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Tuesday 5/2/08 Episode No 44

Recap of yesterday - Sekar peeping through maama's
windows and maama unhappy about that look.Sekar goes
to his seat and the peon comes with some files. Sekar asks
him to send maama in. Maama comes in to meet him and
Sekar is asking about some stock check - Maama assures
that Mano has already talked about that and it will be done
the next day. Sekar goes on to ask about an outstanding
loan of 6 lakhs. Maama says that the customer is a good
person and has helped Mano a lot when he started this
business. He goes on to say that the money will come soon.
Sekar hesitantly asks about Senthil and wants to know if he
is related to maama or he got the job with maama's influence.
Since Senthil is seen with maama all the time, he is forced to
ask this. Maama answers with all his experience-" my vethilai
petti is with me - 24 hours a day for the past 30 years!! That
does not mean that I have to carry it on my head!!! I know
my limits and if people take things for granted, I can do
nothing" - leaves and Sekar has a sheepish look.

Sekar is pensive and thinking - " however I probe, maama
has an apt reply. I need to be careful with him" - Mano walks
in ( they still share the same cabin) and finds Sekar in a
trance. Mano asks about some work but Sekar is oblivious
to his presence. Mano goes to Sekar and calls out to him a
few times - Sekar still looks sheepish and tries to make up.
Mano gives him a look of disdain and asks about payment
list. Sekar says that he will get it ready soon and Mano is
not happy with that answer -Sekar wants to wash his face
and then get the list ready. He leaves and Mano is thoughtful.
Calls maama to his cabin. Maama comes to Mano who asks
about Sekar. Maama says that Sekar saw him and Senthil
talking to each other in the morning and gave a weird look -
" he asked me if I am related to Senthil as he is very friendly
with me". Mano asks about maama's reply and maama says
exactly the same words he said. Mano has a displeased look
and maama wants to know if he said some thing wrong to
Mano's BIL. Sekar again plays peeping Tom. Mano tells
maama that he does not care about relationship where
business is concerned and goes on to say that maama comes
next to him with regard to business. Any decision taken by
mama has his otal support. Mama laves after thanking Mano
and Sekar is angry that Mano never said a word of support
for his own BIL. Rajabother arrives to bother Kappu and
mom again!!! He has some kovil prasdam in his hands and
Kappu is sweeping today also - all set with the broom in her
hands to sweep Bother away!!! Kappu's mom admires him
in dhothi and says that he looks like a "mappillai". Bother
cunningly says that he wants to become one but Devi is not
willing. Mom blesses him " may all your dreams come true"
but Kappu is sweeping closer to Bother - as if she is sweeping
him out. Bother says that he came to get mom's blessings on
his B'day - falls at mom's feet much to the chagrin of Kappu.
Mom asks Kappu to make coffee, Kappu refuses and Bother
 is all understanding. Kappu makes a rude remark about
the "kuppai" coming back always - both mom and Bother a
re shocked. Bother goes on to say that he went to
Karpagaambal temple and Kappu goes in angrily. Bother
wants to know if D took mom to the doctor and mom happily
says that D did just that. Bother gives a senti talk about growing
up in an orphanage and how he studied well to earn his living.
He goes on to boast that he is rich now and well settled but
has no one to call as his relative. He says that he met D ,
came to his house and immediately liked them - " only
money is lacking here, there is a lot of love and affection
in this house,  wish I were part of this household." Mom is
only too willing to adopt him in to their family and asks him
to stay for lunch. Bother refuses the offer and says that he
will come some other day and have a "mapillai" feast.He
leaves and mom is sighing  " thangamaana pillai, kattikka
entha ponnu kuduthu vaichirukkalO??" (Huubbbaaa, this
was a long segment - Roja is tired!!!)

Senthil is waiting for Kappu near annachi's shop. Kappu
is not to be seen. Annachi probes about their relationship
but Senthil is clear about feeding annachi with gossip. He
says that he is just helping Kappu in getting a job and he
has brought the reco  letter. Annachi wonders as to why
Senthil can not meet her at home or send the letter by post. 
He further offers to play postoffice - " since she has not
come so long, leave that letter with me, I can deliver".
Senthil agrees for this proposal and hands over the letter
to annachi - " pls tell her that I waited to meet her" - as he 
is about to leave, he sees Bother's car going towards
Kappu's house - " oh, his car to Kappu's house?? that is
why she did not come??" -


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(Wednesday 6/2/08 Episode no 45

Annachi's shop - he is busy reading the news paper.
Kappu comes to buy some thing. Annachi wants to
know as to why she did not come the previous day.
Kappu jokes around and asks  if he doled out free
provisions. Annachi says that today whatever she buys
will earn her some thing free as well. Kappu buys a few
things and annachi hands over Senthil's envelope. Goes
on to say that it is difficult to find friends like him and
asks her to keep in touch with him. Kappu is happy to hear
that. Padma's house - Padma tries to call Mano but his
cell phone is switched off. Sheis concerned about going for
the doctor's appointment alone but Anjali promises to
go along. Padma is happy. 


Kappu with the reco letter - no, it is not a love letter!!!

Padma and Anjali in the car - Anjali manages to put in a
word about the new car. Padma says that once Mano
decides on some thing he is fast with his actions. The
Chithar whom Mano wants to meet badly walks across
and the car screeches to a halt. Anjali hits her head against
the front seat and is very angry. Gets down and shouts
at the Chithar. Chithar asks her to slow down and not to
waste words -" words wasted can not be recalled" - Anjali
is more furious , goes on to shout - " I know how pandarams
live. First thing in the morning u locate a wedding mandapam.
have sumptuous food, sleep under a tree and advise people!!
U are advising me???" ( looks like she has been a pandaram
herself - details the day's events accurately!!!)  Chithar has
a knowing smile - looks at Padma and tells her that she is better
off with out this woman around her - " not just her tongue, her
whole body is poisonous. keep her away for your own good" -
Padma is thoughtful and Anjali is angry. They reach the doctor's


Daily routines of Pandarams - an expert opinion

Clinic - there is a middle aged lady sitting with her hubby
and an infant. Padma goes and talks to her. The lady says
that because of Dr.Jhansi, she got a child. Padma gives an
intro to Anjali who makes fun " Paatti aaga vendiya vayasile
kozhandaiya??" The lady is unperturbed. Tells Padma that she
should trust the doctor and never think about adopting. " If
u think of adoption, then the intensity to get a child might vanish"
This irritates Anjali but Padma agrees.  Anjali and Padma inside
the doctor's room. Dr. asks about Mano and does an examination.


Dr. Jhansi - no negative vibrations Padma, Beware!!!

Anjali is all set to irritate Dr as well - ' ellarum ungalai pathi
ohoho nnu pesaraanga. My SIL is totally depending on you, what
if your treatment does not yield results?" Dr is furious but patiently
tells Anjali that faith is the key factor. But Anjali goes on
with her tirade and the Dr. sends her out to have a word with
Padma, alone. Once she leaves, Dr. says that negative people
are not good and asks Padma to keep away from her. A pensive
padma is sitting quietly in the car. Anticipating the advise of
Dr. , Anjali starts the topic and tells Padma that she would
like to move out to the new Valasarawalkam house - " two
people have told u to keep away from me and if some thing
happens to you, I have to take all the blame." Padma is
happy that things are settling down but Anjali talks within
herself -" I am a pathungara puli, na payum pothu, u will know"..

Freeze ( Pic. courtesy Atina - thanks Atina, hope u will continue
to do this big favor for Roja - Your favorite up-daterEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

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Episode No 46 Thursday 7/2/08

here are some pics - update follows , a little laterEmbarrassed
Oh come on Roja, u are not that naive!!! no one actually
cares and so save your explanationsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

aviyal ready,  poriyal ready -Kamal vanthu serve
pannuvaara  a la Unnal Mudiyum Thambi???

Padma is sitting in the dining chair - recalls Chithar's
words - " not just her tongue, her whole body is poisonous"-
some one comes and hands her over a key.Padma goes in
to meet Anjali and happily announces that the keys of the
Valasarawalkam house has come - gives her the keys.
Anjali wants to know if Padma wants her to quit immediately
but Padma innocently  pacifies. Amjali wants to hurt Padma
some more " after the visit to the doctor, u seem to have
changed. My negative thoughts should not affect you and
so only you are getting rid of me". Padma puts up a meek
defense but Anjali goes on to act  -" for u the doctor is
important and so I better leave" - packs angrily, Padma
tries to pacify and Vijay wants to stay with Padma. Anjali
pulls Vijay and leaves angrily. The security happily opens
the gate and mutters "appa da intha pisasu ozhinjuthu,
amma nimmathiya iruppanga" - Pisasu over hears this
( so, what is new??? the ace eavesdropper of Tamil serials
at  her best!!!) comes back and makes it clear to the watch-
man that the pisasu is not gone for good -" will come back
and u will have to beg forgiveness , so just make sure to
 keep your job" - storms out. 

Bother: Oru poyyavathu sol kanne, un kathal nanthan enru
Kappu: Senthil varuvaan, velai tharuvaan,
Adikadi vanthu vanthu thollai tharuvaan.

Kappu arrives at Natesan's office. Tells the peon that she
is here for a job - marvels at the size of the office. Goes in
to meet Mr.Natesan and all set for the eye wash interview.
Gives an intro about herself - " me kappu ( Roja calls me
Mahathma!!) Padma marbles maama sent me here for the
job. Gives the reco letter to Natesan. Natesan has a look at
the letter and says that she is late. Some one has been posted
for the job already . Kappu leaves after cursing her luck.
Bother is outside the office wondering as  to how Kappu  went
for the interview. Follows her. Kappu is lost in thoughts of Senthil -
" poor guy , got me the letter twice, I better call him and tall him
about not getting the job" - goes to a phone booth leaving a
surprised Bother watching  at her.  Kappu informs Senthil about
her attempt at Natesan's office - Senthil asks for a treat thinking
that she has got the job but Kappu explains  the way she missed
out. Senthil expresses his disappointment but Mahathma says
that the job which has her name written on it will reach her.
Apologizes for disturbing him at work and disconnects. Walks
and Bother follows. Manages to strike a monologue - " You did not
get the job, right?? I overheard u talking to someone about it.
I love you and I want to marry you. From the time I saw you, I
have fallen head over heels in love" - Kappu gives him cold looks
and hot words - ' en pinnadi vantha sethe nee" - Bother vows to
marry her some how. 

Loosu penne loosu penne loosu penne
Durga mai neethan enru ellarum solrangale

Rattan Shah's daughter comes and wants to meet her brother
Deepak ( Vikas illiyO peru?? Director slipped???!!) The
warden says that there is no one by that name but the girl
does not believe -'my dad must have asked these people to
deny like this" - decides to take a tour of the hospital. The
nurse is begging Eash as usual to eat and Eash wants mango
pickle and kara kozhambu rice - " eppo parthalum chappathi?"
- pushes  the plate which lands at the feet of the new visitor.
the visitor looks at Eashu and is stunned. Goes to Eashu and
calls her Durga mai (oh no not u too?? - dialogue by Roja
for  Eashu!!) The girl narrates the story of Durga mai and
the nurse wonders about this development. The girl now is
convinced that Rattan did not admit her bro here as he was
scared of Durga mai. Decides to inform Durga's people at
Bombay. Kappu's mom is picking stones from the rice and
kappu enters. Mom asks why she did not carry an umbrella
and Kappu goes on a philosophy trip ( yemma, nee eppovum
nera pesave maatiya??? what needs to be said in one word
gets 50 words from you??!!!) Mom hands her a letter from
themental hospital. The letter wants all the child hood details
of Eashu -Birth certificate, child hood photos etc., Mom has
no clue as to how that will help in curing Eashu,. Kappu has
a ready reason for that as well. Mom and kappu decide to
pay a visit to Eashu with all documents.


Pics courtesy by the ever obliging Atina - folks pls. visit the
Athipookkal Picture gallery.

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Episode No 47  Friday    8/2/08

Sekar and Anjali in the car - on the way to their new
house. Sekar sports a dejected look. Anjali initiates the
talk about the new house and how she managed to place
him as JMD. Sekar is angry with her and says that
Krishnaswamy( maama) is the actual JMD and he is
unhappy working for his BIL. Anjali is sad that she is
not educated - " had I little more education, I would be
the JMD now. I can only get u a job and it is up to u
to establish yourself in the office. Looks like I have to
pay a visit to your office and set right things!!!" Sekar
wants to go the office as he is scared of maama's comments
but Anjali insists on his presence for the inspection of the
house. warns the driver to keep quiet about all their

Both enter the new house - Anjali wants Sekar to enter
placing the right foot first - Sekar reminds her that it is
only an accommodation given by the company and not their
own. Anjali happily goes around the house but is unhappy
that it is  not as big as Padma's. Wants to get a rough estimate
of the value and when Sekar says that it could be worth crores.
Anjali wants to know Padma's property details. Sekar gets a
call from Mano - angrily asks Sekar to rush to the office.
Sekar leaves and Anjali fumes -" partnership kuduthuttu,
ipdi mirattinaa? I will change everything.."  Mahathma
Kappu arrives with mom to visit Eashu. Meets Dr.SM who
gives the bad news of Dr.Pramila's death.  Kappu feels that
it is because of her that Dr.P died ( amma di ulagam ennale
thane sutharathu!!) Dr.SM breaks her notions and asks for
Eashu's Birth cert and photo. Mom wants to know why the
dr. needed this info and the dr says that by showing Eashu
all this they can bring some change in her. Mom and Kappu
leave to meet Eashu and Dr. calls Rattan Shah - informs him
that Eashu is not Durga. Rattan reluctantly agrees but wants
the doc to keep a close watch.

Padma and Mano - Mano comes home and sees Padma
spraying some thing. Padma then says about Anjali leaving
to occupy the new house. Then she narrates the incident at
Dr.Jhansi's clinic. She says that Dr. wanted Padma to send
her away and so she got the keys to send her to that house.
Mano says that she only listens to Dr and not him.  He
marvels at Sekar for staying married to Anjali.  Padma
says that Jhansi said that all is fine and Padma will get a
child  soon. Now Mano shares an info with her. "  5 years
back I went to Sabari Malai and met a Chithar who said
that there is some Dosham in my horoscope. He wanted
me to  do some parikaarams  to nullify those planets to 
get a child. But I challenged him that I will change the
fate with medical help...: " Padma is thoughtful...


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Monday 11/2/08 Episode no 48

Recap of Mano and Padma talking about the Chithar -
Sakku Chithar - Mano tells Padma that immediately after
he met Chithar, he took Padma  for the check up and learnt
that she can not get a child. He says that he now believes in
Chithar's predictions and is searching to see him again. Padma
is unperturbed and wants to know why Mano never told her
all this before. She goes on to say that seeing a Chithar is not
an easy job. She says that they give audience only when they
want to and if one meditates thinking about them, they will
surely come. She goes on to say that she has started meditating
and she will meet Chithar before Mano. Mano says that though
the Chithar is angry with him, he might listen to Padma's prayers
and is confident about meeting him soon.

Anjali and Co - milk boiling ceremony in the new house -
Anjali gushes about getting some interior decorations,
buying expensive furniture, lawn etc., etc., The others try
to stop her but she goes on to say that the house  should
be named Vijay Nivas. Finally Sekar says that he has no
clue about his salary and Anjali wants to know if he is  not
a 50/50 partner. Sekar says that all the investment is done
by Mano and so he can not ask for such luxuries. Anjali
wants to resolve the issue immediately - wants to talk to Mano.

Mano and Padma at the temple. Padma keeps chanting
some thing and Mano wants to know aout that. She says that
she is chanting for Sakku chithar. Mano goes to buy some
pooja things and Padma goes in to the temple. Sits in a place
and keeps chanting " I want to see Sakku Chithar" - Chithar
is sitting under a tree and smiles - " i was wandering like a
cloud but now a lady's voice beckons, I can not ignore" - walks
towards Padma. Meets her and comes to know that she is
Mano's wife. Padma welcomes him, apologizes for Anjali's words
the other day and comes to know that he is Sakku Chithar.
Chithar says that he carries all the palm leaves written
by Chithars in a gunny bag and so people refer to him
as Sakku Chithar. He says that Mano is not fated to meet
him but Padma  has that fate - Padma wants to bring Mano
to meet him but Chithar asks her -"unakku ippo un purushan
en kitte mannippu kekkarathu mukkiyamaa, illatta un parikaram
enna nnu therijikkarathu mukkiyamaa? " Padma chooses the
later and Chithar goes on to say the parikaram - " In one of
your births, u have killed a snake and so now you have naga
dhosham. Please make a statue of a snake and get it established
in a temple under a neem tree. You must perform  milk
abishegam tot hat statue and make sure that many people
come and pray to that statue. More people pray , more
atonement will come your way,ok?" Padma agrees to do that
and wants to capture the Chithar in her cell phone. He laughs
and agrees. Padma clicks and Chithar leaves. Freeze on Padma's happy face.

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Episode No 49 Tuesday 12/2/08

Padma is happy to have met the Chithar. Mano comes
and Padma tells him about Chithar's visit. She shows him
the cell phone photo and Mano is extremely happy. Padma
says that once they get home, they can discuss about the
paraikaram to be done. Chithar goes out, looks at Mano's
car and does a 'he he he" - "athirshtam thabalil vantha
dhurathirshtam thanthi le varum,hmmm" - Anjali makes a
visit to Mano's office. She calls Sigamani out to come and
lead her in to the office. Asks him to introduce her properly
so that every one respects her.

Sigamni leads Anjali in to theoffice as if it is Queen Elizabeth
paying a state visit. He introduces her as JMD's wife and takes
her in to Sekar's room. Sekar is shocked to see her and tells
her that if Mano comes to know about her visit all hell will
break loose. Anjali confirms that she made sure to visit when
Mano is away and generally goes with a greedy eye. She vows
to place Sekar in the MD's chair, Sigamani jalras. Maama
learns about the visit and meets Anjali. She and Sigamani
insult maama behind his back. Maam goes out and asks
Senthil why he was not informed of Anjali vijayam. Senthil
says that he thought that Sigamani would have informed.
Maamais unhappy and says "kadavul than mano vai

Dakshina and Mahathma. D wants to take some heroine from
his stock and is worried about Kappu being there. He asks her
to bring some hot water as he has a head ache. Kappu goes in
and puts a big paanai to boil water. She wants to check if D
wants tea instead of water and gets to see D taking out the
packets. She calls out to D and as he suddenly turns, drops
a packet on the ground. Kappu knows it to be brown sugar
( pray how, my dear?? and it was white!!!) and confronts D.
Mom comes and Kappu gives her a lesson about brown sugar
and how D is making the sacred home in to a drug godown.
Mom and Kappu fight with D but now D has no qualms about
making quick money.







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Episode No 50 Wednesday 13/2/08

Recap of Mahathma confronting D - Mom wants to
throw every thing in to the well or she herself will
jump in to the well. D does not mind the later. He goes
on to say that the world revolves around money and
every one resorts to sins to earn money. He is doing
all this only to get his sisters married. Kappu says
that she does not want a luxurious life bought out of sins.
D cares two hoots and locks the cupboard. After he leaves
mom and daughter break open the cupboard, take the
laughing Bhuddha and the rest of the brown sugar packets.
Walk towards the well - it is a common well catering to the
whole town - dump the things in to the well and walk back
home. "pidicha sani vittuthu nnu thirumbiparkkame nada".
(athu sari ippo oor le ellarum bothaile mithakka poraanga!!!)

Annachi shop  - Senthil comes. Annachi informs that he has
given the letter to Kappu and whether he needs to play
post-office again. Senthil wants to buy some biscuits and
chocolates and go to Kappu's house as he  got his first
salary. Padma's home - she is cutting veggies. Feels
nauseated and light headed. Surmises immediately that
she is pregnant and gets all emotional. Goes to the pooja
room and thanks God for blessing her with a baby.  Ponders
as to who should be informed first - parents??? no no must
tell them personally and see their happiness.... Dr.Jhansi???
she is the one who made this possible... oh no...awww, Mano,
Mano is the one who has to know first... can I call him now/??
no ..let me keep the suspense for some time.... smiles.

Mano comes home - Padma seats him and asks him to close
his eyes. She has a cell phone with a baby's crying voice,
hides it in her sari and makes Mano listen - well, the couple
are moved beyond words - cry and laugh at the same time -
and finally happy. Mano wants to know if Padma's parents
have been informed. At last  Padma says that she wants to meet
Dr.Jhansi first and confirm the news -"can meet my parents
after that...."


Folks,  the last  segment was good - the couple were able to
bring out the emotions well - no extra screaming or over doing
things - good acting by Chetan and Devadharshini.Big smile

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Episode 51 Thursday 14/2/08

Senthil goes to Kappu's house. Makes sure to park
his cycle far away from the house and also is happy that
D's bike is not there. Kappu's mom welcomes him and
and says that Kappu has gone out looking for a job. Senthil
gives her the biscuits and also hands her a cover with money.
Mom sees the money and wonders as to why Senthil
has given the money. Padma and Mano wait for Dr.Jhansi.
Padma is happy and tells Mano that she has waited in the
same chair longing for a child -" but now I am happily waiting
to get my pregnancy confirmed" - both  smile and wait for the
call from the Dr.

Jhansi calls them in , confirms that Padma  is expecting and
advises to keep off Anjali. She goes on to say that keeping
such negative people around might end up harming Padma's
health. The couple leave. Kappu comes home and learns
about Senthil's visit. Mom shows the money and goodies
to Kappu. Kappu is very annoyed with Senthil and feels
that the money comes to her as a bribe. She tells mom that
she will set right things and get back. Mom is proud and
feels bad that Kappu was not born as her son!!! ( why, so???
 daughters can not be like this???) Kappu visits Senthil's
house,  learns that Senthil is not at home, gives the biscuits
etc. to the kid and to every one. Finally, she hands over
the money and says that she gave up her job to Senthil with
out any expectations and is now hurt that Senthil bribed
ike this. Malathy says that it is not bribe but just a gift.
Kappu refuses to accept this argument. She says that
when Senthil organized a job for her she agreed
to that as a help. She goes on to say that any money
which comes to her with out her own effort is unwelcome.
The writer, Tamizh claps his hands at Kappu's talk and
says that her actions have given him a new hope on the
younger generation. Kappu leaves and Tamizh picks
up the kid . Seeks permission to take the kid out and
goes. Malathi has a soft look.

Rajabother visits a house and gives money to an old woman.
The woman is grateful " even though my son is in the prison,
u take care of us very well, thanks thambi". Bother says that
Murthi went to prison only because of him being an agent of
Bother and so he has to take care of the family. Imparts the
info. of making Murthi as Kerala agent and sending the whole
family there as soon as Murthi is out of the prison. As he
comes out, he sees the blind man following him. Now he
knows that the blind guy is an informer. Hecalls one of his
henchmen and asks him to bring the blind man to their
place with in 24 hours...


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rojapoooo 22 10329 25 October 2009 at 7:36pm by _Manpreet_
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mellisai 136 16832 31 August 2008 at 10:30am by Nankri

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girivanam 0 1890 03 February 2008 at 11:08pm by girivanam

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