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Update for Thursday, January 17, 2008 (by Eljay):

Gomathy comes out after making her call and stops when she sees her aunt outside. She goes out slowly, is called back by the owner of the booth and makes the payment. Her aunt asks her who she was calling this time, since last time it was her friend in Coimbatore who was getting married. Gomathy finally owns up, says that she has been calling Jeeva, treats him like her brother, and is giving him updates about his wife and his child, in the hope that he will someday come back to his family. Her aunt says she is proud to hear that.

Akila is playing with her baby, and her mother comes in. She shows a small mole on the baby's foot to her mother, and her mother immediately goes into the kitchen and comes out with red chilies and pepper (isn't it supposed to be salt and pepper?) and removes the evil eye, gets Akila to spit on her hand (yuck!) and goes out. She is concerned because Gomathy has seen Akila's baby, and Akila tries to reassure her that Gomathy is a nice girl, but Annamma insists that Gomathy knows where Jeeva is and is keeping that info from everyone.

A phone rings, and Arvind answers. He sounds surprised, and then he goes and tells Kavitha that when she took Akila to the pharmacy the other day, apparently she kept the prescription by mistake. Kavitha says that she will look in her purse, and then Arvind says that he is upset that she is hiding things from him. He says that he knows that she went to his parents' place from the pharmacy, and loses his temper, asking her if he has ever stopped her from going to her parents' place, if he has ever stopped her from wearing any particular colors, if he has ever stopped her from eating any foods, etc. (If he has ever done such things, he is nothing short of crazy!) He demands to know why she is hiding things from him.

Akila is in her office and goes looking for Deepika, who is in her cabin. She goes there and sees Deepika arguing with someone (is this the same person with whom Deepika was seen the other day?), getting more and more agitated, and finally she swoons and the man catches her.

Jeeva rings the doorbell of someone's house; a woman comes out and hands over the key to the upstairs portion in their house. He is looking somewhat different, with both ears pierced now, and his mustache is also gone! I can't honestly say that it improves his appearance, either!

Kavitha asks if Arvind has finished saying all he wants to say, and then says that she wanted to tell him about her visit, but she knew he was going to be angry. She says it was a mistake on her part, and this seems to calm him down.

Jeeva comes downstairs and the woman asks him if he is indeed married, as they were informed by the broker. He confirms that he is married, and then the woman asks him if his wife is going to join him soon, as that is what they were told by the broker. When he replies in the negative, she says that they rent only to married people, as she stays alone with her mother. Jeeva asks her if she has any siblings; she has four – two sisters and two brothers, one of whom is younger and then Jeeva tells her that he has an older sister, and why can't she look on him as a younger brother? Sure, and then every Tom, Dick and Harry will be a younger brother when they want to rent a place. He also tells her that he is going to be a divorcee shortly.

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Update for Friday, January 18, 2008 by Eljay

Opening scene: Akila sees Deepika fainting, and this man is supporting her. She goes in and asks the man to get some water; instead, he opens Deepika's purse, takes out some pills and gives it to her. Deepika slowly regains consciousness (not "conscious"!!!) and Akila asks her what is happening. Meanwhile, the guy goes off after telling D to take care and says he will look in on her in the evening. Akila again presses D, asking her what the matter is, and who this guy is with whom she appeared to have been having some kind of serious argument, and who apparently is familiar enough with her to be able to open her purse and take out her pills. D brushes her off, saying it is personal, but Akila says that she has shared the details of her marriage with her, why can't D share her problems with her. D says she has low blood pressure, which many women have (is that so? That is news to me), and asks to be left alone.

Scene shifts to a stone quarry, where the goonda Annamalai is standing with some of his henchmen. Someone comes and tells him that Chinna ayya has come to see him. He is wondering who this chinna ayya is, turns out to be Saravanan, who explains that now they are partners, he thought it was only fair that A should be called Periya ayya, and he himself chinna ayya. He asks if A has opened the accounts as asked; when A confirms having done so, he hands over something to him. Annamalai says that there is a problem with their agreement, instead of their splitting the profit 50 – 50, he now wants it to be a 60 – 40 split, and Saravanan readily agrees. A is surprised; S says he always looks at everything from the long term angle, and A says that S is a master tactician (I would say a master swindler).   A boy comes in and interrupts, saying that Chinna Rasu has come to see Annamalai, A says that he does not wish to be disturbed. He then explains to Saravanan that previously, Chinna Rasu used to be like a son to him and he treated him as a special protg, but now S has taken that place. S tells him that he knows about CR, he has laid out a special trap for CR's SIL, who works in his company, and she has fallen for it. He explains about Robert and Stella, and how he wants some fun on the side, and hence his liaison with Tulasi. A is filled with admiration (now I would have wanted to smack him). S leaves and CR comes, tries to talk with A about S, A refuses to listen, and when CR becomes belligerent, gets his goons to beat up CR.

Kavitha is waiting in a pharmacy, when Deepika and her male friend walk in. Kavitha recognizes him from the pic shown by Arvind, D surmises as much and introduces her as "my ex-husband's present wife". She starts talking about Arvind taking the picture, Kavitha tells her not to badmouth Arvind in her presence, so D becomes even more excited, and starts shouting about her having eyes in the back of her head also. She accuses Kavitha of placing her photo in Meenakshi's school book, where it asked for the mother's photo. Kavitha is trying to get her to keep quiet. Mercifully, the clerk comes in with Kavitha's pills, she takes them and leaves. Deepika asks her friend if Kavitha was buying contraceptive pills.

Kavitha is taking some pills when Arvind enters. He asks her what she is taking, she says she has a headache, he asks her why she is hiding the fact that she is taking contraceptives. (I am amazed that these are available freely, without a prescription.) He says that Deepika did not want a child, and wants to know if Kavitha also is like that. Kavitha explains that she did not want another child competing with Meenakshi for her father's affection. Just then, Deepika enters the room, and Arvind wants to know if she has the habit of entering people's houses if the door is open. Actually, that is something I have wanted to know for a very long time, why people in these shows leave their doors open, and then ask people why they entered without permission! Just as Deepika starts telling Kavitha that she should have her own child, so that Meenakshi can belong wholly to her real mother, she starts to feel faint. Kavitha leads her to a chair, and gives her some water. Again, she takes out some pill from her purse, and Kavitha asks her what the matter is, and she says that she wants to have Meenakshi all to herself as long as she is alive.

Jeeva is trying to start his motorbike in some street, somewhere in Andhra or Karnataka. The street name is written in Telugu or Kannada. He hears someone konjifying "Ennada chellam", looks up and they show Akila with her baby (isn't she in Chennai?). Jeeva goes up to her and takes the baby from her (this looks to be a different baby, maybe they had to get a different loaner today). I guess all this is in his imagination.

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Friends, you will not believe this, but I sat down to watch the show online, and then thought of logging in here first, and guess what I found - a present from Pat! She has already seen and sent me the update! I am lucky to have such friends. Thanks again, Pat!

Here is the update, folks!

Vasantham(1/21/08) – Episode 96 - by Patraj (thanks again!)

Deepika leaves Kavitha's house after taking taking arrest. Arvind tells his wife that Deepika is an ungrateful person and says that she should not be allowed into his house again. Kavitha tells him that there is something wrong with Deepika because she said something about "until I am here, I want my daughter with me". Kavitha feels that they should think about that and find out if there is really something wrong with Deepika. Aravind says that he has no connection whatsoever with Deepika and wants Kavitha to feel the same and walks in.

In Bangalore, Jeeva is starting his bike, and turns imagining Akila with his daughter. He goes to Akila and takes the baby and carries her for a while and returns to her mother (a neighbor not Akila). His landlord's daughter(forgot her name) goes to him and asks if he is missing his daughter. Jeeva says yes and says that he is torn between love and self respect and refuses to accept love.

Deepika is dropped of at Akila's house by her friend Deepak, watched by Akila. Once Deepika is seated and has her drink, Akila walks back into the kitchen to cut vegetables. Deepika calls Akila and asks her if she is angry and starts to says that Deepak is a friend and since Auto was on strike, he sent her there. Akila tells Deepika that it is her personal issue and does not want to interfere. Deepika tells Akila that Deepak is a friend just like her and that is all she can say for now. Akila then tells Deepika that she has lost her life and now searching for it but Deepika is divorced. She then says some friendship may be close but some needs to maintain a distance and walks back. Deepika gets upset and writes "I came to speak something important about Jeeva but now I cannot, will speak to you later. Sorry!" and leaves. Akila sees it and thinks.

Perumalswamy (Akila's FIL) is called by his superior who tells him that he how sees happiness on his face. PS tells his boss that he is happy that his problem is solved. His boss tells him that it is not so because their HQ wants PS to report to the police about Annachi who cheated him. At first, PS refuses but after much persuasion, he tells his boss he will think about it.

At his house. PS is at the dining table and thinking hard while his MIL serves him food. MIL asks why he is not eating and when PS gives her an angry look, MIL walks away into the room where Kamala (Akila's MIL) is with the baby and Akila. MIL tells her daughter that PS is not eating and looks worried. Akila goes to her FIL and asks if he is worried about her life. Akila tells her FIL that she has decided to solve her problems by resigning her job. PS is shocked but keeps quiet but both MIL and Paati are all for it. Akila then tells her in-laws that she will hand in her resignation letter and come back but is stopped by her FIL. He tells her about his talk with his boss and how they require him to make a report and that if she resigns, her signature will be null and void. He also says that he is afraid that he would be arrested and sent to jail. Kamala and her mother tell PS not to report the matter to the police and to tell his boss that he cannot report for fear of being attacked by the goondas. Akila is in tears listening to all these and tells her FIL that she will not even dream of resigning from her job, if it poses a problem to the family.
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Update for Tuesday, January 22
Episode 97

Opening scene: Akila reiterates that she will never again talk of quitting her job, so PS need have no concerns in that regard. PS tells her that he knows she will have a good life one of these days (wonder when?), because she has worked so hard for her FIL and his family. Doesn't he realize that he himself is the principal cause of her problems, and he should have told his son about his problems? Yet another addled man in these TV serials. He tells his family that his boss asked him to file a FIR against Annachi, and his wife, Kamala, and MIL advise him against doing so, because they don't want to have anything to do with goondas.

Akila, PS and his supervisor go to the police station to file a complaint against Annachi. The inspector hums and haws, and suggests that they meet with Annachi to solve their problems. Akila demands to know if it is a panchayat or a police station. Finally, he agrees to file the FIR. Once they leave, he informs Annachi. Just another question from me - doesn't PS's bank have a legal department of its own, with high powered lawyers, who can cut corners and file complaints? Oh, I forgot, they don't want to involve the bank. But if the boss is there, doesn't that mean the bank will be involved anyway, esp if the scam is revealed in the FIR?

Akila is sitting by her baby, and thinking of a narrow escape in an auto. Her mother is watching her. Her uncle, Chinna Rasu, comes in and demands to know how she is doing, and if she is okay. Turned out that Annachi had orchestrated the accident, and he wants to move in and stay there and protect Akila and her baby. Akila says that if he comes there, she will leave immediately. Her parents try to tell her that CR has now reformed and it is her brother who has joined Annachi and become a goonda now, but she refuses to listen to them.

Perumal Swamy's house - someone rings the doorbell. It is Gomathy, and Kamala asks her why she has come there. She tells Perumal that she has come to try and effect a reconciliation between him and her father. She says everyone is still blaming her for Jeeva leaving Akila, and Kamala says that it is correct. All their problems started when PS gave his word to her father, and so she is the cause of all their troubles (I don't follow this kind of logic!) While they are talking, Annachi and his goondas come in and hold Kamala at knife point. His men are looking at the various electronic items in the living room. Gomathy tries to push at the man who is holding the knife to Kamala's throat; Annachi grabs her and threatens to choke her. He then grabs PS and threatens to kill Kamala and her mother if the FIR is not withdrawn in two days, and leaves with his goondas.

Akila comes to the balcony of her flat and looks down to see CR, lying on a mat on the ground outside her building. She goes downstairs and tells him to leave, but he convinces her by saying she does not know Annachi.
Finally, she goes upstairs, and CR is looking at his mat. An arival is there on the mat, partially covered by the sheet. FREEZE.
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Before I write today's update, I have to say this: If I see one more serial in which the occupants of a house leave the front door wide open, and then goondas walk in, and then I hear the owner say, "Who gave you permission to enter?", I will throw something at them.

Update for Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Opening scene: Gomathy is talking to Jeeva on the phone, urging him to return to Chennai. She tells him that his father was reluctant to file a complaint against Annachi, as his boss had asked him to do, but on Akila's urging, had done so. (Now why would she drag Akila's name into the picture, and how did she know about it? Did PS and his family say so? If so, that was not right, either) Now the goondas had entered their house and threatened his mother at knife point (never mind the fact that the door had been wide open for them to enter freely), and it is Jeeva's responsibility to return and take care of his parents, even if he does not want to live with Akila. (Again, another unnecessary comment from Gomathy). Jeeva says that he will think about it.

Annachi gets down from a white van with Akila's brother. Muthu points out Akila's flat to Annachi, and says that he would like to come in and see his little niece, too. Annachi tells him to wait outside and goes to Akila's flat. As usual, the door is wide open, while Akila is in the kitchen, cooking. Annachi goes in, listens to the music, looks at the pictures of Devi, comments on the deiveega sounds, and raises his hands in salute to Devi, then takes his seat on the sofa. Akila comes out, and sees Annachi, and asks, "Who let you in here?" Now I can answer that question, "Nobody, the door was open, so I came in!" Annachi says he wants to see the baby, goes in and admires the baby, gives a gift, and asks about Chinna Rasu. Akila says that CR is not welcome there, nor is Annachi. He tells her how he is karunai personified to ants, but if someone gives him trouble, then he will make them beg for mercy for the rest of their lives. He says that even if CR is not friendly with him any more, Akila's brother Muthu is working for him, and he feels responsible for her, as Muthu's sister. He tells Akila to get her FIL to meet with him and they will discuss the matter. She says he will be punished by God for his misdeeds, and she herself will take action against him for his deceitful ways and ensure that he is punished (brave talk, indeed).   She tells him to leave, and on the way out, he sees the chain which he had given to the baby, on the floor. She says that paavam patta porul vendam, and he says that his pethi is paavam. Apparently, he considers Akila as his daughter and her baby is his pethi. He leaves.

Jeeva is on the phone, talking to the catering company. His landlady comes in and asks him what the matter is. He says that they cannot deliver his dinner and if he wants to get South Indian food, he will have to go to Malleswaram (aha, now we know that he is in Bangalore! However, even 30 years back, you could get good food practically anywhere in Bangalore. Don't tell me things have not become better in these 30 years!) His landlady asks him to eat at her place, and when he is eating there, asks him about his family again. He tells her not to ask about his family. She insists that he should try to reconcile with his wife, and she knows he is missing her. She talks about her own brothers and sisters and how she raised them all and educated them and got them married, and now, only one brother shows any interest in her. (The usual story!) She says that she is advising him as an older sister, and tells him how marriage is important to a girl, and he should value it, and so on.

Saravanan and Tulasi are playing around with each other. Chinna Rasu is coming down the road on his motorbike, sees them, stops and asks Tulasi to go home with him. She refuses, and he warns her about playing around with S, who is already married. Saravanan interferes, asking him to leave, and CR raises his hand to strike him…..
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More instances of people leaving their doors open today.

Update for Thursday, January 24, 2008

Opening scene: Recap of yesterday's scene - Chinna Rasu tells Thulasi to get on his bike and tells Saravanan to stay away from his niece. Tulasi says that she will marry S only, and S also tells him to leave, saying their kaadhal is punidhamaanadhu. CR tells him he doesn't know the meaning of the word punitham, and slaps him on his face. Finally, Tulasi gets on his bike and goes home. Saravanan is gloating after they leave.

When Tulasi and CR reach her home, she tells her father that CR made a scene when she was talking with her boss, hiding the facts. Her father asks her why she wants to go around with a married man, and when she insists on marrying him, beats her up. Meantime, a whole crowd has gathered around their front door (conveniently left open, as usual). Annamma pushes Tulasi into a room and shuts the door.

Chinna Rasu is injured, apparently in a fight, and he is examining his wounds. Akila takes pity on him and comes to attend to his wounds. He says that some goondas beat him up, this is common in his line of work. Akila appears to have now understood that he has reformed, she is about to apply medicine to his wounds, he stops her and applies it himself. He tells her that her uncle Chinna Rasu is now dead, and she should call him Rasu from now on. She goes inside, gets the baby and comes out. The baby continues to be as cute as ever. CR has a flashback of the time when she refused to let him see the baby, and is deeply moved. He holds the baby on his shoulder and gives it a kiss.

A phone is ringing, Kavitha picks it up and it is Deepak, Deepika's friend, to tell her that Deepika is in the hospital. She tells Arvind about it, but he ignores here and continues to read a book. Finally, she takes the book away from him and tells him that they should go to the hospital. He says that Deepika does not mean anything to him, she says that they should go at least for Meenakshi's sake, and they argue and practically come to blows, at which point, Arvind starts beating himself up. As usual, the door has been left open and PS walks in to see this scene. Kavitha and Arvind stop their fighting and Arvind tries to convince PS that they are a happy couple, and as he is doing so, gets all excited and starts shouting once again. PS holds him tight in order to calm him and ....
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Phew! One more week of updating a serial in which nothing is going anywhere, and nobody is doing anything. Thank God it is Friday!

Episode 100 – Update for Friday, January 25, 2008 (not much action today!)

Opening scene: Perumal Swamy and Kavitha and Arvind – Arvind is trying to explain how his first wife Deepika's character was bad, and thus his married life was ruined, but Kavitha is a good person. However, she wants to be good to everyone, while he wants that she should be good towards him and him alone. He gets more and more excited as he speaks, until finally PS holds him tight in an effort to calm him. Then PS says he will come and see them later, but Arvind insists that he stay for lunch, getting almost hysterical when he refuses, so he agrees to stay, just to calm A down. A insists that he will prepare the lunch himself, leaving father and daughter alone. PS tells his daughter that A is a very good man; after all, he rescued their family honor and respect by marrying her at the last minute (what a reason to give! I would feel insulted.).

Next scene: Akila is holding her baby, and Deepika and her daughter come in. Akila does not talk to them and D wants to know if she is still angry. Akila does not answer, takes the baby inside and puts her down in the cradle, and then tells Meenakshi she can play with the baby. She tells Deepika that she is not mad at her, she now realizes that Deepika also has a right to her life, and if her ex-husband can get married, so can she. Deepika repeatedly tells her to drop the topic, but she persists, saying that she was angry the other day, but then she was looking at it from Meenakshi's perspective alone. Later, she thought about it from Deepika's perspective, and she feels that Deepika too has a right to be happy. Deepika is about to faint again, so Akila gets her some water and she takes some medicines from her purse. Now what I cannot understand is the connection between yesterday's episode and today's – yesterday Kavitha got a call that D was in the hospital, and today Deepika is visiting Akila.

Arvind and Kavitha have come to see Akila, and Deepika offers to leave, but Akila asks her to stay. However, Arvind and Kavitha say that they have come to discuss some personal, family matters, so Deepika says that she can take the hint and leaves with her daughter, after a minor argument with Arvind, who wants to keep Meenakshi, but it is not his turn on that day. Arvind tells Akila that she is a brave girl, but not intelligent. Because she went and filed the complaint against Annachi, his men pushed Kavitha's Patti when she was returning from the temple and someone threatened Kamala at knife point when she was returning from work. If Akila had not insisted on keeping her job, her husband would not have left her (one egoistic guy defending another egoistic guy!) and she would now be leading a normal life. Akila says that she is intelligent, as well as brave. Some day Arvind himself will finally realize this and he will commend her for her intelligence and bravery, she says.

Next scene: A stone quarry, and Annachi is standing, giving instructions.   Muthu comes and hands him the daily collection. He asks Annachi to count and verify the money. Annachi says that he trusts him, and it is not necessary. Akila comes there, and Annachi is very solicitous, asking if she came alone, because it is not a good area. He then asks if she has come to ask for a compromise, saying that he is even willing to help her FIL make his payments. Akila tells him that she is not afraid of him and his threats, but there is no need for him to threaten her MIL and MIL's mother. She says she will make sure he gets his punishment and ends in jail, at which all his goondas surround her, with their arrivals and knives in hand …..

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Update for Monday, January 28, 2008


Opening scene: Akila tells Annachi that he may be a big dada and goonda, but if he ever threatens her, her family, or any of her inlaws, she will see to it that he is punished.  His goondas surround her with their knives and arivals, but she tells him that she has told …. (this I could not catch) where she was coming, and why, so if anything happens to her, they will know where to come.  He tells his men to let her go, and she leaves.  They ask Annachi why he let her go, and he says that there is a reason. 


Chinna Rasu is holding Akila's baby, and he tells her that she should not have gone to Annachi the way she did.  He tells her that Annachi will not stop at anything, and she should be more concerned with finding her husband and becoming a family once again with him.  He also tells her that her responsibility to her inlaws ended with her signing the note as guarantor, and she now owes it to her baby to take care of herself, and not get involved with Annachi. 


Arvind and Kavitha are sitting at the table when a scooter draws up outside the house, and they see (as usual, the front door is wide open!) Deepika, Deepak,  and Meenakshi get down from that.  Arvind tells Kavitha to get the info about Deepak.  Deepika's friend, Deepak (I have forgotten the name already!  I have to look up the old episodes!) does not get down, and Deepika insists that he should also come inside.  Finally, they all come inside, and Kavitha goes to welsome them.  Deepika says that she has to go to Bombay for some personal work, so Meenakshi will be staying with them.  She says that Meenakshi's books and other school stuff are all in the book bag, and as she is saying this, she starts to faint once again, and Deepak gets her medicine out of her purse.  Kavitha gets her a glass of water, and she drinks it.  By now, Arvind has also come into the room.  Kavitha asks Deepika to stay for some time and rest, but she refuses and leaves.


Akila goes to the Police Commissioner's office to file a complaint against Annachi.  An Inspector sitting there advises her that she should try to resolve her problems without going to the police.  She doesn't listen, and goes inside and files her complaint.  The Commish tells her that they will provide complete protection for her family and her FIL's family.


A police jeep is seen traveling to the quarry where Annachi and his goondas are spending their days.  Annachi is lying down on a cot, listening to the old song, "Manmatha leelai…" when an Inspector gets down and asks to talk to him.  The inspector tells Annachi that Akila has not agreed to a compromise, and has instead gone to the commissioner, ignoring his advice.  He tells Annachi that if anything happens now to Akila or her family, his own job will be in jeopardy, but Annachi dismisses him.


CR is playing with Akila's baby when a white van draws up, and Annachi and two of his henchmen get out and go up the stairs to Akila's house.  CR sees them, but before he can get inside and close the door (these people will never learn!), the two goondas grab him, and Annachi walks up to the kitchen where Akila is cooking.  He tells her to come outside, and tells her that she should not have gone to the Commissioner.  She puts on her usual air of bravado, and he tells her that she should be looking for her husband and putting her family together, but it looks like she has found a replacement for her husband, meaning CR.  CR tells him that he will make sure that Annachi cannot trouble them, but Annachi says that CR will not be alive to do anything.  Akila goes to grab Annachi's sleeve, but he gives her a warning not to create problems for him, or else he will not hesitate to kill Akila, her baby and her entire family, and then he leaves.  Akila is shaken, and she takes the crying baby from CR.  (Actually, they played the cries in the background, since the baby didn't look upset.)  FREEZE.

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