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Sorry friends, I have been having Internet problems today.

Update for Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Opening scene: Tulasi is sitting in the kitchen and her mother walks toward her. Her mother tells her that running after a married man is not good, and she agrees. Her mother is glad that the daughter is finally beginning to see sense.

Tulasi's house: Some people are seen entering, and Tulasi's father welcomes them. They have come to see Tulasi. They are introduced to Tulasi's mother. The boy (??) in question runs his own call taxi business, and they say that they have only one son, and they will treat Tulasi as their own daughter. In the meantime, Tulasi is trying to break the lock on the door, and after failing to do so with a hammer, she goes and gets a screwdriver. Tulasi's mother comes into the kitchen to call her daughter and finds her daughter missing. She calls her husband in and tells him all about it.

Akila's house: CR sees her playing with her baby. She tells the baby to ask for anything other than her father; since that is the one thing she cannot get for her daughter. CR asks Akila to come outside, and when Akila asks him to come inside, he still asks her to step outside. He tells her that he has brought a chain and anklets for the baby and that these were not purchased with ill-gotten gains, but rather, he has worked hard and earned the money. Akila is pleased and regrets not having understood her uncle. He notices the black mark on the baby's foot, and Akila explains that it is a birthmark, and it will bring luck to the baby. He is surprised that she can say that and at the same time, also accept that she cannot bring back the baby's father. He says that every baby deserves a father and he knows this only too well, since he and his sister grew up without their parents. As he is saying all this, Akila's mother comes there and starts wailing loudly. They finally manage to comfort her and get the news from her about Tulasi running away, bringing dishonor to the family (usual dialog – kudumba maanam, mariyadhai ellam poche, etc.). CR leaves mother and daughter, and goes searching for Tulasi.

CR is shown at the mofussil bus terminus and then going down various streets, looking for Tulasi. (When she has the brains to know to run away, surely she is not going to be strolling in the streets, waiting to be caught!)

CR shows up at the quarry where Annachi hangs out, and grabs one of the goondas, holds an arival to his throat, and asks for Annachi. Annachi comes out and CR demands to know where his niece is. Annachi gets him to let go of the arival, some conversation between them, each threatening the other with dire consequences, finally Annachi sends CR away. The goonda wants to know why Annachi let CR walk off scot free, and Annachi says he has decided to do away with CR. FREEZE….

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Wednesday 30/1/08 Episode No. 103

Thulasi in Bangalore bus stand - looks around for some one
and wanders listlessly. Jeeva comes there and sees her. Wants
to know as to how she ended up here. Thulasi tells him that her
parents wanted to separate her from Saravanan and get her
married to some one else. She ran away from home. Sara was
to meet her in B'lore bus stand but did not turn up. Jeeva takes
her along with him to his place saying that he will unite her with
Sara. Leaves her with his "sister"( whats her name Eljay?)
after giving an intro. He tells sister that Sara is a cheat and he
will make sure to send Thulasi back home.

Sara and annachi in the quarry - Sara collects money
from annachi. Thulasi's bro Muthu is also there. Sara
drives him away and talks to annachi about marrying
Thulasi. He wants to have all the property and dispense
with Stella. Annachi advises him to take Stella to
Ooty, spend a few days and push her down to death.
He can cry and enact a drama saying that it is an
accident and get away with it. Sara is thrilled at the
idea and promises to carry it out.   Muthu overhears
this conversation.

Lawyer's wife Kamakshi is on the road. Arvind comes there
and sees her. She says that she is waiting for an auto and
Arvind drops her home. Sadasivam is also at home and dad
and son exchange some unpleasant words. Goamthy walks
in and gets introduced. Arvind immediately asks her to think
of him as a brother and offers to help in any way she wants
( this Gomathy ends up with too many bros!!!) Sara and
Stella - Stella's dad informs Sara that he has already listed
all Sara's cheating and given it as a complaint to his friend,
a police officer. The police officer shows the complaint and
tells Sara that based on his future behaviour action will be
taken. Sara puts on an act of repentance, wants to take Stella
to Ooty so that they can spend some time alone. First Stella
refuses but the police officer thinks that it is a good iea and
convinces Stella.


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Thursday 31/1/08 Episode no 104

Sara and Stella leave for Ooty. Robert offers to send
Pichmani as a driver but Sara declines the offer. he
wants to spend time alone with Stella. Thulasi and
"sister" in conversation. Sister asks Thulasi to
consider her as an akka which triggers Thulasi's anger.
She goes on to blame Akila, calls her an egoist,
calls Jeeva  a gem, Akila does not love Jeeva blah
blah.... Sister says that her own siblings will never
talk ill of her and she advises Thulasi to do the same.
Jeeva comes and tells Thulasi that no one back home
knows his whereabouts and asks her not to disclose
this to any one. Thulasi has a confused look.

Stella and Sara in the car. Stella sees that the car is
heading towards Kodai. Asks sara about the change in
plan. He says that he got a call from his friend saying
that the Ooty roads are blocked and so they are going
to Kodai. Stella says that his mobile is with her and how
did he talk to his friend - Sara manages saying that he was
joking and goes on to say that Ooty is unlucky for him and
Kodai is the place to go. Stella smilingly agrees. Stella notices
2 bikes following them and tells Sara. He dismisses that with
a "high way le there can be any no of bikes" - Stella tries to
call dad and tell him about the change of plan but Sara stops
her saying that she can call once they reach Kodai and settle
down in a hotel. Stella does not smell a rat.

Akila visits Deepika   - Deeps is in the bath and asks Akila
to make herself comfortable. Nosy parker feels that the
place is untidy and starts to organize - Deepak's photo
falls down from a book and Akila looks at it with a
question in her eyes. Deepika comes out of her bath
and Akila wants to cut off her friendship because she is
not happy with Deepika's affair with Deepak. Tells Deepika
that it is ok to marry him but this kind of roaming around is
not right. Finally, deepika spills the beans - " I am a cancer
patient and Deepak is my doctor. He took me to Bombay for
some tests and got me new medicines. he believes that he
can cure me totally, satisfied??" Akila is shocked to hear this
and demands to know why she was not told. Deepika says
that she did not want any one else to feel bad and so did not
share it with any one. Akila slaps Deepika for wanting to die
when all around her are happy ( athu sari she is sick and u
have to be offensive as well??!!)- also angry that Deeps
did not discuss all this with her ( so, u can play doctor now???)
she goes on to say that she will not let Deeps die ( pray how,
oncologist Akila??) after all the care she got from Deeps...
both cry and Akila vows to get Deeps her life back
( Satyavan- Savithri story to be repeated??!!) a session
of crying and consoling ( yabbba, Megala porathaa??
ingiyumaa??? Roja needs a coffee break!!!) Deeps wants
Akila to help in getting Meenakshi all to herself and spend
all her left over time with the child. Akila promises to do
that and says again that she will not let Deeps die... " Meenu
koodave iruppe ava kalyanam lam parppe..." ( tall order
madam!! athu sari ellam vetti challenge thane, yetho seynga,
yaar kekkarathu??) Both hold each other and cry.....


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Okay, I fixed the audio myself. eljay, you are not bad even if you are not as young as all these other girls out here.

Update for Friday, February 1, 2008 Episode 105 (or is it 108)

Saravanan and Stella reach Kodaikanal and check into their room. Stella is asking Sara to go take a shower. He takes her cell phone, his cell phone, puts them into a small pouch and sticks the pouch into the toilet tank in the bathroom. He comes out and Stella is searching for her cell phone. He points out that his is missing, too, asks if anyone came into the room, pretends to search and then says that it must be in the car. Stella asks someone in the hotel lobby if she can use the phone there, and is told that all phone lines are down due to some landslide recently.

S and S are walking somewhere and there is an old beggar, counting his coins in English. Sara comments on his knowledge of English despite his being a beggar (such arrogance, indeed!), gives him some money and they walk on. I think he is Stella's dad in disguise or else a police officer or ???

PS and Kamala go to Judge Sadasivam's house. Kamakshi welcomes them, goes to call her husband who is reluctant to talk to them. PS tells the judge that he is their sambandhi, talks about how it has been a year since Aravind and Kavitha got married, and Sadasivam tells them he is not happy about it. He was trying to patch up their marriage, how could they get their daughter married to a guy without enquiring about him, did they not know about his marriage and his having a wife and a daughter? PS tries to explain, Sadasivam says this is dhrogam (I was bored, this man did the same dialog to Kavitha too), if they waited for 10 years to get their daughter married, could they not wait for ten more days and enquire? Kamakshi explains that A had already divorced Deepika for six years, and so they should accept it. Immediate change of heart for Sadasivam, everything is accepted, and now he calls PS sambandhi and insists that they eat lunch and then go.

Akila's dad comes to an empty home, calls for his wife, sees the kitchen looking clean, food on the stove, his wife lying on the floor in another room, eyes open. Is she alive or dead? He is thinking of the morning and finding Tulasi gone... FREEZE
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Episode No. 106 Monday 4/2/08

Manikkam   is inspecting the kitchen vessels. All the cooked
food is untouched. Annamma is lying down with wide open
eyes. Ok folks,  she is alive!! Annamma is crying about the
runaway daughter and Manikkam consoles her saying  that
they should forget Thulasi - like how they did with their son
Muthu who has joined annachi and going the wrong way.
Thulasi enters slowly and Manikkam shouts at her asking
her to get lost. Annamma joins him and decides that Thulasi
has done the dreaded sin - " let us die now, maanam pochu,
why live??" Thulasi is calm and Manikkam's  mobile rings.
It is Jeeva on the other end and advises - " Thulasi did this
only because she did not get the love from home. I have
advised her and she will listen to you from now on. Hope
you will respect your SIL's words" - he cuts off the phone
but Manikkam goes on to talk about Akila and the kid
thinking that Jeeva  is still on.  He then tells Annamma that
now that they know their SIL is fine and lives in Bombay,
all else will get right too.

Kodai - Sara and Stella  - they go to a church and Sara goes
on to narrate the history of the church - ' 103 years old, wood
from Jerusalem, bell from Germany... " blah blah. they both
kneel and pray and while Stella is in deep prayer, Sara darts
a villain look at her. They come and stand near the bell and
Sara asks her about her prayer. Stella says that she prayed
for her dad and Sara says that he prayed for her well being
and for their kid. Stella is moved and there is some one
watching them from behind the bell.

Akila's house. Annamma comes and talks about the call from
Jeeva. She goes on to say that he is in Bombay and his cell
phone no did not get reflected in her father's mobile. She goes
on to say that Jeeva  took care of Thulasi and sent her back
to them - " Thulasi ai morning train le maapillai than yethi
vittar, evening vanthutta" - Akila infers that Jeeva is not
in Bombay and tells her mother also - " Bombay le irunthu
vara 1 day and 1 night venum, inge 300 kms radius le than
Jeeva irukkar. Thulasi poi solra" - leaves the kid to mom
and goes to work. Kodai - Sara and Stella going around
happily, Sara buys her some bangles.... laughing couple.....


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Episode No 107 Tuesday 5/2/08

Stella and Sara - cycling - Sara lets Stella to
go in front and stays behind to give an evil smile
to the camera!! Stella is followed by 4 other scary
looking cyclists - for some time - and then suddenly
a new fellow comes in between and stops the rowdy
elements. Stella moves ahead and sits on a parapet. Sara
comes there and Stella complains about his carelessness -
Sara sweet talks her and she is pacified. However, she
is unhappy about not talking to dad as all the phones
are down. Sara promises to contact her dad soon -- both

Advocate Sadasivam's house - Girl seeing ceremony
for Gomathi - the groom is a doctor and is a from a
rich family. Gomathy's dad is worried about rich people
and Kamakshi supports his view. But Sadasivam says
that Gomathy is their daughter and he has to look for
someone of equal status. Kamakshi asks Gomathy
to get ready. Gomathy is also worried that she does
not have much education and a doctor groom could be
trouble. Kamakshi peps her up. Stella and Sara - shopping.
Stella sees those rowdies again and complains to Sara.
Sara makes a pretense of leaving Kodai but Stella says
that she is not afraid any more as sara is with her. She
wants to visit suicide point and  Sara agrees .

Sadasivam's house - groom arrives...... bingo he is none
other than Deepak, the friend of Deepika. he comes alone
saying that his parents and sister could not make it. He
goes on to say that he has an FRCS and needs only a
housewife - one who can care for him. He says that he
has no specific working hours as he is a doctor and the
mobile rings. Yes, someone is serious and he has to leave
immediately. Sivanesan is worried about the groom coming
alone but Sadasivam says that he has decided to give
Gomathi in marriage to Deepak. Looks like Goma likes
him as well. Stella and Sara going around - rowdies follow.
Deepika comes with the news of Jeeva - an old friend of
hers knows Jeeva and she has jJeva's B'lore address.
Akila is happy and tells baby Jeeva that she will see her
dad soon.


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Episode 108 Wednesday 6/2/08

Kodai - Sara and Stella going around happily. They go to
the boat club, hire a pedal boat and happily loiter around
in the lake. The 4 rowdy elements keep a close watch by
following them ( I think, these guys must be her dad's
people-  to keep an eye on Stella and save her if the
need arises!!) Goamthi visits Kavi and Arvind. Goes to
advise that they should come and live with Sadasivam
and Kamakshi ( athu sari kaasa panaama?? advice thane
summa kudukkalam!!) Arvind is all out to educate her
about his father's attitude - "he did not see his own sister,
your mother after her marriage because she married
some one poor" - Gomathy refutes his charge saying that
Sadasivam has taken it up on him to get her married to
a doctor. And, she shows Deepak's photo.

Seeing the photo Arvind's face changes. Kavi also has a
look at it - Gomathy is puzzled that they do not show any
happiness and Arvind covers up saying that Deepak is his
friend and he was surprised that Deepak did not tell Arvind
about seeing his own athai ponnu. Invites Goma to join them
for their restaurant trip. She agrees. Stella is brushing her
hair in the hotel room. Sara is in the balcony and signals to
some one asking them to come. Stella hears some noise
and calls Sara. They go out and see that it is the hotel c
leaner. Sara asks Stella to rest a while and he wants to
smoke. He goes out and meets the 4 rowdies (Ahaa appo,
Robert anupicha aal illiya??)

Sara shouts at them about not cashing opportunities to kill
Stella. Stella opens the window, sees Sara in conversation
with 4 people, goes down calling "ennanga?" Sara gets
cautious and acts as if they are hotel staff employed by his
friend and they are not doing their job well. Dispenses them
and leads Stella away ( Stella should know that those are the
4 rowdies who followed her!!!) Muthu is drunk and lying on
the road. Akila's car comes there and she slaps him. "Thulasi
did a wrong act and sent out kudumba maanam in the kappal
and now it is your turn???" Muthu says that not just the family
honor but because of Thulasi some one is going to die. Akila
does not believe the blabbering but Muthu narrates the whole
conversation between annachi and Sara - muted scene - and
Akila registers shock in her face..


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Episode No 109 Thursday 7/2/08

Kodai - hotel - Stella is alone in the room. A dark figure
with a monkey cap peeps through the window. Stella
notices that but the figure jumps out of the balcony
and scoots. Stella opens the balcony door and can not find
anyone. Akila meets Sivanesan and Gomathy on the road
while she is rushing to meet Robert. Sivanesan greets her
with affection and goes on to say that he is happy that she
delivered the baby safely. Akila has no time for all  this and
hurriedly informs Sara's plans. Siva laments about siring a
son like that and Akila decides to talk about parenting later,
some other time!!. Takes leave and declines the offer of Siva
giving her company. She reaches Robert's place, does not
forget to chide him for believing Sara and informs the whole
story - muted dialogues - both leave for Ooty ( ponnu poi 3
naal aache, oru phone kooda pannaliyennu kekka maatiya 
nee??? enna appa nee!!) Stella sees a hockey stick lying
on the floor - looks like she recognizes that - not clear
here, she has visions of being hit by the stick and Sara
along with  4 adiyaals at the back!! - Stella cries seeing
that and a house keeping guy comes with 2 pillows ( pillow
cases change pannuvaanga, pillow vaiye change pannuvan-
galaa?? entha hotel ppa athu, next time Kodai ponaa ange
thanEmbarrassed) Stella looks at that pillow - sees some stain(??)....

Akila and Robert driving towards.. Ooty?? Kodai???
Stella has another vision -looks like she is imagining -
she sees Sara pressing the pillow on her face and killing
her... - Robert is crying to Akila " made a mistake, should
not have given my Stella in marriage to him, when he left
his dad and sis,I  should have known.." ( kannu ketta
apram Surya namaskaram?? - no use!!)  Akila consoles
saying that they can save Stella, asks for both their mobile
nos ( the father did not think of this!!! nalla kaalam he did
remember the nos!!!) Akila calls and finds that both are
not reachable. Stella hears some noise. Goes to the  sofa ,
removes the cushions and finds some long thirupachi
aruvaals and uruttu kattais - another vision of Sara stabbing
her and giving a menacing laugh ( amma di, mystery story
ezhuthalam nee,, enna imagination??!!) Finally runs out of
the room, does not get caught by the two rowdies who are
devudu kathufying, and runs to find a pay phone... as she
goes out Sara enters the hotel..

Stella asks directions for the PCO from a beggar outside,
she gives him a 100 rs and then he directs ( nalla profession,
summa kaiyai neeta ithanai kaasa?? Roja, India ippo romba
rich aachu, seekiram oorukku thirumbi poidu!!) Stella runs
towards the pco. Sara enters the room and sees that all his
ammunition is exposed. Registers shock and ask the two
DSTRs (Danda Soru Thadi Raman) as to how Stella
escaped - they have no clue and all run out in search
of Stella. Meet the same beggar, tip him another 100 for
the info of Stella's destination. By then Stella manages to
call dad and inform him of her location and Sara's intention.
She sees Sara approaching, makes a final request to dad
asking him to rush and also tells him that Sara is coming
after her. Robert now confirms that what Akila heard from
Muthu is true( athu sari, epdi u followed her like Mary's
lamb??!!) and they have to go to Kodai... cries some....
Akila wants the car to pull out to the left as she sees a
police patrol car....


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