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Your Astrological Sign (Page 10)

Poll Question: What’s your zodiac sign?

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_Anonymous_ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 November 2004
Posts: 4722

Posted: 08 January 2005 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Rabeea posted astrological signs?but where are they?Confused

Tani91 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 December 2004
Posts: 23835

Posted: 08 January 2005 at 10:48am | IP Logged
i'm a saggitarius ( i dont think i spelled it right)
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 August 2004
Posts: 3898

Posted: 08 January 2005 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Ohh yeah! i think I accidently deleted them wait I will post them again
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 August 2004
Posts: 3898

Posted: 08 January 2005 at 2:05pm | IP Logged

 AquariusTaurus Scorpio Pisces Pisces Libra Leo Gemini Capricorn Cancer Aries 

Aquarius Virgo Taurus Scorpio Sagittarius Pisces Libra Leo Gemini Capricorn Cancer Aries Aquarius

 Virgo Taurus Scorpio Sagittarius Pisces Libra Leo Gemini Capricorn Cancer Aries Aquarius 

_Anonymous_ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 November 2004
Posts: 4722

Posted: 08 January 2005 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
oh!!thank youSmile
rabeeak2003 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 26 August 2004
Posts: 3898

Posted: 08 January 2005 at 4:54pm | IP Logged

Your Zodiac Colours 

Some colours vibrate in harmony with our nature,

others clash.

Thats why we are drawn to certain

shades more than others.

This is also why we like our decor

to be a certain shade..

or we like to wear a favourite colour..

Read on to find out more.




 Yours are mainly RED & WHITE..

Red denotes action &  confidence,

 two key Aries characteristics.

White is for the pure straight forward

honesty of the Aries.

You are a Fire sign.


Your colours are GREEN, earthy tones & PINK.

Green that expresses the

Taurus's affinity for nature, while Pink

 is the colour for Venus, your ruling planet.

You are an Earth sign.


Your colour is YELLOW

Ideal for the bubbly friendly Gemini nature.

 You may like bright colours in general,

theyre light & fun to be around.

You are an Air sign.


Your colours are those of the ocean and Silver.

Silver being the colour of your

zodiac ruler, the Moon. 

It has a strong connection with the ocean

& the Water  of which you are a sign of.


Your colours are RED, ORANGE & GOLD..

the colours of the sunset & Autumn.

The Sun is your zodiac ruler

& Leo's tend to gravitate to warm dynamic shades.

You are a Fire sign.


Your colour is BLUE, which denotes

 intelligence & harmony. 

It is a peaceful colour to live with &

Virgo's do need their peace.

You are a Earth sign.


Your colour is PINK , the colour of

Love as well as of Venus, your zodiac ruler.

You should feel at ease with most pastel colours,

especially lilac.

You are an Air sign.


Your colurs are MAROON & BLACK ,

colours that express energy & drive.

Black represents the mystery

that surrounds you..

You are a Water sign.


Your colour is PURPLE .

Purple signifies the noble &

spiritual sides of your sign.

You are a Fire sign.


Your colour is BROWN..

You are an Earth sign & should feel

comfortable around tree's & earthy shades.


 Your colour is ELECTRIC BLUE.

Aquarians are dynamic people,

 intelligent & individual.

What better colour to expess this..

You are a Air sign.


Your colours are SEA GREENS.

You have an affinity with the sea.

Gentle pastels suit you also.

You are a Water sign.


Nisha82 Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2005
Posts: 525

Posted: 08 January 2005 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
I'm a LEO

Nisha82 Senior Member

Joined: 05 January 2005
Posts: 525

Posted: 08 January 2005 at 5:41pm | IP Logged
Aries Friendship Profile
As fire can be a fleeting thing, so can be the friendship of a Ram. If you want to call an Aries up for a night on the town, you'll have an exciting companion for the evening -- but don't try to make plans for next week. This Sign needs variety in their friendships. If one group of people can't keep up with their constantly changing interests, they'll move on to new friends. Not that they ever lack for companionship: The Ram is well liked for their edge, so making new friends is never a big problem. Friends are nice, but not exactly necessary for independent Aries, who doesn't need a big group to have fun. When they are in one, though, their competitive nature is liable to get the better of them. Don't try to borrow even a cup of sugar from this one. Ruled by the First House of Self, selfishness can sometimes take the upper hand when it's a choice between people and possessions. On the other hand, the Ram can be very warm toward their friends. As long as Aries feels that they are the number one friend in your life, you can count on having an exciting, albeit brief, whirlwind of fun.
Best Friend Bets: Gemini, Aquarius

Tauras Friendship Profile
When they say they're your best friend forever, the Bull means it. They take childhood friendship oaths seriously, and still have the other half of that charm necklace in which are inscribed the words "Best Friends Forever." Their friendship stands the test of time, and many Taurean friends have been this devoted since childhood. Constant, steady, loyal and devoted, this friend will stand by you through life. If you need to call someone to pick you up in the middle of a snowy night because your car broke down, Taurus will be there in a flash, hot cocoa in gloved hand. Be warned, though, this is only if you've proven yourself to be as loyal a friend to them as they are to you. It's a case of them scratching your back if you scratch theirs. Taurus makes a steady friend, but be careful not to arouse their jealousy. This Fixed Sign will be possessive of their buddies and aren't so likely to understand the old adage that "absence makes the heart grow fonder." You'll find a wonderful friend in Taurus, so long as you don't cancel any plans at the last minute.
Best Friend Bets: Pisces, Cancer

Gemini Friendship Profile
The social butterfly of the Zodiac has lots of friends. In fact, the Twins should have twice as many as any other Sign. One side of a Gemini will want to go hang-gliding and run around outside, while the other is keen on sitting cozily at home and playing a board game. Their friends need to be as diverse as they are in order to keep up, or they just need to know when to let Gemini go free. The Twins can bond well with lots of different kinds of groups. If they get bored with one set of people, they always have a few more groups that will be more interesting -- for awhile. Gemini is a sociable creature who enjoys having friends. If you can match their pace and mercurial temperament, you and your friend will have a blast. The best way to develop a bond with a Gemini is to make an intellectual connection. Interested in exploring anything at all? Take along your Gemini pal and enjoy the new perspective they give to even the most ordinary situations. If you can match wits with this one, they'll respect your intellect and work to develop this worthwhile friendship.
Best friend Bets: Aries, Leo

Cancer Friendship Profile
The Crab is likely to send you frequent invitations to dinner. Of course, they enjoy your company, but they love it when you come over and complement them on their house, decorations and excellent cooking skills. They make loyal friends, so long as you do nothing to betray their trust. If you can handle a super emotional pal who is likely to call you up and cry into the phone for no reason, you will have a devoted buddy who is just as likely to arm themselves with a box of tissues and come to your aid when you're feeling blue. Though the Crab would usually rather sit around the house tending the garden and organizing their bits of nostalgia, they will still occasionally be in the mood to go out for dinner and a movie. As a friend of a Cancer, you'll never need to worry about recording important events. Your favorite Crab will always be there with a camera. As your friendship grows, your Cancer buddy will likely invite you to family dinners as a matter of course. A Cancer who is hurt hurts deeply and for a long time, though, so take care with the fragile emotions of your friend.
Best Friend Bets: Taurus, Virgo

Leo Friendship Profile
The Lion can never be accused of hiding behind their mane. They're happiest when people surround them, especially as they're likely to be the center of attention in any crowd. Leo has a ton of friends. After all, anyone who thinks so highly of themself must have something good to offer! The Lion makes a great friend, though. They can be playful as a kitten and are always ready to spread their sunshine around. Beware of their competitive side, though. As your friend, Leo wants to be proud of you and will do everything in their power to ensure your success -- so long as you don't outshine them. As long as you're the underdog, you'll have a loyal friend. Everyone can be friends with a Leo. They don't really discriminate, preferring to have a big mix of people to play with. Leo always wants the best and might take you out for fancy dinners and such. Don't worry if you can't quite afford it -- the generous Lion is quite willing to chip in. Make sure you remind them again and again how grateful you are for their help, though. A friend who is not appreciative enough of the Leo's charms and generosity may not get the chance to show it later.
Best Friend Bets: Gemini, Libra

Virgo Friendship Profile
If you ever need a designated driver for a night on the town, Virgo is the one to call. Not only will they show up for any and every important occasion, they'll be early enough to take care of last minute details and put everything in order. The Virgo is the most helpful friend you'll ever have. They'll help you work out at the gym every day, they'll help you remember not to gorge on junk food, they'll remind you to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and they're there to assist in the planning of the minute details of your life. All this helpfulness might drive you batty. At the same time, if you ever actually do need something, Virgo will be right there for you. They give excellent advice and are fast on their feet in crisis situations. Their practical outlook will help you through the rough times, so long as you don't embarrass them with any big displays of emotion. If you can handle your Virgo buddy jumping up to do the dishes as soon as dinner is over, you'll have a loyal, intelligent and interesting friend for a very long time.
Best Friend Bets: Cancer, Scorpio

Libra Friendship Profile
You'll be doing a lot of looking at your watch and tapping your foot impatiently if you befriend a Libra. It's not that the Scales enjoy being late, it's just that they take their time to decide anything in enough time to make it anywhere. They may make you wait, but Libra is a great friend to have. They can charm the socks off even the stodgiest of people, and, as their friend, you'll never be able to stay mad at them for very long. Libra hates being alone, so expect your friend to be a bit demanding of your time and attention. They'll make up for it, though. Libra will be able to talk their way into the swankiest restaurants and hottest clubs. If you ever need anything, they know exactly who to call, and the person on the other end will feel honored to help them out. Even if they do need to stand in front of their closet for hours, whatever they wear will be in perfect taste, and you can count on them to help you look just as chic. Don't worry if your Libra buddy seems a little down at times. They'll leap out of that soon enough, ready to take on another fun adventure.
Best Friend Bets: Leo, Sagittarius

Scorpio Friendship Profile
The mysterious Scorpion may turn out to be the best friend you've ever had -- or your worst enemy. The first rule of friendship with a Scorpio is that you never, ever cross them. Their sting is strong, and they never forget a wrong done to them. That said, it's fairly easy to keep your Scorpio friendship intact, and, as soon as you prove that you are worthy of their devotion, they will be a loyal comrade. You will never know what is on their mind, and you may not have any idea where you stand with them, but their secrets will always fascinate you. Kissing up is a major turnoff for your Scorpion pal, so let them know how great they are without fawning all over them. Scorpio does not have too many friends, but they hold on tight to the ones they do. Friendship is not the most important thing in their lives, but they will stay true to a long-term companion. A Scorpio will gladly give you the shirt off their back if you need it, but you may get the slightest inkling that they have an ulterior motive for doing so. Friendship with the Scorpion will always be full of surprises.
Best Friend Bets: Virgo, Capricorn

Sagittarius Friendship Profile
The Archer is keen on having anyone or anything around that will provide just a little more insight or education with regards to life in general. Because of their fascinatingly intellectual and adventurous nature, your Sagittarius friend is likely to be constantly surrounded by comrades and acquaintances. If anyone ever loved having a pie thrown in their face, it's a Sag. Often the class clown, their sense of fun and love of madcap exploits draws people to them. As a bonus, their knowledge of travel, philosophy and culture makes them fascinating conversationalists. If you meet a Sagittarius while hiking through the Himalayas with a pack strapped to your back, you've made a friend for life. Looking to discover more and more about the world around them, the Archer will make friends with people from all over the world and from every walk of life. An instant bond can be struck if you're attending a class on a foreign culture or language. You can count on those midnight phone call to be answered by your Sagittarius friend promptly and effectively, and they will never grudge a favor. In return, however, you should keep your sense of adventure intact and be ready to run with the Archer wherever their whims lead them.
Best Friend Bets: Libra, Aquarius

Capricorn Friendship Profile
If a Capricorn thinks you can't do anything for them, it may be difficult to break into their inner circle. If, however, you've managed to work your way up the corporate ladder or have something to offer, the Goat will embrace you for life. Expect yours to be a structured friendship. If you make plans, your Capricorn buddy will schedule an itinerary for you, and you had better be on time and ready to go along with the plan. At times, the Goat may seem to you more like a parent figure than a friend. They might think they have all the answers and will try to impress you with the extent of their knowledge on any subject they think will help you. If you have impeccable manners, are successful in your own right and manage to win the affections of Capricorn, you will find that you have earned an extremely devoted friend who will be kind to you no matter what happens in your life. Don't be alarmed if they test your loyalty over and over again. A Capricorn who has once had their trust betrayed, by anyone, takes a long time to heal.
Best Friend Bets: Scorpio, Pisces

Aquarius Friendship Profile
Aquarius rules the Eleventh House of Friends, so it's no wonder that they appear to be friends with absolutely everyone. You'll only be deceived by this circumstantial evidence until you try to get close to the Water Bearer, however. Though they have many acquaintances, Aquarius rarely lets people get to know them on a deep level. They are somewhat aloof when it comes to their actual feelings. If you're ever down, though, Aquarius will jump at the chance to buy you dinner -- or buy you anything for that matter. They're not trying to buy your friendship. Why should they? They are, however, very generous individuals and happy to help anyone in times of need. Don't let this make you too clingy. If an Aquarian sees a possible loss of freedom, or if they feel cloistered, they're bound to make a bolt for the door. The Water Bearer is an adventurer. Be sure to keep an open mind, and they'll take you to some exciting new places. The perfect Aquarius companion is one with whom they can make an intellectual connection. If you give them their space while keeping conversation lively, they'll be your friend forever.
Best Friend Bets: Sagittarius, Aries

Pisces Friendship Profile

They may seem to be wandering about in their own little world sometimes, but Pisces is one of the most caring friends you'll ever have. This Water Sign has emotions to spare, so prepare yourself for long evenings of heart-to-heart talks with your Pisces pal. This friend will truly want to know the real you, and they'll probably be able to pick up on how you're feeling no matter what you tell them. They're a great friend when you're in need. If nothing else, they'll have an open ear for your troubles and a handy box of tissues for your tears. Watch out, though. Pisces can be easily manipulated, and their feelings can be hurt by the slightest misguided comment from a friend's mouth. What they need is for you, as their friend, to reassure them and help them past their insecurities. They will always be open with their emotions, so the biggest favor you can do for them is return that trust by revealing yourself. You'll never be bored with your creative Pisces buddy if you just keep an open mind and let them whisk you away into their world for a while. Best friends Bets: Capricorn, Taurus

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