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Ok folks, here is the synopsis. 78 Episodes are gone already
and I am giving the story told so far to the best of my
knowledge - might add to this synopsis as and when I
get more data.

Perumal Samy (Delhi Ganesh) and Kamala (Shylaja) are a
working, middle aged couple with 2 grown up children.
Kavitha (Durga) and Jeeva (Shyam Ganesh). Kavitha
has some problems in her horoscope which delays her
marriage. She volunteers at an old age home  -  basically
a practical, sane and smart woman. Jeeva is in the software
industry and has a good job. Kamal's mother, paatti
( Vatsala Rajagopal) lives with them. A happy, chirpy
family who are supportive to each other.

Auto driver( Chandra Sekhar - could not get his screen name!!)
and Annamma(Shobana) have 3 children. Akila (Vijaya -
lakhshmi) Thulasi (Vandana) and Muthu ( master.Udaya
Raj) - Akila is well educated and works for a MNC,
supports the family as the income of her father can not
do justice. Thulasi is in college. Muthu is one of those
spoiled teen ager who steals from home and generally
wastes his life. Annamma has a brother called
Chinna Raasu(Manohar), who is the henchman
of a dada(Azagu)- in and out of jails all the time and is
in love with Akila - wants to marry her but Akila detests him.
Annamma works as a maid in Perumal's house.

Murugan adimai Sivanesan (Vizhuthugal Santhanam) is a
house broker who has two grown up children - Saravanan
(RajKamal) and Gomathi ( Priyadharshini) - Sarvanan is a
mechanic and a selfish guy. Gomathi is unmarried due to
paucity of funds. They live in Coimbatore.

Vishal ( Vishwa) and his mother - Vishal and Jeeva work
for the same company and very good friends. Vishal is close
to Jeeva's family and is considered as another son. Kavitha
considers him as another brother.

Raghu( Satish) and Selvi(Siva Kavitha) are a couple with a
daughter. Raghu's mother, Vadivu is in the old age home as
her DIL throws her out of the house. Kavitha tries to convince
Raghu to take his mom home but later learns that Selvi is a
hysterical woman who can harm MIL by her words. One day,
Raghu's uncle visits Raghu and learns that his sister is
unwanted in the house. He spins a story saying that Raghu's
mom has a lot of wealth in the village and all the money will
come to her one day. He also brings his daughter Pushpa who
is to study in a college. Selvi is greedy about the money and
makes Vadivu stay at home for the money. She also makes
Pushpa stay with them in the hope of getting her married to
her uncle's son.

Akila and Jeeva fall in love and marry. Vishal also loves
Akila but when he comes to know that Akila loves Jeeva
helps them to get married. The marriage is not accepted by
both the families and so they move out of Perumal's house.
Perumal promised Murugan adimai that he will take Gomathi
as his DIL and Saravanan as his SIL. But his promise is
not fulfilled because of Jeeva/Akila marriage.

Akila comes to know everything and convinces Vishal
to marry Gomathi. With this in mind, she also fixes up
Kavitha's wedding with Saravanan. In the meanwhile, Perumal
makes a grave mistake of granting a loan to a dada who
cheats him. The bank takes action but Akila settles the
issue by standing guarantee. Also, Akila secures a much
higher salaried job than Jeeva which brings in a rift between
the couple. Jeeva has a major ego problem and wants Akila
to resign her job. She is not able to as she has signed surety
for her FIL. With all her efforts, Jeeva's family warms up to
her and accept her as their DIL. Annamma is also accepted
as their sambandi. Chinna Raasu refines himself but Muthu
joins the dada and engages in drug trafficking.

Gomathi has some wrong notions about Vishal and refuses
to marry him. But Kavitha's wedding with Saravanan is set
to go. Saravanan cheats Perumal's family on the day of the
wedding saying that he wanted to take revenge. When
Perumal's family is all upset, Vishal's friend Arvind
( Afsar), comes forward to marry her. Arvind has a
deaf/dumb daughter, Meenakshi and has divorced his
wife Deepika(Deepa Narendara). Deepika is a good
friend of Akila.

Saravanan embraces Christianity and marries Stella who
is rich. He disowns his father and sister and moves to his
in-law's place. Father and daughter move to Chennai in
pursuit of a living. They go to Gomathi's uncle's house who
is a lawyer by name Sadasivam ( Narasimhan) . This lawyer
is the father of Arvind who has been estranged from his son.
Lawyer's wife (Nithya Ravindran - his second wife) dotes on 
Arvind as her own son and misses him badly. They want
Arvind and Deepika to get together but come to know about
Arvind marrying Kavitha from Gomathi. Vishal takes a job
in Bombay and moves out.

Akila gets pregnant but the rift between the couple deepens.
After Kavitha's wedding, Jeeva consults the lawyer for a
divorce. He meets Gomathi there and wants to make amends.
He gets her a job in his own company. Akila has some health
issues and the doctor warns her parents to take care of her
well. Jeeva lives separately and Akila refuses to move with
her parents or in-laws saying that Jeeva will come back soon.

Deepika fights with Arvind often about custody of their
child - as the child has to stay with Arvind on 3 days a
week. Kavitha placates and sides the child. Deeika does
not want Meenakshi to get attached to Kavitha.

Every one tries to convince Jeeva that he should not divorce
his pregnant wife but he is adamant that Akila must resign her
job if he has to get back to her. Meanwhile, Saravanan engages
in some shadow activities inhis FIL's company. Stella and her
father come to know about it through their manager. Stella's
father transfers Saravanan to Chennai and asks him to look
after their company there. Saravanan continues his mis-
demeanors there as well, much to the chagrin of the
manager Pichumani. Thulasi gets a job and gets hyper
about her income. By a quirk of fate, she works for
Saravanan who has some ulterior motives. He  offers
her the job after he comes to know that Thulasi is Akila's
sister. He has a score to settle with Akila. Thulasi demeans
Aklla all the time.

Jeeva sends Akila a lawyer notice for the divorce. Deepika
comes to know that it is done by her ex FIL and decides to
take it up with him. She  meets Jeeva and tries to convince
him about not divorcing Akila. Akila and Deepika go
shopping one day to buy some dresses for Thulasi. They
both see Jeeva there with Gomathi both are shocked....

Episode 78 ends here - on the shocked faces of Deepika
and Akila... Episode 79 will continue in a new thread.

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Monday 24/12/07 Episode 79

Recap of Friday - shop - Jeeva and Gomathi selecting dresses for
each other. Deepika and Akila get to see that. They both get back
home without confronting Jeeva. Akila and Deepika at home discussing
the issue. (well, my assumption about this serial seems to be right, so far!! We see the heroine acting sensibly, analyzing the issue methodically and her friend is sensible too. Hope they will continue to be logical.) Akila tells Deepika that Gomathi is a nice , soft girl and was in love with Jeeva just by seeing his picture. But Akila expected her to change her mind and fall out of love once Gomathi knew that Jeeva is married. Now looking at this, Akila is worried and thinks that Gomathi refused to marry Vishal only because she could not forget Jeeva. Deepika advises Akila sensibly - " let us both think and arrive at a workable solution".

Gomathi is coming out of a shop. Meets dad on the road.. Sees a X ray and wants to know if all is well with him. He says that he had some  cold and so the doctor wanted a x ray. Has been given medicines and all is well. Some one comes asking for a house, so dad and daughter take leave.

Akila comes to her parents' house. Narrates the shop incident. Annamma frets but Akila is calm. She feels that probably Gomathi will make a better wife for Jeeva and there is no point in hanging on to a relationship is there is no mutual trust and happiness. Dad consoles saying that Jeeva is not that kind of a person and all will be ok. Akila goes to wash up and he promises his wife that he will meet Gomathi and set things right. Thulasi eavesdrops and has a silly looking expression
( this girl is stupid - has no brains and has an attitude!!! can not help recalling the old adage " asattukku aangaram" meaning "stupid
person has a futile, unreasonable pride")

Thulasi and her dad in the auto. Auto stops at Advocate Sadasivam's house. Dad wants to go in and meet Gomathi but Thulasi advises against it - "fault lies with Akila, if I were her, I would resign my job like how Jeeva wanted, what if this Gomathi is a nice girl?' - Dad shoos her, takes her along and meets Gomathi. Again very sensibly asks Gomathi "elders at home?" - Gomathi says " no, my aunt and uncle have gone to the temple and will be back in an hour". He introduces himself as Akila's dad and says that he brought his second daughter along just so that Gomathi feels comfortable. He goes on to say " Akila and Jeeva are separated because of a small misunderstanding and Jeeva is looking around for solace. I do not want you to lead him wrong. You look like a nice girl and  I know all about you. I am being so calm about this because I too have 2 daughters. You can take this as an advice or warning. Nip it in the bud and if you don't, I will deal with you differently" . Takes Thulasi and leaves. Goamthi cries......


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Episode 80 25/12/07 Tuesday

Recap of yesterday - Thulasi and auto driver leave. Gomathi cries. Murugan adimai(Sivanesan) comes to Perumal's house. Perumal tries to invite him in but Siva is all angry. He shouts at Perumal for bringing
him to the streets. He also tells him that Jeeva wanted to make amends to Gomathi and that is why he got her a job in his office. He goes on to say that Perumal sent his sambandhi, auto driver to threaten Gomathi.
He says that his daughter is not the type who steals another woman's husband. He warns that any further action like this will be dealt with severely " me and my daughter will leave a note saying that u are the reason for our deaths and commit suicide" - storms out leaving a shocked Perumal behind.

Kavitha and Arvind - Kavitha is heading out to her mother's place. Deepika enters. Kavitha welcomes her and asks her to wait for Meenakshi to get home. Deepika wants to talk to Arvind about
Jeeva and Akila. She says that the three of them should do some
thing about it. Kavitha leaves saying that the mere talk of Jeeva irritates her. Deepika and Arvind discuss the issue. Arvind says that they should make Jeeva and Akila meet in Perumal's house and discuss the whole thing for getting an amicable solution. He asks Deepika to sit and wait for Meenakshhi. He goes in to his bed room to continue working. Deepika gives one of those longing looks ( samy, pls do not make this also another run of the mill type serial, so far the going is good and all women here are sensible...)

Perumal's house. Doctor giving some injection and Kamala looks upset. Kavitha walks in - has one look at the scene and is upset. Demands why she was not informed and the reason for this sudden sickness. Kamala talks about Sivanesan's visit. Akila promises to stay behind and look after dad. She also tells her father that Arvind is a
good husband and she is very happy with him. Paatti wants to know why Arvind has not come and Kavitha tells her about Deepika's visit. Paatti chides her about leaving her alone with Arvind " what if they sit and discuss their life like how they plan for Jeeva?? Then they will get together and u wlll be in a soup" - Kavitha has a shocked expression and thinks.....

Akila's office - some heated discussions in a meeting headed by Akila. Deepika is also there. Muted conversation - finally Akila explodes, feels faint and holds on to her chair...


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Episode 81 Wednesday 26/12/07

Recap - Akila is shouting and feels dizzy. Deepika
manages to take her home. Next, we see Akila's
parents falling at the feet of Jeeva, the loser.
They explain Akila's condition and beg him to
come back to Akila - Father says that it is possible
that Akila might die during child birth and
by some remote chance the kid might survive. If that
happens, he wants Jeeva to be around to throw a
handful of sand on Akila's grave ( kanraavi logic,
If a husband does not care for his wife when she is
alive what is the point in crying near her grave??)
Jeeva throws the doctor's report on their faces and
throws them out " I do not want u to come and see me
ever again" - Dad holds the shirt collar of the loser but
mom pacifies and brings him home.

Akila walking up and down - parents get back from the
confrontation. Akila wants to know the details - first
they try to hide the whole thing but later dad bursts
out saying that Jeeva behaved like a moron. Akila is
annoyed, wants to settle the score with Jeeva and
as she tries to exit, feels faint again. Parents pacify
her and make her relax.

Saravanan's office - Thulasi is serving him his lunch
(Thought she was the receptionist!!! looks like she is
maid, telephone operator etc., etc., all rolled in to one!!!
Tomorrow we might see her sweeping and mopping the
office!!!) Stella calls and tells him that he was sent
to Chennai just to set things right and not that she
wanted to be away from him. Saravanan listens but
cuts off the line with out an answer. Thulasi is so used
to eavesdropping and is visibly upset - she tries all her
might but can not hear the voice on the other side.
Once the phone is cut, she makes sure to ask
"enna aachu??" ( yen kathile onnume vizhalai,
theriyalai nna enakku mandai vedichudum!!) Sara
pulls a fast one saying that he is searching for his dad
and sister and a friend called to say that he is still not
able to trace. Thulasi deems it fit to offer her shoulders
for the crocodile tears. Sara is happy " Money kku Stella,
jolly kku Thulasi, ensoyyyy"

Auto's house. Akila is sitting with mom, dad is reading
the news paper. Loser Jeeva enters. All are happy to see
him but he is quick to quench the happiness. He tells auto
that Gomathi is a nice girl. "Her life was spoiled by
my dad the first time and by your daughter the second
time. It is my duty to see that she marries well and settles.
If you threaten her once again, I wont be human"
( Ippo mattum enna? you are worse than a cockroach
- just because your wife has a better job and earns
well, u walk out on her and your child??!! Inferiority
complex at its peak man!!) Mom cries, Akila goes in
to a room and locks the door.....


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27/12/07 Thursday Episode 82

Recap of Akila going in to a room

Pichu and Saravanan at work. Sara warns
Pichu about calling his FIL at Coimbatore
and reporting about Madras office. Calls Thulasi
in and Pichu requests Sara not to mess up Stella's
life. Sara throws him out. Thulasi walks in.
Sara tells her that he needs to learn about
all office activities only through her. Thulasi
answers in mono syllables , Sara learns that she has
fever, takes the chance to touch her all over,
shows false concern, gives her a tablet, asks for
the company car to drop her home. Thulasi melts
with that concern and Sara does not miss the
opportunity to apply for the post of her lover/hubby.
Thulasi is stunned and Sara sends her home.
After she leaves, has a wicked smile.

Meenakshi and Kavitha - Meenu getting ready for school.
Meenu leaves. Sara with Thulasi in a scooter. Sara buys
flowers and puts it on Thulasi's hair. Gomathi watches
this and goes straight to Akila's house. Akila hesitates
a bit but still welcomes her in. Gomathi says that she will
do all she can to get Jeeva united with her. She says that
she came here to talk about Thulasi. She narrates all that
happened in Coimbatore - Sara leaving them, marrying Stella
etc., etc., - She asks Akila to save Thulasi from her errant
brother and leaves. Akila feels bad about doubting such
a nice girl.

Advocate's house. Jeeva gives a horoscope to advocate and
asks him to look it up for Gomathi. He says that
Go is like his younger sister and he wants her to settle
well. Mrs.advocate talks to him about Akila's medicines
and how complicated her pregnancy is. Wants Jeeva to
go back to Akila.

Jeeva's office. Deepika and another woman with Jeeva's
VP - Jeeva is called to VP's cabin. Deepika wants to talk
about Akila but Jeeva refuses saying that he does not
want to discuss personal matters at work. Deepika then
introduces the other lady as an IPS officer - "if u do not
want to discuss in the office, she will discuss with you
outside - anywhere.. game???"
(As all these people make such attempts, loser will
only get more angry with Akila. Poor thing, no one tells
her about the steps they are taking - she is totally ignorant
but will face the wrath of loser!!! )


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28/12/07 Friday Episode 83

Deepika introduces Saraswathi IPS - Tells Jeeva that the decision of divorce can not be taken unilaterally. Asks Jeeva to come to his parents' place the next day to meet Akila and discuss the issue. Jeeva has no option but to accept. Deepika glows in pride, calls ex hubby
Arvind and informs about her success - " Jeeva has accepted to meet Akila"!! Arvind asks for details and Deepika proudly announces her tactics. Arvind is upset - " an issue which has to be dealt with kids'
gloves has been roughly handled by you, why did u take an IPS officer and that too to his work place?? You have done a grave mistake.." Deepika is angry " oh u just can't appreciate my intelligence.. superiority complex.." Arvind sighs. He goes with Kavitha and informs Akila that Jeeva has agreed to meet her.

Akila tries to call Jeeva but learns that Jeeva has changed his mobile no. Kavitha tells Akila that all will be ok when they meet each other in their parents' house. Akila is happy. Next morning Akila goes to her inlaw's place. Waits for hubby.

Paatti leaves the house as she wants the couple to meet in privacy. Advises Akila to be patient and deal with Jeeva nicely so that he can come back to live with her. FIL and MIL also leave for work ( I can't understand some thing here - i thought that all were supposed to be around to assist Akila in convincing Jeeva!!!) Akila has a bag full of things - milk sweet, a small pink sweater for the baby and a diary full of baby names - hugs that bag to her chest and waits......... A courier delivers a letter..... grocery comes..... time flies... 7 pm ... no sign of Jeeva. FIL and MIL get back from work. Akila shows them the bag still full with the things she brought. Hugs MIL and cries... FIL is upset...


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31/12/07 Monday Episode 84

Recap of Friday - Akila is crying on her MIL's shoulders. FIL
is angry. Jeeva's office. Jeeva with his VP. VP asks about
meeting Akila the previous day and wants to know if all is ok.
Creepy loser lies to his boss " yes, every thing is fine,
Even this morning, I said bye to Akila and came". Perumal
storms in to the office. Gomathi tries to stop him but he
could n't care less. Goes in to Jeeva's office and confronts
him about cheating Akila. Shouts for a while and then only
notices VP. "sorry, I am his father, some personal issue..."
VP understands and leaves. Perumal shouts. Quotes
Ramayana. "Rama sent pregnant Seetha to the forest.
She delivered her children in the forest but never said
a bad word about Rama. When Rama meets his children
with out knowing them to be his kids, they still sing praises
of Rama. Let all the good things of Ramayana happen in
our house. Not the bad things, ok?? Do not loose Akila.
But if u loose her, u run the risk of loosing  all of us, your
whole family" - storms out  (Enna hope ya umakku? your
son is Rama??? He is a number one loser,  jealous cat,
inferiority complex personified!!)

Annamma consulting dates for bangle protection
(valai kappu!!) ceremony. Sastrigal says that the
coming Friday is good and insists that the function be
done with out fail. "Akila's horoscope has some dhosham.
I do some pooja and give a kudam full of water. Bathe her
in that water and she will have an easy delivery." Akila
and dad walk in. Annamma tells them about the valai
kappu but Akila negates.

Akila and MIL in the hospital. MIL is concerned about
Akila's BP being high and the doctor wants her to be
admitted in a day or two. Both leave the doctor's room.
Loser walks in, sees them and hides. After they exit goes
to the doctor and introduces himself. Doctor informs
Akila's health problems. Loser walks out and meets
mom in the corridor.Mom says that Akila is in the car
but loser says that he came to see a friend and leaves.
Mom goes in to the doctor to collect her bag and the
doctor talks about Jeeva's concern. She goes to
the car and tells Akila that loser met the doctor and
asked about her health. MIL is happy and so is Akila.
MIL comes home and tells hubby about the hospital
incident. Both are happy and hopeful that the unborn
baby will unite dad and mom.

Akila's house - Annamma walks in with Thulasi. Brings
food for Akila. Akila is sleeping. Mom wakes her up and
offers to give her a bath. Akila says that she will bathe
by herself - goes in to bathroom, turns the water on.. gets
the first contractions.. pain... sweats... faints.. the shower
is on...water on her head...


hiya hiya, no serials on Tuesday - Roja kku leave...

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Roja akka, take a break from Vasantham today - happend to watch it today and thought about youWink

January 2nd update

Akila gets her first contraction and faints under the shower with the water running over her. Her mother goes to medical shop and tells Tulasi to wait there. Tulasi watches tv, turn if off and goes near the bathroom, but thinks her sister is still bathing so goes out. On her way, she met her dad and tell him that she is getting late to her office. Dad waits and waits for Akila at her house, no reply from her while mother returns back. Mother is shocked to learn Akila is still bathing, some water runs out of the bathroom to living room, both of them are worried and knock on the bathroom door, still no reply so the father breaks down the door and find Akila unconscious. Cry

Akila is brought to the hospital, taken to the ICU. Her parents and Tulasi waits impatiently outside, her mother breaks down in tears and Tualsi console her. Docs come out and take the father aside to talk with him. She says Akila in a critically position and he should not inform his wife about this, Shockedbut its better to inform their relatives. He is stunned and doesn't tell anything to his wife or daughter.

It's at Akilas in-laws house, Tulasi calls up and inform Akilas FIL about Akilas condition. ( I don't think she told him about what the doc told her dad). He is stunned and informs his wife. Patti want to go to hospital, FIL refuse to go cause he can't take it if anything bad happens to Akila and goes to pray room to stay there. His wife tell her mother that she can understand her hubbys feelings, he cant handle it if something goes wrong with Akila, its cause of her, they got the house back and have their honour. She can't live her hubby in a such condition so patti decide to go alone and inform them if anything happens.

Kavitha is on her way to Jeevas office, she talk with her mother on phone about brining him to the hospital. Jeeva gets ready to leave for the day, Kavitha tell the driver to drive faster, lucky for her, lift at Jeevas office is on service so he is forced to take the steps. She catches him up outside and tells him to come with her to see Akila and tell the matter to him. He refuses to go with her as he hates Akila and cant stand her and doesn't want to her anything related to her anymore. Kavi gives him a well-deserved SLAPClapClap and drag him with her. Akila is at the ICU, her mum sees her through the window. Cry(how can he be such a yerke, he loved this girl, went against his and her parenst and married her, and now hates her??) FREEZE

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