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THE GODFATHER- Part2...Index/ pg1

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Im opening a new post for the next part of Godfather as its exceeded 150 pages! Smile

The link for Godfather Part 1 is.... PN=164



Thanks to everyone for continuing to take an interest in the story! Embarrassed

Thanks sahr, iqra, kan123, mita, nameless, desiqt, sweetangle, iqbals4ever, berkeleygirl, sana, Shalini, armaghan, deeya, AK4eva, Madiha, abhilasha, ananya, aanyaluv, superstar, meme24, ravina, Babygirl, superboy,icegirl! Big smile Sorry if I missed anyone!

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Josh swayed drunkenly towards her?.his eyes were bloodshot, his tall frame hunched forward : SSshhhh?.he placed his finger on his lips :  dheerey bolo?..Sun?Sunny uth jayega"

Kripa jumped up from the couch in shock:  Josh?tumney sharab pee hai? You are?.DRUNK!!! ..She could not believe it! Josh did drink alcohol at parties but never so much as to be intoxicated!

Haan?.mainey sharab pee hai?TOH ?  He taunted her, bending close to her face? least main doosri aurton ke paas nahin jaa raha! Theres only one woman for me and that is YOU! ?.his hand came up to her face, his thumb roughly brushed her soft lips: Come on now, give me a kiss!

Kripa's eyes widened in panic as she realized his intentions?.she backed away towards Prateek's bedroom: Josh, tum iss waqt nashey mein ho?..please kamrey mein jaakar so jaao?..subah baat karengey"

Haan, sona toh chahta hoon?lekin apney khubsoorat biwi ke saath??his eyes burned into her body?.his hands suddenly whipped out, grabbed her wrists and yanked her towards him, so violently that she fell on his chest. He gripped her tightly in his embrace.

JOSH! LET ME GO! Kripa cried out, struggling against him, pushing his chest with both hands.

SSHHHHH! Mainey kaha na?.awaaz mat karo?.he hissed with clenched teeth?..Sunny ko jaganey ki koshish mat karo?.

Josh, tum iss waqt hosh mein nahin ho?.please aisa mat karo?.mujhey jaaney do?main kal tumhey sab kuchh bata doongi?..she twisted and turned in his grasp, trying to get away?..

Josh had lost his senses?.watching Kripa with Zaib in his room, realizing she had been lying to him all this time and meeting Zaib secretly?.had broken his dam of patience! He had spent the whole evening in a Bar nearby, drinking, imagining Kripa in Zaib's arms?.in his bed! He was insane with jealousy, furious with Kripa for cheating on him, for fooling him??tonight he was going to make sure she belonged to HIM? nobody else! 

Josh grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back her head?..arching her neck painfully backward?..she cried out in distress?.his hazel eyes blazed down into hers, glittering cruelly with anger and desire: Tumney soch kya rakha hai mujhey? I will tolerate everything? Your damned lies, your cheating?.tum ek gair mard ke saath uskey kamrey mein jaogi aur main chupchap dekhta rahoonga? What do you think of me? Main koi raastey ka patthar hoon? Jo mujhey phenkkar tum kisi bhi Angad ke humshakal ke saath chali jaogi?  ??.He shook her small frame violently like a ragdoll in his arms!

Kripa cried out painfully: Nahin Josh?..wo ANGAD HAI?.koi humshakal nahin?.I will PROVE it to you!

Haan?.BESHAQ, wo Angad hai?..paanch saal tak kahan tha wo? Tumhara Angad? ?Jab tum har ek pal usey yaad karkey roti rahi? Kahan tha wo? Kyun nahin aaya tumsey milney? Agar wo zinda tha toh tumhey akeli kyun chhod diya? BOLO? ??Josh was growling with rage in her face?.his eyes green fires of fury!

USKI YAAD-DASHT CHALI GAYI THI ISLIYE??Usey kuchh yaad nahin hai?.Bomb Blast mein uskey sar per chot lagi thi shayad?.lekin wo Angad hi HAI! Kripa insisted tearfully, twisting in his grasp.

Josh laughed humorlessly, bitterly : Angad?Angad?Angad?yeh naam kabhie humara peechha nahin chhodegi?..wo markar bhi zinda hai?.aur main zinda hokar bhi tumharey liye marr chuka hoon?.Always Angad! Har waqt Angad hamarey beech mein tha?pichhley paanch saal se main tumhara dil jeetney ki koshish kar raha hoon?..LEKIN ANGAD KA KHAYAL HAR WAQT TUMHAREY DIL MEIN RAHA?..AAJ MAIN TUMHAREY HAR KHWAB SE, HAR KHAYAL SE ANGAD KO MITAKAR RAHOONGA!

Josh picked her up in his arms effortlessly and walked into their bedroom and slammed the door shut with his foot!

He carried her to the bed and threw her on the covers. Kripa scrambled up and tried to escape?.but he was on top of her?.pinning her under his heavy weight! She yelled and struggled madly, thrashing her arms and legs?.twisting, bucking?.but couldn't budge him an inch, he was too strong and heavy! He grabbed her hair and slammed his mouth on hers?.smothering her cries of protest and anger, he kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth! She groaned and bit his tongue in retaliation?.he swore and lifted his mouth?.his hazel eyes burned down into her wide, petrified brown ones: Tumhey meri kiss pasand nahin, Darling? He mocked her cruelly?.but you belong to ME! Aaj main yeh saabit kar doonga??he crushed her soft lips again?.biting, sucking, bruising them. She whimpered and cried under his assault?.her mind and heart repulsed at the thought of being molested by Josh. Her gentle savior and protector had become her attacker! She had unleashed the beast within him!With her lies, her deception!
 She fought him with  her hands, sobbing, her nails digging into his neck and jaws?.trying to push his mouth away?.the alcohol on his breath nauseated and suffocated her! He grabbed her attacking hands and pinned them near her head. His mouth dug into her neck, her throat?.kissing roughly, biting?.suddenly he grasped the strap of her nightdress and yanked it down, tearing the buttons , exposing her chest. Kripa screamed then?..loudly, harshly! She was horrified at his violence?..she knew he was going to force himself upon her! He slammed one large hand on her mouth, growling fiercely: Awaaz mat karo?..don't shout! Still smothering her mouth with his hand?.his lips descended to her chest?.biting, sucking, nuzzling her softness! She pulled off his hand with her free one?.and screamed again: JOSH! CHHODO MUJHEY?..TUM PAGAL HO GAYE HO?..DON'T DO THIS! JOOOOOSHHH!

But he was oblivious to her pleas, her screams of protest?.he bruised and lacerated her soft skin roughly with his tongue and teeth. She sobbed with anger and regret?..that their relationship would end so violently!

Suddenly there was a loud knocking at the door?.a childish voice floated into the charged atmosphere of their bedroom:  MAMMAAAA?..(banging on the door) ?.MAMAAAA"

It was her little savior, Angad's representative come to save his mother!
Prateek?..Kripa muttered in shock, her eyes going towards the door. She pulled hard at Josh's hair, trying to move him from her chest!

BANG?BANG?..louder knocks on the door?.MAMAAAA??Prateek was sobbing and screaming outside.

As if waking from a horrible dream, Josh raised his head and looked towards the door with a shocked look on his face!

Sunny?..he whispered?..he got up from Kripa's half-naked body, his eyes dazed, horrified?.as if realizing for the first time the crime he was going to commit! Sunny was his conscience, his guiding light! Even if he could harm or punish Kripa, he could never hurt Sunny who was his most precious possession! Who loved and adored him as his Papa!

Josh got up from the bed and stumbled to the door and opened it! As soon as Josh released her, Kripa jumped up from bed?.her nightdress was half-torn and hanging?.she grabbed a Hotel-robe and wrapped it around herself. She couldn't let Prateek see her like that! She wiped her face and ran to the door?..Prateek was standing there, sobbing, looking terrified! He glanced at his father, for the first time there was fear in his eyes as he looked at Josh??Josh saw that look?.it pierced his heart deeper than Kripa's deception had done! He couldn't stand to see that look in his son's eyes: I am sorry! He muttered under his breath?.Im sorry, Sunny!

Prateek saw his mother and ran to her: MAMAA?..MAMAA. Mujhey darr lag raha hai?..he clung to his mama's neck, fiercely hugging her?.Mama, monsters aaye hain?.mujhey akeley nahin sona hai"

Haan beta, main tumharey saath jaa rahi hoon?don't worry, baby?Main hoon na tumharey saath! Monsters humara kuchh nahin bigaad saktey" ?Kripa didn't look at Josh as she sidestepped him and hurried into Prateek's room. She shut the door and hugged her son tightly to her chest, swallowing her tears, still trembling from Josh's attempts to molest her!

Prateek clung to her: Mama, aap ro kyun rahi ho? Monsters ne aapko bhi jagaa diya?

Haan?.betey?.mujhey bhi monsters se darr lagta hai?.she shuddered, closing her eyes, thinking how close Josh had come to raping her! Thank God Prateek had come in the nick of time?.he had saved her from Josh's wrath, from his cruel punishment?.his horrible, angry assault!

Kripa hugged Prateek again and kissed him: Thanks Beta?tum toh merey Superman ho"

Superman nahin,  Mama. Main Batman hoon?.he corrected her happily, snuggling into her chest?.he went off to sleep while Kripa lay awake, pondering on what she should do next!

Mujhey India wapas jaana chahiye shayad?.yahan main Josh ke saath aur nahin reh sakti?.lekin main Angad ko chhodkar kaisey jaa sakti hoon? Abhi tak toh usey sab kuchh yaad bhi nahin aaya?..aur main uskey baghair jee nahin sakti!! Now that I have found him again, I cannot live without him!

Josh gussey mein haiwaan ban sakta hai yeh mainey aaj jaana?..I cant live with him after this! Achha hi hua?..Josh ke iss harkat ne merey jeevan ka faisla kar diya. I have to leave him ?now I can go back to Angad without any regrets!
 Josh gussey mein agar mujhpar hamla kar sakta hai toh Angad ko jaan se bhi maar sakta hai?.mujhey Angad ko saavdhan karna padega! I have to warn him about Josh?about the murder charges being brought against him!

Towards dawn, Kripa finally fell into an exhausted sleep full of jumbled dreams! Dreams about Angad, bomb blasts, gunshots, Josh, her mother, the ocean and drowning!

Josh sat in the living-room, with his head in his hands: Oh God! What have I done!! Main gussey mein pagal ho gaya tha?.how could I do that? I tried to force Kripa, to punish her by rape?..I hurt her?.I injured her body and soul?..Im sorry, Kripa?..he sobbed silently?.Im sorry! Mujhey maaf kar do?mainey tumhey bahut chot pahunchaya hai?.Forgive me?..


Zaib was feeling restless in his room the night before?.he felt like the walls were closing in around him. Like Prison walls! He wanted to escape this life of crime?.to go to an island paradise with Kripa and spend the rest of his life there!

Suddenly his mobile buzzed?the special phone that Godfather had given him. He pressed a button, there was a message: "call me now"

Zaib quickly got up, left the room and took the elevator?.he had to find a deserted place for his phone call?.the Hotel lobby would have people there?.the streets would still be crowded even at this late hour! And those damned agents would be following him everywhere he went. Then Zaib got a brainwave?.the TERRACE! The Hotel terrace was always deserted of course?.only repairmen went up there sometimes during the day!

He took the lift up to the top floor, stepped out and went to the stairwell?.he took the stairs up to the terrace. It was a flat-topped terrace with 3 huge water tanks in 3 corners. He went upto a water tank and expertly climbed the rungs of the ladder to the top. He sat there and called Godfather on the special phone!
Meanwhile, the agent at CBI-HQ watching Zaib's room on the monitor, saw him leave the room. He called Neeraj, who was the agent assigned to following him in the Hotel.

Neeraj swiftly went downstairs to the lobby and waited for Zaib?..but in vain! Zaib never came down ! Neeraj called HQ and told them Zaib was missing, he never came down to the lobby. The agents wondered where he had gone! Neeraj got blamed for losing Zaib again!

Godfather sounded worried when Zaib spoke to him: Mujhey Kripa ke baarey mein sab pata chal gaya hai?.shes telling the truth.

Zaib was all excited: Kya iska matlab Angad se mera koi rishta hai? Kya main?.kya main Angad ho sakta hoon?

Godfather's jaws tightened, he hated lying to Angad again but he had to.: I don't know about that, but Kripa was married to Angad Khanna?.aur Angad bhi ek bomb blast mein maara gaya tha, apney parents ke saath?

Aur Kripa ka beta, Prateek? Kya wo Angad ka bachcha hai?

Haan, wo bachcha bhi Angad ka hi hai?..wo dono college mein ek saath padhtey the?.unki shadi huyi thi?..

Kya meri shakal Angad se milti hai ? Zaib asked eagerly.

Pata nahin?..GF lied again?.lekin wo bhi singer tha?.Kripa aur wo dono Music college ke students the??.

Zaib was elated and disappointed at the same time., he was hoping for some proof or confirmation that he was really related to Angad in some way, but it seemed all those visions and dreams had been his imagination and nothing else. But it hardly mattered as he already loved Kripa more than his own life and would do anything for her??even become Angad and spend the rest of his life with her!

Godfather asked him cautiously: Zaib, kya tumney mujhey bataya tha Kripa ab ek CBI Officer ki biwi hai?

Yes, Sir! Josh Kapoor, uska husband mera investigation kar raha hai?.hes the one assigned to my case! Zaib laughed at the irony of the situation.

Hmmm, be careful then! Don't take any risks?.ab kuchh din Kripa se door rehna?.jab tak hum Hongkong mein hain?.

Zaib thought: Wild horses couldn't drag me away from Kripa now?.main jahan bhi jaoonga, Kripa merey saath aa rahi hai, that's for sure, whether you like it or not, Godfather!

But he didn't argue with GF?he never did: Alright Sir! Im on my guard! Wo CBI waley mera kuchh nahin bigad saktey! Hum Hongkong kab chhod rahey hain?

Jaisey hi mera kaam ho jaye hum yahan se chaley jayengey?.2 more days?.aur iss baar tum hamarey saath aa rahey ho?.its risky for you to travel alone!

OK, Sir! I will be ready! Zaib smiled to himself?.in two more days, he and Kripa would be together. He was sure she would go with him if he confirmed he was Angad. That was easy for him?..he would get some proof from somewhere?.or pretend that he remembered everything. Now that he knew everything about Angad's life and personality that would be a cinch!

Godfather regretted his lies to Zaib ?betey, mujhey maaf karna, main nahin chahta tum jazbaaton mein behkar koi galat kadam uthao aur apni jaan khatrey mein daalo. Kripa aur tumhey milana ab meri zimmedari hai?..but we have to wait for 2 more days. I have to complete my deal with Mr.Cheng to sell my Hongkong operations. As soon as I get my money, we are out of here?.with your family!

Zaib and Mr.Bajaj didn't reveal any of their hidden agendas to each other?.they bid each other goodnight?..and ended the call.

 Zaib descended the ladder to the terrace and went down to the lobby. He strolled casually outside, aware of the rookie agent following him. He laughed to himself and went for dinner at a Restaurant outside, then went for a movie at the multiplex inside the Mall. The agent followed him inside. It was a boring English movie?..a little later, Zaib grinned with amusement when he saw the agent sleeping soundly with his mouth open. He got up midway through the movie and walked out, leaving his stalker snoring inside the movie theater!

In the middle of the night, Zaib woke up with a start! He felt danger surrounding him?.his heart was palpitating,  he had broken out in a sweat! He'd had a strange dream again?..Kripa was being strangled by someone! Suffocated! Killed! He went to the bathroom and splashed ice-cold water on his sweating face. He stared at himself in the mirror?.was this dream related to his forgotten past? Or to something that was happening in the present ? Was it a premonition of future danger ? He was confused, tensed, agitated !

He went back to his room?.. He suddenly felt worried about Kripa?.was she alright?
His hand went to the phone, then stilled? calling her in the middle of the night, he might put her and himself in more danger. No, he would wait till morning?..when her husband would not be there !

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------


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cheeselova IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2008 at 11:37am | IP Logged
atleast prateek came to the rescue wen josh was forcing kripa. wonder wht's gonna happen in these two days. awesome part.

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 January 2008 at 11:43am | IP Logged

Originally posted by proud_2_b_mysel

oh, joshAngry how dare he touch kripa without her permission, ewwww,

angads heart recognizes kripa's pain, thtas sweet, but why did godfather lie, who cares about his deal

Thanks Faiza!

Yes, Josh lost control in his jealousy, possessiveness! Ouch He was exercising her husbandly rights....marital rape, u know! Ouch

Angad could sense her distress....Cry when Josh was assaulting her...

GF's deal is linked to everybody....basically hes trying to wind up all operations and leave the life of crime....Wink


mitali_s Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2008 at 11:45am | IP Logged
awww pallavi di...i cnt help but feel sorry for josh!!! he loves prateek soooo much...even if kripa leaves him i dun want sunny separated from his papa...josh kitna chahta hai usse inspite of him not being his own blood!!! Cry Cry Cry ...but ab to kripa wil surely leave josh...i hope josh dies, in dat way atleast he wont hav to undergo the pain of being separated from his onli family!!! Cry Cry Cry ....tho i wished he had not molested kripa

i feel sorry 4 z-k too tho...awsumeeeee partttt, nicely written Tongue !!! Clap

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swetha25 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2008 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Hi i've been a silent reader until now. your ffs are amazing!!! when reading this part my heart was beating so loudly. how could josh do that??? i wonder whats gonna happen next. wow u r an awesome writer.

Joined: 01 April 2005
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Posted: 06 January 2008 at 11:53am | IP Logged
omg...that bas****....josh is soo eughhh....i hope GF does what he promised...cont. soon Big smile Big smile
*MitiRasmalai* Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2008 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
Omgg I am soo mad at Josh Angry Angry .....It was such a heartmoving part...I felt sooo bad for kripa!!....The way you descibed eveything was soo extreme...and I felt soo many emotions run through my mind during that part, anger, hurt, sad, even hopeless ...I even felt like I could just go and save her from that beast!...But I am soo glad that Prateek came right on time as a savior of his mother....Prateek is definatly a part of Angad who is always there to protect her mother whenever she's in trouble....I love Prateek!

I actually had tears in my eyes while reading that whole part...I was soo moved by it....You did a fabb job on describing everything Clap felt as if I could feel every character's emotions in that part...especially kripa!

I guess Kripa was more hurt by Josh's behavior than she was with Zaib's when he handcuffed her in his room...atleast he didnt misbehave with her at such an extent without her will.....he would never have...cause Angad would never ever hurt kripa in anyy wayy!....And all the harsh words that he had ever said to her are nothing compared to what Josh has done...I mean she trusted Josh soo much!.....He had once saved her life and now he was the one who was about to force her!!......It must have really been really heart wrecking.... She would have never thought in her wildest dream that Josh would behave so cruelly with her.....Its a side of Josh she had never expected....

But I guess this incident atleast helped her in taking her decision about who she wants to be with ...but that certainly doesnt mean that everything is going to be fine.... yet!.. I assume Kripa still does have a few hurdles in her way....What will happen if she finds out about Zaib's reality about being a killer??....Things are really unpredictable ......Anything can happen within these two days...Zaib himself is still playing a game with kripa....He will pretend to remember everything just so he can obtain kripa...his intention is noble...because he's in love just like Josh...but their way of reaching their goal is wrong!

They both are still betraying kripa...Josh has let out his emotions in a very not so noble way....but Zaib...he still isnt himself in front of kripa...he's hiding his true identity from kripa....and now he's even ready to lie to kripa about his memory...I just hope kripa doesnt get hurt by Zaib and that his memory comes back before he can really hurt kripa....She has gone through sooo much and now the last thing that she would expect is feeling betrayed and hurt by the only man she has ever loved....and that too when he'll be doing everything on purpose this time

I just wish that Zaib had faith in kripa's love....I wish that he would have been able to tell kripa everything about his present life...and belive that kripa will still accept him...but then again the fact that he doenst know that he's Angad is stopping well as the fear of loosing I guess his fear and thoughts are justified at this point...but I just hope that he doenst end up doing something which will lead kripa to hate him in any way

Wowwww Zaib is soo in love with kripa that he's even willing to go against GF??.....Man it is true when people say that a person in love definatly can careless about anything or anyone....and can do anything or go to any extent for their love!

Awww....Zaib felt that kripa was in trouble probably the same time that Josh was abusing her!...I loved the heart to heart connection at that point...It was the cutestt thing!...

I wonder if Kripa will tell Zaib about what Josh did??....and will that event lead him to think about his own betrayal toward's kripa about hiding his identity??...Well lets see what happend next I just hope that Zaib rememeber's everything and GF tells him the truth about his past AK can get together...

I guess that Josh will definatly feel discusted of himself after what he did...and probably it will lead him to think that he doesnt deserve kripa...and will set her free from their marriage and let her live her life the way she wants...

But no matter what I will still have a little respect for Josh considering the relationship that he shares with prateek...The love that he has for prateek and the fact that he cares for him soo much ...that he would never ever think about hurting him in any way...His relation with Prateek is something that I would repect and adore Josh for....

I really felt bad for him at the part where he saw fear in prateeks eye's for the first time and that way that must have hurt him....He not only lost kripa but probably lost prateek as well...

Fantabolous part as always....cant wait for the next one...continue soon...and keep up the great work Clap

Edited by mita_mita01 - 06 January 2008 at 12:52pm
nycdesiqt IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2008 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
josh!!! how could you!! he almost raped her!! yes...i understand he was mad...i thought about it and he had every right to be mad at kripa cuz she did lie to him and deceive him but that is no reason to force her or hurt her!!! that anger is not justified...not at all!! it was worse than wat zaib did to her...and thank god zaib did do anything to her when kripa visited him!
and omg!! prateek...was scared of josh for the first time...this is bad...this means that prateek is gonna drift away from josh....this is soo saddd!!!
but thank god for prateek!! he was his mother's angel!
okay so right now kripa is crushed at josh's behavior...but she will be devesated when she learns about zaib's truth...but it isn't really zaib's fault he is a killer Cry but is wrong for zaib to have used her as a pawn for gettin away from the cbi
and the godfather!! i know he is lying to protect zaib...but he doesn't realize that zaib is really in love with kripa and this deception from both the godfather's side and zaib's side will end up hurting kripa the most!

this was a great and wonderful part!! can't wait for the next one!!! Big smile

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