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KNI 26 Nov - 31 Dec Archives 2007

preethi_r Senior Member

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Posted: 30 November 2007 at 10:24am | IP Logged

Episode 1

Its a lovely condo in a high-rise building, with a beautiful view. A young handsome guy  gets up very early in the morning and stands in the balcony. He tells tht even though his friends, Sri, Divya, Manju and Ashwini will be sleeping, he is not able to do so, becoz of love.

He tells tht his name is Shakthi and tht he is going to narrate his story and take us to a flashback of incidents, which happened in his life, one year ago. He is a photographer working for a big company, but also does freelance photography for extra cash.

He introduces the first character of his story, his friend, Sri. Though Sri aspires to become a chief chef, he is a playboy, who gives more priority to love than to work.

A flashback is shown of Sri meeting his girlfriend, in a restaurant,on Valentine's Day. His girlfriend has made a love profile and gifts it to him. It has stuffs like first restaurant bill he paid, a poem he wrote for her. Sri is surprised and happy to see them. She then shows a paper cliping, from where he copied the poem LOL and scolds him for not being able to write, even a small poem on his own. Sri tells tht he is not vairamuthu and tht love will be "sweet" only with small lies like this. She tells that the next thing will be much better than is a love letter written by  him. He asks wht was wrong in the letter..She shows him that the letter was not addressed to her but to her friend, Archana.LOLLOL She calls him, a cheat, and leaves the place.

Then Shakthi introduces the next character.A girl is dancing in a Pub and he  tells tht it is Manju and tht we have to first know Manju, to understand Divya, of whom he will tell later.

A flashback of Manju is shown: Manju is dancing in a pub, and a guy approaches her. He introduces himself and asks her if they cant get along. She tells tht it is not possible, as she is looking for a guy with some principles and continues telling tht she is looking for a computer engineer who does not go to pub or smoke and someone who comes home directly after work. The guy looks at her with a shocked face. Manju tells him tht she is fed up of going to pubs and smoking and wants a complete change and leaves.

Shakti tells tht we would have guessed tht he is the hero of the story and then introduces the heroine of his story. A beautiful girl meets manju and they speak about some guy, who manju met. Manju's friend laughs at her. Manju asks her not to laugh,  becoz she may also face such a thing, when she is planning to get married. The friend tells tht she wont look at websites to find Mr. Perfect, but will love someone, get to know him well and then marry.

Shakthi tells tht he has introduced only few characters in his story, because  he story has only few characters. His story wont have twists and turns. It is just a tearless love story.ClapClap Freeze

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netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 December 2007 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Here goes the update for the second episode. Could not resist from watching it online... Caryn, i can't wait till they air it in Malaysia Wink

Episode 2

Sakth is sleeping. Suddenly he wakes up. Someone rings his doorbell. Sakti opens the door sleepy. A couple and a boy are all standing there looking at him. They push him aside and enter the house. Sakthi ask them wat they want, who are they. They guys walks around the house saying the place looks good and expensive. Sakti looks confused and ask them wat they want. Sakthi keeps asking them and finally says he is going to call the police. The man ask him to call. He tells his wife, gayithri did told us about him. Sakthi is more confused and ask who is gayithri. The husband tells his wife again, Gayithri did say Sri will ask like this. (Looks like the couple thought our Sakthi is Sri) Sakthi looks more annoyed and ask them who is gayithri and what you want. The husband ask tells him, Sri don't act like you don't know anyting. Now sakthi looks at them and ask gayithri, the music teacher? The man says yes. Sakthi walks to the end of the hall and picks a frame and shows the other guy in dat picture is Sri and he is Sakthi. Husband and wife looks at each other. The man still does not believe sakthi and accuse him for lying. Sakhthi gives him sri's number and ask the man to call. Looks like sri had left the phone there, this makes the man not to believe him at all. They leave saying not to act. The marriage will take place soon.

Sakthi takes the phone and calls to sri's other number. He scolds him left and right. And slams the phone down. He never gave Sri a chance to talk.

Sri and Sakti walking in the road. Sri is laughing and laughing. Looks like Shakti had been telling him the story. Shakti scolds sri. Sri tells him since sakthi has no girlfren, he could have agreed with gayithri's father and get marriade to her. Sakthi ask sri why he is avoiding gayithri. Sri says his looking for true love so he is experimenting love by meeting different different girls. Sakthi tells him not to became Sethu 2 by looking for true love. Sakthi tells sri not to use his house again. They sit in a restaurant and sri ask him to have a beer but sakthi tells him he need to go to work. On the other table, there a 2 girls sitting. Sri tries to jollu with one of the girl. Its Divya sitting there with her fren Manju. Sakhi ask him to stop it. Only one Manju can be seen. The other one is sitting the other way. Sakthi is getting annoyed. Manju ask divya to looks at sri and how his trying to jollu with her. Divya looks at the guy and stares at him. Sri is posing at the counter. (He looks soooo cute and funny... hahahaha). Divya ask her fren to ignore him but she tells her she going to teach him a lesson. Divya ask her not too but her fren just ignores her. Divya tells her fren manju, look at the other guy, sitting there so quite and good. Boys must be like that. (Both our hero and heroine sitting facing their back). Divya phones rings and she answers it. Its her mother. On the other side, Sakthi's dad calls him. Both are talking in the phone with a background music. Salthi writes down divya name and number in a paper. Divya is doing the same. She write down sakhi name and number too. Sri cames back and sakthi tells his fren about his father's plan. Sri just ask sakthi to ignore his dad but sakthi says he can't. Divya is also explaning to Manju the same thing. (Looks like both their parents are matchmaking both divya and sakthi.)..... Both divya and sakthi left the restaurant and forgot about the number in the restaurant. Both rushes back to take the number.

Divya starts to dial his number and Sakthi at the same time tries. But both stop at the same time and starts to think. Thodarum....

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Shalinikanthan Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2007 at 12:57am | IP Logged
Well here is the third episode of the serial. Thnx to Preethi and Netra for the first two updates.

It starts with Sakthi meeting a girl name Ashwini outside his office she is his work colleague. He explains his situation to her about his unwillingness for arrange marriages as he doesn't want to marry a girl who he never met. He tells that if his dad wants me to marry a girl who is like her will be ok as he knows her well. The girl comforts him and Sakthi leaves and goes inside his work place and she stands there with a blushed face. (I think this girl is in love with Sakthi)

Both Sakthi and Sri is near a river side and Sakthi asks why he called him over here. Sri goes I need to tell you something and Sakthi goes what. Sri goes I am in love and Sakthi gets annoyed and shouts at him for making him skip his lunch to listen to some old crap he is saying. Sri goes no seriously I am in love and Sakthi goes you have to go and see a psychiatrist immediately. This scene was so funny it will be good if u guys watch it live than reading it in the updates.

Sri is dressing up and starts looking for his hair gel but he is unable to find it so he calls Sakthi over to enquire about it. He goes why did you kept the balcony window open, see now kaaka took my gel and flown away (this part was so funny I would recommend all to watch it.). Sakthi goes it's not kaaka it was him who took it as he is going to meet the girl who his parents chose. Sri goes you said you are not interested in the marriage then why are you all worked for.

Sakthi and Divya are in some place and they both try ringing each other but it says unavailable as they are ringing each other at the same time.

After the third try Divya give up but Sakthi tries again and Divya picks the phone and he introduces him as the groom her parents choose and ask her to arrange a meeting. Divya goes she is busy today and she is an important work and asks him to ring her tomorrow after 11 am and then they will decide where to meet and Sakthi agrees to it.

He goes on to say something and ask her not mistake him and Divya goes go on. He goes your favorite color s blue right and you like mother Theresa and u have a blue parker pen and Divya gets angry and say where are you and Sakthi goes Sorry I tried your phone but couldn't get you so I am at your office now.

Sakthi goes we will meet tomorrow and puts the phone down they both are smiling inside them.

Freeze Ninaivugal thodarum

To Nallu the 4th episode is still not uploaded in net so if you don't mind will you update us on the 4th episode. And is it possible for you to send a small brief update on Monday's episode.

netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 December 2007 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Episode 4

Sri is sleeping. His alarm starts ringing. He gets up off the alarm and calls out for sakthi's name. Sakti is standing in balcony. Sri goes there. Sri ask him why he got up so early. Sakhti says today he is going to meet divya. Sri ask why the trouble when sakhti dun like arranged marriage. Sakthi says he wants to see the girl and tells her his not ready for this marriage. Sri tells Sakthi not to lie. Looks like Sakthi has got something for the girl already. Sakthi calls his fren Mannangkatti... there is noting. Sakthi is very clear in his decision. Sri ask him not to decide things fast. Meet the girl first and then decide. Sakhti ask sri to go and sleep and he is very clear about his decision. Sri says a guy who is clear will not wake up so early and look at the beach. Dun try to fool sri around (i really enjoy this sri acting... sooo funnyLOLLOL). Sri tells Sakthi this is the first time a girl is appearing in his life. He ask sakthi to follow him to salon as there is lots of changes to do (Salon open so early in the morning in Singapore,Shocked appadiya bluegal?)

Divya is fast asleep. She opens her eyes. Nice background sound. She opens her eyes and saw her roomate manju getting dressed. Manju cames in and ask divya if she is not caming to office. Divya says she got fever and not caming to office. Manju tells divya to follow her to clinic. But Divya ask manju to go office first. Manju leaves. Looks like divya was lying. She is suppose to met Sakthi today. Divya radio. Takes a card and makes a call. She calls salon to make appointment for facial. (Huh!!! Embarrassedfacial). She turns and taddaaaa manju is standing there. Manju ask Divya what's going on. Since when salon is the medicine for fever?? !!! Manju ask Divya to tell her wats going on? Divya says she is going to meet Sakthi. Manju ask Divya how came now she agreed? And the same like sakhi answer sri, Divya says she is going to see him to say no for marriage. Manju ask Divya to get ready as they need to do shopping for something to wear.

Sri and Sakthi enters a salon. The conversation between the chinese girl and sri was so funny. She ask him questions in english and he answers in Tamil!!! Sri ask the girl if she can make Sakti look like rajini in sivaji.LOLLOL... He starts disturbing other girl. Sakhti ask him to be quit and calls him Baddi... in return sri calls him Jatti!!!! LOLLOLROFL

They came out of salon and sakthi ask Sri what's your plan and idea. Sri tells him he needs to change his attire before seing the girl. Sakthi says the reason he is doing this salon etc is just incase if the girl looks beautiful. Sri tells Sakthi to get dressed in a different colour and tell the girl another colour. First sakthi does not agree, but finally he does.

Divya is shopping for cloths. At the same time, Manju gives the same idea Sri gave Sakthi. Divya agrees.

Sri is advising some love tips for sakhti. Sakthi just ignores him. Sakthi ask Sri if he thinks himself as Kadhal Mannan Gemine!!! Sakthi leaves to met the girl. Someone calls for sri handphone. Its Divya. Sakthi's phone is with sri... he calls back Sakthi and tells him divya in phone. Divya will ask him to meet her at china town. Divya ask sakthi how to identify him. Sakthi says he will wear black jeans blue shirt. Divya says she will wear blue jeans white kutta.

Sakthi arrives wearing green shirt and divya cames there wearing red dress. They both look cutie. And the background song was beautiful. Both standing side by side but not looking at each other. They continue walking around looking for each other. They happen to met in lots of places but as they are wearing different cloths.... they don't know. Both tries hp at the same time but can't get through. Both walks awayConfusedWink... thodarum

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bluegal Goldie

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Posted: 04 December 2007 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
KN Ep 5

recap from the previous ep, both shakti & divya search around for each other but unable to recognise as they had given a different dressing color code. just then sri calls to ask shakti if the girl looks like aishwarya or sushmita sen and was given a rebuttal by shakti saying mannagatti (seems like he uses this pet phrase alot lol). shakti then tells sri that divya must have played a fool out of him thus he ask sri to come and meet him. sri says he will be there in 30 mins and tells shakti to continue doing what he was doing when shakti grumbled about waiting that long for him.

at the same time, divya calls vani and complains to her saying shakti is a cheat & a fraud. divya tells her she wants to go to his office to scold him for cheating her. vani tells her to have her favourite fishball noodles that she will be there before she finishes it after which they will visit shakti's office. meanwhile both shakti & divya tries to call each other at the same time again but unable to get through but they are so close to each other like each standing behind a wall. shakti tries again and gets through, he asks her where she is and she asks him back. he tells her he is infront on the mrt (train station) and she tells him to stop bluffing. she says she is inside bee chiang heng (i think thats what i heard, its a shop name) and suddenly shakti sees her when he hears the shop name as he is also inside. both gives a strange look and then looks at their own clothings to realise that the other party came in different clothes. finally they smile and break the awkwardness.

they go out to someplace quieter and apologises to each other and realises that they have many similiar things in common. just then sri calls shakti and he moves away to answer the call. shakti tells sri that he has left the place after waiting long for him and hangs up saying signal is bad. as he turns back, he saw sri standing there and shakti gives a sheepish smile to him. sri follows him to go back to divya and shakti introduces each other. sri reprimands sakthi saying why must they meet under the hot sun and invites them to a restaurant for some juice. sri makes some comedy there and tries to get shakti into trouble by ordering the most expensive food. just then vani comes and divya gives the same excuse as shakti gave earlier. sri asks vani to another table so that divya & shakti can talk alone. sri and vani have some good conversation as he tries to make an impression on vani using his playboy techniques lol.

back at shakti & divya, he tells her he is like kamal in devar magan movie like how he is obedient to his dad. he explains to her that he is not keen in arranged marriage but wants to marry a woman after getting to know her better. divya tells him that although her dad gives her freedom, he makes the decision for her marriage and she was unable to do anything about it. both discuss on how to stop this impending marriage that their families has undertaken just cause they are family friends and shakti tells divya to inform their families that they should just tell them that they have met but do not like each other. both gives a strange look at each other after that. NINAIVUGAL THODARUM...

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sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 December 2007 at 3:22am | IP Logged
7 th episode highlights
sakthi & divya go to restaurant & compromise.Sakthi goes to get ice cream meanwhile sakthi's mom call & divya attends the call.Mom decides they r ok with marriage.Then divya's mom calls & confirms the news to divya & talks to sakthi also calling him mapillaiLOL LOL LOL .sakthi is aghast & warns divya not to compell him for marriage citing this is reason.Divya gets angry & wishes that she never sees a man like sakthi again in her life & leaves.Next scene-Vani comes & informs sakthi & sri that divya is no where to be found.They all start to search her.Sakthi goes in a taxi searching her

P.S i think divya likes sakthi

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netra_rama IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 December 2007 at 4:16am | IP Logged
woh u lucky nallu, got to watch the 7th episode.

aniway, here goes the updates for the sixth episode

Episode 6

Sakthi is walking with an American couple. Looks like his snapping pictures for them. (His english is good) Couple then leaves. Sakthi carries on walking. His phone starts to ring. The caller says his calling from star buck and he says someone by the name of Divya has left the wallet there. He ask Sakthi if he knows her (why did the guy call sakthi?? confusing) Sakthi says he knows her and will be there to collect the wallet.

Sri is asking a girl in the bar if they have any Indian beer as he only got little money. Sakthi is standing with him. The girl says no sorry. Sri says no problem and buys 2 glass of bear. Sri and Sakthi leaves. Sri ask sakthi how came his story is like Tamil cinema. Why divya can lost her purse and why you got the call? Sakthi ask him to stop talking nonsense. First finish the beer. Sri still can't believe about this incident. Sakthi ask him if he thinks Sakthi has set up this drama? Sri says no but think this way. It might be divya who had plan all this. Maybe she wanted to test if both of them still got some link. Sakthi denies it saying Divya is a practical girl. She will never do things like this. Sakthi ask sri to stop thinking like that before he bash up sri. Sri ask sakthi to think in various angle, not 1 point only. Sri says the faith is great as it making both sakthi and divya to meet up though they both dun want to meet each other. Sri says maybe the death Gemini Ganesan is planning all this for you. Sakthi ask him to stop talking rubbish and starts to leave. Sri call him back and says there is only 2 option left. First to call her and ask her to meet sakthi. Sakthi refuse it as he don't want Divya to think his going after her. Sri tells him the second idea. He ask sakthi to go strain gt and meet her. Sakthi says he is very busy and he can't. Sri does not want to believe him. Sri says after the wedding contract he gave Sakthi, looks like he never got any other contract. Just then Sakthi says thanks for reminding about the Wedding contract. By the way, where is the payment for that contract. Sri felt caught and tries to escape out by talking other matters. Sri acmes back to the purse topic. He tells sakthi definitely Sakthi wud have came up with a plan to return the purse, so tell out the plan. Sakthi tells him he wants to call Divya first and tell her about the purse. Sri jokes and tells be carefully. Divya might have lodge a report and instead of duetting with her, Sakthi will be wrestling with the cops!!! Sakthi says the purse is empty, whats the point of doing police report? Sakthi then decides to call her morning.(Sri was really funny here. I think i would carry on watching this serial because of him lol). As they were leaving, Sri was singing some funny English song about love is a magic .....

Divya's office. Looks like she's getting scolding from someone due to pending assignments. (He was doing that in front of other staff. Gosh if i had boss like that... ) Divya says sorry and explains that the file got corrupted but the boss just don't care. He told Divya not to give stupid and silly reasons like this (he used the word shit too!!!). Divya feels very bad and boss leaves saying he needs the documents by this evening. Just then Sakthi call her (bad timing). Divya says hello 2 times and then only sakthi says hello its me!! Divya ask who? Sakthi tells his name. Divya being so busy, scolds sakthi. Working time is not the time to play. She says she is busy and cuts the line. Sakthi is angry. Divya carries on doing her work.

Later evening, Sakthi and sri sitting together. Sri is drinking beer. (Looks like this guy is really into it) Every time he cames, he has a can in his hand... bad bad bad.) Sakthi ask him why his drinking and its his fourth can already. Sri says his feeling very sad. Sakthi ignores it. Sri says he can hear the sound of sadness from Sakthi's heart. Sakthi tells sri, his own mobile ringing he can't hear, but can hear Sakthi's heart sound... jokeeee. Sri says he understand how Sakthi is feeling. Sakthi says his okay and not bothered about Divya's matter. Sakthi then admits saying Divya had embarrassed him. She had hurt him. Sri tells him not to worry. Maybe Divya cut the line because she wanted Sakthi to think about her and she had proved it right. Because from morning Sakthi has been talking about Divya. Sakthi understand. He is looking at divya's purse. Sri ask Sakthi to mail the purse to Divya and write something too. Sakthi ask what to right and Sri scolds him saying he can't be giving idea all the time.

Divya's house. She is putting in cloths in washing machine. Manju is looking at a magazine and calls out divya. Manju tells divya, Sakthi's pictures has appeared in the magazine. Manju says sakthi is a good photographer. Divya looks at the magazine. (Manju was cute in this scene... looks like sri and manju stealing the thunder lol). Some friendly chats takes place between both frens. Just then a courier cames in for divya. Divya takes it. Manju ask from who and divya says from sakthi. Manju takes it from Divya and starts opening. Divya's purse is inside there. She gives the letter to Divya. She reads the letter. It says ?ivya, you left your wallet in the restaurant and my card was inside it. So they called me and gave the wallet. I called you yesterday but you took it wrongly and the way you had spoken had disturbed me a lot.?Divya looks sad. Manju just leaves.

Sakthi's office. Divya is calling and Sakthi upon seeing her name gets angry. He answers the phone and Divya says sorry. Sakthi says his busy and to call back later. Divya begs sakthi not to put down the phone and she says she will came directly to met him and say sorry. As sakthi is talking in the phone, he goes out of his room and grabs a coffee. He tells divya no need to came and cuts the line. Sakthi turns and divya is sitting in his office. Sakthi is shocked. Both of them look soooo cute. The song plays again, both is looking at each other ..... thodarum

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bluegal Goldie

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KN Ep 8

recap from the previous ep, shakti, vani and sri are searching for divya. shakti in a mercedez cab looking around and then the driver calls shakti by his name as says he is tired and hungry, i suppose he knows the driver cause shakti calls him uncle and tells him to stop at the cab at the corner and that he will get some food for him. he walks into a cafe and spots divya eating but she leaves before he could talk to her. he chases after her and asks her why didn't she go home. divya asks him to mind his own business as she will go wherever she likes. shakti tells her he was like a fool searching all over for her for the past 5 hours and not only him, sri and vani were also looking for her as they were unable to reach her on her cell. divya says her cell was out of charge and that she went to visit her friend in the hospital who was in an accident and she isn't supposed to use cell in hospital. she goes on to say what seems to be the big problem. shakti says her friend came to find him as he was the last one to see her before she went missing, thus he felt obliged to look for her. divya taunts him saying he must have felt guilty thats why he came in search of her. shakti defends himself saying, he only did so out of pity for her. divya says since he has seen her, he should leave but shakti inisits that he will make sure to see her get home. he also tells her that he will not get in her away after he sends her home. they both leave in the same cab that shakti came earlier. vani calls shakti and he tells her that he has found divya and she starts to sob and asks to talk to divya. divya takes the call and says sorry to her and that she'll be home in a while.

sri & vani are waiting for divya under the flat and sri comforts vani saying she'll be back soon. sri tries to crack some joke so that vani won't be so tension. he tries to sound her out but vani tells him there is true friendship but true love? sri tries to samalchifies by doing what he does best - comedy. just then shakti and divya arrives. shakti asks sri to leave together in the same taxi else the taxi will run over him LOL. vani thanks shakti but divya was stubborn not to thank him. anyway both guys leave.

next morning, sri invites shakti to a birthday party with vani & divya but he declines saying he won't go to a place where divya comes. sri plays along with him and tells him to suit himself. losing out, shakti tries to find out where they are having the party and suggests to sri to ask vani not to bring divya along then he will come. sri says the main leads are going to be himself and vani as he is going to propose to her thus shakti is just a gooja following him LOL and don't want to spoil it by saying anything. shakti then asks him if yesterdays love is more important than many years of friendship and sri says yesterdays love is more important to him making shakti fume LOL. sri asks him to come along but shakti says he feel "kadi" seeing her. sri says he wants shakti to be there when he proposes but shakti asks him not to say periye vaarthai as he has been there when he proposed to his numerous girlfriends previously and if those girls see shakti now, they spit at him LOL. sri asks him to stop his flashback and says he need to leave. sri tries one last time by telling shakti not to get angry if he dances with divya but shakti just refuses to budge. he wish sri all the best and sri leaves thereafter leaving shakti anxious and it seems he has a plan lol

sri arrives (its a russian joint at orchard road) and sees the back of a stranger looking so much like shakti. shakti is all dressed up in black suit and coat complete with sunglasses. sri thinks to himself saying how could shakti reach here so fast and that even before him. some comedy scene there when shakti pretends to be someone else and sri was almost taken in. shakti says his name is pollathavan and sri says that is danush movie and that he has a friend who looks just like him. shakti confuses him a bit and sri starts to leave and shakti calls him "dey machan" then only sri confirms its not a double act LOL and asks him how did he manage to reach before him. shakti asks him to look at his time (i suppose sri took sometime to reach the place as he came in a rickshaw (rickshaw is a 3 wheel transport and thus is slower)) and sri asks why didn't he come when he called him earlier. shakti drama saying he wanted to give company to sri as he don't feel good about leaving him alone. sri tears his vesham (mask) saying he had come to company divya who might be alone and shakti gives his sheepish smile again LOL. sri complains on shakti's dressing as they walk in. they see vani and divya and together they help with the decorations (as usual with some little comedy from sri). shakti and divya exchanges glances while they put the tablecloth (i have to say this here, shakti looks smart and handsome here with his jelled up hair and black shirt) but shakti seems to be the only one smiling sweetly while he looks at divya's pouting face. shakti then places the cake and they put the candles together while still exchanging looks. NINAIVUGAL THODARUM....

was that long update lol LOL

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