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FF:Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai?NEW! PART 6:P1 4/11

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Heyy Guys,

If some of you remember,I had posted a topic w/ New FF's a cople days ago && now finally I have wrote Part 1 which Im posting...


Oh & this is 3 years later when AR have been separated by Rahul & Anji,this part is like an introduction to the story.

Part 1:

Riddhima woke up suddenly in the middle of a nightmare as she always did.&& As usual,it was his memories that awoke her,his.After all these years,she stiil could not forget him,his smile,his eyes,his face,and his touch.She had tried so hard to forget him but why couldnt she?Her mind flashed back to three years before, when she used to work in Sanjeevani in Bombay,those were the fun days,the way their journey had started out,Her,Anjali Di,Atul,Sapna, and Armaan. She remebered the first meeting at the BB Court where Armaan was playing basketball w/ kids && then she had challenged him,how he had come late on the first day && played around w/ her by putting sauce on his face faking an injury...

Then how they were assigned to work together && the bet which she had won,how they always used to fight...

&& Then the time that Armaan had asked her out on a date but she had sent all his GF's there,&& then the tim that she fell for him,the most beautiful moments of her life,the Dandiya dance,the meeting at the BB Court,the dance at Lonavla,the big hug hed given her when she thought Di was adopted,the time at the roof when Armaan was hurt...

Remebering all the past memories,Ridz had tears in her eyes....

R:Main Use Pyaar karti thi!Par phir kyun usne mere saath aisa kiya?Kyun?!

She flashed back to that night when Rahul had told her Armaan's reality:

Ra:Riddhima,Armaan tumse pyaar nahi karta!Woh toh sirf tumme histimaaal (use) kar raha hai tumse shaadi karke woh chahta hai ki Sanjeevan uske naam ho jaye.Sach toh yeh hai ki woh Maya jo pehle hospital mein sucide karke aayi thi na?Armaan usi se Pyaar karta hai aur woh pregnant hai!Riddhima,tum samaj thi kyun nahi ki yeh sirf ek game hai tumhari daulat paane ka!

Riddhima had been shocked,was this it?After Papa (Shashank) had died Sanjeevani was in in her's and Padma Ma's name.Had he only loved her wealth all along? She told Rahul that this could not be,Armaan could never be like this after all he had LOVED her. But when Di came && showed her Maya & Armaan's Marriage Certificate,the Pregnancy test,& hwen Maya herself told her. Riddhima was truly shocked.He was the persone she had loved most in the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE,the ONE guy who she had let come so close to her,HE,HE had decieved her with this huge game of his.

Riddhima had been disgusted w/ him && left Bombay and Sanjeevani in the care of Anjali & Padma Ma. Now she lived in Lonavla taking care of the Sanjeevani Orphanage.


Ridz wipes her tears && then the phone rings:


Ridz picks it up & answers:


Voice:Hello?!Riddhima beta?Beta jaldi bombay aa jaao!Yahaan Sanjeevani mein tumhari zaroorat hai!

R:Kya?Ma maine aapko kaha tha ki main ab wahaan aane nahi wali!Aap toh sab janthi hain!

Pad:Haan beta par Anjali ab panch (five) mahinon (Months) ke liye Medical camp mein jaa rahi hai!Aur phir Sanjeevani ko kaun sambale ga?

R:Ohh..Aisa hai toh mein panch mahinon ke liye aa jaati hoon...

Next Part:

Armaan & Ridz encounter after 3 years..

Armaan & Ridz have to work on a case together...

How was Part 1?Plz tell mee!&& Dont forget to comment!

I will continue the next part if u liked this one,&& if u dont then I wont.


I know it was short but Ive saved all the good bitter confrontation for Part 2.





Part 2:

The Same Night 12:55 AM……

After the phone call w/ Padma Ma, Riddhima could see the next 5 months in front of her,

The person that she had ignored and tried to forget for the past 3 years she would have to encounter tomorrow morning,her heart was trembling w/ fear and anxoiusness. Riddhima tried to go to sleep but she just tossed & turned,Riddhima looked up at the clock,it was now 2:35 AM. She decided to start packing now that her flite was 9 AM in the morning.

She packed up all of her clothes and at the bottom of her closet she found a pic of her and Armaan from Sapna's wedding. Tears streamed down her face as she looked at the photo.She had been so happy w/ her life then,she had her father,her friends,her family,and love.But now as she looked at it after 3 years,so much had changed,Papa had died after marrying Padma Ma andnow her mother was a widow who was trying to handle all of her father's responsibilities,her firnds were the same but they were all in Bombay & distances had changed her relationship w/ them,and her one true love Armaan had deceived her and hurt her feelings so badly….

Riddhima finally came to her senses,she was going to Sanjeevani for only 5 months as a proffessional and she had to act like one,she would have to leave the past behind her and move on even if it meant confronting the ugliness of her past…

That Same Morning in Bombay 9 AM…

Anjali had just found out that Padma had called Riddhima to come to Bombay & take care of Sanjeevani while she was gone.

An:Kya?Ma apne Ridz ko phone kiya?

Pad:Haan Beta,dekho tum toh 5 mahinon (months) ke liye jaa rahi ho toh maine socha ki main toh Sanjeevani ka khayal (Take care of Sanjeevani) akeli itni achi taran nahi kar sakthi toh maine socha tumhar illava Riddhima…..

An:Teek Hai.Teek Hai.Par aap toh jaanti ho ki Armaan ab bhi yahaan kaam karta hai aur un dono ke baare mein..

Pad:Beta,par usne apni flite board kar li hai.

An Thinking: Aggar Ridz yahaan aa gaiy toh bahut badi musi bat (problem) ho jaye gi.

Pad:Anjali Beta!Kya soch rahi ho?

An:Uhh..Kuch nahin!Aapne agaar Ridz ko bula hi liya hai toh teek hi kiya hoga.Acha aaj toh meri bhi flite hai 2 ghante mein toh mein pack karke aati hoon!

Pad:Teek Hai.

Anji walks to her room and decides to call Rahul because he was the only one that was here after her to handle this situation.She quickly punched in his number & the phone starts ringing….

In Rahul's House…..

Rahul's phone starts ringing and he still is in bed, he picks up the phone & sleepily answers:


An:Hello Rahul?Mein Anjali bol rahi hoon!

Ra:Arre Kya yaar!Itni subah phone karne ki kya zaroorat hai!Abhi toh duty ka time bhi nahi hua!

An:Ridz Mumbai waapas (coming back) aa rahi hai!

Ra:Kya?!Anjali yeh kaise ho sakta hai!Aggar yeh mazaak hai toh bahut bura hai!

An:Rahul Im serious!

Anjali then tells him the whole story about how she was leaving,how Padma had called Riddhima to come back for 5 months & how he had to take care of things now that she was leaving so AR could never be one.Or else all of the hard work would go into waste & Rahul would never get Ridz & she would never get Armaan now that she was so close to her goal.

Ra:OMG!Teek hai main puri koshish karoon ga ki yeh dono phir se mil na payye!Aur trust me,mere hote huye yeh kabhi nahin ho sakta!Tum aaram se apne camp par jaao aur phikar mat karo,teek hai?

An:Ok Bye.Ma aa rahi hai.


The two ended their conversation.

The Next Morning….

Anjali had left Mumbai & was on her flite to Afghanistan.Rahul had planned everything out to keep AR separated.Ebtire Sanjeevani was planning a surprise for her.

.Ridz had reached Bombay & was now in the car Padma Ma had sent for her, she would heve to face Sanjeevani, where all of her past was in less than 2 hours & Armaan. She was ready to face everyone. Meanwhile,in Sanjeevani everyone was eager to see the sweet & lovable Riddhima which had disappeared in the past 3 years.

In Sanjeevani….

Nurse Lovely is running around.

Lov:Jaldi karo!Riddhima jee oundi hi hogi (Riddhima will be coming).

The Sanjeevani staff had put a big baaner that read "Welcome Back, Dr. Riddhima"

&& was decorated w/ balloons. Even Dr. Keerti was eager to welcome Riddhima as she had always known that she was a talented doctor. Sapna, who now had sindoor in her maang,Atul, & Muskaan were also eager to see their good friend after 3 years. They were all discussing the old times w Ridz.Armaan had just walked out of the locker ready to attend his regular duties when he noticed everyone gathered around including Dr. Keerti & Sanjeevani decorated.He went to where Muskaan & Atul were standing.

A:Yeh sab kya ho raha hai?


Armaan's heart jumped.He hadn't heard her name in a while, she was now his past but still a memory he could not forget.

A:Ridz kya?

Sa:Armaan Riddhima wapaas aa rahi hai!


A:Kya?Tum logh mazaak toh nahin kar rahe ho?

Just then Rahul entered from behind him.

Ra:No Armaan!Theyre seroius!Ridz is back from Lonavla fro 5 months to handle Sanjeevani!

Armaan was so excited…He could clear all of the misunderstandings,he could make room for him in her heart again, everythin would be ok once again!

15 Minutes Later…..

Ridz walked into Sanjeevani everyone was standing there.She was the same Riddhima,her long silky hair left open on her shoulders,she was wearing a blue-turquoise churidaar and matching earings. "She's the same as before,she's so beautiful maybe even more than the last time I saw her" thought Armaan.As he looked at her, the Ishq Leta Hai music starts playing in the background.

Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Intehaan (x2)

Ishq mein Jiyoon, Ishq mein Maroon, Ishq he Mera Bhagwan

(Bhagwan Echoes x2)

The Tune plays w/o Lyrics (like in the original song.)

Hai Rabba…

Tu he Meri Jaan, Tu he Jahaan,

Tu he Meri Manzil,Tere Ishq mein main Qurbaan….

Tune Again….

Hai Rabba…

Tu he meri Jaan,Tu he Jahaan,

Tu he meri Manzil, Tere Ishq mein main Qurbaan….

Tune plays & Song ENDS.

Ridz is now meeting everyone & everyone is extremely happy to see her. She meets Padma Ma,Sapna,Atul,Muskaan, & then sees Armaan…

Ridz's heart skips a beat,unfortunately ignoring Armaan wouldn't be as easy as she thought…

"He's still just like he was before,he still has that smile,those eyes,that face,it was all the same way she had left it."She thought.

She was about to say something to Armaan when Rahul jumped in front of him.

Ra:Hey Ridz!Yaar kitni der ho gayi tumme dekhe!

R:Oh Hi,Rahul!

Ra:Tumne mujhe miss kiya na Lonavla mein?

Armaan feels jealous that Ridz is still talking to Rahul & when she was abt to talk to him,Rahul had to jump in front. Muskaan,who knew that how much Armaan loved Ridz & saw how he felt decided to insult Rahul.

Mus:Haan Ridz!Rahul ne toh tumme bahut miss kiya!Tabhi toh har roz kabhi kissi nurse ko phool deta aur kabhi kiss ladki ki ko pyaar ka izhaar!

Ra:Shut Up!Ridz aisa kuch nahin hai,yeh toh Muskaan ko tum jaanti ho use mazaak karne ki aadat hai!Hai na?

Mus:Haan!Rahul ko bhi mazaak karne ki bahut aadat hai jaise jab who tumme khubsurat kehta hai!

Ra:Muskaan!Shut Up!

Muskaan laughs & decides to say no more,she had already done half the work so Ridz didn't think that Rahul was that innocent.

2 Hours Later…..

The party was over & the old meetings had ended.But Armaan & Ridz had still not said a word to each other until Dr. Keerti had to give Ridz her new assignment.

Ridz was walking observing the patients when Keerti saw her.

Ke:Dr. Riddhima!

R:Jee Dr. Keerti?

Ke:Yeh ek naya case aaya hai,jo aap ko aur Armaan ko saath mein sambalna hoga. Aap dono he itna mushkil case sambaal sakte hai.

R:Jee Armaan?

Keerti looks at her w/ killer eyes.

Ke:Kyun koi problem Dr. Riddhima?

R:Uhh..Je nahin!

Keerti sees Armaan walking around the corridor.

Ke:Dr Armaan!


Ke:Yeh case aapko aur Dr. Riddhima ko sambalna hai ok?Work together on it now.Aap dono chahe toh kissi ke cabin mein discuss. Kar sakthe hai.



Keerti leaves & both AR are silent,Ridz is looking down.


R:Oh Hi.

A:Toh chale?


Both AR walk into R's Cabin.

A:Riddhima,dekho yeh sab gussa chod do please!Dekho mere aur Maya ke beech mein…

R:Dr. Armaan!Mein yahaan sirf 5 mahinon ke liye aayi hoon aur who ek proffessional ki taran.

A:Matlab jo bhi kuch humare beech tha who katam ho gaya?

R:Who toh kab ka khatam ho gaya tha Armaan!Jis din tumne mere saath itna badha dokha kiya na us din humara yeh Rishta toot gaya tha!


With that,Ridz leaves the cabin leaving Armaan there.

Next Part:

Armaan is in Ridz's Cabin,he is starting to burst into tears…

Ridz is going to Keerti to let her change her partner.

Armaan pulls Ridz in the stair area.(The one that they always show in DMG)

A:Mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai.

Okay,so that's the end of Part 2,I think it was pretty long && I tried my best to capture the emotions & I worked really REALLY HARD so PLZ COMMENT!




Part 3:

Recap: Ridz packs for Sanjeevani,Anji leaves Bombay,Rahul plans to keep AR separated for the next 5 months,Ridz lands in Bombay,AR encounter,Armaan tries to clear the misunderstanding between them,Ridz leaves the cabin….

A:Riddhima!Meri baat toh suno!

But Armaan was too late,Riddhima had already left the cabin,he bgan to remember her words…

R:Jis din tumne mere saath itna bada dokha kiya that us din humare yeh rishta toot gaya that!

Tears filled his blue-gray eyes and slowly fell onto the ground,he couldn't believe it!Did she hate him so much?Was he that bad? He had been punished for a crime he didn't even do!

A:Kya tum mujhse itni nafrat karti ho Riddhima? Who lamhe,who pal,humara rishta kya who sab bhool gayi?itna wishwass nahi tha tumme mujh par aur humare rishte par?kya kya itna kamzor (weak) tha humara rishta?

He finally broke,all of the tears he had held for 3 years finally came out he felt as if all his hopes were gone. Wait what was he thinking?Was he gonna give up this easily? Had he given up when Ridz had been mad at him becuz of the bet? Or when they had had all of those small fights?So why was he thinking that all was lost?He would win win back Ridz in no time.

A:Riddhima dekhna aggar maine tumhara dil phir se in paanch mahino mein nahi jeeta na toh mera naam Armaan nahi!

15 Minutes Later……..

Ridz was wondering what she should do w/ this issue w/ Armaan!How could she work w/ him?He was so childish!

R:Jaissi shakal waissi hi akkal!Pagal surrat aur usse bhi pagal uski akkal!

Just then she saw Dr. Keerti.

R:Haan!Dr. Keerti!

She walked over to Keerti.

R:Dr Keerti!

Ke:Jee Dr. Riddhima?

R:Who….who main Armaan ke saath kaam nahi kar sakthi!

Ke:Kya?Dr. Riddhima!Aap Sanjeevani ki head ho gayi hai iska matlab yeh nahi ki aapke marzi mein jo aaye who karein!Padma ji ne mujhse yeh saaf saaf kaha tha ki mein aap aur Dr. Armaan ko saath mein karna hoga!

R:Kya maa ne?

Ke:Jee haan!Now back to work and I don't want any complaints!

Ridz was upset she made a puppy dog face.

R:Oh God.Armaaaan!!Lekin Maa ne…Dr. Keerti se kaha ki mujhe Armaan ke saath kaam karna hoga…?

R:whatever.kaam toh karna hoga ab yeh kahan hai?

Back In the Far Hallway of Sanjeevani…….

Armaan had his plan all ready! As soon as he saw Ridz he would pull her into the staircase and tell her everything, noone would be around not even Rahul! He started to look around for Ridz…

Finally he saw her looking lost.


He had no idea how to make her come into the staircase…

He walked in front of Riddhima, Riddhima who was also looking for Armaan said


Armaan just ignored her and walked into the staircase.

R:Isko kya hua?

She walked behind him into the staircase.

Armaan who was walking in front gave a lil cheer.

R:Armaan I don't understand.What are u doing?What the heck is wrong w/ u?

R:Tum bol kyun nahi rahe?Armaan?Armaan?!

Armaan turned around.

A:Tum jaana chahti ho ki mein yeh sab kyun kar raha hoon?


He came closer and closer to her until she hit the wall.

R:Dekho tum…

A:Dekh hi toh raha hoon..

Ridz was confused she just looked at him.

A:Main tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon…



A:Dekho main jaanta hoon ki tum mere baare mein tum kya soch thi ho…is liye main tumme saab sach sach bataana chahta hoon……

R:Armaan dekho mujhe tumhari saari sachayi already pata hai muhe yeh drama nahi chahiye ok?

A:Lekin Riddhima…

R:Mein tumse keh chooki hoon ki humare beech kuch nahi bacha Armaan!

A:Meri baat toh suno Riddhima!

R:Ab kehne sunne ko kuch nahi bacha!

A: Riddhima chahe tum kuch bhi samjhoa sach yeh hai ki mein tumse pyar karta tha,hoon,aur karta rahoon ga marte dam thak….aur….aur uske baad bhi! I Love You Riddhima!

R:& I Hate You Armaan!

With that,Ridz left the stairway & Armaan was left there.

Ok, so that was the end of Part 3.How was it?Plz leave ur comments & criticisms!I Know its been a long time but I promise I will update sooner this time. Promo for the next part will be posted soon.Thank You for being so patient!



Part 4:

Riddhima had left the staircase.She walked out with fury and anger.On the other handArmaan collapsed to his knees.What was wrong with her?Could she not see how much he loved her?His big blue-gray eyes filled with tears yet again,the second time in te same day.He never cried this much.Yet he realized that love hurt,alott.Both AR had been hurt in love.He wiped his tears,got up,and walked out of thestairway.He glanced at the clock,it was 6:25.He still had two hours,his duty ended at 8:25. He walked over to the GENERAL WARD. Meanwhile,in the General Ward, Nana had recieved news that Ridz had come back.He was now waiting to see Armaan. Armaan walked into the GENERAL WARD, he looked sad, no matter how hard he tried to show that nothinghad happened his eyes reflected that something was up.He walked over to Nana.

A:Nana kaise hai aap?

Na:Main teek hoon tu bata tu kaisa hai?

A:Main bhi teek hoon.

Na:eri shakal (face) se toh aisa nahin lagta.

A: Nahin Nana aisi koi baat nahin hai.Woh bass aankh mein kuch chala gaya tha.

Na:Teek tu jhoot bol.Lekin mujhe pata hai ki yeh us bulbul ke aane se hua hai.


Na:Arre..woh teri..kya naam hai uska?....haan Riddhima..Riddhima.

Armaan was silent he didnt know what to say or how to start.

Na:Tu kuch mat kar.Usse ke saath baat bhi na kar woh kar jo woh karti hai phir dekh kya hota hai.

A:Nana...aap bhi na!

Na:Meri baat nahin maanega toh woh atul se advice lega kya?

Armaan remembered all the times Atul gave Armaan advice and how his advice had failed.He remembered Ridz's slap.Armaan toched his cheek.

Na:Kyun yaad aaya na?

A:Nana aap apna khayal rakhiye.teek hai?Mein abhi gappu ko dekhta hoon.

Na:Teek Hai.Meri baat yaad rakhna.

Armaan walked to the water stand in Sanjeevani (one in DMG) and got a glass of water for himself.He thought about what he should do.Should he listen to Nana or go ask Atul for advice?But he knew what Atul would say..the saen thing go climb Ridz's pipe & get slapped by her.Again he remembered the tight slap she'd given him and walked away from the stand.He walked over to the CHILDREN'S WARD.Over there., Gappu as eating ladoos that Lovely was giving him.

A:Yeh kya kar rahe ho?

Both Gappu & Lovely were shocked to see Armaan there.

Lo:Dr. Armaan tussi?

A:Haanji. Mein ji.Te tussi ki kar rahe ho?

Lo:Oh Jee..Dr Armaan jee bechare ko bookh (gappu was hungray) lag rahi si.

A:Acha toh ladoo?Gappu tumhe kitni baar man kiya hai ki itna kao gay toh aur mote ho jaao gay.

Ga:Arre ek do ladoo se kya hoga?

A:Ek do?Tumhare saamne yeh pura dibba pada hai laddoon ka.Laao mujhe do.



Ga:Please sirf ek aur?


Gappu finally handed over the ladoos.

A:Chalo hum ek game khel te hai.Ok?

All of the kids were happy.Armaan put the blindfold on himself and started to catch one of the kinds.Ridz was just walking by the ward when she heard all of the noise.She peered into the ward and saw Armaan playing with all of the kids.Runiing around and giving  them chocolates and giving them his "magic shot".She smiled.

R:Bilkul nahin badla.Wahi Armaan jo bacon ke saath itna ghul mil jaata hai ki waqt ka hosh hi nahin rehta.

Armaan was then running around and playing w/ a small girl.She was running afer him because he wouldnt give her achocolate.The girl starting crying when she couldnt catch him.She sat down.Armaan smiled and then pulled outa big chocolate.She little girl started laughing.Armaan pulled hischeek forward & she gave him a kiss.Ridz laughed seeing this.She was so happy to see him happy so glad he was back in her life,she love....wait what was she thinking? could she have even thought that?Armaan who had betrayed her & lied to her & cheated her.She was glad to have him back in her life?!How could she?!She walked away and into her cabin where she lost in thought of how she couldnt control her feelings.Whatever it may be,she could not show them to Armaan or else he would have another oppurtunity to take over her money.Just then Muskaan & Atul walked in.

At:Jabse aayi ho tabse humare saath baat bhi nahin ki teek se.Apne puarane doston ko bhul gayi ho kya?

R:Nahin mein woh todhi busy ho gayi thi bass  aur kuch nahin.

Mu: Haan humme pata hai.

At:Yeh file tum Armaan ko de dena sign karne ke liye. Humme woh kahin dikhayi nahin de raha.

Mu:Haan pata nahin jabse tum aayi ho tabse kuch khoya khoya sa hai.

Ridz frowned , remembering what had happend between them in the stairway.

AM:Teek hai.Hum chalte hai.Baad mein canteen mein mile gay ok?

R:Ok Bye.

Atul & Muskaan walked of Ridz's cabin.

At:Yes!Kaam ho gaya!Ab dono finally ek doosre ke saath baat kare gay!

M:Ek minute,Atul woh toh sirf kaam ki baat hai,hum na aaj shaam in dono ko bahaane se club le jayen gay.Teek hai?



At:Ur a genius yaar!

Mu:I know!Chale?Aggar Hitler aa gayi toh...

At:Oh Haan chalo!

End of Part 4.Promo will be posted soon.Sorry again for updating late.Please comment & leave any suggestions or criticism.Thank you.PLZ COMMENT!



Part 5:

Riddhima walked out of her cabin just after Atul & Muskaan had left. She decided to find Armaan and get her work over with him as she did not want to deal with him much anymore, she just wanted to ignore him, she felt a bit weird after what she had felt in the Children's Ward. She was in the hallway when she did not see him.

R:Strange…. He's always here….. Where is he?

She walked over to the reception area to ask Sister Lovely, whom was busy studying Atul's photo.

R:Sister Lovely?

Lovely was so busy looking at Atul that she did not see or notice Riddhima standing there,

R:Sister Lovely?

R:Sister Lovely!

Lovely finally came to her senses.

Lo: Oh Dr. Riddhima jee aap?

R: Haan kya apne Armaan ko kahi dekha hai?

Lo:Nahin jee. Kyun koi kaam tha?

R:Nahin koi baat nahin……

Lovely went back to studying Atul's photo.

R:Na koi shor aur uski awaaz bhi nahin sunayi de rahi……


Just then she saw Armaan walking torward the water fountain.


Armaan stopped but then rembered Nana's words…………

"Tu kuch math kar who kar joh who karti hai phir dekh kya hota hai."

He continued walking acting like he didn't hear her.

R: Armaan! Armaan! Armaan!

Armaan finally stopped at the water stand taking a glass filling it up w/ water, acting like there was no angry Riddhima standing there.


He finally turned around all relaxed and calm acting like she hadn't been yelling his name for the past 5 minutes.

A:Tumhe kya hua?Tumne kahin apna chehra aine (mirror) mein toh nahin dekha?Tab he itni lal ho hai na? Dekho har koi khubsurat toh nahin ho sakta toh paani piyo and just----

R:Armaan just shut up! Mein tumhe yeh sign karne ke liye……………

A:Bas! Mein apni jaedaat (wealth) tumhare naam nahin kar sakta!

R:Will you please stop tha old dialogue of yours?! Yeh patient ke discharge papers hain!

A:Oh!Toh do na!Tum right to the point nahin aa sakti thi! Oh my god Riddhima tum bhi na time bahut waste karti ho!

R:Mein tumhe pichle 5 minutes…………….

A: I don't wanna hear it! No more excuses! Dekho ab tum sirf ek doctor hi nahin Sanjeevani ki head ho gayi ho!Todhi toh responsible bano!


A:Just leave it! Next time yeh galati math karna ok?

& he had had completed his water and headed back to his ward for duty.


Atul & Muskaan, who were watching AR's fight from behind were astonished of how these 25 year olds could act like children.

Mu: Atul?


Mu:Yaar yeh dono toh phir se………..

At:Haan yaar! Tum yeh batao ki humara plan ready hai?

Mu:Haan! Ab bas in dono ko raazi karna hai!

At:Muskaan mein kya kahoon?Your too good!

Mu: I know yaar!


It was now 8:55 PM , End of the Doctor's duty. Riddhima entered the locker room angry from all of today's arguments, Armaan had now even started to call her basket again! Armaan entered the locker room satisfied, teasing basket was actually fun, he was starting to remember old times.


R:Kya hai? Aur tumhe kitni baar kehna padega ki mera naam Riddhima Gupta hai not basket!Aggar tumne ek aur baar mujhe basket kaha toh…….



Armaan smiled his dimple smile, which made his eyes light up.

Riddhima was just about to yell at Armaan, just when Muskaan & Atul entered the locker room, ready to put their plan into action.

They both went to their lockers opened them and put their stuff in.

At: Muskaan?

Mu: Haan Atul?

At: Tumhey nahin lagta ki humhe kahin jaana chahiye, I mean kahin bahar…

Mu: Haan! Yaar it's so boring hum har waqt kaam hi karte rehta hai!

AR raised their eyebrows, wondering how weird these words were coming from AM's mouth who were usually the talkative and workaholic ones.

At: Aur ab toh Ridz bhi aa gayi hai 3 saalon ke baad! Humhe Celebrate karna chahiye!

Mu:Haan yaar!What say guys?

R: Nahin im tired aaj bahut logh mujhe pareshan kar rahe the…

She said looking at Armaan.

A: Haan sab ko toh tum hi mili pareshan karne ke liye

Mu: Stop it guys! Ridz please chalo na! Dekho itne saalon baad aayi ho toh celebrate karna hi chahiye!Aur tum Armaan?

A: Haan mein toh chaloon ga.

R: Obviously. Wahaan bahut saari ladkiaan jo hogi.

A thinking: Aur un ladkion ke saath flirt kar ke mein tumhe jalaoon ga. (Ill make you jealous.)

At: Ridz tum bhi na please yaar come on itll be fun!

Even though the last thing Riddhima wanted to do was spend another hour or two w/ Dr. Armaan Malik, she agreed only for the sake of her friends.


The four friends reached the club.

A:Tum sab kya loge?

Mu: Mein coke loongi.

At : Mein Bhi! It saves water.

A: Aur tum basket.

R: Coke. No Ice.

A: Atul? Tumhe nahin lagta kuch jal raha hai?

At : Nahin yaar.

A: Yaar ab toh smell bhi aa rahi hai. Chalo na kahi aur jaate hai.

Ridz, who was standing right behind Armaan was burning w/ anger her face had nearly turned red.

But Armaan was determined to make his pyaari basket even more angry and jealous, so he went to the dance floor and started dancing w/ girls. He looked back at Ridz, who was staring at him w/ disgust. He turned around and touched a girl's waist. He may have been smiling from outside but inside his heart was burning.


After about 1 hours, the four decided to leave the club.

At:Bye Guys!


Atul had taken his "Voice Against Pollution" bike home and Muskaan took a taxi home. Now only AR were left, who gave each other dirty looks and went to their rides. While Ridz was walking towards a cab, it started raining. A couple of goons came out of a car and started to bother Ridz.

Armaan in his car, noticed the goons.He got out quickly.

A:Chodo usse.

Goon: Nahin chodo ga. Kya kar lega tu?

A:Mein ne kaha na usse chod do.

The goon pulled Ridz to him and put a gun to her head.

Go: Aggar age aaye toh isse mar daloon ga!

R:Armaan jaao!

A: Lekin Riddhima….

R: Armaan please.

Armaan kicked the goon and took the gun in his hand. He punched the goon so hard he started bleeding.The goon then ran away.

Armaan turned back and saw that Ridz's suit sleeve had ripped and she was soaking wet. He put his jacket on her while a song started to playing in the background.

Bewaafai ka Dard Tadap aaye……….

Beete Lamhon ki yaad jo aayi……….

Tune mere dil ko todha……….

Tanha Tanha Mujhko Chodha….

Kyun kiya aisa sitam?

Hum Tumhare Hain Tumhare Sanam

Hum Tumhare Hain Tumhare Sanam

Janemaan Mohabbat ki har kasam ki kasam

Na Juda honge hum……..


End of Part 5. Sorry for updating late guys. As some of you know, my grandma was not well. Thanks so much for waiting!Im very happy with the response ive been getting from this FF, only 4 parts and over 100 comments! For that, A BIG HUG GOES TO ALL OF YOU!Smile


I tried to make this part as long as possible i was supposed to update yesterday but then i got an Internet Explorer error after spending 2 hrs!PLZ COMMENT!



Part 6:

The goons had all ran away by now & Armaan looked at Ridz who was wet and feeling cold. He took of his jacket and handed it to her.

A:Yeh lo.

R: Mujhe nahin chahiye.

A: Basket please lelo na!

R:Maine tumse …

A:Kitni baar kaha hai ki mujhe basket mat bulao right? Ok fine nahin bulaaonga aggar tum yeh jacket lelo gi.

R: Ok fine.

He draped the jacket around her.

A: Chalo mein tumhe ghar chod deta hoon.

R: Nahin its fine main khud auto mein chali jaoongi.

A: Toh tumhare peeche aur goonde pad jaye?

R: Nahin…

A:Chalo zid mat karo!

He went to the other side of his car which was a black Mercedes and opened the door for Ridz.

A: Beto aur …


A: Riddhima phikar mat karo mein tumhara rape nahin karoonga.

They both laughed for a second and then Ridz stopped and he closed the door and sat on the other side, the moment turned awkward as they both remembered their past times traveling in the same car. Just then as AR were heading torwards the Gupta Residence, a man came to their car.

Ma: Sahib jee wahaan aage mat jaan!

A: lekin kyun?

Ma: Sahib wahaan katra hai kyun ki haalat bahut karab hai ek sarkari workers ki strike chal rahi hai!


R:Mein ghar kaise jaaongi?

A:Riddhima dekho wahaan nahin jaa sakte tumhari jaan ko katra hai ek kaam karte hain tume mere ghar chalo.


A:Mein Padma Aunty ko phone kar doonga & don't worry wahaan naukar hain.

R: Lekin…

A: Riddhima aur koi raasta bhi nahin hai!

R:Teek hai.

Armaan made a U-turn torwards his house and left the street intersection. After about 25 minutes, they reached the front of Armaan's house where Armaan pared his car, he exited out of his door and went to Riddhima's side and opened the door for her and she exited out of the car.


A:No problem.

They both started to go to the door of the house where Armaan unlocked the door and it was all dark inside except for a light in one of the rooms on the far side.

Armaan's House:

(Sorry guys I know its typical but I couldn't find one that was different in other forums and I also didn't have time to search on google.)

R:Yahaan itna andhera kyun hai?I mean tumhara parivaar?

A:Oh haan!Parsu Ram!(name used by Armi in DMG lol)

A servant dressed in typical servant attire w/ dhoti,shirt,and a red neck scarf came out.

A: Jimmy aur Tommy kahan hai?

PR : Jee who dona bahar yard mein.

R: Yeh Jimmy aur Tommy kaun hai?

A: Chalo dikhata hoon

They walked to the backside of the house.

A:Yeh rahe Jimmy aur Tommy.

Two dogs came running to Armaan and Armaan petted them.

R:Tumhara parivaar?

A:Yehi hai.

R:Oh.Tumhare maa baap?

A:Who ab is duniya mein nahin rahe.Zindagi bhi ajeeb hoti hai pata nahin kaise kaise khel kelti hai humare saath.Bachpan mein Maa guzar gayi aur jawaani mein dad.Maa ki yaad mein sharaab pine ki aadat se…

R:Oh.Im Sorry.

A:No don't be. Jab who mere saath the toh maine shrat todhi rakhi thi ki hamesha who mere saath hi rahege gay? Aur waise bhi who aaaj bhi yahaan hain mujhe dekh rahe hain.

A tear came from his eye and slid down his cheek.

R:Tum teek toh ho na?

A:Yeah.Im fine. Chalo andar chalte hain.

R: Teek hai.

A: Mein Parsu Ram ko keh deta hoon ki who doosra kamra kol de.Parsu Ram!

PR: Jee chite sahib?

A:Who wala kamra kol dena.

PR: Sahib who kamra toh itne saalon se band pada hai aur uski safaye bhi nahin huye hai.

A:Pehle kol ke toh dekh lete hain.

Parsu Ram got the keys of the room and opened the room, as it was opened they saw that the room was very dirty and there were also spider webs.

A:Oh.Who doosra wala?

Parsu Ram got the other key and opened the other door but they found the room dirty again.

A:Ab toh doh hi option bache hain.Ya toh servant room mein ya mere kamre mein….

R:Umm…kuch bhi chale ga.

A:Teek hai.

Armaan opened the door to his room and entered. He went to his cabinet and took out a pair of sweat pants.

A:Umm Yeh lo.Im sorry yahaan mere paas salwar-kameez nahin hain.Tumhey abhi issi se hi guzaara karna hoga.

R:Its ok.Aur waise bhi tumharey paas salwar-kameez kahan se aaye ga?Tum kya pehle salwar-kameez pehen kar ghoomte the?

A:Arre nahin.

R:Ok mein change karke aati hoon.Bathroom?

Armaan pointed to the door inside his room.


A:No problem.

After Ridz left, Armaan smiled.

A:Basket.Tum bhi maan gayi ki mujhse zyaada der gussa rehna tumharey liye possible nahin hai.Waise ab dosti toh ho hi gayi hai.Aur kissi great admi ne hi kaha hai ki Dosti Hi…..(he paused to remember like he always does in DMG) Pyar ki pehli seed hai!Dosti hi Pyar ki pehli seedi hai right!Ab toh dheere dheere pyar bhi ho jaye ga.

Meanwhile,in the bathroom Ridz was done taking a shower and was changing into Armaan's clothes which were huge on her. She walked out,her hair was wet and the shirt was down to her mid-thighs and the pants went to the ground.

Armaan's eyes sparkled as he looked at her in his clothes and her hair which was still wet, he felt as if no one could be as beautiful as her, as if he could not explain.

R: Umm…Armaan I know mein bahut funny lag rahi hoon lekin…

A:Nahin Basket..errr Riddhima tum bahut achi lag rahi ho aisa kuch bhi nahin ho…

R:Sach?Par phir tum aise ghoor ghoor kar kyun dekh rahe the?

A:Pehli baar kissi aur ko apne kapade mein dekh raha hoon na,issi liyeh!

A:Ek minute mein chang kar ke aata hoon.

He went to his cupboard and pulled out khakhi army print shorts and a black muscle tee. He took it and went into the bathroom.After about 5 mins, Armaan came out of the bathroom and found Ridz still standing there.

A:Tum abhi tak soyin nahin?

R:Uhh mein kahan soun?

A:Oh haan!Sorry bataana bhool gaya! Tum bed lelo aur mein sofa par so jaoonga ok?

R:Lekin Armaan its your room!Mein tumharey bed par kaise?

A;Dekho tum yahaan kahaan roz sone wali ho!Ek raat ke liye manage kar loonga mein!Don't Worry!

R:But Armaan…

A;Riddhima!Mein kuch nahin suna chahta chup chap so jaao!



R:Ok fine.

Riddhima settled herself on the bed and pulled the sheets on her and Armaan took a blanket and went to sleep on the sofa. S Riddhima fell asleep,his eyes gazed upon her admiring her beauty.

Na Hai Yeh Paana…

Na Kona hi Hai….

Tera Naa Hona Janeee…

Kyun Hona hi hai?

Tumse Hi Din hota Hai…

Surmayee Shaam Aati Hai…

Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi…

Har Ghadhi Saans Aaati Hai…

Zindagi Keh Laati Hai….

Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi

Na Hai Yeh Paana…

Na Kona Hi Hai….

Tera Na Hona Janeee…

Armaan remembers past moments spent w/ Ridddima.

Kyun Hona Hi Hai?

Aankhon Mein Aankhen…

Teri Bahon Mein Bahen…

Teri, Beraana Mujh Mein Ho Gaya Huya Kya?

Baaton Mein Baatein…

Teri Raatein Saughadein…

Teri, Kyun Tera Sab Yeh Ho Gaya?

Hua Kya..?

Armaan shifts his attention into a dream where he's in the hospital looking at files and he sees Ridz looking like an angel in a Beautiful Red Churidaar all happy and smiling,she touches his face and kisses him on the cheek and disappears.

Mein Kahin Bhi Jaata Hoon,

Tum Se Hi Mil Jaata Hoon…

Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi

Shor Mein Khamoshi Hai,

Todhi Si Behoshi Hai,

Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi

Armaan now saw Riddhima and him talking in the staircase room just like old times. He saw him moving her hair from her face and kissing her forehead.

Adha Sa Waada,

Kabhi Aade Se Zyada,


Jee Chahe Kar Loon Is Tarah…

Wafaa Ka…

Chode Na Choote, Kabhi Todhe Na Toote….

Kabhi, Jo Daagha Tumse Judh Gaya…

Wafaa Ka…

He now sees them facing each other w/ a spotlight, (Like DMG October 10th Episode, when Asmani Rang Ho plays for the first time)

Mein Tera Surmaya Hoon…

Jo Bhi Mein Ban Paya Hoon,

Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi

Raaste Mil Jaate Hain,

Manzilein Mil Jaati Hain,

Tum Se Hi,Tum Se Hi,

Now we see Armi sleeping on the sofa and Ridz on the bed, both are dreaming about each other.

Na Hai Yeh Paana,

Na Kona Hi Hai,

Tera Na Hona Janeee….

Kyun Hona Hi Hai?


The scene shifts from night to morning, the sun shone through the window waking Armaan up he was at first in a dream state but came back to his senses realizing the current status of his relationship w/ Riddhima. The dream had been the best dream he had had in years.

A: What a sweet sapna! Hey Bhagwan isse pura kar doh na!

His gaze shifted torward Riddhima who was sleeping on the bed, his bed , it made him feel like he was on cloud nine. He came close to her in his admirance no t realizing what he was doing, he put his hand on her face and moved a strand of hair that seemed to be itching her and leaned over to kiss her forehead.

A: I Love You Riddhima. I Love You A lot. Tumharey bina mein jee nahin sakta aur jabse tum gayi thi aisa laga ki jaise meri zindagi zindagi nahin rahi. I can't live without you. I need you. You're my life. Mein jaanta hoon ki tum abhi mujh se naraaz ho par I Promise ki mein tumhara dil phir se jeet loonga. I Love You….

About 30 minutes later, it was now 9:00 in the morning, Ridz woke up. She got up from the bed, made it and then walked to the kitchen where she saw someone in a cooking hat and apron. He turned around and smiled at her it was Armaan!

R :Armaan!What are you wearing?

A:Good Morning Ms. Riddhima Gupta! Yeh li jiye app ki chai aur biskets aur saath mein aap ka newpaper!

R:Armaan yeh sab?

A: Breakfast!Dekho tum pehli baar yahaan aayi ho toh aap ne bhagwan samman mehmaan ke liye breakfast!Aur tum jaldi se ready ho jao! Padma Aunty ko maine phone kar diya hai aur who aap ko hospital mein hi milengi toh tum ab breakfast kar ke jaldi se taiyaar ho jao ok?

R: Par mere kapade?

A: No problem tum mere pehn lena!

R:Armaan mein tumhare kapade kaise…?

A: Arre im joking yaar! Yeh lo!

He pulled out a shopping beag with a beautiful green and red salwar-kameez.

R: Armaan yeh toh bilkul naya lagta hai!

A: Haan actually dekho ab yahaan se nikal te toh humme der ho jaati toh you know maine socha ki mein tumhare liye todhi si shoping kar doon!

He said smiling and winking.

R: Yeh sab ki kya zaroorat thi?

A: Its ok Riddhima don't worry yaar! Tum fikar bahut karti ho!Tumhar dimag nahin phatta? (Doesn't ur brain explode taking so much tension?)

R: Armaan u too much!Tum se koi jeet nahin sakta!

A:I know…

By now, Ridz had finished her breakfast. She was heading torwards the sink to put her dishes away.

A: Ill take that!

R: Armaan its ok Ill put it away.

A: Riddhima jao taiyaar hone ki liye .

R: Lekin…

A: I don't want to hear anything!Go!Go Riddhima!

She walked to the room w/ the salwar-kameez and went into the bathroom.

Armaan also went to get ready and came out 15 minutes later and after another half hour Riddhima was ready. She walked out w/ her silky hair left open and kajal in her eyes the color of the churidaar suited her and she looked very beautiful.

Armaan was dressed in a white shirt with the button halfway open and blue jeans w/ black Gucci designer sunglasses.

A: Tum bahut achi lag rahi ho!


A: Kis liye? Your beautiful you don't neeed to be told that!

R: Flirt kar rahe ho?

A: Aggar kar raha hoon toh?Chale?

R: Haan.

They both walked outside and got into Armaan's black Mercedes.


Precap: Rahul is back and asking Ridz where she got her churidaar and telling her it looks good on her, Ridz tells Rahul that Armaan gave it to her.

Ra: Yeh Armaan ka kuch karna padega!

What will Rahul do next?Will he be able to stop AR's blooming friendship?Read the next part!Sorry again!I tried to put as many AR scenes in this part aftera real long time. I dont know if they actually touched ur heart the way actual AR scenes do. Im a horrible writer so please bare w/ me and criticize me as much as possible in ur comment!I deserve it , this part sucked i cannot write AR scenes!












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forevercharmed IF-Rockerz

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it was realllllly good! im totally interested in this! u have to continue soon! im dying to know what their confrontation will be like! please continue soon! Embarrassed and great job! Clap Clap Clap

hira_786 IF-Dazzler

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its such a cute n touchin part hunEmbarrassed..i realli enjoyed it..
Omh 3 yrs has passed ..wowTongue
it was very well Ar are assigned to wwork together eh.. lets c wha happens..
Cont soonBig smile

Lotssa luv;HiraTongue
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it's grt....plz cont Clap Clap
perfectpiscean IF-Rockerz

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ooo...its fantabulous...gud concept n awesum part...plz cont. sooon...i really liek dis ff!


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Super.woman Senior Member

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hey tht was kool........plz continue soon.n hope u let d truth out 4 ridz very soon............
luv ur ff
kdrs Goldie

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Hey, The starting is good! Continue soon!
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really nce part
continue soon Clap

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