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Episode no 36 - Thursday 24/1/08

Kappu and mom visit Eashu in the hospital - Eashu talks about
changing her name to "pullathachi" Kappu and mom fret - the
nurse comes and explains about the christening. Kappu and
mom are satisfied.

Sekar's house. His parents are waiting for the son to come
back from work - 1st day as Mano's working partner. Sekar
comes back and Anjali wants to know in detail. But before,
he could say any thing she goes on to say that Krishna Iyer
( athu than maama voda name!!) runs the whole show there
and Sekar should soon take over. " push him away and occupy
the throne" - Sekar finally shouts saying that he knows how to
deal his official business and she can keep off.

Mano's office - Sekar walks in and asks Senthil to buy him
a cup of coffee and some head ache tablets as he has a bad
head ache. Senthil is slightly unsteady and maama is quick
enough to rescue. Tells Sekar that Senthil is an accounts
officer here and such jobs are done by the peons. Promises
to get it by the peon and pacifies Senthil. But Senthil wants
to oblige Sekar as he is the BIL of Mano and since it is the
first time he would much rather do it. Mano is on the phone
to some one in Bombay - asks Sekar for some details and
Sekar fumbles. Mano promises to call Bombay after 10 mins.
Senthil enters with coffee and tablet. Mano gets angry and tells
him to do only his job. Dispenses Senthil and warns Sekar as
well " do not take advantage o u being my BIL, hope u under-
stand what I mean" - Sekar agrees. One staff who is always
jealous of maama is happy to note the confusion " aha BIL's
entry is head ache for maamaaBig smile"

Maama calls Natesan's office as Kappu has not called about
her job. He comes to know that Kappu did not go there at all
and informs Senthil the news. He goes on to say that Kappu
accepted his offer to please him but did not go for the job
because she believes that "help for help" is against her
dogma!!! Senthil goes to annachi's shop to meet Kappu.
Annachi wants to sell cigarettes to Senthil but he declines.
Annachi is again  quick to deduce that Senthil is in love with
Kappu and goes on to say that she is a very nice girl. Senthil
leaves asking annachi to tell Kappu about his visit. Kappu
comes later and annachi apprises her " parthu pazhagu amma,
nee romba nalla ponnu"...Kappu stares at the street.....


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Friday 25/1/08 Episode no 37

Sekar's house. Anjali is looking for an auspicious day to move
with Padma. Tells PIL s that the next day is good and if not good 
days are seen only in the next week. FIL says that the decision
of moving with Padma has to be taken by Sekar and personally
he does not feel good about living in his daughter's house. Sekar
comes in tired. When asked if he is over worked,he says that since
this is a new field for him, he has to put in more hours. Anjali says
that one has to work to buy a spacious house and car. Wants
to know about moving with Padma but Sekar vetoes the
proposal. Mammat Khan comes to Annai Theresa mental
institution in search of Durga mai. Dr.Pramila meets him and he
asks about Durga mai from Bombay. Dr. says that there is no
one by that name and he starts to leave. As he comes down the
stairs, he sees Eashu in the merry go round - removes his goggles
to have a better look..

He sees Eashu and has visions of him killing Durga. He can not
believe that she is alive and stands staring. Dr. sees this and calls
the nurses - scolds them about being so careless. Dr. also goes
on to say that Dr.Benedict is away and they have to be more
careful. Victor, the nurse drives Mammat Khan away. Anjali is
packing her bag. Vijay wants to know their travel plans. Anjali
asks him to go and tell his grand parents that he wants to live
with Padma. The boy goes and tells his GPs and Anjali joins
saying that she will go with Vijay and stay there. The PIL s
are not happy about this but Anjali leaves. Padma's house -
Anjali arrives and does the usual sweet talk. Manages to
hint(??!!) to Padma that she can adopt Vijay as her son.

Mental hospital - Eashu is sick, vomits. Nurse reports to the
doctor and doctor wants a urine test. Mammat is driving and
calls some one called Nanaji. he informs that Durga is alive
and vows to finish her off this time. He does not plan to return
to Bombay with out finishing his job.


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28/1/08 Monday Episode no 38

Recap Doctor is checking Eashu. And orders an urine test. The
nurse brings the lab report and Dr finds out that Eashu is pregnant.
Dr is trying to call Dr.Benedict but is not able to reach him.
She encloses the report in an envelope, writes on top "she is
pregnant" and plans to hide the file. – she safe keeps the file
and locks the draw.. Calls the nurse and instructs her to take
extra care on Eashu – "no running around and playing for her,
ok?" If dr.Ben calls, pls ask  him to call me in my mobile, I have
some thing important to tell him. Pls make arrangements for
Eashu's people to come and meet me"  - nurse agrees and the
Dr leaves.  Eashu's mom gets up from a bad dream. Kappu is
anxious. Mom says that she dreamt as if a bull came and
rammed her in her tummy. She connects Eashu with this
dream and worries. Kappu says that all is ok with Eashu as
they just visited her. Some one comes asking for Dakshina.
D is not at home and mom asks him to go the shed. When
asked who he is , he says that he is D's friend. Kappu shows
anger (pray, why??) and mom comments that of late  D's
activities have become  very secretive. Kappu frowns. Mom
expresses concern about her daughters and wants to know
if Kappu kept Senthil informed of her not taking up the job.
Kappu does not know how to break the news to him and mom
is all understanding!! 

Sekar's house – his dad is praising the veggies bought by his
DILand mom is cooking.  Sekar comes and his parents tell him
about how Anjali planned well and left to live with Padma. Sekar
is angry and wants to bring her back but his parents dissuade
him. They ask him to hold saying that the drama staged by
Anjali did bring some thing good – "u became the working
partner for maapillai" – they promise to take care of the house
for some time and Anju can stay at Padma's place.  Padma's
house - Anju is forcing Vijay to have his soup and Vijay is not
very happy. Anju tells him that they will stay here until Padma
gets a baby and he can go every where by car. Padma comes in
and wants to know about dinner. Anju asks for chappathi and
cauli flower kuruma ( uh,  some order!!!)  Anjali  offers help in
cooking but Padma refuses. Mano comes from work and  has
a talk with Padma. Anju eavesdrops as usual - Padma tells hubby
that she only asked Anju to come and stay as she wants
company. Mano says that Anju is trouble and Padma says
that Anju is fond of luxuries and will be here only until Padma
gets a baby ( so minimum 1 yr for Anju???!!! What a fool u
are Padma??!!) Mano tells Padma that Anju is welcome in
their home only until they get their baby and Anju has an
evil smile outside. 

Mental hospital.- The warden Victor gets a telephone call
saying that the car in which Dr.Pramila went, has met with
an accident and she died on the spot. The nurse wonders(???!!!
No other emotion??!!) and goes to Eashu for giving medicines
– Has some vetti talk with her.and finally manges to push the
tablet in. Mammat Khan brings a lady thug and shows Eashu
–" u have to finish her before she becomes alright, ok?" Lady
nods acceptance and Mammat poses to the camera.



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29/1/08 Tuesday Episode no 39

Sigamani, the office guy who is all set to enjoy the tussle
between maama and Sekar, visits Padma to get some
signature. Anju welcomes him, introduces herself as Padma's
SIL and wangles info from him. Sigamani is only too happy to
oblige. He says that Mano has bought some land which is
worth 2 1/4 crores and it is in the name of Padma. Anju wants
to know about the house in Besant Nagar. Sigamani corrects
her saying that it is in  Valasarawalkam and confirms that it
is still unoccupied. Anju collects his, Padma comes and
signs, Sigamani leaves.  Anju has her eyes out for the house.
She tells Padma that she wants to celebrate the land purchase.
Padma says that Mano does it all the time and so it is nothing
new. However agrees to make some sweet.

Kappu's house. Mom and Dakshina in conversation. D
wants to know why mom is working when there is Kappu.
Mom says that Kappu has to work anyways in her in-law's
place. She goes on to say that D's wife should be the one to
take over. D's boss, the drug dealer enters singing "Raja
kaiyai vacha" - D is all smiles and welcomes "Kadavul"
Kadavul introduces himself as Rajabother to Kappu's mom
and D quickly adds that he is Godfather for them. Drives
mom to go and get some cool drinks. Mom comes back with
the drink and Raja goes on about himself -" I am a good friend
of D, we know each other for a long time but he never told me
about his sisters. I believe the elder one is in the mental hospital
and the younger to be married??? Now that I am here, I will do
all the needful". Kappu walks in, sees him and is irritated. She
goes out of the house and just then Senthil comes in the cycle!!!
He smiles at Kappu but Kappu has a weird look - she looks in
to the house and out at Senthil!!!(aama periya Thillana Mohana-
mbal movie!! Sivaji vasalile, Balaji inside the house with
Vaithi, Padmini all upset!!) Rajabother comes out with D,
remembers suddenly that he has to a namaskaram to Kappu's
mom and does that. Senthil watches all this and Kappu is
dejected. Raja and D leave in the car. D gets down after a
while, confronts Senthil and tells him that he should never
be seen around in this area ever again. Senthil talks about a
job for Kappu but D does not want a job from "Senthil Employ-
ment Agency".  Senthil looks sad, raja watches all this from
the car, Kappu looks at Senthil only to be shoo shooed inside
by D.

Nothing much folks. D gets back to the car and Rajabother
bothers him about Senthil. D says that he can take care of
that and suddenly a visually challenged person crosses -
Raja is all concerned and D is surprised that Raja cares so
much about the handicapped. Now, raja takes this opportunity
to boast that he is a very nice person after all. he is doing this
drug business only to make some quick money and once that
is done, he plans to settle down nicely with a family. D also
wants to make money like him and so wants Raja to hold on
to this business. Raja has a wicked smile. Raja promises to
share every thing with D - "nee paathi, naan paathi Dakshina,
ini neeyinri naan illai dakshina" - will bring  u to a nalla nilamai
( yup,  jail  saapadu is just round the corner D!!) Kadavul and
bhakthan laugh and proceed with their journey.  Kappu has a
sad face and is lost in thoughts. Mom spots the goggles left
behind by Rajabother and asks Kappu to take it to D in his
shed. Kappu shouts at mom saying that she does not care if
it breaks and mom has no clue as to why Kappu is angry!!!
Labels Raja as a "nalla pillai" much to the chagrin of Kappu -
 ' amma, u will never be able to gauge people properly, ever!!"


This serial has not much  demand, !!! Pat and Giri, this serial
has very limited fans - is it ok if I do a weekly synopsis of the
story  for your archives??? Later, if  there is a better interest,
i can do detailed daily updates, say what???

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30/1/08 Wednesday Episode 40

Padma's parents visit Padma and Mano with fruits and
flowers. They thank Mano for all the help and praise
him for his generosity. Mano is happy to see Padma
all happy and leaves for work. Anju is on the phone with
her friend and sees her MIL. Plans to talk about the
Valasarawalkam house - Anju tells MIL that Padma
wants them all to move to that house and they have
to listen to Padma. Padma is stunned as she did not say
any such thing but supports Anju. Finally Mano gives
in and his PILs agree as well.

Mano is at work and is unhappy about giving in to
Anju. Sekar comes in and says that his business trip
went well. Gives a detailed report to Mano. Mano
apprises him of all the events at home and tells him
about the move to th enew house. Sekar leaves and maama
gets a call from some one saying that the Chithar has
come to the temple. Mano and maama leave immediately.

Sigamani chats with all in the office. Senthil shouts at all
and says to mind their work as maama has asked him to
mind the office. Kappu comes in and wants to have a private
chat with Senthil. Senthil takes her to the terrace and
Sigamani is all ears and eyes. Kappu explains about her
inability to join the job and narrates all that happened.
Senthil talks about D threatening him.


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Thursday 31/1/08 Episode No 41

Senthil and Kappu are in the terrace. Senthil tells her
that he is not happy with her sales girl job and
promises to get another letter from maama. Kappu is
not sure about asking maama again for the letter but
Senthil has no qualms about it. Finally, he asks Kappu
about Rajabother and Kappu says that he is her bro's
friend. Senthil opines that he does not seem to be a
good person and Kappu does not agree. Calls him smart
with a French beard et al. This irritates Senthil and
when he goes back to his desk, Sigamani accuses him
of "jalsa with a vayasu ponnu during office hours" -
both try to hit each other and the rest separate both.
Sigamani vows to finish off Senthil - "maama voda
vethilai petti le ya suruttaren".

Padma and Anjali - Padma is arranging her cupboard.
Anjali praises her saree collection and Padma gives
a carte blanche to Anju - "pick any thing u want" - Anju
picks a few and as she eyes for some more, sees a
box. Asks Padma about keeping her jewellery here but
Padma says that these are medicines given by Dr.Jhansi.
Anju promises to give them to Padma regularly in future -
has a cunning look, though!! Padma goes out to attend a
telephone and Anjali looks at the medicine box with
interest " this box decides whether my son gets adopted
by Padma or not????" Maama and Mano in the speeding
car - going to meet Chithar. Chithar is holding a meeting
in the temple. Talks about parikarams for all doshams and
goes on to say that there are some sins which do no get
mitigated by any amount of atonement - he is leaving for
Kaasi after this. Mano is speeding and Chithar takes leave.....

As Chithar turns the corner, Mano's car comes. Mano and
maama rush in to the temple - they go around looking for
him and later go out running in search of the Chithar.
Chitar is happily singing and walking -meets someone on
the road who falls at his feet and takes him home for some
milk. Chithar goes in to the house and Mano comes. Chithar
manages to be elusive to Mano. Mano misses him again!!!
Mano feels bad and maama consoles him saying that all
these Chithars are mystery personified. Mano is upset
and while he is lamenting to maama about missing the
Chithar, the man of his dreams is inside slurping milk...
and set to leave. The man wants to know about seeing
him again and Chithar replies that seeing him is not an
easy job..." only if u have vithi to see me,u can see me.
Some are searching for me but they can see only when
their fate allows them to.." - this is for Mano, I guess!!!
Does a he he he to the man and his family and leaves...


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1/2/08 Friday Episode No 42

Kappu is sweeping. Rajabother arrives and looks at Kappu
lovingly (poor man tries to look all lovey dovey but ends up
with a asattu villain illippu!!) Kappu is angry and holds on to
the broom. Rajabother decides to bother Kappu " kuppai yaa?'
which gets answered by " aama, neriya kuppai sernthu pochu,
what do u want??? D is not home." Bother says that he came
to pick his goggles and Kappu orders mom to fetch the glasses.
Mom hands it over to Bother with some lok loks and he wants
to get her to a doctor immediately. Mom refuses as she is
worried about D getting angry but Bother promises to talk
to D and get her medical help soon. Kappu is no where to be
seen and Bother promises to take care of that issue as well!!!

As Bother leaves, D arrives. Bother quotes" Amma vida no
better temple, appa words ai vida no better manthram" - tells
D that he will take care of "their" mother in future. As he sits
in the car, both D and him see the blind man again. Raja is
concerned about the blind man choosing his car to dash against
always and D has the same doubt. Goes to the blind man, holds
him and warns him to keep off Raja's car. The man says "sorry"
and Raja leaves. Padma and Vijay - Padma is dressing up Vijay
as Lord Krishna - some playing around about being hungry and
how Gods are never hungry.. - Mano comes and Padma informs
that it is Krishna Jayanthi day. Mano and Padma have some
fun. Padma takes Vijay to the altar and does a namaskaram
to him " u are Lord Krishna now and give me the boon of a child,
please" - Vijay is upset and says that he feels bad about her
falling at his feet. Mano is angry and leaves the place. Vijay
goes on to say that he is not God and so can not grant boons
but he can give himself to her -"enakku enga amma vendam,,
neethan venum" - Padma is emotional and hugs Vijay. Anjali
is coming up the stairs and hears this - she is upset ( but why??
that is what u had planned in the first place, right??!!) Shows a
shocked expression.

Anjali is sitting - lost in thoughts -Vijay's voice echoes " I do
not want my mom, I want only you" -  Maha, Anjali's friend
arrives and catches Anju's attention " enna yosanai?? u did
not see me coming??!" Anju makes up " illai .... vanthu..."
Padma and Vijay come there and Vijay wants to wash off his
make up. Padma wants him to hold on for a while and he
agrees "anything for u athai" - Anjali gloats to Maha that
things are going in the right direction. Now multi level Maha
does the veppilai act" if Padma gets a kid of her own, your
son will have no powers. Dr.Jhansi  is the Brahma  in earth,
take care, it is my duty to ring the warning bell" - Anjali
looks confused  and Maha is maha happy to have played
Saguni / Surpanakai - leaves a disturbed Anjali...


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Monday 4/1/08 Episode no 43

Krishna Jayanthi in Senthil's house - Malathi is drawing
Krishnar feet and Tamizh, the writer arrives. He lifts
Malathi's kid, dips her feet in the wet kOla maavu and
draws  the feet easily.  Senthil's family is surprised to see
the innovative method and mom invites Tamzih to have
food with them. He refuses saying that if he eats for a day
he would want to have the same food for ever.  He leaves and
Malathi has a pensive, admiring look ( love in the air???)

Mano and Padma - in the bed room - Mano gets flashes of
Padma falling at the feet of Vijay when he was dressed as
Lord Krishna. He is upset and presses his shoulders to ease
the pain. Padma offers to press it for him and sees that he is
very upset. She pries it out of him and Mano tells her that he
can not tolerate his wife falling at the feet of a small boy.
Padma says that she got emotional looking at Vijay as Krishna
and promises never to do that again. The couple make up. A
new doctor has taken over the mental hospital. The nurse
takes him around to introduce all the patients. They come
to Easwari first and she does her usual mad act. Doctor sends
the nurse to bring the medicines for her and calls Eashwari
" Durga mai". Eashu does not understand any thing
( of course!!)  - he goes on to tell her that he is part of her gang
and all her friends in Bombay are happy to know that she is alive.
He also tells her that she need not act like a maddie any more
as he can carry messages for her - back and forth. A confused
Eashu tells him that he is acting like a loosu!!!! The nurse comes
and Eashu complains to her about the doctor calling her Durga
mai and wants her to take him away. The doctor says that he
has seen some one who looks just like her in Bombay and that
is the reason he said all those things. The nurse confirms that
Eashu is a Tamil girl and does not know a word of Hindi.
Doctor Sundaramoorthy(SM) leaves to see other patients.
Eashu vomits some more. The doctor calls Rattan Shah,
thanks him for getting this job and tells him that he checked
out Eashu and her eyes show that she is talking the truth. 
He opines that it can not be Durga. Rattan does not believe
his judgement. He asks the  doctor to continue  watching her.
He also wants the doctor to watch out for Eashu's visitors.
Doctor promises to take care. Rattan gives more instructions
 - " when u call do not use my name. Keep a close watch"-
Doctor agress.

Maama is  enjoying his "vethilai" ceremony and Senthil
enters. Compares various beetal leaves  -" Kumbakonam vs
Andhra leaves" Maama senses that Senthil needs some thing
and asks him to spill the beans. Senthil does an excellent
"vazhiyal" act and tells maama about his meeting with Kappu.
He informs maama that Kappu lost the reco. letter on her
way to Natesan's office and so could not join the job. Maama
is unhappy about Kappu's carelessness but Senthil defends
her - " she is poruppu personified, sir" Senthil wants another
reco letter for Natesan Company's job. Maama laughs and
agrees. Sekar enters the office and asks Sigamani to bring a
file to his cabin. He sees Senthil missing in his seat and wants
to know his whereabouts. Sigamani takes the opportunity to
" pottu kuduthufy" Senthil  - " Sir, he is maama's man, he will
do whatever maama says. Even now he is with maama only"-
Sekar peeps through maama's window as Senthil takes leave.
Maama observes this and is pensive - " sekar paarvaiye sari
illiye, ithu thappache!!"


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