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Anju akka, I believe its Punjab and Haryana who has the highest ratio of killing girl babies, not TN. I am not trying to say this cause I am from TN, but you wrote "TN is the one of the highest in killing gal babies" Wink

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Meli, much as we hate to admit, TN is "one of the
highest" in this atrocity - I shudder even to
make a mention.

Anju, thanks ma - not a Pearl Harbor attack, after
all!!! Thanks Kadavule, u did carry Roja's message
to " whomsoever" it was meant. Embarrassed Embarrassed


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Shocked It is?? I guess I most be unaware/choose to be blind of the scary truth of TN Ouch Newspapers here always mention Punjab & Haryana as the province with highest ratio Confused

Aha, I should have got the hint about woman evolution last time we talked LOL

I even know a few songs I thinkEmbarrassed



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This is an innocent question out of curiosity and my memory failure.
In the movie autograph, who is the step mother? Though I have watched this movie, only this song remains fresh in my mind.
Thanks in advance. :)
Anju dear, ennamaa theme kodukkireenga?




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I am posting on the behalf of old song supporter team. :) This is team work.
Thanks to all my team members for letting me post it.

Evolution of women in tamil film songs:

Indian woman have been respected as Goddess of the house (Mahalakshmi) on one hand, while being abused by the male chauvinistic society. Rivers have been given the name of women and are being worshipped as Goddesses. Tamil film songs have shown ueducated women evloving as liberated individuvals proving themselves sometimes even superior to the opposite sex in all fields.
There was a saying,"aduppu oodhum pengalukku padippedharku?", meaning education is a luxury for women. This song refers to the educated heroine by the hero and is targetted at all the womenfolk.
Movie is "Nizhal nijamaagiradhu"
kamban yemaandhaan
iLam kanniyarai oru malar enRaane
kaRpanai seydhaane
kamban yemaandhaan

aaththiram enbadhu peNgaLukkellaam
aduppadi varai thaane?
oru aadhikka naayagan saadhikka vandhaal
adangudhal muRai thaane?

Movie: Vivasaayi
ippadith thaan irukka vendum pombaLE
Engleeshu padichchaalum inbath thamizh naattile
ippadith thaan irukka vendum pombaLE

The hero asks the educated heroine not to dress in an exposing manner and not to wear lipstick and have a long plait.
Udhattu mele sivappu saayam theettak koodaathu
poo mudichcha koonthal pazhaiya neeLam(Long hair irukkuthaa ippo?
pombaLainga ellaththukkum puruvam(Eye brows) irukkuthaa?
Kazhuthai theinji Katterumbaachchu naattile
pengaL kaariyathai aambiLai paarkiraan veettile

The heroine still loves the hero inspite of all this advice and sings,
naaLukku naaL nagareegam maaRidum pOdhu
konjam naamaLum thaan maaRikkalaam
adhile thappedhu?

ellaroda ennaiyum neenga serkkak koodathu
Velai edhu Koduthaalum seiven adhile thappaathu

Here the uneducated village farmer(sivaji) marries a foreign educated ultra modern Jayalalitha and expects her to be so full of tamil culture even if the husband is dominating.
Movie: Pattikkaadaa pattanamaa?
Song: nal vaazhththu naan sollven

Nal vaazhththu naan sollven
nalla padi vaazhgavenru
kalyaanak kovilile kanavan oru dheyvam ammaa
maappiLLaiyai veruththaalum
vaasal padi thaaNdaathE
kObam koNdu uthaiththaalum
koNdavanai vathaikkaathE
Even if a woman hates her husband, she should not leave him. Even if he hits and kicks her, she should tolerate it and not hurt his feelings.

However educated a woman is, men need dowry to marry her, though it is a consolation that times are changing nowadays.

Movie: VilakketriyavaL
varisaiyaa maappiLLai varuvaaru
seer varisaiyaip paarththaa sirippaaru
seer varisaiyaip paarththaa thaan sirippaaru
padiththa manaivi enRu thEdi varuvaar
paarvaikku azhagenRu Odi varuvaar
aduppangkaraikku silar aaLaith thEduvaar
adimaiyaay nadaththavum maalai pOduvaar

Abuse of innocent vilage girl in a foreign land by her already married husband:
Movie: 47 naatkaL.
maan kanda sorgangaL
kaalam pOgap pOga yaavum vetkangaLE
raamanaip pOl vandhaan
raavaNan pOlaanaan
than vazhi selginRaaL
sanjalam koLginRaaL
evvidam selvaaLo
evvidham selvaaLo
senRida vazhiyillai thEmbugiRaaL ninRu
thaay veettu dheyvangaL thuNaiyaaga vaaraadhO ippOdhu
Inspite of all women's liberation talks, see how this heroine suffers in real life and she represents the whole womenfolks.
Movie: Mandhil uRudhi vENdum
Song: kaNNin maniye
Watch this song here:

kaNNin maNiye kaNNin maNiyE pOraattamaa
kaNgaLil enna kaNgaLil enna neerottamaa
peN munnetram ellaam veRum pEchchOdu thaanaa
pazham paattOdu thaanaa
adhu YEttOdu thaanaa
naaLthORum paadum oomaigaL thaanaa

saaththirangaL peN inaththai moodi maRaiththadhammaa
andha aaththiraththil baarathikkum meesai thudiththadhammaa
veedaaLum peNmai ingE naadaaLum kaalam vandhum
oomaigaL pOlE innum Oyaamal kaNNeer sindhum
yEnenRu kEtkath thaan ippOdhum aaLillai
ulagamellaam vidindha pinnum
ungaLin iravugaL vidiyavillai

paay virikkum paavai enna kaadhal padhumaigaLaa?
dhinam yEval seyyum aadavarkku kaaval adimaigaLaa?
pon aLLi vaiththaal thaanE poo maalai thOLil yErum
illaadha yezhaiyarkkellaam pollaadha thanimai kolam
eriginRa neraththil aNaikkinRa kaiyillai
solginRa vaarththaigaL ovvonRum poyyillai
kanavugalil midhandha padi kalangudhu mayangudhu paruvak kodi

After paying much dowry and going through abuse in many cases, it is even worse what the average woman goes through, when her husband dies. This song is a bold revelation of a young widow's feelings. She is married and before getting a glimpse of her husband's face, he dies in a boat accident and she wears white saree, no jewellery and she is forced to lead a life of renunciation. No other words can describe her physical feelings and loneliness.
Watch the video here:
Movie: Vaidhegi kaaththirundhaaL
Song: azhagu malaraada
azhagu malaraada
abinayangaL kooda
silamboliyum pulambuvadhaik kEL

vasantham ini varumo?
vaazhvinimai perumo?
oru thunaiyai thedaadha veLLaip puRaa
poonkaatru medhuvaaga thottaalum podhum
pon meni neruppaaga kodhikkinradhe
thanimaiyilum thanimai
kodumaiyilum kodumai
inimai illai vaazhvil
edharku indha iLamai?
verenna naan seydha paavam....

Slowly, women went to schools and colleges to get education and it is now a proven fact that girls score more than boys in all school examinations.
Educated girl started dreaming of freedom. The song lyrics so aptly suits jeyalalitha who became the CM.
Movie: savaale samaali
Song: Chittukkuruvikkenna kattuppaadu
Watch the song here: (Bonus news: P.susheela won the National award for this song.)

Chittukkuruvikkenna kattuppaadu?
thenrale unakkEdhu sontha veedu?

ninaiththadhellaam kidaikka vendum
ninaiththa padiye nadakka vendum
vaLarum thennai marame
nee vaLarndhadhaip pol naan nimirndhu niRpen
vaLainji vaLaiyum naaNal
nee vaLaivadhaip pol thalai kunivadhillai
paarkkum kaNgaL paNiya vendum
paavai ulagam madhikka vendum.

Here is a heroine who wants extra freedom and would go one step ahead even to break the rules.
Watch the song here: (Bonus news: Watch young yogeeswaran from arasi serial)
Movie: AvargaL
Song: kaatrukkenna veli
kaatrukkenna veli
kadalukkenna moodi
gangai veLLam sangukkuLLE adangi vidaadhu
mangai uLLam pongum podhu vilangugaL edhu? (who needs handcuffs for my excitement)
kanrukkutti thullumboadhu kaalil enna kattuppaadu
kaalam ennai vaazhththumboadhu aasaikkenna thattuppaadu

piLLai petrum piLLaiyaaven (Even when I become a mother, I will still be a child at heart.)

Baarathiyaar has influenced the liberated women so much that this heroine form the movie"malargaLe malarungaL" sings Barathiyaar's very own song "suttum vizhi sudar thaan kannamma sooriya chandhiraro".

Suttum vizhi sudar thaan kannamma sooriya chandhiraro
saaththiram pesugiraar
kannammaa saaththiram Edhukkadi?
aaththiram kondavarkke kannamma
saaththiram uNdOdi?
mooththavar sammadhiyil vadhuvai muRaigaL pinbu seyvom...
Meaning is: Why do we need rituals in the name of suppressing women? we should make new rules about marriage.

The new woman wants widow remarriage to take into effect. It brings out all the sufferings the widow undergoes and is optimistic that times will change. Birds and animals don't have widowhood but man, with his sixth sense, considers it an ill omen to see a widow in functions like marriage.
Movie: Pudhiya paadhai (1989)
Song: Mana maalai izhandha thaaye
maNa maalai izhandha thaayE
muga manjaL azhindha thaayE
udal vidhavai aanadhaalE manam vidhavai aavadhillai
perumaiyaana dheyvam nam peNmai enRu solvaar
kOvil padhumaiyaana dheyvam thaan vidhavai aavadhillai
oru mirugam pOdum soolam nalla sagunam endRu solvAr
than thuNai izhandha peNNai vegu dhooram niRka vaippaar
poongodiyil vidhavai illai maan kulaththil vidhavai illai
paguththaRivu koNda maandharthAm aRivil vidhavai aanaar!
idhu puratchi kaaNum ulagam dhinam pudhumai kaaNum ulagam
nee poRukka vENdum thaayE!
oru pudhiya kaalam malarum!

In this song, the heroine is, in all respects superior than the husband and he suffers from serious inferiority complex. They go to a competition for the best couple, "Made for each other" and win the competition faking that they are so matched and made for each other. Look at the husband singing in glory about his wife, that they are made for each other.
Movie: Soorya Gandhi (It is a great video,with Muthuraman and jeyalalitha but I couldn't find it. Jeyalalitha herself gives playback voice to the heroine's dialogues in this song.)
Hero: naan enRaal adhu avaLum naanum
avaL enRaal adhu naanum avaLum
Heroine: Yeah, the whole truth
Hero: naan sonnaal adhu avaLin vedham
avaL sonnaal adhu thaan en eNNam

kattiya kanavan kattaLai padiye
kaariyam aatrum gunamudayaaL
naan seydha mudivai than seytha mudivaay
ninaiththe paarkum manamudayaaL


Hero: purushanukkaruge sari samamaaga
amarndhida thayangum paNbudaiyaaL


Hero: KadavuLin melaay kanavanai
madhiththu vaNangidum iniya anbudayaaL

Hero: iniya anbudayaaL

Naan endraal athu avalum naanum
Aval endrall athu naanum avalum

Hero: aaN magan vaguththa ellaiyaik kadandhu
nadanthaaL raagavan thalaivi


Hero: Kanavan kizhiththa kottai kadandhu aRiyaaL
adiyen manaivi


Hero: Kondavan veedu kudisai enraalum
maaLigai pole ninaipaale


Hero:aval oru paadhi naan oru paadhi
enbathu poley nadapaley


Hero: enbathu pole nadappaaLE

The men folk always conveniently quote Seetha dhevi from Ramayana that she crossed the line drawn by Lakshmana and hence all her sufferings. So women should obey men.
This bold girl sarcastically says that we wouldn't have a ramayana if seetha didn't cross the line...
Movie: AvaL oru thodar kadhai
Song: adi ennadi ulagam
idhil eththanai kalagam
kOdu pOttu nirka sonnaal seethai niRkavillaiye
seethai angu ninrirundhaal raamaan kadhai illaiye...

When men married a second time giving the lame excuse of bearing a child, this heroine sings and the hero seems to agree that they are both child to each other. So what if they cannot have a baby?
Movie: thaali dhaanam
Song: enakku neeyum
enakku neeyum unakku naanum
enRum kuzhanthai thaan
jeevan reNdum sErnthu thazhuvum pOdhu vaazhvE kavidhai thaan

nee enakku mooththa piLLai
enRum idhil maatRamillai
thaayaaga naanaagum pERum thanthaay
thaalaattu naan paada raagam thanthaay

In "Pudhumaip pen", the heroine becomes a tornado and lashes at the society. She works so hard to save husband from some case against him but he suspects how she could so much money except by selling herself.
Watch the sing here: (Pandiyan, RIP.) aruthey.html
Oh oru thenral puyalagi varume
oru jeevan padi thaandi varume
kaala dhevanin dharma ellaigal maaruginradhe

adukkalai thudaippadhum
padukkaiyai virippadhum
adhu peNNin thozhil illaiye

sariththiram padaikkavum
dharithtiram thudaikkavum
varuvadhil pizhai illaiye

For ages, chastity is one virtue which all men want their wives to have. This wife says, it is for both sexes.

Movie: Manmadha leelai
Song: sugam thaana sollu kanne

Hero: naan thedinaal kodi kodi peN illaiyaa
oodalada naan illaiyaa, ooril enna veedillaiyaa?

Heroine: aaNmaikkenna kaRpillaiyaa?

Men conveniently quote kovalan and karpukkarasi kannagi. Kannagi accpets kovalan even after he deserted her and lived with Madhavi for a while. Infact, Kovalan deserts madhavi for asking the same question if men can get away from staying chaste.
Here the hero fights against a a man who has fathered him and left his mother and he vows to bring justice to his mother.
Movie: Mr. Bharath.
en thaayin meedhu aanai
eduththa sabadham mudippen

peNgaL yaarum ingu
peNgaL illai
avar echchil thuppum oru kiNNam
enRu thaanE un eNNam?

kaalam maaRiyadhu kaatchi maaRiyadhu
peNmai aaLuvadhu thiNNam
seedhai saagavillai innum

Lots have been talked about female foeticide in many villages.
Kannadasan wrote in this song that no one can identify the baby's sex when it is in the womb.
Movie: Raaman eththanai raamanadi
Song: Nilavu vandhu paadumo?
Silai ezhundhu aadumo?

oomai konda kanavaiyum
uRavu thandha ninaivaiyum
karuvil uLLa mazhalaiyum
uruvam kaatta mudiyumO?
uruvam kaatta mudiyumO?
mudiyattum mudiyum pOdhu mudiyattum
vidiyattum vidiyum podhu vidiyattum

women have come a long way from suppressions and abuse by men and in the above case men themselves have realised this.
Women no more accept the proverb," kal aanaalum kanavan, pul aanaalum purushan". They are well educated and independent.
We have to accept that men and women complement each other in this world like this lyricist in the movie "paruva raagam".(1986)
Song: kaadhal illaiyenru sonnaal boomiyum ingillai
kaNgaL illai enRu sonnAl kaaviyam ingu illai
peNgaL illai enRaal aaNgaL ingu illai

Osai illai enRaal bAshaigaL ingu illai
aaNgaL illai enRaal peNgaL ingu illai
samaththuvam peruga iLaignargaL ezhuga
pazhaiyadhu azhiga pudhu yugam varuga
poomazhai pozhiga thalaimuRai vaLarattumE

A couple of heroines in this movie"kalyaana agadhigaL" have gone to the extent of abandoning marriage coz of the dowry system.
Song: kalyaana agadhigal naangal
vivagathaiye vivagarathu seidha pengalin koottamidhu
nam ellorkkum ore kanavan
adhu isaiyaaga irukkattum'

I would conclude saying that we have progressed a lot from the past and if you go through all the songs I have quoted above, you would see an incredible change in the society as to the status of women.
(I do accept that inspite of all this, there are female foeticide, dowry deaths and abuses going on in some corner of the world. That would make a different topic for a debate. This theme is to show the evolution of women in Tamil film songs and I stop at that.
There are many more songs to quote but I feel that already this post is long enough with all the lyrics. :)

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Roja gives a benevolent look at Vinu.
Atta girl, way to go, the 20 feet container
from Klang port went empty - the maanam of
old songs group was not sent in the kappal Embarrassed
The whole credit goes to Vinu - this time
she did not have even Fluidd to help her -
deserves the title of Vikram after Nallu Kutty -
"than muyarchiyil satrum thalaaratha Vikramathithya
Raja" - Roja hereby confers the title of
"Vikram the 2nd " to Vinu Clap Clap

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vinu u r really amazing man Clap Clap

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