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Episode 27 Wednesday 9/1/08

Padma and Manohar - Padma is in bed, Manohar is feeding her
with some liquid. Padma keeps "mooku urinjifying" and Manohar wants to put a full stop. Politely says " enough of crying my darling" but Padma is not done yet - " now I am crying for my foolishness, never appreciated your love. Gave u hell.... Manohar consoles her saying that all the other doctors said that Padma has a problem but
Dr.Jhansi said that she can rectify this. Assures her that Dr.Jhansi has decided to take up this case as a challenge and wants her to be hopeful. Padma is elated by the revelation and is thankful to God. Manohar takes this opportunity and makes her to promise that she will not resort to suicide in future. Padma promises. Manohar goes on to say that if she had died, he would have followed suit immediately. " If I were the one with this problem, would u have left me and gone?? As a married couple, we need to share every thing, pls. understand , ok?" The couple are happy Big smile Big smile Big smile

Writer Tamilselvan is writing some thing. Lady Ambani (Kappu!!) enters with her biscuits and rusks. Goads the writer to buy some from her. Writer is reluctant and Kappu uses her MBA tricks - starts discussing one of his novels!!! Tells him about how she did not like the
way he ended the novel ( aha nee periya Subbudu in criticizing!!) - the writer has a basic doubt " did u come to sell biscuits or analyze my stories?" Kappu is unfazed ( intha rate le sell pannina, Ambani yavathu
aatu kutty yavathu??) - Finally the writer asks her to leave a biscuit packet and scoot. Kappu again looks elated ( aha this writer is floored by my analyzing skills!!) At last she leaves and the writer heaves a sigh of relief.

Senthil is talking to some one about some cheques - "waiting for the boss to come and sign - will be ready soon, I will collect and come. I am outside their office". Lady Ambani is on the prowl - after her business
success with the writer, she is confidence personified. Meets a prospective customer who has been bored with no work to do and all set for a pastime. MBA tactics are being applied again and Senthil sees her. He is upset to see her as a sales girl and Kappu also wants to bury her face but they meet face to face. Senthil feels bad that she gave him her job and now selling biscuits on the road and mahathma
decides to give a Nadu Road Lecture (NRL) - " kadamaiyai sey, palanai ethir pakkathey, sathya  meva jeyathe..... kind of lecture - do not feel guilty about this" ( of course, I only donated my job, you
did not snatch it from me!!) ) Senthil is still upset saying that he never expected to see her like this. But Kappu confirms that she loves doing this and not to worry. She would much rather roam in the hot  sun and do some thing than to sit at home and listen to her mother crying or bro scolding ( she makes sure to tell Senthil all her sufferings and make him feel more guilty - in fact he need not - ) Assures that it is just a
temporary job and she is on the look out for a job. Drags the NRL for a while.... Senthil promises to look for a job for her......Finally she lets him go with  a parting advice " never ask why me, always think
why not me?" - ends up selling some biscuits as well!

Manohar and Padma arrive at the hospital and see  a beggar woman at the entrance. The woman says that the child is also hungry - Padma takes the wallet from Mano and doles out money to the woman. Asks her to feed the child with good food and clothe him also. The beggar woman blesses Padma. They enter Dr.Jhansi's room. Padma tells the doctor that all is well between her and Mano. She wants to know about
her problem in detail and the doctor aye aye s it. Mano opts to step aside but the doctor negates the offer. She explains that Padma needs to take some medicines to make her eggs strong.

Folks the video just would not move beyond this point
and I am sure that we are almost near the end. Will
try to fill in later if the video condescends!!!

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10/1/08   Episode no. 28 Thursday (Updates by Rojapoo)

Sekhar (Padma's bro) is being accused of swindling 2 L of office money. Looks like there is some problem between the accountant and him. The acc. framed him purposely. Sekhar says that some one has stolen purposely and framed him. He claims no knowledge of the missing money. After back and forth arguments, he is dismissed by the boss. The boss does not want to take any police action and Sekhar comes home. He discusses this with his parents. His father offers to give the pension money until he finds another job. Anjali is informed about the loss of job. All expect her to create a scene but she has a totally different plan. She goes on to say that she is very proud about how her husband is an honest person and assures him that he will get a better position. Also tells him that he should consider doing some thing of his own like Manohar. He says that he does not have that kind of money but she says that we should find the means somehow.

Senthil's house. Malathi is reading a story book. Senthil gets back from work and teases her about reading the novel. His mother tells him about the writer, Tamizhselvan - "our new neighbor and is a good man". Tamizh walks in asking for his mail and gets to chat with the  family. The loan shark enters and shouts at them for not repaying his money. He finally says that either the money or Malathi's kidney should become his by 11am, the next day. Tamizh witnesses this and is curious to know the details. Senthil tells him that they borrowed money from some one for his father's medical expenses and they were not able to repay. Malathi went to sell her kidney and got money from this guy. Senthil came to know about this and saved her in the last moment. And now, they have him pouncing. Tamizh utters the usual words of solace and leaves.

Padma is playing in the garden with t e neighbor's kid, Sandhya. Her mom comes in search of her and wants the kid to come home. Sandhya refuses and Padma says that the kid can play some more. The mother is not game and tells Padma that it is getting more and more difficult to discipline  Sandhya. She chides Padma about buying every thing the kid asks for and it has become an issue in their house. Takes the kid away. Padma is upset but Mano consoles her. Asks her to look at  the point of her neighbor as well.

Sekar is on the phone with his advocate. Advocate advises him not  to fight his office. That might spoil his chances of seeking employment elsewhere. As father and son discuss this, Anjali  watches with sharp eyes. She has a plan brewing in her mind.


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Episode no 29    Friday 11/0/08 (updates by Rojapoo)


Anjali  brings her son to Padma's house with some plan. Anjali

tells Padma as to how sorry she is about what  happened in her bro's house on the naming day of the baby. Padma is understanding and leads Vijay inside. Anjali goes on an

apologizing trip. Wants to leave but Padma stops. Anjali

starts the next drama – has a sad face and acts as if she

does not want to tell Padma any thing. Padma asks Vijay

who looks at his mother and tells Padma that his father,

Sekar lost his job. Padma is shocked and Anjali cries.

Tells padma that her bro did not want her to be informed of  this because  Padma will feel bad.  Anjali further cries about 

how to run the family with no income. Padma wnts to know

as to what happened  at work. Anjali says that Skar was

framed by some one, talks about MIL & FIL being upset

over thisand also about  all the awaiting expenses. Vijay also sounds concerned. Padma promises to get her bro a job thro Mano.Anjali wants Sekar  to become a partner.with Mano

and Padma is thoughtful. -  says   that she never  interferes in her hubby's business issues. But Anjali forces her issue – Padma is unsure and Anjali cries to Vijay saying that they all have to commit suicide . Padma says that she can not decide on this issue and promises to talk to Mano. Now Anjali comes down  and asks Padma to talk to Mano. Padma agrees.


Senthil and co – mom wants him to ask for advanceof 25,000

to tide  over a loan. Senthil is confused. Dad says he will handle the loan shark    - prepared to sell his kidney. Mom and son are shocked . Dad says that only because of his medical  expenses all this happened and so wants to compensate " I  can t be aof any use to anyone so, why treat me?? " Daughter is unhappy – " I    wanted to sell my kidney and save but u stopped me Senthi and now appa wants to do that, whts this??" Mommy consoles every one, sends a thoughtful Senthil to  work. Office  - all are laughing and   Mano' s   mama wants to keep a check.. Maama comes to a  pensive Senthil and wants to jnow why he is sitting like that.  Senthil says that he is worried about some thing and maama advises him to keep aside  personal problems when coming to work. Senthil is ashamed.. Sends Senthil to collect money from some company " no cheques, only cash, ok? Senthil leaves. Maama wonders.


A north Indian comes to Annai  Therasa hospital with his assistant. – that is where Kappu's sister is undergoing treatment. The new comers wants to see Father Dr. Benedict  ( thought he was going abrod??) - " I am Rathan Shah from Mumbai. My son Vikas became a drug addict because of bad friendship. I treated him and made him alright. But now, he is mentally unstable and I would like him to be treated here." Father says that this hospital is for the poor and orphans and why Vikas has to come here all the way from Mumbai?   Rathan sasy that he did try doing that but Vikas escapes from the hospital and comes home or wehn his wife visits him, she brings him back. If he is far away, both can not

happen. Father agrees and  Rathan donates 10 lakhs to the hospital. Father thanks Rathan and asks him to bring Vikas soon.

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14/1/08 Monday Episode No. 30

As Rattan Shah comes out,  he collides against Easwari and
he is stunned - flash back - he mutters Durga Mai.... we see a
dada (dadi??) looking Eashu sitting  with her legs on a coffee
table with her shoes on!!! A girl comes and asks for help -
" rowdies are chasing me, pls save me" Durga confirms safety
and asks for the reason. The girl says that she is in love with some
one and her father is against that affair. She wants help to get
married to her lover as  well. Durga comes to know that she is
Rattan's daughter and informs her as well.  But , she promises
to help the girl even if she is her enemy's daughter -" my enmity
is with your father and not u. But tell me, are u firm in your love
affair? do u want to marry your lover?" The girl nods in affirmative
and the girl goes in. Rattan comes to know that his daughter
has taken asylum with Durga. Confronts Durga and wants his
daughter back. Durga says that if his daughter is willing, he
can take her back but the girl refuses. Rattan leaves in anger
and vows to kill Durga. - flash back is over and Rattan goes
to Dr.Benedict to ask about Easwari. Dr. says that she has
come only recently from a nearby place and is mentally
unstable. Rattan thanks him and asks the peon to let him
see Eash. The peon refuses saying that a permission from
the dr is required. Rattan leaves in doubt " looks like it is
Durga in disguise.. she is not dead.. as yet"...

Senthil has come to collect the money from one of the suppliers.
The supplier says that he is running short of 40,000 rs and it will
be given with the next payment. Senthil  is counting the notes 
and is tempted to stash away 25,000 rs to tide over his debt
problems. Flash back of maama asking him to bank the
money ...... flash back of the money lender shouting at home
a la Ma baker "give me all that money or the kidney??!!"
and flash back of Mahathma Kappu asking him to be sincere
and go up the ladder soon - bingo... Mahathma saves him from stealing!!!

Padma at home with Anjali and Vijay. Mano comes home, greets
Anjali and goes to his room. Padma follows and narrates the
reason for Anjali's visit. She requests Mano to make her
brother Sekar as his working partner. Mano refuses saying
that he has brought his business single handedly  and now he
does not want any one to join him. Anjali peeps through the
key hole and watches the whole thing. Mano and Padma come
out and Anjali makes a drama of how sisters do not help
brothers in need. She pulls Vijay and walks out in anger.
Padma is in tears and requests Mano once again "Sekar
ai partner aa serthukkunga, avvalavuthan na solluven,
apram unga ishtam"..... emotional blackmail at its peak...
Mano is thoughtful...



Thursday 17/1/08 Episode 31

Sekar and his parents in conference - Dad advises Sekar that
he should start a business for himself. Mom ching chuks
(jalra thaan!!)  But Sekar is worried about the risk and
investment. As they talk, Vijay and Anjali enter - Vijay
runs to grandma and talks about his aunt   Padma. Anjali
is all worked up , goes to the kitchen and sits angrily.  Sekar
asks Vijay about their visit to Padma -" why is yr mom umm??
any problems in Padma's place??: If u do not tell me then I
will ask Padma" - Vijay happily sings " Amma wanted
Manohar maama to give u a job. But maama said that he
can give money but not a job." Sekar is angry now and laments
to his dad about Anjali - goes to her and shouts " u said that
u are going to say sorry but now u sent my maanam in the
kappal". Anjali is nonchalant - " I told yr sis that u lost yr
 job, whats wrong??"Sekar is livid with anger now " why did
u ask for a job for me??" Anjali says that she only(!!) wanted
Mano to take him as his partner and Mano kuthichified as
if she wanted half his property  (athu sari, u asked for more
than that my dear!!!) Sekar is angry but Anjali is all tears -
" u do not appreciate my efforts to place u well and shout
at me?" Arguments back and forth, Anjali comes up with
the most unreasonable logics  and Sekar slaps her. Anjali
threatens to die and Sekar could not care less - says "go
ahead" and leaves. Anjali  stages act 2 of her drama !! -
 locks the bed room door and throws a rope
on the beam. Her PILs and son are knocking at the door
shouting her name her some how ... Anjali shouts
back saying that they can not always save her .. " if not
today, then tomorrow.....Mano should make Sekar partner
or i have to die.."..(some negotiation!!!what if     Mano says
' go ahead and die, my business is more precious for me!!"??

Vijay, the smart son of scheming Anjali calls his aunt
Padma -     tells her about the situation and Padma recites
the whole thing to     hubby " anni tried to hang herself but
my bro saved her. You do so much for me but why are u so
adamant in this issue?" Mano     reasons out " if u know me
well, u wont ask such a Q!!" Padma can not accept this as she
thinks that she knows him well. She further says that Mano
has never been so rude ever before. She says that  Anjali
tried to commit suicide only because of what Mano said.
But Mano clearly tells her that he does not want a partner
in his business. He could have made Sekar a partner long
before if he wanted to. He     does not want a relative as a
partner - it is just an invitation to problems!!! He categorically
 says no but Padma goes on a tangent. "What if my anni died?/
we will feel guilty all through our lives!!  U pls take my bro as
partner and I will make sure that there are  no problems" -
one more emotional blackmail and Mano is pensive!!!

Daksha ( Kappu's bro) is taking out heroine packets from a
scooter wheel and finds 1 missing - asks his little assistant
Sultan about it and that little boy asks him to check under
the oil tin -     Daksha finds it and is happy that the boy did not
steal. Promises a  wage raise for the boy and goes out to meet
the heroine supplier who comes in his car and stops at the shop.
Both are happy that the business has no hitches. Supplier asks
about Sultan and Daksha  confirms that Sultan is a very good
boy but will not assist them in  their business. Supplier takes
Daksha out to a secluded place and shows a statue filled with
heroine. Both are happy about making a lot  of money. Suppliier
wants D to take care of the statue.

Senthil at work - showing some accounts to maama. Natesan,
the financier enters and maama greets him. Natesan wants if
they need  more money but maama refuses. Natesan has come
to ask for some granites and maama asks him to send the
engineer for details. Promises to do the needful. Natesan
mentions that he needs an account assistant - prefers a girl
and is ready to pay 5000 rs a month as salary Senthil is thoughtful -
" oh yes I have a mahathma ready, how about getting her the
job?" - maama suggests an ad in the papers, Natesan leaves .
Senthil requests maama to get the job for Kappu.......


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Friday 18/1/08 Episode no 32

Recap of Senthil and maama - Senthil asking maama to get the
job for Kappu. Mahathma Kappu is reading some thing
(Sathya Sothanai??) - mom wants her to go to he ration
shop but Kappu says "evening ma" - Daksha arrives with his
supplier whom he calls "kadavule" - and both unload the statue
from the boot. Kadavul is invited inside but he would much
rather visit wen the opportunity arises - warns Daksha about
the statue and leaves. D brings in the statue " gowry
kalyana vaibogame" - noooo "oli mayamana ethirakaalam"
Mahathma is suspicious... The statue is our own laughing
Buddha ( I always wonder about this - the most unambitious
Buddha carries a load of money on his back??? Hmmmm)
D explains to mom and sis that this statue is his life. Talks
about destiny " what ever has to happen will happen at the
right time - my friend gave this to me and i
brought it" Warns Kappu and his mom that they should not
touch the statue without his permission. Locks the cupboard
which makes Mahathma more suspicious. A boy comes and
tells Kappu that Senthil has come to see her and she goes to
meet him. meeting spot - annachi shop!! Senthil does not
believe in giving the good news immediately - beats around
the bush about her salesgirl job et al and finally tells her the
news. Kappu is elated. Talks about Natesan's office and
maama's reco - wants to know if Kappu is game for the job!!!
Kappu talks about Senthil "taking risk" for her ( ayyo, avaru
enna bungi jump panniya velai vaanginaaru?? athuvum
maama influence!! nee kadalai podanum nna vera topic
pudimma, ithu kodumai for us!!) Senthil for his part gives
a definition of "risk' - "un velai yai enakkukuduthiye,
athu risk. if u do not like this job, I will look for some thing
else for u, just say the word, ok??" (Senthil has an employ-
ment agency?? and if so, how come he waited for Mahathma
to donate her job??) After a lot of vetti dialogues, she accepts
the job.( Thank God, at last!!) Senthil promises to come back
with maama's reco letter. ( ada Rama, still in reco stage
thanaa?? ithukka ivvalavu preamble???) Kappu comes home
and imparts the good news to mommy - "Senthil Kumaran
vanthan, singaara sethi sonnan" - Kappu does not forget to
remind mom that this good deed comes out of her sacrifice.
Mommy needs details and Kappu smilingly gives a job

Padma visits her parents and bro - wants to see Anjali and
Vijay takes her to meet mommy dearest. Meets "Kaikeyi"
Anjali and truly concerned - intha mattum onnum aagaliye,
thank God" - Bro is angry with his wife but Padma reasons
out saying that there was nothing wrong in Anjali's asking
for partnership(???!!) "She was rightly worried and I
would have done the same as well." She goes on to say
that Anjali is concerned because she is the DIL of the
family and as the daughter of the family she is also trying
to talk Mano in to making her bro as a partner. She promises
to bring them all living under one roof and asks her bro to
take care of Kaikeyi. Asks Kaikeyi to be happy and leaves.

Rattan Shah and Mammat Khan - talking about Durga Mai.
Mammat says that he only killed Durga and how come she is
still alive!!! Rattan confirms seeing her with his own eyes and
that she is acting as if she is mentally unstable. He talks about
going to Chennai for his son Vikas and he met Durga there.
Mammat is not convinced, he wants to see in person and then
would decide the course of action. Leaves with his entourage.
Rattan roars to the camera - "Durga Mai, nee inime intha
Bombay pakkam varave muidyaathu, you are done with..."


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Episode no 33 Monday 21/1/08

Kappu's mother goes in to Eashu's room and  hears
Eashu's voice calling her "amma amma - u came
in to my room but u forgot me??!!" mommy feels bad
that she has not visited Eashu in the hospital. Starts
crying and says that she wanted to have her at home only
but sent her to the hospital only because she has to
be cured. Kappu comes in and sees mom all upset.
Consoles mom that Eashu is sent to there only  to
get well and promises to take mom to visit Eashu on
the visiting day.

Eashu at the hospital - refuses to swallow the tablets
saying that they are bitter. The lady doctor tells her a
story to divert her attention. She narrates "some one
like u did not want to take medicine because it was bitter. 
So, he  met a saamiyar and asked for a remedy. Samiyaar
advised him not to think of monkeys when he has to take
medicines. But, whenever he had to take medicines, he could
not help thinking about the monkey. Doctor manages to
push the medicine. Eashu asks for raw mango to the nurse.
The nurse wants to know if she is a "pillaithachi" - Eashu
wants to know what the word means and the nurse tells her
that it is a name - Eashu likes the name and would prefer to
change her name to that!!!

Maama and Senthil in conversation. Senthil happily
announces about Kappu accepting his "job offer"
(athu sari, accepting is a big issue??!!)  Wants the reco
letter from maama and maama agrees. He also teases
Senthil that Kappu  has a soft corner for him and
Senthil is all smiles.

Maama and Mano in conference. Mano talks about
Padma's request and wants maama to come up with a
plausible explantion to turn down the proposal. Maama
on the other hand advises Mano to give in to
Padma's request - " will do u good. U get help in work
and Padma will be happy as well." Mano goes on to say
that Padma wants them all to live under one roof and
maama accepts that as well.  Mano agrees.

Another drama from Anjali. Makes her son to call Padma
and ask her to come to the temple. She poisons the child's
mind but the child can not fathom her actions. However he
calls Padma and asks her to come to the temple. Anjali makes
Vijay to do anga prathakshinam when Padma arrives. Padma
is in tears but Anjali says that Vijay is doing it because
he want Padma to get a child soon and so she did not stop him.
Padma is all emotional  and hugs  him saying that he will always
be her first child  - Anjali is happy to have cheated Padma.

Freeze on Anjali's scheming face

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Episode No 34 Tuesday 22/1/08

Mamaa's cabin - Senthil enters with a polite
"may I come in?" Maama gives a blanket permit
for Senthil to enter his cabin any time. Senthil
is angling for the reco letter. Maama plays around
a bit saying that he may be late leaving and
Senthil may have to wait . Senthil says that
Kappu will wait for him at annachi shop -"5.30pm
is the appointed time.. pls.." Maama decides
to stop playing and hands over the letter. Also
promises to call Natesan when Kappu goes for her

The loan shark at Senthil's place - mom and Malathi fret.
Ma Baker demands again " gimme all your money or the
promised kidney" - The sick father courageously confronts
the 'shark " but gets pushed. Mom promises to pay him back
on a monthly basis but the guy prides himself to be a "kidney
broker" and not a "Kanthu vatti kaaran"!!! ( talk about
professional hierarchy!!)-  He tries to manhandle (woman-
handle??!!) Malathi but the neighbor, writer, Tamizh comes
with the money and dispenses with the KB ( Kidney Broker!!)
Warns KB that if he ever comes to this house again, he will
be behind bars!!! Now, vote of thanks from the whole family
and Tamizh is modest. Malathi finally says that this will be
treated only as a loan and Tamizh agrees (nalla kaalam 25,000
down the drain nnu ninaichen!!) Time for some family history -
talks about Malathi's husband dying before the baby is born
and Tamizh confirms that the fellow was not lucky to see his
cute baby girl.

Senthil and Kappu - annachi shop - kadalai podal - Senthil
hands over the reco. letter and Kappu is all  smiles. Senthil
has a vested interest - " no more annachi kadai rendezvous,
if I want to see u, I can come to your office!!" Asks Mahathma
to call Maama from Natesan's office for extra pressure.
Dakshina's supplier friend sees Kappu and is all excited -
learns that it is D's sister.

Padma and Mano - Mano wants to take Padma out for
lunch. Padma at last asks about Sekar - They beat around
the bush for a while, Mano lists the hardship he went through
to build the business and finally says that he is taking Sekar
as partner and says that he is doing this all for her. Padma's
vote of thanks takes place in the portico. Mano leaves and
Padma is happy.

Dakshina is pushing heroine packets under the laughing
Buddha statue - no one watches - Kappu walks in with the
reco letter. D confronts her rudely about her sojourns. D
takes the letter, sees it all in English and learns the whole
story from Kappu. She says that Senthil got this job for her
and D wants to know how Kappu and Senthil are friendly.
Finally he tears the reco letter and asks Kappu to stop
looking for jobs... Kappu cries....


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Episode No 35 Wednesday 23/1/08

Mano's office - Senthil and maama - Senthil says that by
now Kappu would have joined in Natesan's office.Mano
brings his BIL Sekar and introduces him as his working
partner. Asks Maama to show him around and maama agrees
saying" ok Manohar" - Skear wants to know if maama always
calls MD Mano by his name  and maama says that he has
known Mano for a long time and has always called him by
name. Takes Sekar around and introduces  all the staff -
promises to take him to the factory the next day. Mano calls
maama inside and tells him that he considers maama almost
like his father and he need not show any extra respect to
Sekar- until a cabin gets ready Mano wants to accommodate
Sekar in his cabin " might as well keep an eye on him, what
say?" One staff is surprised about Mano bringing his BIL as
a partner " he never relented when so many came with a lot
of money and asked to be partners??/ some thing fishy..."

Anjali gloating about Sekar's new found status. Boasts to her
PILs that she was the one who achieved this. MIL says that it
is because of Padma but Anjali fights for her part of the fame.
Anjali's friend Maha comes and Anjali goes on boasting about
how they have become rich over night - Tells her that in case
she needs to earn money Anjali can help her find it as Anjali
is planning to start a new business and Maha can be in charge.
Anjali goes in to bring kesari and Maha makes a rude remark
about Anjali.

Senthil at home. Mom and Malathi describe the visit of KB and
the help extended by the writer Tamizh. Senthil rushes to his
neighbor and thanks him for the timely help. Promises to return
the same at his earliest. Tamizh makes a cup of tea for senthil
and asks if he has a girl friend. Senthil drools over Kappu and
the writer has the wisdom to call it love!!!

Mano comes home and sees a happy Padma. She wants to
know if bro is crowned as working partner and Mano replies
in the affirmative. Padma wants to hug him and Mano wants
to know whats stopping her - Padma hugs Mano and the screen
freezes on the happy couple.

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