and smells to check if it is
pure gold. Convinced that
it is gold, parts with the medicine
Padma is sleeping and
wakes with a start saying that she
had a bad dream. She
dreamt that  a snake was chasing her
and it means that
some thing bad is going to happen.
consoles her and  Padma is still confused. Padma wants Mano
to make a print of Sakku Chitthar's photo -" if I have his photo,
I can meditate and get to know what he wants to say. Mano

agrees and wants her to go back to sleep.

Kappu is on her selling spree - Bother watches. Kappu
sees him and frowns as usual. Bother is not fazed by her
looks. Goes to her and says that how ever much she
brushes him off, hislove for her keeps increasing. Wants
to marry her and maitain her like a queen. Kappu
says that
showing wealth will never make a girl love some one. Bother
wants to know as to what he should do to please her. Kappu
says that she will never love him. Bother says that fate will
decide all that and takes the next step. Wants to buy all the
stuff Kappu has and pay for it. Kappu declines but Bother
calls two passersby and negotiates. Kappu has to quote the
price - she says it costs 500 - Bother pays the amount and
buys the whole stuff. A beggar comes and Kappu drops
all her commission in to the beggar's bowl. Informs Bother
that her commission has been donated and walks away.
Bother looks beaten.



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Episode 62 Friday 29/2/08

Rajarajan wakes up and asks the nurse as to how he
got here. Nurse has no clue and wants him to recall
about how he met with this accident. The past events
run before his eyes. His dad and aunt see him and dad
shouts at son for his misbehavior. Dad goes to see the
doc and aunt follows. Eashu is playing hopscotch - mom
chides her saying that she should not play the game. Eashu
says that she always played in the hospital and will
continue doing it. Mom does not know how to educate
Eashu on this.

Mom is clever in explaining -"fate has played a bigger
game with you Eashu.You can not play this" - (I found it
difficult to understand myself!!!) Kappu comes and pacifies
Eashu - " will show u some other nice game, ok?" - Kappu
talks about Bother buying the whole thing and how she
threw the commission to a beggar. Mom praises Bother
to the skies but Kappu is angry with mom for not perceiving
Bother's true colors. She refuses to eat the food cooked
outof Bother's money. Bother is drinking and blabbers
about how Kappu kicked him out to his crony. The crony
demeans Kappu and Bother gets angry. Tells him that
whatever it takes, Kappu will be his wife.

Mano dressed like a chef - has a variety of dishes on the
table. Padma and Mano having a good time and talking
about the baby. Mano gives her the photo of Chithar and
says that they will keep the photo in the pooja. Padma is
happy to see the photo. Anjali mixes the medicine in milk
adds some turmeric powder and plans to give it to Padma
as the milk from the temple.


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As the response for this serial is lukewarm, I just plan
to do a brief update daily - in the same post. Giri, I
hope this is enough for archives. If there is some
renewed interest, then I will do regular, detailed updates.
If any one is ready to take over with detailed updates,
please feel free. Roja will join with the rest and enjoy
the updates.Big smile

Episode No 63 Monday 3/3/08
Padma is praying to Chithar's photo and wants him to once
meet Mano. As Mano leaves for work, Chithar arrives at
Padma's house. Tells her that for the next 3 days she should
just eat once a day and that too only food  cooked by her pwn
hands. Anjali visits Padma with the medicated milk. Padma
refuses the milk and narrates Chithar's orders. Anjali goads
Padma to drink the milk saying that Chithar is wrong in asking
a pregnant woman to fast like that. As Padma is about to drink,
a woman in yellow sari comes asking for alms - Padma goes to
give her money and rice. Suddenly a cat comes and topples the
milk on the table. Anjali persuades Padma to drink the left
over milk but Padma refuses adamantly. Anjali is

Episode 64 Tuesday 4/3/08
Padma is pacing and is confused -  informs Mano about
Chithar's visit and all other things. Mano is excited about
the visit and is angry with Padma for not obeying Chithar's
instructions. Sekar/Padma's mom wants to bring Padma to
their house and take care of her. Anjali plans to give the
medication through Vijay. Kappu is selling biscuits and
Senthil sees her. As they are talking, Bother sees them,
Kappu acts as if she is very close with Senthil and irritates
Bother. Bother surmises that Kappu is in love with Senthil
and vows to finish him off. Anjali makes some sakkarai
pongal and mixes the medicine. Plans to go with Vijay to
the temple and from there to Padma's house to give the

Episode 65 Wednesday 5/3/08
Rajarajan in the hospital - vows to take revenge on the girl
who did this to him. Misbehaves with the nurse and she reports.
Doc comes and chides the rowdy. Decides to take action.
Mahathma comes home to a hungry Eashu and sulking
mom. Mom has not cooked as per Kappu's instruction and
Kappu goes to sell some more biscuits. Bother comes and
mom returns all the groceries given by him saying that Kappu
is different from Dakshina and does not accept help from any
body. Anjali makesan attempt through Vijay to reach the
prasadam to Padma. Vijay pressurizes his aunt to accept the
prasadam and finally Padma takes the prasadam - yet to

Episode 66 Thursday 6/3/08
Padma does not eat the prasadam - a lizard falls from the roof
and stops her from eating. Anjali has not given up, plans to give
the medicine somehow, the next day. Rajarajan gets a bottle
and cigarettes from his "friends" which gets opened by the
nurse. Doc sees the whole thing and calls Somasundaram.
Discharges Rajarajan. Anjali mixes the medicine in Padma's
food - the one which she offers to God on the last day of her
fasting. Padma mixes her food..... yet  to eat....

Episode 67 Friday 7/3/08
Finally Padma eats that food with the abortion poison.
Chithar' photo burns by itself. Padma cries to Mano and
he consoles. Kappu mahathma with Eashu. Eashu vomits,
mom frets, Kappu fusses. Kappu decides to pay a visit to
Dr.Jhansi. Padma gets sick with a bad stomach ache. Calls
Mano twice but he does not pick up thinking that she is
paranoid about the photo burning. Finally he picks up the
phone and learns that Padma is sick.

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Episode No 68 Monday 10/3/08

Padma in pain - Mano arrives and calls Dr.Jhansi. Doc asks
her to be brought to the clinic. Mahathma Kappu also comes
to meet Dr,Jhansi.  Kappu sees Padma being wheeled in. Once
Padma goes in mahathma consoles Mano. Well Padma aborts.
Mano is devastated. Doc consoles. Padma is unconscious.
Mano laments about their dream getting shattered. Mahathma
asks for Padma's case history but Mano does not oblige. Kappu
does not believe in withdrawing her nose and so confronts the
doc with the same request. Doc gives the whole news and finally
asks the reason for Kappu's visit.

Episode No 69 Tuesday 11/3/08

Mahathma cries copious tears and spills her story to Dr,Jhansi.
Doctor can not fathom the irony - Padma and Eashu - but says
that some solution has to be found. Anjali comes to know about
Padma's abortion. Puts on an act of grief and reaches it to her
in laws. All are upset and a general cry session. Padma learns
the truth. Doc consoles saying that there is always a second time.
Mano laments quite a bit, Padma is silent and Doctor gives

Episode 70 Wednesday 12/3/08
Doctor promises the couple that they will have a baby next
year for sure. More sorrow from the couple as the crib
arrives. The friends of Durga mai visit the hospital and
want to see her. Ward boy gives the address and sends them
away.  Doctor is suspicious. Multi level Maha arrives at
Anjali's house. Anjali gloats about Padma's abortion and
boasts about her swift action. Vijay overhears all this.

Episode 71 Thursday 13/3/08
Vijay confronts Anjali -" if u are planning to sell me to Padma
auntie, I will never call u amma" The doctor reports to his boss
in Bombay about Eashu being pregnant. the Bombay guy confirms
that Eashu is Durga as Durga was supposedly pregnant when she
absconded. Padma is being consoled by her parents. Anjali acts
all concerned and offers her son for adoption  and Sekar seconds.
Mano shouts at Anjali for concluding that they will never get a kid
and vetoes any talk of adoption. The doctor from the mental institution
visits Eashu and warns Kappu not to let any one visit her. The doctor
says that some unknown people have been asking for Eashu's address
and it is possible that who ever raped Eashu might be behind that.
Doctor makes it a point to call Bombay and says that Eashu is not Durga and there is no reason to kill her. Kappu hears this and is
worried. Friends of Durga come to annachi's shop and are looking
for Eashu's address - Kappu comes there and sees them.

Episode No 72 Friday 14/3/08

Kappu sees that it their own house and recalls the doctor's
words. Asks the women/men as to why they are looking for
Eashu. They say that Eashu is Durga and is like their God.
Tells them that Eashu and family left 2 days back vacating
the house as there was some family problem. The group leaves.
Mahathma decides to hide all this from mommy. Mom as usual
talks much above all our heads - Eashu is blissfully ignorant and
we do not have that luxury!!! Eash is taken to see Dr.Jhansi
by Kappu.  Sekar and his parents are unhappy that Anjali rubbed
Mano on the wrong side - Sekar says that Mano does not talk
to him at all. Anjali as usual gloats. Dr.Jhansi gets Padma's report
from B'lore and is shocked as she reads.  Mano comes to meet her.
Jhansi says that Padma has eaten some thing which caused the
abortion and she can never become pregnant again....

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Episode No 73 Monday 17/3/08

Mano learns from Dr.Jhansi that Padma can never conceive
again. A distressed Mano sees Chithar on the road. Confronts
the Chithar and demands to know why every thing went haywire
in spite of following all his directions. Chithar says that Mano does
have a child and the kid will reach him when the time comes. Mano
is dejected and angry - leaves from there. Bother once again
comes to Kappu's house and expresses his desire to marry Kappu.
Mom is not able to answer. Kappu takes Eashu to Dr.Jhansi and
narrates the story - Eashu being Durga, people hunting for her,
the doctor talking to some one about not killing Eashu etc., etc.,
Dr.Jhansi asks Kappu to admit Eashu and promises to take care.

Episode No 74 Tuesday 18/3/08
Eashu  is left in Dr.Jhansi's nursing home - a pensive Mano
at work. Shares the bad news with maama. who tries to console
him with the wisdom of experience. Suggests that adoption will be
a good solution - " an infant below the age of 6 months is ideal,
it will be as good as yours" Mano is convinced and decides to
take steps.  Kappu's mom is lamenting about Eashu and prays
that the baby does not stay with them. Bother visits Kappu and
mom,, tries to sweet talk but Kappu does not relent. Kappu loses
her job as her boss is running in to losses ( Bother has a hand in
this - Kappu's boss is Bother's friend) Mano and Padma  in
conversation - Mano beats around the bush and freeze on a
puzzled Padma's face.

Episode No. 75 Wednesday 19/3/08

Mano comes home and expresses his decision of going in for
a adoption. Padma's parents appreciate the decision. Padma
insists on knowing the truth and Mano tells her the truth.
Padma is devastated and cries a lot. Mano tells her that
this truth should just stay with the three of them only -
does not want even her parents to know. Kappu comes
home with the bad news of loosing her job. Mom as usual
laments and to add fuel to the fire hears that Dakshina is
sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and rs.5000 fine. Mom
cries some more. Kappu consoles.  Senthil visits. Comes to
know everything and promises to standby them. Mano and
Padma go to an orphanage and are told that a baby will be
given to them by the orphanage. The couple are thoughtful.

Episode No 76 Thursday 20/3/08

The orphanage manager spells out the rules. He says that
he needs a letter saying that Mano and Padma will never
ever get a child. Padma is upset and decides to get Mano
married to another girl so that he can get a child. But Mano
says Padma means every thing to him and agrees to adopt
Vijay as their son. Padma's parents are sent as the envoy.
Anjali makes a fuss saying that she might want to pose some
conditions for giving Vijay in adoption. Sekar gets furious
and warns her to keep quiet. He says that he is indebted to
Padma and Mano and plans to go ahead with it.

Episode No 77 Friday 21/3/08
Vijay refuses to get adopted by Padma and Mano. He says
that Padma auntie is a much better person than Anjali but
he does not want to leave his father. He says that he will
go to Padma when he gets a baby sis or bro. Mahathma
and Senthil share some joyous moments. Eashu is being
told by Dr.Jhansi that she has a baby inside her and Eashu
is excited at the prospect of having a doll to play with.
Anjali is goading Vijay that he should accept for the adoption.
Anjali threatens him saying that she would commit suicide
if he disagrees. Vijay is smart - he has a counter plan.

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Episode No 78  Monday 24/3/08

Anjali convinces Vijay and Vijay acts as if he concedes. Anjali is
very happy that her ambition is coming true. Padma and Mano
visit Jhansi and tell her their decision of adopting Vijay. The
doctor thinks that it will be better if the kid is younger but is
happy for them. She talks about Eashu's unborn infant with
out disclosing any details. Anjali's place. Vijay is missing -
Mano and Padma are making plans for the adoption ceremony.
Vijay has left a letter saying that he is leaving the house and
wants to be left alone.  Padma and Mano are told that Vijay is
not in favor of this adoption and that probably is the reason for
his absconding. Padma is very upset.

Episode No 79 Tuesday 25/3/08  ( by PM from Sri)

Mano tells Padma  that they didn't think about Vijay and
how he would have felt. Mano decides to go to the police
to complain and when they're about to go, Vijay comes in.
He tells Padma that he likes her, but can't live with her and
that she'll know why later. Jhansi meets Mano and Padma -
learns about the adoption going awry. Jhansi promises to
get them a baby but informs that  they have to wait for
some time.  Jhansi goes to see Eashu - nurse gets to know
that Eashu's baby is illegitimate and the doctor asks her to
keep the news under wraps.  Kappu and mom meet Jhansi.
When asked about the plans for Eashu's baby, mom says that
they can not take the baby home as Kappu is unmarried.
Freeze  ( thanks Sri - for the update. If u are ready to update
this for 2 days, I can even do a detailed update and post as
separate posts. And, Athipookkal followers, can u come out
and express your opinion on this?? just this once???EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Episode No 80 Wednesday 26/3/08

Kappu and mom are told by the doctor that Mano and Padma
want to adopt Eashu's child. Kappu and mom agree, the doctor
is happy. Anjali comes to see Padma and says  that she will get
another child  to give in adoption to them.Padma gets angry saying
that she is fed up of Anjali's tactics just to inherit all the money. The
couple drive Anjali away and Anjali vows to make their life miserable.
Padma and Mano meet the doctor and all is out in the open - the
couple have no objection to this adoption  The couple meet Eashu
and Padma is moved to tears. Eashu sees her crying and comes
to know that Padma has no baby - Eashu promises to give her baby .


Episode No 81 Thursday 27/3/08

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Episode No 81 Thursday 27/3/08

Mano shares the news of adoption with maama. He gives him
all the details. Sekar overhears part of the conversation.
Padma goes to her parents and informs them about their soon
to be adoption and she does not reveal the biological mother's
name or details. Anjali vows to take revenge - some more!!! The
doctor who treated Rajarajan informs the industrialist father that
the blow Rajarajan received has rendered him impotent.
Kappu's mom decides to visit Dakshina in the jail. Bother takes
her. Kappu refuses to grace the visit.

Episode No. 82 Friday 28/3/08.

Mom and Bother visit Dakshina in the prison. On the way Bother
manages to pry out info about Senthil visiting every morning
and also extending financial help. Mom hides the pregnancy of
Eashu and Bother indicates that he likes to marry Kappu.
Anjali is fuming about Jhansi spoiling all her plans and Sekar
chides her. A competitor to Padma marbles tries to woo Sekar
for an order and offers 5 lacs as bribe. Sekar hesitates but Anjali
decides to grab the chance - promises the client that her hubby
will sign the order and wants the money to be delivered promptly.

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