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india updates 12/27-30

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Posted: 30 December 2004 at 7:43pm | IP Logged

This week viewed the episodes amidst lots of disturbances[had to baby sit for my niece]Many parts of the episodes may be missing or the dialogues slighltly modified or jumbled , please understand.

Last Thursday :Kareena invites Adil and Alia[Ali Chacha' grandchildren] to the show.She convinces their father to send them.She tells Prem she is hosting a special show for NRI's.

Veronica is presenting some project at the board meeting.Kareena and her collegue manage to change the slides,hide her anti-stress pills and fill some liquid into her glass of water[most likely alcohol].As a result, all are embarrased of her presentation ,she shouts and calls Tribhuvanji and others crazy and so on, Tushar has had enough and fires her.

Kareena's mom finds the card sent to her by Tushar and asks her she wants to meet him.


Monday:Kareena tells her mom that it was not her card.She is puzzled at the answer.She adds that it was for her friend with the same name  and that since she was a very shy and traditional girl,she had given her the card sent by Tushar to her[RJK]

Kareena's mom says that she was disappointedas she was dreaming of her daughters weddingand asks Kareena if she couldn't lie this once.

Kareena is thinking that she is very bad as she is lieing to her mom of all the people.She wakes up in the mornig and again feels guilty.She is brushing her teeth infront of the mirror in the bathroom and checking if her teeth are clean.She is suddenly angry, hits her reflection in the mirror and tells that it was no use cleaning her teeth as she was a liar.

Ali Chacha is trying to make Kareena smile.Finally Jeevan uncle[Punditji]and Chacha manamge to make her smile.

She is telling Prem at RJk that she couldn't do the show and that she was a liar and so on.Prem tries to convince her that she was not doing anything wrong.He tells her that if she threatens him again about not doing the show, he would immediately commit suicide by jumping from a 100 storeyed building.Kareena tells him that he can't do it.He says that he would surely do it.She says that even if he wanted to do it he couldn't because there were no 100 storeyed buildings in Mumbai.He then tells her that he is going to jump from their building itself if not from a 100 storeyed.She says that he could do it after her show.He is pleased.

Kareena calls Chacha and Jeevan uncle.

Adil and Alia are at the show.Kareena asks them about their grandfather.They tell that they love him a lot and wanted to meet him.. She tells that grandparents were one of the best people ,they told stories and so on.She asks them to choose between sharukh khan[alia is his fan]and grandpa.they choose the latter.So she  asks them to meet him at the earliest.

Tushar wants to listent o the show , but something is wrong with the radio.He immediately asks P.K to set it right.An electrician is called for .Finally they can hear the show but Tribhuvanji peeps out of the bathroom and shouts that the light inside has gone off.


Ali Chacha meets his grandchildren and is very happy.He thanks Kareena ,tells her he wished he had a daughter like her[I am not sure if he said this]Prem is also happy with Kareena.

Tushar after listening to the show is thinking of Kareena .

Kareena speaks to Tushar at the office. She is telling him that people in love understood what the other was thinking.An impressed Tushar tells her he never imagined she would speak like that.


Tribhuvanji is wearing a suit and is uncomfortable in it, and says so to Neelu.She insists he wear it to the party.Kareena stops by and Tribhuvanji asks her opinion. She supports him.

At the party,Neelu and Tribhuvanji come across Prem with his mom.They address him as Mr.Sood and ask if Mrs.Sood was not with him.His mom is puzzled.




They ask prem why Mrs.Sood had not come to the party.He says she was sick.She complains that he had not told them about his mom and questions his mom if she too stayed at Lonawala.Tribhuvanji tells her that she was not to be seen when they had visited their place and that they had great fun at their place .He also asks her if she too was interested in Cows and Buffaloes.She is perplexed and says:Cows and Buffaloes!? He also tells her that they were ready to go to lonawala once again .Prem excuses himself and takes his mom along.

Neelu tells her hubby that sometimes Tillu is sick and sometimes it is kareena, and she wonders if Kareena would report to duty the next day. Tribhuvanji offers to call kareena to ask about her health.Neelu forbids him from doing it.

Prem's mom is asking him about Mr.Sood and Mrs.Sood and why they called him Mr.Sood.He tells he doesn't know who they are, but he had met Neelu and tribhuvan twice before and Neelu called him Mr.Sood ,   Neelu suffered mentally,she could turn violent any moment and so he responds to the name.He also shows his mom how Neelu dominated her hubby who silently tolerates her as she could turn violent.


Prems mom suspects that something was fishy ,wants to know the truth .she is thinking of a plan to know who Mrs.Sood was.

Kareena is walking and imagines a guard and a policeman as Tushar.She also imagines him telling her that he never thought she would have such sweet thoughts[what they spoke at the office].


Jeevan uncle is reading some persons palm and telling him his fate.Suddenly sights Jia and Kareenas mom and begins to run.Both see him and wonder why Jeevanji ,the guard at kareenas office was running.They too begin to follow him.He hides behind a bike and later within a telephone booth where he is caught by them.Chacha sees his plight and calls their Shehzadi[Kareena].

Jia n mom ask him why he was hiding there.He says he was meditating.The person whos palm he was reading comes to him and requests him to complete reading his palm.Jia n mom are surprised and tell him that he was a guard and not an astrologer.He is angry and goes away.Kareena comes at the right moment.She explains that Jeevan uncle was living in the neighbourhood and that he worked as an astrologer in his spare time ,he predicted things well.Her  mom asks if it was the same person whom Dadaji was praising and when she gets to know it is the same person, she offers her apologies to him ,also Kareena introduces them to Ali chacha about whom Dadaji has told them a lot.Mom thanks them for taking care of Kareena.but again she asks why jeevanji was running and hiding from them.

Prems mom gets introduced to Neelu and Tribhu again by another friend .The friend is confused when they tell her that they already know that she was Mr.Soods mom. Still puzzled,her friend goes to meet someone else.Prem's mom makes use of the opportunity to get to know more about Mrs.Sood.She begins by asking how they knew Mrs.sood.Neelu says she works for them at Chamatkar and asks her if she didn't know about it.Mom acts happy to know they were her boss at Chamatkar.She tells them that the truth was that She had fought with her daughter –in –law before leaving for the

Party and so she hadn't attended the party.She also requests her to call her and ask her to attend the same.Neelu calls kareena nad asks her to come to the place for some important work.



Kareena arrives at the party.Prem doesn't know what to do.Neelu greets her by telling in a serious tone that  she never knew she could be such a person. Kareena asks her what it was all about.

Prems mom sees her and is surprised.Kareena is shocked.

Neelu tells her that she never imagined Kareena fought with her mother in law. Naina[Prems mom]tells that forgive provides Kareena gives her a hug.Kareena hugs her .Prem and Kareena ask her forgiveness. the trio move aside to sort things out.Kareena is thinking that so far there was not mother in law in their team and that too was fulfilled now she is thinking they had to find a father in law.

They narrate the entire situation to Neelu. Kareena promises to forget Tushar ,stop  speaking to him at the show and many more things.Neelu tells them that they had to be punished for their act she demands to be included in their team as her MIL and tells Kareena that she had transformed a Sindhi into a Punjabi :Naina Sood.Prem .She also asks her to come to RJK in the Mrs.Sood getup. kareena are relieved.

Pammi is lying down with a pack around her eyes[apparently beautifying herself for the date in the evening}Kareena overhears Pammi's mom asking about the beauticians [who had to be there by then according to Pammi],ahe then goes out shopping.Pammi asks to pass over some lotion, kareena silently passes her a bottle of Ketchup which Pammi applies on her face unknowingly.


Kareena is taking Jia to show her Mumbai .She points at many houses telling her that it was Hritik Roshans , Amitabh bacchhan's and so on.Her sis asks to meet them.Kareena says she couldn't at the moment but she would do it soon.[After her show makes her famous]



At the show Kareena is called by a girl who is asking her opinion regarding changing oneself for love.

Kareena tells that she would never change for her boyfriend, she liked to be herself and so on.


Pammi can't guess what Kareena was up to.

After the show Kareena tells prem that she would do opposite of what Pammi did.Both are laughing when Naina enters.She gives them a stern look and tells them to act professional.She also asks Kareena not to use the show as a means of revenge and tells her not to mix personal and professional life.She says she would always support them but not at the show.Prem is grumbling after she leaves.He tells Kareena that when she was with him his mom always scolded him.


Tushar is sad that RJK wouldn't change for him but  thinks he would like her anyway. 

 Tushar is surprised to see Pammi dressed differently.He thanks her for'trying 'to change for him.She is dismayed and asks him if she had not changed for him. He says he was happy that she had 'tried' and  that  made a difference.


At home,[in their garden]Buji tells Tushar that his mom had begun to search for a match for Tushar.Tushar  give a 'oh no!not again'look.

Buji asks him to tell about Kareena as soon as possible and also tells him that Neelu would be heartbroken  if she got to know about it late.

By then P.K comes to the scene and asks  what they were discussing about.Buji tells that they were speaking about the 'musam'.P.K asks what was up with the 'Mausam'.Buji says that he sees clouds .P.K doesn't see any.Tushar says that they were far off.Tushar tells Buji that he would face the 'storm' but before that he had to know what was in the 'winds'mind.P.K is not able to understand anything.

At the office, Tushar tells Kareena that he had discovered something about RJK that Kareena and RJK were entirely different.Kareena is unable to understand.He explains that in the morning, RJK had told she would change for none , and in the evening she had tried to change for him.He tells her no matter what he would like her for what she was and not try to change her.

Kareena is sad and looks defeated.



Adil and Alia don't want to go out with their mom and dad.Their father tries to bribe them but they are adamant :they wan't to meet their grandfather.He tells them that if they didn't listen to them,something bad would happen.Adil and Alia say that it was not true as nothing happened to him though he didn't listen to his father[ali chacha].

Kareena is eating with mom n sis.She looks very sad and deep in thought.Her mom is scolding Jia for eating the parathas kept for Kareena [which she always did].She warns kareena if she didn't eat it quickly,she would find none left.She says she wants Pini[she calls Pammi that ] .Mom asks 'Pini?'she replies that Pini was her boss's puppy and she would bringit to their place so that it would bite anyone who would eat her parathas.

At the show,Kareena is asked her way of celebrating new years eve.When asked if she wuld spend it with family or boyfriend and so on, she replies in the negative to all and syas she would spend the time alone gazing at stars at the Planetarium.

Tushar who is listening to it is thinking'once again she is shy to admit about the date this evening with me'


Swapnali's mom calls Neelu and tells her that Swapnali was depressed after Tushars rejection, she didn't eat nor sleep, she had lost weight and keeps crying ….Neelu tells her not to worry and promises to solve the problem.



Tushar is telling kareena about his date with RJK.She remarks, sarcastically that it was romantic:being at the planetarium on new years eve.He says that he loved her and wanted her to be what she was and accepted her as she was.Kareena is once again saddened.


Neelu calls Kareena and tells her to convince Tushar about Swapnali. Kareena tells she would try provided Neelu calls Tushar and ask him to go with her to some place as such things could not be discussed at the office.Neelu agrees.


Tushar asks Kareena  that his mother had called him telling that she ws depressdand asks what she would do after office that evening.She says, she would go home, perform pooja, eat Prasad and go to bed.He remarks'How boring'and asks if Mr.Sood was not with her.She says he was at lonawala.He asks if she could not force him to come .She replies that with 30 buffaloes falling sick, she could not pressurize him.He tells her he feels sorry for her and leaves.Kareena expecting him to invite her for a date, is disappointed.


Kareena is trying to convince a person[He supplies chamatkar spoons for the soap].He is threatening to stop supplying spoons to them.He complains that their spoons are kept within the boxes and he wanted them pinned outside the boxes for everyone to see.Kareena convinces him that at Chamatkar they maintained theirquality and they never compromised with it. It was  popular amongst the people due to its quality.He had been their supplier for years and requests him to continue it further.She says that if the spoons were pinned outside, others would copy the design.He tells her something about not expecting her to be a different person going by her looks.She tells him not to go by the appearance and says that though she was wearing a saree and mangalsutra,she may be attending college or have worn it to get a job. The person is convinced and signs the agreement.Tushar is watching the conversation silently and is impressed.He thanks her and tells her he never knew she had such good 'Khayaalat' and apologises for having been misled by her appearance.He says that he now knows not to go by looks and again speaks of Pammi.Kareena now tells him that he should understand Pammi ,.that she was sensitive and if he really didn't want het to change,  he should let her spend the evening according to her wish[she wanted to be alone watching stars at the planetarium]Tushar looks convinced .

Kareena is delighted.


Pammi is getting ready for her date.Kareena tells her to change her clothes and quietly go to bed as Tushar would not come that evening.

Pammi shows her a message sent byTushar which tells her to be ready by 9.PM

Kareena's face falls and she quietly goes to her room, she is watching the stars and is thinking that the stars must be laughing at her as they were the ones who could see Tushar and Pammi together at the Planetarium.She has tears in her eyes and suddenly thinks to herself not to show her emotions in her room and worry her mom n sis.Mom n sis are ready and ask Kareena to get ready fast.Kareena promises her sis to be out till daybreak.

Tushar calls Kareena asks her to come for a party at a club.Kareena is in a dilemma .Suddenly she makes up her mind and has a naughty smile on her face.She decides to meet Tushar and take Jia and mom to the same club so that she could beMrs.Sood with mangalsutra ans her moms n jias Kareena without it.She is excited.

Pammi is waiting for Tushar.A car stops by.She sees the person and smiles.

Kareena is waiting, a car stops and the window slides down.She sees the person inside and is shocked .




sweetyvk Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2004 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Thanks for the great update!! I wonder who is in the car, that kareena sees??
cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2004 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Thanx a lot for update Anshu.
OodlesDoodles IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 31 December 2004 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update. I think it will be her mom and Jia. If its them then there is no more fun left so I am sure they will change it as them not recognizing her.
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2004 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Thanks anshu for the awesome updates!
envious_eyes Senior Member

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Posted: 31 December 2004 at 10:22pm | IP Logged
  thnx for the entire update..it was wonderful with all the minute details..but hey did u type it urself..it must have taken a helluva lotta time na?..but thnx anyways..

anshu Newbie

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Posted: 01 January 2005 at 10:35am | IP Logged

The most likely person (s) inside the car:Pammi with Tushar.

Can't recall where Kareena's mom and Jia were when she was waiting for Tushar.

It does take a lot of my time to type the episodes as I am still learning to type.Anyway I am happy that you like the updates.Thanks buddies.

Edited by anshu - 01 January 2005 at 10:37am
anshu Newbie

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Posted: 01 January 2005 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Thanks for your support buddies!

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