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FF:Bedtime story~Lost~ *complete* 24/02

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Hi all

Many have noticed i have shifted my FF's to DMG... and will be working thereTongue exploring the characters in a bedtime manner....  I come round for teaWink..and finish off the ff 's here i have started...Big smileBig smile.....

Love KatEmbarrassed

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My LAST VOL for KAA: entitled


As the cold tears ran down her face she could feel the warm heat of the roaring fire… Staring helpless at the letter in her hand she looked at the alien words as they now registered.

'Dear Miss Chatterjee

The new tenant Mr Kapoor would like to offer you another months tenancy until you find another property. We would be grateful if you could move out before the deadline below…'

She looked up to see her parent's picture upon the chimney breast…Mom had passed away with cancer two years ago and Baba died a year later. He was a garden/warden to Devikaji estate… they lived 10 miles away from Calcutta and looked after the large 20 acre land and Havali… For generations her family had served the Thakur family when Devikaji daughter Krishna married and moved to London …no one ever came back…For 40 years no living relative of the family came back but know Mr Shiv Kapoor there heir and only grandson was returning back to the Havali… since the departure of her father the estate was not managed for six months and the new garden/warden would move into her family home. The small cottage was situated on the private road which lead up to the Havili… wiping her tears she placed the letter on the table. "I am not leaving this place! This is my home…" As she picked up her plate of rice and placed the spoon in her mouth…. The lights went out!… Lighting the candle on the table she could see the flames on the fire and candles lit up the place… Through the cracks of the small cottage she can hear the wind howl around her outside… the storm was now in full swing and she knew it must have taken out the power cables when ever there was a storm a power outage was common . 'BANG' as the lighting flash she felt the earth move under her for a second. Looking out of the window seeing the wind and rain nothing but darkness she pulled the curtains back and went towards the kitchen. 'knock knock' hearing the door she approached it … what shall I do? With her trembling hands she placed it on the handle. Someone needs help Gauri!.. composing herself she pushed open the door… Moaning she found him on top of her holding him with all her might she stood him up.. She looked at him as he filled up the hallway with his masculine persona.. "I am sorry!" she looked at him as he was soaking wet… 'my car was hit by a tree… can I use the phone…my battery is dead!" she lead him into the living room. "Why don't you warm up by the fire?" the light of the fire he stared at her beautiful long hair and koyal eyes stared at him.
"You're bleeding" Looking up at her as she stood over him looking concerned as she seated him in the large arm chair

Feeling her fingers in his hair cleaning up the blood he could smell her sweet fragrance. "Why don't I help take off your boots?" seeing her assisting him he looked at her oddly. "the cut is very deep… I'll call Dr Samar.." Picking up the phone she looked at his hazel eyes staring at her oddly.

"Hi Samar!… the cut is deep and he looks very pale!" she stared at his strong chin as his eyes looked at her slightly dazed.
"I can't get there until the morning … as the road up is blocked… he an eye on him tonight as the hit on the head can be danger, make sure he is warm…"
"Samar?" the line went dead and she looked at the stranger as he moaned holding his head. Looking at him worried she went to his side and placed her hand on his arm.

"Why don't you rest in my parents room!"

"Parents room?" he looked at her as she help him on her feet.

"I mean the guest room…see they are no more! I guess I can never call it anything but there room yet"

"Oh I'm sorry!" feeling her arm around his waist he leaned against her…Feeling her soft hair against his face he looked at her as she held the candle brighten up the passage way to the bedroom.

"Why don't you…get into bed while I heat up the room..." As she placed the logs on the fire…she look back at him as he stood naked before her and looked away blushing as he got into the bed.

As she closed her eyes to sleep the storm had now pasted away but left gentle sound of the rain…closing her eyes she pulled up the blankets to feel warm….

"Aaagh!" opening her eyes she heard the noise again…Quickly on her feet she took hold of the candle and moved towards the bedroom.

"If he dies I would never forgive myself.." she mumbled opening the door she looked at him covered in sweat shivering under the blanket…. Opening the cupboard she took out another blanket…

"It's so cold!" his eyes where delirious and confused…Feeling his hand take hold of her she was pulled into the bed and felt him take hold of her tightly….confused and scared she lay still as she felt him shiver against her… She had never been this close to a man before and closed her eyes.. 'what shall I do?' feeling him moaning and pulling her close she opened her eyes to see him look at her… "I'm cold" his eyes looked so helpless she nodded as she took hold of him. 'When his shivers have calmed down…I will go back to my bed' she though closing her eyes…she moaned feeling his lips on her chest…in a dream state she felt his hands explore her body as she opened her eyes she looked at him now on top…Feeling him now between her legs she gasped to feel him inside of her… Opening her eyes she found herself total naked next to him grabbing her clothes she got out of the bed.. confused she lay in her bed as her body ached in placed she had never felt before… she could still feel his lips upon her lips, neck and his hands cupping her breast…. This was the gift she was going to give to her husband to be now without know she had give this precious gift to a total stranger… not knowing who he was…as the tears ran down her eyes she wiped her tears…with mixed emotions closing her eyes.

"Where is he?" She looked at Samar as he smiled at her in the kitchen. She looked so simple dressed in yellow with her hair damp…as she stood over the stove.

"He is still upstairs!"

"Ok! Lets go and see the patient…" following him up she felt shy as her heart raced …knowing he would have remembered everything that had happened that night. She watched Samar sit on the bed and wake him.

"Hi I am Dr Samar Verma!" they looked at him moan as he opened his eyes.

"I have a throbbing headache"

"I'm not surprised you where lucky …driving up I saw your jeep crushed by the tree?"

"HUH WHAT?" he stared at Samar.

"Don't you remember?" Gauri looked at the stranger as he looked at them both blankly..

"Gauri can you get my other bag from downstairs!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

"He does not remember anything that has happen to him in the last 24 hours." Gauri sighed in relief as last night he did not remember anything.

"I'll sort out his car and I have addressed his wound… he is a little weak but he will be ok!… I want to run some more test…" Gauri nodded as she looked at Samar talking no stop on the way out of the door. They had grew up together and everyone was awaiting the day that they should marry but she never looked at him in such away and informed her parents of that… She knew he was interested but she had informed Shilpa his sister and her best friend that it was just a friendship she felt for him and nothing more… "How's Auntie and Uncle?" he looked at her smiling.
"Both are fine!… as you can see so am I thanks for asking!" he chuckled to himself as he placed his bags in the car.

Pouring the tea in the cup she turned to find him staring at her in the kitchen.
"About last night!" her heart raced as she looked at him coming towards her.
In the light he was handsome with thick locks and his broad smile on his lips. His husky deep voice had her in a trance and she looked at him standing in front of her in his vest with a towel around his waist.

"I will get you're clothes…. I uh…placed them to dry…" seeing her feeling uncomfortable and tongue tied he grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her close to him.

"I want to thank you for last night…for everything you have done!" he stared at her as she blushed with her eyes cast down. Releasing her he looked at her walk out of the kitchen.. "Indian women?… blushing like grandfather said!" he chuckled to himself.

"Thank you!" taking hold of his clothes he looked at her avoiding eye contact there was something about her…Placing his hand on he head and feeling dizz…he found her arm around him. Placing his hand on her shoulder he steadied himself… "I guess I will be saying thanking you to you all day!" seeing her smile he looked at her and chuckled.

"I think I should be polite and introduce myself… my name is Shiv Kapoor!" he looked at her releasing him as she looked upset.

"YOU!… Get out of my house!" he stared at her as she looked so angry at him.

"Wow I heard members in India are polite and hospitable but this?"

"I have been hospitable but if I had known you where the guy who was throwing me out of my house I would have …." She looked at him laughing.

"OK calm down…darling I'm sure you're confused about something?"

"GET OUT!" the man who she gave everything to was the same man who was driving her out of her home which was all she had left of her family. He looked at her opening the door and look away at her angrily look away.

"Fine … I guess all you women are the same really!" placing his jacket on he stepped inside the door way and looked at her…. Grabbing hold of her he looked at her as he surprised her …Struggling to get of she pushed him away to her him chuckle… "You may have forgotten your manners but I have not!"… Feeling his lips on her …he could feel her melting in his arms and to his surprise she was kissing him back… "Hmm I had a strong feeling that you would have enjoyed that!" she looked at him chuckle as he released her.

"YOU!" seeing her hand come up he took hold of it. To her surprise he kissed her hand and turned to look at her. "I have no idea what is happening to me… but for some strange reason I just want to kiss you again….." Pulling her hand away she could feel the tears in her eyes.

"Look Miss Chatterjee… If it was not for you I would be alive today…. This place is yours…Until you find another place!" She looked at him as he left the house.

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~~~Part 2~~~~

As the water from the shower ran down her body she could still smell him on her skin and feel his hands still upon her , for the past two days she scrubbed as hard as she could but he lingered under her skin. He haunted her in the evening as she walked past her parents room..as the lone tear ran down her cheek she looked at the black sari on the bed and sat down next to it. It was Samar parents anniversary dinner and she was attending as she always did.. This was the first time in her life she was going anywhere alone without her father but life goes on that was the reality… She now had to move on head alone.

"Hi Gauri!" she looked at Vidya and Dr Anand.

"Beta you look very grown up in a sari" she looked at Vidya and smiled. When her mother past away Vidya auntie was there. Every evening she would call and ask how she was… Gauri grew up in the Verma household, but since Shilpa married Ram she did not visit as often. Some how it was because of Samar feeling for her as she did not want to encourage them.

"I am happy you are here.. I was wondering if you could show Mr Kapoor around the gardens!" she stared at him holding a glass of champagne in his hand talking to Samar. The last thing she wanted to do was to see Shiv and to be alone with him was totally out of the question.

"Auntie you know he the one wanting to kick me out!" she looked at Vidya smiling a nodding.

"Yes…beta know you have to be cunning and talk him into giving you the house…" what? She looked at Vidya winking at her. Gauri looked at her baffled she did not know how to play guys… as she never be alone with any man to talk to except Samar and that was as friends.

"Gauri!" she looked at Samar dressed in his black and silver sherwani, smiling nervously she looked at Vidya smiling like a Cheshire cat too.

"We were both talking about you?" feeling very uneasy at the way Shiv was staring at her she avoided his eyes. She was engulfed by his musky fragrance and everything about that night came flooding back.

"Really… all good I hope?" Samar chuckled at her and Shiv placed his glass to his lips.

"Shiv was asking who created this statue.." she looked at the statue of a mother holding her child.

"Its very beautiful and lines are very simple how the mothers body is cradling her baby.." Surprised at Shiv she looked up at him to catch his gaze.

"I must say you have a beautiful eye …I am kind of jealous of creative people as the have such patience and for you to have created this from clay…"

"That is how I make my living Mr Kapoor!" Samar and Vidya looked at her as she was so cold.

"Samar I need you to get the cake organised .." Vidya took hold of his arm and left them alone.

"I must say it's a beautiful way to make a living.."

"When you have thrown me out of the house I will no longer be able to scalpel and paint.." seeing him chuckle made her anger even more.

"Look do you really see me throwing you out of that place… look you can stay there only until you find another place in the village…"

"I'm not moving!… For generations my family has served your family and we looked after the land and Havile…the surrounding area is where I get my clay and I paint looking at the land… its very special to me.." he could see the tears in her eyes and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Look … I have a throbbing headache can we discuss my house later!" she looked up at him my house?

The music started and she looked at Samar as he held her on the dance floor.

"I'm taking Shiv to the city hospital tomorrow… that blow to the head has done some damage…" she looked over at him dancing with the girls from the village one by one.

"It's quite serious… as he does not remember anything…"

"But he is ok right?" she looked at Samar.

"With you as his nurse he is a lucky man!"

"Samar stop it!" she giggled..

"I was scared when I saw the cut.."

"Yeah that has healed but there some pressure on his left templar and I want the hospital to give him the all clear.."

"May I?" the turned to see Shiv standing there.

Taking hold of her hand and waist sent a shiver up her spine…as he moved her on the dance floor sensing her nervousness and the way she blushed he was enjoying her company even her little digs at him. She stuck up for herself which he respected but holding her so close to him was so familiar like he had forever been holding her in his arms.. Gauri was someone he could not stop to look at as she entered the room.. he noticed how everyone spoke to her and how she conducted herself with all the age groups in the room… What is happening to me? She looked up at him.

"That twice you have saved me! Thanks!" she looked at him staring at the young single girls staring at him as he smiled at them… he turned to look at her as she giggled under her breathe.

"So tell me… who's the girl in the pink?" she looked and saw Kaya staring at them.

"Kaya Sharma the Guruji daughter… why?"

"Her mother asked me if I was interested!" he looked at her going a different colour.

"What did you say?" a smile formed on his lips.

"I told her she to young" he saw the small smile on her lips as she looked away. OMG what am I feeling … he is the enemy yet …I was happy he said no to Kaya.

"I want to ask you something!" she looked up at him.

"Ok!" maybe I need to be nice to him to get the house like Vidya auntie had suggested… not letting her hand go she followed him into the study.

"See I cant remember anything since the storm..the last 24 hours are important.. All I remember was I attended the meeting the day before and nothing else… can you help me?" she looked in his hazel eyes which looked at her helplessly.

"I tell you what I know… a tree hit your car… you walked up the road and I let you in… I put you to bed and then Dr Samar came round!"

"I kind of guessed that much… but what was I doing driving to the Haveil …did I talk to you about anything more?…" she looked at him taking hold of his head.

"Shiv are you ok?" he looked at her

"It's like I have lost my life in the last 24 hours…I uh.." she looked at him feeling dizzy and took hold of him.

"Why don't you sit down here? …I will get Samar…" she turned towards the door…and felt his hand pull her back.

"He is busy with the function….can you take me home?"

"So quickly?" they looked at Shiv and Gauri.

"I uh need to rest.. As I have a strong head ache" they looked at him.

"Here some tablets they should help!" Gauri looked at Samar and remembered what he had told her. He needed someone to keep an eyes on him through the night and she was the one with this task. To be on the safe side she got Samar to look him over before they left.

He looked at her so quietly in the car.. As she drove. She looked so strong behind the wheel of the car.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have every met!" she glanced towards him.

"You are on drugs … as I'm not beautiful!" she looked at him chuckle

"You can not take a compliment can you?…I told you your statue was beautiful and you just hurt my feeling about the house…and now I called you beautiful.. and you are telling me I'm high on pain killers.." he looked at him laughing and smiled.

"Look we are here!" he looked at her cottage..

"No take me to my house!" he demanded as he looked up the private road to see him large mansion at the top.

"look I can look after myself…I just need to get some sleep.. You don't need to be obliged to me!" he wanted his space her attitude was something he did not want at the moment…

"You sure?" she was kind of hoping secretly that she had an escape route away from him…this evening was enough but all night again…

"Yes! Please take me to the haveli"

"Ok goodnight!" she looked at him smiling at her…


"So you want coffee?…as I need someone to tuck me in!" she looked at him unbolting the seat belt and leaning towards her.

"Shiv?" he chuckled at her as he pulled the handle, he turned to look at her dimple smile.

"Ok bye!" he looked at her drive away……


"Hello Gauri?" holding the phone to her ear she knew it was him

"They keeping me in the hospital for a week …I was wondering if you could get my things from the house… see I know you have a spare set of keys…" a week omg this must be serious? She held the phone and could feel his helplessness and uneasiness.

"Ok tell me what you need?"

Grabbing the small bag she placed it in the boot.

"Hello?" she looked at the red Porsche and saw a very beautiful and attractive girl open the door and look down at her.

"Mr Shiv Kapoor place?" Gauri stared at her smiling broadly looking at the mansion.

"Yes that's right? But he is in the hospital!" She looked at the as she stared at her confused.

"What? He ok right?"

"I am going there right know you can follow me up!"

He looked at Gauri enter the room and smiled as she placed the bag on the bed…she was dressed in pink salwar suit and looked like an angle.. For some reason he could count on her for anything.. I never felt like that for anyone.

"OMG SHIV!" he looked at Gauri chuckling as he got crushed in the young woman's arms.

"Ipshita? I'm ok!"

"I feel terrible as you asked me to marry you and I said yes! And now my darling in hospital!" Gauri stared at him as he looked at her total confused… for some reason she felt as something inside her hurt and she looked at the door.

"GAURI!" she turned to look at him as Ipshita freed him from his embraced..

"Ipshita meet Gauri… and Gauri thank you for my stuff!"

"She's the servant girl refusing to leave the house?" Ipshita looked at her as her eyes danced.

"Actually darling if it was not for Gauri I would have died!" he looked at Gauri and could see the hurt in her eyes.. And looked back at Ipshita as he opened his bag to unpack.

"Thank you Gauri… but I'm here now and I can look after my Fianc!" Gauri looked at Ipshita and decide that the hospital was not the best place to hit her.. And left the room.

~~~~~~~Part 3~~~~~

Staring at the clay in her hands she stopped the mould of a couple inter weaved together. As the tears ran down her face the images of the storm night came flooding back , his hands slowly pulling her towards him… his lips on her neck as he hands beneath her clothes exploring her … the way he unbutton her clothes …her naked body responding to his naked body and the desire of wanting him was so strong …feeling his masculine body by her finger tips and hearing his moan as he came… the long lasting kisses as he just held her in his arms… and seeing something in his eyes as the light of the candles went out. 'I was so stupid thing that a strange man would be the one' … instead he was the man who was driving her out of her house and a monster already engaged and bound to be with someone else in this lifetime

"Wow that is beautiful!" hearing his voice she wiped her tears quickly. She turned to see him standing at the door way looking dashing as in his white shirt and brown cords.. His hair was wet and he looked around her workshop.

"How did you get in?" Smiling evilly he approached.

"If I want something I get it!…actually the kitchen door was open and I let myself in this is my house!" she looked at him chuckle… his whole body shook whole heartily as he looked at her chuckling.

"I came to give you these… " his hand he handed her a large bunch of red roses and looked at her seriously.

"I wanted to thank you… for the accident taking care of me and then bringing my stuff to the hospital…" she took hold of the roses and looked at him curiously.. As he turned to see the model she had just made on the table.

"Thank you they are nice!"

"It took me 2 hours to decide what type of flowers to get you …I look like a right git in the flower shop… I never personally given anyone flowers before…normally I just ring them up." she heard him smirk as he hand nervously went through his hair…he looked at her as she took out a glass vase and placed them into the water…everything in the house had its place and when you walked in the smell of lavender hit your scenes ..it was not a strong scent but a mild one.. Made you feel total at uneasy and at home.. The house was perfect in everyway… or was it her.. He had not made up his mind up about her.. The house was hers he could never see her in any other place…but as the landlord he loved the way she took digs at him and he loved the fact he got the last word in…

"I guess you be leaving now!" she looked at him… she could not stand him so close to her as he took away the most valuable procession she had ..her heart. She knew she had such strong feeling for him and there was no denying it…but he was someone else dream… while she was just the stranger who appeared in his life.

"Ah… I cup of tea would be nice!" she looked at him leaving the workshop and followed him into the kitchen.

Holding the cup of tea in his hands he looked at her standing away from him near the stove as he sat at the breakfast bar looking at her.

"I need you're help!" she looked at him.

"I guest those flowers had a hidden agenda!" he looked at her and shook his head.

"Women? Uff! Granddad was right! You can never understand them!" she looked at the hurt on his face as he gentle placed the cup on counter and got up.

" I am sorry!" he looked at her come forward.

"you know forget it!!…I thought you where the only person I could count on here …I guess I was wrong!" she had hurt his feeling and he looked so upset as he stood up.

"Shiv I am sorry!" he looked at her in front of her. She looked so sorry and the finger marks of clay on her face made her look so cute.. She has the riches black hair and her pastel colour suit in light blue made her look like and angel. She lowered her face ashamed and her eyes were dimmed so low… feeling his finger under her chin slow lifting up her face she looked into the depths of his hazel eyes.

"I need you!" his husky voice whispered as his thumb gentle outline her chin slowly touching her bottom lip as it quivered by his touch.

"I don't know the haveli that well and want to restore it to its full beauty…you are so beauty I have never seen anything in my life like you.." feeling his lips she closed her eyes…his kisses were so deep and she felt his arms lift her off the ground and place her on the counter…feeling his hand part her legs he stepped closer to her not letting her go…with her arms now firmly around his neck… "Promise me you will help me" he whispered in between kisses… as she nodded her head unable to speak nothing but him inside her mouth …feeling his hand untie her hair she opened her eyes to look at him…he released her gentle …knowing he would not be able to control himself any more …she made him loose himself when ever she was in the room with her and all he wanted to do was kiss her… for some unexplained reason he wanted to kiss her… but to his surprise she kissed him back… she feels it to he though stepping back. Seeing her blush he let out a deep sigh … " I don't know what came over me?…I just want to…" BEEP BEEP… he looked at her as she gentle got of the counter and reaching into his pocket to get his mobile… "Ipshita ?? No I have not forgotten… I be there!" she looked at him as he looked so uncomfortable and guilty… she had realized that she was now the 2nd woman and was now feeling sick about the whole thing.

"Can you come over this evening about 4pm … the decorators will be here.." NO she though looking at him with pleading eyes… he had this control over her and she need to know how to break it completely.

"look I don't think it's a good idea!" she looked at him stepping closer.

"LOOK Right now I don't know what is happening to me??.. You are the only person who I can…for some reason talk to… this whole Ipshita engagement thing is something I cant explain.. As I cant remember a thing!…" he took hold of her shoulders.

"Tell me did I mention anything at all that night!.. You have no idea what its like thing you have lost something and you are trying to find the clues to piece them back together…" she looked into the helplessness in his eyes.

"4pm …. I will be there.." she saw the smile on his lips and released her…

~~~Part 4~~~~

What is she doing here?" Gauri and Shiv turned to she Ipshita walking down the large white marble stairs looking down at them as Gauri looked at the plans of the haveli. She looked at Shiv who looked very embarrassed and placed his hand on her arm and mouthed sorry. She turned and looked back at the plans feeling upset and angrily. Shiv looked over at Ipshita and noticed how the painters where staring at her short skirt and top he walked up to her as she looked angrily at everyone.

"Shiv its been 2 days the hammering and the paint fuses are driving me mad!" he took hold of her hand and lead her to a quite corner. Gauri turned to look at them to find Ipshita placing her arms around his neck holding him. She noticed how uncomfortable he looked and slowly walked towards the room he wanted as an office to see how that was going.

"Ipshita stop it!" he looked at her and removed her arms around him.

"Whats the matter Shiv back in London you had no problem kissing me and holding now… you barely come near me!" he looked at her as she looked very upset.

"You know what my plans are for this place …remember! I want to fix it up for dadi and dada as a surprise…I need these people to help me"

"I know baby but I have a problem with that Gauri… lately she is taking up your time and I am not liking it!" she looked at him shaking his head at her.

"She saved my life and now helping me restore this place and…we should be both thanking her!" he looked at her angrily…feeling her arms around him as she looked at Gauri approaching them hold some papers.

"I am so sorry baby!" Shiv felt her lips hard on his lips and pulled her apart. Gauri looked at them and turned around to give them some privacy.

"Baby how long is this decorating going to take?" she looked at him.

"A couple of months as we started downstairs and have all the bedrooms to do!" he noticed Gauri nearby.

"Mom called and I want to go and see her and get the wedding planned..you don't mind if I leave you for a few days? The hammering and fumes are driving me mad and im taking it all out on you and the staff!" he noticed her eyes on Gauri as she spoke to the painters.

"Why don't I help you pack!" he nodded as a smile formed on his lips.

"No Need baby as I have everything at mum's place in Delhi!… I call you when I get there.."

"I will walk you out!"… Gauri looked at them as they walked out of the house.

'Why did I agree to all this?' seeing them together made her a little upset and he always insisted that she see all the plans before they started …but now enough was enough.

"She is gone!" she turned to look at him smiling broadly

"I have checked everything… its all fine! I need to get back home… I have a buyer coming to see my work!" he looked at her she was upset and her tone was so harsh.

"Look I'm sorry about Ipshita? She's normally very nice and.."

"Please im the hired help! You folk can talk about us middle class people however you choose… but we have been brought up to tolerate it and I choose this once to ignore but next time Mr Kapoor I will not remain silent to such comments." she turned to walk away when she felt his hand pull her back.

"I know for a fact a woman like you can take me and Ipshita on without hesitation and I respect you for not being as childish as she has been. I am sorry to have offended the woman who has saved my life…you know in some cultures the saviour is totally responsible of the person she saves and the saved person is totally indebt to the saviour for life and bound to them until they have paid that debt." she looked at him standing so close to her.. As her heart ached.

"If you want to re pay me sign over my house to me!" she looked at him throw his head back laughing.

"I cant do that!" he looked at her shaking his head…as she turned out and walked out of the door.

A couple of days past and he had not seen her come to the haveli… as he parked the car he noticed a large shogun at the door. Curiously he walked up the path to find laughter from the kitchen.

"Ok now seriously you have to come with me and visit the place!" he stared at the long hair slim looking gentleman smiling at Gauri as he looked at her nodding.

"umm Shanshank sounds wonderful!" she looked up to see him at the door…but looked away un-noticed.

"Great ..it's a date!" Shiv looked very displeased as he knocked at the door which was open.

"Shiv?" pretending she had not seen him she looked over at him as they looked at him smiling as he walked in… she looked at him for days it felt like a life time not seeing him or even smelling his musky scent…

"I need you to check something for me at the haveli.." She watched how he walked in and demanded her attention totally ignoring Shanshank.

"Shanshank please meet my landlord Mr Shiv Kapoor!" she watched how he nodded at Shanshank and looked back at her stepping closer to her.

"Hi.. Gauri I will take the pieces you have.. Please!" he looked at her smiling at Shanshank and totally ignoring him and what he had said.

"Sure Shanshank… but they heavy I am going to need a hand… as they are in the back!" He looked at him stepping of the stool as she walked to her workshop.

"Why don't you open the truck of Jeep..I will get them!" Shanshank looked at him surprised as he glanced at him and followed her in the room…

"Shanshank?" as she turned …it was him in front of her.

She looked at him with hurt in his eyes as he moved towards her… she smiled as she looked at him.

"Shiv? Where is Shanshank?!" he moved closer to her as she moved back.

"He's outside.. Where he should be!!" she looked at him curiously moving back as he came forward.

"The uh…box…" she looked up at him scared as he had a crazy look in his eyes…as she pointed to the shelve….following her finger he turned and looked back at her…. She watched him shift his feet and pick up the shelve.

Placing the box in the boot of the car he looked at Shanshank staring at her as she smiled at him as he rolled down the window.

"I will see you in 2 weeks Gauri… bye sweetheart!" seeing him wink he looked at her blush and wave back at him as he drove off.

"What the hell are you doing? Who the hell is that jerk!" she looked at him walking behind her so angry it scared her….he took hold of her arms and looked at her.

"Shiv you are hurting me!" he looked at her as he pulled her close to him

"And what about what you made me go through just now that hurt!" surprised by what he said she looked at him.

"What? You are getting married to someone else …Now let me go!" he looked at her and released her.

"Look Mr Kapoor… who ever I invite into my house is my business!" he looked at her angrily and took hold of her again.

"You and this house belong to ME!" seeing the tears in her eyes he released her…as he realized what he has just said.

"Like hell I belong to you Mr Kapoor… as for this house it too has been with my family for generations and if you want it then you are going to have to kill me first!" seeing her sobbing he looked at her.

He placed his hands through he hair and looked at her sobbing…she looked at him wiping her tears.

"I am sorry I don't know what is happening to me??…if I don't see you I feel lost and then …Ipshita is driving me made with this marriage thing… I look at her and don't see it!" she looked at him holding his head looking down on the floor.

"See what?" she looked at him as he moved closer to her.

"You know that look of seeing the woman you can spend the rest of your life with and who will bear my children…I look at her and feel nothing…" totally surprised …she felt his hand on her face wiping her tears.

"Please tell me what happened that night …as need to know if I had proposed to her that day?" his eyes pleaded with her as she looked into his hazel eyes.. She turned around not to see him.

"I told you shiv.. I don't know what you have said and done before the storm!" she turned to see him sitting on the stool holding his head.

" I will put the kettle on! A cup of tea will do us both some good" he looked so hurt and distressed but the truth was she to did not know whether Ipshita was lying or telling the truth! What happened between them she was not going to tell him as it would only tarnish her reputation and that was the last thing she need was him and the whole town finding out.


"Gauri how is the havali coming along?" she meet Nikhila as they always caught up with each other every month when they went to the city.

"All finished! Shiv gone to Delhi to see Ipshita …they are planning the wedding" he left two weeks ago and not once called her.. She felt so empty not seeing him…but she had to stay away and not encourage him. She was totally in love with him now and cried herself to sleep almost every night. He came over everyday and now he was no where to be seen or heard off it hurt.

"Wow wedding!" she looked at gauri looking a little pale.

"Gauri you don't look so well!"

"I think I have this bug of late I have been throwing up and feeling tired…" Since he left she had been feeling unwell.. And she knew she was making herself sick of not seeing him.

"You should see Samar!" she looked at the concern look on nikhila face and smiled.

"It will pass!" she looked at her to reassure her….

"Shanshank?" she looked at him surprised to see him.

"Gauri I spotted you here and came over…!" Nikhila looked at the way he was looking at her and pulled on Gauris arm.

"Shanshank this is my aunt Nikhila.." she watched him holding his hands up together and looked at them both.

"Gauri why don't I meet you at the coffee shop …you can talk to Shanshank" Gauri nodded as they watched her leave…..


He drove like a maniac to get back to the haveli not seeing her for over 3 months now was killing him.. Business and Ipshita now finally all sorted out as he hired Ram as a private investigator to find out the truth…As he turned up the street he looked at the house and noticed the shogun there and stopped the car.

"Gauri you don't look so well?" the dark circles around her eyes and pale skin she looked ill.

"I think its bug im trying to shake it off..!"

"Ok I come in a fortnight for the next box..OK!" nodding she watched Shanshank leave the house… as she closed the door she looked at the sofa which looked so good to rest on.

"Gauri?" she turned to see him and gave him a weak smile.

"Oh my god! What happened to you?" cursing himself he knelt down beside her and took hold of her face…the light in her eyes was dim and she looked so fail.

"Shiv I have a bug just leave!…or you get it!" she closed her eyes feeling his warm hand on her face…feeling her body weightless she looked at him as he held her in her arms…

"What is wrong with her?" Samar looked at him as he closed the door.

"She is 2 months pregnant and has pneumonia…she needs a lot of care I can take her home.. Momma and I…"

"No I look after her.." he was totally shocked pregnant… Samars eyes wided as he looked at him.

"You're not the father?" Shiv shook his head… as he looked at him trying to understand everything too.

"I know who it is…I will talk to her and make the arrangement for her to get married.." Samar look at him as he sounded so angry and hurt.

"Ok right now just look after her…I come round in the morning…."

~~~Part 5~~~

"What the hell is she doing here? And why is she in your BED?" he looked at Ipshita as she just arrived to the house and was totally furious.

"Quiet she will hear you!" Gauri stood at the top of the stairs to hear them.

"She saved my life and I will keep her anywhere I choose fit and she staying with me now!" Gauri looked at him as he stared at her angrily as Ipshita was totally stun by the sound of his voice.

"You are sleeping with her!"

"You are Sick in the head.. Ipshita! The woman is sick.."

"Yeah but you getting married to me and I will not have another women in you're bed!" he looked at her screaming at him. Gauri looked at them as she turned and left them alone.

"Do not raise your voice at me!! You HEAR ME!! What did you take me for a Mug?… you where never in India when I was making my way here and I never once called you so how did I proposal to you tell me Ipshita?" seeing the worried look on her face he looked at her.

"Shiv I can explain!…" he looked at her as she sobbed.

"I am pregnant!" Ipshita sobbing taking hold of him in her arms….

"Get out Ipshita before I throw you OUT!" Ipshita released him as she looked at him.

"Just stop it ok!… You are not pregnant and if I was to marry you then we need a pre nuptial agreement as you know I hate people who lie to me…believe me Ipshita you would not get a penny!"

"But Shiv!" she looked at him shocked

"Look I spent 2 weeks with you in London period …while you my dear was with him and him!" she looked at him as he threw pictures of her partying with other men at her…

"Now leave my house before I throw you OUT!"

He walked his room and looked at her as she was dressed to leave..

"Get back to bed!" she turned to look at him and smiled weakly.

"I have been a burden …I should go!" she looked at him as he walked over to her angrily

"I guess you heard Ipshita… look she is gone!" he looked at her as her clothes did not fit her and her face was still pale …

"Shiv you have paid your debt and…" She looked at him as he marched over towards her angrily.

"GET IN THAT BED! WOMAN!" feeling him lift her up in his arms she looked at him in tears as he placed her gentle on the bed…she looked at him pulling up the covers and sit down on the bed.

"I hired a private investigator Ram… he discovered for a month I never spoken to her or called her.. See I meet Ipshita at a launch party.. We kind of dated for 2 weeks nothing more… I never proposed to her and she took advantage of the situation.. I told her to get out!!" she looked at him shocked as he placed his hands in his hair.

"All my life I have been alone… my father was a gambler and drunk.. He blew away everything.. But my mother had this estate and other asset stashed away.. But she too had no time for me but need money she looked at her baby the company instead… all my life I have spent it alone in boarding school. My fathers gambling got worse and we were financial bankrupt and we sold of our homes …but mother left me this place and the company before she passed away. My grandparents are are living in a elder home in Delhi and I only just found them that was why i was away for so long.... My father threw them out of the house when I was 10 years old in a drunken rage and I have never seen them only spoken to them via letters and phone. My company and business is doing well now and I can give then everything… I just don't want to be alone…This is why I am here! I have only dreamt of one thing growing up and that is family as money will come and but family will always be there…" she looked at him getting up from the bed and leave them room.


"OMG shilpa you are pregnant?" Gauri smiled as she hugged her..and started to cry.

"What is the matter?" Shilpa looked at her concerned as she sat in the grand bedroom she had come to visit her family and found out she was unwell.

"Ok Gauri let it out.. Cry as much as you want! Samar told me everything"… Gauri held her crying.

"Gauri who's the father?" wiping her tears she looked at her.

"Shiv… but he does not remember anything…" nodding Shilpa took hold of her.

"So why don't you tell him..Do you not love him?"

"More then anything but he cant remember anything that happened that night and I cant tell him as he will think im lying and taking advantage…"

"Gauri you cant have a baby in the village out of wedlock? You have to tell him! Plus he has the right to know the truth.. This is his child!" she looked at Gauri shaking her head..

"No Shilpa promise you will not tell anyone about this…please!" she pleaded with Shilpa as she looked at her.

"OK! But what are you going to do?" Shilpa looked at her unsure how gauri was to cope with everything onher own.

"Massima has been telling me to move in with her in Shimla.. So I have decided to leave…" Shilpa looked at her sobbing….


He walked into the house to find her giggling as she looked at Shanshank…

"See there's that smile.. Again Gauri I cant thank you for what you have done for me!" he looked at the way they looked at one another and just could sense that there was something between them.

"Please Shanshank… you don't have to thank me… I was happy to have helped you.." Shiv looked at the smile on her face.

"Ok here the cheque I owe you" Gauri looked at the cheque and back at him.


"Don't look so surprised 50 thousand rupee ..was all I can give you as that was how much I could sell those pieces.." She looked at him shaking his head negatively at her..

"I hope its enough for you to buy a house that you wanted…"

"Shanshank thank you but yes its more then i expected…  when I move to Shimla it will be enough to cover it!"

"You're moving?" Shiv looked shocked at her as she got up from the sofa.

"Will you be able to come to the wedding?" Shiv looked at Shanshank shocked.

"Will see and give me love to Aasta!"

"You jerk!" Gauri and Shanshank looked at Shv as he walked into the room angrily

"Shiv!" he looked at Gauri and angrily at Shanshank again and walked over towards him but Gauri step in his way.

"I want you to tell the kids that Gauri auntie will come to see them before she leaves.."

"Sure!" he looked at her as she lead Shanshank outside.

"Gauri?" she looked at him as he took hold of her hand.

"Shiv I cant believe how rude you were.. I know this is your house but.." he looked at her as she freed herself from him to face him.

"this is my house and I will talk how I please..!" She had never seen him so upset.

"you will be happy to know that I am giving your house back!" feeling him taking hold of her hand she found herself almost on top of him.

"You cant leave me! YOU GET THAT!!" struggling she got out of his hold.

"Why Shiv?" she looked at him holding his head again.

"I have to leave Shiv this is what you wanted.. Me leaving that house it was going to happen sooner or later…" he looked at her as she walked up the stairs to the room…

"Gauri Shiv is right you are not well enough to travel yet!" Samar looked at Shiv as he stood over her and angrily put her things away ..he found him so possessive over her....and he acted without think about nothing but her.. He was strange at time looking at Shiv as he nurtured her and cared for her like he lnew no one could and he saw something in her eyes when he walked into the room… there was this deep sense of love or vibe he was getting as she looked at Shiv putting away her things.

"So when can I leave?" she looked at Samar as he looked at Shiv

"Did he put you up to this?" Samar looked at Gauri

"No see …you are not fully recovered and still weak.."

"Tell her the truth Samar!!" she turned to look at Shiv and back at Samar.

"Gauri …the baby is very weak and you seriously need to rest! Its vital you rest … or the baby could die…" Seeing the tears running down her cheek he looked at Shiv take hold of her in his arms…

"Gauri I'm here its going to be ok! Trust me!!" Samar looked at Shiv as he held her in his arms as she hugged him…picking up his bag he looked up to see Gauri in his lap on the bed hold him sobbing.

"Stop crying as its bad for the baby…" she looked up at him as he kissed her on the forehead … Shiv looked at Samar looking at him as he left the room.

"I'm going to hire someone to take care of you…while I go and get my grandparent!" she looked at him as held here…

"Shiv let me stay with Nikhila auntie.." He nodded as he pulled back her she was still all bony and he was concerned more about her then the baby.

"Ok buy when I come back.. You staying her with me!" she looked at him as he held her and placed his head on her chest. Feeling his warm lips she loosened her grip.

"Shiv? Why are you doing this?" he lifted his head to look at her

"I don't know??" she looked at him as he smiled looking at her....

~~~Last Part~~~

"I think you should have waited for Shiv?" Gauri looked at Samar as he drove the car.

"Samar this is best for everyone.. how is he going to explain a pregnant woman in his house to his grandparents … Plus Massima is waiting for me…"

"Look Shiv has been gone for 3 days and will be back… I am still unsure about the whole issue?" she looked at the concern look on his face as he drove the car…

"BEEP BEEP!" seeing his name on her phone she looked nervously at Samar and hit the silence button.

"Was that him?" he looked at her nod her head as he stopped the car at the train station.

"Do you love him?" he looked at her eyes fill up with tears and nodded her head.

"He loves you too…You don't have to leave? This baby is his right!" Gauri looked down at her little bump and back at him.

"Gauri I don't understand? You two love each other then what more you want?" Gauri pulled open the car door as the tears ran down her cheek… as she walked over towards the platform with Samar holding her bag she turned to look at him.

"He does not remember anything and if I tell him this child is his it will not feel right to… I would feel like I have trapped him with the baby and cheated him… this is best for everyone!" Samar looked at her as she boarded the train.

"But he loves you…"  Gauri looked at him as placed the bag in the compartment..

"I know!" he looked at her surprised.

"Then why?" Gauri smiled at him as she looked at him confused.

"Maybe because this is also part of love too… or may be I need something more then his love!" She looked at him shaking his head as she smiled… you will never understand but love is more then being together and belonging it is also wanting that someone to not feel obliged or compelled to be with someone… love also means freedom…. She looked at him as the whistle to the train blew…  "beep beep" she watched him place the phone to his ear.

"Accident?  Shiv Kapoor? ok I be right over!" seeing the horror on her face he grabbed her bag and lead her off the train quickly……..



"Gauri you need to rest…" Nikhila looked at her sitting so ridged on the chair looking at the casualty door in the waiting room.


"Beta?" Gauri looked at the frail old woman dressed in a pale green sari place her hand on her head.


"He was so worried about you and left the Haveli to get to the train station…" Gauri started crying out loudly as she held the old woman.


"I have killed him! Everyone I ever love dies… that was why I was leaving!" hearing her sob loudly Nikhila held her as she sobbed.


"He is ok! Nothing to worry about" they turned to see Samar in his surgical gown walking towards them holding his charts.


"He has had a server blow to the head …but he will be ok!… You can go in and see him!"  everyone looked at her as she looked at them all.


"Why don't you all see him… I will go in later!"


"Your name was the first thing he spoke Gauri … he needs you!"


He looked at his still body as the tears ran down her cheeks.. unable to move a step towards as she saw his wounds dressed and the site of him in hospital scared her… As he opened his eyes to see her in tears…everyone she ever loved ended up here and this was the last image of her mother and father she had in her mind… closing her eyes she turn towards the door and ran away……


"Gauri!" seeing him standing there in his hospital gown. she looked at him as he approached her shaking his head


Feeling his arms take hold of her she sobbed uncontrollable…feeling his lips on her forehead she looked up at the concerned look on his face.


"And you thought you could leave me?" shaking her head at him as he chuckled she took hold of him sobbing.


"I am seriously going to have to ensure this never happens again tomorrow we are getting married!" surprise by what he had said she looked up at him.


"Don't looks so surprised someone going to have to make you look respectable and no child of mine is going to grow up without his fathers name!" she could feel the anger in his voice as he lead her towards the hospital.


"Why didn't you tell me Gauri? I died a thousand deaths thinking about you with someone else!" she looked at him


"I uh I…did not want you to feel trapped like Ipshita made you feel! Plus I will not marry you Shiv!" pulling her close to him hard he looked at her.


"That night without any questions asked you gave yourself to me…As you thought I was going to die… for the past 3 months I have fallen so deeply in love with you! God Damit woman…I kill you myself if you disagree and believe me I would. You ever answer me back like that again I will…." Feeling his lips upon her hard she pulled back to look at the fire in his eyes.


"You and my child which you're carrying belong to me an believe me… Shiv Kapoor get what he wants!" seeing a lone tear run down his cheek she shook his head at him.


"Don't even change Shiv!" feeling his arm around her as he lead her into the hospital


"I wouldn't if you never stop loving me! But you have to give me something in return…"  she looked at him as he a smile formed on his lips


"You have me and the baby what more do you want?" feeling his hand squeezes her shoulder he turned to look at him.


"Listen my bottoms is on display.. and don't ever forget a half naked guy in the cold asked you to marry him…" seeing her giggle he laugh with her as he felt her hand hold the back of the hospital gown covering him as they walked past the waiting room full of patients.


"I want that the cottage.. there is no way in hells chance you are ever goin to leave me in the haveli if you get anger and decide to go to your maakya!!" giggling she looked at the stern look on his face.


"I am totally serious and you're laughing?" seeing him pout his lip she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek as he looked at her blush he smiled.


"Shiv you're going to have to make sure you don't upset me!" he looked at her grin.


"Hell no! that gussa on your face make me want you even more.. and I will give you nothing but my love in all its forms…" seeing everyone's face as he walked into the room he smiled.


"I told you she will not say No! we getting married!" feeling his lips on her forehead she blushed as everyone looked at them…



Shiv looked at her sitting on his bed as his bride and smiled as he approached her.


"Ouch!" he looked at her surprised


"OMG I have not even touched you yet?" looking at her giggle he smiled lifting up her dupputta to see her face.


As he felt her lift his hand and place it on her belly he looked at her surprised and smiled…. As he leaned forward and kissed her he looked at her.


"If we you know… it may hurt the baby?"


"Hmm…" feeling her arms around him he looked at her.


"I want a big family I never had any brothers and sisters…so I want my princess not to be alone!" as he looked down at her as she lay in his arms.


"Princess?" she looked up at him smiling


"I want a girl to spoil totally…along with you!"  seeing her chin on his bare chest looking into her loved filled yes.


"I forgot to tell you something!" seeing her mischievous eyes looking at him he looked at her


"What?" seeing her index finger running down his chest she looked down blushing.


"We having twins!"  he took hold of her hand and pulled her up towards him.

"I love you! Ok now I am going to be busy I will convert the room next door as a large nursey  by knocking down the room next to it and then the study room will be a big games room I …move the study and…" she stared at him talking non stop and leaned forward and kissed him.


"Shiv go to sleep to sleep honey!" he pulled her close to him and sighed.


"My life has never been perfect… I have dadi and dada here and now I am going to have my very own family … me with the woman who is carrying my babies…" as she let out a sigh she looked at him close his eyes and smiled…….


The end


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awesome story cont soon plz!!!!!!!!!! Clap
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Yaiiii Katt Clap Clap Clap awesome story! Man those 2 are fast LOL LOL Let's see what else Mr. Kapoor does in future. Can't wait for next part Big smile
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Cry Cry Cry last FF here Cry Cry

no prob
now this FF.... how many parts do u hv? Big smile
gauri jst kicked shiv out of the hse
hw nice
and samar likes her Confused he is suppose to like kaya.....
where is shashank? LOL
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u dnt stop do u LOL
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wow kat........ superb start..loved their interaction.. looking forward to read it... Wink
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Originally posted by *mad*

Cry Cry Cry last FF here Cry Cry

no prob
now this FF.... how many parts do u hv? Big smile

i had the same reaction LOLLOL
gauri jst kicked shiv out of the hse
hw nice
and samar likes her Confused he is suppose to like kaya.....
where is shashank? LOL

wow... Kat... atlast u started posting 'Lost'
Make sure its long and we read and feel as if it goes forever... Wink LOL LOL

interestng start... but he said the same that was in the letter...
but what if she doesnt find another place to live.. Tongue Big smile

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