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Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Story

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The serial begins on Amba's birthday - a day that no one in the family, except her husband, her grandson Mihir and Tulsi, the daughter of the pujari, seem to remember. In order to make up for the lapse on their part, the Viranis propose to have dinner together. The bahus - Savita, Daksha and Gayatri - decide to order food instead of cooking. This embarrasses Amba, angers her sons, gives the three daughters-in-law more reason to crib against Amba and sets the tone for the way relationships proceed for the major part of the serial.

Mihir returns from America and takes over the reins of the family business. He goes to the family temple and there he bumps into Tulsi - the daughter of the family pujari.

Savita, Daksha and Gayatri plan Mihir's wedding. Mihir meets a prospective bride called Niharika, but when she seems undecided about what she wants to do, Mihir lies to her parents about his affairs in America, and wiggles out of the match.

In steps Payal - with a proposal for Mihir. It is soon taken for granted that Payal will be marrying Mihir. But the differences between the two are apparent - and Tulsi and her dad, the pujari talk about this. Payal, in the meantime, goes over to the Virani household and tries to sniff out the undercurrents in the house.

Payal snubs Tulsi. When Mihir hears about this, he goes to apologise to Tulsi. Payal, however, does not apologise for her conduct. She does not go over to meet Chirag either - after he is brought home by the police on suspicions of attempting to kill himself, because he has flunked in his exams.

Mihir and Tulsi discover that they like each other. Savita stops Tulsi from coming to her house. Payal's mom goes to the pujari's house and insults him and Tulsi, as a result of which he suffers a heart attack. Mihir then breaks off his engagement to Payal and threatens his family that if he is forced to marry her, he will return to America.

Mihir proposes to Tulsi. Savita, in the meantime, has already planned to get Mihir engaged to Payal all over again. Plots and counter-plots fly thick and fast - and Mihir and Tulsi get married in secret, much to Savita's anger.

Savita asks Mihir to choose between her and Tulsi. She sulks for days on end till Mihir and Tulsi decide to leave home. Savita makes up her mind that she will pretend to be pacified in order to keep Mihir at home, but will make life hell for Tulsi.

Pragna, the sister of the Virani sons, comes to stay at Shantiniketan. Govardhan appoints Navin, her husband, as one of the directors in his company. Pragna, meanwhile, is placed in embarrassing situation time and again, because of her pathetic financial condition. To save her the hassle, Hemant and Mihir buy her a flat.

In the meantime, trouble is brewing at the Aligarh factory of the Viranis. Tulsi and Mihir cut short their honeymoon and return to India. Kiran returns too and is told about the Aligarh problems. He asks Govardhan to let him go to Aligarh.

He then throws a party for Mihir and Tulsi, where matters come to such a head between Tulsi and Savita that Mihir decides to return to America. He is coaxed into changing his mind. Kiran discovers that the girl he loves is the one Savita has decided he should marry.

Govardhan hands over all the work for Kiran's wedding to Mihir. When Savita is shown the wedding card, she bristles on seeing Tulsi's name on it and calls up Payal. She then decides to be ostensibly sweet to Tulsi, but to saddle her with responsibilities that she just cannot juggle. She plots as often as she can to get Tulsi into sticky situations.

At one of the rituals before Kiran's wedding, Hemant and Pooja get talking to each other. Savita puts Tulsi in charge of the jewellery for the wedding. Tulsi leaves the ornaments with Amba. When Pragna comes over, they open Amba's cupboard to look for the most expensive necklace they have made for Aarti - it is missing.

Savita asks Tulsi to get the necklace. Hemant comes to know that it is missing, and he asks Tulsi not to tell anyone about it. Hemant tells Govardhan about the loss of the necklace, and also points out that Daksha is wearing a similar one, which she claims is hers.

Daksha gives her necklace to Aarti and blames Tulsi for the loss of the necklace. The servant Madhu finds it in Tulsi's room. Just when everyone is convinced that Tulsi has stolen the necklace, JD catches Madhu counting money in the kitchen. He asks Madhu where he has got so much money. Madhu confesses that Gayatri had paid him to put the necklace in Tulsi's room.

JD drags Gayatri to Govardhan and Amba, but she refuses to apologise to Tulsi. JD praises Tulsi for her honesty. The three bahus start plotting again.

Meanwhile, Sejal, who had gone for a rehearsal, is in a accident. Hemant, JD, Gayatri, Payal and Mihir go to the hospital. Anand, Sejal's friend, who is with her when the accident occurs, feels guilty.

Kiran and Aarti plan the resurrection of the Aligarh factory. Kiran reaches the Aligarh factory and asks for work, but is dismissed. He waits outside the factory and meets Mohan, who tells him that he will find work there.

He then calls Aarti and asks her to come to the Aligarh factory. He asks her to pretend that she is the boss.

Meanwhile, Suhasi meets Rakesh, her parents' acquaintances' son, and agrees to marry him. Payal and Tulsi bump into each other at the temple, and Payal challenges Tulsi that she will make the two divorce each other. Tulsi and Amba decide that it's time to teach the three bahus of the Virani household a lesson.

But even before they can put their plan into action, Savita mounts an attack. Tulsi then makes up her mind to win over all the people of the house. She talks to JD and asks him to get Gayatri to take an interest in her dance again. She also tells Ba it's time to fulfil Gayatri's dreams for a dance institute.

Suhasi gets married. On the night of her wedding, she discovers that her husband already has a son. She decides that she will keep up the faade of the relationship.

Payal, who has been plotting against Tulsi, gets her friend Deepak to fake an affair with Tulsi. But this plot falls through when Deepak discovers that Tulsi is his childhood friend, and not the wicked woman that Payal had made her out to be. Deepak and Tulsi turn the tables on Payal and tell Savita that Deepak and Payal are actually in love with each other. Savita is furious.

Chirag fails his exams and leaves home, telling his parents that he will not return till he carves out an identity for himself.

In the midst of all this bad news comes some good - Ba and Babuji give Gayatri the plan to her dance institute. Gayatri apologises to Tulsi for misunderstanding her. Tulsi also gets Ba enrolled into a fashion designing school, where she is a hit.

Tulsi also discovers that she is pregnant - a fact that does not go down very well with Savita.

Pooja, in the meantime, has been getting blank calls from someone who professes to be her admirer. She discovers that the blackmailer is her boss and Anand's friend Rajeev.

At the factory, the village girl Kiran had rescued falls in love with him. This strains the relationship between Kiran and Aarti. Chirag returns home and tells everyone that he has become an actor.

Suhaasi, meanwhile, gets Rakesh's son Aniket home, but does not let him care for the baby. Suhasi comes home and Tulsi gets to know the truth about Aniket. Mihir, too, suspects that Aniket is Rakesh's son.

JD agrees to let Sejal marry Anand. Chirag tells Daksha he wants to marry Prajakta, and she warns him against it. Just when she is busy plotting Chirag's marriage with Bharti, her niece, the Virani family receives a bolt from the blue - Sejal consumes sleeping pills and it is discovered that she is pregnant. Daksha overhears Tulsi telling Mihir that she had suspected Sejal's condition. She tells Savita about this and the two plan to insult Tulsi in front of the entire family.

Pooja, in the meantime, is delivered an ultimatum by Rajeev - he tells her that she must marry him, or he will ensure that Anand never returns in time to marry Sejal. In order to make life easier for Sejal, Pooja agrees to marry Rajeev.

With this promised, the way is cleared for Anand to come home from Dubai and marry Sejal. But problems crop up almost from Day 1. Used as she is to the comforts of the Virani house, Sejal cribs about the lack of amenities at Anand's house and repeatedly castigates him for not being able to give her what she terms "basic comforts".

Hemant returns from his work abroad and is shocked to discover that Pooja has married Rajeev. He does not know that she has been blackmailed into it. Therefore, he vents his ire against her often, embarrassing her in public and taking pot-shots at her for toying with his emotions.

Mihir, in the meantime, is involved in the collaboration of a major project that could control the future of Virani industries. His financier for the project is Anupam Kapadia - a man he has spoken to over the phone, but has never met in person. It is gradually made clear that this project could make or break Virani Industries. In order to carry the project through to fruition, it becomes necessary for Mihir to go to the Aligarh factory.

Mihir leaves for the factory, evidently worried about the state of Tulsi, who is now far into her pregnancy. He promises to call and keep tabs on her health. He is delayed from reaching the factory, and the worried Viranis try calling him on his phone, but cannot get through to him. There is no news of him at the factory either, and everyone gets worried about his safety.

Just then, the Viranis get a call that confirms their worst fears - there has been an accident. Hemant, Chirag and JD go to the accident site - and discover that the body found at the site does, indeed, belong to Mihir.

With Mihir's death comes a sea-change in the attitude of Savita towards her bahu. Shattered by the death of her son, Savita is now left with hope in the form of her daughter-in-law and the child that she is carrying. Gautam, the child, is born and becomes the centre of his mother's and grandmother's worlds.

With Mihir's death, the project he had planned also seems doomed. In steps Anupam Kapadia, the financier of the project. He uses his business acumen to save the project and protect the Viranis from disaster.

Payal also offers her aid to the Viranis. Her company offers them money against the mortgage of their house. She then returns the mortgage papers to Hemant and uses this to get closer to him. Payal now has one goal in life - to get back into the Virani house as a daughter-in-law. With Hemant having got to know the true story behind Pooja's marriage to Rajeev, it now appears to Payal that all she has to do is capitalise on the lack of a woman in his life.

Anupam turns out to be the solace for the suffering Virani family. He falls in love with Tulsi and evinces interest in marrying her. Tulsi is totally against the idea, but she fears that if she turns down Anupam's proposal, he might ruin the Virani family financially. In order to save the family's fortunes, she agrees to get married to Anupam.

As luck would have it, the serial shifts back to Mihir - who is alive, and suffering from amnesia - in a Delhi hospital. He has been under the supervision of a certain Dr Mona. He is back from the dead, but has no memory of who he is and where his family is.

Mihir is given the name Amar and is taken care of by Mona, who has started harbouring a soft corner for him. Matters are complicated more when it is revealed that Mona is the sister of Anupam, the man Tulsi is all set to marry.

What follows are tense, climactic moments when Tulsi and Mihir almost seem destined to meet, but never really make it. But other people who know Mihir meet him - Payal's friend Deepak sees him, but gets confused about his identity. Bharti's fiance Suresh Dhurander spots Mihir and is convinced he has seen a ghost.

Hemant gets engaged to Payal. Suhasi gets a shock when Aniket's mother, Monisha, turns up and wins a court case against them. She has to give up Aniket to his biological mother.

In the meantime, Anand, pushed to the edge by Sejal's taunts, decides to join the Virani family business. He decides to go all out to make money and Sejal finds that he has lesser time now to spend on her and their child, Indu. This leads to frequent fights between the two.

As Tulsi's wedding to Anupam approaches, Savita faces the prospect of losing not just her grandson, but also the woman she has learnt to love. Tulsi senses Savita's sense of loss. She tells Savita that she will get married to Anupam only on the condition that she can leave Gautam behind with the Viranis.

Savita, however, begins to ask Aarti, Kiran's wife, to give up her career and stay at home. Aarti prefers the life of a successful businesswoman, and this leads to frequent arguments between the two.

Daksha is also busy on another front - she has got Chirag engaged to Bharti and is planning to get the two married. Prajakta, Suresh and Bharti panic, but Chirag assures them that he will find a way out.

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In Delhi, Mihir is shown to be getting better. He remembers bits and pieces of his past, but is unable to put a face to any of the people he remembers. The break-through finally comes on the day Mona leaves for Mumbai to attend Anupam's wedding. Mihir remembers the garba that happened at his house - and he remembers Savita's face. But he still cannot put a name or a place to his memories.

Mihir leaves for Mumbai for the wedding. He meets Anupam and his mother. Just as they are about to leave for the ceremony, Mona's gaze falls on the statue of Ram. It's the statue she had promised to get repaired - a statue that's a permanent fixture in the Virani house. She also remembers her promise to Tulsi that she would get it repaired before the wedding. Amar promises to get it repaired and reach the wedding venue on time.

At the Virani household, everyone is helping Tulsi get ready for the wedding. Savita comes to her and tells her that she is returning Gautam to her as a wedding gift. The wedding then begins. The priest urges Tulsi to give Anupam her hand and complete the kanyadaan ritual. A reluctant Tulsi looks around helplessly, trying to delay the moment, as she fights the knowledge that after this moment, she must give up her identity as Mihir's wife. Just as she is looking around the gathering, her eyes fall on Mihir, who has just come in and replaced the broken idol. Tulsi runs to him.

A series of images from the past flit through Mihir's mind and the strain of makes him lose his consciousness. The Tulsi-Anupam wedding is called off - leaving behind a visibly-thrilled Tulsi and a shocked Mona, who realises that Amar has now been taken away, irrevocably, from her.

Tulsi realises that Mihir is torn between "Amar's" feelings for Mandira (Mona) and his duty towards his wife. Dr Singh, who was helping Mandira cure Amar, is brought down from Delhi and he tells the family to try their best to make Mihir remember the past.

Mihir, Hemant, JD, Mansukh and Dr Singh go via the same route that Mihir took when he was in the accident. He sees the spots, recollects the conversation he had then and finally regains his memory.

However, he still has to cope with the fact that Mandira does not want to let go of him. She calls him up, comes over to meet him, and tries to make excuses of all kinds to be with him. Mihir is also distressed by the fact that Payal is to marry Hemant - try as he might, he cannot stop feeling that he has reason not to trust her.

Meanwhile, Rajeev is diagnosed with bone cancer. Suhasi and Rakesh get custody of Aniket because Monisha is unable to take care of him. Anupam confronts Mandira about her obsession with Amar and she denies it, plotting all the while in her mind to get him back into her life.

While Tulsi is worried about the Mihir-Mandira equation, there are stress lines brewing elsewhere in the Virani family. Aarti tells Savita that she will give up her career if Payal also gives up hers after marrying Hemant.

Tulsi and Mihir, in the meantime, decide to take Ba and Babuji on a pilgrimage. News reaches the family that Bharti, the woman Daksha was grooming as her daughter-in-law, has run away and got married to her fiance, Suresh. Daksha is shattered by the news and her heart sinks further when she realises that nothing can now keep Chirag from marrying Prajakta.

Visions of Mandira and Mihir having an affair continue to plague Tulsi. She also finds Mihir lying to her about his whereabouts. Mihir discovers that Payal's firm has whisked away a contract from under the nose of Virani Industries. Payal informs them, however, that the contract is back in their hands, since she has withdrawn her bid.

Prajakta is worried that Chirag's parents might not let her work after their wedding. Chirag reassures her. Over dinner, Mandira's mom broaches the topic of Mandira's wedding. The latter gets furious and walks off.

Rajiv cooks for Pooja, in order to make her feel better. He also proposes that they celebrate her birthday in advance, since he might not be around on her birthday.

Mihir buys Tulsi a saree, but Mandira takes it away from him. Mihir then spots Tulsi's cousin Kesar, and takes her home instead, to make up for the missing "gift".

This gives Daksha an opportunity to instigate Savita against Tulsi. She tells Savita that it is not OK for Tulsi to call her cousin home without informing anyone about it.

Anupam discovers that Aarti has been discussing business secrets with Payal - thereby explaining why Payal's company manages to come up with better bids for projects. He tells Mihir about his concerns and Mihir asks Kiran to ensure that Aarti can't leak out business details again.

Kiran gives Aarti a dressing down and Aarti says she will give up working.

Mihir meets Mandira and talks to her. Payal, who's also present, notes this and files it away in her memory for future use.

Tulsi, to her horror, discovers that Mandira has sent Mihir a card. She is worried about it.

It's Anupam's birthday and Mandira tells him that she has thought of a novel way to celebrate it. Tulsi is perturbed about the card Mihir has received from Mandira. She wonders if he has given Mandira the saree he bought for her. Even as she is trying to make sense of it, Mihir lands up with a saree for her, confusing her all the more.

Hemant and Kiran discuss the tension at home and decide to talk to Mihir and Aarti and ask them to help prevent more trouble at Shantiniketan.

Payal tells Hemant that the root of all the trouble is Mihir's relationship with Mandira - she goes on to insinuate that Mihir is meeting Mandira on the sly.

Payal spots Mandira buying a gift for Anupam. She orders a gift and sends it to Anupam, putting Tulsi's name on the card.

Anupam calls Tulsi to thank her for the gift, but ends up speaking to Savita, who finds the fact that Tulsi has sent him a gift, disturbing.

Savita confronts Tulsi and asks her why she sent the gift to Anupam. Tulsi denies having done so.

Chirag and Daksha argue again about Prajakta. Mihir tells Chirag that he will support him, as long as he doesn't do anything that will besmirch the family's honour.

Aarti's doctor tells her and Kiran that she will probably be unable to bear children. However, the doctor reassures them that they might be able to help Aarti, with the help of modern medical techniques. Kiran asks the doctor to keep Aarti's condition a secret from his family.

Anupam and Mandira go to a restaurant to celebrate his birthday. Mihir and Tulsi land up at the same restaurant. Tulsi and Mandira are wearing identical sarees and Mihir hugs Mandira, mistaking her for Tulsi.

Mihir feeds Tulsi cake and she drinks out out of his glass. Mandira is left watching them. To hide her anger, she toys around with a glass and ends up cutting her hand.

Tulsi asks Mihir why he lied to her about the saree he gave Mandira. Mihir accuses her of lying to everyone about the gift she gave Anupam. Tulsi denies having given Anupam any gift, but Mihir refuses to believe her. Tulsi then makes up her mind to confront Mandira.

Tulsi meets Mandira at the restaurant and asks her to stay away from Mihir. Mandira tells her that she and Mihir are friends, and if Tulsi thinks that their relationship is a threat to her marriage, she should talk to Mihir about it.

Tulsi then tells Mandira that no matter how much she loves Mihir, she will never be able to take him away. She then goes to Anupam's office and asks him why he lied to Savita that she had sent him a gift. Anupam shows her the card that came with the gift. Tulsi tells him that the writing on the card is not hers. Anupam is left wondering who might have sent him the gift.

Ba and Babuji's anniversary is on the cards and Savita, Daksha and Gayatri plan to take the family out to dinner to celebrate. Tulsi plans to get Ba and Babuji remarried. She gets cards printed and everyone in the house gets down to the task of organising the wedding.

The Viranis give Amba and Govardhan the card and tell them about the wedding. Ba and Babuji tell Mihir and Tulsi how they first met each other.

Payal's mother tells her to be careful and not do anything that might get in the way of her marriage with Hemant.

Anupam wonders why Tulsi refused to acknowledge that she sent the gift. Mandira says she might have done so for fear of offending her in-laws. Anupam says someone who wants to harm the Viranis must have sent the gift.

Payal finds an envelope in the magazine that Tulsi is reading, and steals it. The envelope contains the letter and the photo of Mihir and Mandira that Tulsi's friend Deepak had taken. Payal writes a letter and addresses it to Tulsi and plots to use it to separate Mihir and Tulsi. She then replaces the envelope. Tulsi sees the photos and is heartbroken.

Kesar sees the photo and Tulsi tells her that Mandira is the cause of all her problems. Kesar tells her she will tackle the problem for her.

Tulsi tells Mihir that Mandira's presence in their life is getting larger than life. Mihir tells her that they should be grateful to Mandira, because it is thanks to her that he regained his memory.

Kesar shows Anupam the letter and the picture of Mihir and Mandira. Anupam tells her he will take care of the matter.

He then shows Mandira the photograph and asks her what she is up to. Mandira tells him that the photo was taken when she was in Delhi and Mihir was in her care. She tells him there is nothing more to it than that.

Tulsi is furious with Kesar and tells her she should not have handed over the photo to Anupam. She then calls Anupam and tells him she wants to meet him. Anupam comes home and tells Tulsi that Deepak is responsible for creating a misunderstanding between Mandira and Tulsi. Tulsi tells him Deepak can be trusted.

Anupam tells Mandira to forget Mihir and get on with life. She then tells Anupam that if he can get her Mihir, she will never ask him for anything for the rest of her life.

Aarti tells Payal that she can never have children. Payal advises her not to tell anybody in the family that. She then goes to Gayatri and tells her about Aarti's problem. She also tells Gayatri that she has been trying to persuade Aarti to talk to everyone. Chirag overhears both these conversations, and is convinced that Payal is up to no good.

Deepak comes to meet Tulsi and tells her that the photo she has is the one he had sent, but the letter and envelope are different.

Chirag talks to Mihir about Payal. They decide to tell JD everything.

Gayatri talks to Savita and lets it slip out that Aarti cannot bear children. Savita is shocked and hurt that no one told her about it.

Sejal returns home and tells her parents that she has left Anand. JD calls up Anand and tells him that they must now put an end to this problem.

Kesar goes to meet Anupam. She apologises for her behaviour. Anupam tells her that he will forgive her, if she goes out for coffee with him.

JD and Anand tell Sejal about their plan to make her realise how selfish she was acting. Sejal realises her mistake and asks Anand to forgive her.

Savita tells Aarti that she will take her to a doctor who might be able to help her. She also asks Aarti not to conceal the truth from her in the future. Aarti wonders why Payal talked to Gayatri about her.

Mihir discovers that Payal owns a majority of the stake in Virani Industries. He tells Kiran that this could be a threat to the Viranis.

Anupam and his mother show Mandira pictures of prospective grooms. Mandira tells them that the only one she wants to marry is Mihir. Her mother threatens to hit her, but Anupam stops her.

Mihir tells Kiran that they have to talk to JD to stop Payal. He also shares his fears about Payal with Tulsi. She advises him not to do anything that will hurt Hemant. Mihir then goes to talk to Hemant, but sensing his happiness, doesn't tell him anything.

Kiran gives Aarti her project files and asks her to take up the project again. Aarti refuses to do so, telling him that she does not want to give Savita cause for complaint.

Pinku tells Prajakta how he has planned to stage a wedding between her and Chirag, and make it appear like part of the film shoot.

JD wonders how to tell Gayatri about Payal.

Mandira comes to meet Mihir. Payal sees them together. She talks about this to Hemant. He tells her that Tulsi has been worried about them, ever since she saw the photograph of Mandira and Mihir.

Anupam meets Deepak, who tells him about the circumstances under which he clicked the photographs. Deepak recognises the handwriting as Payal's. He tells Anupam about his fears.

Ba and Babuji assure Chirag that they will support him and help him marry Prajakta.

Payal tells Tulsi that Mandira had come to meet Mihir in the office. Anupam talks to Mihir about his conversation with Deepak. Mihir decides to talk to Tulsi about what he has discovered. Tulsi tells him that she is not concerned about Payal - she is worried about Mandira. She tells herself that Mihir is blaming Payal only to save his face.

Savita asks Tulsi what is going on between her and Anupam. She asks Tulsi to watch her step with Anupam.

Mihir meets Mandira at a restaurant. He tells her to forget Amar. Hemant and Payal walk into the restaurant and find the two of them there.

Tulsi pours her heart out to Ba.

Pooja tells Rajeev that she wants to take him to America to get him treated. He says it is of no use. But she refuses to listen to him and he is forced to agree.

Daksha, Chirag and the others set off for the "shooting" - Chirag's wedding.

Prajakta arrives for the wedding. Pinku pays the pandit to complete the wedding in 15 minutes.

Chirag and Prajakta's wedding begins. Prajakta's father turns up just before the wedding is completed and denounces her. Daksha also leaves the hall.

Prajakta and Chirag come home. Everyone blesses them, but Daksha slaps Chirag and refuses to forgive him Chirag tells Prajakta that they now have to try and win Daksha over.

The doctor tells Pooja that Rajeev will not live much longer, and that there is no use in taking him to America.

Prajakta's dad is furious with her, but her mother persuades him to forgive her. They come over to the Viranis' with gifts for Prajakta and Chirag. Prajakta's mom asks Daksha to forgive Chirag and Prajakta and to accept their wedding. Daksha tells her that no one can become a part of her family without her permission.

Rajeev tells Pooja that he doesn't want to die so soon.

Mihir and JD wonder what they can do to stop Hemant's wedding.

Hemant goes to invite Pooja to his wedding and finds out about Rajeev. He rushes over to the hospital and tells Pooja that he will help her.

Mandira calls Mihir and Tulsi picks up the phone. She refuses to let Mihir speak to Mandira, but Mihir insists on doing so. Tulsi and Mihir then fight over this issue.

Kesar finds Tulsi crying over Mihir and Mandira. She makes up her mind to meet Mandira and Anupam.

Prajakta cooks for Suhasi. Daksha sees Suhasi eating the food Prajakta made and threatens to throw it out, but Suhasi stops her.

Gayatri tells JD that Payal's folks have invited them over for dinner. JD wonders how to break the news about Payal to her.

Rajeev makes Pooja promise that she will take care of herself and will not pine away for him. She promises him, and he dies.

Hemant tells Payal to spend as much time as she can with Pooja, and cheer her up. Daksha is rude to Prajakta again and Chirag consoles the latter.

Mihir goes to meet Mandira. She tells him that she is carrying his child. He shouts at Mandira and asks her why she did not tell him about the pregnancy earlier. She asks him to remember the night she spent with him. Mihir remembers that they had both celebrated his speedy recovery and had got high on wine. He also recollects that he had gone into Mandira's bedroom, mistaking it for his own.

Mandira tells him that she intends to give birth to their child. Mihir tries to dissuade her, but she walks away. Mihir then cries out to God and wonders what he should do.

Tulsi tells Mihir not to worry on her account. She tells him that she needs his help to get rid of her insecurity. Later, Tulsi discovers that she is pregnant.

Tulsi sees Mihir lost in thought and asks him if he is thinking about the child. Mihir thinks she is talking about Mandira's child and asks her if she is happy with the news. Tulsi, who is talking about her child, says she is. She also tells Mihir that he should react more positively, since she has told him that she is expecting a child. Mihir now knows that Tulsi is also pregnant.

JD, Gayatri and Hemant go over to Payal's house for dinner. JD again wonders how Hemant will react when he comes to know the truth about Payal.

Anupam asks Mihir to stop meeting Mandira. Mihir wonders how he will react when he discovers that Mandira is pregnant.

JD overhears a conversation that Payal is conductiong, which convinces him that what Mihir and Chirga told him was right.

Kesar tells everyone that Tulsi is pregnant. Savita is thrilled, but she is also hurt that Tulsi did not tell her this herself. She tells Tulsi that she considered her a daughter, but by hiding this fact, she has proved that she is only a daughter-in-law. Tulsi tells Aarti that she does not have to feel sad that she does not have kids - she convinces Aarti that she is Gautam's mom too, because she has helped bring him up.

JD tells Mihir about the conversation he overheard. Hemant calls Pooja and talks to her.

Mihir calls up Anupam to tell him about Tulsi's pregnancy. Mandira's mom discovers that her daughter is also pregnant.

JD tells Mihir he wishes he had known about Payal's plan earlier, so that he could have stopped her. Payal invites Tulsi to dance, but Mihir stops her, telling Payal that Tulsi is pregnant. Payal then invites Mandira, who hopes that Mihir will stop her too, but he does not. Mandira dances and her head starts reeling.

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Daksha tells Savita that they should both ensure that their daughters-in-law don't get out of hand. Payal comes to meet JD and wish him a speedy recovery.

Mandira calls up Mihir and tells him that her mother knows about her pregnancy. He also advises her to have the child aborted, but she refuses to listen to him. Mihir wonders why he still can't remember any details of the night he spent with Mandira.

Payal convinces Aarti to go along with her to a doctor. In the meantime, Chirag and Kiran rifle through Payal's cabin for some papers.

Savita shouts and Tulsi and asks her not to suspect Mihir of having an affair with Mandira.

Kiran and Chirag tell JD that Payal has only 10 per cent of her shares and that she has sold the remaining 12 per cent. JD smells a plot in this too.

Payal takes Aarti to a maternity clinic. There, she spots Mandira.

Payal asks the doctor what Mandira was doing at her clinic. The doctor tells her that two doctors don't always have to meet on business.

Payal then tells her mom that she saw Mandira at the clinic. She adds that she suspects that something's amiss.

Savita is thrilled that Payal took Aarti to a doctor. Mandira calls Mihir to tell him that she went to the doctor. He is unable to answer her call, since he is in a meeting.

After the meeting, Mihir calls her up and tells her they can meet in the evening and find a solution to their problem. Payal overhears their conversation and wonders what problem they're talking about.

JD tells Chirag and Kiran that Payal must be planning something really big. They suggest that Hemant should know the truth, but JD stops them from telling Hemant.

Tulsi hears the voicemail Mandira left for Mihir. She wonders what Mandira might have to do with a gynaecologist.

Payal follows Mihir and Mandira. She loses them somewhere in the crowd. Aarti calls her up and asks her to pick up her glasses from the doctors clinic. Payal goes to the clinic and finds Mihir and Mandira there. She discovers that Mandira is pregnant.

Pragya comes home for Rakhi. She is curt to Savita and Daksha, and tells herself that although she is well off now, she can never forget the humiliation they subjected her to.

Anupam asks Mandira to forget Mihir as a favour to him on the occasion of Rakhi. She refuses to do so. He brushes her rakhi aside, sends the plate full of sweets clattering to the ground and leaves.

Anupam goes to Mandira's room later while she is sleeping and picks up the rakhi from her table. Mandira tells her mom that Anupam has taken the rakhi, but not blessed her.

Her mom tells her that he has signed over the house to her. She says that Anupam probably suspects something about her pregnant condition, and that the house will come in handy if Mandira refuses to get the pregnancy terminated.

Anupam tells Mandira she should return to Delhi, since her practice there is flourishing. Mandira wonders how to get more time, and tells him that she is willing to marry anyone he wants her to.

Savita and Gayatri are miffed that Suhasi's godbharai is being planned, and Daksha has not told them anything about it. They then discover that the plan is Ba's, not Daksha's. The three bahus then decide that they need to safeguard their position in the house, and unite against everyone else.

Anupam tells Mihir that Mandira has agreed to get married. Mihir is surprised. Payal visits Mandira and tells her that she knows about her pregnancy. She tells Mandira that no one will come to know if the two of them don't talk about it. After she leaves, Mandira tells herself that if Payal leaks the news, it might make it easier for her to get Mihir.

Tulsi tells Mihir she wants to see a doctor. She mentions the name of the doctor Mandira went to. Mihir tries to dissuade her and Tulsi gets suspicious. Mihir has no choice but to agree.

Mandira tells Mihir that Payal knows that she is pregnant. Mihir is shocked and worried. Tulsi calls him at the office and Mihir gets sentimental.

Hemant goes to meet Pooja and she tells him that people might look upon their relationship with suspicion. Hemant tells her that he wants to show the world that their relationship is above such suspicion.

Savita asks Mihir what he is worried about. Mihir tells her he's trying to get over a part of his life. She wonders what he could be talking about.

Anupam tells Mandira that a prospective groom is coming over to meet her. She calls Mihir, who tells her to manage the situation for a day. Mandira's mom tells her to talk to Anupam about her pregnancy.

Payal realises that Hemant's feelings for Pooja are coming to the fore again. She makes up her mind that she will not let this happen.

Mandira's mom asks her to consider Anupam's feelings and to tell him the truth about herself.

Rahul, the man Anupam wants Mandira to marry, comes to meet her. Mandira starts telling him something, but Rahul tells her he knows everything about her past and does not want to know anything else.

Savita is distressed about Kesar staying for so long at the Viranis'. She makes up her mind to talk to her. Anupam tells Mandira that he will not promise Rahul anything unless she agrees to the wedding.

Mandira tells Mihir that she is willing to marry Rahul only if he will accept her with her child. Mihir tells her to abort her child.

Savita suggests to Kesar that she should return to Haridwar. Tulsi promises Kesar she will speak to Savita.

Payal tells her mother she has the Viranis under her control.

JD tells Mihir that the company has decided that he should be made MD. Mihir wants to tell him that he is worried about Mandira, but he does not say so.

Tulsi tells Savita and Gayatri that Mihir wanted Kesar to stay on and finish her studies. Savita tells Kesar that if Mihir wants her to stay on, she has no objection. But she later tells Gayatri that she doesn't like Tulsi involving Mihir in everything. Savita tells Gayatri she will make Mihir get rid of Kesar.

The man Payal calls often to check up on the status of her shareholdings, calls on her. We get to see that he is none other than Rahul, the man who is supposed to marry Mandira.

Rahul tells Payal that he is planning to get married to Mandira. Payal tells Tulsi this and the latter is overjoyed.

Anupam tells Mandira to make up her mind about the proposal soon. Rahul tells Payal that his parents have agreed to his wedding with Mandira. She tells him that he should not marry her, since she is pregnant.

Rahul calls Anupam, and tells him his parents want to talk to him. Rahul's parents tell Anupam that the wedding cannot take place, since Mandira is pregnant. Anupam is furious, and accuses them of casting aspersions on Mandira's character, but they ask him to return home and ask Mandira to tell him the truth.

Mandira calls Mihir and tells him that Anupam knows about her pregnancy. Mihir then goes into a meeting. Anupam comes to the meeting, and leaves immediately. On his way out, he tells Mihir that he wants to talk to him.

Mihir tells Anupam that he, as Mihir, is not responsible for the actions of Amar. He also says that Mandira can save the day by going in for an abortion. Anupam is furious and asks him to leave. Rahul calls Payal and tells her that his wedding has been called off. Payal is ecstatic and wonders how she can tell Tulsi about Mandira.

At Payal's birthday party, Mandira feels unwell. Payal sees her puking and tells her she will get her the tablets she needs. Payal then asks one of her guests to ask Tulsi for medicines taken during pregnancy. In trying to get the medicines to the perosn who needs them, Tulsi discovers that Mandira is pregnant.

Mihir tells Tulsi that Mandira's child is probably his. Tulsi tells Ba this and she is shocked.

Savita confronts Tulsi and asks her why she is making life tough for Mihir. Tulsi tells her to question Payal or Mandira about the reason for her unhappiness. Savita speaks to Payal and finds out that Mandira is pregnant.

Savita and Mansukh ask Mihir if what Payal has told them is true. JD and Himmat tell Mansukh that they will have to rally around to see the family through this crisis. Ba shouts at them and tells them that Mihir cannot be responsible for Mandira's pregnancy.

Mihir tells Ba that what everyone is accusing him of is true. She is shocked, but tells him that she will support him. JD tells Tulsi that Mihir needs her to understand his predicament. He tells Tulsi that Mihir is stuck in the same situation she would have been, if Mihir had returned after she had got married to Anupam.

Savita apologises to Tulsi for having shouted at her. She asks Tulsi to be patient with Mihir, but Tulsi is curt with her.

Pooja calls Hemant and asks him for help with some papers. Hemant tells Payal that Pooja had called, and she is not pleased.

Ba and Babuji tell Mihir that they are worried about Tulsi. Mihir asks them what he should do.

Gayatri and Savita want to tell Payal's parents about Mandira's pregnancy. Payal tells them this is a matter best left within the walls of the Virani household.

Mandira agrees to an abortion. Her mother is happy, but Anupam tells her that the damage is already done.

Tulsi refuses to talk to Mihir or even stay in a room with him. Savita finds her sleeping in the hall. She goes to their room and finds that Mihir is not there either.

Anupam and his mom take Mandira to her doctor for an abortion. The doctor tells her it is too late for an abortion. Mandira tells her she is willing to undertake any risk, but Anupam stops her. On their way out of the clinic, they bump into Kiran.

Ba takes Tulsi to the temple, where the pujari tells another couple that when a man and woman get married, they agree to accept the other's bad qualities, along with the good.

Savita tells Tulsi to be more tolerant of Mihir. Anupam calls Mihir and tells him that the doctor has advised Mandira against an abortion.

Payal is worried that Hemant seems to be meeting Pooja often. Mandira asks Mihir to sign on the abortion papers, but her refuses. This incenses Tulsi further. Gayatri tells Savita that Tulsi should learn to be more tolerant.

Ba asks Mansukh to talk to Savita and ask her to be more lenient with Tulsi. Mansukh asks her to explain the situation to Savita herself.

Mandira tells Mihir that Anupam wants her to go away to some other city and give birth to her child.

Kiran tells Aarti that Payal is not worth trusting. Savita tells Tulsi not to vent her ire on everyone in the house.

Kiran, Mihir and JD wonder how to tackle the problems of Mandira and Payal. Payal tells Hemant to talk to Anupam to sort out Mihir's troubles.

A friend calls Savita and asks her if the rumours about Mandira and Mihir are true. Hemant tells Mihir that he saw him sleeping on the sofa at night. He tells Mihir he is worried about him and Tulsi. Mihir comes to know that Hemant got to know about Mandira's pregnancy via Payal. Mihir wonders how to tell Hemant about Payal.

Payal goes to meet Savita. They discuss Mihir's problem, Tulsi and Mandira.

Payal, who had spoken ill of Mandira to Hemant, decides to favour her in her conversation with Savita. JD and Mihir decide that it's high time Payal was stopped.

Hemant goes to Pooja's house to help her sort out Rajeev's financial and legal matters. Payal accompanies him. There, she overhears Hemant asking Pooja to call him whenever she needs help. She isn't pleased.

While Anupam and Mihir are at a restaurant finalising a business deal, a nosy friend of the Viranis comes over and asks Mihir if the rumours being circulated about him are true. Mihir is embarrassed, but Anupam shouts at the lady and walks off.

Pooja comes to Hemant's office to ask him for help with Rajeev's papers. Chirag comes to know that his aunt, Raksha, is coming over with her kids.

The entire Virani household wonders what chaos Raksha will create when she turns up, because she is famous for turning the house upside down. Raksha lands up at the airport and starts her antics.

Pooja joins Hemant's office. Payal sees her there and is not pleased. She invites Pooja to go shopping with her the next day. She then tells her mom that she has a plan up her sleeve.

Raksha tells Chirag that she knows all about his marriage to Prajakta, and that she will not let the woman who shattered her sister's dreams, live in peace.

Payal buys a colourful saree for Pooja and suggests to her that she should get remarried. She even shows her photographs of prospective grooms. Pooja realises what Payal is trying to tell her and leaves.

Mihir offers to help Tulsi shop for clothes for Gautam, but she snubs him. He follows her into the shop. Tulsi and Mihir then bump into Mandira, who is also shopping for baby clothes.

Mandira meets Savita on her way home and tells her not to blame Mihir for what has happened. Savita tells her that she understands her situation. Mandira then gives Savita a T-shirt for Gautam.

Tulsi sees Gautam in the T-shirt and is stunned - because she knows that Mandira had bought it. Savita saves the situation by telling her that she bought the T-shirt. But later, Savita tells her the truth.

Raksha and her kids drive Himmat out of his room and force him to sleep on the couch at night.

Payal gets Tulsi a gift. She then tells Tulsi that the T-shirt Gautam has been given has actually been bought by Mandira. She advises Tulsi to join hands with her, if she wants to get the better of her mother-in-law.

Tulsi then tells Savita that the T-shirt she bought has torn. She asks Savita to buy Gautam another one, instead of passing on a gift from someone else.

Ba tells Tulsi that her birthday is coming up, and she should perform a pooja along with Mihir. Tulsi is reluctant, but Ba persuades her to agree. Hemant, Chirag and the rest plan a party to celebrate Tulsi's birthday, which is also coming up soon.

Mihir leaves a card and flowers next to Tulsi's bed. She wakes up, discovers them, and tells him that the gift he has bought for her pales in comparision to the one he has given her before her birthday.

After the pooja is performed, Mihir leaves in a hurry. Tulsi wonders where he can be going. Ba then tells Tulsi that she wants her to accompany her to an exhibition set up by her fashion designing class. She then takes Tulsi to the venue of the birthday party.

Tulsi then cuts her birthday cake and gives the first piece to Mihir. Pooja comes to the party and leaves immediately. Mandira sends Tulsi a bouquet. Tulsi is furious. She tells Mihir that Mandira must have done this to spoil their happy moment. She flings the bouquet to the ground and leaves.

Mihir stops Tulsi and asks her why she is victimising him. Tulsi tells him she can tolerate anything, but not the fact that someone is trying to steal her husband from her.

Mandira calls Mihir and tells him she wants to meet him. He refuses. She then tells herself that she will win the battle to gain his love.

Payal tells Hemant that she did not like Pooja's presence at Tulsi's birthday party. Hemant is furious.

Mihir tells Savita that he is tired of facing daily battles. Savita tells him that he should not run away from Mandira, and that she needs his support at this stage.

Payal sees Pooja coming into her office and she lies to her that JD and Hemant are not in office. JD sees Pooja walking away. Mihir tells him that Payal has again leaked some secrets about a contract. JD tells him that he will throw Payal out of the office and Hemant's life soon.

Kesar meets Anupam and asks him why Mandira sent the bouquet on Tulsi's birthday. She asks him why he doesn't stop her from meeting Mihir. Anupam tells her Mandira does not listen to him. He tells her he has left everything to fate.

JD sees Raksha and her kids and hits upon a plan to deal with Payal.

Tulsi opens Savita's cupboard to take some silver vessels out. She sees the necklace that Savita and Gayatri had used to implicate her and it reminds her of her old rivalry with Savita. Tulsi then tells Savita that she will try to remain practical all her life and will let Gautam make his own decisions when he grows up.

Savita tells Gayatri and Payal that Mandira oftens calls Mihir, asking him to meet her. She says she is worried about how Tulsi will react. Payal tells her that since Mihir is the father of Mandira's child, he should support her.

Payal then tells Tulsi that Mandira calls Mihir up often and talks to him. She tells Tulsi that if the Viranis start feeling sorry for Mandira, they might even accept her presence in Mihir's life.

Tulsi gets a Caller ID system installed on the phone in her room. Mihir tells Savita this and she sympathises with him.

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Savita confronts Tulsi about her having installed the ID system on Mihir's phone. She warns Tulsi that she is creating a barrier between herself and Mihir. Payal overhears this tirade and consoles Tulsi.

Payal is hurt in an accident. Hemanth goes to meet her and reassures her that she will be fine in time for the wedding.

Payal returns to office and asks Hemant why Pooja has not turned up. JD enters and tells Hemant that Pooja had come to office some days ago, but was told that neither he, nor Hemant, were in office. Hemant is furious.

The Viranis get ready to celebrate shitala pooja for the welfare of their children. Mandira also gets ready to pray for the welfare of her child. Her mother tries to dissuade her, but fails to do so.

Aarti is upset about the fact that she has no children. Tulsi finishes her prayer and turns around to find Mandira at the temple.

Payal meets Mandira and tells her that her frequent calls are causing problems between Mihir and Tulsi.

Raksha talks to Daksha and brings her up to date on what's happening with the Viranis.

Mandira goes to Mihir's office and creates a scene about the baby. She then comtemplates committing suicide.

Mihir, JD, Himmat and Mansukh go to the hospital to visit Mandira. The doctor tells Mihir that he has been irresponsible with Mandira. She tells him that Mandira is depressed and might try to kill herself again. She advises him to keep Mandira happy.

Mandira regains consciousness. She tells the police that the Viranis have turned up at the hospital only because they are Anupam's business partners.

Mihir apologises to Tulsi for leaving the pooja midway. Tulsi tells him that Mandira is doing all this only to gain the family's sympathy. Mihir accuses her of not understanding the dilemma he is in.

Mandira's mother comes to meet Tulsi. Payal encourages Savita to go and meet Mandira in the hospital. She then informs Ba and Tulsi that Savita wanted to meet Mandira.

Mihir and Savita reach the hospital at the same time.

Hemant asks Puja to attend a business meeting. JD encourages her to go along.

Tulsi and Savita talk about Mandira.

Tulsi and Mihir fight. Tulsi asks Mihir to chose between her and Mandira.

Raksha tries to send Kesar back to Haridwar. Mansukh suggests that Mihir go on a vacation with Tulsi to sort out the differences between them. He even manages to convince Tulsi to undertake the trip.

Payal's parents manage to convince Gayatri and JD Hemant's wedding to Payal needs to happen sooner than planned. Payal asks Pooja to treat Hemant as her brother-in-law.

Pragna , Ba and Babuji's daughter, come to visit the Viranis. She is rich now, since her husband Navin has done very well in his business abroad.

Gayatri and Savita are envious of her well-being. Pragna, who has not forgotten how the two insulted her and accused her of stealing, makes them feel worse by getting expensive gifts for everybody.

Navin suggests that his brothers-in-law expand their business.

Payal is happy that preparations are on in full swing for her mehndi. Gayatri looks at some invitation cards for the wedding and JD resolves to expose Payal's true face before the wedding.

Savita confronts Tulsi about the trip that she and Mihir are supposed to take. Tulsi tells her that they are not going on the trip.

Payal convinces Tulsi to apply mehndi on her hands before the wedding. Mihir is upset with Tulsi for agreeing to this. JD, however, tells him that according to his plan, the wedding will never take place.

Aarti feels depressed at the thought of not being able to bear children. Kiran cheers her up and they decide to join the preparations for the wedding.

Pragna and Mihir talk about Mandira and Tulsi. Pragna gets a saree, which, she claims, will make her look the most beautiful woman at the wedding. Gayatri tells Savita about it and the latter decides to make Tulsi wear a saree of her choice.

Savita selects a saree for Tulsi to wear at the mehndi ceremony. She gives it to Mihir. He promises her that Tulsi will wear the saree at the ceremony.

Mihir goes to meet Mandira. Payal also goes to the hospital to invite her to the ceremony. Mandira tells Mihir she won't come to his place.

Mihir gives Tulsi the saree Savita bought. JD thinks about consequences of his plans for the mehndi ceremony.

Savita asks Tulsi to wear the saree she bought for her. They discover that the saree has a hole in it.

Pragya comes in and suggests that Tulsi wear the saree she'd given, instead. Raksha finds a little piece of cloth near Tulsi's room - it is the missing piece from the saree Savita gave Tulsi. She gives Savita the piece and the latter decides to take revenge on Pragya.

While the mehndi ceremony is in progress, JD switches on a tape - everyone gets to hear Payal's instigating one family member against the other in the Virani household.

Payal's charade is exposed. She decides to wreak havoc on the Viranis.

The Viranis are shattered about Payal. Even in the midst of all this, Savita blames Tulsi for destroying the saree she had got for her.

JD tells Tulsi that he desires to see Hemant married to Pooja.

Payal, in the meantime, plots and plans to destroy the Virani business.

p>Pooja goes to Hemant's office to meet him.

Mihir reminds Tulsi about their plan to go on a trip. Pragna also encourages her to go along. Tulsi, however, convinces them to tell Chirag and Prajakta to go out on a holiday. Chirag and Prajakta are coaxed into leaving for America.

Savita and Gayatri are unhappy with the fact that Pragna is sponsoring Chirag and Prajakta's holiday.

Suhasi gives birth to a boy. Dadaji and Ba talk to Hemant about Pooja.

Tulsi is happy to see that Aarti and Kiran are getting attached to Gautam. Kiran thanks her for letting Aarti take care of Gautam.

Pragya shows Ba some artefacts she picked up from her trips abroad. Gayatri accidentally drops one of them and Pragya forgives her. However, she also reminds her of the time she had scolded Pragya's kids for having damaged her ghungroos.

Suhasi comes home with her baby and Savita pampers her.

Pragya's husband, Navin, talks to the Viranis about the business proposal he has in mind. Mansukh, JD and Himmat decide to invest money in the venture, without telling their wives about it.

Gayatri tells Savita about the earlier incident with Pragya and Ba. They both resolve to teach Pragya a lesson.

Mihir tries to convince Hemant that he will be happy married to Pooja.

The pandit tells Ba and Dadaji that acoording to Mihir's horoscope, his stars are not favourable to him. He says that he has been spared a lot of bad luck thanks to the influence of Tulsi's horoscope. He tells them that Mihir's stars could have a bad impact on his unborn child. He also suggests a grah shanti havan to mitigate the ill effects of Mihir's fate.

Savita agrees that a havan should be conducted for the sake of the unborn child. She then calls Mandira and asks her to come for the havan, since she, too, is carrying Mihir's child. Mihir overhears her conversation and is angry with her.

JD meets Pooja and asks her to marry Hemant.

Pragya and Savita get into another tiff over Raghu. Raghu asks Savita for a loan of Rs 10,000, but she refuses to give him the money. Pragya decides that since Raghu had lent her money when she needed it desperately, it is time for her to return the favour.

Ba, who is a witness to this scene, is also dragged into the argument by Savita and gets humiliated.

Hemant and Pooja discuss marriage.

The grah shanti puja begins and Mandira walks in. Savita welcomes her. Tulsi is furious and taunts both Mandira and Savita. She walks out on the puja.

Back in her room, Tulsi takes Savita and Mihir to task. Mandira follows them to her room. Tulsi then packs some of her clothes and walks out of the room.

The Viranis try to stop her, but are rendered speechless in the face of her determination.

Tulsi leaves along with Kesar and Gautam and arrives at the temple.

Mihir and Savita discuss Tulsi's departure. They blame each other for it. Chirag and Prajakta return from their honeymoon. They are shocked to hear that Tulsi has left.

Savita explains to Gayatri why she called Mandira to the puja. Gayatri's tells her that she understands her point of view, but Pragya ridicules her.

Savita notices that their Tulsi plant has dried up. She asks Raghu to get seeds for another plant. tells her that the plant has withered due to neglect, and needs to be revived with care.

Anupam sees Mihir's picture in Mandira's hand and slaps her. He tells her and his mom that Tulsi has left her house because of Mandira. Mandira is happy.

Mihir and Tulsi think about each other. Savita asks Mansukh about his decision to make Navin the MD of the firm they are planning to set up. He tells her to stay out of business affairs. He asks her to concentrate on getting Tulsi back.

Snubbed, Savita tells him not to interfere in matters concerning the household women. Mansukh tells her that Tulsi's going away concerns the entire family, and that everyone will blame her if Tulsi does not return.

Anupam meets Tulsi. Kesar is furious with him, but Tulsi calms her down. She also requests him not to come to meet her again. Anupam promises not to, but leaves behind the keys of his guesthouse, so that Tulsi can stay there.

Chirag, Hemant, Kiran and Suhasi visit Tulsi and ask her to come back. Tulsi tells them that they should have tried to stop her when she was forced to walk out of Shantiniketan. She gives them some theplas to take home.

Pragya and Raksha plan to visit Tulsi. Savita and Gayatri stop Raksha. Savita tells that the naamkaran ceremony for Suhasi's child is coming up.

Savita tells everyone that since she did not ask Tulsi to leave, she sees no reason why she should ask her to return.

At dinner, everyone ignores the gulab jamuns Savita has made and prefers to eat Tulsi's theplas. The theplas remind Mihir of Tulsi.

Mihir goes to meet Gautam and Tulsi. However, Tulsi refuses to talk to him and he returns without them.

Aarti meets Tulsi and asks her to come back home. She tells her that everybody misses her and Gautam. Tulsi is still not convinced

Mandira calls up Savita and the latter agrees to take her to the doctor for a check-up.

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Tulsi realises that she needs to fill the void she has created in the Virani family. She decides to send Gautam back. She asks Kesar to take Gautam to Shantiniketan.

Kesar takes Gautam to the Viranis. Everybody is pleased, but Mihir refuses to keep Gautam. He feels that Tulsi has given up on something that means a lot to her to keep the family happy, and he refuses to subject her to the trauma of separation from Gautam.

Kesar is touched and leaves Shantiniketan without Gautam.

Anupam meets Mihir and tries to assure him that what transpired was not Mihir's fault alone.

Pooja meets Tulsi and the latter tells her to seriously consider marrying Hemant.

Savita arrives at the temple with Gautam. Tulsi sees them, but does not want Savita to know that she misses Gautam a lot. When Savita goes out of sight, Tulsi rushes to her son. Savita, however, spots them and is moved.

Gayatri tells Pragya and Sejal that they are guests in their parents' house. She insinuates that the house belongs to her and the other daughters-in-law of the family.

Savita's friend tries to find out about Tulsi's departure. Savita is rendered speechless, but Pragya comes to the rescue of her family. She makes the lady in question regret her question.

Aarti helps Mihir calm down Gautam. Savita is happy to see this, but Mihir reminds her that Aarti can never replace Tulsi in Gautam's life.

Mansukh tells Pragya that he appreciates her standing up for the family and for Tulsi. He lashes out at Savita for not being able to keep her friend in check.

Tulsi calls the Viranis to speak to Gautam, but does not say anything. Mihir realises she is on the line. He and Anupam try to persuade Tulsi to return, but she does not change her mind.

Tulsi takes over the temple pujari's duties while he is away. Mandira comes to the temple and Tulsi helps her complete her pooja.

Aarti chastises Sejal for not paying attention to Gautam. Sejal talks to Gayatri about this and the latter tells her not to take Aarti's words to heart.

Pragya overhears this and taunts Gayatri about offering her daughter advice, when her own relationship with her sister-in-law is not perfect.

Savita hurts herself and accuses Pragya of being responsible. It turns out that Mansukh is the one at fault and Savita is forced to apologise to Pragya.

Pragya and JD discuss Gautam's birthday. They wonder how to get Tulsi to come to the celebrations. Pragya comes up with a trick. She and JD tell everyone that they've planned a party at home. Savita is upset and decides to throw a party at a restaurant. Pragya is thrilled, because she knows that Tulsi can now attend the party.

On Gautam's birthday, Mihir opens the door to discover an aarti thali with a gold chain on the doorstep. He realises that Tulsi must have left it behind for Gautam.

Mandira brings a gift for Gautam. Mansukh takes the gift and throws it away. Mihir then walks in and throws the gift out of the house. Mandira walks out.

JD and Mansukh ask Tulsi to join them for Gautam's birthday party. They tell her everybody wants her back home. Tulsi comes to wish Gautam and leaves.

Hemant tells Pooja he wants to take her out. But they decide to stay home, unwilling to risk the speculation they would set off, being seen together in public.

Pragya notices that Ba misses Tulsi a lot. She talks to her brothers and they decide that Tulsi should be asked to return.

Mansukh, JD and Himmat go to Ba, along with their children, and tell her to bring Tulsi back. Ba asks them if this is what Gayatri and Savita want as well. She then tells the family to meet her in the living room, since she has something important to say to them.

Ba calls everybody and asks them why they want Tulsi back. She then tells them that their reasons are selfish, and that she will not let Tulsi get humiliated again.

Ba tells them that by insulting Tulsi, they have subjected her, the mother of the Virani sons, to disrespect. She hands over the almirah keys to Babuji, disowns the Viranis and walks out of the room.

Babuji later finds Ba contemplating the days spent with Tulsi. She tells him that as the head of the family, he could have prevented the injustice done to Tulsi. Since he did not speak up, she disowns him too.

The family tries to convince Ba to join them for dinner, but she refuses to listen to them.

Mihir meets Tulsi and tries to give her a mobile phone and a cheque book. She refuses to accept them.

Anupam gives Kesar a lift. She leaves her book behind in his car. JD convinces Gayatri to meet Tulsi and ask her to come back.

Anupam comes to return Kesar's book to Tulsi. Tulsi returns his guest-house keys. Gayatri enters just then and sees them together. She tells Savita that Tulsi is meeting Anupam. Savita is stunned.

Savita tries to use Mihir to pacify Ba, but her ploy does not work. Kesar goes to Anupam's office to get his interiors done.

Savita calls Mandira for a special puja that she has organised for the safety of her child. Gayatri tries to dissuade Savita, but the latter is adamant.

Mihir refuses to attend the puja Savita has organised for Mandira.

Savita goes to invite Tulsi for the puja. Tulsi refuses to attend it and Savita taunts her about Anupam.

Mandira comes for the puja. Mihir goes to the ceremony Tulsi is conducting for their child.

At the time of the ceremony, Mandira's saree gets soiled and Savita takes her to her room to change into another one. We then get to see that Mandira is faking her pregnancy.

Savita insists that even if Tulsi is not around, everyone should go ahead with the plan to play the dandiya.

At the dandiya, Pragya manages to make Savita lose to Gayatri. Mandira's pregnancy is highlighted when a dandiya stick hits her stomach, but she does not react. Mihir receives a mysterious phone call.

Everyone is upset that Tulsi has left for Haridwar without telling them. Savita and Pragya have an argument again.

Sejal tells Aarti that she should not get very attached to Gautam, since he is someone else's child.

Pragya's husband gets a business proposal involving a lot of money. JD and Mansukh agree to it, but Himmat is hesitant.

Pragya discovers that her diamond ring is missing.

Kesar tells Anupam that his sister is responsible for all that injustice Tulsi and Mihir have suffered. Anupam agrees with her.

Aarti tells Kiran that they should adopt Gautam. He tries to explain that it is not possible for them to do so.

Mandira's friend and gynaecologist, Salima, tells her that she cannot continue pretending to be pregnant without getting both of them into trouble. Sejal's relationship with Aarti deteriorates.

Pragya's ring is not found. Savita tries to blame Raksha for it and create a rift between her and Pragya, but the latter does not fall for it. She tells Raksha that she trusts her.

Savita takes Mandira to her gynaecologist. The doctor is called away for an emergency and Mandira is saved from getting exposed.

Pragya taunts Savita about the ring and assures her that she will have the last laugh in this game.

Ba takes the tulsi plant from the courtyard into her room. She tells Savita nobody has right to worship it anymore.

Mandira's mom is about to discover her secret, but Mandira manages to save her skin just in time.

Pooja tells Hemant that she is still confused about whether they have done the right thing by deciding to get married.

Savita discovers that someone has hidden Pragya's ring in her room. Gayatri tells her Pragya might have done this. Savita then decides to keep the ring and wait for the mysterious person to make their move.

Everyone tries to convince Ba not to be angry, but she remains unmoved.

Anupam and Kesar select some material for his office. Pragya tells Gayatri that Savita might try and implicate her in the theft of the ring.

Himmat, Mansukh and JD discover that the money they have invested in the business deal with Naveen is lost. They are all upset.

Raksha tells Savita that Pragya suspects she has the ring.

Pooja tells Hemant she is willing to accept his proposal. Gayatri and JD then take shagun to her. Ba is happy to hear about Hemant and Pooja, but tells Hemant that no happiness can be complete without Tulsi.

Anupam tells his mom they should leave town. Mandira then tells her family that she alone should leave.

Himmat is furious about the loss the deal with Naveen has suffered. He decides to pull out of the partnership and get his money back. Mansukh and JD ask Navin to ensure that the insurance money comes through soon.

Savita blames Pragya and Navin for the business loss. Pragya overhears her and makes Navin give Dadaji a cheque for the amount that the Viranis invested, plus the interest.

Hemant tells Pooja that they can get married only after he returns from a business trip. She is not keen to postpone the wedding.

Amba draws a lakshman rekha and forbids the family from crossing it. Mihir misses Tulsi. He decides to meet her.

Dadaji talks to Ba about her decision to stay behind the laxman rekha. Mihir misses Tulsi.

Chirag turns up at the hospital for a shoot and Mandira also goes there to get her padding changed. While her doctor is changing her padding, she is called away on an emergency.

Pinku spots Mandira with a flat stomach. He and Chirag's friend later see her with the padding intact, looking as pregnant as she claims to be.

Preparations begin for Hemant and Pooja's wedding. Himmat is still upset with his brothers over the business losses. Mansukh and JD persuade him to join them in the wedding preparations.

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JD and Gayatri take Pooja shopping. Pragya suggests that Hemant should ask Mihir for Tulsi's presence at the wedding as a gift. Mihir promises to try.

Pinku is still confused about what he saw at the hospital. He wonders if Mandira is really pregnant or not. He tries to discuss this with Chirag, but the latter does not show any inclination to talk about Mandira.

Pragya and Savita continue to bait each other. Pragya tells Savita that Mihir is going to meet Tulsi and convince her to return. Ba sends Tulsi a long telegram.

Anupam's car breaks down and Kesar gives him a lift. He tells her that some people have evinced an interest in her work. She tells him that she would like to concentrate on the job she has at the moment.

While serving Anupam tea, Mandira discover that the belt she is wearing around her waist is visible through a tear in her kurta. Her mother enters the room and a nervous Mandira falls own.

He family rushes towards her, but Mandira is worried that they might see the padding she is wearing.

Kiran asks Savita not to meet Mandira. She agrees to do so, if he and Aarti will adopt Mandira's child. They agree.

Tulsi thinks about Mihir. Suddenly, she sees him in front of her.

Mihir gives Tulsi a photo of Gautam. He asks her to return to attend Hemant's wedding. She refuses to do so.

JD asks Kesar to help Pooja during the wedding. Chirag calls Mihir and the latter tells him that he is taking the afternoon's flight to Mumbai. Everybody is happy, since they assume that Mihir is bringing Tulsi back.

Later, JD tells them that the plane that Mihir was on has crashed. Everyone fears that Tulsi and Mihir are among the victims. Savita is the last to find out. She gets angry when Pragya tries to calm her and blames her for the misfortune.

However, Mihir calls them up to tell them that he is safe.

Mihir returns and tells his family that he did not catch the flight he was supposed to, because Tulsi was unwell and he postponed his departure.

Hemant is unsure about going ahead with the marriage without Tulsi, but her letter convinces him. Hemant and Pooja get married.

Pooja tells Kiran that he should try talking to Savita and covincing her to break all ties with Mandira.

Savita gives Pragya her ring. Pragya later tells her and Gayatri that she had herself hidden the ring in Savita's room, to give them a taste of how humiliated she felt when they had accused her of stealing a necklace from the house.

JD discovers that Sejal has fought with Anand and his family and moved out of the house.

Hemant goes abroad on business. Aarti talks to Sejal about her decision to abandon Anand and stay at her parents' house. Sejal, however, gets offended and asks Aarti not to interfere. She tells Aarti that her decision to adopt Mandira's child is wrong.

Pinku sees the footage of Mandira with a flat stomach. He asks Chirag to see it for himself.

Anupam and Kesar go shopping. On the road, they see Mandira running towards a kid to save him from getting run over by a car. Anupam is worried about Mandira running in an advanced state of pregnancy. Kesar is surprised too.

Kesar feels that Mandira is hiding something from everyone. Pooja offers to help in the kitchen, but Gayatri and Savita ask her to take it easy. They get into an argument with Pragya about this and Savita slaps Pragya.

Mandira meets her doctor and assures her that she will go away to Delhi and return after two months with an adopted baby.

Sejal talks to Suhasi about her tiff with Aarti, but the latter speaks up in Aarti's favour.

Mandira gets ready to leave town, but Anupam tells her not to go in her condition.

Gayatri tries to persuade Pragya to forgive Savita and forget the slapping incident. Pragya tells her that if she thinks what Savita did was wrong, she should either stand up to her or be a mute witness to everything that happens at Shantiniketan.

Savita and Gayatri argue about Sejal and Aarti's fight. Mandira makes an attempt to leave her house, but the airlines refuses to let her fly. She returns to a worried Anupam and Arundhati, who forbid her from steeping out of the house.

Savita visits Mandira and asks her if her child can be brought up by the Viranis. Mandira agrees.

Pooja asks Mihir to bring Tulsi back. Aarti and Kiran decide not to adopt Mandira's child. Aarti tells Savita this and the latter is furious.

Pragya warns Savita to watch out the next time she raises her hand against anyone.

Chirag is happy that Aarti and Kiran have decided against adopting Mandira's child. Savita goes to meet Mandira. Then, she notices that her hands have not swollen up, just as pregnant women's hands do. Mandira reassures her.

Ba has a nightmare about Tulsi. She is worried about Tulsi's well-being.

Dr Singh, who had helped Mihir regain his memory, visits the Viranis. Chirag decides to seek his help in solving the mystery surrounding Mandira's pregnancy. He also shows the tapes Pinku gave him to JD, who sees them and is convinced that Mandira is not pregnant.

JD and Chirag plan to record a conversation between Mandira and her doctor. However the plan fails. They then seek Dr Singh's help.

Meanwhile, the fight between Savita and Pragya reaches a point where the former shows Pragya the door.

Dr Singh decides to take an X-ray of Mandira's stomach without her knowledge. He takes the evidence to Mandira's doctor and blackmails her into supporting him in his quest to expose Mandira.

Savita and Pragya take their battle to the Viranis. Dadaji blames himself for letting the situation get out of hand. Savita declares that if everyone believes that she is responsible for everything that has gone wrong with the Viranis, she is willing to leave the house.

Suhasi, Pooja and Prajakta convince Pragya to stay on. Tulsi feels restless.

Pragya tries to talk to Ba, but the latter tells her that she no longer thinks Pragya is totally innocent.

Mihir comes to know that Mandira was pretending to be pregnant. He is furious. He shouts at Savita for making Tulsi's life miserable. He then goes to meet Tulsi and asks her to return.

Anupam is heartbroken by his sister's behaviour. Kesar tries to cheer him up.

Mihir goes to Tulsi's house with his hands full of gulal. He bumps into her and the gulal flies into her face, reminding them of the first time they met.

Mihir tries to convince Tulsi to return home. She, however, tells him that they have to understand each other completely before she can return.

Ba is unwell. She eagerly awaits Tulsi's return. Kesar takes care of her and Dadaji and Pragya are pleased with her.

Kesar also tries to get Anupam to get over his depression.

Kiran is worried about Ba. He talks to Aarti about it, but she reacts violently to the idea of Tulsi returning home. Aarti feels scared that Tulsi will take Gautam back from her. Kiran is furious with her.

Tulsi's father tries to convince her to forgive the Viranis and forget all that has happened. But she tells him that she does not want to return till she and Mihir have sorted out their feelings.

The Viranis discuss how outsiders have always been able to destroy their unity. Mansukh remind everyone of Payal and Mandira. He then tells them that the fault lies with the family.

Mansuk tells Savita he cannot forgive her for supporting and believing outsiders. Savita confronts Mandira and slaps her.

Mandira decides to leave town. Anupam meets Mihir and gives him the papers he can sign to end their partnership. However, Mihir refuses to sign them and end their friendship.

Pragya's son, Vikram, comes home. Kesar gives Anupam a card on this birthday.

Vikram meets Dadaji and Ba. Hemant returns form his business trip with a fractured hand and both Gayatri and Pooja are worried. Just then the family pandit comes in and tells Hemant to be careful, since the stars are not in his favour.

Gayatri tells the pandit that Hemant married Pooja after the death of Rajeev. The pujari is silent.

Kesar helps Anupam when he hurts his hand. His mother witnesses the increasing proximity between them. Mihir is angry with Savita for not asking Tulsi to return.

Gayatri and Pragya try to persuade Savita to bring Tulsi back. She refuses to do so, but says that she is willing to welcome Tulsi back if she returns.

Puja is worried about Hemant's injury. She asks him not to go on a business trip until he has recovered.

Rakesh arrives at the Virani household with Aniket. He is embarrassed about staying there, since his business is not doing well, but Suhasi convinces him to stay.

Pooja and Hemant go out. She persuades him to let her drive him around. As they get off the car, they are confronted by gangsters who draw a knife. Hemant tries to protect Pooja and gets stabbed.

The Viranis rush to the hospital to see Hemant.

Vikram meets Kesar. They end up fighting. Aarti and Kiran also argue about adopting Gautam.

Mihir involves Rakesh in the family business and gives him a flat to live in.

Pooja blames herself for Hemant's accident. JD and Gayatri discuss the recent accidents that Hemant has been involved in. JD tells Gayatri that all the accidents have happened after his wedding.

Kesar talks to Anupam about Vikram.

Kiran asks Mihir if he and Aarti can adopt Gautam. Mihir is furious and Kiran apologises to him.

Savita asks Ba for permission to take the tulsi plant from her room for the tulsi vivah. Ba gives her a leaf from the plant.

Mihir calls Tulsi and tells her about the puja at home.

The Tulsi Vivah takes place. Gayatri shows the pandit Pooja's horoscope. He tells her that Pooja's destined to be a widow.

JD reassures Gayatri and tells her not to worry.

Aarti and Savita take Gautam shopping. He gets kidnapped and a frantic Savita calls Mansukh.

The Viranis decide not to tell Ba and Tulsi that Gautam has been kidnapped.

Dadaji finds out about the kidnapping and is furious. Ba is on the verge of finding out, but he saves the situation.

Mihir is forced to lie to Tulsi, who calls up to enquire about Gautam.

Hemant decides to help the familt find Gautam, but his wounds make it unbearable for him to get up from bed. Gayatri makes him promise that he will not go anywhere without telling her.

Kiran discovers that Aarti is missing. He goes to look for her. We see Aarti is talking to somebody over the phone.

Sejal sees Aarti meeting a stranger at night and giving him money. Pragya overhears Aarti talking to someone over the phone. They all assume that Aarti has engineered Gautam's disappearance.

The police calls the Viranis and tells them that they have apprehended the man Aarti was talking to.

The Viranis are told that the person Aarti was talking to is the union leader of the Aligarh factory. He was helping her look for Gautam.

The Viranis are embarrassed that they have accused Aarti of trying to harm Gautam. Aarti is also very upset. Amba overhears their conversation and collapses.

Tulsi is restless and feels that all is not well at home.

The Viranis decide not to inform Tulsi about Ba's ill-health. Tulsi calls up Mihir and overhears a conversation about Ba's illness.

We see that Gautam is with a poor couple. The husband plans to sell him. The wife wants to keep him. She runs with the kid and bumps into Tulsi.

Mihir goes to the temple to pray for Gautam. Tulsi also goes there and the two of them meet. They go home.

Tulsi is upset that nobody told her about Ba's condition. Tulsi expresses a desire to see Gautam and searches for him in Aarti's room.

Tulsi returns home and looks for Gautam. But everybody is worried about how to break the news of Gautam's disappearance to her.

Hemant speak to Tulsi and asks her to promise that she will never go away again. Tulsi comes to meet Ba, who tells her that she has cut relationships with all the other members of the family. Finally, Ba tells her that Gautam is missing.

Kesar starts liking Pragya's son.

Gayatri asks Pooja to stay away from Hemant, if she cares for his well-being.

Tulsi tries to tell Aarti to look after Gautam. She delivers a baby girl.

Kesar goes to meet Anupam. She tells him that she is getting fond of someone - he thinks that she is referring to him.

Aarti refuses to visit Tulsi, since she thinks everyone will sympathise with her. Mihir and Tulsi get closer after the birth of their daughter.

Savita tells Amba that she wants to conduct a gayatri yagna to welcome Tulsi and her daughter.

Gayatri tells JD that she wants Pooja and Hemant to get divorced.

Gayatri argues her case for getting Pooja nd Hemant divorced, with JD.

Tulsi comes home with her daughter. Ba decides to call the child Shobha.

Anupam tells his mother that he likes Kesar. He tells her that he will talk to her. Kesar meets Anupam and tells him to help her write a letter to someone she refers to as "Mr Budhoo", telling him that she is in love with him.

Himmat and JD request Mansukh to forgive Savita for all that she has done. Mansukh decides to make up with her.

Savita's niece, Vaishali, decides to spend her vacation with the Viranis. Tulsi tells Mihir that she wants Kiran and Aarti to legally adopt Gautam. Mihir is not sure the decision is right.

Gayatri tells Hemant that she wants him and Pooja to get divorced.

Himmat and JD request Mansukh to forgive Savita for all that she has done. Mansukh decides to make up with her.

Savita's niece, Vaishali, decides to spend her vacation with the Viranis. Tulsi tells Mihir that she wants Kiran and Aarti to legally adopt Gautam. Mihir is not sure the decision is right.

Ba asks Tulsi if she regrets having given up Gautam to Aarti. Tulsi denies it. Mihir tells her that Aarti is extremely possessive about Gautam.

Aarti overhears their conversation and is upset. She talks to Kiran, but he takes Tulsi's side.

Savita's niece, Vaishali, comes to the Virani household.

Gayatri tries unsuccessfully to convince Hemant that Pooja is unlucky for him.

Tulsi and Mihir talk about a possible relationship between Kesar and Anupam. Mihir feels that this would again bring Mandira into the family and create problems between him and Tulsi. Tulsi, however, reassures him that she is confident about her relationship with him now.

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Tulsi asks Aarti about Gautam. She also notices that Aarti is extremely possessive about Gautam, but does not mention this to Savita.

Kesar and Anupam meet at a restaurant. Kesar tells Anupam that she is in love with Vikram. Anupam is heartbroken, but does not say anything to her.

Mihir and Tulsi buy clothes for Shobha and Gautam. Aarti, however, is disparaging about the clothes they have bought for Gautam. Kiran notices that Tulsi is sad. He tries to keep the clothes she has bought, but Tulsi takes them away. Kiran is furious with Aarti.

JD tries to persuade the pandit to change Hemant's horoscope, so that Gayatri will stop accusing Pooja. Tulsi thinks about Gautam and cries. She tells Mihir that she is sad about the time she left home. Mihir assures her that they will never have to separate now.

Pragya tells Tulsi that she wants to see Kesar married to Vikram. Mihir tries to get Anupam to talk about Kesar. Anupam asks him to find out of Kesar is willing to marry him.

Mihir and Tulsi decide that the best option available to them is to ask Kesar what she wants.

Gayatri decides to ask Pooja to divorce Hemant. She is shocked when Pooja tells her that she is pregnant.

Vaishali and Savita have an argument and Vikram tries to cheer up the former. Kesar sees this and is upset.

Gautam gets enrolled into a school and Mihir is surprised to see that his name on the registration file is Gautam Kiran Virani, not Gautam Mihir Virani.

Pragya talks to Savita about a possible alliance between Kesar and Vikram. Savita is disappointed, since she feels that Vikram and Vaishali would make a better couple.

Tulsi spends some time with Gautam, but Aarti shouts at her for taking him out when he was unwell. Tulsi is hurt.

Gautam is unwell and Aarti is not willing to listen to Tulsi's suggestions. Mihir gets furious and confronts Aarti and Kiran about it. Aarti tells the Viranis that if they did not think her capable of looking after Gautam, they should not have agreed to the adoption. Kiran is furious with her.

Mihir is furious with Aarti, but Tulsi calms him down. Kesar and Anupam see Vikram and Vaishali at a restaurant. Vikram tells them that he and Vaishali are in love with each other.

Kesar is heart-broken. Vikram tells Pragya that he wants to marry Vaishali.

Gautam lands up in hospital and Tulsi goes to see him. Savita asks her to be at his side and this displeases Aarti. She leaves the hospital in a huff.

Kesar ends up crying on Anupam's shoulder.

Gayatri patches up with Pooja.

Savita and Tulsi talk about Gautam and Aarti's attitude. Tulsi again tells Savita that she does not regret her decision. She asks Savita to treat Aarti as Gautam's mother.

Tulsi spots Kesar moping around. She assumes that Kesar is sad about not being able to tell Anupam that she loves him. She reasssures her that she can. Kesar, for the first time, thinks of Anupam as someone she could be in love with.

Kesar and Anupam finally talk to each other and decide to get married.

Kiran and Aarti get into another arguement over Gautam. Aarti reminds Kiran of the time she had been suspected of kidnapping Gautam. She tells him that he had promised her that in case she was guilty, she would have to leave the house, and if not, he would leave the house with her. Aarti asks him to live up to the promise.

Mihir and Tulsi are excited about Kesar and Anupam. They decide to talk to Arundhati about this.

Aarti and Tulsi have another confrontation over gautam. Both Savita and Tulsi are upset.

Kesar offers some of ehr money and jewellery to Mihir nad Tulsi for her wedding. They return it to ehr and tell her that it is their responsiblity to get her married.

Hemant and Mihir discover that their company has incurred huge losses. They also find out that the deal with the partner who caused the loss was signed by Kiran.

Kiran, however, does not like it when Mihir asks him about the investment. He defends his stand.

Aarti finds out that her uncle has had a heart attack. She gets ready to leave for Chandigarh, with Gautam. Savita and the others try to prevent her from taking Gautam along, but she refuses to listen to them.

Mihir finds out about this and is furious. He decides to take Gautam back from Kiran and Aarti. Kiran overhears this conversation.

Tulsi asks Mihir not to tell Kiran anything till Kesar's wedding is over. He agrees to do so. Kiran calls Aarti up and asks her to return home, since everyone is upset that she left with Gautam. They fight over the phone.

When Aarti returns with Gautam, she sees that everyone is busy celebrating the wedding. She and Kiran fight again over Gautam.

Tulsi helps Ba get ready for the wedding. She tries to talk to her about the tension between Kiran and Aarti. Ba asks her not to worry about them.

Aarti makes an effort to be polite to Tulsi. She even asks Tulsi to take care of Gautam, and to forgive her for her behaviour.

Kesar and Anupam get married. The day after the wedding, Tulsi looks for Gautam, Aarti and Kiran, but is unable to find them.

The Viranis search for Kiran, Aarti and Gautam. Kesar and Anupam also join them. Kesar is worried about Tulsi and Anupam decides to postpone their honeymoon plans.

Mihir goes to the police station, but can find nothing about the whereabouts of the three. Pragya tries to console Tulsi, but to no avail.

Everyone in the family is shocked by Kiran and Aarti's departure. Pragya tries to ask Tulsi to concentrate on Shobha.

Gayatri meets an astrologer to help them look for Kiran. He tells them that Shobha's influence on her brother's fate will be positive.

Pooja gets a cheque of Rs five crore as her inheritance from Rajiv's will. She tells Gayatri that she would like to use the money to develop Amba Bhawan, Gayatri's dancing school.

JD discovers a file with a travel agent's name on it. He calls up the agent and discovers that Kiran had got Gautam's passport made via him. He asks Mihir to look for Kiran and Aarti's passports in their room.

Mihir discovers that the passports are missing.

The couple that had earlier kidnapped Gautam is questioned by the police. They tell the inspector the name of the person who had wanted to buy Gautam off the first time. Mihir is shocked to discover that Aarti has been named.

He tells his family about this and also that Aarti, Kiran and Gautam's passports are missing. The Viranis are shocked. Mansukh decides to disown Kiran, despite Savita's pleas.

JD discovers that Kiran has sold off his shares in the company to a single person.

The person who has bought Kiran's shares is a well-known businessman and politician called Mehra. He calls a board meeting.

Mehra asks Dadaji to give up the chairman's position - because he has more stakes in the company that the Viranis.

Mehra also appoints his wife the managing director of the company. The Viranis are shocked to discover that the wife is Payal.

Savita and Tulsi pledge to not let Payal destroy their family again.

Payal asks Mihir to repay a massive loan that he had taken from the company to invest in another venture.

Tulsi has a nightmare about Shobha. Hemant and Pooja return from their doctor and tell Ba and Gayatri about the complications in Pooja's pregnancy.

Dadaji decides to meet his lawyer to discuss the business crises. He is delayed and everyone is worried about him.

Payal and her husband plan to spread their wings in the Virani business. They both decide to take over the Virani business empire. Mihir asks Anupam for a loan to pay off the loan that Payal wants him to.

Payal insults Savita and Prajakta. Savita tells her that she cannot break the family now.

Dadaji meets his employees and asks them to help the Virani family through the crisis by giving them their shares.

In the meantime, Payal plans to get Shantiniketan, the Virani house. She asks the company to mortgage the house if Mihir is unable to pay the money he owes. She then goes to Shantiniketan to get the papers signed.

Savita calls up Daksha and asks her to come home.

Dadaji gets the shares of all the workers in the Virani business empire.

Payal plots to throw the Viranis out of their house. Dadaji then tells her that he has more shares that she does.

Dadaji and Amba spend time with each other, thinking about life and the ups and downs it has shown them.

Dadaji passes away. Tha family mourns his death.

The lawyer tells the Viranis that Dadaji has left a certain part of his inheritance to Gautam and Kiran. He says that Dadaji has also left a letter behind, telling them why he has done so.

Everyone is in mourning. But Ba refuses to accept the fact that Dadaji is dead till Tulsi consoles her. After that, Ba decides to finish the final rites quickly so that the mourning perod is reduced.

She says that Dadaji would have liked everyone to be happy. Soon, the period of gloom ends and the family celebrates Gayatri and JD's 25th wedding aniversary.

Everyone is also excited about Pooja's baby. Ba wants the child to be named Sahil, if it is a boy because Dadaji liked that name.

Ba's turns 82 and the Viranis celebrate her birthday. Shobha - Tulsi and Mihir's daughter; Tarun - Hemant and Pooja's son; and Indu - Sejal's daughter, are introduced.

Mihir and Hemant are out of the country. The Viranis talk about trying to trace Kiran, Aarti and Gautam. They get a blank call during the party and realise that it was from Kiran.

The Viranis find out that Kiran's call was from Australia.

Shobha argues with a guy called Vicky at her college. Savita helps her go to a movie by fooling Tulsi.

The family remembers Gautam.

Mansukh questions Tusshar about the previous night and is partly convinced that he had not spotted Tusshar on the road.

At college, Shobha has a confrontation with Vicky. Vicky's friend, Gomzy, meets Shobha.

Gayatri praises Pooja in front of Sejal. Sejal is jealous.

Vicky, Rohan and Gomzy play a prank on Shobha. Shobha complains to Tulsi, and Savita and Tulsi complain to the police. The boys get arrested. When the police are taking down their names, it is established that Gomzy is actually Gautam.

Everyone at home gets to know about the incident in Shobha's college. Tulsi goes to the college to meet the principal. She finds posters against Vicky and Rohan there. The principal requests her to take the complaint back.

Aniket comes home and gets gifts for everyone. Tusshar doesn't like what he's got and gives it back to Aniket.

Tulsi confronts Gautam at the police station. She discovers that his parents are divorced and concludes that he is the way he is because of his upbringing.

Shobha and Rohan patch up and become friends. Sejal tries to create problems between Gayatri and Pooja by hiding a file.

Vicky and Gautam plan to get back at Shobha.

Karishma (Kiran and Aarti's daughter) calls up Kiran and asks him for money, but he is very busy. Gautam talks to his friends about how happy his life is, without a family.

Tulsi and Ba meet Gautam at a store. He misbehaves with them. In the tussle that follows, their packages get exchanged.

Pooja wonders why Sejal lied to Gayatri about the file. Karishma celebrates her mother's birthday alone, since Aarti doesn't have the time to speak with her.

Gautam goes to Shantiniketan to collect his packet. He is again rude to Ba, Savita and Tulsi.

Pooja confronts Sejal. Savita and Tulsi remember Kiran and Gautam.

Gautam tries to scare Shobha by following her to college. The Viranis decide to go to Shobha's annual function at her college. Gautam and Vicky plan to wreck her programme. They throw eggs at her. Tulsi sees Gautam running away.

Tulsi follows Gautam in her car. He bumps into her and falls. Tulsi slaps and reprimands him. She tells everyone that the police will arrest him.

Shobha goes to college and finds Gautam there, with a bandage on his head. He tries to scare her by pretending to throw an egg at her, but doesn't.

Gayatri and Pooja argue about the missing file. Pooja tells Gayatri that she told Sejal about the file.

Kiran and Aarti talk about Gautam and about the fact that Aarti doesn't know where he is. We discover that Gautam has been missing from their home for the past four months.

Pooja talks to Tulsi about her problems with Sejal.

Everyone gets ready to welcome Sahil home.

Karishma and Kiran talk about a dance concert, but Kiran is unable to go because of his work.

Saahil drops Shobha at her college. He talks to Gautam and Vicky and leaves the college. Vicky misbehaves with Shobha again. Saahil returns to give Shobha her books and finds Vicky holding Shobha's hand.

Saahil beats up Vicky. Gautam steps in and he and Vicky beat up Saahil badly.

The police manage to get hold of Gautam's passport and his father's number.

Saahil is admitted to the hospital in a bad condition. Tulsi decides to take Shobha to the police station to identify the boys who beat up Saahil. Tulsi gets Kiran's number and talks to him, without realising who he is.

When Tulsi finds out the actual name of the culprit, she is shocked.

Tulsi arranges for bail for Gautam. She calls up Kiran, but he is not at home. She speaks to Karishma and discovers that Kiran and Aarti are divorced.

Tulsi then calls up Aarti and tells her who she is. Aarti is shocked and disconnects the phone.

Tulsi brings Gautam home and tells Prajakta that he is Harsh's friend.

The Viranis are shocked to discover who Gautam really is. Shobha is unable to accept him as her brother. She sees him as the man who beat up Saahil almost to death.

Tulsi tries to tell her family how she feels now that her long-lost son has returned. Pooja supports her. Savita is surprised to know that Tulsi has spoken to Kiran.

Saahil is operated upon. The Viranis perform a havan for his welfare. There's a bigger surprise in store for them - the wayward son comes home.

Kiran comes home to the family after 20 years. Savita is angry and hurt, but her love for him surpasses all that.

Tulsi is furious with him and almost slaps him. Kiran is repentant. He tells Tulsi and the others what happened to his family and how he and Aarti separated.

In the meantime, Gautam tries to stay as far away from the family as possible.

Karishma asks Aarti about Savita but Aarti refuses to answer her questions. Kiran calls Aarti about Gautam's whereabouts in India.

Rohan invites Shobha to his birthday party. At the party, Vicky mixes something in Shobha's drink.

Shobha ultimately doesn't drink the soft drink that Vicky had mixed. Gautam is also there at the party and when he leaves, Shobha decides to follow him. She sees him meeting Kiran. Gautam and Kiran have a fight and Gautam threatens to leave the country.

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Shobha later tells Tulsi that Gautam met Kiran. Tulsi is furious with Kiran and asks him to stay away from her son.

Gautam packs his bags and asks Vicky to arrange for tickets for Australia. But Vicky tells him that he is not allowed to leave the country without permission from the police.

Tulsi and Pooja tell the police that Gautam is planning on leaving the country.

Gautam is made to sign a declaration at the police station that he will not leave the country without informing the police. The Viranis remember that his birthday is coming up. They plan a party for him.

Karishma asks Aarti about the Viranis, but the latter doesn't tell her anything.

Shobha invites Gautam, Vicky, Rohan and their friends to her brother's birthday party. She does not tell them that they are celebrating Gautam's birthday.

The Viranis wait for Gautam to come to his party. He lands up there with his friends, hoping to get free food and drinks.

At the party, Vicky steals gold bangles and slips them in Gautam's pocket. Saahil tips off ACP Verma, who is also attending the party about Vicky.

The gold bangles are found in Gautam's pocket. Just when the police is taking him away, Tulsi stops them and tells everyone that he is a part of the family.

Kiran enters the party and introduces Gautam to his real family. Gautam is disgusted and leaves the house. Kiran informs Aarti that both he and Gautam are back with their real family.

Tulsi goes to Gautam's room; packs all his stuff and leaves a message for him with Vicky. She asks Vicky to inform Gautam that his belongings are now in his own house.

Gautam comes to his room and Vicky tells him about Tulsi's visit. Vicky convinces Gautam to go and live with the Virani family as they are rich. The family waits for Gautam to come home. Gautams comes home late at night and straight goes to his room.

Gautam's sleeps till late, the next morning. Tulsi wakes him up with a loud rendition of aarti on the tape recorder.

Later, when Gautam demands for cigarettes, Tulsi tells him to buy them with his own money. Gautam refuses to eat the food as there is no non-veg and leaves the house.

Kiran wants to go back but Mansukh and Savita ask him to stay for a little while more.

When he returns, Gautam sneeks into Tulsi's room and looks for his passport. When Raghu intervenes, Gautam pushes him aside.

Shobha tells Savita and Tulsi about Gautam's behaviour towards Raghu. Gautam invites his friend's home for a beer party when the family has arranged for a pooja the same evening.

Kiran calls Karishma and tells her everything. Meanwhile, Shobha gets ready to attend a dance workshop conducted by a man called Vishaal Mehra.

Gautam's friends come home and they are enjoying in his room while the pooja is on in the hall. Gautam plays loud music which disturbs everyone below. Tulsi barges into his room and throws everyone out. Then she slaps him.

There is a puja to be performed in the house. Everyone is hopeful that Gautam will be a part of it. Kiran misses his daughter Karishma and calls her.

She gets to know that Gautam and Kiran are together in India. Shobha's friend informs her at college about her name being on the list of those who would audition for a mega youth event. She tells Shobha that Vishal a well known dancer from Delhi would be selecting the participants from their college.

Gautam invites his friends over to the house. Gautam's friends smuggle beer bottles into the Virani house. Tulsi is fooled by the t-shirt that is put on top in the bag used to carry the bottles in.

While the puja is on, Gautam and his friends have a party in his room. They drink and put on loud music which disturbs everyone during the puja.

Tulsi decides to stop the merry making in Gautam's room. She discovers that the door to the room is shut. Gautam cannot even hear her loud knocking on the door.

She finally has to break in and is disgusted with Gautam and his friends.

Tulsi hurts herself while breaking the glass of Gautam's room in order to open it. She scolds Gautam and throws his friends out of the house.

She is disgusted at Gautam's behaviour and in fit of anger she asks him to leave as well. He leaves. Kiran talks to him and explains the circumstances in which he was adopted.

Gautam is still angry though he feels that Tulsi has got her punishment by cutting her hand. He stays in his room. The next day he appears at tea time, much to everyone's surprise. Tulsi however has still not forgiven him. Ba talks to her.

Shobha impresses everyone with her dance. Gautam comes down from his room to ask Raghu to get him a packet of cigarettes. Tulsi wonders where he got the money from to buy it.

Tulsi is still wondering where Gautam got the money from when Savita tells her that she had gave him the money. She explains that she was only trying to help by giving in to small demands so that he would come around and accept the family faster.

Vishal Mehra informs Shobha that she has been selected to participate in the dance event. She asks him if he wants to visit her house for Holi. He accepts the invitation. Later he presents her with a classical music CD.

It's the day before Holi and the family has planned for a puja. Everyone is part of it. Tulsi goes to call Gautam. But he refuses to come since he wants to smoke.

Tulsi takes his packet away and asks him to join the others in the puja. Once there Tulsi forces him to take part in the puja. She promises to return the pack after he the puja.

But later Tulsi throws the packet in to the fire and when Gautam sees this, he gets angry. Tulsi and others are happy that Gautam participated in the puja.

Mansukh, JD and Himmat go to wish Ba for Holi and apply the colour as shagun like always. However, she supprises them by saying that this year she feels like celebrating Holi along with the others.

She fools Indu as she applies colour on Indu's face while telling her its a face pack!

The Virani family celebrate Holi in full swing. Gautam is also drawn out. When his friends want to put colour on Shobha he protects her.

All the fun, however, is spoiled for Tulsi when she discovers a liquor bottle thrown near Babuji's photograph in the house. She automatically suspects that Gautam for this.

Gautam suspects his friends for getting the bottle home but they deny it and Vicky blames on Saahil instead.

Shobha goes to Vishal's office to meet him. Saahil speaks to Gautam but in response, Gautam taunts him.

Saahil suspects Tushar and Aniket and he finds a similar bottle in their car. He then speaks to Tulsi about Gautam being innocent and tells her that it was his NRI friends who left the bottle at home.

Tulsi feels bad about blaming Gautam. She apologises to him. Baa who is listening to the entire conversation refuses to eat anything before Gautam lights the lamp infront of Dadaji's photograph.

Gautam refuses when Savita requests him. Tulsi talks to Shobha about Vishal.

Vicky, on the other hand, talks to Rohan and Sameer about the fact that he likes Shobha.

Vishal speaks to his mother in Delhi.

The family doesn't eat anything when Baa refuses to eat. Savita tells Gautam that no one has eaten because of him. Gautam lights the lamp and Baa eats.

Baa talks to Tulsi about Gautam. Vishal and Shobha meet again for rehearsals. They almost confess their attraction for each other but back out in the last minute.

Everyone notices a some transformation in Gautam, as he is nice to Raghu unlike the last time when he pushed him away.

Shobha talks to Purvi about Vishal. Vishal has to leave for Delhi.

Tulsi and Baa talk about Vishal and Shobha. Vishal meets his mom who turns out to be Payal.

Vishal talks to Payal about Shobha. Gautam asks Tulsi for his passport. She is reluctant to give it to him but finally relents when he says that he needs it for only 24 hours.

Gautam disappears for the entire day. Tulsi is tensed. Saahil gets a call from Harsh and Tulsi speaks to him. Everyone is preparing for Indu's birthday.

Gautam finally comes home in the middle of the party. Only then does everyone realise that it is also Karishma's birthday.

Tulsi asks Gautam for the passport and he points towards Babuji's picture. Tulsi is happy.

Gautam appears at the birthday bash of Indu. He reminds Kiran that it is Karishma's birthday as well. Tulsi asks Gautam for the passport only to see that it has already been returned by him.

Everyone is happy as they feel that Gautam is transforming. Gautam himself softens up towards the family. Then the unpredictable happens. Gautam overhears a conversation of the family members and misunderstands.

Gautam overhears what is being discussed by Tulsi and family and misunderstands. On the basis of that he decides that the Viranis are only after his money. He also decides to beat them at their own game.

He pretends to be nice with them, especially Tulsi. Vicky tells his cousin Vishal that he is fond of Shobha. Later he proposes to Shobha.

Shobha tells him that she is in love with Vishal. She tells Vishal about this as well thus confessing her love for him. Shobha tells Indu about her feelings towards Vishal, who in turn tells Tarun and soon the entire family.

Tulsi discusses the matter with Ba. Later, she talks to Shobha and tells her that she will talk about marriage with Vishal's parents. Shobha is worried as she feels things are moving too fast and too soon.

Vishal visits his house in Delhi. He is supposed to have dinner with his family including his parents and younger sister. Payal however makes an excuse and goes out.

While Tulsi is worrying about the adjustments that Shobha will have to make in the family she will wed in, Payal is also worried. She is apprehensive whether the girl that Vishal has chosen will be suitable for the family from the perspective of her political career.

Gautam realises that Tulsi was the one making the fast food for him all this while. Mrs Vaishnav comes and meets Gayatri with a marriage proposal for Saahil.

Payal calls up Vishaal to tell him that she is coming to Bombay for some work and in the process will meet Shobha too.

Saahil refuses to get married so early. Pooja and Tulsi still decide to go and see the girl for Saahil.

Vishaal comes to Shantiniketan and meets JD, Amba and Tulsi. Shobha agrees to meet Payal on Vishaal's request.

Payal meets Shobha but she is not impressed with her at all. Tulsi goes shopping and Payal is shopping in the same departmental store.

Vishaal tells Shobha that Payal had her apprehensions about the two of them getting married. Mrs Vaishnav goes to Shalini's house and informs them that Pooja and Tulsi will be coming to see Shalini.

Shalini is upset to hear about the proposal because she doesn't want to get married to Saahil as she is interested in someone else. She tells her friend Ganga about it and then Ganga decides to go and speak with Pooja and Tulsi.

Both Pooja and Tulsi are impressed with Ganga. Shobha goes to meet Payal. Payal comes to know that Shobha is Mihir's and Tulsi's daughter. She is happy.

Shobha and Vishaal are quite surprised at Payal's change in attitude towards Shobha. Before leaving for Delhi, Payal talks about the Virani family with Vishaal. Vishaal also tells her that he is going to Bangalore because the company is facing a litigation problem.

Rakesh and Suhaasi talk about Aniket and Tusshar. Tulsi and Gautam leave for the court together to resolve the complaint that Tulsi had filed against Gautam for beating up Saahil.

Tulsi tells him that the case is withdrawn and takes him to the temple. Gautam again pretends to really care for the family. Gautam asks for his passport. Tulsi Baa and Savita decide to get him married so that he can never leave the family.

Gautam and Saahil have a confrontation where Gautam tells Saahil that Vicky had told him about Saahil putting the gold bangles in Gautam's jacket.

Vishaal asks Shobha to come to a discothque with him. Shobha lies to the family and leaves for the discotheque.

Gautam and friends are at the same discotheque and they meet Vishaal. Shobha leaves with Gautam. Gautam tells everyone that Shobha was in a disco but covers up immediately.

Everyone is happy with him including Shobha. Vishaal meets Anupam Kapadia in Bangalore.

Savita talks to Tulsi about Kiran. Tulsi is sure that she will not be able to forgive Kiran ever.

Gautam takes some money from the office when the accountant wants him to sign the voucher he refuses. Later Mansukh and others find out about it.

Mansukh asks him to sign it as well but he refuses. Tulsi hears all this and she takes the voucher and money to Gautam. She says that the money is hers, he can either return the amount that he borrowed from the office or sign the voucher instead.

Vishal tells Shobha that his mother is keen to meet her parents. Shobha says they have to wait till her father returns.

Both Tulsi and Ba like Ganga very much and are keen on getting her married to Gautam. Gautam meets Payal at her office.

Gautam returns the money to Tulsi. The acting bug has bitten Indu and Ba are scared about her future, she is also planning for Dadaji's birth anniversary.

She wants the great grandsons to hold the puja. Shobha tells Sahil that she is still not as comfortable with Gautam as she is with him.

Mansukh discovers that Gautam is trying to find out the financial details of each working member of the family. He mentions the same to Tulsi.

She tries to ask Gautam why is he doing that. Gautam gets out the situation by telling her that as he is working in the office he should know all the details. She is convinced by his explanation.

Mihir is shocked when he is told that Gomzi is actually Gautam. Tulsi tells him all that they have kept from him till now. Gautam on the other hand is very upset by Mihir's behaviour in the office.

Mihir is angry with his family members for not telling him the truth about Gautam earlier. He questions everyone in the family. In the office Anupam takes him to the godown and shows him the material that Gautam had refused to export. It is of bad quality. Mihir realises his mistake and goes to meet Gautam.

Vishal's father asks Payal not to start her old games again with the Virani's as this time it will also affect their son Vishal. But she is driven by her hatred for Viranis to care about anyone, even her son. Tulsi tells Mihir about Shobha's preference for Vishal. He is keen to meet Vishal's parents. He calls up and Payal picks up the phone.

Payal gets a call from Mihir and is keen to go and meet the Viranis once again. Mihir tells Tulsi about his day at work with Gautam. He also tells her that he does not like Gautam's habit of smoking. Tulsi later tries to coax Gautam into not smoking in front of Mihir.

Aarti meets Gautam. JD gets suspicious about the ten thousand rupees balance from Sahil's account. He finds out from Sahil that Tarun had handed over to him the amount that ba had given for charity. Tarun breaks down in front of him.

Shobha's marriage is being discussed and Savita offers that she would like to see Gautam married in a rich industrialist family. Tulsi is not too keen on that. Payal gets all the information about the Virani family.

Vishal calls up to fix up a meeting between his mother and Shobha's parents. Indu has new problem that she seeks advice for from ba. The entire family confronts Tarun. Gautam tells Tulsi that aarti met him and that she is in Mumbai. Puja is leaving for a conference to represent Amba Bhawan.

Sejal tries to create trouble between Puja and Gayatri as she is jealous. Tulsi is unhappy about Aarti's return in to their lives. Aarti wants a property that another party is keen on. She goes to meet the person in her office and discovers that it is none other than Payal.

Payal and Aarti bond on the past friendship that they used to share when they were young. Payal then enquires about the Viranis and Aarti tells her that she has nothing to do with them anymore. She tells Payal about her divorce with Kiran and about Gautam leaving her. Payal is curious to know why Aarti is in town then, so Aarti tells her that she is here for the plot, which was hers but now coincidentally belongs to Payal. Payal then admits that she knows that the plot belonged to Aarti and that's the reason she purchased it… but on Aarti's name! Aarti is very grateful and pleased with Payal. Payal thinks to herself about how she is doing all these to get back at the Virani's.

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