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Harshad's fc - capcontest result pg126

lrllike IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2007 at 11:00am | IP Logged



we hav successfully completed five rocking fc's so far so lets begin the 6th oneTongueClapwe shall start this fc's by celebrating 

NEW YEAR - 2008





And ye, who have met with Adversity's blast,
And been bow'd to the earth by its fury;
To whom the Twelve Months, that have recently pass'd
Were as harsh as a prejudiced jury -
Still, fill to the Future! and join in our chime,
The regrets of remembrance to cozen,
And having obtained a New Trial of Time,
Shout in hopes of a kindlier dozen.
~Thomas Hood

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past.  Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. ~Brooks Atkinson

Each age has deemed the new-born year
The fittest time for festal cheer.
~Walter Scott

Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.  ~Oscar Wilde

Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto man His Son hath given;
While angels sing with tender mirth,
A glad new year to all the earth.
~Martin Luther

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lrllike IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2007 at 11:01am | IP Logged


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lrllike IF-Dazzler

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Harshad participated in the WESTSIDE CITADEL MR & MISS PUNE Pageant and walked away with the MR. PUNE 2004 - 1st RUNNERS-UP TITLE. His charm and aura won many a hearts that 21st day of August 2004. HARSHAD, IF I EVER NEED SAY WHAT A STUDENT SHOULD BE, YOU ARE A TRUE EXAMPLE. Thankyou for giving me this opportunity to impart you with knowledge and guide you throughout. I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU. ALL THE BEST HARSHAD. - Lovell Prabhu


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lrllike IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2007 at 11:01am | IP Logged

Some More Thoughts and Information on Harshad:

Thanks to Yojana..Swathi..Vaishu.Anupama..Cute_rabi and of course Daisy for all the tit bits u guys wrote about Harshad..It will help others know more about him...

So This is the Final Compilation on Harshad..His Life..Looks more like a Biography!!


NAME: Harshad Prakash Chopda

DATE OF BIRTH - 17th may 1983

CASTE:jain marvadi

HEIGHT: 5' 10''





He has participated in the Grasim Mr.India contest 2006, where he won the best smile title Big smile

He was also first runner up Citadel Mr.Pune 2004,where he won the best physique award.. Thumbs Up

He has done ramp shows for ZOD and Launch of War of the  DJ's III with Rohit Verma






NATURE:simple,sweet n innocent person very humble n down to earth Clap


FAV ACTOR:salman khan(his inspiration)

FAV CHOCLATE:cadbury fruit n nut

FAV MUSIC:Bollywood songs(himesh churail,atif,ali zafar)


FAV RESTAURANT: Chawla da dhabba (oshiwara mumbai)

FAV NEWSPAPER:Hindustan cafe

FAV JUICE:Apple juice


FAV SUBJECTS:maths n physics

FAV SCENE (LRL): boxing scene in that scene that was his actual blood in the scene n other scenes which he performed wit rajeev khandelwal

OTHER FAVOURITES:sweets, cakes n pasteriesTongue


ENJOYS:long drives(but misses meLOLWink),playing video games and owns a Play Station

HOBBIES:sleeping, eating, dreaming, dancing,cooking,gyming,listening to music

 ALLERGIC TO: pollution( smoke...)

FRIENDS: Kunal Kapoor(Yudi),other lrl actors,remix gang

CAR OWNED: silver Skoda Octavia car(PURCHASED IN DEC)

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Taekwondo and dance classes

MOBILE : Nokia N95 (has two mobiles)

MOB NUMBER:9............LOLWink


He prefers being at home rathar than partying

He also loves eating the gol gappe from Calcutta

He is a complete foodie

He is quite witty and humourous too...

Lastly he is a simpleton....The best human being Day DreamingHugWILL GIVE HIM NOBEL PEACE PRIZELOL

NOTE: IF u hav any other info abt his kaamwali,dobhi,dudh wala plz feel free to PM meLOL


 Harshad's Modelling Profile and his achievements:

Harshad nominated in the list of 100 most sexy men of Asia..Check No. 90)Big smileBig smile

EASTERN EYE (19th October, 2007, Scotland)



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lrllike IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 August 2006
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Posted: 27 December 2007 at 11:02am | IP Logged


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lrllike IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 August 2006
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Posted: 27 December 2007 at 11:02am | IP Logged

bekande members 

        Daisy - delo   

     Yojana - angelic eyes

      Swathi - lrllike 

Vaishu - lrl rocks

       Vandana - togepe30

         Gauri -  camila_rocks                      

   Zee - farislove

        Preeti - CINDRELLA      

   Anupama - anu_2701

    Prerna - Prenz~13    

   Pooja - mahek-e-gulab

        Ranju - ranjitha        

Rabi - cute_rabi

             Subha - cool_subha2006     

 Kanak - tere_bin

    Dhvani - dhvanisoni

               Mansi - *mansibhatia*       

    Samreen - friskysam

       Mannu - master_blaster

       Rakshita - rakshi_sweety


   Fariha - fariha17

       Mehrun - anam_mehrun



       Shivani - delhi_princess

     Rajeev Ki Heer







      ~rahul ki rani~      















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lrllike IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2007 at 11:03am | IP Logged






The location-

Its a studio called Kamal Amrohi in Jogeshwari it is truly a nice place to visit cool garden n specially cool people they didn't even ask us kissse milna hai.............

The-  shooting

Yup they were shooting for the Independence day scene in the garden area as d flag was there, the shooting was from 9morning to 10 at d night as some important court scenes of rajeev n jail scenes were to be shot there[yup there was a nakli jail n court made up we saw d sets from inside too

we have a long trial scene to be seen of rajeev n lots n lots more 

                         The meeting

Harshad The chhhwweesst i must say....wat a persona no doubt my frnds adore him like nething yup we met him when he was shooting a scene wid suriji....actually me toh masti kar rahe the..........i wish i actually made my day to meet him n my frnd yoji's too.......chalo yaar he  was missing u all sab ali-ians he is calling u to meet him

Chalo all ali-ians book d flight as soon as possible
but yes a bad news too.....
Harsh told he is planning to leave lrl....

Yup we have some rockstars on IF...Thats because they are too famous as fansLOL

After meeting the LRL cast i came to kno about the famous fans on IF....so me wanted to make a special mention to them as they deserve it to d fullest.............

And yes all Harshad fans ke guru.......Yoji, Vaishu, Delo n Swathi......all d besstt n so r they to harshad as he adores them like nething......

Here is a HATS OFF to all d famous fans of IF.

************************************************************ ********************




What do I say about him…There is so much I want to write about this fantastic human being, but when I get a chance to do so, I am in loss of words…



I had never seen or heard about Harshad before LRL… It was the first time that I saw him as Ali…There was always something special about this docile, humble and innocent character that attracted me towards him… .Thats because we hardly get to see such a character on screen nowdays…



Ali has potrayed his role perfectly..He played this guy with strong determination , without losing his basic values …In the beginning of the show he was the only cadet who actually wanted to become a soldier…He was only the one who fought against injustice and made sure that Alekh comes out from the solitary confinement…



He has been very cutee and his some of his scenes have been really outstanding…Like the ''torch scene'' where Pooja flashes light on him and his expressions then were superb…



Then when he first meet Alekh in his room..He played that emotion of being jittery and nervous so very well..

Then later too he was amazing with some drills…The major one being the ''cycle drill'' where he excelled above all…



His character later had gone haywire…But well he has still done justice to whatever he got…The recent one being the fight scene with the goons…

Now if I start talking about Harshad…I think I can go on…



When all the other LRL stars were in the peak of being well known and talked about..We had Harshad , about whom we never heard…No mails…no phone calls…no articles and nothing at all.. Yes we did get to read one fake article on him…where it was mentioned that his ''girlfriend'' had threated to kill him if Harshad didn't arrange her meeting with Rajeev..That broke my heart, but alas this article about him too wasn't authentic…Such was our luck...But am glad that the article was fake..



Then Harshad happened to come for the Indiatimes chat where he gave out his e mail id…I mailed thrice but never got a response..I thought that maybe he didn't like to interact…But it was later that I learnt that he never checked that id cause he felt that no one would mail him…Hahahahaha…He never knew that here were some girls who adored him like crazy and wanted to get in touch with him…



But well all my plans failed…



Whenever some of my friends used to go to the sets..I was always like…''Ali dikha kya''...But then too I got to hear so less about him..



It was then finally this year  that I got in touch with him…I can't even begin to tell u guys how he made me look forward to interact with him each day…I got to know so much about him…Infact I was so happily surprised that he was so different from the rest…He wasn't one of those regular stars (infact he dosen't even consider himself a celeb)..



His down to earth and humble nature was something that attracted me the most....I was so glad to know that I was actually a fan of such a nice person…

He always made us all feel so special…He loves and adores his fans like crazy…




One needs to talk to him just once…to actually know what kind of a person he actually is…He is very very jovial…cheerful and has an amazing sense of humour…He is passionate about his work…He loves to unwind by driving and listening to his favourite music..




He is very hard working and can get very critical about himself sometimes…But I guess that's important to keep on improving and excel in one's work..




He is a total sweetheart and has always made us feel so comfortable…No starry airs…no attitude…A perfect blend of great looks…a charming smile..and a heart of gold…



In all, I can just say that he is just amazing, fantastic, and a great human being…



He is all set to try out new roles…play new characters ..which I know he will excel in…We all hope and pray that he gets loads of success, fame and name in the coming years… May all his wishes and dreams be fulfilled and may he always have that never ending smile on his face…



I wish he remains just the way he is…cause we all love him that way..



All the best to Harshad for ''Amber Dhara'' and all his future projects…










(Essay by Yojana)


Harshad!? What do I say about him? When I hear this name I get reminded of the Hindi word 'harsh' which means Joy!! That's exactly what harshad is a bundle of Joy!!

I heard that stars are the worst friends to fans and they should never be given importance in one's life! I kept this in mind and had the same feeling but was proven wrong when I first met or rather spoke to harshad. He was exactly opposite of what image I perceived of stars. He came across as a humble person, a simple man full of innocence!


Once I got to know him I realized that he is one exception to all the characteristics stars are attributed with. Harshad has no excess baggage of attitude or infact nooooo attitude if I may say so. He is the sweetest person I ever spoke to.


This thinking came true when he called me up at 12 on my birthday. I was soo shell-shocked. To top it he thanked me for making his b'day so special. Cud I have ever thought of a star thanking me like this and remembering my b'day and calling me up at 12.00 am..?? I was over joyd and that was the time the realization dawned upon me that Harshad is a gem of a person. Now after knowing harshad for about 3-4 months I realized what kind of a person he is. 


Just yesterday's incident when he called me up he chatted just like a friend. He told me"haan tum bhool gayi mujhe aur meri awaaz" I understand. I was like omgggggggggggg…. Howw cutee is that! He wanted me to mention his weaknesses and I was so impressed. He is soo aware of his weak points and takes life so positively as it comes! he is the most friendliest, humble and I must admit the most mischievous and naughty persons I have ever met.


I thought he is like ali but I was wrong. Once u know him he an be the most naughtiest persons and can joke and fool around like a cute kid and I guess that's the best part about him.


I completely adore and admire him I am soo happy and proud to flaunt that I know him and he is my friend.. Actually come to think of it I can go on and on about him. But its not gonna turn out good. I am bad at writing.


(MY ESSAYWink. )

Mr.harshad chopda, fondly known as"harsh" which is coined by me "swathi-the gr8 pagal marvadi"!!! I don't know him much as I am unlucky for not getting an opportunity to know him that well. From what ever I hav heard, he appears to be a simple,sweet,sober,sensitive,sincere,innocent,dwn to earth,hardworking,dedicated,jovial,charming,caring etc...

This guy cannot even hurt an ant..lol.its hard for me to describe him as words r not to describe this beautiful person not only in ters os looks but a person wit pure soul.there r very few plp like him left in this world.i remember the first time I chatted wit him gosh I was so nervous  solid fatth rahi thi meri…lol I blabbered what ever came to my mind tht was so embarrassing..lol.he used to reply to all his fanz without getting irritated or annoyed .we r really grateful to him for tht n respect him for being so nice n sweet wit us .A perfect gentleman.

Coming to his acting part ,I feel tht he is the only person born to play ali's character .The more simple the character, the more difficult it is to enact n he did it with full conviction n ease.he has improved a lot in terms of acting n has done full justice to the character.even the scope of ali character was limited he tried his best n succeded in meeting up to viewers expectation.i cannot see any other person playing ali's character.



I know right know he is going thorugh a testing period of his life in terms of career .it is difficult to see him tht way as it somewhere hurts us also. But I feel tht the way life is the more u struggle the more u learn n grow up in life.life teaches u a lot.there is no short cut .i personally feel the day wil come when he wil be big star n tht day all this stuggle he has gone through wil be payed off.we all r there for him for support n encouragement n will sincerely pray for him to god who will definitely listen to us as even god protects all good human being n harsh is one of them.god bless u harsh all r wishes r with u .may u see all the happiness n success in ur life.


 Special mention-  delo chudail n yoj fitteh mu,love u loads

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delo IF-Sizzlerz

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So here comes our FC # 6..U guys might think that only 6 FC's in a year !!!!..Well the first Ali Fc was opened in July 2006 by Heer, but we never knew about it, or you can say that the concept of Fan Club's was not known to us then..lol.LOL

It was when Yojana started a new ''Harshad FC'' in April 2007...The moderators surprised us with a link saying that ''Hey guys your FC does exist''...LOLIt took us by surprise.Big smile

But chalo we revived that..Wink.It was basically a meeting point of we 4 ardent Harshad fans then, where we spoke about Harshad…We didn't have many active members then…Tongue

Then the next 3 Fan Clubs were started by me...We had so many discussions and we will cherish all the moments spend there...We had a real fantastic time..Clap

I remember it was during our second FC in August, that Yoj and I got to know that Harshad is doing a new show called ''Amber Dhara''...

Gosh we were elated...We couldn't wait to see him as Akshat...We all waited and finally Akki hit the screen with our 3rd FC...

We went beserk over his character..Even though it was a brief role we thoroughly enjoyed talking abt Akki...Ali was also at the peak in LRL those days...Some really nice scenes..

Then we got to know that he has lost the case and he will have to quit AD...Awww a very very emotional period for us...That FC has the most lovliest messages for Akshat..People who really adored and loved him

Our 4th FC again started on a rocking note…It was dedicated to our most favourite Akshat.....Aaaahh what a better way to start..We got to see Harshad in the ITA...That was a drooling time for us..lolHis fans went beserk..lol...Then unfortunately our FC went through a rough patch for 2 weeks...But then we were back, ready to rock and roll...

And our 5th FC was started by Yojana..Yoj has done a brilliant job, and made our FC really colourful and so lively…Its holiday time and winters have set in…Keeping that in mind our FC is rightfully celebrating Christmas and New Year…

Touchwood, but we are having a good time here..We are discussing the most memorable scenes of Ali-Rajveer and now its Ali-Pooja..

Ya there has been an overflow of some real HOT HOT and intense modelling pictures of Harshad too...Girls have been drooling and its hard to control them..lol..On special request I have been posting so many pictures of Harshad…

We have had only 1 MOTW (Member of the week) till now …Yojana..lol

We have had some great discussions on Ali's character and his chemistry with his various co actors…Though there is much more to discuss..

The highlight of our FC, has no doubt been our captions…We have had some real cool and hilarious captions..and we got the see the funny side of our members…Didn't know that Harshad fans had such an amazing sense of humour..

We had an essay and poem contest on Harshad too..Though the entries were restricted..But we got some real cool prizes courtesy Swati..lol…Swati I will always cherish those gifts..hahaha…

In order to revive the good old days, I have been posting so many old stills from LRL…We miss those old golden days..

One of the biggest achievement of Harshad this year has been that he was nominated in the list of the 100 most sexy men of Asia, by a British newspaper ''Eastern Eye''..

He also did a show called ''Amber Dhara'' on Sony…Where he was loved and appreciated by all

We also did have loads of interviews of Harshad this year…Some good…and some not so good…The interview on India-Forums was the best this year..


This year we had Harshad on IF radio interview too..

Our new FC's has also welcomed so many new members and helped us know them better..They have gelled in so perfectly with us…That's the best part of Harshad FC..We all are quite jovial I, actually we are all MAD…Its just that we always try to keep the mood of our FC very light hearted…

Another highlight of our FC has been the posts…We don't chat and spam and our FC is too colourful…Helps it maintain a fresh look….

Harshad too has been really supportive..He has made it a point to visit our FC's…He went through almost all the pages of our 2nd FC…He has absolutely loved everything about it…And was also over whelmed seeing the FC's…He in some ways motivates us to carry on..lol

 Special mention of our rocking members:-

Yojana – Yoj…What do I say about her…Had she not been this FC would have never happened…She has been there with me all the time, being my greatest support…Can't thank u enough Yoj…U mean a lot….


Swati – Swati is another member who has also been instrumental in the functioning of our FC…Her witty messages and posts have made this place such an amazing place to be in…..U were terribly missed in our last 2 FC's dear…But here she is…All set to rock her most favourite Harsh FC…Lovee u loads Swati…


Vaishu – I can't thank Vaishu enough for giving our letter to Harshad..A lucky fan to meet Harsh...Get his autographs for us….Get some real amazing pictures of him…Its because of u too Vaishu that 11th August wud be a memorable day for us…

Vandu – Who can forget Vandu…She has written such fabulous analysis on LRL and wrote for a few episodes of Amber Dhara just for us and Harshad…She is not too regular, but she adores us and Harshad and vice versa….Vandu you are terribly missed…

Preeti – Here comes our coolest caption writer of Harshad FC…It was her captions that Harshad read out to me and laughed for 5 minutes…Preeti u rock…Seriously u put a smile on our faces everyday..

Gauri – Another ardent fan of Harsh and lucky to come and meet him in Bombay all the way from Oman…Though she can't be regular on the FC…She had given us an update of her meeting with Harsh and a few lovely messages…Though we know you cant make it here …But you will always be his biggest fan…

Anupama – Hmm Anu..Though she is not too familiar with IF and dosent enjoy posting messages much, But she again is a hugeee fan of Harshad…She has posted a few messages and is again one of the lucky fans to meet Harshad…Hope to see u much more Anu..

Pooja – Awww Pooja is a sweetheart…She met Harshad and got some real fantastic pictures of Harshad for us…Thanks a lot Pooja…We also hope to see u in our FC..

Ashi – Our new member Ashi…She loves discussing all sorts of scenes from LRL…Bashing the DJ's and she has gelled in so perfectly with us..

Nishant – Nishant is again our new member…He writes some amazing captions…loves pulling my leg and has suggested so many discussons which has helped our FC to go on and rock..Thanks Nishant

Mannu- Thanks a lot to Mannu for all the amazing videos of LRL and all the stills from the show…U have really worked so hard for providing us all pictures of Ali…Ur captions too rock Mannu

Rakshita – Rakshu thanks a lot for ur beautiful Avi's and the pictures and participating in our FC

We welcome our new members Sarika…Zirka…Tazy.

Special mention of Dia…Rani…Anjali …Mansi…for always being there with ur fantastic comments and feedback..

 Thanks to Zee..Kiran Di..Subha..Samreen..for visiting us…

So wishing everyone a very Happy New Year

Guys keep loving our FC and keep loving Harshad and support him in all his future endeavours…

Cheers to all Harshad Fans…U guys rock !!!! 

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