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episode 1

manohar and pathama coming with four childrens to the temple on their wedding day. pathma's friend sees her 1st time after pathmas wedding and tells her that she has two boys and two girls, then one of the children says that they're not pathma's childrens but they live next door to pathma. pathma is heart broken and her friend tells her that she'll soon have a baby.

anjali and her son arrives and tells the auto driver that a servant will come and pay the money. her son asks her why she didn't give the money which his dad gave. she does insdie the house and tells the servant to go and pay the money. two oldies are shocked and her husband tells her that it is someone else is house. she tells him that it is his sister's mappilais house and that mappilai said that he'll send a car, but he (her husband) said no. so they can pay the money ofr the auto as it equals out the car petrol charge. she goes inside to drink and her husband tells his parents (the oldies) that she is behaving like this and his mum says that she is jealous of pathma because she's rich.

anjali tells her son to not to go to his athai pathma as she wants to see whether pathma come to her child because she has thing in her mind which she only proceed after seeing pathma coming to son. pathma and manohar comes in, however pathma leaves inside as she is still upset about what happend at the temple. manohar says that she is not well, but anjlai says that there is something else behind it. manohar goes inside and anjlai's husband tells her to behave properly.

manohar asks pathma why she came then she goes on talking about them not having children ect. and manohar tells that the god will provide them with a baby soon and they go downstairs. anjali says that she knows why pathma is unhappy and it because she doesn't have a baby for last 7 years. then, manohar tells pathma that anjlai's son is angry and pathma saya sorry and tells him to come so that she can give him some ice cream, but anajli tells pathma that he'll ask for that ice cream when he gets home and she won't be able to give him that. pathama tells anjali to send his son to her whenever he asks for an ice cream. and anjlai is happy. pathma's parents talking about her not having a baby and mum tells dad that mayilaapoor karpagam kaividamaata .

two friends are waiting for karpagam. she comes in a cycle and her friends asks her about the cycle and she points at a disabled person tells her friend that she came early and the cycles tyre was punctured so she decided to take it for him. and then she helps the man get on. her friends are pleased. she asks then where they're going, her friend tells her that they're going to their friends reception. karpagam replies that she s very upset that her friend married someone while she ws studying and that she also married a man who was married before. her friend replies that she married for his money, but karpagam says that she wouldn't marry someone for money. 


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episode 2

karpagam tells her friends to go to the reception and that she is not coming. her friends askes her why she is not coming and she tells them that they know her situation. karpagam leaves.

karpagam comes home and calls for her mother, but no reply. then she hears plates drop and then she finds her mother on the floor. karpagam asks her what happened and her mother replies that eswary ran out. karpagam says that she is bleeding badly and she also asks how eswar ran out as she was tied by iron chain. mum tells her to go and look for esway. karpagam sees annan entering and he asks them why they didn't bring food to his shop. mum tells him that she eswary has escaped and annan replies that tehy should not have kept in the house in the first place. mum tells him that she was perfect till the age of 12 and then somethiung happened to her. bro goes to find eswary.

eswary is shown taking of the chain from her leg, however her face is not shown.Wink both bro and karpagam are searchinf for her, then a woman calls karpagam and tells her that she saw eswary and karpagam goes to that place.

four men are playing card and then they hear eswarys chain noise. they first think it is police, but then they see eswary. they walks to her and tells her that they are the mapillai and she is the ponnu. eswar replies that one ponnu should have one mapillai. they tell her beautiful women can have four mapillai and she tell them not lie. they ask her what she want and eswary says her sister karpagam. then one of men tells the others to take to someones house. 

bro sees a man walking with his motorbike and he asks him what is the problem. the man tells him that there is something wrong with his bike and bro says that he is a mechanic and he'll see what the problem is. the man is worried. then he says that he need 150 to solve the problem and the man says that is too high, but bro says that he is helping him immediately and on the spot. the woman who told karpagam about eswary tells bro that he should look for eswary, but he says that karpagam will look for eswary.   

manohar is going to see an estate for his company and his worker (who manohar calls mama) tells him that the estate once belonged to settu and after his death his son decided to sell the place. mama also tells him not to have high hopes about the place as it is not good but they can improve. manohar tells them to wait and he goes upstairs. pathma is talking to her bro and then she hands the phone to manohar. bro tells manohar to meet a doctor called janshi and that she is a leading doctor. manohar says that they will and puts the phone. pathma tells him to come, but manohar tells her that he is going to see the location so they can go to the doctor tomorrow. pathma tells him that she'll come with him and then they can go and see the doctor. manohar tells that it'll take whole to decide. he walks outside, and looks as though he didn't wanted pathma to come for another reason. 

karpagam sees a piece of eswarys dress, she scream "acca.. acca.. enga iruka?"

the four men tells her that they are going to play appa and amma. and then one man tells his friend to phone settu's son. and son appears. 


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episode 3

manohar arrives to the place where eswary is and they walk inside. they hear people laughing and mama thinks it is a pei house. manohar sees someone running (i think it is settu's son). then they see eswary and decides to take her to her house.

anjali tells her son to phone athat and tell her that his mum and dad are fighting because mum ordered a washing machine but dad said she can't and fighting started and mum is crying. he phones athai and tells her what anjlai told him to say and pathma replies that she'll pay the money for the washing machine. anjali's husband hears this and asks his son what athai is paying the money for. anjali replies that she is giving them money to the washing machine and husband tells her not to behave like this.

manohar and mama cannot find where she lives and then bro comes. eswary is shoked and affraid. manohar stops his bro and asks him whether he knows eswary..


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Epsiode 4

bro replies that eswary is his sister and mama tells eswary to go with his bro, but eswary does not want to go with him. bro tells manohar and mama to bring eswary home.

mum is waiting for eswary and bro. eswary arrives and tells her mum that she can't find eswary and that they should go to the police. car arrives and mama gets out and looks for bro but he is not to be seen, then he asks mum whether they know eswary. mum says that eswary is her daugther and mum takes eswary inside. mama tells karpagam about where they met eswary and that she was with rowdies. karpagam thanks manohar and mama.

mum tells karpagam to change eswary's dress. karpagam tells her to come and the bro shouts at eswary and beats her with his belt. karpagam and amma tries to stop him but he locks the door.. he comes out and tells eswary and amma to take her somewhere else. they go inside the room and eswary is crying. mum says that no mother should not experience the same thing as her.

manohar finds out that his wallet is missing and eswary is playing with his wallet and money. karpagam decides to take it to manohar, but the address is the hospital address.

pathma wants him to come to the hospital as his programmmes are cancelled. he goes to get changed.. he says inside that he can't make her not go to the hospital any longer, but he have to decide on another plan. thodarum.

i think manohar is married to another woman..!Dead

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Episode 5

karpagam is starting a tution fro childrens in her area. karpagam bro takes manohar's wallet to manohar, but he takes some money from the wallet.

manohar and pathma goes to meet doc jansi, but they're told to wait by the receptionist. back home, anjali is not happy about pathma going to the hospital to meet jansi. pathma sees a couple and she is shoked to see a old lady pregnant, the lady tells her that she became pregnant after jansi's treatment. pathma and manohar are called by the doc. jansi asks pathma about her previous treatments ect and she also notices manohars expressions and body language (manohar seems not bothered) and then jansi tells pathma to wait outside and she asks manohar why he isn't happy and that he should trust their treatment. she adds that might have some health pronlem and that may be the reason why they're unable to have a baby. manohar gets angry and he says he can give the old check-up files, but jansi tells him that he is going to have some new check-ups. 

pathma asks him what janshi said, but he tells her to come. pathma and manohar are in the car.. on the other half of the screen an iyar says that their not going to have a baby.

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Update for 2/1/08

Karpagam going to the market with Rs. 1000 to buy something. On the way, she comes across this woman, who is grieving about her son. It seems her son used to go to Karpagam for tuition, and has been missing for the last 10 days. It turns out that the boy was sick, was admitted to the hospital, and is now dead. The mother is wailing that the hospital won't release her son's body unless she can come up with Rs. 2000. Karpagam looks at the money in her hand and then gives it to the woman, telling her to use it to get her son's body from the hospital to perform the final rites.

Karpagam goes home and her mother asks her if she has bought the lamb, together with the fat (??). I am not sure about the terms here. She is wondering what to say when her brother comes and asks if lunch is ready and that is when she finally speaks up and says that she lost the money. The brother is mean to her and berates her, finally telling the mother not to give her any food for a week. This is the most abusive brother I have ever seen in these serials. Generally the brothers will sacrifice everything for their sisters, this guy is the exception to the rule - more like real life?

So now Sendhil has lost the job? He got it courtesy of Karpagam, who gave up her job so that he could have a job and support his family, but when he saw how she was being abused by her brother, mentioned above, he offered to give it back to her. This was yesterday's episode. Looks like he decided to do something about it himself.

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Monday 7/1/08   Episode 25

Manohar is searching for Padma all over and returns home alone.
Sits and cries muttering her name. Padma is elsewhere - in a terrace -
recalls all the old conversation and her SIL taking to her bro about
how Manohar avoided going to the doctor by acting as if he had
chest pain....She is very upset.... cries her heart out .. looks as if she
has come to a decision....

Manohar still sitting alone and crying.... covering his face...
Hospital  corridor.. a stretcher is wheeled in... Padma....
phone rings at Manohar's house. Mano picks up... muted
talks... says "no no" a few times... back to the hospital....
Doctor treating Padma... Mano arrives in a hurry...peeps
through the glass at Padma. An yellow shirt guy is outside
and tells Mano that Padma jumped in to a well. He managed
to save her and brought her over to the hospital. Assures that
all is ok with her but Manohar goes on whimpering. Asks the
doctor to let him in but  is not allowed to go in as Padma is
still critical. Manohar cries some more with the yellow shirt
as the sole audience.

Karpagam and mom - looks like Karpagam's bro shouted at
her for donating her job to her friend and eating "danda soru"
 - Kappu being the mahathma , goes on hunger strike -"will eat
only when I get a job and give some money to my bro"
( how many days , my dear?? let me know the trick, would not
 mind shedding a few pounds!!!) Reads in the paper about a
vacancy with an auditor called Natarajan and goes to meet
him immediately. Auditor tells her that the vacancy got
filled about 1/2 an hour back ' nee late ma, better luck next
time" . Kappu  walks out saying " ayyo intha velai  yum kidaikkaliye?"
( hello, the last one was donated by you to  some one!!)
Sees some sales girls on the road selling soaps,
shampoos etc., Gets the address of the agency and decides
to sell soaps. The sales girls give her some tips and asks her
to keep off their area - " enga area, ulle varathe!!"

Hospital - Dr.Jhansi walks in, sees  a worried Mano. Padma
is better now and the doctors ask her to have some liquid diet.
Jhansi and Mano walk in.. Mano starts his dialogues" enna
Padma, ipdi pannitte? yennai vittu poga epdi manasu vanthuthu?"
tries to touch her but Padma shrinks. - " get out of here, you
have been telling me lies ... so many of them... I do not trust


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Episode 26 - Tuesday 8/1/08

Recap from yesterday - Padma screams at Mano. Asks
him to leave as she does not want to see him. Mano
steps aside and the doctor takes the stage. Advises
Padma - " I also suspected him in the beginning but
when he told me the reason, i could not help admiring
him. Not just you, he also wants a child but he never
exhibited his desire. He knew that you can never bear
a  child and he did not want anyone pointing fingers at
you. You must thank your stars for getting a hubby like
this. Try to understand him" - Doctor leaves. Padma is all
tears and apologizes to Mano. They make up and cry together.

Tamilselvan - writer intro. He is fixing his name board
" appa da inime I do not have to go around telling every
one about my vocation" House broker arrives to collect
his commission. Tamizhselvan wants a stool to put his fan
up and asks the broker to get him one from the neighbor.
Broker takes him to the next house where Senthil, his
sister Malathi live with their parents. Broker introduces
the writer and Malathi is excited. She tells the writer
that she liked a book of his but could not finish it
as her friend took it back. Tamizh promises to give
her the book. 

Mahathma Kappu in front of a plateful of food.
Mommy coaxes her to eat but she refuses saying
that she will eat only when she gets a job. Bro, Dakshina
arrives and taunts her - " ivvalavu thimiru irunthaa, na
kalyaanma panni kudutha kooda ange ozhunga vaazha
maatta. Will get back to us as a vazha vetti. Mommy is
angry and scolds him. Bro continues to eat the briyani.

Kappu on the road as a sales girl - " must pay back bro
his money from my commission..." Goes jalan jalan to
sell her biscuits but every one throws her out with out
buying. She manages to sell just one pocket of biscuit
and beams as if she is the next Ambani in making!!!
Goes to a Ganapthy temple ,prays and vows to settle the
loan from bro soon. A lady gives her some Ayyapan
prasadam. Kappu eats " sami prasadam, not my bro's
money... God has sent it to give me enough energy to walk...."

Freeze on eating Kappu

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