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Hi Kayamath fans

My name is Kat and I normally write FF on the KAA forum and DMG. For some reason members have given me the title of a bedtime story teller. Don't as me why?Embarrassed

I am new to these waters and would like to dedicate this short 6 part bedtime story to two of my good IF buddies who i know visit here all the time. Shivgauri aka kuku and Sum2005 aka sumi who are massive michi fans so this one is for you guys. I have to thank kuku for the title..Wink

i hope you like and enjoy this guys as this is a one off!!LOL...only michi ff im writing... kuku and sumWink

Here is a short teaser

Seeing the group of people all waving to get the attention of there loved ones.. He let out a heavy sigh…Airports where the one placed he hated the most apart from going home. As everyone eyes where filled with dreams and all searching for that someone close to there hearts. As always his eyes looked at the exit…. His wife would never be here looking for him as she loved another. He would never see or feel that love he saw travelling from country to country in every airport… he would never feel those arms around him as he arrived or departed…

Kayamath fans .....Please comment

Disclaimer: ***This Fan Fiction follows the rules and regulations set by the IF Dev team. I DO NOT take any ownership of any obscene or profound statements made by IF members on this forum. I nor my Fan Fiction will be used to justify such post in this forum. This Fan Fiction may contain adult material and members have been now advised before proceding. Rating of Fan fiction ( 18+)***


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~~~Its in his Kiss~~~~

"Here is you're boarding pass sir!" taking his card and passport he turned to look at the busy Mumbai airport. The noise of people leaving the hustle and bustle of the luggage hitting the convey belt…and the look of people sad to see there love ones leave. He turned to see no one there for him…he smirked and headed towards the security check out and looked at the men holding there wives, girlfriends all bidding them goodbye. Milind had travelled over a million miles by air and airports where one of the places in the world he hated the most. How people held each other and the look of love they gave each other thought there eyes. No one knew but Airports where filled with people who were in love.. watching there love ones depart and arrive. From family members to lovers …every inch was filled with love and he was sick off it as he sat down in the VIP lounge. "Sir the flight has been delayed due to the storm" nodding his head he looked at the stewardess as she left.

"beep beep" taking hold of his mobile phone it said 'home' taking a deep sign he pushed the button and placed it to his ear.

"Bhaiya!" hearing her voice a smiled formed on his lips

"Sukriti how is everyone?"

"I just called to see if you boarded?"

"No there is a delay!…I'll get on board soon…How is baba?"

"He is fine!..you not going to ask about Bhabhi?" he heard her giggle on the phone.

"I saw her when I left… Sukriti I have another call coming…I have to go!" ending the call he placed his fingers through his hair.

Marriage what a joke!! for the last six month he wanted to forget the deal he made with Praachi and his father. When he was 9 years old he remembered  washing the cars boss with his father . Inder was a wealthy business man …while helping his father, he heard the laughter in the garden …he saw them all laughing at the pool side. That was the first time he saw her with her legs in the pool reading a book …hearing his father's cry he looked up and smiled as he held up the water hose. At the age of 9 he still saw that smile on her face there was something about her but…his father had told him that she was to marry Neev and everything was fixed from birth she was down during the school holidays. Maybe it was just a dream the way she looked into his eyes sighing he told his father one day, I would be a big man … 'I just need to leave the chawl'.

Once he left there was no stopping from nothing he was now a self-made millionaire. He remember how a big man once told him that nothing is impossible but you have to have the drive and determination to want it. As he came back to India with the money and success his father requested he marry Praachi to save them from being kicked out of the house and business. Inder had just pasted away and left them in debt, which was impossible…but for some reason his father was determine to save them. "We can never repay Inder and his family for what they have given us beta…I want you to help me save them. Neev's family have disowned them and broken all tires and Praachi has a fix deposit in her name but she can only get that money and pay the debt if she gets married." I don't know why I agreed? maybe it was the look on baba's face and the fact that choti ma looked helplessness as she stood there with Praachi, or was it the feeling I had felt for her when I was 9 years old?….I agreed and within days the marriage took place… the debt was cleared but then came the storm Neev…whom she still today loved. The secret meetings and then the confession that he loved her and she him.. and how she had no option but to marry Milind by her family…he informed her he had no idea and that he would have been there…if he had only know as he was away in Australia… Closing his eyes he remembered the wedding night as she informed him that there married was just away for her to help her family and thanked him for saving them. I told her its ok! And we agreed to make it work…That was the only pleasant conversation we shared…going home was the thing he hated the most…the sight of her made her sick as she schemed to make him look bad day after day. Ayesha had informed him of her secret meeting and he had spotted her there with him. Ayesha was her stepsister and his business associate she was nothing but a good friend ….at times he found her interfering but this was the truth. His wife was in love with another man…and nothing more. Baba's health was now suffering because of the fights and he told her if anything happened to him, she would be the first one he would kill. Now they were to pretend everything was ok in front of the family and society when secretly he was broken and his work was all that kept him busy.. I was the biggest fool I guess thinking that maybe in the slightest chance she would be mine… who was I kidding that nave 9 year old boy had no idea that in that particular moment he felt something as she looked up to see him …. That moment was nothing but??

"What did he say?" she looked at Sukriti a she entered the room.

"There's a storm bhabhi and he's delayed" she turned and looked at the grey storm holding her mangalstra in her hand.

For the past six months she had been walking on eggshells and the misunderstanding just did not go away. How hard she had tried to explain that there was nothing going on between Neev and her and she had told Neev to move on with his life. She was no longer ever be his and she owed Milind so much and could never repay him for what he had done. Neev just did not want to believe it was over…I had to make him understand and that was when Milind walked in and discovered how much Neev loved me… caught up in the emotion she too did not know what she was saying until it was to late. That was when the heavy drinking the coming home late…the parties and arguments started. The house was so caught up in the arguments and baba's health was suffering….that was when he hurt her by accusing her of killing baba… she had always seen him as a loving father figure and it hurt. There relationship had been nothing but namesake and he was now away for a week and she could breathe a little easier until he returned, the space was something they both needed…She need to make things right for them but how?? Looking at the storm she felt uneasy as if something bad was about to happen. Papa too left on such a night…picking up the phone she dialled the number.

"The mobile phone you are trying to reach is not available please try again later"…..

"Praachi what's the matter?" she turned to look at her mother.


"Missing Milind?" she looked at her mother but oddly enough she was the house seemed so lifeless and he was not there in the morning…even though he ignored her totally he was still there getting ready for work.

"He called this morning and told me not to disturb you… he says he be back soon! He mentioned some important file he left behind!" They turned to see Ayesha standing by the stairs holding the files.

"Di you should have told me?" Ayesha smiled.

"It's ok Praachi…he did say he did not want to speak to you!… anyway I'm going to the office…" they looked at her leaving the house.

"Beta it must have been early when he called…you can call him now!"

"Let me give Baba his breakfast and medicine I will call him later."

Milind looked at his watch… 'I better make sure Baba takes his medicine.. as his loving bahoo will be taking advantage of her husband being away and meeting her lover!'…he picked up the phone angrily and dialled.

"Milind beta?" a smiled formed on his lips as he heard his voice.

"Bahoo is taking good care of me… as usual!…here speak to her as I know you are missing her!"

"Hi!" frowning he gripped the phone.

"Make sure baba is getting his medicine before you leave the house to see your lover…"


"Listen I know what women like you are like…so drop the act!…I will be home in a couple of days….so do something right for once in your pathetic life" hearing his harsh voice her eyes welled up as she smiled falsely at baba.


"I well be back on Friday so can you behave like a respectable married woman til then I am sure it will not be so difficult …since you're an Oscar winner actress…" hearing him turn the phone off she placed the home phone down and walked out the room in tears. A day did not go by without him taunting her at every chance he got.

Looking at the faces all looking for there loved ones he placed the sunglasses to his eyes and walked over towards the exit. Arrivals where the worst as here people shouted and waved at there loves ones to be embraced by love as he embraced his reality that there was no one for him and never will be. The simplest things he thieved for would never come true…he had learnt that money could buy a man so much but there were some things that were priceless and that ray of light had gone out a long time ago.

"Beta!" seeing baba's smiling face he hugged him.

"Baba its late you should be sleeping what are you doing up?" he lead baba to his room and sat him down.

"I could not sleep… I thought you were going to be back on Friday?" Taking hold of the glass of water he placed gentle in his fathers frail hand.

"I finished things off early and came home…"

"You cant fool me you were missing Praachi…" looking at his father chuckle he smiled.. as he tucked him into bed.

"I remember when you where little and I tucked you in bed now beta you are tucking me in bed"

"Baba its my turn to look after you…now go to sleep!"…. closing the door he looked at his bedroom door.

Feeling her body moving closer to him as he lay in bed he turned on the bed side lamp and turned to see her angrily as she took hold of him…taking hold of her arm he looked at her puzzled… she was burning up and looked at her opening her eyes to stare at him. "Milind I am so cold please hold me!" there was something in her eyes he had never seen before.

"Praachi you're burning up?" feeling her body going limp in his arms he looked at her as she closing her eyes resting her head on his chest…….Holding her tightly he look down at her helplessly…. "Praachi?" he whispered taking hold of her face in his hands...


He looked at her in bed as the doctor examined her and looked over at everyone in the room as he placed his hand in his hair nervously. She looked so pale and lost beneath the covers of the white satin sheets… she mumbled his name so many times and his eyes watered seeing her in such a state. Feeling the presence of everyone in the room he composed himself as he looked over at choti ma as she nodded to reassure him that everything would be ok.

"She has a high temperature I have given her an injection …here are some tablets…It's common during this monsoon season… if you feel that her temperature is not coming down tonight then please call me!" nodding he looked over at Ramu to escort the doctor out of the room.

"Milind beta … I will stay here with Praachi why don't you rest beta!" he shook his head negatively and looked at her sitting on the bed next to her.

"She is my responsibility…I will take care of her!" nodding he watch her place her hand affectionately on Praachi head and get up.

"Milind you have an important appointment in the morning, I will stay with her!" he turned to see Ayesha coming forward.

"Cancel it! Right now Praachi needs me…" she looked at him shocked as he never cancelled anything before and he had a look of regret in his eyes.. which they all noticed.

Responsibility! He looked at her as she slept… I have been a monster to her… instead of a jilted husband I should have been a friend. "Milind?" hearing her whisper out his name he looked at her delirious with fever.

"Praachi? Do you feel cold?" placing another cold compass on her forehead…the fever was making her shiver slightly…as he got into the sheets he felt her snuggle up against him like before…feeling the warmth of her body he took hold of her in his arms he stared at the ceiling. I don't want to hate you…but to me my izzat means everything…. It's the only thing that keep a poor man like me alive…hearing people talking about your wife and her lover ..just makes you go crazy. I know our relationship was something that just happened but we both agreed to give it a go…but you broke that agreement Praachi and I never forgave you for that. "I am sorry" he looked at her as she mumbled and stroked her hair. …. The shiver stopped and he closed his eyes feeling her arms around him pulling him closer to her…

Hearing a strong thumping noise she opened her eyes to see herself on top of him as he slept.. he was back? Feeling dizzy she placed her hand on her head and closed her eyes…all day yesterday she had a headache and last night she felt nothing but cold…hearing her stir he opened his eyes and looked at her as she closed her eyes…feeling his fingers move back the hair on her face she opened her eyes to see him.

"How are you feeling?" she looked at him loosing the grip he had on her and turned to his side to see her fully. Hear his voice full of concerned she looked at him feeling his warm breath on her face as a smile formed on his lips.

"My head's throbbing and…" before she could finish her sentence she felt his hand on her head pressing down so gentle.

"I remember my mother massaging my head like this when it hurt…." She noticed something so different in his eyes… as he looked at her…. She had never known him to be so gentle as he stopped to look at her.

"I will go and get breakfast!" she looked at him getting out of bed and sitting up.

"I will go.." he turned to look at her as she held her head. …feeling his hand on her arm she looked at him.

"Just rest the doctor has instructed rest…I can manage tea this once!" she looked at him as he got up and left the room.

"Wow bhabhi!! …you should have seen Bhaiya in the kitchen… and can you believe he has taken the day off!" Praachi looked at Sakurit surprised as she walked into the room with tea.

"Where is he?" she looked around the room and looked towards the bathroom door and nodded at Praachi gesture.

"He was so upset yesterday and said she is my responsibility I will look after her.. Ayesha cancel the meeting" Praachi looked at Sukriti surprised as she mimicked his voice and giggled.

"What is so funny?" they turned to see Milind looking at them.

"Nothing Bhaiya I was just telling Bhabhi how you cancelled everything and taking the day off…I think it is so cute!" he looked at her and then Praachi who looked down at her cup of tea smiling.

"Cute?… don't you have college to go to?" Praachi looked at the way he pulled her ear as he looked so affectionately at his little sister. How she wished she had that bound with Ayesha but she was so cold at times to her and her mother…no matter how hard they tried… Ayesha just was distance with all of them except papa whom she adored… after his dead when she came back from London she was just distance even more.

"Bye Bhabhi …I am sure bhaiya will take good care of you today.." hearing her giggle she left the room.

"Don't mind her!..she is…"

"Adorable and we have fun together!" he looked at her and nodded.

"I wanted to talk to you Praachi…" she looked at him looking so serious as he walked over towards her and sat down on the bed and stared out of the window near her.

"I have been such a jerk…I never wanted to hurt you… see when you have worked you're way up to get what you want…to hear your name tarnished by folks and the page 3 gossip columns printing all sorts ..it's hard to get you're izzat back…. I guess you are used to all this as you have been bread with such luxuries and know how to handle such situation we are from different worlds… I guess I let my anger get the best of me…I am not normally like this… Once baba is better I will give you everything you want.." she looked at him as he avoided eye contact … as he got up he felt her hand take his and looked at her.

"I am sorry for tarnishing your reputation …and promise it will never happen again. I have hurt you a lot but you have to believe me that Neev and I …"

"Praachi there is no point bring up the past…lets just be friends… I will return back to you everything you have lost!" she looked at him getting up and leaving the room….he still did not understand that there was nothing between Neev and her…but she was finding it hard to tell him that… when ever she mentioned his name there was hurt in his eyes.. And he would just avoid the conversation or just leave.

"So what are you giving Bhabhi for her birthday?" he looked at Sukriti confused as she slouched down on the sofa next to him as he read his files.

"Birthday?" he looked at her as she took hold of the glass of water from Ramu.

"Yeah its this Saturday… I have a combined gift from everyone… but what are you giving her?" he looked at her and smiled.

"I have something! What do you have?" he looked at her as she smiled slyly.

"Well I am organising everything but we having the party on Friday instead …so please add that to your diary Sir…" she looked at him as he picked up the cushion and threw it at her but missed.

"haha…you missed!… bhaiya I am going to tell bhabhi…"

"Sakriti she is asleep leave her alone…" she looked at him as he chased her.

"Sakriti?" Praachi looked at them as they stormed into the room and smiled she just got up and was going to make her way downstairs.

"Bhabhi please tell Bhaiya as he is…" Praachi watched as he chased her around her. As she lost her balance she felt his arms around her… she felt him pick her up in her arms.

"Doctor said rest!" she looked into his eyes as he held her.

"Awee cute!" they looked at Sakriti as she clipped a picture on her mobile.

"That was such a Armaan and Ridhima moment… so cute!" he looked at Praachi and smiled as he gentle moved towards the bed.

"Now she is not going to stop talking about the show!" Praachi giggled as he rolled his eyes at her…and placed her on the bed.

"Sakriti.. isn't it coming on now? Dil Mil Gayye… Dr Armaan?" Praachi looked at her as she jumped on the bed next to Praachi… and took hold of the TV remote.

"Cheers Bhaiya… Ridhima says I love you today!" he looked at her flippin the channels…and snatched the remote out of her hand.

"Watch it in your room!" she looked at him and smiled getting up…

"I get it Bhaiya alone time with bhabhi …huh!" he looked at her shocked as she winked her eye at the pair of them and left the room giggling.

She looked at him as he sat down next to her and flipped the channels to find the news…he turned to look at her.

"Are you ok?" she looked at him as he nervously placed his hand through his hair and looked at the remote in his hand and turned off the TV….

As he lay asleep in the bed he turned to see her facing the window and looked at her back… the last couple of days where pleasant and he liked being around her…he was being to enjoy her company… her birthday was tomorrow and the whole house was excited about it…in a way he was as well…he had the perfect gift…but wanted to give it her alone.. 'divorce papers'…. As he was about to close his eyes, when he felt her arms around him…she was asleep and held onto him…for the last couple of days she would turn and snuggle up against him. … Unsure of what to do…feeling her body covered in satin.. touching his bare skin…he smirked as he turned to look at her…often he just watched her sleeping as the moon light seeped into the room he looked to see the wedding picture fame.. Sakriti had gifted them… how everything just happened so fast …within a week of his return back home the wedding took place …unable to digest what he was really doing or comprehend why he was doing it? Was it because he to wanted to chase that fairytale dream of marrying a princess …as he looked at her and pushed back her hair to see her face…so peaceful she slept unaware of what I am feeling…she had no idea! Her fairytale like mine was broken…or had fizzed away when reality hit it or we woke up…closing his eyes he fell asleep..

Feeling her arms around his neck and her hair on his face…he moved his hand to fine it on her waist and there legs entangled in each other.. unknowing to him how they ended up holding each other ..feeling her eyes upon him he looked at her as she lowered her gazed… closing her eyes she collected herself amazed to find her arms around his neck and her whole body so comfortable in his hold never had she been this close to any man ….she could feel his eyes upon her and she gasped to feel his hand on her waist move up slightly, as it sent a shiver up her spine.. he looked at her as she blushed her eyes had that look of uncertainty …noticing her lips only centimetre way from his… feeling his breath kissing her lips she lowered her gaze as her heart raced… seeing her lips quivered he moved forward with his heart pounding in his ears… feeling his lips upon hers as her body without hesitation melted in his arms… feeling her body melt in his arms he pulled her towards him tightly …feeling her kissing him back intimately with her fingers running through his hair… feeling him in her mouth she gasped feeling his fingers now under her top making there way up… he had never felt anything as soft as her skin as his fingers explored her curves…Feeling his fingers moving up to her neck she gasped…he released her and looked at her as she panted taking a deep breath he looked at her as he released her.

There was regret in his eyes as he looked at her and pulled away to get out of the bed. "I am sorry…that should never have happened!" she looked at him as he turned to look at her. Feeling rejected and hurt she lowered her eyes… he closed his eyes and looked at her as she lowered her head…turning away he closed his eyes and left the room.

He looked at her all evening as she mingled with the guests at the party. Everything was in full swing and everyone was enjoying themselves… She looked at him dressed in white as he spoken to some of his business associates, since the incident this morning he has been avoiding her… she caught him occasional looking at her. The truth was she had never felt so alive and the truth was she was noticing the little things about him much more now the way he handle the family so lovingly and then…he was calling home and asking mom if she had taking her medicine and the gift he had left her this morning as she came out off the shower she was wearing it… the red heavy embroidery sari and matching jewellery…. "Bhaiya you have not asked bhabhi to dance yet?" he looked Sakriti as she took hold of his arm and lead her towards her…

Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam

Taking hold of her hand he looked at her as she lowered her eyes and gentle placed her hand on his shoulder…feeling his hand on her waist she looked into his eyes and everything came back from the way he made her feel this morning, with her pulse racing she looked into his eyes…. Looking at the same look in her eyes he knew she felt it to from this morning…her heart pounding in her ears as he took her breath away as he turned her and pulled her back towards him hard… …he saw that something from this morning as he looked deeper in her eyes "You look beautiful!" hearing him whisper in her ear she smiled and looked into the depths of his brown eyes….

Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Hamare Dil Ki Tum Thodi Si Kadar Kar Lo
Ham Tumpe Marte Hain Thodisi Fikar Kar Lo
Fikar Kar Lo
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham
Kya Jaan Loge Hamari Sanam
Kyon Ki Itna Pyar Tumko Karte Hain Ham

"Happy Birthday Bhabhi…this is from all of us!" Praachi looked at the gold wrapped A5 size box….as she opened the wrapper she looked at them surprised.

"Tickets?!" confused she looked over and them all.

"The wedding happened so fast beta …so we have decided to send Milind and you both to Switerland together.." She looked over at him as he looked surprised too with what Baba had said.

"Baba I have some important business to take care off!" she looked at him as he protested and looked at everyone and she smiled falsely as maybe he did not want to spend anytime with her at all after what happened this morning.

"I knew it?!" they turned to look at Sukriti as she placed her hands on her hips looking at him not please.

"Sukriti, I just won that tender…"

"Look at Bhabhi she is looking forward to the trip and you're disappointing her…" he looked at Praachi as she stood next to Baba.

"I can look after things for 2 weeks!" they turned to see Ayesha as she came forward holding a gift box.

"Here! Something from me!" Praachi looked at Ayesha and smiled.

"Di it's beautiful!" Ayesha smiled as she felt Praachi arms around her…she did feel something for her and why not as her step sister as she always looked at family first and at times was to emotionally…but she wanted her to be happy and knew that her happiness was Neev and not Milind… No one knew what it was like to have lost the one you have loved and when she lost Varun …in the car accident …her world came crashing down if it was not for Papa… but she promised him that she would look after the family…but when they were in debt she advised them that Praachi marriage was the only way out …but the plan failed as she wanted Neev to marry Praachi…All was lost due to his money grabbing parents… they refused to even help and broke all ties. Now they were financial well off thanks to Milind …she was secretly buying out there shares in there business… how dare they think that they could get away with what they had done to her family and Praachi. 'My attack will be financial!' she thought releasing Praachi and smiled.

"I think its my turn!" they all turned to look at Milind as he stepped forwards holding a file in his hand as he placed it in her hand… a tear ran down her cheek as she looked at him surprised as she read the papers.

"Praachi what is it?" her mother asked as she looked at her staring at him…as he nervously placed his hand through his hair and looked at them all.

"Deed to the house!" they all looked at her as she took hold of him in her arms sobbing.

"Milind how did you?" they all looked at him as he was surprise to see her hugging him so tightly and he smiled as he looked at them all a little taken back.

"You don't like it?" he looked down at her as she smiled through her tears…feeling his fingers on her cheek she blushed as she noticed everyone staring at them…she looked at him chuckling and shaking his head.

"How did you?" she looked at him as he released her.

"I have some connections and tracked down something Mohan Lal wanted.. I think it was a fair deal and settled the remaining debt…All now all yours.. you are now official debt free…"

"Thank you beta!" he looked at Choti ma and smiled… just one thing I have to return.. Neev.....

~~~Part 3~~~

"Are you already?" Praachi turned to see Ayesha enter the bedroom and smiled.

"Yes Di.. and thank you for looking after the business while we are away…" Ayesha smiled and placed her hand on her shoulder as she turned to look at her.

"Praachi I want to talk to you.." Praachi looked at Ayesha as she led her to the bed and sat her down.

"I know sometime what we want in life we can never get…" Ayesha looked at the wedding picture on the wall and Praachi followed her gaze.

"Varun?" Ayesha eyes watered as she looked at Praachi.

"Don't waste the time you have in this world Praachi!! you have to fight for what you want and sometimes be ruthless to get it!" Praachi looked at Ayesha as she placed her hands on her shoulders. Praachi now is the time to get back your lost love… I hope you understand what I mean! …. Praachi noticed a sense of regret in Ayesha's eyes and knew Varun's death had been hard on her and then Papa accident was so sudden too. Everyone just let her grief over the deaths but Ayesha never let anyone in either. She knows we all love her and care so much for her but she need time to get over Varun completely…

"Praachi do you understand?" Ayesha stared at her as she nodded.

"Good! Now Milind is waiting downstairs…so I'll get those final files from him.. be quick you don't want to miss the flight!" Praachi nodded as she watched her leave and smiled… turning she looked at the wedding photo.

"You're right Di I am going to fight for what is mine …Milind!" taking hold of her vanity case she smiled walking out of the room.

She looked at him as he stood next to her…. engulfed by his musky smell she turned to look at him as they went through the final security checks… two weeks will gives me enough time to get the legal process started for when we get back…my lawyer will fax the papers when they are complete and we can go back to inform the family he thought looking at her as she walked next too him…. He saw a smile form on her lips as she turned to look at him… you're be free from me soon and you can be happy.

She turned to look at him as he was mostly on the phone and she got all the duty free she needed …Praachi you are going to have to make the first move as he is not going to she thought looking at the dress in the window. She turned to see him approaching her on the phone.

"Mr Patel once you have the legal documents please fax them to the hotel… thank you!" he stopped to look at her looking so lovingly at the white pink floral chiffon dress.

"Will if you want it you have to actually go in the store to get it!" she turned to look at him chuckle and smiled looking at him laughing…he took hold of her hand and led her into the store as she just stared at him blushing.

"The dress in the window… I like to buy it for my wife!" stunned again she looked at him as he took out his wallet to pay.. he never held my hand and now he just called me his wife.. is this the same man who spent six months of my life taunting me?

"Why is it you women see shops and just start shopping?" he looked at her as they walked towards the gate.

"It's a women thing… you will never understand.." he turned to see her giggle and smiled.

"I guess I never will!" he looked at her a little taken back as she took hold of his hand and walked along side him smiling. Unsure of what was going on he smiled as he felt her finger wrapping them selves with his… her heart pounded as she was scared to look at him and just nervously looked at head….but he never resisted and she smiled at her first victory.

"Wow the view from the cabin window is amazing!" he turned to look at her as she stood looking at the view. …he approached her as she stood admiring the view… the white crisp snow cover everything for miles it was picture perfect.

"I though we were in a hotel?" she looked at him as he looked a little confused.

"No! we are in Canton Lucerne for one week skiing and then we travel to the city for the rest of the stay!" she looked at him walk back towards the bed and open the suitcase… and followed him.

"I am starving I hate plane food its just so ugh…" he looked at her as she helped him unpack and put things away she looked at him as he picked up his clothes

"Praachi? We could go out?" he looked at her placing the clothes in the wardrobe.

"I want to stay here…" she whispered

'beep beep' she looked at him looking at the phone and quickly picked it up…he held out his hand and looked at her shaking her head at him negatively.

"It could be important Praachi give me the mobile!" he looked at her as she smiled shaking her head.

"It's you're office…Please no work!" she looked at him as he look so sternly at her and held her hand forward as the mobile rang….taking hold of the phone he looked at it ringing and then back at her as she turned around looking a little upset.

"Hello!" he watched her as she silently moved around the room placing things were they should be as she totally avoided looking at him.

"Ok thank you….by the way Ayesha is handling everything for the tender… could you in future call her as I am on holiday…thank you!" a smile formed on her lips as she heard him step closer towards her as he ended the phone… he switched it off and placed it on the dresser before her and turned to leave the room….smiling she looked at him glance over at her as she looked at him through the mirror.

"Milind you have to try this!" he looked at her as she sat next to him on the floor on the white fluffy rug next to the small low table… as she held up the fork towards his mouth… she looked at him as he opened his mouth as she placed the tiger prawn in his mouth.

"I was surprised to see all the food in the larder and the chef cooking all this food!" she spoke to him with such easy and he had never seen this side of her before… she had always looked after his needs in the house…but she looked so at easy next to him on the floor with there shoulder touching… she had showered and the smell of dior just captivated his senses as it was her scent.. he turned to find her giggling and looked at her.

"What is so funny?" she looked at him pick up the glass of wine and place it to his lips.

"You!" he looked at her gentle place her hand to her mouth giggling uncontrollable.

"Me?" she looked at him as he placed his wine glass on the table and looked at her confused.

"I'm still picturing you looking at the table and working out how your going to sit down on the floor to eat…and your legs!" a smiled formed on his lips as he looked at her and then his long legs all over the place…she was giggled no stop throwing her head back… she looked at him as he chuckled with her… feeling her head on his shoulder he took hold of her and looked at her.

"I uh…..I'm tired!" she looked at him getting up from the floor…

He looked at the ceiling and knew she could also sense the anxiety as well. What is happening to me with in 17hours he had started to fall in love with her.. it was as if he could feel what she was saying through her eyes and she was so relaxed around him. Maybe she felt a little free without her family and the woman who held her hand was not the woman he married. She was less timid and her awkwardness was there with him but she was a little more aware of herself or was it him a smiled formed on his lips as he closed him eyes… 'lets just see what happens tomorrow'

She turned to see him fast asleep and smiled as she heard him breathing next to her…to look at him you would never have know anyone so gentle and loving… but he hid himself to her and the world…seeing the locks of hair on his face she raised her hand and gentle moved it back…slowly using the back of her fingers she ran it down his cheek and smiled his rough style beard felt so smooth as her fingers ran towards his chin she stopped and looked at his lips… remembering the way he kissed her she blushed and lowed her gaze…to her surprise she felt his arms around her pulling her towards him…feeling his whiskers against her cheek and his lips rubbing against her ear lobe a shiver ran down her spine…she heard him mumble and looked at him as she was unable to make out what he said…closing her eyes she wrapped her arms around him and smiled…

"Sukriti? Are they NOT at the hotel?" Ayesha looked at the teenager as she smiled shyly.

"No! I changed the plans a little there are in Canton Lucerne for a week in the Alps…and …"

"I wish someone had informed me!" Sukriti was surprised by Ayesha as she stormed out of the house…. Smiling cheekily… Me and Bhabhi changed the plans a little she though grabbing her bag for school.

"Dame it!" Ayesha gripped the steering wheel of the car.. Neev is on his way there and they are in some other part of Switzerland? I am going to have to call him and change the plans a little…

"Praachi?" he walked into the bedroom to find her …quickly grabbing the towel to cover herself up but it was to late he has seen her full beauty as the droplets of water ran down her body from the shower…looking at her blush he turned around.. "I am sorry!" she looked up at him as she cover herself up…with her pulse racing… as he left the room in such a hurry…she closed her eyes to compose herself as her mouth was so dry and she was scared of facing him know he had seen a sight of her, no other man had ever seen…. He looked up the stairs to see her walk down so gracefully in the dress he had brought her from the airport… he had never seen her in western clothes and could not get over how she looked..

"Milind!" he looked at her as they sat in the little coffee shop with the bags of shopping under the table..

All morning she had been very quiet and from this morning incident in the bedroom…but the sight of her played him mind again and again…how he just wanted to take hold of her in his arms and taste her…feel her and make love to her…but she was never his and never will be. He looked at her as she took hold of his hand on the table…but her eyes where still lowered and her shyness spoke to him. Feeling her fingers taking hold of his hands he leaned forward and looked at her as she lifted her eyes.

"There is a ice skating show this evening can we go?" she looked at him as he nodded his head and gentle eased his hand away from her hold…taken back by what he had done she looked at him getting up from his chair and walk away. How her simple gestures haunted him as he walked to the counter…he turned to look at her as she lowered her eyes again and stared at the latte … Hearing him pull back the chair she dared not to look at him feeling her eyes filling up.

"Praachi.. the waitress says this is the best apple pie in the town!" seeing the lone tear run down her face as he looked at her he cursed himself as he held up the fork to her mouth…leaning forward he shook his head at her and smiled as she open her mouth…feeling his hand now on top of hers on the table she smiled as her eyes watered…

All evening as they sat and watched the ice princess figure skating he noticed how close she sat next to him and how she took hold of his arm and gentle placed her head against his shoulder… as the Ice princess was separated from her prince he noticed the tears running down her face and she squeezed his arm taking hold of him.. don't cry Praachi you will be back with him I promise… feeling his own eyes swell up as the prince danced helpless looking everywhere for his princess yet she was no where in sight and the lights faded as she was gone….

"Milind that was beautiful …thank you!" he turned to look at her as she had not let go of his arm as they walked back towards the cabin.

"I really felt the princess pain when she though he was dead and lost forever as they took her away from the battlefield…" she looked at him he was so silent and had not said a word since they left.

Picking up the box from the bed she smiled and opened it. 'Hi babes I know I was away for your birthday and know you will be away with jiju… here is my gift! Love Purvi' Praachi smiled and removed the white tissue paper to see a black lace nightie and blushed shaking her head. "I can't wear this?" placing it back into the box she put it away in the cupboard…has Purvi gone mad she crazy if she thinks I am going to wear such a revealing outfit I would be practical be nude? She maybe my college best friend but she must be kidding?

Last couple of days they spent together and it was the last day at the cabin…. she notice he would be a little taken back by her little gestures but knew Ayesha was right to make Milind her she had to cross the line completely with mixed feeling she looked at him as he held her on the dance floor and danced.

She felt very nervous in the bathroom and closed her eyes. 'come on Praachi you can do this!' she looked at herself in the mirror the very low cut and revealing black nightie complemented her figure but she had never worn such outfit before… she took a deep breath and composed herself turning she opened the door.

He stared at her as she walked into the room…his heart raced as she looked totally amazing and not the Praachi he had shared a room with all these months… she lowered her gaze and walked towards him…with her heart racing she knew this night would be special and waited breathless for him to react she looked at him in his pyjamas as he was buttoning his top and had stopped…. He closed his eyes and could feel the goosebumps on his skin. What is she doing? Does she? …I have to leave!… she looked up at him as he turned to leave… he turned to look at her as she took hold of his wrist. "Milind?"…he looked at her and pushed her onto the bed… feeling his lips on hers she closed her eyes as the blood rushed to her head…as he climbed on top of her feeling her body melt beneath him… she felt his finger pulling up her nightie from her tighs she gasped he stopped and looked down at her…. He noticed that look in her eyes again moving his hands up he cupped her breast in his hand to see her bit her lower lip with her eyes closed… feeling him panting hard on her face…his hands now on her breast she to was breathing heavy and felt his finger on the fabric of the nightie… no longer able to stop himself he pulled up the black nightie and was amazed as it gentle uncovered her for him to see… he removed it and threw it on the floor feel her skin next to him….feeling her hands removing his top he too did not object as he felt her exploring him …feeling his lips on her chest exploring every part of her she moaned in delight as she gripped her finger in his back… Unable to control himself as the desire to take her was to strong and he had enter the point of no return … as her body was now reacting to his every touch… she ran her fingers through his hair as he suckled on her breast …unable to take it any more he had to make her his… feeling him now inside her she let out a cry in ecstasy as they moved to the rhythm of there passion and deepest desires..


He looked at her asleep as she mumbled holding his arm tightly… "Praachi?" he looked at her open her eyes and smile warmly as she leaned over and kissed him…Unhooking her arms he looked at her confused and looked at her not amused… followed his gaze to see the other passengers on the train…she looked at him as he rose from his seat and left.  It was all a dream and she cursed herself holding her head 'dame it?!'…the look in his eyes of total confusion and the way he pulled her off him… she was sure that he was not feeling the same way as her…did that kiss mean anything? 

"What the hell?" he looked at himself in the mirror of the small toilet.. for the past week she was slowly penetrating his thoughts and was getting under his skin.  No I must not she belong to another and I am only her husband on paper.  To see her happy I must totally keep away from her and to any of her advances as she does not know what she is doing?…placing the cool water on his face he looked at himself as he ran his wet hands through his hair.

Her eyes looked towards the compartment door which was inclusive to them only…they were now travelling towards there last destination and it was now getting to hard for her to suppress her feeling any long 'i have to hit this head on'…with her heart racing she looked at him slide open the door and watched him sit down opposite her avoiding making any eyes contact.. with her mouth feeling dry she looked at him as he shifted his weight on the black leather seat and pick up the business paper… hearing him ruffle through the pages she closed her eyes to compose herself.

"Milind?" hearing her voice quiver slightly as he held up the paper not wanting to see her he closed his eyes.

"Milind?"  she looked at him for a response and felt her voice strain under the stress…as she watched him place the newspaper down and looked at her… his eyes were distance and questioned her…

"I uh…" Seeing the tears appearing in her eyes he cursed himself but knew he had to do this.

"Praachi… I am tired we been travelling for 3 hours now… I'm going to have a nap!" he looked at her nodding as she lowered her eyes… Not wanting  to see him as her tears would flow without stopping, if she looked up … hearing the noise of the paper being put away and his long sigh she looked up to see him with his eyes closed as the tears ran down her cheeks… I know you feel it as I feel it to but why are you refusing those feeling and me…it hurts as I take a step forwards you take one back why? Did that kiss back home mean nothing?  

"The train ride was a great idea" his voice boomed in her ears as she looked up at him and smiled as he looked at the view through the window…as she poured him a cup of tea.

"Praachi can I ask you something?" he looked at her as her smiled widened as he took hold of the cup from her hand.

"There is a special cable cart tour … which I was told has some spectacular views..i brought the tickets when you suggested we get the train down… would you do me the honour…"

"Do you really have to ask Milind as I am your wife and would love too!" she looked at him as he looked totally taken back…as a small smile formed on his lips.

Good that would be a great time and place for me to give her the good news of the divorce… he had made a call earlier and everything was set… She would just love the surprise.

She looked at him as he walked into the bedroom of the hotel and undo his watch and turned to look at her as she stood at the dresser.

"Praachi… are you enjoy your birthday gift?" she turned to see him sit on the bed and take off his shoes.

"Yes! Why do you ask?"  he looked up at her as she sat down next to him on the bed.

"I was just wondered as Sukriti would have told me I was boring and …" feeling her hand on his arm he looked at her.

"I do kind of wish…you would talk to me more…" he looked at her a little surprise and taken back.

"Really? Ask me anything!" he looked at her as a wide smiled spread across her face.

"Have you ever fallen in love?" yes …but you are just a dream which I will wake up from…. She looked at him looking a little uneasy as he got up from the bed.

"I do not believe in love… I'm going into the hot tub to relax!" she looked at him as he picked up the towel and left the room…

"Right Praachi.. stop this nuisance … Milind will believe in love and you know just how… this time I'm not taking no for an answer…"

With his eyes closed he felt the warm bubbles taken away the stress of everything but she lingered in his thoughts… hearing a splash he opened his eyes to see her in the tub next to him… He looked at her as she lowered her eyes and blushed looking uncomfortable in her red bikini… She looked at him as he looked and turn to reached for the towel…he turned back to feel her hand taking hold of his wrist.

"What are you running from Milind? Do I scare you?" he looked at her as she moved closer to him.

"I am not scared of you!"

"Then why do you run when I come close to you?" he looked at her angrily

"Look just stop it Praachi!" she looked at him as he hit the water with the palm of his hand.

"Stop what Milind?" she had to confront him with this she had no other option.

"This act? Of trying to be something more then what you are?"  feeling his rage surround her as she looked at him take a deep sigh and look away…

"I am your wife Milind?" she looked at him surprised as he threw his head back laughing.

"Stupid woman!! …that only on paper! I only married you because of my father and you need finanical help… other wise I would have married someone worthy to be my wife!" stunned at what he said she looked at him as he stared at her so coldly.

"You're eyes give you away Milind!" feeling his rage now totally taking control of him he moved forward and took hold of her hair from behind and looked at her.

"What are my eyes telling you now?" feeling his tight grip as he pressed his whole body against her submerged in the warm water

"Why are you fighting it Milind? As your eyes are telling me that you are scared to death?"  seeing the anger in his eyes …she found his grip pull her towards him hard.

"You should be the one afraid Praachi?"  feeling his angrily breath on her face she looked up at him not moving by the way he had over powered her.

"Any thing you do will never scare me as I know the truth …I felt it that day when you kissed me… as from that day I surrender everything to you Milind!" feeling the water bubbles against her body as he moved on top of her looking at her… pulling her head back he looked at her eyes as he hurt her.

"Don't make me hurt you Praachi?"  he looked down at her quivering lips

"Go ahead Milind as nothing hurts me more then to see you struggling with what you feel for me…" she felt his grip loosen as she saw something stir in his eyes.

His grip tightened and feeling the pain he was causing her she closed her eyes…he looked down at her to see the pain on her face …and his heart pounding how dare she?

"I tell you what I feel for you… my skin crawls feeling you touch me…I feel sick to the stomach when I see you and…"  he looked at her as she opened her eyes and looked at him…there were no tears and she looked at him

"And what Milind?" pulling her head close to his …he could hear and feel her soft breath and let go of her and pushed her back as the water moved back with her. 

"You are not worth it?" she looked at him turning to get out of the water.

"What's the matter Milind? I never took you for someone who runs away? Where is that chawl pride?" hearing her mocking voice he turned angrily and took hold of her shoulders pulling her close to him.

"I will teach you!" feeling his lips on her she felt his hands pull her close to him… with her heart racing she found him totally on top of her and his lips kissing her so hard….feeling her body not struggling as he pinned her he released her and looked at her open her eyes…. "You lie Milind?!"  …. Feeling his lips as he kissed her so passionately she found herself wanting more as he opened his eyes and realized what he was doing he released her.   "You will never get anything more from me then that …as you are not worth it!"….. she looked at him getting out of the water and leave the room…. As the tears rolled down her eyes she knew he would never feel her love ever…..

As he lay in bed he stared at the ceiling… Why did she have to push me? I don't want to be a monster its just everytime I come near you I feel his presence …as he has touched you and kissed those lips…I was happy to have given you and our relationship a chance but that night where you admitted that you still loved him and he loves you still… it haunts me and I cant do this anymore play happy couple when the truth is we both know you would be happy without me in the quotation…Hearing her quietly sobbing he turned to see her back..closing his eyes he composed himself and pulled up the blanket to cover her… she felt his hand brush her hair.. 'why do you hurt me and then make me feel better?' hearing him shifting his weight on the bed she hear him get up and walk towards the window and look at the night sky…he had left the hotel and had come back into the room without saying anything and went to bed.

"Milind?" she looked at him stand still not moving..

"I uh…" she looked at him turning to see her…as he walked passed her.

"Praachi don't start!! Tomorrow I will be moving into another suite… I need some space…"

"You're  running away again…" hearing her whisper as she lowered her head he moved closure to her.

"What do you want from me? I have freed you from debt what could you possible want NOW?"

"I want the right to be your wife!" he looked at her looking up at him so boldly she had said it.

"You will never have that right? As I will never give you that right!" she looked at him walking out of the room slamming the door shut behind him.

Furiously he walked down the stairs to the bar of the hotel as he placed his hands on the door.

"Neev Sir everything has been arrange… she is in Room 234"  with his heart racing he turned around quickly to see Neev smiling as he tipped the waiter and enter the hotel lift…

~~~Part 5~~~ 

Staring at the ice in the whiskey his eyes filled up placing his hand loose in his hair the tears ran down his cheeks. Neev was here to claim what was his and this would be the most tormenting task he would ever have to face in his life… as the tears ran down his face he place the glass to his lips…

Zindagi Ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye
Jitne Bhi Mausam Diye Sab Nam Diye

jab Tadapta Hai Kabhi Apna Koi
Khoon Ke Aansoo Rula De Bebasi

jee Ke Phir Karna Kya Mujhko Aisi Zindagi

Jisne Zakhmon Ko Nahi Marham Diye

Zindagi Ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye
Jitne Bhi Mausam Diye Sab Nam Diye

Zindagi Ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye

Why would she want to stay with me… I'm not what god intended for her.. she is a princess and deserves a prince and am just a pauper. As soon as I see the papers I will break this bond and free her of this monster named Milind!… he signalled to the waiter for another drink as the pain seeped through every part of his soul.


Apne Hi Pesh Aaye Humse Ajnabee
Waqt Ki Saajish Koi Samjha Nahi

Beiraada Kuch Khatayein Humse Ho Gayi

Raah Mein Patthar Meri Har Dam Diye
Zindagi Ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye
Jitne Bhi Mausam Diye Sab Nam Diye

Zindagi Ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye

Ek Mukambal Kashmakash Hai Zindagi
Usne Humse Ki Kabhi Naa Dosti

Jab Mili Mujhko Aasoo Ke Woh Tohphe De Gayi

Has Sake Hum Aise Mauke Kam Diye

Zindagi Ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye
Jitne Bhi Mausam Diye Sab Nam Diye

Zindagi Ne Zindagi Bhar Gam Diye

"Hello!" Clutching the phone a smile appeared on his lips…

"Ayesha I am here! The're booked in and she a couple doors away from me…" Ayesha leaned back in the leather chair as she listened to Neev on the loud speaker in her office.

"Good as Milind will get copies of the divorce papers tomorrow and you will have the woman you love in your arms…" closing her eyes she knew Praachi was meant to be Neev and Milind was just a pawn she need to remove.

"I am dieing to see her now but I know I have to wait!" he looked at through the window seeing the snow on the mountains as the moon spoken to him about nothing but love.

"I have organised everything just stick to the plan…remember!" Ayesha smiled looking at the documents on her desk. Now the Neev family would answer to her as she now owned 80% of there business and this would be Praachi wedding gift. 'No one messes with me or my family… this time Praachi will rule the Shergils' she thought smiling as she closed her eyes.

"Bye Ayesha! I don't know how to thank you…" as his heart raced think about Praachi he turned off the phone.

Six months of not seeing her was killing him how could he have been so stupid to have believe his parents when they told him that Inder had passed away and Praachi was refusing to see them and broke off the engagement…but when he go back to India it was all to late as he watch the woman he loved wearing the sindoor of another man in her forehead. A son of a driver's son just a mere servant who was now graced by a bit of money Milind Mishra . Who the hell does he think he is? "Praachi is mine and I am hers!"

She looked at the clock it was now 1am and he had not returned as she sensed something bad was going to happen her heart raced as she turned to leave. She opened the door …she looked at him totally drunk standing in the hallway with the pass key in his hand. She turned her face in disgust as the smell of alcohol seeped in every part of him. She looked into his eyes to see nothing but hate as he walked passed her…as she closed the door she turned to see him struggling to take his jacket off… as she went forward she looked at him as he moved back and lost his balance… feeling her arm holding him up steady he looked at her confused.

"Don't touch me!" she looked at him pushing her away as she felt so rejected by his words. Why do you do this as it hurts me so much to see you in such a state.. she looked at him throwing his jacket on the floor and drop onto the bed. Moving forward she looked at him placing his hand on his shoes… he stopped to see her hands on his shoes and looked at her to see her eyes filled with tears.

"What are you doing?" feeling the anger from his breath she closed her eyes.

"I am sorry!" she opened her eyes and looked at him as he lowered his eyes avoiding her gaze.

"Just leave me Praachi! That's all I'm saying.." she looked at his hand gesturing her to stop as she removed his shoes.

"I am an evil man and I cant give you what you want!" as the tears ran down her face she looked at him look towards the window …not even acknowledging her presence in the room.

"What have I given you Praachi?" he turned to look at her as she stood so silently as usual not saying a word probably cursing the day she had laid her eyes on him.

"I am just the hired help!" feeling her hand on his arm he looked at her move closer to him.

"You are my husband! I have never thought of you as nothing but!" she looked at the smirk smile on his face as he threw his head back…. Stunned she looked at him laughing.

"If I ask you for something would you give it to me?" he looked at her as she stood before him with her eyes lowered.

"Do you really have to ask?" he looked at her stunned as she had that look in her eyes again.. as he unbuttoned his shirt he looked at her…. Not knowing what was happening she looked at him getting undressed…he placed his shirt on the floor and looked at her turn around to get ready for bed as well…. She turned to see his trousers on the floor and him in the bed… with her heart pounding she got into the sheets. Feeling his arms take hold of her she gasped in surprise by the sheer power of his arms pull her close to him.

"Can you hold me Praachi?!" he sounded like a child as he held on to her… feeling her arms around him he placed his head gentle on her chest…. Hearing his gently sob she placed her hand on his head to sooth him… as the tears were now uncontrollable

"Talk to me Milind?" hearing her voice he pulled her tighter towards him.

"I love you!" she heard him mumble as a smile formed on her lips placing her whole body in his hold she felt finally complete. He loved her and nothing else mattered.

This will be our last night together and I want to have you body imprinted in my soul as when tomorrow comes you will be someone else's world and no longer mine. I want to feel your gentle skin against my rough and dark skin. I want to feel your arms take me into your paradise where I can feel nothing but love and I want to engulf you sweet smell as they electrify my senses for the final time… this angel whom I will love until I die will be free from this prison you feel around you. Feeling his lips on her bosom she placed her lips on his forehead she closed her eyes… as they both fell asleep awaiting for the morning dawn…..

~~~Final Part~~~

"Miland?" placing her hand on his chest gentle she looked at he gentle opened his eyes to see her…as her smile broadened she saw the frown lines appearing on his face as he closed his eyes again. Hear her weight shifting he opened his eyes to see her walk away but he took hold of her arm and pulled her on top of him….looking into her eyes he saw nothing but love for him …seeing her blush he smiled as she placed her head on his chest.


"You have a package. I have placed it on the table its nearly mid day we both over slept!" he looked at her and nodded to see her move towards the bathroom. 'what the heck am I doing?' he thought placing his hand through his hair as he let out a sigh he eye caught the large envelope….Opening the seal Divorce papers.


"Miland there is a Valentines ball in the hotel this evening can we go?" stuffing the papers back into the envelope he turned to see her smiling as she approached him… She looked at him as he shifted himself towards the bed and sit down…Smiling she looked over at him as she ran the towel through her wet hair. Those simple words I love you changed everything as she turned to look into the mirror of the dresser now she could do anything as he loved her. He looked at her as she seem lost n some world he had often seen that look on her face and smiled as he walked past her in his night gown… feeling her hand on his arm he turned to look at her.


"I love you! Milind!" feeling her arms around him he held her smiling and looked over at the divorce papers on the table and then looked down at her.


"Yesterday when you told me you loved me more then anything as I held you  crying" seeing the lone tear running down her face he pulled her towards her closer….


"Praachi?" he looked at her angel like face …feeling his lips upon her he lifted her into his arms and looked at her as he kissed her…feeling herself totally lost in his arms as he gentle placed her on the bed…she looked at him as he looked at her …feeling his finger move back her lose damp hair she felt his lips upon her cheek… the smell of her Dior scent was engulfing his senses as he moved to get more closer to her…feeling her hand in his hair as he kissed her…. 'Beep Beep' feeling his whole body tense up by the sound of the mobile phone she smiled hearing him cursing as turn to look at the phone…. "I have to take it.." seeing her gesturing its ok he picked up the phone as he shifted his weight of her..


"Sukriti? Baba ok ?" seeing his whole body tense up he let out a sigh in relief


"OK! Happy Valentines day to you as well!… How is everyone?" feeling her head on his back he smiled feeling her warm and affectionate touch as he turned to look at her smiling…Feeling her fingers inter locking with his he looked at her as she held him. He is mine and his kisses tell me everything she though looking at him trying to have some sort of conversation with his sister…feeling naught she placed her chin on his other shoulder and gentle blew in his free ear…seeing his smile broaden as his shoulder gentle shuddered by her gentle touch he turned to look at her surprised.


"Sukriti here speak to your bhabhi!" handing her the phone he looked at her smiling as she spoken so happily on the phone.. she looked at him as he narrowed his eyes at her raising his eyebrow…seeing the mischievous smile she shook her head at him as he moved closer to her…feeling his cheek rubbing against hers… his bear tickled her skin he moved back away from him shaking her head smiling.


"I'm having a wonderful time here… but you were right Milind can be slightly boring!" taking hold of her he looked at her smile cheekily…feeling his lips on her neck she closed her eyes….taking hold of the mobile from her he looked at her.


"Bye Sukriti we'll call you later!"


"Praachi you are naughty!"  seeing her smiling he looked at her as she moved back to get away from him….feeling the pillow hit him gentle he looked at her….as the pillows flew across the room they laugh. He had never laugh so much in ages as he felt her in his arms… "Stop it Praachi!" looking at his boyish smile as he held her on the bed as she lay on top of him.


"Milind! I want to see you laughing and smiling more…you look so handsome smiling!" he looked at her as she traced her fingers on her cheek.


"Do you really love me Praachi? You're not saying it just because you are stuck with me?" looking into his eyes she shook her head… feeling her lips on his.


'BUZZZ' releasing each other they both looked at the door.


"Has everyone gone mad today?" feeling her releasing her hold he grabbed hold of her shaking his head.


"The sign say do not disturb!" giggling she placed her head on his bare chest.


"It's midday and it's just house keeping with the food order… let me get the door!" hearing him moaning and pouting his lip she smiled placing her lips on his cheek.


As she opened the door she saw a large bunch of red roses and smiled as she took hold of them.  He looked at her smiling as she put the flowers in the room as the waiter placed the food on the table.  As he looked at her smiling he tipped the waiter as he closed the door.


"Milind the flowers are beautiful!" he approached her.


"Not Guilty! Open the card!" I never order them but know who did.


'Your Valentine forever Neev xxx' as she turned to look at him as her heart sank.




The silence was uncomfortable only moments ago they where in each others arms but now as she looked at him he was distant again.. As she took hold of his hand he did not look at her as they walked into the hotel lobby.


"Sir was are having a ball this evening you will be coming as the guest in the honeymoon suites are our VIP guests!" she looked at him nodding as he handed over the key.


"Milind? Please talk to me!" he looked at her as he drove the car towards the hillside.


"What do you want me to say Praachi?" she could see the hurt in his eyes as he turn to look back at the road.


"I have told him I don't want to be with him!" as the tears ran down her face she looked at him.


"I don't love him Milind!" as he stopped the car he turned to look at him.


"What is it with you women? One minute you are in love the next you are NOT?" she could feel the anger in his voice and looked at him as he banged his hands on the steering wheel.


"Here Happy Valentines!" she looked at him placing the envelope in her hands as he started the car and drove again.


She opened the papers and looked at him shocked as the tears flowed down her cheeks.


"I have signed them… you get the house and the business back.. once I get back Baba, Sukriti and I will leave … you can have you're life back and forget you ever met a man named Milind Mishra!" stopping the car he got out of the car….he looked at her as she got out of the car she looked totally shocked by the news… she looked up at him and moved towards him holding the paper but stopped as another car stopped near them.


Milind looked at Neev smiling as he looked at Praachi and clutched his fist closing his eyes.  Praachi looked at Neev totally surprised and looked back at Milind.


"Go Praachi!" she looked at him numb as his word cut through her…. As she watched him move towards the car.


"Praachi!" she looked over at Neev as he came towards her.


"Neev don't take another step!" Neev looked at her confused as the tears ran down her cheeks.


"Neev I told you that day it was over between as I am married to a man who I respect more then anything in this world…I told you that nothing was going to come between me and Milind including you…remember!" she turned to look at Milind with his back towards them.


"But I love you Praachi! We were meant to be together!" she looked at him coming towards and saw her raise her hands towards him and stopped.


"NO! Milind and I are meant to be together as this is what god wanted!" Neev looked at her angrily as he looked at her.


"You don't love him!" he protested shaking his head.


"I never knew what love was until I married Milind and I am totally in love with him! And NOT you Neev I have told you this!" hearing Milind open the car door she turned and looked at him.


"Milind! I love you…and today you have hurt me!" feeling her take hold of him from the back sobbing.


"I can not give you anything else Praachi… I need to get away from you!" his words hit her like a ton of bricks as he released himself from her and opened the car door…she looked at him heart broken as he drove away…




His eyes scanned the arrival area and he smiled to see their hands waving at him.  As he approached Sukriti he smiled as he embraced her…As he turned to see her smile broadened feeling her arms around him.


"Papa!" hearing the sound of his little angel for the first time his eyes watered for 2 months he had been away from them and it was killing him….Sukriti looked at her brother as he kissed them on the forehead… as she looked at him take hold of his wife and little son Dev….


Milind looked at Sukriti and knew this was all possible because of her…as he drove away in tears he stopped the car sobbing.. "If you love some one you must set them free!" he told himself as his mobile beeped he took hold of it… staring at the image Sukriti had sent her of the day he took hold of her in his arms he saw nothing but love in her eyes for him… Starting the car he drove back to the spot where he left her cursing himself…but she was gone and with Neev.


As he dragged himself into the hotel and opened the door he walked into the room to see her leaning against the bed on the floor crying…as he kneeled before her sobbing he looked at her as she took hold of him.


"Promise me you will never do that again!" holding her close to him.


"I am sorry and I …" she looked at him choking on his words


"I love you and can't live without you Praachi…."


As he took hold of them in his arms as he lead them towards the exit feeling nothing but love as he could never have been happier.


Neev smiled as he entered the Airport seeing Praachi looking happy with Milind she was right they were not meant to be together … Praachi had taught him so much about love and that was something he would always be thankful off.. smiling he looked at his wife ……..


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Kim75 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2008 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Kat you are here! Big smile welcome Embarrassed
Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2008 at 8:44am | IP Logged

Originally posted by kimdeol

Kat you are here! Big smile welcome Embarrassed

OMG darling .... how the hell are u?? since that day u sent me the link i have been glued to the showLOL... but never here as we behind in the uk!!Confused

We must catch up seriously

gtg love KatEmbarrassed

madhu_vasireddy Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2008 at 8:50am | IP Logged
OMG Kat,I am eagerly waiting for your FF. Day Dreaming I have read your FF's on the KAA forum and all of them were mindblowing Clap Clap Clap .Please continue dear. Tongue
wande IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2008 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Catwoman u r welcome to Kayamath this where I have been ever sice Ippy got kick out the house by Shiv LOL LOLand thank GOD I did because believe me peoples here r so love and so very much friendly and our Michi SmileOMG where do I start from there r just wow,and yes lovely already Clap please do continue soon I will be waiting for more dear Embarrassed Big smile Big smile
shali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2008 at 9:39am | IP Logged
hi kat... nice to see you here... saw your post in KAA and DMG... but never read your FF...

but your very short preview is telling my that a very cute story will be coming our way...
so please cont....
Monu-SunNaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2008 at 9:47am | IP Logged

Great start KatSmile looking forward to you continuing, and thanks to Kimmy and Sumu for bringing Kat into the world of Michi MadnessLOL


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