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THE GODFATHER- Part2...Index/ pg1 (Page 6)

iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2008 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
i knew josh was going to do something stupid Angry but it's really hard to imagine josh like that Ouch anyway if kripa leaves him now there shud be no regrets, rite?? Confused awesome part cont soon plz Clap

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2008 at 9:36pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by aanyaluv

amazing part...uggh that josh how can he do that Angry Angry Angry he's getting more jealous by the second....god but he shouldn't have tried to force Kripa...but thnx to prateek...i don think it's a gud thing foe zaib and GF 2 be hiding things but lets see....and di when wll GF find out that Kripa is his daughter many probs lolz...i don noe how'll Kripa react to zaib's Angad can sense kripa in distress Embarrassed plzzz post soon....m waiting

Thanks aanyaluv!

Josh feels betrayed by Kripa, hes also frustrated and insecure with his one-sided love! Cry GF hid the truth from Zaib....wasnt good, may cause problems later... Angad has psychic connection to her....when shes in pain, he could feel it....


pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2008 at 9:37pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by sahr_8

y isnt htere a part 2dai ??????????????????????????????????????????????

Sorry Dear.....I will post later at night.... didnt get time to write all day...Cry


pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 January 2008 at 9:39pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by iqbals4ever

i knew josh was going to do something stupid Angry but it's really hard to imagine josh like that Ouch anyway if kripa leaves him now there shud be no regrets, rite?? Confused awesome part cont soon plz Clap

Thanks iqbals4ever!

Josh just lost it! But he will repent and try to compensate Im sure....wil Kripa leave him? Ouch


sweetangle04 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 January 2008 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
hi di
sad part aaisa to hona hi tha...the jug was full of water so it had to spill..thanks to didnt get worse...

continue soon di will be waiting... Big smile
teri_susan Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2008 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
What a horrific part!Josh really lost his sense.How could he do such a thing to Kripa?Thanks to Prateek,he saved his mother.

    Continue soon Big smile
pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 January 2008 at 1:34am | IP Logged

Originally posted by sweetangle04

hi di
sad part aaisa to hona hi tha...the jug was full of water so it had to spill..thanks to didnt get worse...

continue soon di will be waiting... Big smile

Thanks sweetangle! Yes, Prateek saved the day...rather the night! Big smile


pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 January 2008 at 1:35am | IP Logged

Thanks Faiza, terisusan, sana, Tapasyaa, Babygirl, AK4eva, TeeHee, mita, desiqt, Madiha, kayamat, jiya, sukhi, sahr, Temi, nameless, angadkripa, kan123, abhilasha, deeya, aanyaluv, iqbals4ever, sweetangle!



Kripa was relieved to find Josh had left for work when she got up late that morning. Her eyes were swollen and heavy with unshed tears, her wrists, neck and chest bruised from his manhandling! She was deeply disturbed, devastated!! She had never imagined that Josh would assault her like that! Her gentle giant had become a drunken, rapacious monster in an instant ! Her faith and trust in him was badly shaken! She wasn't sure she could stay with him a minute longer in the same Suite, let alone the same room. She didn't want to expose Prateek to anymore of their ugly fights and tussles!

Josh was too strong for her and could do anything to her, now that he suspected her of having an affair with Zaib! She knew she was partly responsible for his anger…she had lied to him, met Zaib secretly, deceived him many times about going to the Mall when she actually went to meet Zaib.

But if she had told him the truth, would he have let her go? Would he have believed her? Supported her efforts to bring back Angad's memory? He wasn't even willing to accept that Zaib could be Angad! Instead he had gone to the extent of accusing Zaib of being a criminal, a murderer! Josh had really lost his mind……Kripa thought….even planting a hidden camera in Zaib's room to spy on him and Kripa!

Kripa was extremely worried about Angad…..she would have to call him immediately and warn him about Josh's plans to trap him in trumped up murder charges.
Josh's jealousy had made him vicious against Angad………so Kripa thought!

Prateek was still sleeping soundly…..his little heart had sensed some deep disturbance and violence between his parents…..he was traumatized and scared! His little paradise was crumbling….Just him, Mama and Papa, their little family was disintegrating….somehow he sensed that!

Kripa gazed at his cute face and smiled through her tears. Mera nanha sa sipahi ! If he hadnt come and banged at the door, Josh would have……

She bent and kissed his forehead: Thanks, baby….tumney mera bahut bada upkaar kiya….ab main bina kisi jhijhak ke Angad ke paas jaa sakti hoon….Josh ne hamara rishta khud apney haathon se khatam kar diya"

Kripa got up and took a shower….she felt slightly better and more clear-headed….strong enough to tackle the world and Josh! She ordered breakfast…then woke up Prateek, freshened and fed him. When she was ready to go, she called Zaib's room…..luckily he was in, he picked up the phone right away.
Kripa, tum?

Angad, main tumsey bahut zaroori baat karna chahti hoon….kya tum mujhey mil saktey ho?

Zaib quickly thought about the bug hidden under his room phone: Sh**! The CBI guys will hear everything she will say to me"

He was abrupt : Kripa, Im in the middle of something…..I will call u back in a few minutes"

He hung up, turned over the telephone and took off the tiny chip hidden under the instrument. Grinning wickedly, he planted the bug under the TV so it started crackling with static and picking up TV programmes!

Then he took the Hotel handset to a safe corner of the room and called Kripa back: Haan, ab bolo, kya baat hai? Tum theek toh ho na?

Kuchh bhi theek nahin hai, Angad….tumhey bahut khatra hai, mera abhi tumsey milna behadd zaroori hai….she sounded very agitated and upset.

Zaib's eyes narrowed at the word "Khatra"…..khatron se khelna hi toh meri zindagi hai, he thought...

" Of course! Kaho, kahan milna chahti ho? Mall mein? Nahin, wahan tumharey pati ke jasoos hamara peechha karengey" Zaib chuckled, Kripa flinched at the word Pati!

Zaib had a brainwave…the TERRACE!…where nobody would disturb them, interrupt them: "I have an idea , tu chhat per aaja Goriye, tu chhat per aaja Goriye"…….he sang naughtily.

ANGADD ! Main serious baat kar rahi hoon aur tumhey mazaak soojh raha hai? Kripa protested angrily.

Main mazaak nahin kar raha, Sweetheart! Main tumhey chhat per miloonga…tum lift lekar top floor per aa jaao, phir wahan se stairs lekar terrace per aa jaana"
Theek hai…..Kripa agreed…main tumhey dus minute mein milti hoon"

Kripa had to take Prateek along…she couldn't leave him alone in the Hotel room. But she took his video games along so she would be able to talk to Zaib undisturbed. They went up to the Terrace. Prateek was amazed: Mama, hum chhat per kyun jaa rahey hain?

Beta, aaj hum chhat per hi khelengey…..wahan achhi, thandi hawa hai….Khelney ki jagah bhi hai….Kripa diverted Prateek.

Zaib was waiting for them near the water tank. Prateek looked rather suspiciously at the Uncle from afar : Mama, kya Uncle bhi hamarey saath khelengey?'

Haan Beta….main aur Uncle kuchh zaroori baatein kar letey hain, phir hum sab yahan khelengey….tum wahan baithkar khelo, main abhi aayi ! "

Prateek obediently went under a hanging roof and started playing his video games…..but he kept an eye on his Mama….he didn't trust that Uncle completely.

Zaib met Kripa eagerly, glancing with surprise at Prateek…she told him: Aaj Kanan nahin hai, isiliye Prateek ko bhi saath le aayi…….

Ab batao, kya baat hai….he took her hands in his and held them tightly…..tum itni pareshan kyun ho?

Zaib…tum hoshiyaar rehna…Josh tumhey kisi khoon ke ilzaam mein phansaney ki koshish kar raha hai…

Matlab? Zaib's eyes sharpened, his body stiffened, so Josh had told Kripa about his crimes??

Haan, kal raat usney mujhey bataya ke tum….tum ek khooni ho, kaatil ho, kisi Underworld Don ke liye kaam kartey ho…..Bolo, yeh sab jhooth hai na? She looked up into his eyes with a world of trust in hers.

Zaib's eyes flickered for an instant behind his tinted glasses, his facial muscles twitched instantaneously, then his face became inscrutable…a mask of beguiling smiles.

He grinned: Aur kya kya kaha Josh ne? Main ek smuggler hoon, drugs bechta hoon, logon ko kidnap karta hoon ransom ke liye ? he laughed effortlessly, sarcastically….Josh gussey mein pagal ho gaya hai! Of course I understand….Uski khubsoorat biwi merey paas aa rahi hai, yeh usey bardasht nahin ho raha" his fingers gently brushed her cheeks, Kripa trembled slightly and closed her eyes. Even his lightest touches affected her, set her pulse racing! She couldn't bear to stay away from Angad anymore.

Angad, kya tum mujhey apney saath le chalogey? Main tumharey saath India wapas jaana chahti hoon. ….she looked up earnestly at him.

Zaib stiffened at the mention of returning to India…he couldn't go back there!! He had killed his parents' assassins….who belonged to the "D" gang, the most powerful Mobsters in Upper Mumbai. If they had any inkling of who Zaib was, they would hunt him down and execute him, just as he had executed those 2 guys in cold blood, in a men's bathroom.

India kyun, Jaaneman?….hum kahin aur bhi toh jaa saktey hain….itni badi duniya hai….mera ghar Dubai mein hai…hum wahin jayengey! Zaib suggested smoothly. He was delighted that she had agreed to go with him even before he had a chance to suggest it to her! His plans were falling perfectly into place….he would whisk her away to his home in Dubai!

Tum jahan ho, wahin mera ghar hai….Kripa leaned on his arm and closed her eyes. She just wanted to be with him….away from Josh and his possessive, jealous rage! Hum teenon ek naya aashiyana banayengey….Dubai mein…. Hum dono aur humara Prateek!

Zaib hugged her tightly, grinning with delight…she winced and gasped! Her limbs still hurt from Josh's crushing embrace.
Zaib looked down at once: Whats the matter? Did I hurt you?

Nahin…kuchh nahin!….Kripa avoided his eyes, moving away from his piercing gaze. But his sharp eyes had picked up the bruises on her neck and collarbone although she was wearing a fully covered salwar suit. The harsh daylight on the terrace revealed every single red mark on her tender skin.

YEH KYA HAI? He demanded in a low, harsh voice! He touched the faint marks on her neck….Dikhao mujhey….he grabbed her wrists, she gasped again with pain. He looked down at the purple bruises on her wrists and drew a sharp breath: Kisney kiya yeh? Josh ne? BOLO! Jawaab do!

Kripa stole a glance at him, then looked away, her head bent, mute, silently suffering.

Zaib had a terrible suspicion forming in his mind…..kahin Josh ne Kripa ke saath…? NAHIN….his mind revolted against the thought….that his baiting Josh had resulted in Kripa's humiliation and possible rape. That's why she was suddenly so eager to go away with him!

Kripa…..he was trembling with sudden rage….Kripa….meri taraf dekho…LOOK AT ME, DAMN IT!

Kripa looked up into eyes, her own filling with silent tears.
Did Josh…..did he rape you? Zaib's voice shook with outrage…..please Kripa tell me….kya usney tumharey saath zabardasti kee?

Kripa shook her head, looking down again…
Phir? Yeh sab kaisey hua? ….Zaib's voice was low, tensed!

Usney….usney koshish kee…..she whispered painfully…..lekin Prateek jaag gaya, aur wo kaamyaab nahin ho saka"

Zaib closed his eyes in silent torture , mentally kicking himself! He was so preoccupied with his cat and mouse games with Josh and the CBI that he had not considered the repercussions they might have on Kripa. Last night, Josh had seen them on the camera…and attacked Kripa when she returned to the Suite! It was clear to him now why Kripa wanted to leave Josh and go away with him.
I WILL KILL THAT BAS****! Zaib growled with terrible rage ! Main usey nahin chhodunga….usney tumpar haath uthaya? Tumharey saath zabardasti kee? I WILL KILL HIM!

Please…..Kripa touched his arm in an urgent plea….Angad, tum kuchh nahin karogey….kasoor mera hi hai, mainey hi Josh se jhooth kaha….usey dhokha diya, isiliye wo gussey mein pagal ho gaya tha…wo nashey mein tha. Usney humein …camera per dekh liya tha….Angad, tum nahin jaantey, CBI ne tumharey kamrey mein camera fit kiya hai, ussey wo sab kuchh dekh saktey hain. Please tum aur kuch mat karna…..waisey bhi wo log tumpar shaq kar rahey hain. Josh tumpar khoon ka ilzaam lagana chahta hai….ab tum Josh ko kuchh mat karna…nahin toh wo tumhey arrest kar lengey.

Kripa was crying now : Main tumharey bina nahin jee sakti…..she hugged him suddenly, her arms around his waist, her face hidden in his chest, she sobbed: Please, Angad, main tumhey phir se khona nahin chahti…..tumhey meri kasam, tum Josh ko kuchh nahin karogey"

Zaib put his arms around her, holding her gently, stroking her soft hair: I am sorry, Kripa! Tears rolled down his cheeks too…I am sorry! Sara kasoor mera hai….meri vajeh se tumhey yeh taqleef sehni padi"

Prateek suddenly came running to his mother, he had sensed her distress: MAMA….mujhey yahan nahin khelna, I am bored! Mama, kya hua, aap ro kyun rahi ho? Uncle aapko huggy kyun de rahey hain?

Kripa quickly moved away from Zaib and wiped her eyes and face on her dupatta…..Kuchh nahin, Beta ! Uncle mujhey apney ghar ke baarey mein bata rahey the….OK, Chalo, hum MacDonald's chaltey hain, wahan jaakar khelna"

YAYY! MACDONALD'S! Prateek did a little dance of joy around the terrace, suddenly in a jolly mood. Kripa and Zaib forgot their troubles and laughed at his childish enthusiasm. It takes so little to please a child, their world is so simple and uncomplicated.
Kaash hamari zindagi bhi aisi simple hoti" Kripa pondered as they took Prateek to the lift downstairs. Her own life was so complicated and jumbled up right now, she was tied up in knots, drowning in a sea of confusion and fear!

Zaib reluctantly bid goodbye to Kripa, promising to call her as soon as he had arranged for their air tickets and visas to Dubai!

Kripa and Prateek had a wonderful time at the Macdonald's Play area, then they had lunch and ice-cream and strolled around in the Mall hand in hand. Kripa almost forgot her troubles ….but then it was time to return to the Suite and she dreaded facing Josh after what had happened the night before!

       ****************** ***************************************

Josh had spent a tortured night in the sitting-room, tearfully gazing at the closed bedroom door where Kripa and Prateek were sleeping.

He hid his face in his hands: I am sorry, Kripa….mujhey maaf kar do. Main pagal ho gaya tha….gussey mein, mainey tumhey bahut hurt kiya….agar Sunny nahin aa jaata toh…OH GOD! Main bahut badi gunaah kar baithta. Thank you, Beta…tumney mujhey bhi bacha liya…apney jeevan ki sabsey badi galti karney se tumney mujhey rok liya! Tum merey farishtey ho….agar tum nahin aatey toh main kabhie tumharey Mama ko apna mooh nahin dikha sakta….

He made up his mind: Kripa…Main tumsey vaada karta hoon….I will make it up to you! Main Angad ke baarey mein sab pata karoonga, I will find out everything about Angad and Zaib…aur agar Zaib vaakai Angad hai, toh main khud tumhey uskey paas le jaaoonga! I promise you that!

Early morning, he showered, dressed up and left for CBI –HQ in Interpol Building.
As he entered the Offices, the video guy in charge of night monitoring looked peculiarly at him. He knew Kripa was Josh's wife and had seen her in Zaib's room the night before. Josh clenched his jaw….he would have to get used to such pitying looks….his wife belonged to another man. And he was going to help her reunite with her lost love!

He strode urgently to his Office and closeted himself in the room for hours with black coffee to cure his hangover. He pored over files, made several phone calls to India and Dubai….and finally he was done! He smiled sadly as he leaned back in his chair with a sigh. Finally he could face Kripa again….he had some concrete proofs that Zaib might, in fact , BE ANGAD !

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------

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