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Episode 118 Wednesday 20/2/08

Recap of yesterday - Annachi's men raiding Perumal's
house and leaving with a warning - All are upset and can
not sleep any more. Each expressing fear and consoling.
Next morning Akila opens the door and finds FIL sitting
outside her door. Akila panics and brings him in. Perumal
goes on a self pity trip - "started working at the age of
21 and have always been straight and clean. I just made
one mistake and I am being hounded  now" - tells her
every thing about the previous night's incidents and Akila
is angry/unhappy/thoughtful.

Akila and advocate Sadasivam in the police station. Akila
is shouting at the commissioner -" u promised to take care
of me and my family but u did nothing" - C gets angry at
the way Akila talks but Sadasivam explains every thing
that happened the previous night. Sadasivam wants a copy
of the complaint to be given by Akila and take it to the court
asking for protection. He nicely tells the Commissioner that
the police are scared of annachi's connections. C has no option
but to oblige but still promises protection to Akila's clan.

Akila's house - Deepika comes with train tickets to B'lore -
Akila shows extreme happiness ( B'lore kku ticket
kidaikkarathu avvalavu kashtamaa?? ennamo lottery le
million dollar kidaicha mathiri Akila is happy?? or she is
happy to meet that loser??!!) Deepika asks Akila to talk
softly to Jeeva and settle issues. Akila promises to be
really soft -" if he sees me and pappa, he will hug us....
be happy to see us..." Both go in to pack and leave.
Akila chats around and packs. Deepika asks her to take
Jeeva's address and bingo... searches ... searches ..
everywhere...she searches among the old newspapers.....
 near the mixie ...( purushan address ai kooda ozhunga
vaichukka theriyalai, apram epdi hubby aiozhunga
vaichuppe??!!)  Deepika tries to call the friend who gave
her the address but that no. is not in use. Akila frets
and cries.. "enge vaichennu theriyalai.. enge pochunnu
theriyalai.."  (oru chinna piece of paper, important paper,
she can not keep it safe, ivalai nambi oru periya organization
hmmmm) anyways Akila sits among the old newspapers
and cries... Deepika tries to comfort her.....


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Episode No 119 Thursday 21/2/08

Commissioner visits the police station where annachi's
inspector friend works. He shouts at the inspector saying
that Akila has asked for protection from the court as her
complaint to the Commissioner did not yield any result.
C is angry with the inspector and says that the police dept.
should be ashamed of such reaction from the public. The
inspector lists annachi's influence  - " he has a lot of big
shots in his pockets. I am just a junior police officer, I can
not do much" C gives a dirty look at the inspector and calls
another officer - " please transfer this case to CBCID, no
more local police" - The inspector looks sheepish. Jeep and
a car with CBCID guys reach annachi's quarry, his men run
away and they arrest annachi saying that they do not need
an arrest warrant - " rowdy kkellam Gundar sattam than" -
annachi is arrested. He is made to walk for a distance - his
friend inspector is the one who handcuffs him ( local police
vendam nnu sonnar C!!! ippo intha inspector epdi??!! Roja
logic thedathey nnu sonna kekkave mmattiya??) CR is on
his bike and has a special smile for annachi - " I was sent to
the prison by you  so many times and now it is your turn"
Annachi blesses him "vazhga valamudan" and goes towards
the jeep.

CR comes to Akila's house with sweets. He informs her that
annachi is arrested and is happy that Akila did what she set
out for. CR recalls that he has been arrested a few times for
all annachi's shady activities and has been hit by the police
badly.  Akila goes in make some coffee. As usual the door is
ajar and two men enter - threaten Akila that they will kill
her for annachi's arrest and no police commissioner can save
her. CR comes in with his big aruvaal and throws them out -
" this is between me and annachi, if u guys come here once
again, u are dead meat" - Akila is very scared and CR
consoles her saying that he will take care of her. ( Akila
high time u divorce that slimy loser Jeeva and marry CR!!!
If a man can not protect his child and wife from such bad
elements, he is not a man at all!!! what if CR does not have
a formal education??) Akila is still dazed and shocked.

Annamma's house - Manikkam is reading a paper, Thulasi
is reading a novel ( this girl has the most irritating nature!!!
What if she does not like her sis?? can't she be nice to that
baby?? yuck woman Angry) Baby Jeeva is crying - Annamma is
getting milk ready for the baby.  Manikkam asks  Thulasi to
pick up the kid but she refuses to pick the child and says that
she is going to a friend's place. Manikkam picks the baby and
is all sad. Annamma can not understand why he is so unhappy.
He says that he is worriedabout his grandkid not seeing her
dad. Both ask Thulasi about Jeeva's whereabouts but she
does not say any thing. Annamma curses her and just then 
Thulasi's  mobile rings. Manikkam picks it up and yesss it is
Jeeva on the other side. Jeeva calls Thulasi and identifies
himself as Jeeva from Bangalore. Manikkam pinches the
baby and make her cry ( Roja was livid with anger but
consoled herself that Manikkam had good intentions -
However, he could have made the baby laugh!! Laughter
would have made that loser think about his loss in life!!)
Makes Jeeva listen to that cry and tells him that the cry
of the baby will always be green in his memory. Jeeva
disconnects but Manikkam tells Annamma that God is
on their side and Jeeva will definitely come back. Jeeva
is haunted by the cry. Sarasu comes in and Jeeva tells her
that his FIL  did an emotional black mail by making
the baby cry. and he is not able to forget that voice. Sarasu
tells him that any father who can not hear his  kid's voice is
a sinner. Loser thinks.... ( che neeyellam oru manushan, pOda


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Episode 120 Friday 22/2/08

Recap of Jeeva - Sarasu - conversation.  Sarasu telling
loser that a man who does not hear his kid's talk is a
sinner. ( he is already a sinner, ran away like a loser
because of his inflated ego) Loser says that he can not
cow down and go back to wife and parents. Sarasu appeals
to his memory " don't u remember your time with Akila,
the one whom u married out of love? Don't u remember all
the good times u had with her?" Loser wants her to stop
this talk but Sarasu goes on " I am unmarried and people
talk ill of me. Imagine what will be the status of Akila
who has been deserted by her hubby?" Goes on to advice
loser ( he looks sick with his stubble and kadu kadu face!!)
Finally says that loser should go back to his family and live
like a family man and not like a sanyaasi like her.  Urges
him to go and lift his baby. She leaves and loser looks
thoughtful ( enna manushan da nee??? apdi oru ego???
I think that baby is better off with out your influence)
Thoughtful or confused???

Perumal's house - he is sleeping Kamala is busy stringing
flowers - Gomathy comes from the temple. Offers prasadam
to Kamala but Kamala asks her to leave. Gomathy wants
some water and Kamala has no option but to offer. Paatti
wants to know why Kamala does not want Gomathy to see
Perumal. Kamala has an excellent logical explanation " from
the time, my hubby went to Gomathy's house at Coimbatore,
every thing has gone hay wire. Jeeva ran away, (oh yes,
u have a loser for a son, do not blame any one else - if
anything u are responsible for bringing him up like this,
lady!!) Kavi had to marry Arvind.." Gives water to Gomathy
and tells her that she should not come as and when she
pleases" ring up and come, OK?" Paatti picks up hot water
from the stove and drops it. Perumal gets up and Gomathy
sees that. She says that she wanted to inform about her
wedding and asks Kamala as to why she lied about Perumal.
Gomathy says that she went to the temple to pray for Akila
and Jeeva only. Kamala says that whenever Gomathy comes
there is some problem in the house. Perumal shouts at Kamala
for being so mean and Manikkam comes with the news of
Jeeva's whereabouts. Perumal says that Gomathy brought
good news after all!!

Deepika is pensive. In walks Arvind with Meena. Deepika
asks for Kavitha.  He says that Kavitha is the reason for
him to bring Meena here. He says that he will leave Meena
with Deepika for ever and also says that he has willed all
his property to Meena as his legal heir. He confirms that
he and his wife Kavi took this decision unanimously. Bids
good bye to Deepika and hugs Meena. He is sad to leave
his daughter behind, hugs her...

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Episode No. 121   Monday     25/2/08

Recap of Friday - Arvind taking leave of Meena. he
cries and tells Meena that  she should be a good girl.
Leaves with out looking back at Deepika and D feels
bad. Gomathy on phone to Loser. Tells him that Thulasi
has told Manikkam and Perumal about his being in B'lore.
She tells her that by his return , a whole load of women
will find new life - he can absolve Gomathy of her liaison
with himself, Akila and the baby will be happy.Also Thulasi's
wedding is being planned by her father and Akila uniting
with her hubby will be good for that wedding. Loser is angry.
Gomathy makes sure to inform him that both his dad and
FIL are on their way to B'lore to bring him back. (asadu,
avan kitte ella details um solriye, avan Odida maattan??!!)
Annamma comes rushing to Akila saying that at last Thulasi
disclosed Jeeva's address and the oldies have gone to fetch
him. Advises Akila to be submissive ( grrrrrr) to loser.

Sarasu at home - Bangalore - courier brings a  letter, yessss
loser scoots B'lore!!!  He has enclosed a letter for his dad
and FIL as well.  He promises to attend Sarasu's wedding
as he considers her as his elder sister. He knows that his
dad and FIL will come soon and so wants her to hand over
that letter. Well, both come, Sarasu gives the letter, they read
and take leave. Sarasu promises to let them know if she gets
any info from Jeeva but the men are not convinced.

Perumal brings that letter and gives to Akila. She reads that
letter and cries some. Finally, she throws that letter away
and says that she will not cry any further for this loser (atta
girl, that is the way to go!!ClapClap) She says that Jeeva can hide
for however long he wants and she is just going to play the
part of both the parents to her child. She says that she has
led a miserable life so far, waiting for hubby to come back
and from now on she wants no unhappiness. "what if the
hubby runs away?? a woman can live for her child and be
happy as well"/ Perumal says that only because of him, Akila
has to go through such torture but she is beyond caring -
" I have to forget te past and move on with life"..


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Episode No 122 Tuesday 26/2/08 

Perumal is meditating. Kamala comes there with a worried
face. Makes it a point  to disturb him – Perumal looks distraught.
Tells wife that he is asking for forgiveness from Lord Muruga
for his selfish action. Kamala asks for details and Perumal tells
her – and us as well – "went to B'lore to bring Jeeva but only
got a letter which said that he is moving far away and he will
never get back with Akila. He has gone abroad. " Kamala says
that  fate has played with Akila's life but Perumal says that it is
not fate but it is them who played with Akila's life. :" we
retained the house but Akila lost her life" Akila is talking to
her baby " u grow up and study well. Take care of me, your
grandparents and CR maama, ok?? And u should grow up
to be a famous person so that yr dad is proud of u. He should
ome to me because of  you, ok??" the baby gurgles happily
(Akila , do not think about that loser, this baby is worth the
world, enjoy her) Akila kisses the baby and hugs her.


CR visits Akila – says that she does not need his vigil
any more. "Annachi is behind the bars and u wont trust
your bro from now on. So, I can leave" Akila asks if
he is worried about what others around talk about them.
CR agrees that he is worried about wagging tongues.Akila
is upset but says nothing. Deepak is visitng Deepika who is
getting Meena ready to school. Once meena leaves, Deepak
tells Deepika that his marriage is fixed. Deepika asks for the
details of the bride and Deepak shows her Gomathy's photo.
Deepika tells Deepak that Gomathy is the reason for Jeeva-
Akila separating and Deepak is shocked. Deepika goes on to
say that Gomathy knows Jeeva's whereabouts but refuses to
disclose. She goes on to say that selecting a wife has to be
done with care and if a mistake is made life can become really
sour. Deepak is thoughtful.

Kavi visits Akila. Kavi is upset that Jeeva has deserted
Akila  She says that she was very happy to know that her
dad was going to B'lore to bring back Jeeva.  She says
that she dreamt that Akila will live happily with him but
that was not  to be. Akila stops her and says that she does
not want any sentiments any more " if we do not like some
thing, we should leave it" Akila asks about meena and Kavi
says that she has been left with Deepika for good. Akila is
happy about this and thanks Kavi for her kindness.  Kavi
misses Meena badly and feels very sad about not having
Meena around. Kavi understands the agony of Deepika..
General shedding tear scene…. Akila praise Kavi for her
sacrifice and  assures that Meena will be back soon with  her.
SILs hug each other and cru for their own miseries grrrrr


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Episode 123 Wednesday 27/2/08

Recap of SILs hugging and crying. Deepak visits
his sister Sarasu. She welcomes him happily and
wants to know if he has brought his future wife,
Gomathy. She goes on to praise him for his noble
deed of marrying Gomathy " poor girl kku life
kudukkare. U are highly educated but ready to
marry a girl like her" - Deepak says that he
does not like Gomathy and so no marriage. Sarasu
is very upset - " I have heard from Jeeva that
she is a very nice girl and will be a good wife
to you. that is why I wanted you to marry her..
but che.." becomes emotional and sits down. Deepak
gives her a glass of water and goes on to say
that Deepika told him every thing about Gomathy
separating Jeeva and Akila. Sarasu gets angry and
says that Deepika's sins only have caused her the
cancer. But Deepak defends Deepika saying that a
girl who is suffering with a terminal disease will
not blame another girl. "Now that there is an
element of doubt, I do not want to proceed.
Life might get sour later and both of us will
be unhappy. So, now will u tell them my decision
or shall I? Sarasu says that she will take care
of it and drives bro away.

CR on his bike - bike stops. As he is attending to
it he sees Thulasi talking to some one. Goes to her
and slaps her -" my sis is suffering because of u
and wont u ever change?" Thulasi runs to bring the
guy to whom she was talking and that guy is blind.
He tells CR that he asked for an address from Thulasi.
CR is convinced now and Thulasi bursts out some
more" i ran away once because I loved Sara but I
am not a bad girl. I promise on my mom" CR apolo-
gizes and offers to drop her home. Thulasi says
that she will go by bus. Arvind's house - Sunday
morning - Akila comes with her baby. Both Arvind
and Kavitha are happy to see them both. Arvind
talks about Jeeva's running away and wants to
know if Jeeva can never think of others. Akila
does not want to be reminded of loser and asks
Arvind to change the subject. Arvind apologizes.
Akila wants to know when Kavi plans to make her
an aunt. Arvind says that Kavi is taking pills to
avoid getting pregnant. Akila is shocked.

Akila confronts Kavi -" why do u decide by yourself
about a kid?? Arvind may like to have a kid!!" Kavi
says that they have Meena but Akila drills some
sense -" why can't Meena have a bro or sis?? u need
to haveone of your own" Kavi recalls her wedding
with Arvind -"on the day of my marriage, Arvind
said that I should be agood mom to Meena and from
that moment I am Meena's mom, so why do I need
another?" Akila rightly points out that Arvind
asked her to be a good mom to Meena but never
told her to put off her own kids. Kavi says that
if Meena comes back to her after Deepika's demise
(athu sari, naal kurichittiy a neeye??) and if
she has a kid of her own Meena may not like it.
Akila says that people will call Kavi barren and
Kavi wants to know if Akila cares about all that
Akila says that she does worry as she has been
suffering a lot humiliation and knows only too
well about that. She takes leave (hey pappa vai
vittu tu poriye Akilaaaa)


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Episode 125 Friday 29/2/08

(Folks episode 124 for Thursday 28th Feb is not on line.
Those who have seen - can any one of u fill in pls??)

Temple - Kavi, Kamala and paatti doing some pooja.
Kavi seems to have done in Jeeva's name and so asks
mom to do it on Akila's name -"let Akila and the baby
be happy from now on" - Pooja is done. Manikkam's
house - big fight between Thulasi and parents. Annamma
shouts at Thulasi saying that people around are talking
bad about their family because of her act. Manikkam
also joins and shouts at her.Akila comes and pacifies her
parents. Tells them that if Thulasi goes to work, she can
occupy herself and feel better. Manikkam says that if
Thulasi is ok with it, she can go ahead. Akila asks
Thulasi about going for a job but she shouts back saying
that no one in the house likes her and only death can
bring her peace. Akila points out to her about how she
married Jeeva and is all alone with a baby now. 
Convinces sister that dying is not the solution for
problems and offers to get her a job.

Annachi is in the jail  His advocate comes to meet him
along with two of his cronies. Annachi is very angry that
the advocate has not bailed him as yet. Advocate says
that the law is against annachi and it is not easy to bail
him out. He promises to do it as soon as possible. Annachi's
cronies are sad that a man like annachi has been put
behind the bars by a chit of a girl and want to finish her
off. But annachi says that he will take care of her -
"Akila should not live or die easily.." Akila's office -
looks like a new boss is expected All are standing in a
line with bouquets and wait for her - 8.45... 8.50... no
sign of the new boss. But the lady boss has come in to
work at 8am and comes out of her cabin exactly at 9am.

Akila and her colleagues are looking at the entrance but
the lady boss is coming from inside. Calls every one by
their names and finally says "Akila, project manager".
Has a steely look and introduces herself "Mohana, Vice
President, waiting for me , eh??" All are surprised and
Akila voices the surprise "oh mam, we are all waiting for
u and when did u come?" Mohana moves her finger in
negation and says that she does not like to be asked -"
I am the one who asks Qs. get to work." Akila extends
the bouquet but Mohana sees that a s abribe. "U all
will come late to work by an hour, leave when ever u
want and want me to adjust for all that?" Akila says
that it is just a formal way of welcoming and is ready
to introduce the staff. Mohana says that when she
called them all by names, Akila should have known .
Orders all to get back to work. Akila stops her
"one minute mam, u are Mohana, promoted from
Bombay,ok ya?' Mohana appreciates Akila's sharpness
and gets back to her cabin. All are stunned and Akila
is shocked/worried???


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As the response for this serial is lukewarm, I just plan
to do a brief update daily - in the same post. Giri, I
hope this is enough for archives. If there is some
renewed interest, then I will do regular, detailed updates.
If any one is ready to take over with detailed updates,
please feel free. Roja will join with the rest and enjoy
the updates.Big smile

Episode 126 Monday 3/3/08
Akila and Deepika in conversation. Deepika now knows her
expiry date - another 50 days to go. Akila again promises
to play God and oncologist. Complains about the new boss
Mohana and gets Deepika's leave letter signed. Mohana visits
Mrs.Annachi and claims herself as her daughter. Learns that
annachi is behind the bars. Arvind and Kavi - Kavi misses Meena
and wants to visit her. Arvind allows her to do it just once and
he does not want her to be attached to Deepika. Mohana wants
to see annachi at the prison and he declines the request.

Episode 127 Tuesday 4/3/08
Mohana meets annachi in the prison. She is the adopted
daughter. Annachi says that a girl like her by name Akila
got her in to the prison very easily. Mohana says that Akila
is under her at work and promises to make her fall at annachi's
feet.  Sarasu visits Perumal and he wants to know if she has
any info on loser. Sarasu tells that Deepak does not like
Gomathy and wants Perumal to inform Sadasivam. Perumal
wants to solve the issue and get Gomathy married but Kamala
and paatti are against any such move. Annamma and Manikkam
are lamenting about their financial problems. Akila arrives

Episode No 128 Wednesday 5/4/08
Akila gets a job for Thulasi - sales girl for some Ayurvedic
products. Tells Thulasi that if she is smart in selling, she
can become a supervisor soon. Akila and Mohana clash at
work. Akila submits Deepika's leave letter and Mohana
asks a lot of personal Qs. When Mohana knows that Deepika
is suffering from blood cancer, asks Akila to advertise for a
new HR person in Deepika'splace. Akila shouts at Mohana
and leaves. Mohana is happy to have agitated Akila. Perumal
meets Sadasivam and learns that Gomathy has gone to live
with her dad. Thulasi is selling the products. Akila gets Deepika
to sign a complaint against Mohana . At first Deepika hesitates
but later signs.

Episode 129 Thursday 6/3/08
Recap - Deepika signing the complaint. Thulasi is trying to sell
the products and ends up in a house where there are 2 men -
Sara's friends -  they order a bulk quantity and ask her to
come the next evening. Perumal meets Sadasivam and Kamakshi.
Learns that  his 60th B'day is on the next day and promises
to make Arvind celebrate it with them. Mohana gets a warning
from the CEO - not to interfere in the personal lives of the staff
and not to demean a sick employee - she confronts Akila and
warns her that Akila's life can become miserable if she does
not comply with her orders. Akila says that when it comes to
official issues, she will obey Mohana but there the relationship
ends. Akila storms out and Mohana is more furious

Episode 130 Friday 7/3/08
Perumal visits Kavi and Arvind. Talks about the 60th B'day
celebration. Kavi promises to convince Arvind and conduct
the function. She manages to convince him and goes about
with all the preps. Kamala feels bad about loser deserting
them and Akila. Kavi visits Akila with the good news. Akila
applauds Kavi for doing so much for his inlaws and Kavi feels
bad that she is not able to bring loser back to Akila. Thulasi
is leaving for her job, Akila visits - Tulasi calls "akka" nicely...
sets out

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