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FF: Hate Or Love 2: P49: True Love: Pg 4

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I am doing a Fan Fiction on Armaan and Riddhima so hope u like it and also don't forget to comment please.

It is called Hate or Love other wise translate it in hindi and becomes Nafarat ya Pyaar.

Characters -

Armaan Malik - Armaan is born in USA but was brought up in London and then went to collage in India. A big big big flirt, who only sees girls everywhere he looks. So to put it in short, he can do anything to vow the girl he likes and thinks that love & marriage are nothing and doesn't believe in them. A year before, he was in collage and now he is a doctor. After collage finished, he is currently living in USA.

Riddhima Gupta - Riddhima is born in USA but now lives in India. She is loveable, organized, kind, nice. U name a thing and she is it. She doesnt like guys as she had a happening when she was young when her dad left her mom so from then on she doesn't even like the sight of them and says that she will only marry a guy whom she thinks is the best. She was in a collage a year before too adn now even she is a doctor. She is currently living in India.

Note To All Silent Readers: Please, this is a kind request from my side. If u read my FF, and you dont like it, or love it or even think its ok, dont forget to tell me about it, it will graudually help me improve. So please comment.

Here is a link to HOL # 1

Hate Or Love

So my this FF, will continue from where I left off.

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Hate Or Love 2

Updates/ Parts
Part 49 - Pg 4

Promos/ Previews


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Here You will find from HOL 1, Parts 1 - 48

Part 1 -

A girl is shown sleeping and suddenly the girl screams and gets up. Another girl whos name is Sapna gets up, turns the light on and asks the girl who had just screamed if she was OK.

S: Are u OK Riddhima?
Riddhima: Yea. I just had a bad dream about.....
S: U were thinking about it and him right?
R: Yes, I don't know what to do! I try to forget him but I just can't! Can't believe that it was all a joke! I loved him more then anyone! His eyes, his smile, his talks! He was just perfect! While Riddhima said that, there were flashes and then the guys Eyes, smile and talks were shown.
S: BUT U HAVE TO FORGET HIM! Said angirly!
S: Don't u know what he did to u? That night? U even lost your baby u fought with everyone for! Even ur own mom! Don't u remember?
And Ridz started crying on hearing the word baby.
R: I know! I lost my everything to him!
S: I hate men! They are just soo selfish! I want to go back to my old liffe! Away from these horrible memories! Away! I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor that I had a year ago! When I was in collage...with u, Atul, Radhika, Sunny! I want those days back!

Flashback -

A girl is shown playing cricket with boys from the age of 10 to 15. The girl is up for batting and the boy throws the ball, the girl hits it and the ball goes high in the air, comes down, hits Atul on the head eventually making him go bonkers, then the hitting the car, then a bald man, and finally breaking the glass of a window. The girls face is finally shown and its Riddhima. The guy whos window the ball had landed in comes to his balcony and yells at Riddhima and the other kids.

Guy: How dare u hit a ball at my window? U know how much the window costs?
Kid: Well, lets see, more then the ball and the bat toghter!?
Guy: Yea! It does cost more then the ball and bath put toghter!
Kid: Uncle...why do u have this much costly window when u could get the cheap ones so that when we break the windows, u don't have to get double the money!
Guy: Well, this is the 1115 ball that has hit my window in the last 5 months! If this keeps on going on then....then...then...I don't know what I will do but i will do something real bad!
Kid: Whatever.

Atul was trying to get up from the ground when the guy throws the ball down again and it hits Atul at the same spot that it had before driving Atul more bonkers!

Part 2  -

Present -

After hearing what happened to Atul when the ball had hit him and how the guy had screamed at them all, Sapna had a smile on her face but still with tears for Riddhima.

S: And remember when u, Atul, Radhika met me and Shekhar? 1st it only used to be the group of u 3 when u met me and Shekhar...

Riddhima smiled.

R: I remember, the 1st time, all our little fights, then him coming into our life pretending to be our true friend....and started crying again.
S: I remember every single he made u fall in love with him, and how u guys spent the "night" toghter...then the next day, he telling u that it was all a bet with one of his friends adn there was nothing serious...then u pregnant, fighting for ur babys right...asking him to own the baby...him stabbing uar stomach....u losing ur baby...him going back to Mauritius....u coming to Delhi....and crying ur heart out for ur baby...I remember everything that happened to u.

Ridz started crying again when her mind started thinking again to the moment when she was in collage.

Flashback -

After Atul had finally woken up from his "little" sleep that he had had. Ridz and Atul with their 1 other friend, Radhika were coming to collage when a car comes and goes through a mud puddle splashing all the mud on Atul.

A: Not again! 1st the ball then this...God what is happening?

And calls out to the person in teh car, 'Oye! What the heck is ur problem? Are u blind or what? Eh....U can't just do that adn u have to talk to me.'

A girl comes out of the car and says sorry to Atul. Atul keeps on staring at the girl like he was deep in love...when violins started playing in the backround...then Atul started singing...

Ek ladki ko dekha to asia laga
ki ek kilta gulab
jaise shair ka khwaab
jaise bijli ke rang
Ohh....ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga...

And to his suprise when he looked at the girl...we came to know that she was Sapna!

S: sweet of u to sing a song!
A: Thank u...I am a ready made singer...

Sapna started laughing adn so did Ridz and the others..

R: Hey..I am Riddhima Gupta and these are my friends, Radhika and Atul, introuding them.'Wanna be friends?'
S: Sure! I am Sapna and this is my brother, Shekhar and a guy got out of the car and said hi.

Days past and Ridz, Atul, Sapna, Radhika and Shekhar became really good friends and while they were toghther Atul would try to flirt with Sapna and this kept going on.

One day..while all 5 of them were in the canteen, they saw a guy getting off his bike leaving Radhika and all the other girls except Ridz day dreaming.
Seeing Radhika and Sapna looking at the new guy...Ridz got irritated and left the table.

As she was going to her class, the new guy bumps into Ridz. And after bumping into her, he tells Ridz his name.

New guy: Hey! My name is Armaan.

Taking his hand out for Ridz to shake.

Part 3 -

Recap - Ridz meets Armaan in Flashback.

Still Fashback going on.

Ridz: I am Inshiaramya Ventakuti Iyer Khanna

Armaan looked at Ridz with an akward expression.

A: What?
R: Yea...that is my name...and do u have an objection to that?
A: Um..No...No its perfect.
R: Here is my phone number and call me whenever u can can.
A: Armaan takes his hand out for Ridz and gives her a pen.

 Ridz says to not look at his hand until she is done and takes the pen and starts writing. After she was done, she tells Armaan to look and on his hand, instead of Ridz phone number it said 'IDIOT and 'JERK' and Armaan was shocked.

A: What the heck is that?
R: So u thought that u could easily be my friend? Look A...Whatever...I don't become friends with anyone easily, and guys like try hard next time. And leaves.
A: Oye! And comes near to when Ridz was and gets closer to her, holds her arms and says...We will see if I become ur friend or not and tells her to not be oversmart either...and leaves...leaving Ridz shocked.

Ridz goes back to her gang when Atul says, Iske saath kya sulok kia jaye...maar di ah jaye?

R: Shut up Atul!
A: What? I was just joking!
R: This is not the time to joke but to take revenge from that guy...A..Whats his name by the way?
A: Armaan.
R: Yea..him.

Back, Armaan went to his friends all angry and said that he wants to take revenge on Inshiaramya Ventakuti Iyer Khanna and believe me, the results wont be good for her.

When Armaan says that, a voice behind him says: The girls name is not Inshiaramya Ventakuti Iyer Khanna but Riddhima...Riddhima Gupta. Armaan turns around and sees a girl standing there.

A: Who are u?
Girl: I am Anjali...Anjali Gupta..Ridhhimas step-sister.
A: why do u want to take revenge on Ridz?
Anji: Cuz she is my step-sister...duh?
A: Oh OK.
Then Ricky, one of Armaans friend says: What is ur plan dude?
Armaan: My plan is taking revenge on Ridz but not the ugly revenge..but the other kind...where I make her fall in love with me...and then..we have the 'One Night' then I ditch her..& that too bad! And that will be my revenge!
Ricky: But I know Ridz very well and she won't fall for a guy like u...
A: Wanna bet?
Ricky: Sure! Bet!
A: 5 thousand though and that too...dollars!
Ricky gulped..but said yes.

Promo: Will Armaan sucseed in his plan?

Part 4 -

The next day, Armaan goes up to Ridz, looking slightly angry and taps her on her shoulder.

A: Excause me, Inshiaramya, I need to talk to you about something.

Riddhima turns around and looks up at Armaan and says: What do u want now?

A: I want to give u a flower and say sorry for what I did yesterday.
R: Oh..but don't u know that I am allergic to flowers?

Armaan felt his plan failing and said: Please once, once can u except the flower so that I know that u have forgiven me?

R: OK...And by the way, my name is not Inshiaramya, Its Riddhima, Riddhima Gupta.
A: OK...Riddhima, can u please except the flower, takes the flower out for Ridz to hold, Ridz does and then water gets spraed on Ridz face making her angry.
R: What the heck was that?
A: Told u that I would take revenge on u and see I did but to tell u, the revenge is NOT yet over and there is more to come.
R: Oh, U won't believe which mess u get urself into A..whatever-your-name-is as I won't let u live in peace now!
A: We will see about that and then leaves.

An angry Ridz tells Atul, Sapna, Radhika and Shekhar to find out as much as they can about Armaan and tells them to do it fast and screams at them. All 4 of them come back with information about Armaan.

Atul: Armaan has 100 girlfriends in total but he has dumped 85 of them so he has 15 in current. He dates them twice in each month and the GFs don't know about Armaan having other GFs.
R: Oh...Any more information?
Sapna: Yes, Armaan is dating his 9th GF whos name is Ishika, this evening in Taj Mahal Hotel about at 4:00pm..he will reach there with his GF.
R: Oh...What time is it now?
Radhika: 3:25.
R: And how far is Taj Mahal Hotel from here?
Shekhar: 10 mins.
R: Gr8! Lets go!
Atul: But what are we doing?
R: U will see.
Atul confused but says: Gaya, Aaj Armaan tho Gaya!

At 4:10 Ridz and the gang see Armaan with Ishikha arriving at Taj Mahal Hotel, but before Armaan-Ishika could go in, Ridz comes from behind Armaan, screaming out Armaan, Armaan! Armaan and Ishika turn around to look at Ridz comming. Ridz comes and stands infront of Armaan.

A: What are u doing here?
Ishika: Do u know her?
Ridz: Ofcourse he does! He is my fiance!
Ishika is shocked: What? Fiance?
R: Tell her naa! That we are engaged and we are getting married next week, tell her naa!
A: What the heck are u talking about? Are u gone mad?
I: Armaan! U cheated on me! U told me that u were a bacherlor! I hate u!
A: Listen Baby! Whatever this girl right here is saying is absouloutly not true! She isn't even related to me!
I: I have heared enough and I am leaving! Good-bye! And leaves.
After Ishika leaves Armaan and Ridz have a talk.
A: What is ur problem?
R: U started it!
A: No, I was just having a simple chat with u and u took it the wrong way!
R: Come on! I recognize the person I am talking to by their face and u looked like a big big flirt and thats why I said that!
A: Oh...Now u are gonna go down bad!

And leaves and so does Ridz. After that, The gang congratulates Ridz on the sucess of their plan.

As they are walking, they see a little kid, about 5 years of age, stuck in between the traffic and almost about to get hit with a car. Ridz runs towards him to save him but before she does, a guy runs towards the child and saves him from getting hit but the guy himself gets hit in the process. Ridz and the gang run to the place the guy and the child had landed and Ridz sees the guys face and its none other than Armaan!!

Promo: Why the new Armaan?

Part 5 -
Ridz was shocked to see Armaan as the person saving the child. The childs mom comes and claims him and says 'Thank you' to Armaan. Ridz who was still shocked goes to Armaan but doesn't say anything and keeps on staring at him. Armaan stares at Ridz and they both stare into each others eyes for a long time. Sapna comes and shakes Ridz.

S: Ridz! Are u OK?
Ridz comes back to her senses and says: Yes, Yes, I am fine.

Then she sees Armaans arm bleeding and takes out her hankerchief, goes near Armaan, holds his hand and starts tying the hankerchief on him without even knowing what she was doing. Armaan who couldn't believe what was going on says: Um...don't, I don't need a hankercheif, the blood will dry and stop coming, don't.
Ridz wouldn't listen: Quiet! Just stay quiet for gods sake! Can't u stop yapping for even a little while?

And then when she is done tying the hankerchief on Armaan, Armaan says: What do u mean stop yapping? It was u who came up to me and started tying the hankerchief on my wound!

Then that line made Ridz come back to her senses and sees Radhika, Sapna, Shekhar and Atul staring at her, and Ridz goes away from there, rather looking embarresed as she couldnt believe what she had done. After Ridz and Armaan had both parted ways and left, Armaan started saying: Kahin pyaar na ho jaye and Sapna shuts him up.

At night,Ridz keeps on thinking about Armaan and having all the flashbacks of her and Armi fighting and Armi saving the kids life.

Ridz to herself says: How can a person be soo different? One moment, he is such a revenge king and a flirt and the other he is so nice?
Ridz to herself: People can change, and I think he is only a flirt with thea guys and girls of his group, but I think that he is a really good person inside...
RTHS: Dope! What am I thinking! Armaan is not nice, Armaan is not nice, Armaan is not nice...Armaan is not nice...Armaan is nice, Armaan is nice...Armaan is nice and goes to sleep saying Armaan is nice and not nice.

The next morning, while in collage, Armaan comes to Ridz to return her hankercheif, when she says: U can keep it now, I don't need it as it has got to be dirty now!

A: OK. I will wash it then. And thanks. Thanx for tying this on me yesterday.
R: Oh...what? What did u say? Thanx?
A: Yea. Thanx for tying this on me yesterday.
R: What? I couldn't hear u! Can u say it louder please.
Armaan who was getting irritated by this says: THANK YOU! Rather loudly!
R: Ahhh...Now that is better.
A: Whatever.

Atul buts into the AR conversation and says: Hey Armaan, wanna join us this evening as we are going bowling?
Ridz: What? Atul!!!! Why didn't u ask me before planning?
Sapna: Cuz, u and Armaan were to busy talking!!
Ridz and Armaan get embarressed and Ridz asks Armi to go; Armi says OK.
When they reach the bowling place, they order some snacks, and start bowling. 1st Atul does, then Radhika, then Sapna, then Shekar and then finnally Armaan. As they go on, Armaan notices that Ridz is sitting on the table but not bowling and goes up to her.

Armi: Hey Ridz! Why aren't u bowling?
Ridz: tell u the truth...I don't know how to bowl...
Armi: u want me to teach u?
Ridz gets a smile on her face: Sure!

Ridz takes a bowl and Armaan helps her. As she was about to trow the bowl, Armaan holds both of Ridz hands with his own, gets rather very close to her. He is giving Ridz instructions as to how to trow the ball, but Ridz didn't seem to listen as she was busy looking at Armi and staring at him when she hears, her heart beating really fast and everything around her seemed to have frozen and the only thing that she could feel was Armis warm hands against hers and him really close to her. She felt as if she was at the top of the world. She didn't want to let go of Armaan and wanted him to always hold her like this...She wanted Armaan to always be with her..She felt as if she was in love. And just then, her dream broke and she was back in the real world with everything moving around her.And just then, she throw the ball and Armaan let go of Ridz hand. But there was one thing that she had found out while she was having the best 5 mins of Armaan holding her hand that she was in Love! In love! In love with Armaan!

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Part 6 -
After they were tired of bowling, all of them got ready to go home. Atul, Radhika, Sapna, Armaan and Shekhar waited for Ridz to come but she was taking some time in the washroom. On the other hand, Ridz was standing behind a wall so no one would see her and waited.

Atul: Kahan rehgayi Ridz! Its getting late and I need to go home or my dad will kill me!
Sapna and Radhika: Ours too!
Shekhar: Guys! Lets do one thing! How about I take all of u guys home and Armaan can pick Ridz and take her home!What do u think?
Armaan: Works fine with me! U guys go ahead.

And then the 4 of them left. And Ridz came out from her hiding spot.

Ridz: Where are they all gone?
A: Um...lets see, to space! They really wanted to see the moon so they went.
R: Stop joking Armaan! Now what?
A: I have brought my car, so I will drop u off at ur house...what say?
R: OK!

And they leave. While in the car, Ridz keeps on staring at Armaan. Armaan looks at Ridz.

A: Are u OK?
R: Yea...fine.
A: OK.

Ridz then suddenly blurts out: I lOVE YOU ARMAAN!

A: What? And suddenly stops the car?
A: What did u say?
R: I love you.
A: Look Ridz, I know that we are friends and all, but I don't love u! And to tell u the truth, I don't believe in love either!

Ridz gets angry and says: Fine then! Just stop the car!

A: Ridz! Its raining outside and ur house is 1 hour away from here!

And gets out of the car. Armi does to after her. And holds her hand adn Ridz struggles to free herself.

R: Leave me!
A: Are u mental? Where will u go in this weather?
R: I don't know where but I will! Now leave me! Just leave! Now!

Armaan does. And suddenly the lightning strikes and Ridz hugs Armi. Armi hugs Ridz back. They keep on huging until Armaan says: We are getting wet so now lets go home. We will talk about this tommorow. Ridz and Armi sit in the car. Armi tries to start the car but it doesn't. He goes to check what the matter was and finds out that there was some problem in the engine.

R: Now what?

Then Armi sees a cottage and tells Ridz to come with him. They go to the cottage to see it empty and go inside. Ridz dries her hair while Armi makes the fire. Ridzs hair water comes on Armis face which makes him look at her and he keeps on staring at her. Then he gets up and comes close to Ridz, so close that he could feel Ridzs heart beat. He gets really close to Ridz and Ridz couldnt understand what was happening and she just stood there. Then suddenly, Armis lips got close to Ridz and then the fire was shown.
The next day:
Ridz gets up from the bed and goes to the window. The sun was shining brightly. Ridz looked soo happy. She goes to wake Armi up.

Ridz: Armaan! Wake up!

Armaan does. After a while, he comes out wearing the same clothes he was yesterday and him and Ridz go back home. During collage, Ridz comes to meet Armaan, who is with his regular friends including Ricky and tells him to meet her at her house today. Armaan says OK.
In the evening:

Armaan comes to Ridz home and asks her as to why she called him there.

R: Armaan, when are u talking to ur family about our marriage?
A: What? Marriage? Who said that?
R: Armaan! Remember what happened yesterday between me and u? Remember?
A: Yea...but it was nothing serious for me and if u thought that it was for u then u are complety wrong!

Ridz gets angry and stands up. Armi does too. Ridz gives one tight slap to Armi and Armi gets Angry, with anger showing in his eyes and is about to slap Ridz but stops.

R: U mean to say, that whatever happened between us yesterday was just a ONS for u? It was my whole life to me! U make me feel lower then ever!

And starts crying.

A: Listen! Forget all of that happened and lets just be back to being friends.
R: I will never ever forget that! I loved u Armaan but u! I hate u! Just get out! Just get out of here Armaan!
A: Fine! I will! But before I leave. I wanted to tell u that I was never even ur friend! It was all planed! Remember I said that I will surely take revenge of the insult that u did of was my revenge and yea...also bet too and leaves.

Ridz breaks down crying. Days past, even months but Ridz didn't even go to collage. The gang wondered where she was, and came to know about her and Armaana n how he had ditched her...and kept on visiting her at her home.

3 months later:
Ridz is at home and is with Sapna when Ridz faints. The doctor comes and tells Sapna and Ridz that she is 3 months pregnant which makes Ridz remember the one night with Armaan which again brings tears to her eyes. Sapna couldnt stand it anymore and calls Ridz mom and tells her evrything abt Ridz. Ridz mom comes to Ridz and tries to pursue her to abort the baby but Ridz is admanant to giving birth to the baby saying that she can't kill a new life and blame it for the wrong doing her mom did.

Days past and Armaan somehow gets to know abt Ridz being pregnant from Anjali and tells her to tell Ridz to abort the baby but Ridz is still admanant. People start saying bad things about Ridz and her baby and Ridz just shuts them off. The same fights go on in her house about her and her baby but Ridz is still admanant about it. 9 months past and it is near Ridz delivery time. Everyone is worried as to what will evryone one say except Ridz who is happy that her baby is gonna come into the world.

One day while she is driving, Armaan calls Ridz and Ridz picks the phone up. Ridz doesn't let Armaan say anything and keeps on cursing him. Just as she is doing that, she sees a truck coming from the front and it hits her car and then the lights go off.

Current -

Ridz cries. Sapna also has tears in her eyes.

Ridz: And then the doctor said that they couldn't save my baby! And it all happened cuz of Armaan! Armaan! I hate him!
Sapna: But I thought that he had stabbed a knife in ur stomach?
Ridz: No...I didn;t want to tell u the real thing! He had not stabbed a knife in my stomach but killed it! An accident! All planed by Armaan! I hate him! I hate Him!
Sapna: What if he comes back now...what will u do?
Ridz: I will never ever forgive him! Never!

Part 7 -

Sapna looked at Ridz with tears trickling slowing down her eyes. She despretly wanted to say something that would take Ridz away from those awfull memories, she wanted to help her friend out of all this, she wanted the old Ridz back but how? How was the question that no one knew the answer off. How was she gonna get Ridz out of Armaans world?? How?? Sapna opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out, they just stoped right on her tongue as she saw how pale and dull Ridz had become. Then suddenly Ridz said 'I want to become a doctor.''I want to forget him' Sapna couldn't believe what Ridz was saying. She saw a smile emerge on her face as well as Ridz. Ridz again said while wiping her precious tears' I won't cry for him anyone, only my baby.''I don't need him''I want to become a doctor''Will u help me Sapna?' Sapna had tears in her eyes again but this time, of joy. Of happiness that finally her friend wanted to come out of the worst times of her life. Happy. Happy. Sapna then nodded her head, unable to say anything at that moment in a 'yes'! Sapna ran up to Ridz and gave her a tight hug. After they had their emotional moment Sapna said: Lets get working.

S: I have got my old friend back! Welcome back Riddhima...Riddhima Gupta.

4 years later -

Everything had changed. Everything. Sapna, Atul, Radhika and Shekhar and Ridz had gotten back toghter and all were doctors. They all worked at the same place too. Sanjeevani...Sanjeevani was the name of the hospital that they worked in.

It was a bright new morning and a bright new day. Ridz got up from her bed and slowly walked to her bedroom window. She wispered to herself 'Today was the day, the day I lost my baby.''I still remember u.'

In Sanjeevani

Riddhima comes to Sanjeevani dressed in all white. White long skirt, white tank-top. She walks over to the staff room to meet Atul and Sapna there as well as Anjali. Anjali who was dressed in a blue salwaar and green kameez says some insulting things about Ridz and her baby and leaves. Ridz gets sad but Atul brightens her day up by cracking some stupid jokes on Anji calling her a behnji and all. Sapna who was wearing a blue jean and a white t-shirt came up to Atul and Ridz.

Sapna: Shut up Atul! U know, that u are gettign really boring? Work on ur jokes.

Atul gets pissed off at that and goes away saying to himself: u think that my jokes are bad eh? Wait and see what I do!

Sapna to Ridz: Ridz, there is a new doctor. He is from London and has come to Sanjeevani to work on a case and u and him work toghter. Go and meet him. He is in your office.

Ridz nodds her head, still in doubt as to who the doctor will be and leaves.When she reaches her cabin she sees that her chairs back is towards her and the doctors face isn't visible. Ridz tries very hard to see the doctors face but is unsucessful.

Ridz: Excause? We are supposed to work toghter...

The chair turns around and the doctors face isn't visible to us but to Riddhima only and she is half shocked and half stunned.

Ridz and the doctor at the same time: Tum!!!!

The guy gets up from his chair and walks over to Ridz, his back still towards us. Then slowly, 1st his shows, then it goes up, and then his lips, then nose and then eyes. Its none other then our handsome and dasshing Armaan!!!

Part 8 -

Ridz and Armaan are shocked to see each other. Ridz has a mixed expression of anger, sadness and nervous while Armaan is tottaly looking blank. They both keep on staring at each other into each others eyes and remembering the old times of them fighting, the'night' and the big fight. Then suddenly Ridz gets out of her staring session and with a very high and angry tune questions Armaan.

R: What are u doing here? And why are u here?
Armaan with no anger in his voice just plainly answers: Um...cuz I read the board of Sanjeevani and it said hosptial and so I am in a hospital aint I? And for ur kind information Ridz.
R: no. Not Ridz but Riddhima! Dr Riddhima
Armaan gets irritated by Ridzs reactions and says: Fine! DR RIDDHIMA! I am a doctor too! And I am here to help u on a case and we are supposed to work toghter!

Ridz gets angry and is about to cry when she coldly says: Fine then. I am going to my cabin and even if we are supposed to work toghter then please don't ever show me ur face again!
And motions to leave and leaves. Armaan just stands there with a grin on his face and looks like that he might laugh any minute when we see Ridz coming back in. Ridz comes back in and tells Armaan with a high tune again: Dr. Armaan, this is my cabin! So instead of me, u should be the one getting out!

Armaan: How did u come to know?
R: Well, I went outside and saw the name plate and it said my name on it so Dr. this is MY cabin! Get out! And now!

Armaan tring to control his laughter says to himself: Aaj maine apni zindagi mein pheli baar ek doctor ko apna hi cabin bolte huye dekha hai!( For the 1st time in my life, I have seen a doctor forget her own cabin.) Ridz who has heard it narrows her eyes on Armaan. While Armaan has his face turned the other way trying to hide his laughter, Ridz slowly walks over to her desk, picks up a glass of cold water and a file and goes from behind up to Armaan. She then takes the glass of water and empties it on Armaans head. Then wacks him on his back with the file. Armaan then turns around, his head completly soaked and shocked. ' What was that for?'' Oh, so u thought that I couldnt hear what u said about me forgetting my own cabin?'' Oh, so even cats have ears.'And starts laughing. Ridz gets more angry at that and narrows her eyes on Armaan. Armaan seeing Ridz like that, shuts up and motions to run. He starts running and Ridz runs after him. While in the hospital corridors, Ridz calls out 'Armaan! I wont leave u this time!' Then abt 1 feet ahead of her, Armaan shouts out ' Don't forget! Its DR. Armaan!'

Ridz: Whatever.

As they are running, Sapna, Anjali, Atul, Radhika and Shekhar see Ar - Ri and are shocked. AR just ignore then and continue their little run.
AR keep on running and when they are outside of Sanjeevani and on the grass, Armaan slows down & stops and looks like as if he had just won an Olympic race and tired. Ridz who is just behind him, couldn't control her speed and ran into Armaan which made him fall to the ground and Ridz over on-top of him. Armaan and Ridz get into a staring session again and keep on looking into each others eyes. Just then, Ridz breaks the eye contact and gets up and sits beside Armaan. After Armaan had gotten up, Ridz and him avoid to look into each others eyes and then a huge silence dawns upon them. The silence is broken when AR see a lady with a baby in her hand walking towards Sanjeevani enterance. Little tears slowly start rolling down

Ridz eyes seeing the baby. Armaan is about to question her about their baby when Ridz understands what he was gonna ask her and says: Its dead. Gone!

After saying that, Ridz runs inside Sanjeevani leaving Armaan thinking. Then tears start rolling down Armaan eyes and he starts crying and shouting out loud 'I killed my baby! I killed him! I am a murderer! I killed my own baby!' And breaks down.

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Part 9 -

Same part as yesterday, Armaan is sitting on the grass while tears drip down his navy blue eyes. Then he gets up and goes inside Sanjeevani and starts his normal doctor work and pretended that nothing had happened and ignored Ridz all day long.
In the everning, Ridz was at her home and reading a novel and sipping on a cup of coffee when she heard the doorbell ring. Ridz didn't get up to answer the door and kept on reading. While reading, she said to herself that she will make Anji answer it and kept on reading. Then doorbell rang 10 times. Anji who was upstairs adn applying face pack on got irritated by the bell and angirly went downstairs. There she sees, Ridz reading and starts yelling at her.
Anji: Ridz! Why aren't u answering the door? U are sitting so close to it!
Ridz: Cuz I don't want to and sipped her coffee.
Anji looked at Ridz with narrow eyes and went to the door and opened it. When she opened the door, she saw Armaan and they both screamed and Armaan looked really scared seeing face pack on Anji. Making Ridz spit out half of the coffee that she was drinking.
A and A: AHHHHH!!!
A: Armaan! Its me! Anji!
Armaan: Oh! Thank god! I thought that u had turned into another Ridz!
A and A start laughing and Ridz gets ip from her chair, looks at Armaan with killer eyes, goes up to him and wacks him!
R: What did u say I was?
Armaan: Chipkali!
R: Arrrr! Machchar!(Bug)
Armaan: Oh! Now u are so gonna get it bad!
And he starts running after Ridz while Ridz keeps on yelling 'Cho bug cho! Cho!'
But they are finally stoped by Shashank. Armaan walks over to Shashank and says 'hello' to him while Ridz keeps on sipping her coffee and reading her book. Then she finally asks Armaan.
R: What are u doing here at this point of time?
A: I am here to eat u and pretends to be a ghost.
Ridz looks at him with a"its not working expression" which shuts Armi up. Ridz start sipping her coffee.
Then Shashank finally says that' Armaan is gonna stay at our house until he is working with Ridz on their case' pats Armis back making Ridz choke on her coffee.
Ridz goes up to Sha and says to him in his ear: Don't u know that it is unsafe for a guy to stay with 2 girls in the house, as he can prove to be dangerous!!' Armaan who has heard the convo says: How do u dare say that abt me?? Do I look like that type of guy to u?? And Ridz nodds her head in a yes making Armi go mad. Sha says: No, no, Armi would never do that type of thing! And says that Armi will have the room beside Ridz.
Armaan and Ridz at the same time looking at each other with killer eyes say: NO WAY!
Sha says: Well, too bad! And leaves.
So does Anji. Ridz and Armaan come 5 steps close to each other and look each other into the eye and give out a fake smile.
R: So, I am really happy that u are gonna stay at our house!
In her mind: No I am not! And if I don't get u out of my house in 4 weeks then my name is also not Ridz!
A: Thank u.
Inside his mind: What is she planinng? I need to find out more! I hope she isn't planning to throw me out of the house! If she is, then I also promise that if I don't stay in this house as long as I am here then my name will also not be Armaan!!!

Part 10 -

It was 8pm the same day and Armaan, Ridz, Anji and Sha were having dinner cooked by Anji when Sha got a phonecall. He answerd his phone and only answered in 'Yes''OK''No'. When he finally hanged up, he told Armi, Ridz and Anji with a sad expression on his face that he would have to leave for New Delhi today, at 9. Ridz who was having a rather hard time handling the fact that Armi was staying with them adn just stuffing her dinnner into her mouth almost choked on it.
R: What??? Dad! U can't go! U can't go leaving me behind with this, this this creep! I would die!
Pointing at Armi and looking at him with a stern look on her face. Armi who was also busy stuffing food into his mouth, raised his eyebrow and looked at Ridz in anger.
A: Who did u call a creep? Freak! And if u are thinking that I would kill u then u are right! I will!
R with her mouth open and shocked said: How dare u call me a freak? Machchar!
A: Oh no no no! Don't ever call me that chipkali and got up from his chair. So did Ridz too. Armi picked up a bowl of sappgetti lying on the table and aimed it at Ridz and threw it at her. The sappgetti hits Ridz on her face making look like a zombie and also very angry. Ridz picks up a pitcher of Juice and aims it at Armaan and the juice spills on his shirt.
A: OH! Not MY shirt u freak!
And starts running after Ridz.
Sha and Anji who were really interested in AR and enjoying the whole scene finally got tired and said: STOP IT!
Sha: Look! I have to go and look, even Anji is here to take care of u two so just relax.
Anji: Whoa! I am not getting into their mess and says: I am going to my friends house then!
Sha and Anji start arguing abt Anji staying or going which makes both AR tired.
Ridz: Fine dad! U can go and Anji, u too! We will stay here.
A: Ya.
Sha: Fine then that is settled and goes up to pack adn soo does Anji.
After SA leave, AR look at each other with killer eyes and scrowl at each other pretending that they are montrous animals. R leaves.
A to himself: I will take revenge for today and has a smirk on his face.
The next morning, when Ridz is almost abt to leave for Sanjeevani with Armaan, Sapna comes there and asks Ridz, if she would like to go to Sanjeevani with her and Ridz says OK leaving Armaan dumbfounded.
A to himself: Ridz never left me alone before! She was always with me when we were toghter. and leaves.
Ridz and Sapna and walking instead of going in a car or a bus just to talk to each other for a while.
S: Ridz, why is Armaan at ur house?
R: Cuz, dad told him to be there.
S: Doesn't ur dad know abt what he did to u?
R: NO! I also don't want dad to get hurt.
S: I saw u and him at Sanjeevani and u 2 were acting soo childish! Don't u remember what he did to u?
R: I do and I will never ever forget it but I don't don't know what happens to me whenever I see him! I start loving him again! I love him!
S: Ridz! Do u want him back into ur life?? Do u want him to ruin ur life again?
R: NO! I don't know why but I can't stay away from him for long!
S: Tell u what. If u want him back into ur life, then start to ignore him or to start fighting with him and tell him that u are not the old Ridz, u are the new one, the new one who is tough, who fights! The playful Ridz.
RL OK!Now I am not the old Ridz anymore but the new one! I want Armaan back into my life but this time, I want him to love me for real not fake.

Part 11 -

As Ridz told a disgusted Sapna about how much she loves Armaan and how handsome he is and how they fight and how she still loves him after what he did to her, Sapna got disgusted more and more.
S: Can we go now?
R: Yea!!
And they reach Sanjeevani. When there, they meet Atul, Radhika and Shekhar. The 1st word that came out of Sapnas mouth when she meet all of them was ' She still loves him and wants him back into her life!!' All the others were shocked. All the others were disgusted at that and said ' She is hopeless!! Lets go!' And they all leave leaving Ridz in sadness.
Ridz to herself says in her mind: Friends, u might be thinking that I am out of my mind and that I really love Armaan! I don't love him and I am just gonna take revenge on him for every single moment he hurt me! And my baby! I will take revenge' And she wipes her tears that had just begun sliddinng down her eyes.
As it is lunch time, Ridz with a smirk on her face walks up to Armaan and asks him: Would u like to go out for luch with me?
Armaan who is dumbfounded at the new Ridz says:! Ok!
And they leave for lunch.
Both of them go to a Italian Resturant and have a delious lunch and talk.
Armaan: Have u forgotten what happened between us 5 years ago?
Ridz: Yes ofcourse! I have forgotten our one night stand and our baby.
While Ridz said that all, her heart ached as she said it all unable to bear that she had not forgotten anything.
On the other hand Armaan was shocked at the new Ridz and had not expected her not to have forgotten anything. He was shellshocked. He liked the old caring Ridz way better but he had to understand that after all she was a human being too and even she had a life and smiled a weak smile.
Ridz: Armaan, I have asked u to come here with me to tell u that I don't want out past interfering with our present or our comming future. Lets just forget everything. Lets start life afresh with me and u both friends.
She takes out her hand for Armaan to shake.
Armaan who is shocked then ever shakes it. Armaan to himself in his mind: What has happened to Ridz?? How can she forget everyting?? Their baby too?? Armaan was disgusted at that fact but later on understood that it was his fault thaat he left Ridz adn his baby alone...his fault and now he will have to pay for it by handleling Ridzs anger...and now he wanted to except Ridz from his heart and for that, he could go to any extent and gain the love that he had lost in Ridz eyes for himself back. He could even hurt himself to make Ridz happy.
R to herself in her mind: I promise u my baby, whereever u are, that I will make Armaan realize his mistake and take revenge for what he did to us in 1 month! Only 1 month!
A to himself: I promise u my dear baby, that I and ur mommy will come back toghther and I will earn her love for me back in 1 month timme. I promise adn smiles.
So does Ridz.

Part 12 -

Its 2:00pm and AR are going back to Sanjeevani..walking trough the park when Armaan sees his ex. girlfriend Sheetal. Armaan is frozen in his steps and tries to hide himself behind a tree leaving Ridz wondering as to what he was doing.
R: What the heck are u doing??
A: Um...hiding 
R: Why? Its not like any of ur old girlfriends are here and sees Sheetal walking towards them.
Ridz gets an idea of taking revenge on Armaan by making him get stuck with Sheetal.
Ridz yells 'Sheetal!!''Over here!'
Sheetal runs over to Ridz.
Sheetal: Have u seen Armaan anywhere as I have been looking for him for the past 1 month!!
Sheetal had her back to Armaan so she couldnt see Armi except Ridz.
Ridz smirks at Armaan. Armaan behind the tree is thinking about what the heck was Ridz doing with Sheetal and thinks what will happen if Ridz told Sheetal abt him.
Armaan to himself while his fingers crossed and sweat on his face: Please Ridz,don't! Don't!
Ridz to Sheetal says: Oh! So u have been looking for Armaan eh? Well, he is right there.
Pointing behind the tree.
Sheetal: Where?
Ridz: ARMAAAN! There is no point of hiding now! Come out!
Armaan quietly walks over to Ridz and Sheetal while smiling an embarasiing smile.
Sheetal goes over to Armaan adn gives him a tight hug, making Ridz feel a lil jealous and seeing the jealousness on Ridzs face, Armaan also gives a tight hug to Sheetal.
Ridz had had enough and said: Ahem!
Sheetal and Armi stopped hugging and Armi stood beside Sheetal with his arm around her waist making Ridzs eyes burn with anger.
Just then Ridzs expression changed to a smile as she saw, 2 more of Armaans ex GFs walking over towards them.
Ridz: Over here!
Then 5 more of Armaans ex GFs coming over to them.
Then 17 more and then in total there were 1000 of Armis ex GFs comming over to them. Armaan was shocked while Ridz had a huge grin on her face. Armaan looked at Ridz with anger in his eyes.
Ridz to all the 1000 girls said: My dear friends, our dear Armaan here has cheated all of u, so what punishment are all of u gonna give him??
Armaan almost choked on the word punishment and tried to get out of the situation by calling all the girls his sisters.
But it ddin't work and all teh girls had either eggs, tomatoes or hockey sticks behind their back and started hitting Armaan!
And ita went on till 10 mins until finally, Ridzs couldnt see Armi getting beaten up and said stop. all the girls went away and Ridz started laughing at Armaan.
Ridz:See urself!! U look so ugly! Idiot!
Armaan: Whaat do u want??
R: I want u to get destroyed!! And I want to take revenge!
A: But I want ur love! I love u!
R didn't take his words seriously as she thought that he was joking.R: U must be joking! U can't love a girl like me!!
A had tears in his eyes. I know what I did was wrong but now I love u!
R: No! I will take revenge from u and that too in 1 month!
A wiped his tears: Fine! I also promise u that I will win over ur heart in 1 months time too!

And then they slowly walked different ways.

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Part 13 -
Armaan and Ridz walking different ways even though, they reach Sanjeevani at the same time and are shocked to see each other at Sanjeevani enterance. Ridz, narrows her eyes and just ignores Armi and leaves. Armi then after Ridzs leaves smiles to himself and thinks...
Armi to himself: Ridz, no matter how much u show that u hate me, but I know that u still love me, I saw ur jealousness on ur face when Sheetal hugged me. I know u still love me and now, I will make everything perfect so that some day u urself will say 'I love U' to me. And then gives a cute smile and leaves for inside Sanjeevani.

Inside Sanjeevani -

Armaan, Ridz and Sapna had to attend an important sugery of a Pregnant woman. Whos was having an imature baby. While inside the surgery room, Armi nor Ridz talked to each other and avoided eye contact which pissed Sapna off. While in middle of the surgery, Armi caught Ridz eyes and they kept on staring at each other. Then they go to day dreaming with Ridz and Armi alone at a place and singing and dancing. While the song,

' Humko Maloom Hai
Ishq Masoom Hai
Dil Se Ho Jaati Hai Galtiya
Sabse Ishq Mehroom Hai'

plays in the backround. AR have a slow dance and are lost in their day dreaming process when Sapna brings them out.
Sapna snaps her finger infront of a dreaming Ridz who is staring at Armaan.
Sapna: Hello!! Can u please come out?? Don't u know that we are in middle of a surgery here?
AR snap out of their day dreaming process and do the surgery.
After the surgery was over, AR walk over to Armis cabin where they again start a fight.
Ridz: Why were u staring at me?
A: I was NOT!!! It was u!
R: Look! Ur plans to take me off my revenge plan is NOT going to work so please don't ever try it!!
A: Oh! Hey missi! It was u who started staring at me 1st!! So don't blame me!!
And takes her hands and tries to strangle Armi and pretending to be a tigeresee. Armaan on the other hand says: Don't u dare do that again by pretending to strangle me, and gets hold of Ridz hair. Ridz gets a hold  of Armis neck at starts starangling him. But then she stops strangling him adn takes a hold of Armis hair too and both of them start pulling on each others hair.
R: Don't u dare! Leave me!
A: U started it!!
R: Arrrr!!!
A: Ruff, ruff!
And as they were having their lil tiff, Armaan slipped and fell to the ground and Ridz fell on top of him, but anknown to the fact that they both had fallen and Ridz on top of Armi, they kept on pretending to be wild animals and kept on pulling and messing up each others hair. And then, Ridzs rolled on the floor with Armi on top, then again Ridz on top of Armi and then Armi on top of Ridz. They kept on doing their lil fight. But what they didnt know was that Sapna, Atul, Anji, Shekhar and Radhika had come there and were througly enjoying their lil wild fight and Ridz and Armi on the ground while Sapna was disgusted but still laughing. After a while, when Ridz and Armi were finally into their senses and found out that everyone was watching them, Armi still on top of Ridz, looked at everyone that was watching them and smiled an embarssing smile and said hi. Then Ridz pushed Armi from on top of her, and both stood up and fixed their hair. Emabaressed. Armi and Ridz looked at each othe then at evryone that was watching them. Then AR at the same time, pointing at each other said...
Armi: She started it!!
Ridz: He started it!!
AR were shocked as to what they both said and looked at each other.
Shekhar who was trying really hard to control his laughter, just brust out laughing his head off.
Then Radz, Anji, Atul and Sapna brust out laughing.
Radhika: Well, whatever or whoever started the fight, we don't care about but it sure was funny and continued to laugh.
Anji: Ooo...a fight!!! Forget it and left.
Atul: Golmaal hai bhai, sab golmaal hai!
Sapna: Shut up Atul!! Its not funny! But more then funny! Its hilarious!! And both started laughing.
AR both embarssed of what had happened left immediatly to go home.

Part 14 -
Armaan and Ridz in hurry reach home and quickly enter their bedroom and shut the door, rather loudly! Ridz and Armaan go stand infront of the mirror and start talking to it.

Ridzs bedroom -

R: Oh my ghosh! What the heck was I thinkiing and most of all doing with that...that freak!
And she straitens her hair.

Armis room -

Armi was on the other hand smiling in front of the mirror and looking happy.
A: See Ridz, u might try to hide that u don't love me, but u really do or else why would u fight with me like that?

Ridz room -

Ridz looked quite angry in the mirror and continued talking.
R: Ghosh! I need to concentrate on my mission to take revenge! I don't know don't know what happenes to me whenever I am with Armaan! Its always feels comfortable! and gets lost in the flashbacks of AR fighting. Then she comes back to her senses. Ekk! What was I thinking!! Now I will have to concentrate on my mission and before that I will need to take a bath! And leaves to go to the bathroom.
Armis room -
Armi was still in his thoughts and had flashbacks of him and Ridz fighting like wild animals in Sanjeevani.
A then comes out from his flashbacks and starts talking to the mirror again.
A: Armaan, Ridz may try to hurt u to the core, but afterall, she still loves u and dont forget that she is just angry. Stick with her all ur life.
Later the whole evening and night, AR didnt even talk to each other.

Then next day -

The next day in Sanjeevani, as Armaan and Ridz, side by side, still trying to ignore each others gaze walk to their office but are surronded by people laughing on them for yesterdays incident. When both reach their cabins, both of them find a note saying "We all are gone to Adikhari camp in Gurgaon, and we forgot to mention it yeterday to u and Ridz(On Ridz, it said U and Armaan instead of u and Ridz.). We didn't tell u but we departured yesterday evening and we even tried to contact u two, but couldn't. And the trainiing is very important for both u and Ridz." Both of them don't read the ending of the letter as they know what it would say and both fold the letter and trow it away!
A: Crap!
R: I missed it!
And they both race to their cars and are shocked to see each other at the same time. Ridz doesn't talk to Armi and makes a face and Armi does the same. But Ridzs breaks the silence.
R: Look! I don't want to travel with u so we will go our own way in our own cars.
A: Fine, we will. But one question before we leave. Do u even know how to drive?
R: What do u mean by that??? Of course I do!
A: Fine then! Lets have a race as to see who reaches Gurgaon 1st!
R: Bet I will reach their 1st!
A: Oh! No no no! I will!
R: Fine! Then if I win then u will have to be my slave for a whole week and if u win then..then...we will see!
A: Ah! If I win then u will be my slave for a whole week!
Ridz was quite hesitant but agreed.
Ridz reaches her silver mercedes and opens the door. On the other hand, Armaan is wandering around trying to figrue out where his car keys were when Ridz speakes out.
R: Oh! So I hope that u are not looking for these are u? And takes As car keys out and swings them.
A looks angry. A: Give me those! And runs over to Ridz who is still admant of not letting go of the car keys.
Then A had had enough and he gets hold of Ridz waist and swings her around and around until she lets go of the keys. And while doing that, they rather seemed to be enjoying themselves. Finally Ridz drops the car keys and A gets them and goes and both sit into their cars. And then drive off.
Meanwhile, A calls R on her cellphone and says: So the race is on!!!

Part 15 -
The race was on and as we all know, AR were in their cars and driving on full speed. As they were driving, Armaan called Ridz. Armaan was winning the race by a tad bit.
A: Hey Ridz!
R: What do u want?
A: Can u stop for a moment as I really need to go # 1.
R: What???
A: Yea...
R: Ok! Whatever! I will stop but u need to hurry.
A and R hung up and Ridz came to a stop right beside A's car. Armaan went to go pee behind the bushes while Ridz sat in her car annoyed and listeing to Its rocking from Kya Love Story hai. As she checked her watch again and again, she couldn't figure out why Armaan was taking so long and got irritated. So she decided to go ahead. And even got into her car to drive off but she stopped. She saw A's car and took a hair pin out of her hair and gave a cute "I am not to blame" smile and got off from her car. Then she bent down to Armaans front tire and poke a hole in it and let the air come out. Then after she was done, Ridz gets up and sees A turning around towards her. Then she quickly turns and runs to her car and yells 'Bye Bye!' to Armaan and takes her hand waves it at him. Armaan runs over to his car and sees what Ridz had done to his tire and gets angry.
A then screams out: You!!! But then his anger turns into a laugh and calls Ridz 'Idiot' and goes to the back of his trunk and pulls out a brand new tire. He then fixes it on his car and gets back into the race. Armaan had just gone 2 kilometers when he sees Ridzs car parked on the side and Ridz standing outside cursing her tire.
Armaan gets out from his car and goes up to Ridz. And pretends to be sad.
A: Oh my god! Ur tire!! What happend.
Ridz just gives a blank stare to him.
R: Just go away!
A: Fine!!
And then Armaan gets into his car and drives off leaving Ridz shocked and mouth open.
R: How dare he!! He just left me stranded on this deserted road!!! Freak!
But right then, she saw Armaans car driving backwards to her and Ridz got all happy and pretended as if she never cared about A coming back.
Armaan instead of getting out of his car, he opened his car window and spoke to Ridz with a calm voice.
A: Look, it is not a good thing to be on a competely deserted road for a girl so please come and we will toghter go to Gurgaon.
Ridzs just moves her face the other way pretending that she is not listening.
A: Please. And if u read the letter carefully, it said that us coming to Gurgaon is very important. And did u know, that there are wild animals around here like snakes and bears?
The words wild animals, bears and snakes sent shivers down Ridzs spine and she quickly got into Armaans car bringing a smile onto Armaans face. And with this, AR began their journey to Gurgaon toghter.

Part 16 -
It was 5:00pm and Armaan was still driving while Ridz on the other hand, fell a sleep. As Armaan watched her go to sleep, he could never figure out how pretty she ever looked, she looked like an angel! He gave her a sweet smile and went back to driving. Ridz when woke up, she started to stare at Armaan unknown for the reason why, she just stared at him. Armaan who was pretending not to notice Ridz staring at him continued to drive. Then Ridz went back to her nomal self and pretended not to stare at Armaan.
A: Come on! Say it! Say that u can't resist a guy like me! Just admit it!
R: How dare u?? And by the way, think a guy like you is hot? No way! Cartoon!
A: What did u say? Cartoon then u are a chipkali!
R: Cartoon!
A: Bandariya!
R: Errr! How dare u say that to me? Clown!
A: Stop it! Enough is enough ok? Jangli billi!
R: Listen! And pointed a finger at Armaan. Don't ever call me that!
A: Finger down! Finger down! Or else...
R: Oh yea! What would u do if I don't take my finger down? Huh? What??
Armaan had had enough and then just to teach Ridzs a lesson, he bit on the finger that she was pointing towards him.
R: Ouch! Dog!
A: See told u!
And they continued to argue over why Armaan bit Ridzs finger.
Just then, on the road Armaan saw a hot and sexy girl asking for a lift and Armaan stopped arguing and stoped to give the girl a lift.
A: Hey!
Girl: Hey! Actually, my car broke down and the driver has gone to the mechanic and I need to get to Gurgaon urgently, so can u please give me a lift?
Ridz was really feeling uncomfortable seeing Armaan talking to the girl sweetly that without knowing what she was saying, her and Armaan spoke at the same time but different things.
A: Yes!!
R: No!!
And both of them looked at each other surprised at what they both said and started arguing again.
A: What are u saying?
R: I am just saying that this girl won't travel in this car!
A: Why?
R: Cuz...cuz I don't like her!
A: Well I do and she will go in this car!
R: No she won't!!
A: Yes she will!
R: No!
A: Yes!
R: No!
A: Yes!
R: No!
A: No!
R: Yes!
And with out knowing that Armaan had tricked Ridz into saying yes, Ridz looked dumfounded.
A: Look Riddhima, this is my car and I can do whatever and let whoever travel in it so please don't say anything.
R: Look! Fine! U chose! Either me or her will go in this car!! Chose now!
A: Fine! Then Ridz, u get off and u saying politly to the girl get in!
R was freaked out by what A had said and was unable to say anything either.
A: Fine then, Riddhima, I picked her over u. Now go go..Choo away jungli billi!
Ridz angirly got off from the car and stood behind the car door and watched the girl getting into the front seat. Angirly, Ridz slammed the car door and walked away infront of the car.
Armaan stayed there with the car and the girl when he saw Ridz. Ridz came back to his car and went to sit in the back seat. Angirly.
Armaan then gave a smile into the rear view mirrior looking at Ridzs angry eyes and proceeded to drive.

Part 17 -
Ridz keeps on staring at Armaan who keeps on flirting with the girl beside him.

R to herself: Idiot of nowhere land!
Armaan: What did u say? Idiot?
Ridz: Oh! No nothing!

Making an ugly face behind Armaans back but didnt know that Armaan was watching it all with the rear view mirror.
Just then he catches Ridzs eyes in the rear view mirror and they stare at each other for a while but are broken by the girl.
Girl snapes her fingers in front of Armaans eyes makiing him and Ridz lose stare.
Armaan then takes his water bottle out from the side of his door and starts drinking it while Ridzs watches him in disgust.

Girl: Armaan, can I please have a drink too?
Armaan: Sure!

And passes her the water bottle while Ridzs is looking jealous. Before he could pass the water bottle to the girl, Ridz takes it from his hands slightly touching Armaans hand making him smile.

Ridz: I will take a drink firt!

And drinks out from the water bottle.
Armaan smiles. The girl watches in disbelief.

Girl: Why did u drink out of the water bottle?
Ridz: Cuz I was thirsty!
Girl: But I asked first!!
Ridz: So?? If u want then drink right now and passes the girl the water bottle!
G: Forget it! I don't want to drink now!
R: So what? Armaan is MY boyfriend and we are soon to get engaged and then married!!

Armaan who was rather enjoying the little convo and eating candy almost chocked!

R rather sweetly asks A: Now darling, aren't we gonna get engaged sometime soon right?
Ridz then comes near Armaans ear and wispers: If u don't say yes then beware, cuz the moment I get off from this car, I am gonna kick your but!

Armaan who wanted to say yes anyways, not due to the preasure Ridz was puting on him but to see Ridzs jealous and see her acting like boyfriend girlfriend with him said 'Yes!'
Armaan faces the girl and talks to her.

Armaan: Yes! We are BF GF and are gonna get engaged and then married.
Ridzs smiles while the girl is shocked.
Girl: Oh! So u are BF GF eh? Well, Armaan, how could u chose this behnji girl over me?
A: Be quiet!
Girl: Let me speak! Come on, you used to be MY boyfriend in London but now...look! U have changed! I remember that when I saw you with b****, wierdo in collage, u said that it was all a freakin bet!! Now what?

Armaan who gets angry starts yelling at the girl.

Girl: The only thing missing on her is glasses! And you know what? Even reading glasses will do fine with her behnji avtaar!
Armaan: SHUT UP! She is not the ***** but u are!! Atleast she is better than u and knows how to respect elders! U are just the girly type who only stands around gossiping about others!!

Ridz after hearing what the girl had to say about her, had tears rolling down her eyes.
Armaan who had noticed the tears coming from Ridz, immedietly stopped his car and got off. He then walked over to the other side and opened the door and pulled the girl out.

Armaan: U know what? It would be better if u reached Gurgaon on your feet and here!

Armaan walked to the back trunk and pulled out the girls suitcase and throws it at her.

A: Here! Have a good day!

And then he leaves the girl standing in the middle of nowhere.
Ridz continued to cry and after Armaan had gone atleast 30 km away from the girl, he stopped the car and got off. He then walked over to the back door and opened it. Ridz who was still crying didnt want to get off so Armaan took his hand out for Ridz to hold and she did and he pulled her out. Just as Ridz came out, she gave Armaan a big hug, lying her head against his chest and gripping on to him tightly while Armaan did the same with his head on Riddz head.
Ridz continued to weep but then she she freed herself from Armaan and wipped her tears.

Ridz: Thanx.
A: For what?
R: For supporting me.
A: No problem. That was my duty. Feeling better?
R: Yes.
A: Come lets go, its about to get dark and we need to get going.

AR both sit in the front seat and leave for Gurgaon.
During ARs journey to Gurgaon, they continued to stay quiet and not talk for the better of it.
It was 9:00pm when they reached Gurgaon.

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Part 18
It was about 9:00pm when AR reached Gurgaon but now the problem was as to how they will be able to find the whole Sanjeevani team here seeing that it had gotten too dark and both of them had no clue as to where Sanjeevani team could be.

R: Um...Armaan...what should we do now?
A: I know! Just walk until we see someone and ask them for shelter easy!
R: Ya right! As if!
A: What? U don't believe me? Should I prove it to u?
R: Of course!

R gave a smirk to Armaan making him annoyed.

Just a lil far away, Armaan saw a guy walking towards them and goes up to him. But what he didn't know was that the guy was a drunkard!

A: Namaste!
Guy: Kya?
A: Do u know where the Sanjeevani team is staying?
G: No...I dont know anyone! Can't u see that I am drunk? Idiot!
A: But still!
G to himself: I will make them go the wrong way!!
G: Oh yea! If u keep on going straight...till u reach the dead end then turn right and their, u will see alot of houses and u can ask any of them about the Sanjeevani people.
A: OK so, from here and then turn right. Thank u.

The drunkard walks just past Ridz and Armaan comes.

A: I know which way to go! Lets go!

Ridz was still unsure as to if she should go with Armaan.

R: Are u sure that we should go with what the guy said?
A: Ofcourse!
R: Armaan! He was drunk!
A: Soo??
R: Fine! I will go with u but if u get lost then I am going my way and u ur way!

Ridzs follows Armaan, still unsure and keeps on making faces behind his back.

A: Stop making faces!

Ridz stops.

R: What are u? A robot ot something? How did u know I was?
A: Cuz...whenever u are not talking or fighting with me, that only proves that either u are getting annoyed or making faces!
R: No I don't! I dont make faces behind peoples back!
A: Yes u do!
R: No I dont!!
A: Yes!
R: No!
A: Yes!
R: No!
A: Yes!
R: No!
A: No!
R: Yes!!

Ridz was shocked by what Armaan had just made her say and how he had made her say it and was shocked.

R: Cheater! U always make me say Yes that way!
A: Well, darling, evreything is fair in love and war!
R: Whatever!

Armaan stops in his steps and turns right. Ridz just follows Armaan. They keep on walking and Ridz starts her convo again saying that they are on the wrong path but Armaan just brushes her off. Finally, they keep on going deeper and deeper and what they don't know is that they were going in the middle of a forest. Armaan stoped in his footsteps knowing that they were now stuck in the middle of a forest and turns around to Ridz and gives her an embarrsing smile.

A: Um..I...I think that it is that way and points to his left. Lets...lets go.

Ridzs just stands there giving him a 'Yea right' look.

R: Now what did u say? Oh!! I know where we are going, just follow me and mimicks that in Armaans voice.

R circles around Armaan.

R: Now what?
A: K..k! I am sorry! Ab?
R: Now I will tell the rest! We seperate ways!
Armaan was kinda shocked as to what Ridz had just said: What?? We can't do that! We dont even know which way we are going!!
R: Oh! Whatever but a thing is for sure! I am not comming with you anymore!
A: Fine! Now u go ur way and I will go my way!
R: Fine! Bye!
A: Bye!
A: Hh!
R: Hh!

And with that A-R both part ways.

While Ridz is walking through the branches, bushes, she keeps on cursing herself.

R: I shouldn't have come here on the first place! Stupid me and that too with Mr. Knoweverything!

Just as she is walking, she hears strange noises and gets scared. Just then, Ridzs starts saying some stupid poems to take her fear off.

R: Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram..pati..t.t.tepavan...sssita

She hears another noise which scares her more.

R: Om..j..jjai jaagaadishhh hare....

Another noise which frightens her more.

R: S***! Nothing is workin! I know!
R: Twinkle..ttwinkle I wonder what u are...Up..above the wwworld soo a ttthe sky...twinkle...twinkle...llittle star..

Another noise which frightens her more.

Just then Ridzs starts refering to the 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' poem and starts singing it.

Just then she hears a huge roar..possibly made my a tiger from which Ridzs gets alot scared and makes to run of her life and ends up bumping into Armaan and then hugging him tightly!

Armaan screams making Ridzs let go of him.

A: Ahhhhhhhhh!
R: Sush! What happened??
A: Bacaooo! Meri izzat ka sawaal hai! Help me someone!

And then he ends up laughing but shuts up seeing Ridzs frightend face.

A: I knew u would come!
R: What? How?
A: Come on! No girl is as smart as me to find her way out and believe me! U are one stupid girl!
R: Am not!
A; Are too!
R: Just stop it!
A: Fine! BTW...waht brings u here?
R; I just thought that u might need some help so I came.
A: Oh! But I don't need any help! And now u can go!
A turns around leaves. Ridzs follows.
R: Fine! U win! I got scared!
A stops and turns to face Ridzs.
A; See! iT is that simple! Now waht?

Just then drops on rain started to fall on them.

Armaan looks at the sky filled with drops of rain and clouds.

A: Oh! S***!!
R; Now what?
A: Come with me!

Armaan holds Ridzs hands and takes her under a tree.

Just then, Armaan sees a hut build near.

A: Come! Lets go to the hut over there!
R; Are u sure?
A; Positive! Now lets go!

And they both leave and enter the hut.

Part 19 - Ridzs break-down!!
AR hurried to the cottage near by and tried not to get wet by using Armaans jacket as an umbrella but Ridzs was not ready to share Armaans jacket.

Ridz: No! I won't come!!
Armaan: U will have to come underneath the jacket ato avoid getting wet and also sick!!!
Ridz: No!
Armaan: Please!! Or u will get sick!!
R: I dont care but I won't come!
A: Please! I beg u.

Armaan gets to his knees infront of Ridz and begs her to come with him.( He was in the position where it looks like he was proposing to her.)

R: What the heck are u doing? Beging or proposing??
A: Both!
R: What???
A: mean begging!
R: Fine! Get up!

Ridz and Armaan get into the same under Armaans jacket and leave for the cottage. But it didn't go as well as Ridz ket on pulling the other way and Armaan the other.

R: What are u doing dumbo??
A: Nothing! I am trying to get to the cottage but u keep on pulling me the othe way!!
R: No! U keep on pulling me!!
A: No u!!
R: U!
A: U!
R: You!
A: You!

Armaan got tired of them bickering over the pulls.

R: What??
A: Look, its raining fairly hard and I don't want us to get into more trouble to stop bickering and start following me so that we can reach the cottage before it gets more dark!!

And after that, neither Ridz nor Armaan said anything and Ridz quietly followed Armaan to the cottage. Ar-Ri reached the cottage all drenched and soaked.

The cottage was neat and clean with only one bed( single) and one sofa. It also had the fireplace so that AR won't get cold.

Armaan went straight up to the fire to try to build one while Ridzs stayed behind looking around and trying to dry her hair. After some unsucsessful attempts of Armaan to make a fire, he finally does and Ridz comes there and starts drying her hair. Some of the drops of water from her hair rinse on Armaans face making him look away. Then he looked back at Ridzs and started admiring how pretty she was and kept on staring at her. Ridz sees Armaan staring at her, and feels uncomfortable and leaves to stand beside the open window.

Armaan seeing that Ridz had gone away comes back to his senses and stands up and goes to the middle of the room. And Ridz on the other hand, had tears sliding down her cheeks and was crying.

Just then the lightning strikes and Ridzs gets scared. She then straight runs to Armaan and gives him a tight hug. Then the lightining strikes again. Ridzs hands around Armaan get a tighter grip. And while she is holding to Armaan, tears run down her cheeks and she starts to cry again. The lightning gets over and Ridzs lets go of Armaan and walks straight back to the window without even looking at Armaan.

A: Are u OK?
R: Yes.(Sobbing)
A: Do u remember it?

Ridz was shocked at the fact that Armaan stilled remembered what had happened in between them 5 years ago.

R: Do u remember it?
A: I could never forget it! It was all my fault!

Ridz then starts to cry more and breaks down and falls to the ground. Armaan runs over to her and holds Ridz.

R: I remember it! The best and biggest day of my life! I felt like I was on top of the world! I thought that u loved me! U loved me! But NO!!! It was all ALL a mistake made by me! I should have never loved u!! I should have never stepped out of my self respect! I was such a fool!

Ridz cried more and Armaan seeing how hurt Ridzs was feeling had tears in his own eyes.

R: I kept on hoping! Hoping that you will one day come back to me!! I kept on hoping! Then my child! MINE! I fought the whole world for it but u! U even killed my child! You didn't even spare that not-yet-born baby! U are a killer! I hate u! I hate u!

R cries more and so does Armaan.

A: Riddhima, I know what I did with u was all my fault but but, I didnt love u at that point of time but now I do! I want to make it up to u! I love you!
R: U love me???? U love me?? Ha! U want to make it up to me??? Well then can u bring back my child??? I want my child back! My baby!!Can u??

Ridz had gotten up from the floor and was standing facing Armaan. She still had tears in her eyes but now she was more angrier.

A: I am sorry.
R: See! Even you can't bring my baby back!! I hate u!
(Ridz holds on the Armaans collar and starts yelling at him.)
R: I hate u!
Ridz gives Armaan a tight slap on his left cheek.
R: I hate u!
Then another slap on his right cheek.

Ridz in total gives Armaan 10 slaps while yelling that she hates him.

Just then, she breaks down even more.

R: But I still love u!

Armaan was shocked to hear that she still loved him but was disappointed at hearing what she had to say after that.

R: But I still love u my baby! I love u!

Ridz then still sobbing, hugged Armaan and fell asleep. Armaan was happy that Ridz slipped her heart out in front of him but still sad that she still felt hurt. Armaan then lifts Ridz up and carefully places her on the bed while he goes and sits beside the fire.

A to himself: I know that I hurt u alot but now, I my self will pay for the mistakes and bring back all the love that I lost for myself in ur heart back and make u feel that I still love you and u still love me! That is a promise!

As Armaan is sitting beside the fire and looking at Ridz and recalling what she had said to him about the baby, he was shocked to hear one thing.

A to himself: Ridz said that she met with an accident when she was talking on the phone with me where she lost our baby but I during her pregnancy or her called each other than how did she get a call from me which lead to her accident?? Who would make a fake call to Ridz from my cellphone and make her get into an accident?? Who?? I need to find out and that too soon!

Armaan was left confused as to who would do that.

Part 20 -

Over the night while Ridz was sleeping, well not exactly peacefully but sleeping, Armaan sitting on the ground beside Ridz, kept on staring at her while tears, jerks of tears rolled down his eyes.

The next morning when Ridzs woke up, she found Armaan sleeping on the floor beside her. She kept on staring at him sleeping and recalled all the incedents that happened yesterday. Ridz comes nears Armaans face and without even knowing what she was doing, gave him a little kiss on the cheek. Then started staring at him again while tears started to roll down her eyes and touched Armaans cheek. Armaan woke up.

A: Are u OK?

Ridzs wipes her tears.

R: Yes.
A: Looks like to rain has stopped.
R: I am sorry about yesterday.
A: Why?
R: I didn't mean to say all those things to you that way but I couldn't stop myself.
A: Its Ok, I know how u feel now.

Ridzs gives him a small smile. And Armaan hesitantly asks Ridz.

A: Can u forgive me?

Ridz was taken aback by that question and she ddn't have any words.

R: No. Never! I can never forget how u killed my child! I can never forget anything!!
A: But I didn't kill our child! I didnt' even call u in the 9 months that u were pregnant!
R: STOP IT! Stop lying!

And with that, Armaan adn Ridzs broke into yet another fight.

R: Armaan, for once I thought that you had turned into a nice person but no! I was wrong! I hate u!

And with this, Ridzs runs to the front door and opens in to go out when she sees Sapna, Atul, Anji, Radhika, Shekhar standing there. Ridzs was shocked to the core.

R: g..gguys here?
Atul: Yes.
Sapna: We got a call from Sanjeevani that you guys had come to Gurgaon and we thought that you guys had not come to the camp, so we searched for u and found ur car parked on the road and follwed it to dead end and then here.
Anjali: Are u and Armaan OK?

Ridzs looks at Armaan from the corner of her eye.

R: Yes. We were fine.
An: Good! Lets go!

Armaan walks towards the door and stands beside Ridzs.

A: Where?
Anji: We are going to Gurgaon to finish up and then we are leaving for Mumbai!
A: Oh! OK.
Atul: Lets go!
A: Um...I need to get somethings, u guys go and I will follow.
An: I will stay with Armaan too.

All the others as well as Ridzs leave for camp while Armaan stays behind to get his jacket.

While Armaan and Anji are walking, Armaan keeps on thinking about Ridzs who is just in front of them.

Armaan to himself: If Riddhima still loves me then she will surely turn around. Turn, turn, turn.

Riddhima keeps on walking. Finally Armaan closes his eyes in sadness that Riddhima didnt turn but is shocked to see that she had turned towards him just as he opened his eyes.

Armaan gets really happy. And has a huge smile on his face.

Part 21 -

It was about 9:00am and all the Sanjeevani gang was eating breakfast while Armaan-Ridz were in the bathroom taking a long shower.

But the thing was, that there wasnt' any bathrooms, but there were stalls, and both right beside each other.

Armaan and Ridz, with their clothes, towel etc come towards the bathing stalls.

R: Ekkkk! I can't take a bath here!
A: Why?
R: Cuz, see, you are gonna be right beside me when we are taking shower and I don't want it happening!!

Armaan looked like he had just heard Ridz say a word that she had never said before and looked at her strangly.

A: What do u mean by
R: I mean, in the stall right beside me idiot!
A: Phew!!

Ridzs looks at Armaan with narrow eyes.

R: Why? What did u think I meant?
A: Oh nothing!
R: Just spit it out!

Armaan spits his spit out.

R: Eww! What was that?
A: Spit! U said to spit it out!
R: I meant what u were thinking!
A: Oh! I was thinking that
R: Ew! Ew Ew!

And just saying 'ew' Ridzs enters her bathroom stall. Armaan then breaks down laughing and goes in and takes a shower.

As Armaan is taking shower, he starts singing 'Thande thande pani se' just to annoy Ridz.

A: Thande, thande, pani se nahana chahi ye! Gana aaye ya na aye, nahana chahiye!

Ridz on the other side, who had heard everything started wondering to herself.

R to herself: What the heck is he doing? Oh! Trying to annoy me eh? Well lets see how this works.

Ridzs than starts singing 'Barso re megha megha' from Guru, rather loudly.

R: Barso re megha megha, barso re megha megha...

But what she didn't know was that Armaan had already done taking his bath and was all dressed up and outside his stall. Ridz continues to sing. Armaan who is outside and smiling, has a big smile on his face while his eyes look like glitter in the sun. Armaan walks towards the Sanjeevani gang while Ridzs continues to sing but eventually gets tired.

Armaan walks over to the Sanjeevani gang who were half way in the bus. Armaan then walks over to Anjali.

An: Armaan! There u are!
A: Hey! Ready to go?
An: Just waiting for Ridzs to finish up! Can't she think that we all are getting late?
A: Hey! Why don't u do this, I wait here for Ridz while you all head back to Sanjeevani?
An: No, we will wait.

Armaan tries to presue Anjali to agree to leave, so that he and Ridzs come back to Sanjeevani toghter and he might get a chance to tell Riddhima the truth. But Anjali was unwilling to go.

A: Please, its OK, Me and Ridzs will come. U go.
An: No, its ok.

Just then Dr. Keerti pops her head in.

Dr. K: We are getting late, where is Ridzs?
A: Shower.
K: So now what?
A: Um, I was saying that you all head back to Sanjeevani while I wait here for Ridz to come.
An: No!
K: Thats a brilliant idea! Anjali, lets go!
An: But...
K: Dr. Anjali! We are getting late! Lets go.

Keerti forefully takes an unwilling Anjali to the bus and the bus takes off leaving only Armaan standing there. Armaan waves to the bus.

A to himself: Now, on the journey back, I will get a chance to tell Ridz everything and I will!

Armaan has a grin on his face but it all disappears when he sees Ridzs comming out of the stalls. Armaan quickly goes and sits on top of the front of his car and starts wistling.

Ridzs comes happly humming to the place where the bus was supposed to be parked has a huge shock. She looks around her for the bus but it is nowhere in site. Just then Armaan starts to wistle. Ridzs looks at him and walks over to him.

R: Eh! What are u doing here?
A: Wistling.
R: Where is everyone else?
A: Gone!!
R: Where?
A: Back!
R: But they left me!!
A: Oh, u were taking too long in the bathroom so I said that they can leave and I will wait for Queen Victoria!
R: Who queen?
A: You!

Ridz starts hitting Armaan.

R: Look, I will do anything else but NOT travel to Mumbai with you!
A: As you wish! But think about it, after I leave, there will be nothing that will be able to take you to Mumbai!!Think.

Armaan gets up from his car and gets into the drivers seat while Ridzs wonders and tries to ignore him.

Armaan then sits in his car and pulls the mirrior down.

A: Think!

Ridz unable to say anything quietly, yet angirly gets into the car.

R to herself: God, please save me.

Armaan smiles. And boom, AR are back off to their journey back to Mumbai.

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Me first. LOL

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