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jenim Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2008 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by giriadimai

  Have you heard the song ilaiya nila pozhigiradhu from Payanangal mudivadhilai
   "Mugilinangal alaigiradhe mugavarigal tholaindanavo
    mugavarigal thavariyadhal azhudhidumo adhu mazhaiyo"

- what an imagination ? But how many understand this?

I was mentioning this stanza to my teenage cousin and he asked me why shud this Mukil character wander around the streets looking for his girl friend and cry Confused Cry (I am crying here)
I am sure he wud hv understood the meaning clearly if the lyrics were something like

   "Loosu megam loosu megam loosu megam
    Kirukku thanama neeyum ippo loosa sutthure
    Address tholanjiccha, azhugai vandichha
    En mel en mel adhanal mazhai vanduccha?"

I'm spellbound!

What an awesome explanation with "Loosu Megam"!! Clap Clap


rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2008 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Paattukku paatteduthu
Naan paaduvathu kekkaliya?
Sandai paattu enna enru
Solla inge yaarum illiya??? Embarrassed Embarrassed
Vinuthasri Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2008 at 12:45pm | IP Logged

oh my god. I was not here yday. So many pages and so many lovely arguements.
Everyone's argument is so amazing. I love you all guys. :)
Netra, Karthikka, Giri:  Super. ClapClapClap
I loved Rojakka's comparison of dole and nee ennenna. I hope the younger generation will understand the ilai marai kaay explanation. Rojakka, you explained the term very well. ClapClap
Karthikka wrote: (Ilamai idho idho)
What message is that song supposed to convey? That every teenage girl, who are innocent and pure, are eyeing this middle-aged Lothario and that is what "youth" and "enjoyment" is all about?? That college girls, instead of concentrating on their studies, have their eyes on a tightly-clad in gold pants Kamal who would look more at hoNowme with the Village People (see and have another group of people having their kangal on his meethu. (I still have that image of Kamal in tight gold trousers in my mind. *shudders* I know that it has nothing to do with the debate, but ladies, I never recovered!!!)

Karthikka: Eyeing on the hero is not "youth"(ilamai) and "enjoyment"(inimai) as per the lyrics.The hero enters the stage and says he is the personification of ilamai and inimai. He is not telling them that eyeing him is ilamai and inimai.
(Ok, off the debate, if a man fully covered with pants gives you the shudders, I pity your condition when you see young girls exposing so much these days.)

Oram po song:
Other than the eve teasing part, my ignorant mind doesn't find anything with double meaning in this song. I am not very smart. :)
Please watch here:

Enna thavam seydhanai song: Karthikka, it is a good point that old lyrics make a good impact on the newer generation. In 80's there are whole barathiyar songs like nalladhor veenai seydhe,(varumaiyin niram sivappu)
jaadhi malli poo charame (barathidasan) (azhagan)
All ezhaavadhu manidhan songs
thamizhukkum amudhenru per(Panchavarnak kili) 60's
and lots of other whole songs have appeared. That doesn't give credit to 80's songs.
I am glad that younger generation which is not exposed to such good literature enjoy these classical songs.
I like it in parthiban kanavu but the lyrics that follow... cigarette, meesai...explanations....doesn't appeal too much.
Husband baby comparison may be not your cup of tea but opinions differ. We respect your opinion but there is no denying the fact that the song is widely popular and liked by so many.
I agree that there are good songs in recent times about friendship, nature, relationships etc because the lyricist cannot write anything vulgar there.
Like you, I was expecting the 60's as old times and was disappointed. But there are songs which are not classic even in the 60's. Good and bad is present everywhere. What matters is the ratio.

Netra: The younger generation have the time to call FM stations and dedicate songs to friends or lovers. Even if some older generation people call and ask for old songs, channels like sun tv in "neengal kettavai" and pepsi uma programme want to telecast and popularise only new songs. If a caller leaves it to the preferance of uma"edhavadhu oru paatu podunga" they will immediately telecast ONLY new songs. So, when you take vote also, same thing will happen. Only younger generation will cast votes. After next 20 years, you will be arguing the same thing with the then younger generation saying oldies(2000-2010) are better. I hope times will change and bring out good lyrics. But I am glad that atleast karthika and me agree that 60's are the evergreen songs. :) Netra, I quoted new songs from the movies I have seen and I don't know many of them. There was one song in the malaysia cultural night programme danced by Nameetha, "saturday night partyku polaam variyaa?" nalla munnetram.
Netra says:
What else is needed more? And Fluid, I don't have to read the songs that have been quoted for the old section because if I do, I would be fast asleep.

Pls don't say like this. Someone else may say the same thing about the lines you quoted.

Giri: Loosu megam..hilarious version.
So, you agree that only words like this would appeal to the current generation? So sad ma.
Your attempt to defend kalyanam song.... kadavule, giri why why? kattikkalaam and peththukkalaam ku 2 line le 2 different meanings?? Even the lyricist would not have known these meanings when he wrote that song.

Giri, Caryn, Karthikka, Netra: I enjoyed this debate very much and I am glad that I got a chance to interact with 2 new people karthika and Netra. You have done justice to your arguments.
Our team members Rojakka, Jas, Uma and Kavi have done a wonderful job.

Edited by Vinuthasri - 18 January 2008 at 12:50pm
Fluidd Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2008 at 2:33pm | IP Logged

Giri akka karpanai valam aruviya kottarthe.... yennakku pullu mattum illa marame arikarthu.... konjam kaala kaamekureengala.... innum naan sirikartha niruthamudiyala.....

Congrats to Giri, Karthikka, Netra and Caryn  Clap for being a good defending team. I liked all your arguments.

Congrats to Roja akka, Jas, Kavi, and Vinu for nice points and nice songs.

Good and bad is everywhere spreaded.

All of you know the existence of this song  from movie Youth:
Generally everyone like Sakarai nilave or Sahiye song from this movie, but
Kindly all of you read the following lyrics.

Santhosam santhosam vaazhkaiyil pathi balam
santhosam illai yendral manidarkku yethu balam
puyal mayyam kondal mazhai mannil
yetha themaikullum siru nanmai undu

Vetriyai polve oru tholviyum nallathdai
vepam poovilum siri thean thuli ullathdai
kuttram sollamal oru suttram illayadi
vilayum punnagaiyal nee irutukku vellaiyadi
thavarugal panni panni thirunthiya piragu
naagareengam piranthathdai
thavarugal pizhai alla sarivigal veezhchi alla
paadam padai pavala kodi
ullam yenbadhu kavalaigal kidakum kuppai thotti illai
ullam yenbathu poonthotti aanaal naalaikku thunbam illai
puyal mayyam kondal mazhai mannil  unndu
yetha themaikullum siru nanmai undu

Aadhiyil aandavan intha boomiyai padaithaane
avan aasaiyai poolave intha boomi amamiyalaye
aandavan aasaiye ingu poiyaai pooi vidil
manithanin aasaigal meiaavadu saathiyama
nanmai yendrum theemai yendrum
naalu pergal solluvathu nammudaiya pizhai illaye
thunbam yendra sippikkul thaan inbam yendra muthu varam
thunintha pin bayamillaye
kannir thuliyil vairangal seiyum kalaigal kandukol (No one shud cry b'cos our tears are like diamonds)
kaalukku seruppu yeppadi vanthadu mulukku nandri soll
puyal mayyam kondal mazhai mannil  unndu
yetha themaikullum siru nanmai undu

Thanks for reading with patience.

Edited by Fluidd - 18 January 2008 at 2:50pm
Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2008 at 10:56pm | IP Logged

Thank you Vinu said, opinions differ. Definitely I never liked the Kannan Oru Kai Kuzhundai song. Yet another example that there is a minority, and minority's opinions are as important as the majority's. Smile

Vinu, you have already rebutted to the Illamai Itho Itho song and I have replied, so I won't rebut your second attempt at rebuttal. And Vinu, you'll be quite surprised at the number of things I can really handle. Wink Young girls in skimpy clothes are jujubee, I have seen worse but guys wearing tight gold pants which are very tight in a certain area, scare the hell out of me. My cousin noticed it first and pointed out to me. Embarrassed *shudders*

Difficult to argue against 60s/70s though. Right now the song being played in Sun Music is "Aha mela nada, mela nada meni ennagum." Just before that it was "Oru penne parthen, nilavei parthen"....I just love the songs - the voice of TMS and the lyrics of Kannadasan. Sigh. Big smile

By the way, I am NOT younger generation. LOL Hehehe. I just love music, regardless the language and the era. For example, on my iPod I have Persian, Malay, Hindi, Greek and South African songs....and I have Polladhavan, Vasantha Mullai, Madhuraike Pogadhe, Ennadi Muniyama, En chela peru apple (I love that song) LOL etc.

Jay, when I meant golden oldie, I meant this song was outside the time range that your team were given, so dock points for you!! Tongue Tongue LOL

At the end of the day as the French would say, vive la difference!!

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basanthi Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2008 at 11:26am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
usha_pooja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2008 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Hey guys this is my ever first debate i have done in my life, normally im the silent bird in these type of things. Im extremely sorry for the delay since i had delays. Here's my ever postings:

Like the old team mentions, old is gold but, dont people realise to say that some new songs also follow the same trend as old songs. In terms of lyrics. Take for example the songs from Autograph where two songs have splendid meanings about life. Even one song, the singer Chitra has won a national award (I think?) for this song. The name of the song I recall is Ovaru Pookalumey:

Ovvoru pookalumey solkirathey
Vaazhvendraal poaraadum poarkalamey

Ovvoru pookalumey solkirathey
Vaazhvendraal poaraadum poarkalamey
Ovvoru vidiyalumey solkirathey
Iravaanaal paghal ondru vandhidumey
Nambikkai enbathu vaendum num vaazhvil
Latchiyam nichchayam vellum oru naalil
Maname oh maname nee maarividu
Malayoa athu paniyoa nee moadhi vidu

Ullam endrum eppoadhum
Udainthu poaghe koodaathu
Enne indhe vaazhkayendre
Ennam thoandre koodaathu
Endhe manithan nenjukkul
Kaayam illai sollungal
Kaalapoakil kaayamellaam
Marandhu poaghum maayangal ...

From this lyrics you can see that each sentence, has a meaning which, is based on human life especially for childrens. From listening to this song I realise how lucky are we to be in this world and privilaged however, there are people who dont have this experience.

The second song is Manamae Nalame:

Maname nalama
Undhan maatrangal nijama
Pudhu pudhu vidhama
Aedhoa vandhathey sughama

Nee sollu nadanthathu enne
Enai maatri poanathu enne
Avalai naan kandukondain
Angey naan tholainthu poanaen

Maname nalama
Undhan maatrangal nijama
Pudhu pudhu vidhama
Aedhoa vandhathey sughama


Maname nalama
Undhan maatrangal nijama
Pudhu pudhu vidhama
Aedhoa vandhathey sughama

Nee sollu nadanthathu enne
Enai maatri poanathu enne
Avalai naan kandukondain
Angey naan tholainthu poanaen

This song is another fanstastic song since, it reflects on our childhood lives. That we faced whlist back at home what naughty things we have done, our first time doings based on activities we have done and so on. The lyrics can bring back hapiness into life.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this and sorry if this is not too standard. Its my first time.

Take care and i will write more later on. Bye Bye

Lyrics taken from
netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2008 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Great Usha Clap Clap Clap

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