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Episode No131  Monday 10/3/08

Thulasi leaves to deliver the goods asked by Sara's friends.
Akila is going to attend the 60th B'day celebrations of
Arvind's parents. The women folk have fun getting Kamakshi
ready. Arvind shares a few smiles with his dad. The function
goes well. Kamakshi is looking for grand children from Kavi
but she is elusive in her answer. All are happy that Kavi united
the estranged son with his parents. Paatti says that Perumal's
60 th B'day is due but loser is not there to do the needful.
Akila promises to step in and do everything but Paati points
out  that it has to be done by the couple. Deepika comes with
Meenu. Get blessings from the elders. Paatti is not happy to see

Episode No 132 Tuesday 11/3/08

Deepika is now asking for pity -' nalla iru nnu solringa, dheerga
aayusaa iru nnu solla mudiayalai hmm" - looks like it is known
to the whole world that D is counting her days!!! Sadasivam
calls D as DIL and this makes paatti more angry. Arvind thanks
D for her visit and D says that she has every right in this house
as DIL. Paatti watches them together and fumes. Thulasi
arrives with the goods and the boys trick her in to the bed room.
She escapes. Annamma and Manikam are happy about Thulasi
being civil to Akila. Thulasi comes in crying - tells her parents
the story and her escape. Manikkam gets the address from Thulasi
and goes to deal with those boys. CR comes and Annamma
imparts the details CR follows his maama. Both CR and Manikam
dole out a few blows - warn those boys to stay clear of Thulasi.
Arvind  and Kavi - Arvind is happy that Kavi united him with
his parents. Repents for his mistakes and Kavi consoles. He
promises Kavi that he will never hate any one - has visions of
Deepika!!!  - the hand holding his milk tumbler shakes and he
drops it.

Episode No 133 Wednesday 12/3/08

Arvind spills the milk. He  seems to be thinking of Deepika.
Akila comes to know the Thulasi episode. Wants her to
stop working. Kavi is down with a fever and Arvinds tends.
Arvind has to attend a function in his MD's house, he wants
to cry off but Kavi says that they can go in the evening. Meena
is playing on the road, a car is about to hit her, Arvind sees that
and takes her home. Shouts at Deepika for being so careless.
Sees the expiry date prediction on the board and Deepika
goes on a self pity drive. Offer s coffee to ex - he accepts as
she tricks with a "saga porava kaiyaale coffee" - he plays
with Meena and Deepika watches fondly.

Episode No 134 Thursday 13/3/08
Arvind drinks the coffee and wants to leave. Deepika wants him
to visit them every day as Meena seems happy to see him. He
agrees - Meena holds his brief case and refuses to give it back
saying that he should not go away. Makes him stay the whole day.
Kavi waits for him all dressed up to go for the function. Arvind
gets back at 10pm and hides spending time with Deepika. Beats
around the bush and apologizes for being late but Kavi is forgiving.
Arvind looks totally sheepish. Akila is asked to go to Bangalore
by Mohana for some meeting. Akila refuses saying that she has
an infant who can not be left behind for 2 days. But Mohana says
that if Akila refuses, then she has to take action and Akila might
lose her job.

Episode No 135 Friday 14/3/08
Akila decides to go to B'lore for her official meeting after
a lot of dilly dallying. Mohana meets Annachi in the prison
and says that she is all set to emotionally upset Akila. Arvind
visits dad and apologizes for all his previous misunderstandings.
Requests his parents to look after Deepika and they oblige.
Akila is in B'lore - since loser has gone abroad already, she
just minds her business. The meeting gets extended by one
more day and Akila calls mom and informs.

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Episode No 136 Monday 17/3/08

Sadasivam and Kamakshi visit Deepika. D is thrilled
by their visit and goes on the usual melodrama of "me
dying... why me??...." stuff. She refuses to go and live with
them. Sadasivam laments that the suffering in the family is all
due to his own sins. Baby Jeeva runs a high fever. Akila's
parents take her to the hospital and the child is admitted.
Akila is called and she promises to get back immediately.

Episode No 137 Tuesday 18/3/08

Akila hurries out of the meeting when some one protests
that she runs the risk of loosing the contract. Hospital - cries..
cries and more cries..... Akila comes and she frets as well...
understandable but  it was an absolute over reaction (eye
and ear sore) Doctor gives 12 hrs ..... wants God to step in..
Arvind visits Meenakshi .. Deepika wants to know if he is
not happy to see her (whats up woman??? what a slimy
thing u are??? now, I think the viewers will be disappointed
if u do not die!!!) goes on and on about her soon to come death
and does an emotional blackmail. But Arvind points out all
her mistakes and tells her that she is solely responsible for what
she is today - Deepika cries on his shoulders..(thank God he
does not even raise his hand to hold her..hope he will stay
sensible and will not deceive the good hearted Kavi..)
Deepika moves away..

Episode No 138 Wednesday 19/3/08

Arvind consoles Deepika some more and assures to visit
her often. Stays for dinner. A rowdy is knocking at Kavi's
house and creates trouble. Kavi tries to call Arvind but his
mobile is switched off. As Kavi frets, Arvind walks in. Kavi
angrily shots and he lies about his absconding. Kavi gets a
call about Akkila's baby being sick. Wants to go  and see the
baby. Akila does anga- pradakshinam for her baby,


Episode No 139 Thursday 20/3/08

Mohana is furious that she is not able to contact Akila whose
mobile is switched off. Kutti pappa gets alright and smilesBig smile.
Doctor says that Akila has to take care of the baby and avoid
exposure to infections.  Kamala wants to bring Akila and baby
home with them and the dumb Akila refuses again  - some false
vanity!!! ( does she still believe that loser will come to that same
place and claim daddyhood???) Perumal takes the leave letter
for Akila and gives it to Mohana. She in turn hands over the
temporary suspension order for Akila from the head office.


Episode No 140 Friday 21/3/08
Perumal tries to defend Akila to Mohana but she pays no heed -
Says that the decision has come from the head office and she
can not help it.  Manikkam meets Peumal in the temple and is
told about the suspension order. Finally Akila agrees to go and
live with her inlaws. Kavithat visits Meenu and learns that
Arvind visits them everyday. Kavi and Deepika are shocked
to know that Arvind is not open about it. Akila arrives at
Perumal's house and as she enters the house, the lights go off

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Episode No 141 Monday 24/3/08

As Akila enters the lights go off and as soon as she lights
the lamp at the altar , the electricity comes back.  Deepika
tells Arvind that Kavitha knows about his visit here and chides
him for hiding this.Arvind says that he hid that only to spare some
agony for Kavi - "though she has sent Meena to u, she misses
her a lot and she might be more unhappy -( what an excuse grrr)
Kavi meets Arvind's parents at the temple and learn that they
also visited Deepika. Muthu comes to his parents to ask for some
money as annachi is in jail. He talks ill of Thulasi and CR doles
out some dharma adi. The parents decide that they have to some
how get Thulasi married.

Episode No 142 Tuesday 25/3/08
Arvind's parents spend a day with Kavi and are pleased to have
a DIL like her. Arvind comes and is glad to see his parents.  He
gets a minute with Kavi alone and explains that he hid his visits
to Deepika only because he did not want to hurt Kavi in any way.
Goes on to say that he has just sympathy for Deepika and will
never cheat Kavi. Kavi understands and says that she would much
rather have him being open to her. Reconciliation happens. Akila
plays the role of the perfect DILEmbarrassed -plans to go to her office to find
out about the charges on her.Manikkam and Annamma are
consulting a josiyar about Thulasi. Josiyar says that getting Thulasi
married might pose some problems but once she gets married, she
will have a good life. Josiyar has a groom in mind and the girl seeing
ceremony is in the offing.  Akila meets Mohana who is down right
nasty and informs that the CEO is coming to conduct an inquiry
on the next day.

Episode No 143 Wednesday 26/3/08

Akila calls Mohana by name and says that she is ready to
face any one. Thulasi's girl seeing ceremony is fixed for
the next day but Thulasi is not happy about the arrangement.
Manikkam convinces her saying that the wedding will be done
onlyif Thulasi likes the groom. Mohana meets annachi and
gloats about Akila's predicament. Perumal is worried about
Akila's job but she is all ready to face the inquiry. Manikkam
informs about the girl seeing ceremony. Akila faces inquiry and
tells them that she is at fault for leaving B'lore without getting
the contract but she had to come away as her baby was very
sick. She asks them if they were to face a similar situation,
would they continue with the inquiry or would they get back
home to their loved ones....

Episode No 144 Thursday 27/3/08

Akila does not loose her job but loses her designation as the
Project manager - has to step down. Mohana is happy but Akila
challenges her that she would soon climb the ladder.  Thulasi
goes through the "girl seeing" ceremony and is liked by the
groom's side. Perumal tells Akila that she has to chip and help
her dad for Thulasi's wedding. Paatti and Perumal get in to
their usual fight... Baby Jeeva gurgles.......  ( that was the best
scene for todayBig smile)

Episode No 145 Friday 28/3/08

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Folks , the 31st episode is to be filled in later.

Episode No 147  Tuesday 1/4/08.

Mahathma Kavi wants Arvind to live with the dying Deepika
as a husband and Arvind is furious - "u may act as Buddha
but i am not ready to be slippered by people around us. U
talk about this once again, I will stop visiting her as well" -
Kavi goes to seek assistance from Arvind''s parents in this
regard. Thulasi's alliance does not work out - the groom's
side quotes Akila's life ..hubby left her... Akila says that she
will keep away from all of them.  Arvind''s parents talk to him
about getting back to Deepika - Arvind is not ready for that.
A sad Akila....

Episode No 148 Wednesday 2/4/08

Akila is crying about Thulasi's fate. Perumal comes and consoles.
Tells her that he will be supportive as always. Mahathma Kavi
and Arvind are in conversation. Arvind finally agrees to Kavi's
stupid proposal. Kavi wants him to go the next day to live with
Deepika. (what if this Depika does not die??? and how can any
one be such a fool???grrr) Kavi says that if she does not do this
sacrifice now, she will feel guilty once D dies !!!???? grrrrrrrrr
Akila gets ready to go to work.  Manikkam and Annamma visit
Perumal. Akila leaves in a hurry. Both are upset that Akila
refused to visit them. Perumal consoles them as well. Kavi
Mahathma is packing Arvind's bags.. dresses him up to suit
D's taste..... grrrr advises baby about his daily routines.....

Episode No 149 Thursday 3/4/08

Folks I am greatly disappointed by this. So, here is a short

Arvind baby is  all packed... mahathma says bye... goes to
Deepika's place to play hubby role grrrrrrrr Akila gets back
to work and Mohana seats her in a cubicle along with other
staff - no more separate cabin. Deepika is excited to see
Arvind and blabbers around. Arvind asks her to call Kavi
and thank her. He goes to work.Greedy and selfish D does
not call mahathma. Mahathma is alone and crying for baby.

Episode 150 Friday 4/4/08

Thulasi is again fighting with her parents as she is annoyed that
her prospective alliance got jinxed because of Akila. CR comes
and pacifies his sister and niece. Mohana tries to needle Akila
at work and Akila needles back. Paatti and Kamala visit Kavi
and learn that she has sent Arvind to live with Deepika. Both
are livid with anger that Kavi did not consult them before doing
such nonsense. Kavi says that Akila told her about Deepika's
dying wish and she deemed it fit to send the parcel back. Paatti
and Kamala go back home and inform Perumal about this. Both
are shouting at Akila and say that just because she is not able to
live with her hubby, she wants Kavi to be a vazhavetti as well.
Akila is shocked.......freeze

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Episode No 151 Monday 7/4/08

Akila is upset about paati and Kamala shouting at her. She
wants to leave the house. Perumal gives an emotional talk
and dissuades her. Deepika is admiring her wedding photo.
Arvind comes with some books and painting which she likes.
Deepika does the usual "me dying, want to live.. I understand
people only now.... too late" crap. Both look sad. CR visits
Akila at work. CR tells Akila that her parents are upset that
she did not talk to them properly. Mohana sees this and chides
her for wasting working hours. CR gets angry at Mohana and
shouts at her. Akila placates both. Paatti angrily visits Deepika.

Episode No 152 Tuesday 8/4/08

Paatti shouts at Deepika - voices all our doubts about scheming
to separate Kavi from Arvind. Deepika tries to do her usual
"me dying.." but paatti gives her 24 hours to return Arvind back
to Kavi. Paatti leaves, D cries hugging Meena. Thulasi gets an
appointment order and Annamma does not want her to go to work
and bring more problems - usual fight,Annamma shreds the letter.
CR meets Manikkam and tells him that Akila is not angry with
any of them - just work pressure.  Arvind comes home and D has
packed his bags. Talks about paatti's visit and asks Arvind to leave.
Arvind gets angry hearing all this and goes to confront paatti.

Episode No 153 Wednesday 9/4/08

Arvind comes and shouts at paatti - Perumal and Kamala come
to know about paatti's visit to Deepika. Paatti is accused - but
paatti justifies her actions saying that she can not sit back and
watch Kavi's life getting spoiled. Perumal wants paatti to quit the
house. Mohana gives more trouble for Akila at work - sends her
to the bank to withdraw money.  As Akila is counting the money,
some one diverts her attention and steals the money - Looks like
Mohana has organized this.

Episode No 154 Thursday 10/4/08
Akila comes to the office and says that the money is lost. Mohana
accuses Akila and Akila says that she has lodged a police complaint.
Mohana says that the money has to be made good by the next
evening or else Akila will be arrested. Kavi meets a crying
paatti in the temple - paatti narrates every thing that happened
but Kavi also finds fault with paatti. Akila tells her father about
loosing the money - Manikkam promises to chip in as much as he
can. Arvind and Kavi end up fighting because of paatti's intrusion.
Arvind supports Deepika and Kavi realizes that he is leaning
towards Deepika -- she is shocked

Episode No 155 Friday 11/4/08

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