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~A Moment Like This~(AM one-shot)

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Posted: 11 January 2008 at 2:36pm | IP Logged

Hello people.Embarrassed

This idea was running around my head ever since I saw Adi and Garima's miserable dance in that masquerade party.What I found even more irritating was they danced on "Tumse Hi" !....depressing that, since I and many other fans wanted to see that song picturised on AM.Cry

So I have written my version of what should have happened.I wasnt going to write but it was distracting me from my fic.LOL This is just a one-shot.Not a fic.

So bugged I was that I even changed the song.Here's the link to it if anyone wants to listen to it.Its "Labon Ko" from Bhool Bhulaiyaa.I find this song so captivating and KK's voice in this song and the intensity in his voice would suit Adi so much.Day DreamingDay Dreaming.....though I would just like to make one thing clear that in this fic he is NOT singing it,that would be too filmy.LOL Its just playing in the background when they dance.


Plz excuse me if I made any spelling or grammatical mistakes and plz do comment.Embarrassed

A Moment Like This

Lying on her bed,Maithili could hear the soft chatter of the ladies in the house as they walked in the corridors discussing what they were planning to wear tomorrow for the masquerade party.She had decided the moment she had heard about it,that she was not going to go.....for many reasons.Not that she did not want to but she knew Chaya would definitely do something again to get her in trouble.She had enough of her.It was only because of Parvati Mamma that she hadnt retaliated to any of Chaya's nonsense till now.Though lately she had almost her control.
Hearing a knock on her door,she sat up and saw Parvati enter her room with a packet in her hand.
"Were you sleeping?" she asked.
"No, just lying down."
Parvati came and sat next to her and proceeded to remove something from the packet.Maithili saw that it was a pale green churidar with subtle golden work embellished on it.
"This is for you" Parvati answered the question written on Maithili's face."I had gone out shopping for something a few days back with Shruti,Vandy Massi and Chaya.I picked this up for you to wear it in tomorrow's party."
Just as Maithili opened her mouth to say something,Parvati continued,"Yes I know very well that you have already decided not to come...........But enough is enough Maithili.You cant go on living like this!....confined to one room.....not going anywhere just because of some silly people's attempts to bring you down.It high time you got your wits back.Dont let others run over you like this."
Maithili sighed and thought how well the woman in front of her knew her."You're right Mamma.Its not like I dont want to attend the party.I want to......but...I......there are many reasons why I dont want to go.One you just mentioned and the other......."
"I know the other reason",Parvati interrupted."Maithili you have faced everything that has happened with you so bravely, why back down now?"
Maithili nodded her head slowly and gave her a small smile.
"So can I take that as a yes?"
"Yes", Maithili laughed.
Parvati patted her cheek softly and left the room,while Maithili busied herself in searching for matching accessories for her dress.

Unbeknownst to both of them,right that very moment,Chaya was giving Garima an exactly similar dress and telling her how she had the perfect plan to throw out Maithili from the house.
"No way!" ,Garima screeched."I am not going to wear the same dress that someone else will be wearing ...especially if its her."
Chaya huffed irritably."You fool! Stop screaming.Why cant you see the bigger picture? Look he is not going to be with you in the party.In fact he will be try to be as far away from you as he can."
Garima scowled.
"If you wear the same dress,he might get confused between you and her.You will be wearing a mask anyway.He might talk to you and might even dance with you.The only thing you will have to is keep your mouth shut so that he doesnt come know.
And knowing him he will definitely try to talk to her.We just have to be alert so that we can catch them.And then we can blame her for purposely wearing the same dress."
Garima looked thoughtful and then smiled."You're right.That is a perfect idea! Thank you so much Chaya Aunty!" She squealed,hugging her.
"Hmph! Get off me!"


The next evening.......

He looked around absently,leaning against the wall.......watching people mill about,catching up on the latest events and gossip.The dim hues of blue and green cast a mysterious glow around the huge hall and a white mist adorned the floor.

He had been standing like that since quite some time,leaning against the wall,with his hands in his pockets..................trying very hard not to think about the craziness that was his life now.He didnt even feel sad about his situation anymore.No....all he felt was numbness......and anger.Anger at himself more than anything else.

As a tray of sparkling drinks was offered to him,he siezed one of them and gulped it down in one go.He coughed slightly,not used to the pungent taste.He hardly ever drank alcohol....his grandfather had seen to that.Feeling a little relaxed,he moved away from the wall.

He walked through the crowd,a mask covering his eyes,catching snippets of the many conversations taking place around him.

"Did you see her dress? Its soooo yesterday!"
"Yes I did invest in the shares of their company.I just know,its going to be very profitable for our business."
"Ooh where did you buy that ring from? It's so beautiful!!"
"Actually just yesterday I bought the latest hyundai model...."

He wondered again what he was doing here.
Just as he was deciding whether to leave or not,his eyes flicked lazily towards the entrance spotting a girl with a mask over her eyes talking on her cell phone.He looked away.His eyes swivelled back to her again................it was her.

Finishing her talk,she stepped forward into the party,looking around for anyone she knew.He moved back towards a shadowed area behind him just as her head turned in his direction.Her eyes passed over him but she did not see him.Her hair fell over her masked eyes and she pushed it back with her hand.He observed her from the shadows as she stopped and spoke to whoever she could recognise with the masks..........which werent many.He noticed that she looked a little uncomfortable as her fingers fiddled with her with the ends of her veil draped over her shoulder.

Even though the people around her were much more famous and rich than her,to him she was the most exquisite.She looked positively radiant tonight as the pale green of her dress brought a soft glow to her skin.
Her lips,unhidden by her mask,curved into a smile as she spotted a familiar face.He watched as she strode forward,her gait elegant.

She looked around again to see if anyone was watching her.She had felt it the moment she had entered the party.She discreetly looked everywhere but didnt see anyone looking at her.
She hardly knew anyone in the party, save her family,so maybe it was just her imagination..............still she couldnt shake off the feeling that she was being keenly watched.
She smiled as she finally spotted the person she had been looking for,on the opposite side chatting with someone.She started walking across to her.........when suddenly the lights dimmed even more and and the DJ's voice resonated throughout the hall.

"Evening ladies and gentlemen! Hope everyone is enjoying the music................Now,all those standing on the dance floor........please remain in your places.We are going to have some fun now..........So it goes like this, I will play a song...and all of you have to dance with the person standing to you.........regardless of whether you know him/her or not......"
"What if the person next to me is a guy?!" a man shouted from somewhere on her right.Everyone laughed at the funny yet logical question.
"Well then", the DJ replied,"you are just going to have look around for a female dance partner.Pair yourselves up and the one who is left alone...will have to, I'm sorry, leave the dance floor.In the end the couple who dance the best will get a prize!"
She sighed in relief that she wasnt in the middle of the dance floor.She was a little off to the side and if she tried, she could slink away easily since it was quite dim where she was standing.

She had only taken 3 tiny steps when someone suddenly stepped in front of her and a subtle,masculine scent washed over her.
She stilled..........she did not need to look up to see who it was.She already knew.
She looked up hesitantly taking in his black attire.She noticed that the colour of the shirt he was wearing inside was quite similar to hers.She wondered absently how they ended up wearing the same colours.
Her eyes met his..........and she froze.

His eyes glittered with something so intense that she suddenly felt breathless.He was the other reason that she didnt want to attend this party.....because she did not have any more strength to push him away from her.

A part of her wanted to just stand there and never move...........while the other part of her was screaming to get away.The whole family was present here and if anyone saw them.........
She cast a frantic glance around the room to see if anyone was watching them..........and realized that that hardly anyone could.The area, where they were standing, was considerably dimmer than the rest of the dance floor.
"All right everyone,are you all ready?" The dj's voice boomed.
She moved to the side,resolutely prepared to walk away.

Faster than lightening,long fingers encircled her wrist in a firm grip just as the soft strains of music filled the air.

No,he was not going to let her escape him today.

He circled her slowly and stopped in front of her.Taking her left hand,he rested it on his shoulder.Entwining her right hand with his left,he rested his other hand on her waist and pulled her close, slowly starting to move to the music.

Labon ko labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao
Labon ko labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao

She looked up at him and the passion in his eyes melted her resolve and lured her closer to him without her even realizing it.The world around them faded as their senses heigtened.

Todh do khud ko tum
Baahon mein meri
Baahon mein meri
Baahon mein meri
Baahon mein

Baahon mein meri
Baahon mein meri
Baahon mein meri
Baahon mein

They moved in sync with each other as if they had practicing this dance since ages.

She could have lived in his moment forever, just swaying with him,unaware of anything else but them.She felt at peace for what seemed to be the first time in ages.

Gazing into her eyes,he finally saw what he had wanted to see for a long time............the same thirst and longing that he knew was reflected in his eyes.

Tere ehsaason mein,bheege lamhato mein
Mujhko dooba tishnagi si hai
Teri adao se dilkash khatao se
In lamho mein zindagi si hai

He pulled her even closer,his fingers on her back sending shivers up her spine.

Haya ko zara bhool jao
meri hi tarah pesh aao

Kho bhi do khud ko tum
Raaton mein meri
Raaton mein meri
Raaton mein meri
Raaton mein

Labon ko labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao

No......she couldnt do this.This was wrong.She pulled away from him and tried to walk away only to have him catch her around her waist and pull her back.Her back collided with his chest as he entwined her fingers with his.

He sighed softly into her hair and settled his arms more firmly around her as they swayed to the music.

Her breath hitched as she felt his warm breath on her neck.How could this be wrong when it felt so right?

Tere zajbaaton mein,mehki si saason mein
Yeh jo mehak sandali si hai
Dil ki panahon mein,bikhre si aahon mein
Sone ki khwahish jagi si hai

He turned her around so that their faces were almost touching each other.

Chehre se chehra chupao
Seene ki dhadkan sunao

His hands came up and framed her face.............the intensity in his eyes shook her to her very core.Unknowingly her hands tightened on his.

Dekhlo khud ko tum
Aankhon mein meri
Aankhon mein meri
Aankhon mein meri
Aankhon mein

He took her hand and held it to his chest,so she could feel how fast his heart was racing.

She trembled with the significance of the moment.He rested his forehead against hers and they swayed with their eyes closed as the last few lyrics rang out.

Labon ko labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe ab batao.

The huge applause that followed the end of the song and the DJ's loud voice burst their reverie with such force that she wrenched herself from his grasp.They stood staring at each other,their pulse racing as the applause continued.Their intense silence did not portray to some of the nearby observers that something significant was about to happen ;apparently it looked more like the uncomfortable silence of two people who have nothing to say to each other.

She turned and moved away from him,through the crowd..........feeling his eyes boring into her back.

Even though she was walking away from him once again,this time he oddly felt as if his hope was restored.She reached the entrance and ran out knowing that she would crumble soon.

He allowed a small smile to play on his face and looked towards the middle of the dance floor to see the DJ congratulating the winners.


Just opposite the party hall,she saw a small garden and ran inside.Finding an isolated bench,she flung herself on it.She removed her mask and cradled her head in her hands,trying to calm her erratically beating heart.She saw a few drops fall on her shirt and touched her face to find tears which she hadnt even realized she had shed.

After a few minutes,she became aware of soft splashing sounds and lifted her head.She saw a fountain in front of her,the water rippled yet calm.The lights on top of the fountain cast a beautiful reflection on the water.

She made her way to the fountain and sat on the stone edge,staring at the water.

Ever since Parvati had asked him not to talk to her,she had hardly seen him.But that had not helped at all.If anything,it had managed to depress her even more.

But now,after weeks of numbness and loss,she felt strangely..........serene.


Chaya Aunty is so smart!, she thought as they entered the party.If things went according to plan,then not only would she get to spend some time with him,but she would also get a chance to cause more problems for for she who was the bane of her existence.
She looked around appreciating the grandeur of the party,taking in the lavish way everyone was dressed.
"There he is!" Chaya said,next to her.The next thing she knew,she was being dragged towards the bar where he was sitting.
Hearing someone call his name,he turned around.His eyes went cold when he saw who it was.
"How are you,beta? Enjoying the party?",Chaya asked,her voice falsely sweet.
He raised an eyebrow at Chaya.When he didnt say anything,she continued,gesturing towards the girl standing next to her.
"Look I also brought Maithili along with me".
She held her breath as he looked at her with a frown.

What the hell is going on? He wondered as he looked at the girl standing next to Chaya wearing the exact same dress as her.But it wasnt her.He knew that.
His eyes fell on the chain around her neck as a ray of light from the colourful bulbs above fell on it, making it gleam.Realization dawned upon him.
"So what should I do if you brought her along?" He asked in a deliberate, indifferent voice.
"Oh come on beta! You dont have to pretend with me.I know usually I'm quite rude towards you two but that is just a pretense that I put up in front of everyone at home.Truth is that it pains me to see you poor lovers separated like this!",she exclamied theatrically."I knew this party would be a perfect chance for you two to spend some time together and that's why I insisted she wear a mask on her face so that no one will know."
Spend some time,we did, he thought and mentally smirked.

"And what about Garima?",he asked, deliberately adding more disgust in his tone.Chaya glanced sideways at her and replied,"What Garima? Forget her.I will take care of her.She wont disturb you two."
He smiled at them slowly.
"Why thank you so much,that's really so kind of you.....Aunty."
Chaya grinned and walked away.He turned to look at the masked girl in front of him and gave her a chilling smile.
She suddenly felt unsure.All the while Chaya had been talking to him she had noticed that there was something different about him today.He looked.....dangerous.
As the DJ announced the next song,he extended his hand to her."May I have this dance?" She wondered at his frosty tone.
She put her hand in his, letting him lead her.But as they walked,she noticed that they werent headed towards the dance floor.
He suddenly tugged her hand sharply and pulled her into a secluded corner.
What is he doing? she thought frantically,her head a little dizzy.
"So Maithili ",she shivered as she felt the ice dripping from his voice."Can I ask you something?"
She nodded her head.
"Are you really Maithili?"
Oh god! Did he know??....But he couldnt.Her face was hidden.
She nodded her head again quickly so as to not make him suspicious.
"Hmmm I see....If you are Maithili,then I wonder what Garima's mangalsutra is doing on your neck?"
Her heart almost stopped beating.Oh shit! How could she have forgotten such an important thing?!
He looked at her with unsuppressed hatred.
"Just how many times do you think you can fool me?" His voice was eerily calm as he stepped forward.The raw malice in his eyes made her step back.She suddenly wanted to be far,far away from him.
"You think you can just play around with me whenever and however you want?............And did you think I would fall for your stupid trap.......again?"
He wasnt shouting but his voice was like a sharp whip.
"You are not her.You can never be her............You are nothing but a thorn in my side,one I intend to remove very soon."His words peirced her more painfully than a needle ever could."If you know what's good for you,then you will do as I say.You will leave me....you will go far away from my life and if you make the stupid mistake of disobeying me,you will never know what hit you.Contrary to what you were thinking all this while,you do not know me.You have no idea what I'm capable of." She could have never imagined he would have this side to him.
"Am.I.Clear.?" He slowly gritted out each word.
She nodded her head hurriedly,wanting to get away as far as she could.She had never been so scared in her entire life.
"Good", he smiled venomously."Now get lost."
She turned and bolted from there as fast she could.She blindly ran into a nearby restroom which was luckily empty.She rested against the wall as her breath came in short gasps.Catching her reflection in the mirror in front of her,she noticed her harried state.It dawned on her then just how royally she had messed up her own life.


He removed his mask as he stepped out into the night.He ran his hand through his hair,trying to calm himself down.He would have most definitely killed her,if she hadnt run away right then.Seeing the fear in her eyes had renewed his strength even more.He would not be messed around with anymore..
He strode into the garden in front of him hoping a walk would calm him down.
After walking around restlessly for a few minutes,he realised that it no use.He was still seething and very much tempted to go back into the party and finish her off.
He turned a corner.............and stopped at the vision in front of him.
She was sitting in front of a fountain.........trailing her fingers in the water and watching the ripples it created..................Just like fate had created ripples in their life.
The light reflecting on the water cast a soft glow on her face.The little white lights around the garden and the soft moonlight from above made the whole picture seem ethereal.
And just like that all anger left his body and he was enveloped in a sudden calm.He stood still not wanting to disturb her peace.
But,like always,he couldnt help himself.He walked up to her and sat down beside her.
She didnt get up and walk away like he expected her to.She seemed so engrossed that he doubted she even knew he was there..........which wasnt true since she had felt his presence the moment he had turned the corner.
After what seemed like a long time,she looked up at him............and to his utter surprise,her lips curved ito a soft smile.
He smiled back at her.............and then,in that very poignant moment,Adi and Maithili knew that things would somehow be fine.


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Posted: 11 January 2008 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Wowww,nther FF from Sidra jiEmbarrassed...

I just finished readin it,and it's awesome...Beautifully written.especially the "labon ko" partDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..

Plz,cont.soon,dearEmbarrassed..(and soon means soonAngryLOL)....   


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Posted: 11 January 2008 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
Omg omg omg that was sooooooooooooo good! I had butterflies in my stomach throughout the whole thing! Big smile The dance, the intensity, the emotion! Wah! When he pulled her towards him and her back was against his chest........*sigh* Day Dreaming How they could feel each others' presence......I just loved it. If only it had happened in the bloody programme mannnnnnnnnnn argh!
Sidra well done mate! Clap Big smile Just.....amazing. I'm no good with words but hopefully u get the jist of what I'm tryna write here. That was awesome! LOL




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Posted: 11 January 2008 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
Just amazing Sidra, just amazing Clap Clap You rock, that was simply
wonderful. You have such a great gift with words. Thanks, you've made my
Saturday wonderful, what a simply beautiful way to start the day. Just lovely.
Labon Pe is one of my favourite songs and KK one of my favourite singers.
I've also wished to see this song picturised on A & M, so thank you, thank
you and thank you. Smile


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Posted: 11 January 2008 at 4:29pm | IP Logged
Oh btw, I LOVED the way he spoke to gorilla! I was like yes! Gwan Adi!!! LOL N she ran off like a scared lil puppy! Damn right she didn't know he had that side to him, only Mets knows about that right. Wink

Miss English


Miss English

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Posted: 11 January 2008 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Great Yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by Miss English - 11 January 2008 at 5:36pm


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Posted: 12 January 2008 at 12:01am | IP Logged
well first lemme start off by sayin THANK YOU!!!!! Tongue Big smile Embarrassed ....this was very much needed...we are all soo deprived of AM in da sho Cry ...n when dey do appear for even a few seconds it is only for us to find out tht things are only getting worse for dem Ouch....but neways...i absolutely looooved dis lil mini ff ...da whole dance sequence was amazing Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed if only adi had da same attitude towards garima in da sho as well...heck if only EVERYTHING u wrote actually happened in da show *sigh*....lol...but once again thank you n ur an amazingly talented writer Embarrassed Big smile

k-ekta fan


k-ekta fan

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Posted: 12 January 2008 at 3:08am | IP Logged
oh sidra a huge around of a ppaluse 2 u Clap 4 such a wonderful mini ff....

u wrote excatly wht v all want 2 c. nw I m really relief after reading dis post of ur....

really thx 2 bring me calm down Tongue

wow at least in ur ff my adi nt turn 2 b bewafooq like in d shw LOL

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