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BEDTIME FF VOL 2:Pulse - END PG1 11/05

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Hi all

Im posting this FF as many have requested another Bedtime FF to read during the Hols... So im giving you

~ Pulse~

Feeling his heart race as he help the scalpel in his hand he closed his eyes to see her there again… "Who was she?? and why has she effected him so much?" …. Opening his eyes he looked down at the chest of his heart patient on the operation theatre ..and smiled under his mask as he made the incursion… It had been barely a two days yet he could not get the holiday of Goa out of his head. Slowly the site and interaction with the beautiful stranger had effected him in so many ways and she had invaded him in a matter of days… He could not shake off the feelings… It was as if he had left part of himself somewhere on the shore of the beach where they had met….

"Why did he have to get paged? …. Who was that beautiful stranger? Why cant I get her out of my head?…." So many question and yet no answers… As he removed his hands from under the running water Dr Armaan shook his head as he wiped his hand.. Hating the feelings now residing within him of not knowing!!

"Salaam, Nameste and Sat Shri Kal… You're listening to the Dr Riddhima on 97.18 FM on Mumbai Radio… we fast approaching the love corner part of the show so please call , text and email me…we discussing love at first sight... Is it possible? or is it Lust or Love?" Hitting the button she looked up at Nana as he gave her the thumbs up through the glass window. She smiled as she looked at him.. He approached her 3 months ago and offered her a spot on the radio station as a DJ co physiologist… well her Phd would be useful and slowly the callers where getting to know her and she them… Hitting the mute button she looked at Sam her producer he was very helpful and supportive as he smiled at her.

"Sam I want to run some idea about other open topics we can have on the show.. Can we discuss these tomorrow some time" She looked at him signalling to her mike…Hitting the button she smile…

"That was the beautiful Saawariya sung by Shail Hada… Ok folks! I just received a email from Sareena she says .. "Hi Dr Riddhima… I'm a student and currently studying for my English exams… I just started listening to you're show and think you are doing a great job… but I'm worried that I may not do well in the exams can you help?… First of all Sareena thank you so much for you're email… and for tuning in! Exams can be a stressful time for anyone.. As a Doctor I too have had my far share of pressure… My advise is you organise yourself and you're time…take breaks and then hit the book.. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat well.. Good luck!! Ok this next song is for you..Ajab Si!…"

Turning up the volume in the car Armaan smiled as he hummed the tune…

'Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai

Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai'

As he lay in bed he could see the beautiful stranger again walk past him on the sunny beach as he remember there encounter……..

Please comment....if i dont get any comment no next part until next week...Evil Smile

Love Kat....

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Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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~ Part1~

Closing his eyes he took in the salty air… 2 years of hard work he so need the break and Goa was where he spent most of his childhood on his hols… He had not surfed since his teenager days and as he walked down the beach looking at the stars and moon lit sky … his favourite memories with his parents came flooding the mischief smile dance on his lips he heard the music coming down the beach near his hotel… as he walked toward it he saw hotel members all swaying to the music. As he walked into the crowd the music engulf him as people danced…

He stopped midway as the waiter offered him a drink..

"What's this party in aid of?"

"Sir is a anniversary celebration for a Mumbai radio station…hotel members are all invited!" Picking up the champagne drink in his hand, he walked over to the swimming pool over looking the ocean and looked at the breath taking view…

Hearing the applause and screams of the group he turned around and saw the crowd dancing.. Gentle nodding to the music he decided to go back to the hotel

I'm bringing sexy back
Them other boys don't know how to act
I think you're special, what's behind your back?
So turn around and I'll pick up the slack.

He turned to stare at the siren beauty dancing on the dance floor with the crowd she took his breath away…as his pulse raced he moved towards …she looked so engulf by the music as she danced moving her hips to the sultry beat of the music…

Dirty babe
You see the shackles
Baby I'm your slave
I'll let you whip me if I misbehave
It's just that no one makes me feel this way

Take 'em to the chorus

Come here girl
Go ahead, be gone with it
Come to the back
Go ahead, be gone with it
Go ahead, be gone with it
Drinks on me
Go ahead, be gone with it
Let me see what you're working with
Go ahead, be gone with it
Look at those hips
Go ahead, be gone with it
You make me smile
Go ahead, be gone with it
Go ahead child
Go ahead, be gone with it
And get your sexy on
Go ahead, be gone with it

Get your sexy on
Go ahead, be gone with it

He noticed everyone staring at her as she danced and looked at her dressed in jeans and short top…she looked so dame sexy on the dance floor…suddenly she stopped and walked over towards the bar…but was stopped halfway…

"Hey gorgeous! How about a dance?" he watched her totally ignoring the group of young guys and carried on the bar. Smiling to himself he knew she was able to handle herself and followed her to the bar just behind the group.

"Bar tender give the babe anything she wants!" She turned and looked at the group behind her.

"Water please!" the bar tender nodded and placed the bottle on the bar. Picking up the bottle she turned and looked at the 6 guys standing there not letting her pass.

"OMG!! I have been looking for you everywhere?" She looked at the tall guy smiling as he walked into the group. His hazel eyes danced full of mischief as he placed his arm around her.

"Good come on you're missing the party!" she smiled at him and nodded as they walked into the group leaving them behind.

"Thank you!" he looked at her and released her from his hold being so close to her he just wanted him all to himself.

"I guess I'm your knight in shining amour this evening" she smiled back at him as he chuckled.

"Thank you… bye!" he looked at her as she walked back into the crowd

'beep beep' frowning he looked at his paged and sighed..

"I guess something's are not meant to be!" he walked into the hotel…

Unable to sleep feeling very restless he pulled of the covers…and looked at the clock 1am… In one single moment the beautiful stranger had affected him so much he sould still smell her fragrance as it lingered within him… her kajal filled emerald eyes looking at him as he appeared before her and they way she spoke .. "thank you"

"I'm so tired Sam…" turning on the mute button she looked a Sameet as he looked up at her from his papers.

"Great show Ridz… I never knew members could have such different view points of love at first sight!" she smiled as she looked at him.

"I guess you mention love and the public love the topic..!"

"Will the phones are flashing!… and we have 23 minutes of air time left.."

"Hi guys… that was Salaam-e-ishq! Ok lets go to callers on the phone.. Line 3 we have…" he pushed the button on the console.

"Hi I'm Sanjay!." moving closure to the mike she smiled.

"Hi Sanjay… so tell me you fallen in love at first sight?…" hearing the faint chuckle of the caller her smile broaden

"There is this girl on the bus I get. Very good looking…but I have never spoken to her…as I'm shy I guess!…"

"Wow … we all go through that part! See everyone's a little shy and tongue tied with the opposite sex.. That all natural… So tell me which bus do you take?"

"Im not telling you that she might be listening…OMG I'm so embarrassed now!"

"OMG don't be embarrassed … she might be listening and you can confess that u like her…"

"I guess!"

"Ok thanks for calling!"



"can I request a song for the girl on the bus to college!…Tere bin!"

"I see if I can get it on  Sanjay.. After I speak to the other callers…"


"What about you?" Riddhima looked at Sapna in the shared apartment they lived in

"I guess I believe in Love but at fight sight?… hmm not sure"

"Awee come on this Knight in the photos with his arm around you looks dreamy" Riddhima shook her head…

"He's ok I guess!… I hitting the bed!… I have a photo shoot in the afternoon.. As Nana want to launch the show.. And wants ppl to see me in the ad.."

Sapna watched her leave the room smiling.. "Dr Armaan and Ridz look good together!" she placed the pic on the table and smiled… The long night shift at the hospital had drained her too…and the pics from the party where given to her from Sam.

"I tell her in the morning ..about Armaan.." she yawned..

Smiling she closed her eyes picturing him in his which jacket and jeans…he seem nice but so was Vivaan to begin with and it all went wrong…He was so obsessive and the relationship total drained her.. If it was not for Sapna and Nana help she would not have got him out of her life.. Moving to Mumbai she was not going to get involved with any man… "Right now I need to get myself sorted!"… All her life she had struggled left in an orphanage it was hard not having an identity.. Not know where you are from??.. Who you look like?? and why you where rejected? The only thing sister Mary at the orphanage told her was that her mother had past way while giving birth to her and a man dropped her off at the orphanage…He told them that his sister died and he was single not married and can not support the child and her father had refused his siter and his child.. Leaving the convent that was all she was told. In college Sapna and her family where good to her and helped her though out everything including her fees.. They were the only family she had know and with studies over and Vivaan just wanting to sleep with her for a bet …she moved to Mumbai with the family… but for how long was she goin to be a burden on Sapna and her family??… Now she need to pay them back for everything and make it on her own…. Nana approached her with a 2 year radio contact deal as he want a professional psychologist on the team who could help people and now he was going to run a campaign advertising her show.. He was funny but always wise…and she respected him loads. Now tomorrow was going to be her pay back everyone who supported her in her life…

~~Part 2~~

"Hi Dr Ridhima my name is Guppo!" pushing up the bar on the console to hear the callers voice Ridhima smiled.

"Hi Guppo! Isn't past your bedtime?" she looked at the clock and it was 11pm.

"I'm home alone and I wanted to talk to you… your ad did say you are there to talk?" there was something in his voice and she just could not pinpoint what it was..

"That's is right what do you want to talk about?" hearing the line go very silent she looked over at Sumit very concerned.

"My sister has cancer and ….I don't know what to do?" his voice quivered and she looked blankly at Sumit and then back at the flashing console.

"I am very sorry to hear this Guppo…but you know with modern science so advance we can cure it!" the line went dead again.

"My mother cries every night she comes from the hospital and papa is working day and night to pay the bills.. I have been watching them break apart for six months know and I…" hearing him crying her heart went out for him.

"Guppo? Guppo? Come on you are a strong boy and have to keep up the spirit ..what is your sisters name?" hear him whip his tears and sniff on the phone she listen to the silence.

"Minnie.. She is younger then me! And never moans about the large injections she has to take… she lost her hair and looks so weak yet she does not stop smiling…" feeling her own eyes weld up she look over at Sumit as she scribbled on the note pad… reading the writing he nodded and let the room.

"Guppo you have all the dua from me and my listeners and have to promise me to stay strong… I want you to hold the line while a play a song .. Ok sweetie…" she quickly hit the song button …as she saw Sumit bang on the glass window with his thumb in the air…as she watched him sit down.

"Guppo I want to come and see you and you're family… we here at Mumbai radio want to help you and Minnie..Are you there?"

"Yes doctor"

"Good boy I'm going to put you to Sumit as I'm going to wrap up the show I will come to see you tomorrow at home.. Ok!" hitting the button she looked at the time with 25 minutes to go she knew what she need to do but wanted Nana to back her…

"Great Ridhima just great!! A human interest story and we be seen as a caring radio station.. See people why cant you be as bright as the doc.." she looked at him staring at the presenters in the room.

"Just one problem …I told them we will help them financially…" she stared at him as he went quiet…

"Appeal!! Minnie Appeal!" she looked at him as he jumped of his chair as he shouted as his a light had just gone off….

"Fine we pay for the best hospital in Mumbai ..and get donation.. Ridhima you are in charge… Sumit run the appeal every hour on the station.. By the way I want a contract drawn up with the parents first.. If anything is to happen we are not liable and legally bound.." they all looked at him leaving the office..

"Set it all up! I want everything done and paper work signed but this evening.. Tomorrow we start Minnie Appeal!"


"Hi Sapna… thanks for this?" Sapna stared at her as they walked down the corridor.

"This is Mr and Mrs Verma!" Sapna looked at the two parents looking very scared.

"Please don't worry Dr Joshi is a very experience doctor…"

Atul looked at Armaan in his office.. As he looked nervous..

"Armaan these media people.. You have experience with.." Armaan chuckled looking at Atul as he held his coffee.

"Yaar main hoon na.. no tension!" hearing the knock on the door they turned to see them enter to the room.. It was her? His eyes looked at her as she conducted herself and made the patients parents feel relaxed..

"Dr Armaan!" Sapna smiled noticing his eyes just on Ridhima as she turned to look at him.

"Hi!" She looked at him staring at her and then back at Sapna confused.

"Dr Armaan.. Say hello!" Atul nudged him slight.

"Hi!" smiling he looked at everyone in the room and found Sapna giggling as she turned to leave the room.

Through out the whole meeting she found herself feeling very uncomfortable as he stared at her …as she they stood up to leave she looked at him angrily as she left the room.

"Atul I am in love!" Atul looked at him stunned as he cupped his hand on the desk and stared at the door.

"So what you think of Dr Armaan?" she looked over at her as she frowned.

"Just another guy I guess… any way I have no time for such things I will be busy with this project!" Sapna looked at her… Armaan had totally begged her to hook them up again and this would do Ridhima some good this anti guy thing she had at time was way to serious..

"Amit throwing a get together at his flat on the weekend ..I said we would come!" ridhima looked at her and studied her..

"We?" Sapna looked at her casually and got up from the sofa.

"Look first off this sneaking around with Amit is not good you should tell momma and papa… and second why do I have to tag along in this romance thing?!"

"Come on I cant leave the house if momma and papa knew.. And I am waiting for him to pop the question.." she looked at Ridhima giggling

"Pop the question? He will never do it.. 2 years relationship he given you every present except the diamond ring.. He to scared of his folks.." sapna looked at her angrily and pouted her lips. Ridhima looked at her as she shook her head men want one thing after that it was good bey… keep them at arms length and that's it.

~~~Part 3~~~

Hearing the music blasting as they approached the beach house apartment Ridhima looked at Sapna as she opened up her compact mirror for the second time…

"You look fine!…I don't get it you see him all the time and he knows what you look like?" Sapna looked at her and handed her the sliver compact mirror.

 "here have a look! Yourself as you might meet the man of your dreams" looking at Sapna giggling she narrowed her eyes at her .

"Please tell me you have not set me up tonight with some cheese friend of his?" letting out a deep sigh she looked at her annoyed.

"Gosh Ridz enjoy yourself for once let down your hair and forget the past and live it up!"

"Look Sapna don't talk to me about my past OK! I seriously don't want to be here but I have only come for you and nothing else… there no such thing as a knight in shining amour or prince charming… once these guys screw you over you are thrown away like yesterdays news…"

"Dame it! Ridhima what happen to you mother will not happen to you.. heck you are so scared letting anyone come near you… look I'm not asking you to get involved just to have some fun.. and not stand as a piece of furniture and not wishing to be out of the room… Amit is celebrating a contract win and I want to be part of his happiness and not worry about you there…" Ridhima looked at Sapna march off and enter the apartment.. some times Sapna was so self centre it easy for her to wear her heart on her sleeve for me who has nothing but myself I will not be taken in for a mug…

Sapna looked around the room filled with Amits close friends and looked to see Ridhima 'why does she think she will end up like her mother? For years I have been telling her to let the baggage go but she just does not? DAME IT I was too hard on her!' as she moved towards the balcony knowing that was where she was going to be she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Sapna?" she stare at him smiling where a black suit and a red shirt Dr Armaan was know as a cavalier maybe he can help Ridhima in more ways then one…

"So tell me where is my princess?" she looked at him as his eyes searched the room…

"Hmm don't tell me… my fair lady is at the balcony awaiting her prince…." She looked at him heading towards the large French doors and closed her eyes..

"Please Lord! Give her one relationship where someone will give her nothing but love!" Sapna felt an arm around her and opened her eyes to see Amit.. smiling his broad smile looking down at her…


  Hearing the laughter and the music she looked at the sea as it washed over the beach.. the smell of sea air and the full moon above staring down at her.

"Hi I thought you might want a drink!" she turned to see him and looked at him puzzled as he stretched out his arm to hand her a drink..

"I'm on call so no alcohol for me either.. just a soft drink.." he looked at her looking at her confused and chuckled.

"Dr Armaan Malki we met at the hospital!" he looked at her nodding her head and turning back to the night sky…

"Must say the night is especially beautiful tonight .." she looked at him now standing close to her and she turned to look at him place the glass to his lips.

"So tell me why are you out here and not in there with your friend? She looked worried about you?"  he turned to look at her.. in the moon light she was more stunning and the smell of dior was captivating his senses…

"OMG listen Dr Armaan… that is none of your business and if she was that concern she would have be here 2 hours ago and not with Amit!" hearing him laugh out loud she looked at him angrily.

"Seems like someone is jealous and not getting any attention!" hearing her puff he smiled… and turned to face her

"She happy as Amit asked her to marry him and she said yes! I guess she upset at you for not congratulating her!" he looked at her as she looked stunned.

"What's the matter? You looked every surprised?"

"He's seeing her for 2 years and now he pops the questions?"

"Actually Amit's parents want him to marry someone else when he told them about Sapna…he wanted to start his own business be successful and then marry her as he wanted her to be proud of him…I know may people think he's a dreamer and a waste of time… but the guys had it rough.. and he not told Sapna about his parents as he scared she will leave him.. hence he was waiting for this contract win…" she looked at him stunned

"Sapna knows nothing only that she loves him and will wait until the ends of the earth for him.. she lives with her heart.."

"You know a lot?"

"I would hope so as Amit is my cousin… and Sapna will by the end of the year be my bhabhi.." she looked at the handsome guy as he approached the doors..

"You going to swallow that pride and coming to congratulate them.. as Sapna parents now about tonight as Amit and I have gotten there blessing!" as he stood not looking back at her he heard her step closer to her and enter the party…


Sapna smiled as she looked at Ridhima talking to the group of people

"Thanks Armaan!" she looked at him as he stared at Ridhima..

"She is hard work and does not give me the time of day!" she looked up at him stunned

"Armaan she is an orphan and  it's been rough! very hard and she has lost respect for men as they have always used her in some ways…she only listens to papa and Nana ji.. and look! I know your reputation with the woman… and if you ever hurt her…"

"Relax! I need you on side for when I marry her!" she looked at him smile and walk over towards her.

"May I have this dance?" she looked into his eyes as he held out his hand.. there was something about him and he was interesting as she took hold of his hand she felt his hand on her waist…

Looking into her green emerald eyes he let out a gentle sigh…and smiled

"So I was think about tomorrow evening… around 8pm!" she looked at him this guys so confusing

"8pm?" he looked at her confused look and twirled her to the music and brought her back to him…

"Too early …ok 9pm!" she felt him pulling her closer to him and she pulled back.

"Look I'm working and…"  as he felt his strong arms push her away from him and pull her back she saw a smile form on his lips…

"I forgot… ok I will meet you there!"

"Meet me for what?" he smiled back at her and stopped as his beeper went off

"Tomorrow ….i will see you there?"

She stared at him dashing to the door and looked at him stunned the man talks in riddles but he was very interesting and for some reason he was relaxing to be around.. NO Way…Ridz she thought walking over towards Sapna..


"Thanks Riddhima! I really hope you don't mind!" she looked over at Sumar and smiled..

"Samar how many times are you goin to say thank you… just go! And I hope everything works out for the family.." She saw him nod his head and smiled.

"Well I cant get over the fact my little sisters getting married so soon and to tell you the truth…it seems like a long time since I have been home…it be good to see everyone again…"

"Hmm you sound excited …ok I think you have explained the console to me and I should be ok for the week…" he looked at her looking a little uncertain about the buttons.

"Look if you not…"

"Leave Samar before I hit you…It will be fine and the other producers will asset if I get stuck…GO!"

"Ok I'm leaving and good luck for the auction…" he looked at her roll her eyes at him…as he chuckled on the way out.

"How can I forget… Nana's bright idea for raising money for Minnie was to auction the 4 top RJ for a date…." Hearing the jingle running constantly every hour she was dreading the function in a weeks time….Placing the head phones on her ears she looked at the young assistance through the glass window counting down …3-2-1


Riddhima looked over at Sapna as she sat so still in the presence of Amit's parents and smiled looking at her feeling very uncomfortable…As all eyes where upon them all in the small function hall.

As Amit looked at Sapna as he held her hand and placed the ring on her fingers… As everyone clapped there hands Sapna looked over at her parents with tears in her eyes as Ridhima heart raced feelin alone tear running down her cheek… her best friend will so start a new life and move away from her and the family… feeling Amma's hand squeeze her she looked over at Sapna place the ring on Amits finger… now it was official…..

"Congrats!!" Sapna looked over at Riddhima and could not control her tears.

Riddhima took hold of them as they both hugged each teary eyed…

"Stop it! I thought you were happy …"

"I am but …" feeling Sapna hold Riddhima closed her eyes…I know we will no longer been together for much longer…

"Congrates Amit…" Sapna released Ridhima and looked over at Armaan as he stood on the stage with them …looked handsome in his grey pipe stripe suit…but she noticed his eyes on Riddhima and no one else and smiled.

"Armaan the flowers are beautiful!"… seeing him staring at Riddhima and not responding she looked at Amit as he nudged him.

"Beautiful!" ..Sapna giggled looking at Armaan staring at Riddhima moving towards her parents as she was in charge assisting them the arrangement…

"Armaan… she not interested and you know that.." She looked at him taking a deep sigh…

"Sapna that is all what interesting… Ok she said no to me twice now…indirectly… Now Bhabhi you have to help me out here…" She looked at him grinning..

"OK Baba… there is one way… you have to bid for her!" he looked at her confused and watched her walk away.

"Amit bid for her?" Amit chuckled as he placed his arm around him

"Armaan! You don't listen to the radio and not seen the posters …" 

"Don't ask Amit … I see her picture and cant move …so I had to find another way to work… don't ask it taking me 1hour to get to work!"… Armaan looked at Amit chuckle..

"You have got it Bad!" Armaan shook his head.. believe me you have no idea

"Ok Listen tomorrow … there is a charity auction to raise money for Minnie's trip to London… for her finial treatment… so guess what up for auction?…"

"No you kidding?" Armaan looked at Riddhima

"Yes you can bid for a date with Riddhima… and there are a few sports personality up for action as aswell…So don't empty out the bank on the bidding!"

"When is it?"

"Tomorrow at the Royal Kings hotel at 8pm…"  Amit looked at him looking disappointed

"I cant make it… dame it looks like the gods don't want us to get together either!" Amit looked at Armaan shaking his head

"I have an idea…." 


Riddhima looked over at Nana grinning….both of the two male radio jocks had raised enough to pay for the trip and the extra money now would help the radio recover some of there cost..

"Riddhima I have a feeling you will raise a lot of money for me…"  she looked at Nana and cursed herself for getting involved … but it would raise money to save a life and Nana had agreed to help other cases in the future… but she wanted to get some aid for the orphanage that raised her… so she told Nana… 50% of her bid would go towards… so she was a little happy… feeling like lamb going to the slaughter she stood in the spot light…

"Ok next we have a date with the beautiful Dr Riddhima…starting bid… 2000 rupees …." Seeing a show of hands goin up she looked over at Nana who was excited over the response…As the bidding got heated up she looked at the back of the crowd and saw a tall slender girl raise her hand…

"5000 rupees!"

"6000 rupees" she looked over at the exit unable to make out the person.

"10,000 rupees!"  as the audience fell silent she looked at the tall girl move forward in the crowd.

"15,000 rupees!"  Riddhima looked up at the hand

"25,000 rupees!" she looked over at the girl who looked determine to win.

"50,000 rupees!" the hall fell silent and the girl opened her purse and shook her head.

"Going – once …." Hearing the hammer on the table bang… she looked over at the old gentle man walking forward.

As she moved forward she looked at the young girl move forward..

"I need to talk to you Riddhima… My name is Anjali Gupta… I need to talk to you about an urgent matter… can you meet me here!" Riddhima looked at the tall girl..for some strange reason she looked familiar ….as she looked at the card in her hand.

"Please It's! Important…tomorrow lunch time!" Riddhima could hear the distress in her voice and nodded.

"Riddhima!" she looked over at Nana as he stood next to the old man.

"This is Mr Mahon … he your date this evening… and I have informed him… this officially finishes at midnight..

"No Mr Nana… this evening will finish at 6am…" Riddhima looked at the old gentle man holding up a walking stick towards Nana…

"Fine… ok you paid 50,000 rupees so 6am… is fine!" Riddhima looked at Nana confused

"Beta …shall we!" Riddhima nodded as he held his arm out


Riddhima sat in the car and looked at the old man as he smiled

"I have to tell you beta… I was bidding for my baba… he is waiting for you at the beach house…" Riddhima looked at him totally confused

"Your baba?" know she was feeling a little scared and unsure what was happening

"Beta seriously there is nothing to be afraid off…I have called you beta and now you are like my daughter…nahi" as the car holted she looked at him as he got out of the car…

"He's  waiting for you inside…please beta…trust me!"

As she pushed open the door she saw the red flower petals on the floor leading the path…stepping onto the petals she could smell the fragrance of the rose…looking around at the small house she saw pictures of a young boy smiling as he played with his father…on the beach…. As she looked over at the glass table she looked around to see no one around and stop to see the candles on lit on the table…as it was decorated with plates and …feeling hunger she looked over at the kitchen area…

"Hi!" she turned to see Armaan leaning against the door frame

"Oh its you!" Letting out a little sigh of relief she smiled to see him walk over towards her.

"I thinks so!… Armaan in the flesh!" she looked at him as he pulled out a chair.

"Now if you could take a seat …I can get dinner as am starving!"… she looked over at him as he moved around the kitchen mumbling… shaking her head as a smile formed on her lips she got up from her seat.

"Where did Kaka put the ??.." 

"Do you need a hand?" he looked at her standing close to him and smiled as he scratched his head…

"I guess my kitchen skills need some work..!" he looked at her nodding and smiling…

"Ok I confess im no good when it comes to cooking and I have no idea where the glasses are in the kitchen…" she looked at him opening up the cupboards and closing them.

"Why don't you sit down I will serve dinner!" she looked at him coming closer to her.

"Ok but can I ask …you?…. would you mid if I  take a quick shower… as I came from work and…" he looked at her smiling

"Sure!…I get the food out on the table…"

She looked over at him as he sat at the table with his wet hair and sleeveless top and smiled …poor guys was tryin so hard and she was impressed with him …

"I am sorry not the romantic evening you where expecting…"

"shall I be honest…this is nice… good food and company…." He looked at her as she placed the fork full of rice in her mouth…

"I have something special for desert… its outside…" she looked at him as he had a mischievous smile on his face…"… as she took hold of his hand…. As she felt his hand walking down the beach she looked at the smile on his face as they walked up towards the small little caf …

"Ammy!" Riddhima looked at him as he smiled at the old lady.

"Auntie… my usual but make it a large please…" Riddhima looked at him as he held her hand not letting go…

"Everyone knows you and loves you…" he looked at her with a far away look in her eyes…

"Hmm I guess but the question is do you?" feeling her let go of his hand he looked at her feelin uncomfortable for the first time the entire evening… he had shared his childhood with her over dinner.. and looked at her as she looked so distant…

"I don't want to bet around the bush but I like you a lot…" he looked at him take hold of her hand again.

"I need to time… Armaan… I have a lot of things I need to …"

"The orphanage? We can help them together and you will never need to worry about anything financial and…"

"She looked at him and truth was she did feel something for him …but was very unsure…"

"Can we take it slowly…" she looked at him gesture with his eyes.

As the large bowl appeared on the table she looked at him grining as he looked at the ice cream like a spoilt child in his photos she saw back in the house… as they spoke all night about there work … she found herself telling him thing she had never shared with anyone including Sapna…..


"Hello Riddhima!" hearing his voice on the phone she smiled

"Armaan this is the 6th time you have called me!" she sat in the hotel awaiting Anjali Gupta

"Look this poor woman has called me all week and I promised to meet her today…" Hearing him moan she could not believe in a week how close she had gotten to him..

"Ok I will see you in the evening!" Riddhima smiled as the wedding preparations where keeping them busy and together…

"Hello Riddhima!" looking up at the worried and uncomfortable look on Anjali's face she nodded at her.

"Armaan I talk to you later… ok Bye!"

"Come on say it… I love you?"

"Armaan I have to gooo… bye"  hearing her giggle he smiled…


"Riddhima?" he looked at her as she took hold of him crying

"Baby whats the matter?"

"That girl total me I am her half sister and our father is dieing and wants to see me!" Sapna looked over at Armaan holding Riddhima with Amit… shocked by what she had said…

Hearing her crying he felt her arms pull him tight to her as she sobbed………


"I have spoken to Amit to postpone the wedding!" Sapna looked over at her parents in the living room.  Riddhima need her now more then ever and she wanted to be there for her and not think about anything eles.

"Why?" Sapna turned to see Riddhima walk into the room dressed in her red satin sleeping attire…

"You need me!" Riddhima looked at her as she shook her head.

"I do not! Infact the wedding is helping me to keep my mind of the facts… anyway I don't want to get in the way of your future!" Sapna looked at her as she sat next to her mother and placed her head on her shoulder gentle.

"Amma Sapna is scared of commitment and using me as an excuse she's got cold feet!… especial since the marriage is in a couple of days…" Sapna looked at her mother placing her hand gentle on Riddhima face as she closed her eyes.

"You two need to talk… come on Ji lets leave them alone!" Riddhima watched them leave the room and looked over at Sapna as she stood looking at the she got up and walked over towards Sapna

"Riddhima are the most selfish person I have ever met in my LIFE!" Riddhima looked at her as the tears ran down her face.

"I am goin to miss you too Sapna!" as they held each other they both sobbed.

"Look stupid! My life has always been a mess and you and the family have given me everything ….so now its time for Pandora to open the box!" Sapna looked at her totally surprised.

"But Ridhima?" Sapna looked at her as she released her

"Anjali and I have met several times now …I have decided to go to London and him!" Sapna looked over at her and knew the last couple of days where hard as Riddhima totally shut everyone out and stayed at the orphanage most evening…talking to Father Joseph.

"I am coming with you!" Riddhima looked at the stubborn look on Sapna face and shook her head at her.

"You have a future with Amit to secure and I don't want to get in the way of that!… as for me I need to understand who I am before I can move on in my life… I look at myself in the mirror and see a face … and I ask myself Who am I? Do I have my mothers looks? or my fathers eyes? Looking at Anjali I feel a connection I have never felt before…."

"You goin to forget US!" as the tears ran down Ridhima and Sapna face they held each other

"NO I cant never forget and I'm not going anywhere!… but Sapna I need you!" Sapna took hold of her as she sob uncontrollable in her arms


As the brass band played Riddhima looked Amit standing before them in the entrance….as they welcomed him in ensuring the custom where performed…As Riddhima stood throwing flowers as they walked around the sacred fire… as she felt the flowers on her face she turned to see Armaan smiling next to her.

"Hey sweetheart!…hmm how are you?" he looked at her as she looked stunning in gold as she gave him that smile.

"Hi Armaan you made it!" She looked at him dressed in white

"Ouch! That hurt Ridz!" she looked at him place his hand on his heart looking divested!… feelin her elbow in his ribs he looked at her giggling at her.

"Oye hoye you look so beautiful when you laugh!" he looked at her blush slightly as she looked away.

"Stop it Armaan!" he looked at her and smiled.

"I want to ask you something Ridhima alone!" she looked at him as he took her hand and led her away from anyone.

As she looked up at the stars he took a deep breath and closed his eyes…she turn to see him on his knee and looked at him.

"Will you marry me?" dumb stuck and shocked as he held the large diamond ring in his hand.

"Armaan?" he looked at her as looked surprised.

"I cant image a single moment without and …" she looked at him as he stood up.

"Armaan please… I don't know what to say?…and to tell you the truth I don't know what I feel for you…" he look at her and smiled as he took hold of her.

"Marry me and I will give you the world!" hearing her take a deep sigh he looked at her…

"Who am I Armaan?" he looked at her as she pulled away from him.

"I don't know who I am?? and where I come from??… everyone know there existence as for me? It would be better for both of us to just spend sometime apart!" he looked at her and smiled.

"I have come to far Riddhima and I love you… and feel alive for once in my life.. My life is empty and you make it worth it you know!… I don't care about you're past and just want you in my future!" as a lone tear ran down her cheek

"I cant do this Armaan!" he looked at her as she ran away

"No matter what you do Riddhima…. I will never leave you!" he ran after her and found her in the bedroom on the bed crying.

"Hey!" she looked at him kneeling on the bed pulling back her hair…. As he felt her arms pull her close to him he smiled.

"I love you and will wait!…." she pulled back and looked at him

"I am not worth of you Armaan and will not marry you or see you again…after tonight!" he looked at the stern look on her face as she wiped her tear.

"Of course you will!" he looked at her shake her head.

"I need to discover who I am and im leaving tonight!" she looked at his face.

"Leaving for where?" he looked at her as she looked away…with his heart pounding …. This hurt she told herself as she closed her eyes to look at him

"I never told you…love you! So why are you pressuring me! With this!!" he looked at her getting off the bed.

"I want to be free of this …thing which you think we have!…you have been dictating this entire thing…but I want no part of it anymore!"

"Ok!" she looked at him with that cheesy grin looking at her.

"No Armaan! It's over and …" feeling him pull her towards him he looked at me.

"I am going to give you…all the time in the world" feeling his lips on hers for the first time she melted in his arms… how she loved him but knew he could do better and was wasting his time with her…she was going to disappear from his life……

As she packed the suitcase she looked over at the room which she shared with Sapna …fulled of memories she looked over at there photo and placed it in her bag.

"Amma can you give this letter to Armaan and tell him I am sorry"

~~~Part 6~~~

Dear Armaan


This is the fifth letter I am trying to write.. the others are in the bin. I have to leave in an hour and I am all set to embark on this new chapter in my life but before I do I want to tell you a few things about me.  As you know I was raised in an orphanage … but the truth was my mother re married and moved on with her life.  As I was an illegitimate child when I came into this world. I lived briefly with her and landed up in the orphanage… She had an affair with a married man and it was to late to terminate the pregnancy and she decided to put me up for adoption… but that failed.  I guess no one really wanted me and the orphanage where the only ones who tool me in!  I guess there was room in the inn…


My birth father is dieing and confessed to Anjali about me… she wants me to met my father? … I feel strange even saying those word mother? Father?. .. It feels so alien like?… I remember when I was eight years old and would dream bout my parents coming to find me as it had been a terrible mistake… but that dream faded with all my hopes that maybe one say I would discover why I was cast away…


I will cherish our moments together and I know you will find someone who has a wonder past and can exchange stories with… I know you Grandparents are very respectable and so is your whole blood line… lets not diluted that with a woman who is illegitimate and can not trace her own blood line as they rejected her.  I think you deserver some one who is worthy of you… as I am just an outcast to this world and will always be





Closing his eyes he clenched the paper in his hands …. For 2 weeks he had been trying to call her and the phone was switched off… Amma given number did not work and she had been worried too … But Riddhima called her once a week. Sapna and Amit where on there honeymoon which he did not want to disturb and now he had to leave for America with one of his patients…  "God Dame it!"


Picking up the bottle of beer he placed it to his mouth and looked down at the letter on the table.


"Stupid woman! I don't give a dame about this blood line rubbish and she….Uff!" he banged the beer bottle on the table.


"Hello moto!" he looked at the phone and placed it to his ear.


"Armaan?" hearing her sob out his name he gripped the mobile and closed his eyes as his pulse raced.


"Riddhima? Are you ok?" hearing a long pause he looked around the room in desperation.


"Ok tell me where you are?" he cursed himself for being so helpless and weak! How could he let her walk away?… she was unstable mentally and needed him and was not think straight.. I should be there with her Fool.


"I uh…" hearing her voice again he look over at the small shine of Lord Shiv Ji and prayed she was ok.


"I am in London!" the phone went dead and he looked over at the Shine pleading but it was no use…As it was dead!




"Cheers Atul!" he placed the phone to his ear as he left Heathrow Airport


"Dr Anjali Gupta! Ok got it I go to the hospital know… Champ I owe you one!" hearing Atul swearing he smiled as he looked over at the black taxi


"Hi I am looking for Dr Anjali Gupta?" he looked at the tall red haired nurse looking at him oddly.


"Do you have an appointment?" taking a deep sigh he looked at her and shook his head.


"She will not see anyone without and an appointment!" he looked at her as she picked up the files and turned to leave,


"Ok can you give her a message… I am her Jiju her sister's husband" he looked at her to see if she would take the bait as she turned to look at him


"Nice try mate… she has a brother Rahool. Last time I checked he was a man!" he looked at her giggling at him.


"Give her the message! Please!" he smiled at her as she shook her head at him oddly.

"Ok I am going to call her and say a strange man is calling himself her jiju and wants to meet you"  he smiled at her as she picked up the phone…


"Excuse me?" he looked up to see Anjali looking at him oddly


"Where is Riddhima?" he looked at her looking guilty as she looked down at her hands.


"See stayin at this address!" he looked at her hand over a card as she turned to walk away.


"Woman's Refugee?" he cursed his way to the taxi


He looked at the tall African woman as she led him down the dirty corridor towards the room


"You are Armaan right?" he nodded she had asked him so many times and she stopped at the door.


"She has no money and is not well… the girls have taken turns looking after her… and she made a call to you I was there?"  his eyes filled up as she opened the room and looked into the dark room to find a bed as he looked at her silhouette figure in the covers


"Why didn't you not go to the hospital?" he looked at her angrily as she turned on the light


"she refused to see the doctor here and … go to the hospital" he looked over at the state she was in all pale and weak as he cursed himself as the lone tear ran down her face.


"Why is she here?" he looked over at the woman as she headed for the door.


"This is a woman's refugee so you figure out why you're wife is here…"


"Her belonging and stuff!" he picked up in his arms as she was unconscious there was no way he was goin to let her stay in such a place.


"Take her to a good place Armaan and make sure she does not leave you again…" he looked over at the African woman as she place Riddhima suitcase in the taxi…


He placed her gentle on the bed of the small house owned by the senior doctor friend of his…. Which was empty for a week now he was looking after her as she suffered from pneumonia… if he had not gotten to her soon anything could have happened.


"Riddhima!" he looked at her eyes look up at him filled with tears.


Taking hold of her on the bed he stoked her hair she was so weak and she was responding to the medicines as he pulled her close to him he kissed her on the forehead.


"I am here sweethearts. I promise to never leave your side!"



She lifted herself up in the bed and looked over at him walking in with breakfast.. she looked at him humming merrily as he placed the tray on the bed and kissed her on the forehead seeing her blush he smiled


"Riddhima what happened?" he looked at the tears in her eyes and took hold of her in his arms..


"OK … You know! Lets just forget anything happen it was a bad dream.." feeling his lips on her cheek she nodded her head wiping her tears.


"Once you are well enough we go back home get married!" he looked down at her as she took hold of him sobbing. Right now she need him period what had happen he will find out sooner or later… but his was goin to make sure nothing separated them ever again.


As he gentle placed his bag on the floor he heard the gentle laughter and smiled as he walked over toward the living room of there new apartment they had moved into …as he looked over at her smiling he felt a gentle tug …and looked down to see two loving eyes looking up at him as they raised there arms.


"Daddy!" he reached down and lifted her in his arms…. As he felt the tender lips on his cheek he smiled as he looked over at Riddhima smiling at them as she approached them…. As he leaned forward and kissed Riddhima on the cheek he felt to arms around his neck… As he felt the lips on his lips he chuckled looking at Riddhima giggling.


"Momma kiss!" Armaan chuckled as he looked at Diya lean forward and kiss Riddhima in his arms.


"kissie kissie! Mwah!" they looked at her sending flying kisses to them as they looked at her in Armaan's arms


As he sat on the sofa with Diya in his arms he smiled… in the past four years everything had changed he looked up at the family photos on the wall… of them married and of him holding Diya in his arms two years later… there small toddler now had taken over there lives as he looked at her getting off the sofa and follow Riddhima to the kitchen he smiled and knew what was going to happen next…  He looked over at Riddhima hold a tray of tea and he looked at Diya holding a plastic pink tray with another cup and a small slice of cup cake in a plate.. Smiling he looked at Diya copy Riddhima make the tea and looked at her eagerly come toward him with her cup… Armaan held the empty white cup in hand and looked over at Diya grinning… "Diya where you're cup?" he looked at her slap her hand on her forehead as he chuckled at her antics. "Momma cup!"


"Ok you sit next to daddy and I get you're cup!"  he looked at her grinning.


"Daddy cake! Daddy cake!" as he handed her over the cup cake he smiled seeing her eating..  Everyday was the same he loved how coming home was full of nothing but love as he looked at Riddhima place the glass of milk on the table.


"How was you're day?" he looked over at her chuckling.


"Me and Diya went to see Amma and did some shopping!" he looked at Diya get off the sofa and jump on Riddhima lap.


"I am so jealous … ok not be able to spend time with you both!" she looked over at him as he picked up the cup of tea.


"Armaan! We goin on holiday soon…so just chill!"


"Chill Dadda!" they looked at the stern look on Diya face and laugh




Armaan stoked her hair as she lay next to him and smiled.


"lets go to the beach house this weekend!" he grinned look up at the ceiling.


"Armaan?" he looked at her blush as he remember making love to her there in every part of the house and kissed her on the forehead.


"You Riddhima have a one track mind!" feeling her pinch him he chuckled.


"Armaan you are to much!" he smiled pulling her into his arms and turned to looked at her.


"Thank you Armaan!" he looked at her and shook his head.


"You given me something that I only dreamed of " he looked at the lone tear run down her cheek and leaned forward and kissed her cheek.


"I love you! and I want to give you the world!" she felt his lips upon her…


As he turned over he moved his hand to feel no one there as he got up out of bed he smiled knowing where she would be…He gentle pushed open the door to find her looking at Diya in her cot a sleep feeling his arms take hold of her from behind she smiled.


"I uh.. came to …" hearing him chuckled she smiled.


"She is happy Riddhima and she going to be with you always!" she smiled as she knew Armaan knew her fear… that this was all a dream and she was going to wake up soon to find her away from them both…. He looked at her lean forward and kiss her on the cheek and looked at him.


"Come on lets go to bed! I can sleep if you not there!" she looked at him pout his lip like a child as he lead her back towards the bedroom.


"Lets have another baby! I have a feeling Diya bored by herself!" feeling him pull her towards him she shook her head


"You have a one track mind!" he grinned as he kissed her bear shoulder.


"What can I say… every time I see you I just want to have my wicked way with you.!" hearing his evil laugh she giggled as she felt his hand on her waist pulling up her satin nightie…As he kissed her passionately….



~~~Part 7~~~


Riddhima smiled as she looked over at Sapna she had noticed Diya had drifted of to sleep in her arms and looked over at Sapna as she looked at them both.


"So how long is Armaan away for?" Riddhima smiled feeling Diya snuggling up against as they sat in the lounge.


"He be back by the end of the week? He is in Delhi attending a seminar.."


"So how have you been keeping" Riddhima looked at the serious look on Sapna face and got up holding Diya.


"I just put her down Di and be right back…"  Sapna looked worried as she watched her disappear and holding Diya…. Even since she came back from London she cursed herself for not being there for her and the cracks where begin to show in her relationship…As she watched her walk back towards her she saw the tears in her eyes.


"I am happy di!" Sapna looked over at her staring at the coffee mug and reached over and took hold of her hand.


"When are you going to tell him Riddhima… this burden is too much for you to carry.." Riddhima looked over at her and wiped her tears.


"It's taken me a year when I came back to come to term with the fact it was not my fault and im scared to tell him the whole truth…"


"Riddhima do you have any idea what he being going through?…every time he leave you alone he calls Amma or me to come over and be with you… he loves you a lot but feeling like you can't help you… and…."


"I know …it has taken me a year just to come close to him have an intimate relationship with him…and when I told him I was pregnant he became more over protective and does not let me do anything…"


"I'm scare to tell him as I might loose him…." Riddhima looked over at Sapna as she nodded.


"You should have told him the truth from the start Riddhima…" feeling Sapna firm voice she knew she was right but how and when was the best time to tell him.


"I cant tell him.."


"So you going to let him walk on egg shells around you forever?" Riddhima looked at her and lowered her head.


"What do you want me to say.. hey Armaan my step brothers friend raped me!" Sapna looked at her with her hand in her face crying and moved towards her and hugged her…cursing the b***** who had done this to her…feeling  helpless and annoyed as to why she could not have thought about her and not her wedding and why she let her go alone.


"Momma!" wiping her tears she looked over at Sapna crying…she was the only one she could talk to and now she had to bury this secret from Armaan …as she could not loose him or Diya.




Armaan smiled as he looked over to see them waving at the airport… how he had missed them so much as he looked over at Diya running towards her he lifted her up in his arms and felt her kiss on his cheek… seeing Riddhima giggle as they approached him he beamed in delight as he took hold of his world.


"So gorgeous how are we!" feeling his lips on her forehead she blushed seeing the passer by look at them.


"Armaan!" he chuckled as she blushed deeper.


"OK now for the next three week I am totally Diya's !" Armaan looked into her little green yes like her mothers as he pushed the luggage trolley towards the exit.


"Ok good! I can reset my Diya is with her father…" Armaan stopped and pulled her back towards them.


"How said anything about resting we all going to Singapore in a couple of days…" seeing the surprised look on her face she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek to she him blush this time as someone whistled walking pass… he looked at her turned red and looked over at Diya trying to whistle but blew raspberry instead …laughing they left the airport.


"Hmm its good to be home!" feeling his chin on her shoulder as he hugged her in the kitchen she smiled.


"Diya as sleep?" he looked at her nodding her head as she washed the dishes.


"I told you to hire someone to do the chores…" Riddhima turned to look at him pouting his lip and taking hold of her wrists…. The truth was when kaka passed away she did not trust anyone and just did the chores herself as it helped her pass the time.


"I want these beautiful hands all to myself…" he looked at her giggling at his cheesy line as he placed his hands in the water and helped with the dishes.


"Riddhima I am serious looking after Diya is a full time job and these other chores can be done by someone else."


"I love doing all this stuff Armaan … like cooking and cleaning for my family!" she looked at his face as he smiled and kissed her on cheek.


"This is why I love you so much! … but I'm installing a dishwasher machine as then I can spend quality time with you…" feeling her arms around his neck he looked at her smiling.


"Like what?" feeling his lips on her she melted in his arms.


"I am pregnant!" feeling her feet no longer on the ground she giggled as he twirled her around.


"Thank you!" she looked at him as he lowered her.


"Ok this time we going to have a boy I just feel it… and I'm hire someone when we comeback from Singapore to do the chores and …" listening him talk so fast she lead him to the bedroom as he spoken.


"I guess that weekend at the beach house did the trick!" she looked at him whispering to Diya…and hit him on the arm as he chuckled.


"You going to be a Didi and boss your brother around!" Riddhima placed the blanket on her as he mumbled about teaching them basketball and other games..


"Armaan let her sleep!" he looked at her and nodded walking towards her as she stood by the door.


"Hmm I don't feel like sleeping!" feeling him lift her up in his arms she shook her head at him…


"Ok I told you I want 3 kids max… and then.." she kissed him to silent him as he grinned.


"Armaan shut up!" she looked at his stunned face as he placed her on the bed.


"Yes boss! If you kiss me like that I shut up…" he looked at her blushing and sat next to her.


"Well may be if you behave I might!" feeling his arms around her he looked at her.


"Can I be a naughty boy and you can punish me!" he looked at her eyes widen in horror and grinned cheekily at her.


"In that case I will not kiss you!" looking at his mouth wide open she kissed him on the cheek and got into bed smiling…




"Welcome to Singapore!" Armaan smiled as he took hold of the hold room card and looked over at Riddhima as she held Diya.


"Honey why don't you go up with Diya, while I check out what we can see… as a family!" he looked over at Riddhima nodded as he walked over to the hotel travel desk..


"Hello!" feeling like someone had walked over her grave she stopped clinging onto Diya near the lift… as she smelt that familiar cologne she opened her eyes to see him in front of her.


"Never did I think that I would see you here!" looking around to see Armaan she looked at him as he smiled wicked at her grinning as he had scared her for life.


"Is this your baby!" seeing his hand moved towards Diya she stepped back.


"Don't touch her!" as everyone turned to see her he looked around the hotel lobby smiling.


"Always creating a scene… but I know exactly how to handle women like you!"


"Riddhima!" she turned to see Armaan and sighed in relief as she watched him approach her she turned to see him nowhere insight.


"Baby everything ok?" Armaan looked at the pale look on her face as she looked so scared.


"Armaan take us to out room please !" feeling scared as she had tears running down her cheeks he nodded and lead them both away…





Part 8 BelowSmile

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hey!!! am about to read bt wanted to b first to reply lol.....

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~~~Part 8~~~~


"Riddhima what's wrong with Diya?" Armaan looked at the bathroom door as he held Diya in his arms all morning she was a little was moody and Riddhima did not seem herself since they arrived.


"What the matter angel? I know lets see if we can find Dora on the telly!" seeing the famous Mallik dimple smile on her face he kissed her cheek as they both sat on the bed flicking channels….


Feeling the cool water on her face washing her salty tears she closed her eyes as if he had walked over her grave ….Vivek Kapoor the man who raped her had shown up into her life….


"Riddhima! Breakfast is here Jaan!" hearing his voice she jumped up regaining herself …. There was a man who loved her and their child in the room. There was nothing on this earth that was going to hurt her or the two most important people in the world.


"Coming!" hearing her voice quivered she closed her eyes… No Riddhima you have to be strong for Armaan as he must never find out…


He looked at her as he handed Diya a piece of toast ….


"Mommy missed Barney bear on the tv…. Didn't she Diya?!  I love you…you love me where one big happy family …"  Riddhima looked over at him in tears as he swayed singing to Diya…


"With hug from me and kiss from me to won't you say you love me too…" Armaan looked over at Riddhima as she finished off the song…as Diya kissed Armaan.


"I had no idea kids tv was so romantic!" she looked at him chucking as Diya sang her version of the songs with actions making them both smile as they looked at her twirling around with her Dora doll in her hand.


"Ok Mr Malki what have you got planned for us girls!" feeling his arms around her waist as she placed Diya dress on her she smiled feeling his kiss on her cheek.


"Wow Angel looked like a princess!" Riddhima smiled looking at her she was so like her father that dimple smile but her green eyes.


"Daddy!" seeing her picking her arms up she looked over at Armaan taking hold of her…


"Ok we going to see zoo first to see the animals….and then later this evening where going to dinner…" Armaan looked over at Riddhima as he sat Diya in the pushchair.


"What about Diya?" she looked at him smiling as he fasterned her safety belt.


"All taken care off as I have a Nani to look after Diya….."


"But a stranger Armaan I'm not sure?"  She looked at him as he approached her smiling.


"You don't trust me?" he looked at her knowing she was always so cautious and over protective…as he looked at her.


"You I trust but this Nani?" he smiled as he took hold of her in her arms.


"Relax…she an old Nurse I used to work with…Padma Shergil! In fact she wanted us to stay with her as she treats me like her son when I was an intern…"  Riddhima looked at him confused he never mentioned her before.


"She's meeting us for lunch you can meet her then….Right know relax! And lets have fun!" Riddhima smiled feeling uneasy as they headed for the door….





Riddhima looked over at Padma as she held Diya in her arms…there was something about her which she could not pin point… like she seen the face before.


"Look they get on great!" She looked over at Armaan as he whispered in her ear…


"Hmm I guess!" Seeing Riddhima still looking unsure he placed his arm around her waist.


"Looks she like a mother to be and will not harm her at all!" Riddhima blushed looking at him as he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.


"Armaan?" he looked at her going red as she lowered her eyes at the table…


"What? I will kiss my wife on holiday as much as I want!" feeling her hand hit his cheat lightly he chuckled making her blush like a school girl which he loved going as it made him love her more.


"Armaan beta!" they turned to see Padma smiling at them with Diya in her arms.


"Ji Aunty!" Riddhima looked at him in a strange manner.


"Diya is so adorable…she looked like Dora!" Riddhima looked at her kiss Diya on the cheek as Diya hugged her… Even Diya liked her as in the last 2 hours they hand bonded like old friends and she been so friendly like that with anyone before.


"If you beautiful ladies would excuse me!" She looked at Armaan leaving the table.


"Riddhima you very lucky…. Armaan talks so much about you and loves you. Diya is just beautiful… you don't know how lucky you are!" Riddhima looked at the sadness in her eyes as Diya jumped off her seat and ran towards Armaan as he returned to the table.


"Hey Angel where you going?"  he looked over at Diya covered in strawberry ice cream and chuckled as she looked cute.


Armaan looked over at Riddhima as she held Diya holding looking at the birds and smiled taking pictures in the camera.


"Thank you Armaan!" he turned to see Padma as a lone tear ran down her face.


"I don't understand why don't you tell her you her mother!" he looked at her shaking her head.


"My brother told me she died and sent her to the orphanage without my knowledge…her father left me to marry someone richer and I don't think I ever moved on…" Seeing the tears running down her face he looked at her and placed his arm around her…. She had contact him three months ago and just wanted to spend some time with them and leave them.  He knew the last time Riddhima looked for the answers she got hurt badly know he wanted to be in control of the whole matter and agree to everything on his term… where he could watch and look after the woman he loved more then anything in the world and no one would ever hurt her again.


"Auntie come on! Take this time to know you granddaughter and daughter…forget the past and let enjoy the present! Lets make some happy memories!" Armaan lead her to Riddhima and Diya…


"You're a good man Armaan!"


"Smile guys!" Armaan got them in fame and took the picture.




Riddhima look at herself in the mirror and smiled it had been a great day so far and they all had enjoyed themselves and Armaan was a wonderful as ever her heart just could not get enough of him…. As he truly was nothing but her knight in shinning amour ….as she placed the sindoor in her mang as hear the soft and gentle voice from the nursery …… as she moved towards the door she looked over at Padma sitting so comfortable with Diya….


"Oh my grandma what big eyes you have! Said little red riding hood…. All the better to see you with…."  She looked at the way Diya was captivated by her narrating the story…there was something about the woman which was familiar but she could not put her finger on it ….lately there was so much going on and she wanted to just concentrate on her world where there was Armaan and Diya… As she watched Padma placed her into bed and looked at Diya knew she was not going to sleep without her…as she noticed Diya looking at the door seeing her and smiling.


"Momma kissy!" Riddhima smiled as she walked into the room to see her sitting up out of bed with her arms open…. Padma watched her daughter kiss Diya and how they both had the special bond which she never had…As Riddhima gentle pulled up the covers….


Hush, little baby.
Don't say a word.
Mama's going to buy you
a mocking bird.

And if that mocking bird won't sing,
Mama's going to buy you
a diamond ring.

If that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's going to buy you
a looking glass."



Padma looked at the way Diya closed her eyes….as Riddhima turned to look at her smiling proudly…


"When we could not sleep in the orphanage Sister Mary used to sing that song to us…" Padma noticed a little quiver in her voice as she got up from the bed.


"Armaan told me it must have been hard!" Riddhima looked at her and nodded.


"Sometime I have to pinch myself just to make sure this is really as I feel its like a fairytale or a dream…" Padma looked at her in tears.


"No beta this is really and you deserver all the happiness in the world!"




"You look as beautiful as when I first met you!" feeling his kiss on her cheek she blushed as they followed the butler to the table.


"Hmm someone's feeling romantic!" he looked at her giggling and smile.


"Baby you always turn me on!" seeing her looking at him in horror he chuckled as he saw her blushing…as she sat down in front of her he noticed the pearl earring he had gifted her and smiled


"So Jaan you enjoying Singapore?" he noticed she was more relaxed then the morning as she lifted her head from the menu…


"Yes I am!"


"Riddhima Beta!" they both turned to see a middle aged man standing at the table and Armaan noticed how pale she became and got up from his seat.


"Beta give your father a hug!" Armaan stared at Riddhima looking at him in tears as she got up from her seat.


"Hi you must be Armaan!" Riddhima looked over at Armaan as he took hold of her father's hand to shake it.


"Papa!" They turned to see Anjali and Rahul approached them and Riddhima stepped forward and took hold of Armaan's arm.


"Look kids its Riddhima!" Armaan saw the love in his eyes but noticed Riddhima shaking in fear….as Rahul and Anjali looked so uncomfortable.


"Why don't you two join us for dinner?"  Armaan looked over at the old man.

"You know Riddhima…Anjali was telling me you went back with Armaan after giving me the bone marrow ….which saved me! I never got to see you…" Armaan felt Riddhima body shaking as she looked at the floor avoiding looking at them.


"Sorry Sir but you going to have to excuse us! As I want to spend some time with my wife if you don't mind…" They looked at the harshness in Armaan's voice as he lead Riddhima to her chair and sat her down.


"Oh right!" Riddhima looked over at her father.


"I'm here as there as a guest of honour for a medical seminar and would love for you to be there both of you!" Armaan looked over at the tears rolling down Riddhima cheeks and clench his fist.


"Sir if we have time we will attend!" Armaan took his seat and looked at Rahul and Anjali angrily.


"Beta have I done something wrong?" Armaan watched him place his hand gentle on Riddhima head and watched her take hold of her father sobbing… Armaan watched her father also in tears as he held her close to him.


Armaan watched them as they spoken to each other… as learnt that there had bonded a great deal…. Anjali and Rahul did not look happy at the opposite table but Armaan knew that Riddhima need this from her father.


"She beautiful!" Riddhima looked at him staring at the photo's of Diya.


"Wow I'm a grandfather!…I still cant believe it…I don't know when I see those pair get married ….of late all they do is fight!"  Armaan looked at the way he spoke to her so softly and caringly.


"Armaan I have to thank you….for taking care of my Riddhima! Do you know I told her mother if I have a daughter Riddhima a son Akash…. She liked Anjali and Rahul! I guess to feel her close to me I named those two… Vidya there mother understood I loved you're mother….but her father pressured me to marry her and I had no choice!  I guess if things where different I would have her in my life and Riddhima would never had to have suffered….. But when her brother Kishore told me she passed away I guess it broke me….he never mention Riddhima if he had I would have had her with me as Vidya knew everything…. That man hated me and so did his father Mohan!" Armaan looked over at Riddhima as she looked at her father…. There was no regret in her eyes but she cared deeply for the old man.


"So can I meet her?" Armaan smiled and nodded.


"We see if we can make the seminar…."


"Papa don't you want to sit with them?" Shanshank shook his head and pick up the glass of wine.


"No! as I feel close to your mother when I look at you and those to bore me…." They looked at him chuckle as looked at them.


"Riddhima did nothing but talk about you Armaan when she came to London! But you left so quickly after the operation and never came to see me…" Armaan looked at her as she closed her eyes…


"It all happened so quickly and Armaan came to get me!" Armaan felt the hesitation in her voice and took hold of her hand.


"I cant live without her…as my world begins and starts with her!" Riddhima looked at him surprised as a tear ran down her cheek.


"Hey Guys what with the glum faces?" Riddhima closed her eyes that voice.


"Are Vivek look who's here?" Riddhima looked up and him grinning at her as he looked over at Armaan while her father introduced him to Armaan…. Riddhima could feel his eyes burning through her body…

~~Part 9~~

"Armaan beta what the matter?" Armaan turned to see Padma staring at him as he looked out the window to see the night life below… It was so obvious to see where Riddhima got her stunning looks and those green eyes stared back at him as he turned and headed towards her. … Unable to establish what he was feeling he smiled looking at her mother concerned look on her face and smiled to reassure her he was ok.


"Tea?" he looked at her as she picked up the phone and called house keeping and order tea…He smiled at walked into the nursey bedroom and looked over at Diya fast asleep in the bed and smiled gentle closing the door…. As he walked back into the main room he looked over at the large double doors and never Riddhima was now asleep how she held to him tightly he knew something had spooked her and he knew what it was…. Seeing the old faces she meet when in London must have triggered something as she shivered next to him and held me ….


"Beta?" he looked back over at Padma as she poured the tea which had now arrived.


"When I cant sleep I too have that look on my face…" he smiled sitting down on the armchair opposite her and smiled as she had him his cup.


"what's the matter beta?" he looked at her ..and looked at the large double doors…


"Riddhima?" she looked at him nodding


"We met Shanshank Gupta this evening!" he studied her face as she stop the cup reaching her lips…now she had that same look Riddhima had on her face…


"Oh!" he looked at her eyes swell up and knew what she was feeling….and cursed himself


"Momma I am sorry!" he looked at the surprise look on her face as he called her momma…and saw the tears running down her face…getting up from the armchair he placed his cup and hers on the table and took hold of her in his arms as she sobbed.


"Say it again Armaan!" hearing her voice quivered he held her as she placed his head on his chest sobbing.


"Momma!" he whispered holding her as sobbed….how this woman lost everyone she loved because of her own family and now she was just staving to feel love and for a family…all day he saw how she loving handled Diya making up for everything she had missed with Riddhima and how Diya without any questions just totally showed her back with the same affection…he smiled think how his daughter did not have a mean bone in her body and just spread love where ever she went.


"I can die happy know Armaan! Thank you!" he looked at her getting out of his hold and smiled.


"So when do you think we tell her?" he looked at her wiping her tears and looked at him.


"I am scared she will hate me…" he looked at her a little taking back as she looked so frail and gentle placed his arms around her and smiled.


"Momma I love you and so does Diya… so she out voted and I am adopting you!" he looked at the smile on her face and smiled back.


"Armaan!" they turned to see Riddhima looking at them a little surprise to see his arm around her as she wiped her eyes…


"Is everything ok!" Armaan smiled leaving his arm around Padma and handed her, her cup of tea and smiled.


"Me and my mom could not sleep… so we were talking about how much I love you!" Riddhima looked at him surprised as he removed his arm around Padma and winked at her…


"That's right hey mom!" Riddhima walked over towards them hearing him call the old nurse mom.


"Armaan?" he looked at her dumbstuck as she walked over towards them.


"I was telling mom that I have official adopted her and want her to stay with us…she can help you look after Diya…."


"Armaan we have had this conversation I don't need help looking at MY FAMILY!" Armaan looked at her as she gave them a look of disapproval and he stood up from his seat.


"Mom is staying with us now Ridz…" Riddhima looked over at Padma and then back at Armaan as he looked at her sternly… he never raised his voice to her and know he was behaving so oddly and that to in front of a stranger.


"Armaan!…"  He noticed the sadden look on Padma's face as she head towards her room.


"Mom wait!" Riddhima looked at him walk past her and place his hand on her shoulder.


"Mom as from today… I will look after you and you are know part of this family…I never knew my mother she died when I was little and Papa and the Kaka raised me…So as head of THIS family I want you to stay with us forever!" he looked over at Riddhima who just looked at him in amazement.


"Goodnight Mom!" he leaned forward and hugged her… Riddhima looked over at Padma as she left them alone.


"What the hell Armaan!" he looked at her as she walked over towards the bedroom and followed her.


"I want her with us! We need her!" Riddhima looked over at him as he closed the large double doors and approached her.


"Need her? Was she an old lover?" he looked at her surprised as he marched over towards her.


"What?" she looked at the angrily look on his face full of disgust


"You heard me…it was convenient she is here to baby-sit and now you want her living with us?" she looked at him as he looked at her sternly.


"Fine I arranged the whole thing! As I want you out of the house and doing something with you're life besides spoon feeding me and Diya…" she looked at him as he walked over to the bed and sat down.


"My life is you and Diya! This is all I ever wanted!" she looked at him in tears as he avoided looking at her.


"Liar! You wanted to be independent and I fell for that charm of yours…now you are scared to do anything on your own… what happens if I die tomorrow!" he looked up at her to see her in tears as she sat down next to him looking at him.


"Armaan don't say such things!" she looked into his hazel eyes as he looked at her.


"Say what I am going to die! Face it Riddhima it's true I am not going to live forever and neither is Mom…she an old woman who has no one so I just want her to be part of OUR family…." She looked at him getting up and pulling the bed covers……She watched him get into bed and pull up the cover.

"By the way ….if she was an old flame as you put it I would never have married the woman I have ever loved in my entire life…I would have married her instead!" she looked across the bed to see his back and the bedside lamp switched off.


He felt her get into the covers as a lone tear ran down his cheek… how could she think he would ever do such a thing as he closed his eyes he felt her take hold of him from behind.


"I am sorry!" he heard her whisper as he just did not respond.


"I am not in the mood! ..just leave me alone!" feeling his hand push her away she looked at him stunned never in the five years had she know him to be so cold.


"Armaan!" he opened his eyes and let out a sigh.


"Don't say another word which you will regret later on…I have told you Mom is living with us and I will not heard another word…further more you will make an effort with her and if you upset her Ridz… it will hurt me even more!" she looked at his back stunned by what he had just said.




"Did you not hear what I have just said!" he turned over angrily and looked at her…seeing the tears in his eyes she looked at him dumbstruck the man who was her entire life support looked at her a little weak.


"I just .." he looked at her as she lowered her eyes.


"Just what?" He looked at her angrily


"I am sorry if you think I baby spoon you and …" seeing the tears running down her face he looked at her…. Wanting to feel his arms she looked at him not moving.


"I worry about you everyday…and some days I feel like im walking on eggshells…its like you are there and with me but something is missing or you are hiding something..i cant put my finger on it…but ever since you've came back from London you have not been yourself…I have tried for the 2 years we have been together and though maybe a baby will help you…and my Diya as beautiful as she is still has not helped you…. I don't know what else to do but to be tough with you now!" she moved forward and felt his arms coming towards her and hugging her completely.


"I have kept something from you Riddhima… that woman I call Momma it you're biological mother…" feeling her grip loosen he looked at her sobbing.


"Three months ago …I had an appointment with her and she came to see me…she told me she found a letter in her brothers things….which stated that he had left you at the orphanage…he told her you died at child birth and she wanted to meet you and Diya….so when I was away I arranged everything…." Seeing the tears running down her eyes he wiped them away with his lips gentle kissing them away.


"She has no one but us and I want her in our lives ….as I need her too and so does Diya" feeling his own eyes swell up he looked at her.


"You did this all for me!" seeing the guilty look on her face as she hugged him sobbing


"I am so sorry!" feeling his hand stroking her hair …I cant believe what I have said to him and he was only looking after my best interests….cursing herself she sobbed.


"Just call her ma and talk to her …."   Riddhima looked at him fast asleep as she held him….How much he loves her and would bend over backwards just for her…she was not worthy of such a man ….but what was she going to do as Vivek whispered at the dinner table he wanted to see her and know she was getting more scared as she did not want to be alone with the monster…. But he said if she did not see him the be tell Armaan….. Now she had to see him…. Momma how could she not see it? Papa had answered all her questions about her past and he thinks she dead? There was so much to do and how was she going to manage?


"Ridz go to sleep!" she looked at him opening his eyes at her


"I can't?" she looked at him adjusting himself to talk to her.


"Ok look Momma is a little distrube by what happen I'm sure she going to be fine in the morning….so relax!" he looked at her and knew she had to do this as he nodded and they both got out of the bed.


"Armaan I want to…" seeing the nod she leaned forward and kissed him


"I love you and would die for you!" seeing him take hold of her waist she smiled cheekily at him.


"hmm… lets see would you die if I did this?" feeling his lips on her as she kissed her with such passion she opened her eyes as he released her.


"You kill me everything baby!" he smiled as he let her go and winked at her as she left the room.


Padma looked over at Diya sleeping as the tears rolled down her eyes.


"I don't want to come between you beti! I leave in the morning…but I will cherish this day forever…" She walked over and pulled out her bag….


"Momma what are you doing?" Padma stopped in her tracks as the tears did not stop.


"See you're as bad as Armaan I can't believe I have 3 kids to take care of now…" Padma stared at her as she took out the clothes and walked over to the cupboard and put them away.


"Beta?" Riddhima's tears where now running down her face as she faced her…. Feeling the warm embrace she missed out on all her life she looked at her mother and smiled.


"I am sorry about earlier and …" seeing her mother wiping her tears and look at her loving she smiled telling her it was ok.


"I can't believe Armaan seriously…" Padma smiled looking at her.


"He was scared and so was I so we never told you….he was scared of losing you like when you went to see you're father…" Padma noticed her body tense up and looked at her.


"I don't deserve him Momma in fact I would have been dead if it was not for him….I own him more then my life!" Padma looked at the love in her eyes for him and smiled.


"Hmm he loves you to and does not stop talking about you and Diya!"  Riddhima looked over at Diya asleep in her cot.


"I never saw you as a baby as Dadda told me you where dead and seeing Diya has…" seeing the tears running down her face Riddhima tool hold of her hand.


"Momma lets just start a fresh… Diya is now your daughter and I think I am going to need you more then ever as I think I am having twins!" Padma looked at her surprised and Riddhima nodded.


"I want to give Armaan the news when we go back home as I want to confirm it with my doctor…. You know these pregnancy tests can be wrong!" Padma nodded and took hold of her.


"Momma its late and I think we all had a long day…and god know what Armaan has plans for in the morning…Goodnight!" Padma smiled as she felt her lips on her forehead… Finally her dreams of having a family came true…




"Dadda!" Armaan opened his eyes to find Diya on top of him gentle patting his face.


"Morning my princess!" he looked at her giggling as he kissed her


"Dadda Barney bear?" Armaan smiled getting up to find Riddhima not in the room.


"Where momma?" he said taking hold of her in his arms


"Momma with Dadi!" Armaan kissed her on the forehead as she smiled.


He looked over at them as they looked at the breakfast trolley delivered to the room.


"Diya come on beta breakfast!" Armaan placed her on the floor as she went running over towards Padma.


"Tubby toast! Tubby toast!" Riddhima walked over towards him and kissed him on the cheek to see him smile and hug her.


"Ok today we are going shopping and sight seeing!" Riddhima nodded as she watched him walk back into the bedroom…..Vivek wanted to see her and how was she going to get away…No I will refuse to see him…feeling scared she looked over at her mother and Diya having breakfast as Diya placed the toast in Padma mouth and she smiled…


"Riddhima where is my shaver and cream?" hearing him shout she left the room.


"Hey!"she looked at him grabbing hold of her.


"Lets shower together?" Riddhima released herself and shook her head.


"Momma is here?" Armaan looked at her and took hold of her hand.


"Come on! Momma's a big girl and Diya will look after her!" she could tell he was deadly serious and blushed pulling him back.


"Armaan?" feeling her feet getting lifted from the ground she looked at him and blushed…..feeling his kiss she knew resisting would be futile as she could never resist him either





Padma noticed that Riddhima was so relax with Armaan the last few hours as she pushed the pram behind them…and smiled….I pray to god that he always keeps you happy no matter what she prayed as she looked at them walking hand in hand at the shopping centre.


'beep beep' Armaan looked at the phone flashing Shanshank and passed Riddhima the phone.


"Hello Papa!" Armaan let go of her hand and walked over towards the shop window leaving her alone.


"No Vivek! I'm barrowing uncles phone… I want to meet you I have picture of our night together I need to show you…so I see you in the evening at 7pm so be ready as I will leave an envelop at the hotel desk with where to meet me…..Uncle its Riddhima!" feeling sick she closed her eye hearing her father voice



Vivek smiled as he looked at him watch…"Genius Vivek" he smiled think how he was going to trap her like before….he looked over at Anjali and Rahul as walked in there father shadow and smiled…. "I control the Gupta's…now this thing will pay off with Riddhima assistance…" Closing his eyes he remembered how he instigated the whole thing….


He watched close Shanshank had gotten to Riddhima and how she totally foiled his plan by being a donor match…. He manipulated Rahul's report as he too was a match but had no idea Anjali discover Riddhima existence… next part marry Anjali and control the business….but that too failed on Riddhima's arrival.


Just before the operation Shanshank requested to see the family lawyer and he stood by and listened very carfully hoping not to be discovered…. He changed the entire will….Making Riddhima 50% of the inheritance while Anjali and Rahul shaded the other 50%….he added that there mother had left them a million pound each for when they got married so they where set for life but Riddhima had struggled all her life and he wanted make it up to her.   Now the master key had changed and was in Riddhima hands….. that was when he decide he will use Riddhima and then Anjali and Rahul where easy to control…  Riddhima was beautiful and her at his arm he would be unstoppable…. The flowers and conversations they had where not effected her at all in fact she did not welcome his attention…. That was when Shanshank asked her to marry me ….which I planted in the old man's head she refused.  "When I sat on the plane to come here papa I told learnt that I'm totally in love with Armaan and I going to tell him once I get back….I have missed him so much lately and I have not called him as I would just get weak hearing his voice…."  Vivek learnt a lot from that conversation with her father….she told him everything and she had a look nothing but love for him. 


"Why don't you call him?"

"Papa he would be here in a flash and …I have the rest of my life to spend with him, I want us to catch up….anyway I want to see how he is coping without me….i'll see him in a fortnight!"  I had to act quick and then decided that Anjali and Rahul could help me…..Informing them about the will changes made them look at Riddhima in a whole different light as her mother already had been the ghost in there mothers relationship with there father….now her she was taking there father away from them…the conflict started quickly Rahul and Anjali distant themselves from her and she could not understand why….then he instigated the big fight.  How they accused her for taking there father and there wealth away….Riddhima shocked in disbelieve but that was when I stepped in and protected her from them….. That evening as she looked totally in shock I lead her to my apartment… as I gave her a drink I spoke to her then I told her I loved her and she looked at him shaking her head saying she was involved with someone else ….i looked at her and took hold of her and told her that Anjali was right she was a gold digger like her mother and kissed her hard… as she hit me …..I was not going to let the two bit wh*** look at me and reject me…so I hit her back and she fell… as she struggled to free herself I felt so anger and I kissed her harder and then told her she will enjoy the rest of the night as I was going to my her my s*** and then I made her mine….as she stop struggling as I held her down and deflowered her totally….as she was unconscious I called a couple of my friends over as we all under the influence on the alcohol we ate her flesh and her…. As she gather up her strength and left the apartment she told Anjali everything who just looked at her and called me up…. I total her she was lying and Ravi and Ben where with me all night they too told her that she seduced me as she wanted me to help her take over uncles empire…. Anjali bought it and then to my surprised kicked her out of the house… Uncle was in hospital recovering and Riddhima was out on the streets…. I saw her going to the police but then she collapsed in the street ….I grabbed her and her things and left her at the womens refuge and paid the attendant that she is not to leave to go to the police…. I sensed she was not well the bone marrow transplant and the trauma for her rape had took a total on her body and soul smiling I knew she would never come back to claim her inheritance after what had happened…   Now Uncle was better he contact her several time but she ignored the letters and he could not understand why so I wrote a letter advising she was happy with Armaan and her life…and she had paid her debt to him in blood and no longer wanted to see him again… Rahul and Anjali kept him occupied in the business and now when I saw her by accident in the hotel I knew it was time to get back into the game.   Now with the fake photo's he was going to get her to sign the papers transferring the inheritance in his name…. This time he would be in total control and nothing was going to stop him as he looked at the flowers.




Riddhima looked over at the clock as they all headed back to the hotel.


"I have spoken to momma about uncle and she does not want to see him at all! She said she dead to him and the world so lets just leave it there and she does not want to leave us!" Riddhima looked over at Armaan how he cared for her and took hold of her his hand.


"We should repect her wishes Armaan, sometime we come across more then we bargain for when we unfold the pages of our past!" he looked at the tears in her eyes and slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him….feeling her head on his shoulder as they slowly walked back he smiled.


"Why don't you tell me what happened in London?" she looked at him totally surprised as he looked at her.


"Armaan I told you we just did not get on and Rahul and Anjali think I after there inheritance….which you know I am not as you and Diya are my life's biggest treasure!" feeling him halt he looked at her totally touched and pulled her slow to him.


"Armaan?" she saw tears in his eyes as he hugged her close to him.


"I love Riddhima so much!" feeling his lips on her as they kissed with nothing but passion he looked at her blushing.


"You fool! Everyones looking at us!" she head him chuckle as he tucked away the stand of hair from her face.


"So what I want to tell the world I love you…just wait til we go back to the hotel!" he lead her to hotel as they caught up with Padma and Diya as they had stopped for Ice cream.


"Armaan I promised Papa I will met him at 7pm…he wants to see me in private…" she cursed herself for lying to him as he looked at her.


"Do you want me to come?" he saw her shaking her head at him.


"There something I need to take care of for once and for all!" he looked at her and smiled.


"Ok!" she looked at him as he went to the counter to pay the bill.




"Hi Riddhima!" she looked at him staring at her making her feel sick.


"Would you like a drink?" he looked at her looking around the hotel room and smiled.


"What do you want Vivek you can drop the act!" she looked at the grin on her face as he was dressed in a pinstripe suit.


"You know what I want…" feeling him move closer she stepped back.


"Relax! I want to give you these…" she saw him drop the photo's on the coffee table and looked at him surprised and looked at the photo's.


"What do you want?" she looked at him in disgust as he chuckled.


"I want you to sign the papers ….giving me your share of the inheritance…" she looked totally shocked


"Was that why you played all those's games and raped me!" he looked at the tears running down her face as she slumped on the sofa holding her face in her hand.


"Every part of my plan was foiled by you…. I been planned to get uncles business at first I though Anjali was the key and then I faked Rahul's medical report ….then that old fart changed everything he make you the largest stake of the will….so I tried everything…again you refused….so I played Anjali and that b**** fell for it and she controls Rahul…so then I knew you would not fall for my charms so I raped you…" he looked at her and chuckled.


"You where the best f*** of my life….never had I felt that with anyone…pity you loved that Armaan …but he must me a happy man having you every night!" she looked at him in disgest as he took of his blazer….and placed the papers on top of the photo's.


"Sign the papers! Or Armaan will get these photo's!" he saw the helplessness in her eyes and loved the power he had over her…but she looked so tempting in front of her and moved closer to her…as the tears ran down her face she looked at the pen he held in his hand…. He looked at her taking the pen and stop.


"I want the negatives and photo's first!" he smiled and looked at her.


"Smart woman!" she looked at him disappear and come back into the room and give her the envelope as he gathered up the photo's on the table and hand them to her.


"Are these everything Vivek as I never want to see you again ever!" hearing the hatred in her voice he smiled as he nod his head.


"Sign the papers Riddhima! I swear you have everything…" she looked at him and placed the pen on the document.


"STOP RIGHT THERE RIDDHIMA!" Vivek stared in horror as he saw Shanshank and Anjali look at him….Riddhima looked at them surprised as they walked into the room as she grasped the photo's in her hand and lowered her eyes.


"YOU BAS***! I trusted you!" Vivek looked in horror as Anjali shouted at him.


"Riddhima honey!" she looked as Armaan entered the room as the tears ran down her face as she looked at him in horror….as he walked over to her as she stepped away from me.


"Riddhima!" he spoke to her as he moved closer to find her stepping away from him.


"Armaan stay away from me…I …I…" seeing the tears in her eyes as she shook her head at him he stepped closer to her and took hold of her in her arms.


"YOU GOING TO DIE!" Armaan looked over at Shanshank as he took hold of Vivek by the collar.


"I going to kill you!" Armaan looked over at Shanshank over powering Vivek but he pushed Shanshank off him and looked at them all in anger.


"What did you think I would be your pet dog forever! Mr Gupta… I had everything in my hand and that bi*** walked in and ruined everything… but I taught her a lesson she will never forget…" Riddhima looked over at Vivek as he stared at her and felt Armaan let go of her and angrily marched over towards him and hit him…. Riddhima looked in horror how the gentle and loving married she married hit Vivek again and again.


"I have been waiting to get my hands on you…for five years and …" Vivek struggled to get out of his hold as Armaan over powered him and hit him…


"I saw what you inflected on her…and for five years I have been waiting to get my hands on you…" Riddhima looked at Armaan surprised as he took hold of Vivek by the neck…Riddhima looked over at her father as she pulled Armaan of Vivek all scared that he would kill him.


"Leave me alone Uncle! You choose this creep over your own flesh and blood and I'm going to kill him…" Riddhima looked over her father's helpless face as he lowered his head to see Armaan hit Vivek again and again….moving forward she placed her hand on Armaan as he turned and looked at her…she saw Vivek pleading for his life as Armaan held him.


"Armaan!" she saw the anger in his face as held Vivek to the wall with one hand as she held his fist.


"Riddhima let me go baby… I have waited five years to get my hand on this guy…you would have died in that refuge and he paid the attendant not to release you …I had to get you out of there…"  she saw the tears running down his face and knew he had know everything for five years yet he never mentioned it once as it was eating him up alive as well…


"Armaan let him go! Please…he not worth it…come on lets go home to momma and Diya!" she saw his grip loosen as watched Vivek slump down on the floor.


"You're finished Vivek and I will make sure of it!" Shanshank looked over at Armaan as Riddhima took hold of him and lead him away….cursing himself he looked at them as they left the room….




Padma looked over at them as they walked into the room to find them both in tears as she looked over at Armaan as he held Riddhima close to him on the sofa…Padma released Diya from her arms as she watch her run over to them and looked at her parents.


"Momma? Dadda?" Padma watched how Armaan placed her on his lap as Riddhima placed her head on his shoulder.


"It's all over no one messes with my family!" Padma eyes filled up as she walked over towards phone and ordered food from roomservice.


"Riddhima beta why don't you two both freshen up! Diya come on lets get you into your pj's…come on honey!" Armaan looked over at Diya as she kissed him and jumped off his lap…he looked over at them leaving the room and looked over at Riddhima….


"Armaan?" he looked at her as she got up and helped him up as she lead him to the bedroom she knew that they had to talk.


"Riddhima before you say a single word I know everything…I saw the state of you body as I nursed you better and knew you had been raped…I just need to know who it was and….when uncle called me when you where out I got suspicious and Anjali said she saw you go to Vivek's room and then we all got there and heard everything….I am so sorry I could not protect you ….i failed you honey!" she looked at him as he broke down and sobbed…feeling her arms take hold of him she knew this was eating them both up for so long and not once did they both talk to each other… She remembered how when they got married how patient he was before they shared a physical relationship and not once did he complain and moan he was just there for her as always… he loved her more then she could ever imagine.


"I am sorry Riddhima!" his voice quivered as she held him so tightly.


"Armaan I am not worthy of you!" he looked at her as she lowered her eyes sobbing.


"No honey! I will never let anyone hurt us again ever….and I loved you!"




Padma looked at them confused as she saw Riddhima feed Armaa her children where so hurt about something as when she asked them …Armaan told her Momma we fine please don't worry…she did not want to press them anymore and saw them both nurse each other mentally… Riddhima eyes where puffy and Armaan looked like he had fought the biggest battle in his life but something told her that they would tell her but now was not the time… as she feed Diya she smiled she only dreamed of this and know she did not want to leave her children…


'buzz buzz' Armaan looked at the clock wondering who would be at the door this late as he got up.


"I get it beta you both finish off … come on Diya beta better you have to beat papa look he's winning" Armaan chuckled as he saw the determine look on Diya face as she held the spoon of rice… Riddhima looked over at them and smiled as she watched them Armaan looking at Diya and moved her plate to slow her down…


"Dadda cheater!" Riddhima looked over at her mother heading for the door


"Padma?" Riddhima heard her fathers voice totally surprised as her mother stood still looking at him.



"Dadi I win!" Padma looked down at Diya as she tugged her hand….Smiling at her grand-daughter she picked her up and walked into the room leaving the door open.


Riddhima looked at her fathers surprised face as it said it all as he stepped into the room followed by Anjali and Rahul.


"Beta I just get Diya ready for bed!" Riddhima heard the quiver in her mothers voice as looked at her as Armaan sqeezed her hand…She looked over at him as he blinked his eyes telling her it will be ok….


"I uh…" Riddhima smiled and walked over to her father as he stutter …seeing Padma leave the room


"Papa?" she looked at him in tears as he looked at Padma close the door.


"Riddhima we come to say sorry!" Anjali stepped forward with her head lowered.


"Thank you for your concern…but I can look after my family" Riddhima looked over at Armaan as he gave them a stern look still upset by the current event.


"Armaan beta! I had no idea …Anjali and Rahul hide this from me and we are truly very sorry… Riddhima beta I have never been there for you and I want to make it up to you…to both of you!" Armaan looked over at him as he sobbed.


"I have done wrong by you and you're mother …please give me a chance to repent! I don't want to die without either one of you forgiving me…" Riddhima looked over at her father as he slumped into the armchair sobbing…feeling Armaan releasing her hand she looked at him as he nodded at her to go to her father.


"Papa what happened was not you're fault in fact for so long I blamed myself thing I must have said or done …maybe this situation was all my fault…Armaan blamed himself as he was unable to protect me…but the truth was Vivek used me as part of him game to get you're money…. Anjali you where the one who invited me to London to see Papa and later I agreed to the transplant…I had no motive to get you're inheritance…." Riddhima looked over at her as she lowered her head.


"Armaan has given me everything and taught me about family and what each relationship means and how its all based on love…" feeling her eyes fill up she placed her hand on Shanshanks shoulder.


"I forgive you Papa…but this is going to be very hard for me to every trust you all again so you going to have to be patient with us!" seeing her father nodding his head she took hold of him as he sobbed…..




Hearing the knock on the door Padma knew this moment would come soon or later in her life time as was ready for it…as she looked over at Diya holding the story book in her bed heard the door open as she saw him enter the room looking at her….


"Who has been sitting in my chair…said the little bear…." Shanshank saw her as she did not look up to see him as he saw her reading to Diya.


"Dadi GoldieLocks!" Seeing her lean forward and kiss the toddler he smiled as he looked around the room.


"Hello!" Shanshank looked down and saw Diya looking up at him.


"Hi beta!" Diya looked at him as he knelt on the floor and looked at her.


"Do you want to hear a story?" Shanshank chuckled as he looked at her smiling.


"No Beta I want to end a story…" he saw the confused look on her face as she ran back to Padma as she set her small bed.


"Diya!" they all turned to see Riddhima walk into the room as Diya ran towards her to be swept up in her arms.


"Come on! If I know you're father he will not sleep until his angel tells him a nursery rhyme…." Hearing the door shut behind her he looked over at Padma as she stood near the window and approached her.


"I am sorry!" she turned and looked at him sternly.


"I lost everything Shaan… the man who promised me he will return to marry me…and I was told my own child died…for twenty five years I lived without anyone…and I will never forgive you for that…" feeling his hand on her shoulder she broken down and cried as she felt his arms around her.


"I never stopped loving you…you're brother told me you died and I never knew about Riddhima until you're bhabhi met me and told you had my child…even she told me you were dead!" feeling his voice quiver as he sobbed she looked at him and pushed him away.


"I am dead to you Shaan…just leave!" he looked at the hurt on her face as her green eyes looked at him with no emotions.


"You wanted money and power and got that…now I hope you are enjoying you're rewards!" her word her harsh and he knew she was right …as his ambitions drove him away from her…


"I never knew what it was like until I lost you….i guess I have been paying the price all these years… Riddhima came into my life and saved me….I guess she takes after you in every way…always thinking of other….I just wanted to say that I still love you and I will never stop….I am so happy to see you are alive and well and that's all I want to say…" she looked at him but the pain he had given her was to great the betrayal as he married another and then she lost her child as her brother did not want to get his family name dragged in society ….as he told her that the baby was died… just before he died he told her the truth and she forgave him….but this she could not forgive as he broke every promise he ever made to her and destroyed her and Riddhima life …..




Padma felt his hand in his as she looked over at him scared as he held Diya in his lap


"Shaan I am scared ….the last couple of weeks have been hard for her" feeling his lips on her forehead she looked at shaking her head as he chuckle.


"Papa you always kissing Dadi!" Shanshank chuckled as he looked over at Padma blushing….in the past nine month they had slowly started to get really close to each other and once this was over he was going to ask her to marry him as it was getting hard to be apart from her especially since he moved to India just for Riddhima and Padma…. Anjali and Rahul took over the business of running the hospital in London while he lived as a retired but we feeling like a teenager again with Padma around.

"Diya! He's a naughty old man!" Diya looked at Padma and winked.


"Hey who you calling old!" Padma giggled as she looked at the hurt look he gave her…she looked at Diya who looked at them both confused.


As the door opened they saw Armaan looking at them as he came out of the delivery room.


"Dadda?" Diya ran towards him as he swept her up in his arms smiling.


"Come on Angel I show you the new editions!" Padma looked at him smiling as her eyes filled up..


Diya ran into the room to see her mother asleep on the bed…Armaan lifted her onto the bed as she crawled and kissed her on the bed to see her mother smile at her as she opened her eyes.


"Momma you tired! Don't worry I look after the babies…with Dadi!" Riddhima took hold of Diya in her arms and kissed her cheek.


"My baby is all grown up and know a Didi!" Armaan heard the faintness in her voice and rubbed her shoulder as she smiled at him.


"Ok Diya…Momma needs her rest so lets see the babies…" seeing the excited look on her face he smiled as Padma walked over towards Riddhima…. Feeling her lips on her forehead she smiled.


"Momma im ok…just a little tired!" Padma looked at her closing her eyes.


"You rest I guess we can handle things… You're fathers here too" Riddhima opened her eyes to see him and smiled weakly..


"Hi papa!" she saw tears in his eyes as he looked at her.


"Rest beta! I supervise you're mother.." Riddhima giggled as looked at her mother give him a look…she got a custom to there bickering like an old couple and smiled.


"Shaan!?" he looked at her and smiled.


"What? If you think you're getting my grandchildren all to you're self you have another thing coming.." Armaan looked at them and chuckled…


"Yeah well see! They love me more then you! Old man!" Armaan looked at Shanshank as he narrowed his eyes at Padma.


"Dadda they fight all the time and then Papa kiss her all the time too!" Armaan chuckled at Diya outburst as he looked over at Padma blushing and Shanshank grinning like a cheshire cat.


"Dr Armaan!" they turned to see the babes coming into the room.

Padma took hold of one of the babies and Shanshank the other.


"Diya you're brother and sister!" Diya looked at her father in surprise


"Any names yet Armaan!" Padma looked at him shaking his head….


"We decide once we go to the family pandit…like we did with Diya! Armaan beamed as he looked at the two bundle of joys in the room


"Why don't we take Diya for ice cream and leave you both to rest…" Padma placed the babies in the cot and took hold of Diya.


"Congratulations beta!" Feeling her loving hand on his face a lone tear ran down his cheek as he nodded his head.


"hey honey!" feeling his kiss on her lips she opened her eyes to see him getting in the narrow hospital bed grinning.


"Armaan you need to rest! Go home the extra nurse you hired will see to the babies…" She felt him lift her tired body on top of him …as she rested her head on his chest she looked at him closing his eyes..


"I can't sleep without you're head on my chest…and im not leaving you…the babies are asleep in the nursery and …." She opened her eyes to see him fast asleep hearing his pulse……..which only beated for her....


Please commentEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Catwoman

later on today... Embarrassed

thank u so much for updating it....make it a bit long plz....i know i'm expecting 2 much by plzzzzzzz.............

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hey great part, but too short!! lol, I am a fan of your other bedtime ff and now this one, but what about heart attacks and seizures?!? been dying to read that one!! Continue both of them soon...

*Armaan* Tongue

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