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Aba sagunam means bad omen

abaakiam means   misfortune
Abaraatham means penalty
Abaranchi means refined gold
Abilaasai means desire
Abimaani means to support
Abiviruththi means development
Acham means fear
Achanitharamaha means very strongly
Acharya means a guru
Achchaani means Iron rod requires to fit the wheel of bull cart
Achchagam means printing press
Achcharam means Proof
Achham means fear
Achi means mould 
Adagu means mortgage
Adaikalam means shelter/protection 
Adaimalai means incessant rain
Adaippu means a plug, an obstruction
Adam means stubbornness
Adarthi means closeness
Adhi kaalai means early morning / dawn
Adhikkam means more/extra/surplus 
adhu means that
adi means a slap
Adichuvadu means a footprint
Adikadi means frequently
Adimai means Slave 
Adipadai means basic 
Adithadi means   a quarrel with blows
adukku means set (AS IN ORDER or a set of things)
Adupaangkarai means kitchen
Aduppu means Stove 
Adutha means next
Aduthu means close by
Agal means a clay lamp
Agalam means width 
Agam means inside
Aganthai means arrogance
Aganthai means arrogance
agaraadhi means status
Agarathi means dictionary 
Agathi means a destitute
Agatru means remove
Agaval means the cry of a peacock
agazhi means moat
Agilam means universe
Agni means fire
AgriNai means Nouns reffering to animals, plants and non living things like rocks
Ahbaakiam means misfortune
Ahimsai means non violence
Ahkilam means universe
Ahmaippu means composition or structure
Aimbathu means fifty 
Ajakiradhai means carelessness
Akaalam means untimeliness
Akangaari means a proud person
Akaraathi means dictionary
Akaram - a letter A
Akka means elder sister 
akka means older sister
akkam pakkaththinar means neighbours
akkarai also means the river bed on the other side
Akkarai means concern
Akkiramam means injustice
Alaado means to wander to and fro
Alagu means beak of bird
Alai means Wave 
Alaivarisai means channel
Alakkali means to be troubled
Alamaari means cabinet
Alambu means wash
Alangaaram means decorate with ornaments
Alanggari means to adorn or decorate
Alangolam means out of order
Alatal means show off
Alatchiyam means careless
alatchiyam means ignore
alayam means house/abode
Allalgal means sufferings
Allathu means or else
Alli means lotus flower
Alpam means petty
aluvalagam means office
Alwaa - means a sweet dish made of wheat
Amaavaasai means new moon day
Amaichchar means minister
Amaidhi means silence
Amaithi means peace 
Amarar means respectful word to denote who died
Amarkalam means excellent
Amaru means sit 
Amaru means to be seated
Ambalam means spreading out
Ambatan means a barber
Ambu means arrow 
Ambuli means moon
Ameena means a revenue officer
Amil means to sink
Amilam means Acid
Amirtham means Nectar
Amma means mother
Ammaanai means a ball game
Ammachi means maternal grandmother
Ammai means small pox
Ammanam means nudity
Ammi means grinding stone
Ammi means manual grinder
amukku means suppress
Anadhai means orphan
Anaipu means embracing
aNaiththal means to switch off the light
Anaithum means the whole or all
Anaivarum means all / everyone
Anandham is happiness 
anbu means love
Anbu means love
Andhi means evening
Andhi means evening / dusk
Andradam means daily
Andru means that day
Andru means that day
Anegama means mostly
Angam means body or part of body
Ange means there
Angeekaaram means Recognisition
Anggu means there
Angulam means an inch
Angulam means inch
Ani means team
anil means squirrel
Animai means nearness
Anithi means injustice
Aniyaayam means Injustice
Anjaamai means fearlessness
Anjaanenjam means fearless heart
Anjal means post 
Anmaiyil means recently
Annadamkaachi means daily wages
annai means mother
Annai means mother
Annam means food/swan
Anni means sister-in-law 
Anniyan means stranger 
Antham means ending
Anthan   means a blind person
Anthapuram means Place for Ladies only (like ladies hostel)
Antharanggam means secret
Antho means an exclamation expressing pity
anubhavam means experience
Anubhavam means experience
Anugundu means bomb
Anumathi means permission
anuppu means send
Anusariththal means adjusting
anushti means observe
Anuthinam means daily
Anyaadavaasam means leading life by hiding
Apiyaci means to practice
Apoorvam - means rare 
apoorvam means rare
Appa means father 
appaavi means innocent
appadithaan mean like that
appattam means obvious / that which is plain
arai means grind
Arai means half or mix depends on context
arai means slap or room
Arai puLLi means semicolon
Arajagam means atrocious activity
Arakan means a demon
arakkan means monster
aRam means charity
arambam means beginning
Aranai means a kind of lizard
Arangetram is debutant show
Aranggam means a stage for drama
araNmanai means palace
Aranooru means six hundred
Arasa Kattalai means Government order
Arasan means king 
Arasu means government
Arataai means chating
Aravanaippu means giving warmth
Arindu means knowing
Arippu means itch
Arisi means Rice
Arithal means cutting
arivaal means sickle
aRivaaLi means intelligent, learned person
aRivippu means announcement
Arivitthal means declaration
aRiviyal means Science
Arivu means Intellgience
Arivupoorvamaha means intelligent
Ariyaamai means ignorant
Ariyanai means Chair
Ariyathu means rare
Arpani means dedicate
Arubam means faceless
Arubathu means sixty
Arugaamailyil means near by
Arugampul means gree grass
Arukonam means hexagon
Arul means blessings
Arumai means excellent
Arumbu means bud
Arumbu means new growth
Arunotheyam   means daybreak
Arunthathi means moon
Arunthu means drink
Arusuvai means extremely tasty
aruvadai is harvest
Aruvadai means harvest 
aruvai means boredom
Aruvai means boring
Aruvam means no form or shape or body
Aruvathu means sixty
Aruvi means waterfalls
Asadi means tired
Asadu means a fool
Asadu means stupid
Asaivu means movement
Asaivu means movement
Asal means original
Asareeri means divine saying heard from space
Asarthal means becoming drowsy
Astam means Eight
Asthamanam means sunset
Asubam means an inauspicious thing
Athar means essential oil distilled from roses
Athattu  means  to frighten with loud noise
Athe means same
Athhumeeri means exceeding limits
Athi means a fig tree
Athigaipattru means overdraft
Athigarigal means authorities
Athimber means Aunty's/sister's husband
Athipoothaarpola means once in a blue moon
Athir means to tremble
Athirchi vaithiyam means shock treatment
athirupthi means unhappy
Athisthasali means lucky person
Athiyaayam means a chapter of a book
aththaatchi means Evidence
Aththai means aunty
Attai also means leech 
Attai means cardboard 
Attam means dance / portion above the head
attUzhiyam means mischievous acts
Attuzhyam means torture
Avaa means desire
Avagasam means time 
Aval means that girl/lady
avalavudhaan means just that much
Avan means he
Avanambikai means distrust
avarai is broad bean
avaravar means each person
Avargal means those ppl
Avasaram means urgent
Avasthai mans suffering
Avisu means rice
Avithu means to steam
Avittam is a star
aviyal - a curry made with a medly of vegetables and coconut
Aviyal is a medley of veggies cooked in coconut
Avul means puffed rice
avvalavu means that much
Avvapothu means occasional
Ayal means which is foreign
Ayerai means a kind of small fish
Ayyanar means God
azhagi meants beautiful woman
Azhagu means beauty
Azhai means means invite
Azhivu means perish
Azhu means Cry
Azhukku means dirty 
Azhutham means Pressure

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'aa' words list

aabathu means danger
aabaasam means filthiness/vulgarity
aacharyam means surprise
aadai means dress
aadavan  means  a youth
aadhaaram means evidence
aadhaayam means benefit
aadhangam means concern.
aadhavan means sun
aadhi means starting
aadi / aavani are names of tamil months
aadu means goat/dance
aagaaram means food
aagaayam means sky
aagaiyaal means hence
aagamam   means holy religious scriptures
aagattum means let it be so
aagaveh means therefore
aaivoo means research
aajaanubaagu means huge in size
aakal means creating or cooking
aakirami means to seize by force.
aalaabanai means humming before singing the raagam (in carnatic music).
aalai means mill
aalam means depth
aalangkati means a rain of hailstones
aalayam means temple
aalinganam means embracing
aall means person
aalolam means sound used to drive away birds
aalosagar means adviser, consultant
aalosanai means suggestion
aalosee means to think
aaLunar means Governor
aamaam means yes
aamai means turtle/tortoise
aamanakku means the castor plant
aambal means Lotus flower
aamothi means approve
aan means male
aanaal means but
aanai means command
aanaikaal means the disease elephantiasis
aanandham means happiness
aanavam means arogance
aandavan means god
aandhai means owl
aandi means hermit
aaNdu means year
aangilam means english
aani means nail
aanikal means standard weight for weighing gold
aanmai means manliness
aanmeegam means religion/faith
aapai means ladle
aapthan means an intimate friend
aaraadhanai means praying
aaravaaram means Cheering
aaraaychi means research.
aaram means a necklace of gems
aarambam means beginning
aaravaaram means loud noise
aarchitham means acquired wealth
aarogyam means health
aaroodam means astrology
aarppariththal means cheering
aaRu means river/six
aarudhal means comfort/soothing
aaruyire means dearest.
aarvam means interest
aasaan means guru
aasai means affection,desire, yearning, wishes,hopes
aasanam means seat
aasee means blessings
aaseervaadham means blessings.
aasiriyai means (female) teacher.
aasiriyar means (male) teacher
aasramam means Home of saints/orphans.
aasthaana means chief/main
aasthi means property/wealth
aatchi means rule
aatha means mother/lady God
aathigam means theism. Belief in existence of God.
aathipathiyam means supremacy of power
aathiram means anger
aathma means soul
aatkal means people
aatkoL means enslave
aatru means to perform
aattam means motion, vibration, dance
aattral means talented
aaval means eagerness
aavanapadam means documentary
aavesam means aggressive /angry
aayaa   means maid
aayatham means ready
aayiram means thousand
aayudham means weapon
aayul mean life
aayvuk koodam means research station.
aazham means depth
aazhi means kadal

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3 rd vowel 'i' pronounced as 'e'

idai  - hip
idainjal  - hindrance
idaiyil  - in between
idam  - place
idaral  - stumbling
idayuru  - disturbance
iddakku  - indecent language
idharkaaga  - for this
idhayam  - heart
idiyaappam  - steamed rice flour noodles
????????&#29 90;?
idli is a steamed rice cake
idukki  - gripper
idukku  - to squeeze
iduppu  - Hip
ikkattu - difficulty
ilaaka  - department
ilai  - leaf
ilakkam  - digit, number
ilakkanam  - grammar
ilakkiyam  - literature
????????&#30 21; 
ilakku  - target
iLamai  - youth
ilavangam  - clove ????????
ilavarasan  - prince
ilavasam  - free
iLavEnir kaalam  - pleasant weather in summer
???????? ?????
ilippu  - sheepish smile
illaamai  - non-existenc, poverty
illagu  - to become liquid
illai  - no
illakam   - target
illam  - House
illaneer  - tender coconut
illavattam means   period of youth
imai  - eyelids
inaidhu  - together
inanitha  - joint
inbam  - pleasure
indru  - today
ingidham  - decency
inippu  - sweet
inji  - ginger
innal  - misery
inthuppu  - rock salt
????? ?????
ippadi  - like this
ippozhudhu  - now
????????&#30 09; 
iraanuvam  - army
iraichchal  - noise
iRaivan  - God
irakkam  - compassion, mercy,pity
irandu  - two
irangal  - condolence
irattai  - a pair of
iraval    - loan of a thing
iravi  - the sun
irehkai  - lines on the palm
irudhayam  - heart
irukkai  - seat
irukku  - have
irumaappu  - arrogance
????????&#30 09;
irumbu - iron
iruthi  - limit, end
iruttu  - darkness
iruvinai  - good and evil action
isai  - music
ichchai  - wish or desire
iththanai  - so many
ithu -  this
ivai  - these
ival  - she
ivan  - he
iyalbu  - nature
iyanthiram  - machine
????????&#30 21; 
iyarkai  - nature/natural
iyatru  - to create
izhappu  - loss

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