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Episode No 110 Friday 8/2/08

Akila asks the car to pull to the left when she sees a police
car. Sees an inspector and tells him about Stella- "please
save her, sir" - Robert for his part cries and begs. Inspector
asks for a photograph and location of Stella - they have no
clue but manage to show the from where Stella made
the call. The inspector gives some muted instructions to the
duo and asks them to leave. He calls his counterpart in Kodai
police station and gives the details. Robert wants confirmation
from Akila that all will be well with Stella and Akila manages
to predict that all will be ok with Stella - needs no crystal ball
or mai in vethilai -  " nalla vaakku sollum Jakkamma irukka,
why worry????EmbarrassedEmbarrassed - Stella is still on the run and the police
jeep from Kodai station is also speeding.

Stella running...... Sara and rowdies running behind..... Akila's
car speeding..... police jeep speeding........Sara manages to
capture Stella and asks his men to bring the car around. While
that process has been initiated, Sara fills in the gap by a
menacing advance towards Stella - what do u expect??? Stella
in the center surrounded by 4 men-  doing a scared act,... Sara
with an evil smile....wont u folks ever learn??? how many movies
and serials have u seen and still can not visualize this scene?!
now Stella turns to begging mode -"Sara, ennai vittudu, will give
u all my property, won't tell any thing to my dad, for the sake
of our child... blah blah..and of course Sara has no sympathy.
By then a red car comes, the crowd gets in, Stella gets slapped
a few times ( uh huh, and Roja called this serial as sensible... 
down to earth!!! Roja , u fool, when will u descend down to
Mother Earth and realize the minds of serial directors and
story writers?????) The car moves. The inspector sends
one Kannan to look for Stella and so a motor bike joins 
the procession...Sara's car, Akila's car, bike......... ( sight
seeing trip in Kodai - ayya vaanga, amma vaanga, car le ye
koottitu pOrOm,  free guide kooda...) Sara's car breaks
down - he is busy hitting his men for bringing a lousy car
and Stella once again slips out and runs......

Sara and men chasing and Stella must have been trained
by P.T.Usha - does her guru proud - all Sara's men and
Sara can not catch Stella. Akila and Robert arrive at the
police station and ask about the case -" antha husband wife
ai kolai panna try panra case thane??? avanga irukkira edam
is found, come' - Like Akila, Roja also thought that they know
the location of Stella's cross country race.... oh no, they mean
the hotel!!!! Hotel..... phone booth...... road...... police jeep
followed by Akila's car...... Stella is running still.. in some
God forsaken terrain...... Robert needs no crystal ball now,
he knows by intuition that some thing is not right (awww,
clever man....) sits right on the tar road to hold his head by
his hand and cry..." epdi yellam valarthen... yen Stella kku
yennavO aachu...." Akila is frozen....  Stella is running and
trips ... we just see a big , clean shaven stone rolling down.


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Episode no 111 Monday 11/2/08

Recap of last episode - Robert sitting on the road and
crying. Stella is still running... running.... running.... Sara
and group going behind... going ... going.. ( hubba was a
pain to watch!!) Finally Stella goes to a point of no return
and goes back to begging Sara " ennai vittudu saravanan,
vittudu' ( intha kashtam mattum maarathaa? avan thoratha-
rathe unnai pidikkathan, vittudu nna vittuduvaanaa?? ) Sara
laughs thinking that it looks evil but it just looks plain silly -
" tholainje di nee" - All of them carry Stella like she is some
gunny bag , play joola 1 2 3 and throw her..we see her falling
down down down....... the police are still in the process of
questioning who ever cares to answer and who ever has
the time to halt and chitchat!!!!

Now, all of a sudden the police have got hold of those
rowdies!!! (pray, how????) The rowdies who looked menacing
and macho suddenly play pussy cats - the inspector just manages
to dole out a few blows (nalla kaalam, he stopped with a few to
each. otherwise antha scene vera violent aa kashta paduthiyi
irukkum!!) they spill the whole story - muted, of course - and
finally the police know that Stella  has been thrown down the
valley. Search team on the job - walkie talkie - each one in
different directions - Robert walking and crying " Karthar
yennai yemathittar" - Akila the sakalakalavalli answering on
behalf of Jesus " Karthar ungalai kai vida maattar" - finally..
yes u guessed it, Akila finds out Stella - hanging from a tree,
we hear the church bells ringing continuously and they show the
cross pendant hanging in Stella's chain - Ambulance - viiinnggg
viinngg s - rush to the hospital.

Sis and Jeeva waiting for the bus ( got her name today Sarasu!!)
Jeeva gushes over the luck - " when u get more luxuries u loose
such simple pleasures..hmmm" Sarasu asks the silly Q of " na
onnu ketta thappa eduthukka maattiye?" ( thappa than eduthu-
ppan nnu theriyuthu, aana kekkanum apram enna oru silly Q??)
But by then Jeeva sees a man hitting his wife who hold a small
infant in her hands. Goes to rescue that woman, doles out a
few slaps to the man and chases him. The woman thanks and
leaves. Jeeva asks Sarasu as to how a man could beat his wife
who has a small infant. This brings a knowing smile from Sarasu
and she says that all this concern should apply to Akila as well.
Now Jeeva asks her as to why she is alone -" if not your family,
u could have married and have a life of your own!!" ( guess she
knows that there are a lot of Jeevas around with inflated egos
and did not want to be another Akila!!!) She says -" I chose
this because of the dhrogam done to me by every body, no
ego here, understand??" - Jeeva is not hurt by this hit....


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Episode 112 Tuesday 12/2/08

Kavi and Arvind in a restaurant waiting for Deepak.
Deepak comes and Arvind orders orange juice. Deepak
presumes that Arvind wants to know about his relationship
with Arvind's ex - Deepiika. He goes on to say that
Deepika has taken a promise from him that he should never
discuss her with Kavi and Arvind and so he can not
disclose any thing. Arvind says that he does not care
about Deepika any more. He also says that even if Deepak
marries Deepika, he stands to gain - he can argue that
Meenakshi can not be left with a step father and can
legally get the kid to himself. Arvind says that he is
now worried about Deepak proposing to marry Gomathy.
Deepak gets annoyed and says that the relationship he
shares with Deepika is some thing sacred. He promises
to be a good hubby to Gomathy, if he gets to marry her.
Walks out refusing to drink the juice  - "intha mathiri
santhega prani kooda I do not drink juice". Annachi in
conversation with his crony, inspector. The inspector says
that his superiors called Chinna raasu and asked him to
become an approver - some more muted dialogus.

Deepak and Sarasu in conversation - yes, Deepak is
Sarasu's bro- what a small world!!! Sarasu lamenting about
how the whole family used her to bring up her siblings
and then once the whole thing was done threw her out.
Deepak consoles her and says that he wants to get her
married before he gets hooked. Sarasu refuses and finally
the siblings talk happily. Arvind gets to see this and of
course mistakes Deepak to be a play boy!!! Stella in bed -
looking dazed - yes she survived and managed to keep the
baby in her tummy in tact - some feat, considering the running
she did and the tension she went through!!!. Dr. says that
Jesus saved Stella and Akila seconds that motion. But
Robert says that Jesus chose to come as Akila to save his
daughter. He goes on to say that Akila is also his daughter
from now on.

Annachi giving money to Muthu and asking him to call
often.-Chinna Raasu comes to meet annachi. Annachi tries
to put his hands on CR's shoulders but CR pushes it away.
Finally annachi says that he is very happy that CR refused
to become an approver against him and wants to give him
a treat. CR says that he has no intentions of any revenge
against annachi - he just wants to stay away. Leaves refusing
the offer for a treat. Annachi vows to the camera that CR's
death will be in the hands of annachi.


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Episode No 113 Wednesday 13/2/08

Recap from yesterday - CR leaving and annachi vows to
kill him some day. Arvind and Kavi visit Akila. Looks like
SKV is back from her Kodai adventure. The baby coos
sweetly (SKV, unnale than antha pappa vai sariya
pathukka mudiyaliye, en kitte kuduthuden, na pathu-
kkaren, eppo parthalum azhaga sirichinde irukku athu,
Roja mathiriye!!) Arvind goes to the baby directly without
a word to Akila.  Akila wants to know the deal and Kavi
says that he is upset. Arvind then shows the photo of
Deepak  and Deepika and wants to know about Deepak.
Akila wants to know the reason for this sudden concern for
Deepika but Arvind negates any such assumption. He goes
on to say that Deepak is likely to marry Gomathy and he
wants to know every thing about him. " I can not allow
Gomathy to get dejected and choose to kill herself" -
Akila spills the beans.

Akila says that Deepika has blood cancer and is counting
her days (thought that u are the oncologist who is to save
her!!!) She says that Deepika does not want any sympathy
from Arvind and so forbade Akila from telling the truth but
the time has come to spill the truth. Deepak is an oncologist
and he is trying to cure Deepika. Kavi is upset and wants to
know if Deepika is under medication et al but Arvind wants to
leave as he has the infohe needed. Pulls Kavi out. Akila throws
a parting shot when Kavi apologizes for Arvind's act " pidikkalai
nna wife ai  manasile irunthu thooki erinjuduvaanga men, athu
Arvind or Jeeva, all are same. Annachi is thoughtful _ has
visions  of CR saying"Virundaa? brandy le poison kalanthu
enakke kudukkavaa?" - calls Muthu and gives some
instructions - muted. Kavitha is sitting and Meena is reading
some thing. Arvind wants breakfast but Kavi has not made any.

Kavi and Arvind - conversation revolves around Deepika. Kavi
wants Arvind to help ex wife. " we can not let her die as an orphan.
what if Meena grows up and asks you about allowing her mom
die as an orphan? be human and do some thing. Arvind says that a
snake will be a snake until it dies and he does not want Deepika
any where near him. Kavi cries and appeals some more. Arvind
does not know what to do - sits with hands on head - confused.
Muthu comes to Akila's place and CR slaps him left and right
about tagging along with annachi. Akila comes to the rescue
and Muthu tells her that he has a hole in the heart and God has
punished him for all his evil deeds. Akila is shocked..


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Episode No  114 Thursday 14/2/08

Recap of yesterday - Muthu saying that he has a hole in the
heart and Akila melts. CR warns her that she should not
believe this story but Akila takes him in saying that he is
her bro. CR looks suspicious. Muthu is playing with the
kid ( ayyo enna azhagu antha pappa?? Glaxo baby mathiri
irukkku, Akila en kitte kudtuhudu plss)  Akila goes in
to cook and Muthu calls annachi." annachi akka believed
my story and the baby is with me now." Annachi is happy
and warns Muthu not to turn in to a traitor like CR. Tells
him to stay until further orders. Akila bring milk for the
baby, asks Muthu to feed her. Muthu drinks the milk
and carries the baby out. Takes her to the terrace and
sees CR leaving from his watch point.

Annachi's hide out - some one with a helmet comes.Bingo...
that is Sara. Annachi is unhappy that Sara did not complete
his mission of " operation kill Stella"Sara says that forgery,
cheating and other criminal activities are easy for him but
an attempt to murder is slightly impossible. He laments that
he is not able to handle the chasing bypolice and wants a
solution. Annachi asks him to go and fall at the feet of his
FIL and wife -" satchikkaran kaalai vida sandai kkaran
kaale mel, enna solre?" Sars is scared to do that and says
that he might as well die.Annachi says that criminals are the
ones who are roaming around as big shots in the society
and promises to meet Robert for Sara. Sara doubts annachi's
capabilities  but annachi makes one of his men apprises
Sara about his prowess. Sara is taken in and annachi relaxes
with his favorite song - "kutram purinthavan...."

Manikkam's house - baby Jeeva is crying non stop - Akila
is trying to pacify the baby and wants to leave for work.
Thulasi is inside and gets irritated with the baby's cry.
Plays the song va ji vaji vaji  as if it is a tea kadai.
Annamma is annoyed and shuts the song. Thulasi as
usual talks in the most irritating way " let her take the
child to her house, not here. Ava enna periya raaniyaa?
hubby ai tholaichittu thedikkittu iirukkarava thane??"
Manikkam slaps her and says that she also ran away
from  home and asks her to quit the house. Robert and
Stella arrive ( Stella kku sariyaa pochaa?) They tell
Akila that they prefer to settle the issue with Sara
outside the court. Stella goes on to say that she does
not want her child to suffer the stigma of "appan per
theriyaatha kid"!!! and so they want to withdraw the
complaint ( uh huh, what an explanation??? fools....
sickos... what do u call such stupid people??) . Robert
wants Akila to sign a letter as she has signed the
complaint along with Robert. Akila tries to reason
out but they are adamant ( so, annachi did manage
to accomplish what he promised to Sara!!) Manikkam
asks Akila to sign, she does and they leave. Akila has
visions of Stella hanging from a tree... Stella talking about
her child becoming father less....


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Episode No 115 Friday 15/2/08

Akila and Deepika in D's house - Akila laments about
Stella. Deepika applauds Akila for saving Stella but
Akila is upset as to why she played guardian angel -
" both Stella and her father want to withdraw the complaint
against Sara!! They talk about Stella's kid going father-
less!!" Deepika is able to see that they are right after
all " u never realize the value of a thing when u have it
and feel only after u loose it. Then even if u want  u won't
get it." Akila says that D managed to open her eyes and
taught her the meaning of life??!!!!

Arvind Kavi and Meena - Kavi  is misty eyed ( Giri chellam,
Kavi azhu moonjiya nnu entha nerathile kettiyO??Embarrassed) Arvind
assumes that she is worried about Jeeva and Akila and
consoles her saying that they are still close in their hearts.
But Kavi is worried about Deepika who is counting her days
and also wonders about Arvind being unperturbed about
Deepika. vArvind says that he can just sympathize with
Deepika as he  has nothing emotional with her.  Kavi
points out that Deepika s still Meena's mom and that
bond connects Arvind and Deepika ( pora pokkile,
ivale deepika and Arvind ai serthu vaichuduvaa pola
 irukku!!) Kavi says that Arvind might be
happy if Deepika dies - ' u will get Meena all to yourself
and u will stand to gain" - Arvind sees her point and agrees
to allow Meena to stay with Deepika fully. He tells Kavi that
they can go and leave Meena with Deepika as he does not
want her to loose the kid -"vazhkaiyai tholaichitta but
vaarisai tholaikka vendam"  - Kavi is happy.

Akila's house - Muthu comes in stealthily, sees Akila in the
kitchen , goes to the hall and lies on the floor. Akila gives
a benevolent look and brings him food. Forces him to eat but
he acts as if he is not hungry. Akila forces him so that he can
take his medicines.  She feeds him and he coughs as if he is
unwell. Cries to sis saying that he should have studied like
his sisters and worked. He goes on to say that he would not
have gone and joined annachi. He now calls Akila a fool -
starts his act - "CR is still in touch with annachi and is
waiting for a good time to kill you, I heard him talk to annachi.
Akila does not believe him and wants to know why Muthu
went back to annachi. Muthu says that he suspected CR and
followed him. He promises on every body and cries to her.
Akila trusts him and when CR comes back calls him a
traitor.  She goes on to say that if CR tries to molest her,
 she will commit suicide and leave a note to the police citing
him as the reason. CR leaves sadly and Muthu has a
sly smile.


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Episode No 116 Monday 18/2/08

Akila comes to Deepika's house. D is lying on the bed
all tired. Akila introduces herself!! and finds out that D
is unwell. Akila wants to take her to Deepak but Deepika
says that he is not in station. Deepika goes on to give
a recap of her life and laments that she misses Meena.
Deepika says that her days are numbered and she needs
to unite Akila with Jeeva before it is too late. Akila post-
pones the trip to B'lore and offers to make some rasam for D.
Makes the promised rasam and feeds D. D again goes on
a self pity trip -" ennale unakku kashtam, Akila. You are
not my friend, u are my mom, I see you like that only" Both
share some tearful  moments - rasam sadam becomes more

Kavi and Arvind - at the dining table, as usual. Akila visits
them. She refuses breakfast and says that she is not in a
mood for food. She wants to talk about Deepika - but
Arvind is quick to answer" D is dying, I should let Meena
go and be with her, athane?" But Akila being the most
wise and rational wants D to live with Arvind and Kavi so
that D does not die like an orphan ( what happened onco-
logist?? u have given up hopes???) She goes on to say that
Deepak feels that medicines alone can not cure D, she needs
to have the will to live. Arvind is categorical (appa, unakka
vathu nalla sense irukke, thank God!!) - " I can give up
Meena for D's sake. Only Meena can give D the hope
and will to live. beyond this, I do not want any arguments.
As much as I want to see D survive, I also want to be a
good hubby to Kavi. if Deepika comes here, it is not good
for any of us". Leaves for work and Kavi (loosa di nee???
buthiye illiya unakku!!) promises to talk to Arvind about
bringing Deepika to their house. Akila is happy to see an understanding SIL ( kudumbame loosu kudumbam!!! Arvind
kku irukkira common sense le 1% kooda ungalukku
irukkathaa??) Akila nods happily and Kavi also nods!!!

Akila's house - she is getting milk ready for the child. her
parents come to see her and the baby. Akila says that Muthu
has taken the baby out. Annamma now deems it fit to explain
the etymology of her son's name -" vayathai kazhuvi muthu
edukkarathunnu solvaanga, athu mathiri after 2 daughters
I delivered him and we named him Muthu, but athu sothai ya
pochu, avanai nambathey" - asks  hubby to go and look for
the baby. In the mean while Muthu manges to scoot with the
baby in an auto - obviously to hand the child over to annachi.
Here Akila goes on to say that her bro is a good fellow and
only CR is bad. Bingo..... Muthu with the baby is brought
by CR in his bike - CR doles out a few thrashes on Muthu's
head and asks him to take the baby to Akila " innoru tharam
baby kooda unnai parthen, adiche konnuduven, pO" - Muthu
goes up with the baby , all are giving a shocked expression but
the screen prefers to freeze on Akila's face ( hey come on folks,
she is the heroine of this drama - how ever dull and illogical - she
has to get some privileges, say what??)


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Episode 117 Tuesday 19/2/08

Recap of yesterday CR bringing Muthu with the baby
home and warning Muthu that he should never go out
with the baby. CR does the mistake of not coming in to
the house to expose Muthu. Muthu is shocked to see
his parents but manages to put on a nice crying act.  He
says that as he was going with the baby CR came and
tried to snatch the kid. He says that he managed to push
CR and got back home with the baby - shows the hits he
got from CR and cries that he has chest pain. Akila
succumbs to that story,curses CR and gives first aid to
bro darling. "What if some thing had happened to Muthu
or the baby?" - Annamma is holding the baby - cho chweet,
azhaga pakkara kutti chellam - and  is confused. Manikkam
says that one of them is lying - CR or Muthu - and vows to
find the truth. Annahi is listening to "naan oru muttalunga"
and the police inspector arrives - Annachi's henchmen share
glances at each other. Inspector wants to meet annachi but
the henchmen stop him saying that annachi is sleeping
Inspector says that if he does not meet annachi now, all his
sleep will be gone. Annachi meets the inspector and the
inspector talks about taking action on annachi for Perumal-
samy's complaint. Annachi gets angry and the inspector
says that he has warned and it is up to annachi to do the
needful. Annachi sends his henchmen to Perumalsamy's
house to threaten the family. The henchmen hurry out.

Night time - Muthu is sleeping in the drawing room - he gets
up and looks in to the bed room where Akila is sleeping with
the baby. The baby is awake and playing ( ayyo, evvalavu
azhagu) Muthu sneaks out and calls annachi. Informs him
that he got caught by CR when he tried to bring the child.
Annachi is worried that Akila might suspect him but Muthu
tells him that he lied effectively so that Akila believed him.
Promises to bring the child the next day and as he turns..
sees Akila ... tries to lie to her saying that he was talking
to their mother but Akila has heard the whole thing. Hits
him and cries - CR materializes and stops her hitting Muthu.
Muthu is thrown out and Akila feels bad about doubting CR.
She further cries about the safety of the baby but CR
promises to take care of her and the baby. ( amma di, pappa
vai tholaichitti apram buthi varame, seekirame unakku
therinjithe , thank God - pappa vai kidnap panni child abuse
lam kattiyiruntha Roja kku kovam vanthu "pidi sabam" nnu
curse panni undu illai nnu panniyiruppa) CR stands guard
outside and now we see Perumal's house - all are sleeping....

Perumal's house - the front dooris banged by several hands.
Kamala  gets up and wakes Perumal. The couple go to open
the door and paatti stops them saying that it does not sound
good. By then, the window glasses are broken. Perumal
opens the door and annachi's men storm in. They settle
themselves in the drawing room and start playing cards.
Ask for tea from Kamala and generally engage in all rowdy
acts - asks Perumal to go and complain to the police and
tell them that all the big shots and the police are annachi's
people. Perumal shows some stupid bravery and tries to
hit one of the men - they dare him to do that and Kamala
says that they complained to the police without knowing
annachi's powers. The men tell them to withdraw the police
complaint - "other wise, we will come here every day, play
cards, watch Tv etc.," They leave and paatti is hurt. Soga


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