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January 3rd update

Jeeva sees Akila through the window in ICU and leaves from. Rest of the
family is disappointed of his acts.

Kavi is crying, Deepika sees her and console her. Tell her to be brave, if
she breaks down like this, then who will be there and console Akilas
parents. Kavi cant take it, even though Jeeva is her brother, she curse him
for his acts toward Akila. He married her against their family wish, and
their parents threw them out. But when her family was in a big dilemma,
only Akila solved that matter and got the house back, why cant her
brother see through Akilas golden heart??

Nurse checks Akila, she shacked her hands and legs, doc want to check
her BP and decide to take her to the operation theatre.. family is worried
and prays.
Akilas FIL tells prayers and prays on his pray room. They show Akila
under the operation theatre,. they basically show FIL and Akila scenes
after scene.

Finally docs come out and everyone is worried. She says both the mother
and baby are fine and it's a girl for Akila. Her dad is so happy and shares
his happiness with the family and finally opens his heart out and tells
what the doc earlier told him about only the mother or the baby will
survive. Kavi calls up her parents and inform the good news.

Gothai goes to Jeevas cabin to talk with him. He wonder if his baby is
born, Gothai ask why he doesn't go to the hospital, he should be there
and support Akila in a situation like this, even if its not for Akila, he
should do that for his baby. She knows how it is to be grow up without
one parent, her father brought her up all alone and knows the difficulties
he went through. Jeeva doesn't want to talk about it and inform her, he is
quitting his job and move out the city, fare away from here. She should
be happy in her life, he will contact her, he used to have lovely big sister
and now, he has got a cute little sister. She too feels the same, her
brother cheated her and her dad, but God have given her another brother
inform of Jeeva.

Akila is still unconscious and the baby looks at her from her crib.
FREEZE(awww…such a cute baby..but it's too big to be a

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4/1/08 Friday Episode 87

Loser at work- talking to Gomathi. Gives her a cell phone
and says that she can call him when ever she wants. Wants
to go far away. Gomathi says that he is making a mistake
but loser turns a deaf ear. "If I have a change of heart I
will come back, if not, this is the last time u see me"
(good riddance for bad rubbish) Sara 's office. Calls Pichu
and asks him to send Thulasi in " we have office work to
discuss, make sure that no one disturbs us". Pichu sends
Thulasi in and borrows a mobile from his colleague. Sara
puts on an act " Manasu is not good, can not talk to any
one because they use it to their advantage" Pichu enters
with a file and says that it is urgent. Sara shouts and Pichu
leaves the file behind. The mobile is hidden inside the file.
Thulasi says that she wants to ask Sara some thing... Sara
is truth personified " my marriage with the owner of this
company, Stella? well, they bought me with their money and
once they got what they want me threw me away. I do not care
about Stella but even my dad and sister threw me away. All I
want is a shoulder to cry, some one for just me, is it wrong to
ask?" Thulasi understands and says that she is in the same
boat" I am the second daughter and always treated as second
rated, I do not mind marrying you and becoming a second wife"
(uh huh, bigamy here too jeeezzzz, I was happy with the way this
serial was going!!) Pichu listens to all this on the other end...

Thulasi continues.." my lifeis with you, I love u" Sara jumps
and holds her hands" thank u, thank u so much" Pichu
is upset ( che he should have dialled Stella's number and
made her listen to all the crap first hand!!). Hospital -
Akila is still not awake. The chubby baby is cooing
in the crib ( ayyo chella kutty, na thookikkaren vada pappa,
Roja is in love with that kutty chellam) FIl arrives with food for
Akila. Doctor draws him out and says that Akila is still
critical and she needs special care. FIL has flash backs of
meeting Akila before marriage.... Akila wakes up and cries to
 FIL.. " my hubby has not seen me or the baby.." FIL says
that the child is born to rule the world but Akila is not happy
 " what is the use of ruling the world if she can not see her
dad?" FIL says that all will be ok and Akila asks for a help
from FIL . "please bring my hubby back, I feel that i will
not get up alive from here. I want to hand over our daughter
to him". FIL is very upset. Sara's office - Pichu calls boss,
Stella's dad and tells him every thing .. muted talks Stellas
dad shows shock and anger...

Loser's office. All leave for lunch. gomathi alone sitting at
her desk. Jeeva's dad enters and asks someone for Jeeva.
He says that Jeeva has resigned and gone. Perumal sees
Gomathi and wants to know where Jeeva is. Gomathi dilly
dallies " ithu office, yaranum ketta problem..." Perumal
wants to know about his son and begs " please Gomathi,
please do not take revenge on us because of old issues -
i did want u to become my DIL but it did not happen. Pls
do not take revenge on my DIL and my grand daughter".
Gomathi cries and says that she just knows that Jeeva
resigned and left - " did u notice that I call u appa instead
of maama. Jeeva called me his younger sister when he left.
He also said that he will call me soon. If he calls me I will
surely let u know" Perumal leaves slightly satisfied. Hospital
- Akila with closed eyes... delirious talk " Jeeva apply for
leave tomorrow, we need to take our kid for drops.."


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Monday 7/1/08 Episode 88

Recap from Friday - Perumal and Gomathi meeting. Kavitha brings Meenakshi to Deepika's house. Deepika thanks Kavi for bringing
the girl. Both talk about Akila being sick - the fever is still high - and suddenly Deepika asks Kavitha" u have been married this long and no good news?" Kavi says that with Meenakshi around she does not
need another kid. Deepika becomes emotional and tells Kavi that only if Kavi gets a child, Meena will belong totally to Deepika. Holds Kavi's hands and becomes hysterical " I want my Meena back.. all to
my self.. will I get her? will I? will I?" Kavi can not stand the hysterics and leaves.

Perumal and Kamala - Perumal is loitering around in the bed room - time is 3am. Kamala expresses her concern about Jeeva and Gomathi - "what if that girl marries Jeeva and spoil Akila's life?" Both are worried.. Perumal is in deep thoughts....

Saravanan's office - he is on the phone to Thulasi who is absent
for the day. Sara says that it is ok and enters his cabin with a smile... bingo... finds Stella (his wife) and Robert (FIL) sitting there.
Tries to sweet talk  them " hi honey, if u wanted to see me, u should have called me, I would have taken the next available flight, why
come here?" To cut a long story short, Robert calls Pichu and
plays the recorded talk of Sara and Thulasi - " I have been bought
by Stella..." Sara is shocked. Robert confronts the slimy SIL -
" I will let u spoil my daughter's life??" Sara falls at FIL's feet.
" Pls forgive me. Because u separated me from Stella and sent to Chennai, I was upset. So, for a moment, I estranged and thank
God, u brought me around." Promises on the unborn kid and FIL
and wife agree reluctantly.

Hospital - Akila's parents holding the child ( God that kid looks divine!!! wish I could hold that chubby pappa!!) Grand dad says that
the kid resembles Jeeva and feels that every time Akila looks at thekid she will be reminded of hubby. Doctor comes in and says
that Akila still has fever and needs constant attention. Akila
is delirious and asks for Jeeva. Mother tries to pacify saying that
he is just outside but Akila tries to get up and wants to see him.
Doctor comes, sedates and she sleeps...


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Episode 89 8/1/08 Tuesday

Recap - Akila getting sedated...

Kavi is in her kitchen cooking and Paatti enters.
Kavi and paatti in conversation. Talk about Akila.
Kavi says that the baby is cute ( tell me about it,
wish I could bring her home!!) but she could not
share the joy with Akila. Paatti says that Jeeva
will not come back. She goes on saying that it is
possible that Jeeva has eyes on Gomathi and might
end up marrying her. Kavi says that paatti is all
old fashioned but paatti says that when it comes to
a man/woman relationship there is nothing old or
new. "Gomathi's face looks innocent but her heart is
not. She is not a nice girl, planning to separate Jeeva
from Akila permanently". Having done her gossip for
the day. paatti leaves a pensive Kavi.

Sivanesan sitting near a thatched house with a friend.
The friend suggests that Siva should borrow some money
from his banker friend and set up a shop so that he can
settle down with his daughter. Siva praises Perumal
( appo veet le poi kathinathu maranthu pochaa??) -
bull's eye - Perumal enters and shouts at Siva.
" your daughter is spoiling Akila's life. I will give u
enough money. Please get out of this city." Siva is
angry " a word more about my daughter..." Perumal
says that the whole city is talking about Gomathi
stealing(??!!) Jeeva from Akila. Siva reasons out
" let the city talk but u can not. She is more like
your daughter. How can u talk like this?" But Perumal
asks him to go and ask Gomathi herself."If she can
promise on her mother that she is innocent, then u
can even slipper me, I will take it".

Siva is thoughtful. Sadasivam's house. A pooja is
organized for Gomathi. Lawyer's wife says that
it is a sumanglai pooja which when done will bring in
Gomathi an alliance. Gomathi is all dressed up, another
woman is sitting all set to receive the goodies... Siva
storms in. Beats Gomathi saying that all are talking
bad about her and Jeeva. Kicks the pooja things,
priest is asked to leave.... Siva is very angry.. lawyer
and his wife try to reason out.." how can u find fault
with your own daughter? How can u suspect her
integrity?" Finally Siva spreads a towel on the floor
saying that it is his life and asks Gomathi to cross
and say that she is innocent(???!!!). Gomathi is
about to cross but sadasivam stops her. Shouts at
 Siva saying that if he does not trust his daughter,
he need not come any more to see her. Siva leaves...

Hospital. Akila and baby ( enna smile athu??!! most
captivating) Akila wants only coffee. Mom goes to
buy... crosses the road and goes to the other side..
Akila is looking at the smiling child... mom comes
back with coffee in hand and crosses the road once
again.... a bus is speeding...



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9/1/08 Wednesday Episode no 90

Recap of yesterday - AHHHH is missing - obviously
to mislead us!!! Akila scoots with the baby tightly held
in her arms. Annamma comes in to the room and finds it
empty. Looks around and panics. Asks the nurse who
claims no knowledge. While this is going on, Akila alights
from an auto in front of Jeeva's office. She is still dressed
in her house coat and holding the baby tight. The security
tries to stop her but she storms in to Jeeva's cabin. Finds
some one else sitting in his place and demands to see Jeeva.
Talks incoherently about showing the baby to Jeeva -
VP walks in, takes control of the situation and the next
minute, we see Akila in the hospital bed, sedated. The
doctor is furious with Annamma " She is hypertensive and
now hysterical as well. Our staff can not watch
all the 24 hrs. You better get your act together,ok??". Gives a
form for signature - " if any thing happens to the patient, the
hospital is not responsible. Pls also ask your hubby to sign and
give it back" - Nurse and Dr. leave - Annamma is in tears and confused.

Gomathi and her aunt walking. Aunt is upset that Gomathi's
father suspected his own daughter. She cannot fathom as to
how he can listen to Perumal like this and beat his daughter.
Gomathi says that her father is very naive and gets angry
easily but this is the first time he has hit her. Aunt asks
 Gomathi" do u really have some thing going on between
Jeeva and u?" Gomathi negates and says that Jeeva has just
pity on her and not love. When aunt observes that Gomathi's
eyes are lying, Gomathi says that it is not lie but fear.

Deepika visits Kavi saying that she has come to take Meena.
Asks for a glass of water - swallows some pill. Kavi offers to
bring coffee - Deepika puts her legs up and is asleep by the
time Kavi comes with coffee. Kavi does not disturb her.

Gomathi and aunt still walking. Gomathi goes to a phone booth
and calls Jeeva (looks like he is in either Karnataka or Andhra
- desk le calendar le Telugu??Kannada??) Tells him that his
brotherly affection for her is being misunderstood by every
one. Loser cares two hoots about Gomathi but asks her not
to disclose his whereabouts to any one ( grrr, ivan lam oru
brother??!! well he is a no good hubby,no good father and
now no good bro, so whats new??) Gomathi also talks about
Akila's office visit. Says that Akila is still serious and the
remedy is only his presence. Goes on to say that in spite of
all the slandering, she is siding him only because she believes
that this separation will make his heart fonder towards Akila.
Asks him to reconsider his decision and disconnects. Pays
31 rs for the call and comes to the waiting aunt.Aunt wants
to know what took her so long and Gomathi is trying to evade
the issue. Both leave the booth.

Meena enters with Arvind - Arvind sees the sleeping Deepika
and is puzzled. Goes inside looking for Kavi - asks Kavi as to
why Deepika is sleeping here. Kavi says that Deepika came
to take Meena and dozed off. Arvind does not like it and asks
Kavi to wake her up and leave with Meena. Kavi pities Deepika-
tells Arvind about Deepika swallowing some pill and could be
drowsy but Arvind does not relent - " no explanations pls..wake
her and send her away"" - Meena watches the sleeping mother
and wakes her up. Deepika wakes up, apologizes to Kavi, Kavi
offers food but Deepika refuses and leaves with Meena. Kavi
picks up the wrapper of the tablet and looks at it. Gomathi and
her aunt walking. Sivanesan comes and they meet. Siva is feeling
bad for his behaviour the previous day. Apologizes to both the
ladies. Both are understanding, want him to come home but
he says that he will come later and apologize to Sadasivam
as well. Aunt confirms with Gomathi that there is nothing
going on between her and Jeeva.

Gundu pappa is home - Akila looks beautiful with the baby on
her lap. After the pooja is over priest calls for the dad of the
baby " Per kathile sollanum, ask the father to come"

Freeze on Akila's face

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thx 4 the update.

why is Aravind refered as sapatu raman? btw, the guy deepika flirts with
was her real life hubbby aka NarendranWink

Its aslo forgotten that Akila will move back to her apartment with her
baby and wait for Jeeva with her daughter. her in laws are stunned and

short brief for 10th january:

- The ayyar ask for the babys father, everyone is confused over what to
do so Akila ask the ayyar if she can name the baby as it was her who
beared that baby for 10 months and put her own life on risk to give birth
to her. Ayyar nods yes, and says this baby girl will play diferents roles in
her life as a daughter, sister and granddaughter, and the last relation is
very important so she should be given her grandmothers names from
both sides...Akila refuse and want the baby to have a name she likes very
well, she will carry her dads name and says "Jeeva jeeva, jeeva# 3 times.
the rest of the family is glad and says the same.

- Akilas matern uncle (Poo from lakshmi serial) arrives to his sisters
house its locked and he search for the keys when Robert arrives with his
men. he threaten him about Tulasi who runs after his SIL they should
better keep an eye on her, otherwise she will face danger.

- Kavitha sees Gowmathi at a market and runs behind her. she introduce
her herself and ask however she knows Jeeva very well, Gowmathi gets
angry and thinks she also accuse her for having affair, but Kavitha says
nope, she just said that in causal and with no double meaning behind it.
Gowmathi explain she also sees Jeeva in the same way liek her, as a
brother and says she is married to her cousin, aravind and she heard she
havent visit her inlaws yet, she should do that and takes her with her

at home, her in laws doesnt regonize her,but when her MIL is about to
bless her with thika (what is the name in tamil?? I always forgets that Confused
). FIl stops his wife and accuse her to a cheater who destroyed his dail
deepika and grandkids life by marring Aravind. Talks bad about Kavis
family and her, she cries and ebgs her FIL listen to her.

thats all I remember, sorry guys Embarrassed

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Episode no 92 Friday 11/1/08

Updates by Rojapooo

Kavitha is  serving food to Arvind. They get to talk and she tells him
that she met Gomathi. Arvind has no clue and then Kavi explains
that Gomathi was supposed to marry Jeeva but things went hay wire.
She then says that she also met his parents and found them to be nice
people. Arvind is livid with anger but Kavitha placates. Arvind is not
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]-->convinced and warns Kavi to keep off. <!--[endif]-->

Saravanan meets the dada Annachi ( Annamalai is his name) and tells him that he has a business idea. Annachi says that Sara does not look like one of those dada elements and how  can they do any thing together. But Sara insists. He says that he will give him a new business idea and they could be partners. Annachi is all ears. Annachi has a few tricks up his sleeves " do u want to convert black in to white?? Want to finish some one?? Let me know". Sara talks about his FIL " Robert is a big businessman in coimbatore and I am his SIL ". Annachi is happy to hear that. Sara goes on - "he has 2 or 3 companies and one of them has a Hindu name. I asked my FIL about this. He  said that he named the company after his benefactor - and the  name of the company is Annamalai Industries. I sign all the cheques for that company. You start an account  in the  name of Annamalai Industries. I will give u the cheques which come to our industry – u put it in yr account and cash it – we share 50 –50. That is the proposal. Only if u give me the share, I will pass the next chq., what say?? Annachi is happy about the plan but wants to know why Sara chose him. Sara says that it is because of his name, Annamalai. And also that he has muscle power which is a great help. Annaci  is  happy and agrees to join Sara. Sara says that annachi is a silent partner. Annachi says that when all is under wrap, he will be silent but if it  gets out in the open, then he will be an  open partner. Sara is happy and wants to be informed when Annachi opens the acc. Now Sara calls him annachi as they are business partners and leaves happily.

Deepika and her friend are drinking  juice in a juice shop. Both
have a good natured banter - talking and laughing. Arvind's car stops
at the signal and he sees them both laughing. His face suddenly changes and he looks very displeased. He immediately takes his cell phone and clicks them both together. The signal changes and his car leaves. But, Deepika notices this and is angry. hHer friend asks her what happened but she evades. Arvind shows the photo to Kavi at home. She does not like the way he sneaked in to Deepika's privacy but Arvind says that he knows that this guy is interested in Deepika and it will be good if they end up marrying.


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Update for Monday, January 14, 2008( By Eljay):

Akila tells her FIL and MIL that she will be fine with her baby in her flat. Patti expresses her concern that she is staying by herself so soon after her delivery, but she reassures her by saying that if there are any problems, she has Vishal's mother next door. Perumal is still unhappy but she overrides all their concerns.

Her sister Tulasi is getting ready for work, and is humming to herself. Her dad comes into the room, she quickly composes herself, and resumes her humming when her dad leaves the room. Her mother calls her to come and eat, she is still thinking of Saravanan and smiling and laughing to herself, while her parents are talking about Akila. Finally, they notice that she is not eating anything , but she says that she is not hungry and it is getting late for work, so she leaves.

Arvind's mother is buying something and she sees Kavitha at the same store. Kavitha has come to buy vitamins for Akila's baby, and she introduces Akila and the baby to A's mother, who invites them all over to her house.

Kavitha, Akila, and her baby go to Sadasivam's house. Gomathy is playing with the baby. Sadasivam praises Akila for her efforts to help her inlaws, while Akila remains modest about it all. He praises Akila for her faith that Jeeva will come back to her, even if she doesn't know where he is, and Akila says that she knows where her husband is. Gomathy is shocked at hearing this from the next room, (Akila knows that she is listening!), and Akila goes on to clarify that Jeeva is in her heart, just as she dwells in his! Our Akila is ever hopeful!

Tulasi's house – a car drives up, and Tulasi's mama (I am sorry, I haven't been paying attention to any names so far!) and Stella's father alight. Tulasi's father is not too happy at seeing his no-good BIL, and asks what the problem is this time. The mama explains that Tulasi has gone one step ahead of her sister, Akila. Not only is she in love with her boss at work and planning to marry him, she is doing so in spite of knowing that he is already married.

Gomathy's aunt has gone to get some stuff powdered (I am out of sambar powder here, could you please do some for me too?) and is on her way back. Gomathy is at a PCO, making a call to Jeeva. She tells Jeeva that Kavitha had come to their house the previous day, and Jeeva asks her about Akila. She tells Jeeva that this is proof that he still cares about Akila. He asks her about the baby, and she tells him that the baby is beautiful, clings to her mother, and then he asks about the baby's name. She tells him that the baby's name is Jeeva. Looks like Jeeva is getting a little misty-eyed at this point. As Gomathy is talking on the phone, her aunt is passing by, and she sees G on the phone. She stops there, Gomathy finishes her call, and comes out and sees her aunt standing by the roadside, looking at her …….

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