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Episode No 52  Friday 15/2/08

Rajabother's men catch the blind man and bring to
their boss. The man still acts blind but Bother snatches
his goggles and warns him that his bluff is called. The
blind man says that police are after Bother and he can
not escape. Bother bribes him with money - much more
than he gets from the police dept - and the guy accepts
to save Bother. He goes on to say that the dept. is very
suspicious and so Bother has to sacrifice one of his agents.
Bother thinks hard and asks the informer to catch Daksina.
He says that D has 50.000 rs worth heroine in his shed and
he may have some thing at home as well. Bother tells the
informer that he can search at D's place but asks him to be
careful as the people in that house are is dear ones. The
informer says that he can avoid visiting the house but
Bother wants D arrested at home so that he can act some
drama and fulfill some of his plans. The informer leaves
happily and Bother apologizes to D " sorry D"....

Padma and Mano arrive at her parents'place. They happily
announce the news and all are very happy. Mother  sheds
tears of joy and thanks God for granting her a grand child.
Dad is so happy that he is unable to talk -" Mano, u were
so patient and supported Padma all these years, we are lucky
to have a SIL like u" - while all are happy Anjali is upset. She
notices that Padma has not said a single special word to
Vijay and recalls her friend Maha's words -" once Padma
gets a kid of her own, she will not care about Vijay" Mano
invites them all for the pooja on Friday when they will do
the parikaaram specified by the Chithar.  he wants to take
them all out for dinner - all rush out happily except Anjali
who is angry/upset/jealous.

D's house  Kappu and mom are talking - mom says that Senthil
might be unhappy about Kappu returning his gifts and Kappu
says that only now she feels rested. D comes in, shows a key
and says that it is the key of his house worth 50 Lakhs with
all amenities. If mom and sis go along with him, they can enjoy
all that as well. The informer lands with the police inspector -
shows the brown sugar confiscated from D's shed and tells him
that he will be sent to the prison. D tries to put the blame on
his assistant Sultan but the inspector slaps D. Kappu and mom
are shocked.


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Episode No 53   Monday   18/2/08

Recap of Friday - Police inspector with the informer in
Dakshina's house. D tries to blame his assistant Sultan
but inspector slaps him.  Inspector says that he has enough
evidence collected from his shed but wants to search the
house as well to make sure. The constables look every
where and find no brown sugar. D kneads his hands while
the search is on but gloats when nothing is found. Challenges
the inspector saying that D has a powerful benefactor and
the inspector will reap the consequences. Inspector arrests
him and takes him to the police jeep. D throws another
challenge to the informer and goes out. Mom begs the
inspector that her son is an "appavi" and has not done
any misdeeds. Amidst a family drama, D gets in to the
jeep, mom cries "Dakshina, Dakshina " and Mahathma
cries " amma amma".......

Senthil comes home and finds a lot of biscuits. Wants to
know who bought them and mom narrates Kappu's visit.
Malathi says that Kappu had no qualms about accepting
the reco for a job but does not like to accept his gifts. All
gloat about Kappu's " Gandhian" principles but Senthil
calls it "ego". Dad tells him that even the writer, Tamizh
applauded Kappu - this soothes Senthil!!! Kappu's mom
lamenting to a neighbor about their maanam, mariyadhai
going in the kappal because of D. The neighbour needs
precise details -" ungalukku D ipdi panrannu munnadiye
theriyathaa?" Mom supplies the required info -" Kappu
found out and only then I knew.. vu vu vu.." Kappu comes
in and the neighbour wants to know about the visit to the
advocate. Kappu says that she is not prepared to bail out.
D and goes on to say that fortunately they dispensed the
stuff at home, otherwise they will be behind bars themselves
-" kudumbame bothai porul vithangannu nambalum ulle
iruppom". Mom says that " her petha vayiru pathi eriyuthu"
to see her son behind bars and how Kappu is concerned about
self pride and ego even now. Kappu can not be bothered about
mom's stomach burning and promises to take care of her mom.
She says that D is arrested for selling brown sugar and that is
a non-bailable offense ( Kappu knows IPC also!!) Senthil comes
and shouts for his part about Kappu's ego and self pride. Tells
her that he will not continue in his job if Kappu does not accept
the money. Mom over rules Kappu and takes the money saying
that she will use it for bailing out D. Only then Senthil gets to
know the situation and apologizes for his outburst. Tells mom to
use the money for advocate fees...... Bother comes and roars-
" antha panathai vaanga theenga amma"..

Bother shouts at Senthil -" who are u to help my friend's
family?" - Kappu says that Senthil is her friend. Bother
says that when D is not around, it is his duty to take care
of Kappu and mom. Mom is game - as long as someone
takes her to visit D and get him out. Mom wants Kappu to
come along and the neighbor also recommends the same
but Kappu refuses. Bother drives Senthil away  saying that
he will take care of everything. Senthil leaves and Bother
takes mom and daughter - does not forget to throw a victory
smile at Senthil. Mano and Padma - doing the pooja. Mano
requests the priest to do the whole thing with care. Padma's
mom says that her daughter will get a child only when the
pooja is done with care. Anjali interjects that Padma has
done a lot of parikaarams but nothing has worked and so they
are concerned. Sekar and parents show displeasure at
her statement. Pooja is done and the priest asks Padma to
drink the milk first and distribute to every one, Padma drinks
and Mano looks on with concern... Anjali is livid with anger...


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Episode 54 Tuesday 19/2/08

Recap of yesterday - Padma drinking milk....happy
Mano... angry Anjali ... milk gets passed on after
Padma drinks... Padma does the pooja.... pretty
elaborate procedure... The family is all pious.with
folded hands.. Anjali's mind working over time to
think of some thing... Mano and Padma are asked
to carry the statue and go around the treen3 times..
They carefully place the statue down Anjali is still
looking for some thing...Thank God, the pooja is
over with out a hitch!! The priest is happy that all
went well and so are the couple. Priest is given a
fat tip and dispensed with Vijay wants to know as
to why this pooja is done and Padma says that he
wont understand all this. Anjali goes and stops the
priest.. 'samy, u did a great job. what if the statue
breaks or some one steals it??" The priest is upset
that such Qs are asked but nevertheless says that
if some thing like that happens,  it would mean that
the prayer is not accepted by the snake God. Anjali is
happy to have found a way.

The Police station - Inspector calls himself as Rocket
Rajasekar and is hitting some thief asking about the
number of break ins he has done. Dakshina is behind
the bars and still challenges the inspector for arresting
him. Bother lands with Kappu and mom in tow. Kappu
does not want to grace the insides of the police station.
" kathile anayara karpooram illai intha Kappu, na
Tiruannmalai deepam,ok?" - mom and Bother go in
and Bother vows within himself that he will make sure
to hug the Tiruannamalai deepam in his bed room. Mom
starts her crying session " unnai ipdi pakkanuma da naa??
Yen petha vayiru eriyuthu vu vu.." Bother wants to know
the details and D says that he sold powder only for some
luxuries. Mom now is angry and curses D  - blow hot blow
cold woman - she goes on to praise Bother " unnai mathiri
oru son enakku illiye vu vu. " Wants D to stop all the shady
activities. Bother says that Kappu is outside and does not
want to meet darling bro. Bother tells the inspector that
D is his friend and he wants to bail out D. Inspector says
that drug dealing is a non-bailable offense. Bother talks
again within himself" enakku ithellam theriyume, summa
scene kaattalam nna Inspector serious aa pesaraar..."

The Sekar family arrive home. All are happy that the pooja
went well. Happy talks are on. Padma becoming preggie
even before the pooja is  done, Jhansi's success....  Padma's
mom has a few prayers to be offered to various Gods. Anjali
looks pensive and Sekar wants to know why she looks like
this - Anjali says that she has a head ache but Sekar reads
her like a book " Padma kku enge baby varum? she will
adopt Vijay and all the property will come to u, apdinnu
u were dreaming, all thatis gone, athane head ache?" Anjali
evades the issue but Sekar goes on to narrate Padma's good
nature and her good deeds. Anjali is livid with anger.


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Episode 55 Wednesday 20/2/08

Recap of yesterday  - Sekar listing the goodness of his
sister and Anjali fuming. Finally she says that Padma did
not talk to Vijay properly during the Pooja and so she is
worried. sekar gets more angry saying that Padma was
under a lot of stress and she can not all the time think
about bro and his family. Anjali fumes some more. Eashu
is eating raw mango -- Doctor visits - the nurse tells him that
Eashu is disobedient these days and spits the medicines.
Doctor examines and suspects that she could be pregnant.
Asks for her file to the nurse and she goes to get it. Eashu
asks for some more raw mangoes!!

Doctor is pacing up and down -" I do not know if this is
Durga or not and now this..." The file comes and dr gets
to see Pramila's note -"she is pregnant" - Heis happy that
Dr.Ben will be back the next day and asks the ward boy to
notify Eashu's people. Anjali is still fuming - has visions of -
Padma pushing Vijay away and Mano chucking Sekar out
of the job - vows to keep Padma under constant fear. Padma
is watering the plants and the gardner is asking her not to
do any work. Anjali arrives with one of her vicious smiles.

Both go in and get to talk. Anjali says that Sekar's time
is good now and the astrologer said that any agreement
to be done should be done before the end of the month.
Padma agrees to remind Mano about the agreement for
partnership. Kappu's mom is all sad. Kappu comes with food
but she refuses to eat as she is worried about D. Kappu says
that by God's grace they threw the statue and the remaining
brown sugar in the well -" other wise, we will also be behind the
bars by now" - Postman brings a letter - from Eashu's hospital.
Kappu tells mom that it is about Eashu and reads the letter -
to herself and learns that Eashu is pregnant....


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Episode 56 Thursday 21/2/08

Recap of Kappu reading the letter from the mental institution.
An agitated Kappu shouts, drops the letter and imitates a
cockroach bathed in Baygon just then - mom comes running
and wants to know the contents of the letter. Kappu beats
around the bush " thalaikku mele vellam pochu, na nadakka
koodathunnu ninaichathu nadanthuduchu, na maraicha vishayam
ippo therinijiduthu" ...... at last tells mom that Eashu is 4 months
pregnant and recalls that some one did some thing to Eashu
on the day she ran away.  Mom faints and Bother arrives
on the dot. Wants to know why mom fainted and an irritated
Kappu says that she does not know the reason. Asks Kappu
to help in moving mom to a hospital. Bother gets them in to
he car and manages to give a wicked smile to the camera.
Senthil sees them on the way, Bother stops and has enough
time to ask the hero to leave. Senthil is surprised to see
Kappu in Bother's car. Wonders as to why Kappu's mom
is lying at the back.

A Gujju woman ( ??? man??!!) arrives at the mental hospital
and goes in search of Eashu. Finally sees Eashu , runs to her
shouting Matha ji and falls at Eashu's feet.  Asks Eashu
about her stay here but Eashu has no clue. The lady tries
to remind Eashu "mumbai, bandra, Andheri" but Eashu
answers " amma, karpagam, Pramila"... The woman
concludes that Durga mai has become mad because
of being hiton the head and offers to sing and dance to
kindle her memory. Sings Kolai kolaiya mundrikka and
dances. Since Eashu is still ignorant does one more no.
Cries as Eashu can not still fathom and Eashu  also cries.
Finally that lady offers to take Eashu to a bigger hospital
and cure her. Eashu is glad to scoot and the lady says that
she will go back to Bombay and bring their people. Ward
boy comes and the lady thanks him for taking care
of Eashu. Tells him that she is their  Goddess and she
will make sure to get her cured. Leaves a stunned
ward boy.

Prabha clinic - Kappu's mom is being checked. Doctor
says that she fainted due to some shock - no heart or
BP problem, let her wake up, then we can do the rest
of the tests, ok - Kappu thanks and doc leaves. Bother
tries to console Kappu and wants to know the reason for
the shock. Asks about the letter on the floor and Kappu
frowns at him. Bother says that he doesn't care about her
frowns and wants to know the reason. Nurse comes to
check and asks Kappu to report once mom wakes up.
Bother persists and bothers Kappu -" at least for
saving your mom ,talk to me" - Mom wakes up and
laments :nan mosam poitten thambi" - Bother needs
details  and mom goes on "epdi yen vaayale solven??"
Bother forces mom to say , Kappu stops but mom tells
every thing to Bother. She wants to see Eashu immediately
but Bother offers to bring Eashu back.  Mom says that
Eashu does not know him and asks Kappu to go along
with Bother to bring back Eashu. Kappu hesitates but
mom gets up to go. Kappu reluctantly agrees to
g with Bother, Bother has another wicked smile...


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Episode No 57 Friday   22/2/08

Mano and Padma - Mano is busy with some work.
Padma comes with his milk and wants him leave the
office work at office until the baby is born. Mano says
that he is searching for a name for the baby and Padma
is happy that he is thinking only about the baby. The
couple generally have a good time and Mano wonders
if they would have felt this happy if they had got a baby
immediately after their wedding. Padma says that God
gave them that much trouble only to give them this big
a pleasure. Now Padma talks about Anjali's visit and
about the partnership agreement. Mano first asks if
Anjali is doubting his intentions but later says that he
will talk to the auditor and make the necessary arrange-
ments. Padma feels bad that she and her family are a
source of trouble but Mano says that he needs Padma to
be happy - at any cost! The talk about naming the baby
comes up again and Padma says that they should name
the baby only after itis born " time of birth lam
parthu apram vaikkalam" - happy coupleBig smileBig smile

Mental hospital. Kappu is crying , Bother is sitting by
her side and Dr.Ben confirms that Eashu is  4 months
pregnant. He says that they can not treat her now as all
those medicines might affect the kid.  He also says that
the baby has crossed the stage of aborting and so asks
Kappu to take Eashu home. Dr.Ben asks about Bother
and he claims himself to be a family friend and Kappu
quickly elevates him to "kooda pirakkatha annan" status.
Bother cringes -"thirudanukku ThEl kottinaal??" Embarrassed
Eashu is happy to go back home with Kappu. Eashu goes
to change her dress and Dr. Ben wants to know if Kappu
has any knowledge on who did this to Eashu. Kappu informs
about Eashu running away and how she was missing for
one whole day. Ben advises Kappu that she should
not try to abort the baby if people around talk bad about
Eashu. He says that it is an accident and Eashu is not at
fault at all. Kappu cries...cries and cries .. finally thanks
Ben and takes sis home.

Sekar's parents are planning their trip to Trichy - visit
to a few temples and mom says that her bro will make
all the arrangements if given prior info. Sekar comes
back from work and wants to know why his parents
are going to Trichy. Dad tells him that they are going
to do all  the prayers. Mom wants Sekar to come along
but he says that he is busy at work. Then he shows the
agreement made by Mano and all of them praise Mano
for being such a nice SIL. Anjali comes and interrupts
saying that it is she who made Mano draft the agreement
and goes on to explain as to how she achieved getting it
through Padma. All pounce on Anjali for being so mean
and Sekar goes on to say that Company law requires
such registration and he feels bad about Anjali doing such
things. Anjali is unhappy that Mano has given only 30%
share and says that Sekar has signed a slavery document.
Sekar now slaps her and warns her that he will not tolerate
any such dishonoring from her any more. Anjali is angry..

Freeze[NO COPY]

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Episode No 58  Monday 25/2/08

Eashu comes home. Neighbor woman brings the key
and opines that Eashu has not changed. Bother takes
control and drives that woman away. Kappu is livid
with anger and demands to know as to who gave him
the rights to interfere in their family matter. Bother says
that he is not like that guy who raped Eashu and scooted.
He just expressed his love for her and is still waiting.
With all these problems, he pities Kappu and wants to
help her out. Kappu calls him a wolf "aadu nanaiyarathunnu
Onay azhutha?? ' Bother warns her that if she does not
accept his help, she will end up like her sis. He leaves and
Kappu cries. Eashu first tries to console Kappu saying that
she will hit Bother when he comes next and later joins
in crying. Kappu hugs sis and cries some more.

Padma is knitting - Mano comes and teases her -"never knew
that u can knit" - Padma says that she will deliver in Sept. and
since that will be rainy season, she is doing that for her baby.
She does not want to buy the clothes for her kid. Mano says
that she never bothered about hubby and never knitted a
sweater. He goes on to say that he has ordered a crib for the
baby. Padma gets worked up and says that she has some design
in mind and how can Mano order with out her. Mano says that
he has not chosen any design and both of them can do it later.
Couple are happy. Anjali has visions of Padma ignoring Vijay..
the priest showing a happy face after the pooja.... her asking
the priest about damage to the statue......

Multi level Maha visits Anjali. Talks about her maid having
an affair with an auto driver and how she went to a novice
for abortion. She goes on to say that things went awry and
she had to set right things. Anjali's mind bulb glows. Wants
Maha to get her the native medicine for abortion. She gives
details of the vendor. Anjali informs Maha about Padma's
pregnancy and about how she ignores Vijay. Wants expert
opinion from Maha to get all  she wants. Maha has no clue
as to how she can help. Anjali wants the address of Nagalapuram
Nagathamma ( medicine vendor). Maha is scared that Anjali
might get her in to trouble as well But Anjali declines any
such intention. Maha gives the directions to  destination NN.
Anjali thanks, Maha leaves. Anjali has made her decision.


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Episode No. 59  Tuesday 26/2/08

Anjali leaving for a visit to NN (Nagalapuram Nagathamma)
Tells MIL that she is going to a temple as she has prayed
for Padma. PILs are surprised and Anjali tells them she is
interested in Padma's welfare but all look at her as if she
is an enemy. Fil tries to placate and Anjali does not forget to
point out that she managed to make Sekar  a partner with
Mano. Tells them that she is the reason for such luxurious
living and Sekar still does not trust her. FIL offers to come
along but she declines saying that she  wants to do the prayer
herself.. Anjali leaves and MIL is surprised at Anjali's action.
FIL says that they should give the benefit of doubt to Anjali
and be positive.

Kappu's house – Kappu is  combing Eashu's hair. Eashu
wants mango. Mommy storms in " paavi, yen di ipdi pannine???
Annikki veliye odina pothu enna aachu??" Hits Eashu and
Mahathma stops mommy : ava nna therinja pannina?
Avalai  adikkare?" Bother offers to bring a doc who can
do the abortion, mom consents immediately but Kappu
shouts " theru vile poravan pechu kettu nee decision
edukkare?" Bother promises to return the next day and
asks mom to have a good decision. After he leaves Kappu
explains that abortion may kill Eashu and mom curses the
person who did this to Eashu.. bingo.. new character..villain
intro. He comes looking for Kapali (one of those rowdies
who caught Eashu) The henchmen call him thalai and  send
him in to a place where  a girl is tied. He tries to act funny
with that girl but she manages to attack thalai and escape.
Henchmen move Thalai to the hospital.

Anjali comes to the NN temple. Meets a man who informs
that the temple is closed and will open only at 4pm. She
pays the man some money and wants him to help her. Wants
him to remove the statue made by Padma and Mano –" from
the time, we put it here, our family has had problems. Please
remove that and dispense with it. We are planning to make
a new one" – Makes the man throw the statue in the  well
and is happy..



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