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Koi Aap Sa (A-K) : Part 43 : page 150!

love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Inspir ed greatly by a few great writers in this forum, I have decided to start my very own.  It is my first one so I dont know how good it is going to be.  I just wanted to give it a shot.  Hope you guys like it.

-----------------------------KHANNA FAMILY:

Angad Khanna:
THE HOT GUY IN TOWN.  IS SINGLE AND NOT LOOKING.  He is a smart, caring, loving, organized yet funloving.  The rarest combination of all qualities.  In His college, all girld drool over him.  He is only 20, has just started his medical studies in India.  He helps out his father in his business.  He is the apple of his Mother's eye.  He has one sister.  He is really possesive about everyone related to him.  Has two best friends, Josh and Dhruv.

Aliyah Khanna:
Angad's sister, 19 years in age.  Just finished high school and has started her medical studies in CANADA.  Aliyah has two best friends Kripa and Anjali.  The apple of her dad's eye.  Helps out her mother at home with anything that the butlers of the house dont do.

Naina Khanna:
Angad and Aliyah's Mother.  The best mother in angad and aliyah's definition.  The best wife in her husband's definition.  She helps everyone and takes care of them all also.  She is extremely sentimental.  She is not the partying type but never stops her children from enjoying their life to the fullest.  the only restriction Angad and Aliyah have is anything that they should not do out of wedlock.  But she knows her children know better than that and would not do anything wrong to that extent.

Dilip Khanna:
Angad and Aliyah's Father.  Sucessful business man.  His company is in Aliance with Suryaban's company.  He loves his family more than his life.  He has become weak ever since his mother has become ill.  Secretly Naina and Dilip have been searching a girl for Angad.  Dilip Khanna is very strict but he doesnt stop his kids from enjoying their life.  He fulfill's all their wishes and has made it clear to Angad and Kripa that they have to do the same.  The day Dilip has a wish, Angad and Aliyah have promised to fulfill it.  He gives everyone the freedom to make their own decision but he gets the right to approve or disapprove their decision.

Devyani Khanna:
Angad-Aliyah's dadi.  Dilip's mother.  She has fallen ill since the past year.  Doctors have said she will not survive very long.  She desires to see her grand daughter- in-law (Angad's wife) before she bid the world a goodbye.

------------------------------SHARMA FAMILY:

Kripa Sharma:
THE HOT GIRL IN TOWN.  SINGLE AND NOT LOOKING.  She is smart, caring, loving organized yet funloving.  She hides her fun loving nature from her parents but she does go out to parties and clubs with her friends.  All guys that know kripa sonner or later fall in love with her.  She is 20 and has started her medical studies in CANADA.  She studies with Aliyah, who is her best friend along with Anjali.  She is the apple of her father's eye.  Kripa has one brother.

Josh Sharma:
Kripa's brother, Angad's best friend. Studies with Angad. 21 years old  He is fun loving type extremely messy and lazy but he is smart.  He loves him sister more than anyone in the world.  He would even kill the person who looks at kripa with wrong intentions.

Gayatri sharma:
Kripa-Josh's mother.  A great mother and a loyal, loving wife.  She is old fashioned but her husband takes the decisions in the house and lets the kids enjoy.  Gayatri always protests from keeping Kripa out of house later than 7 but suryaban allows Kripa to be out until 12 at the latest.

Suryaban Sharma:
Kripa-Josh's father.  A hard working business man.  His comapny is in alliance with Dilip's company.  old fashioned but moves on with the changing generation.  He has been in the hospital for the past month (Kripa does not know).  He is dying of cancer.  He wants to see his daughter married.


Anjali saxena:
Age 19 years!  Kripa and Aliyah's best friend but studies in india.  the trio was broken when Kripa and Aliyah moved to US.  Anjali finds India very dull and boring without her friends with her.  She is also a silent lover who is in love with Dhruv.

Dhruv Kapoor:
Age 20 years! Angad-Josh's best friend.  He is also in love with Anjali but has not told anyone.  Josh however, has a hint of it.  Angad is very far from things such as love. 

**Angad and Kripa have not yet met.  When Angad was studying in US, Kripa was studying in INDIA.  When Kripa moved to US, Angad moved to India as he wanted to spend time with his Ill dadi.
**Anjali and Dhruv fell in love because they know each other. they used to be in the same high school until grade 11 when Anjali had to move to a different school.  but they still keep in touch through e-mails.


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love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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There is a man who looks terribly weak sitting in a wheel chair. The wheel chair is being pushed by a tall muscular hunk. There is a lady walking beside this hunk in a grey saari.

Lady: beta jao...dekho tumhari behen abhi tak ayi ki nahi?

Hunk: haan maa...dekhta hoon.

The tall guy walks to the enquiry counter.

Hunk: Hi...Um...Can you tell me which flight Ms.Kripa Sharma is travelling in please?

Receotionist: sure are....?

Hunk: Josh...Josh Sharma...I am Kripa Sharma's brother.

Receptionist: Her flight laded about 10 minutes ago, She will be out shortly.

Josh: Thank you very much ma'm.

Josh walks over to his mother,gayatri.

Josh: maa....uski flight aa gayi hai...she will be here in about 20 minutes.

Gayatri(turns to the man in the wheelchair): suna aapne...hamari beti kuch hi der mein hamare saath hogi...phir aap apne dil ki baat usse keh dijiyega..mein jaanti hoon...woh inkaar nahi karegi..

Josh(under his breath): im sorry kripa...i cant save you from this..

Suryaban(the man in the wheelchair): josh...woh haan kahegi na?

Josh: papa...woh.....woh...mana kaise kar sakti hai....aapne hamari har khwahish puri ki hai..ab hum aapki khwahishein puri karenge(we will fulfill your wishes)

Gayatri: Josh....woh Kripa hai kya?

Josh turns around to find a girl in a formal white t-shirt, black jeans, walking with the bagage trolley. She waves to Josh with a smile on her face. Josh runs to her and hugs her.

Kripa: how are you bhai? where is papa? i want to see him? i am really scared...

Josh turned around and pointed at the weak figure sitting in the wheelchair. Kripa's eyes filled tears right away. She ran to her father and hugged him tight.

Kripa(sobbing): papa....kaise hai aap?

Suryaban: ek marta hua aadmi kaisa ho sakta hai beta?

Kripa: please papa....aisi baatein mat kijiye..kuch nahi hoga aapko....aapki beti hai na? pata hai? aapki beti ek research group mein select hui hai jo cancer ke cure ko dhundh rahi hai..i will find the cure for this disease.

Gayatri: Chalo beta....ghar chalo....ghar jaa kar baat karenge....waise bhi mujhe aur tumhare papa ko tumse ek bahut jaruri baat karni hai...

Kripa: theek hai mama..

All four of them go home.


A man is yelling for a doctor while a lady comes running down the stairs and runs into a room to scream "mummy-ji".

A man: Koi doctor ko bulao

A voice in its 20's: TEDDY!!!!! GOD DAM*IT CALL THE DOCTOR!!!! Dont worry dad...i am making sure she is still breathing...

The man: How can i not worry Angad? She is my MOTHER!

Angad was trying to make sure that The man's mother was breathing.

Angad: mom!...aap jayiye aur jitni jaldi ho sake josh ko phone lagayiye...

Naina: Josh aur Dhruv...dono ko bula leti hoon..

Angad: dad....aap dadi ke paas bethiye mein abhi aya..

Dilip: theek hai..

Angad ran out of the house. Angad was about to get into his car but just then he saw the doctor. Angad rushed the doctor into the room where his dadi, devyani, was dying.

Doctor: oh god..she is serious....all of you step out..

Angad, Naina, and Dilip went outside pacing around. The doctor walked out of the room and gently closed the door behind him.

Doctor: dont worry...she is fine.........(everyone let out a sigh of relief)...for now.

Angad: what do you mean for now?

Doctor: well...this was her second heart more attack and she can die...

Dilip burst into tears while naina and angad who were emotionally much stronger consoled him. Angad dropped the doctor outside and thanked him. He called josh and dhruv to tell them they didn't have to come anymore. He went inside and sat with Dilip.

dilip: angad...can i go inside..

Angad: said that she is sleeping...she is given sleep medications...

Dilip: i want her to talk to me...i want to hear her speak...

Naina: dilip...sambhalo apne aap ko....agar tum iss tarah se tut jaoge to hamara kya hoga?

Angad: want me to call aliyah home?

Dilip: nahi beta...let her study...if need comes we will go and get her personally..i dont want her to travel alone..she wont be able to take the shock.

Naina: haan angad...tumhare dad theek keh rahe hai.




Josh: hey sis...chill...i know what you mean....i told mom even that kripa will never do something so stupid. But you know...they won't find any tom, harry, or dick for you...they will find you a classy, respectful, loving, caring, smart kind of guy...

Kripa: i know that bhai..lekin....koi bhi ek aise insaan se kaise shaadi kar sakta hai jab ki woh usse jaanta tak nahi?

Josh: waise tumne yeh sab mamma pappa se to nahi kaha na?

Kripa: nahi...woh actually kya hua tha.......


All four reach home and relax for an hour. Josh headed out as soon as he got a call from Angad's house calling him over. Gayatri and Suryaban found this to be a very good time to talk to kripa about it.

Gayatri: Kripa...beta hum jo kehne jaa rahe hai..usse bahut dhyan se suno....

Kripa: bolo mamma...kya baat hai?

Gayatri: kripa....hum......hum......chahte hai ki.tum......tum...shaadi karlo

Kripa(eyes widened): shaadi? kis se?

Suryaban: pata nahi...abhi tak koi ladka dekha nahi...lekin beta agar tum maan jao to tumhare liye to ladko ki line lag jayegi...

Kripa: par pappa..

Suryaban: beta meri puri baat suno....mein ab jyada dino ka mehmaan nahi hoon beta....mein tumhe usike paas chod kar jaana chahta hoon jiske liye tum bani ho...har baap ki khwahish hoti hai ki woh apni beti ko bida kare...uska kanyadan kare...

Gayatri: beta....agar tumhe sochne ke liye waqt chahiye to tum socho...

Suryaban: mein sirf yehi chahta hoon beta ki is ghar se meri arsthi uthe, isse pehle tumhari doli uthe (i just want that you get married before i die)

Suryaban and Gayatri left Kripa in tears to think about the proposal. Just then josh walked in.

Josh: alright?

Kripa: bhai...i thought u went to your friend's house..

josh: oh..everything is under control there...what wrong?


Josh: well Kripa...mein tumse kuch bhi nahi keh sakta...yeh tumhari life hai....lekin ek baar mein jarur kahunga...tum apne aap ko pappa ki jagah rakh kar dekho...shayad tumhe tumhare sawaal ka jawaab mil jaye.


Everyone is gathered around dadi. Dadi is whispering something but no one can hear it. Angad made dadi drink some water so that she can speak clearly.

Dadi: iss baar to meine maut ko taal diya...lekin agli baar..meri aur maut ki beech ki jung mein maut jeet jayegi...

Angad: please dadi...aisi baatein mat karo..kuch nahi hoga aapko..

Dadi: angad...dadi ki itni fikar hai tumhe...lekin dadi ki ek tamanna puri nahi kar sakte?

Angad: please dadi...not that again....dadi im only 20! i am still studying and..

Dadi: who said you can't study afer you're married?

Angad: dadi...lekin mere dil mein abhi bhi kisine jagah nahi banayi hai...aur mein apna dil ek aisi ladki ko kaise de doon jisko mein shaadi se pehle sirf ek baar milunga..

Dadi: kabhi kabhi ek nazar mein pyaar ho jaata hai angad...koi baat nahi hai...jao tum sab yahan se..mujhe kisi se koi baat nahi karni.

Angad: dadi..please..

Dadi: angad...mujhe kuch nahi sunna...ek budhi aurat ko yeh bhi hakk nahi hai ki woh marne se pehle apni bahu ka chehra dekhe..

Angad, Dilip and Naina walked out defeated. Eversince devyani's first attack, shes been wanting angad to get married.

After about hours of thinking Angad walked into devyani's room.

Angad: dadi...mein shaadi karne ke liye taiyaar hoon.

Everyone was having dinner except for kripa. Kripa walked downstairs in the midst of the dinner.

Kripa: mamma, pappa, bhai.............mein shaadi karne ke liye taiyaar hoon.


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cheeselova IF-Dazzler

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gr8 intro and an amazing part. cont soon


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bheegi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2007 at 10:28am | IP Logged
nice start ekta...ur good Clap Clap

so a medical ff? Inspired by DMG or gray's anatomy? Big smile
cutie13 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2007 at 10:59am | IP Logged
gr8 part
cont soon
ice _girl IF-Dazzler
ice _girl
ice _girl

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really really good concept. plzzzzzzzzz continue soon.
love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2007 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by iamsmart

gr8 intro and an amazing part. cont soon


Thanks Sana.  Glad you like it.  Keep any suggestions coming my way.  Like i said...i am new to might not be as good as the others but im giving it a shot.Wink
love_iqbal_khan IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by bheegi

nice start ekta...ur good Clap Clap

so a medical ff? Inspired by DMG or gray's anatomy? Big smile

Thanks bheegi.   Well not really a medical ff...........not for the start just wanted them to be SMART.......inspired by ur very own fan-fic ehsaas.  I was going to make Kripa a doctor anyways......but then thought...angad makes a pretty hot

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