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RK FC---Silver Jubilee with Amir!votepg75

ranjitha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 October 2005
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Posted: 11 December 2007 at 7:44pm | IP Logged


<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->     



A Silver Jubilee is a time to pause and reflect on all the good work done

A silver jubilee is a significant milestone by any measure

A silver jubilee is a huge achievement by any standard

Silver Jubilee is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated as such

A Silver Jubilee is a time to look back and thank every person who has contributed


Nagmein hain

Shikwe Hain

Kisse Hain

Baatein Hain

Baatein Bhool Jaati Hain

Yaadein Yaad Aate Hain!!!!!

This is a special moment—I insist—Take a 24 FCs leap!!!!

Recollect those wonderful memories—excitement of writing for the first FC---A feeling of being a proud Rajeevian—The celebration of Rajeev's first step towards success—his first ever Award—His achievements—his falls—All those wonderful moments of being together---those small fights—hehehehe really those fights too come in that beautiful list of memories!!!!!

Shout out for those LOST friends---who had been with us for sooo long—but are , for some reason missing from this wonderful world----Take an oath to burn those hard moments spent in this world---and Promise Urself to be with this—in this world—FOREVER!!!!!

Be United—Stay United-----policy of RK FC!!!!

After completing soooo soooo many pages in the name of this very special man—I don't think he needs to be introduced in the front page---still there might be many who want to join us on this very special day!!!!


Just for them

Here it goes!!!!

He was brought up in an army background as his father was in the army. He did his B.Sc in chemistry before producing his own documentaries. He  finally came to Mumbai where he got his deserved success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kya Haadsaa Kya Haqeeqat!!!!!

Not many actors would love to start their career as a BAD MAN, especially in TV where ppl literally worship the agyakaari Beta and bahupatni vratasta (man with many wives lol) pati and curse those Bad Men who never leave a chance to hurt these god men!!!!

But this man, not just had the guts to take a risk, but also had the talent to prove his choice right!!!!

His well scripted negative act in KHKH made him win several hearts and a golden character SUJAL!!!!



Kahiin Toh Hoga!!!!!

How should UR Dream Man Be?

Tall, Dark, Handsome, sweet, caring, one who knows to give anything n everything for LOVE!!!! 

And here we had one man—short,  fair, hmm handsome—adamant, rude---possessive---would take away anything n everything to gain his love----This character was scripted to be a Bad Man—but soon became a dream man of many many yong girls, aunties and mummys too!!!!!

Its easy to play a boy next door, but hard to be an arrogant LOVER----I guess this was the reason why Sujal became a household name –to an extent that HE still lives in every house—in spite of the fact that the serial KTH went off air a year bak!!!!!



Time Bomb

"Its Hard to be versatile in a industry like TV"---Some actor has said dis once!!!!

That might be true—just for others!!!!

I guess normally we love to stick to what we R best at or are famous for—but this oh so unique actor was desperate to shed his romantic image—wanted to try something different—I guess that's exactly how a versatile actor is born—haan toh our hero Rajeev quit KTH—which gave hm utmost name n fame----took a offbeat series—time bomb—whch was a critical hit—but not a popular one—nevertheless Rajeev was successful in shedding his good man-bad man image n emerged as the new Angry Young Man of TV!!!!


Sun LeyNa

Rajeev and Aamna kii jodi KTH mein itni famous hogayi thi kii unhe wapaas dekhne ke liye sab log betaab hii betaab the—toh just for them was this cute love story made---

Again this pair created their magic n aaj tak who magic kam nahiin hua n shayad kabhi nahiin hoga!!!!!Sun liya?? hehehe

Deal Ya No Deal and CID

Phir Humaare Logic Master ko phir kuch naya try karne ko soocha—aur kya—HOSTING!!!!!

DYND---is game show ke anchor bane—lekin sirf kuchi episodes ke liye---HIT ya FLOP –alag baat hain—koshish acchi aur sacchi thi jo dikhtii thi---versatality ka ek aur nazaara tha yeh!!!!

CID—Ek chota sa role—ek powerful performance—Koi sirf 2 ya 3 episodes se kisiko apna deewaana bana sakta hain?? Haan haan yeh banda kar sakta hain—I've seen many ppl who became Rajeevians after seeing him in CID!!!

Seek?? Role chahe bada ho ya chota—dedication hamesha 100% honi chahiye---then success will surely follow U in one or the other way!!!!



Left Right Left

Zindagi left, right jaake wapas Left pe aagayi!!!!

Pehle negative role, then romantic gray shaded role, angry young man, anchoring, cameo—ab bacha kyat ha???

A right combination of all these roles!!!!

Thus was born Captain.Rajveer Singh Shekawat

A fine army officer, a GR8 mentor, a GR8 friend , a GR8 lover n  A Gr8 Human Being!!!

Hain naa perfect combination of Raj, Sujal, Varun n Rajeev!!!

His performance in LRL was the best of the lot n this character made him truly truly the asli BAADSHAH of Television!!!!!

Critics n junta had made up their mind that RA ke sooper chemistry ke baad Raj kisi ke saath bhi  chemistry create nahiin kar paayega—lekin galat galat—is janaab ne kiya!!

His Chemistry with Priyanka Bassi worked right from the first episode and the jodi was a BIG HIT—

His chemistry with the villain of LRL Shwetha Salve, although seen for a short period hit well!!!

Rajeev proved that he can create chemistry not just with the leading Lady but also with the villain!!!!lol

This serial got him new fans , new FCs, new fame n a new role!!!!


Isse pehle us naye role ke bare mein bole pehle zaraa is successful ride ke zaraa cute moments dekhlo!!!!


    Best actor - Gold awards 2007
    Best television actor-Sansui 2007
    MTV award for the most stylish host-2006
    Best Cameo-Sony 2006
    Best television personality-ITA 2005
    Most stylish actor -MTV 2005
    Best television personality-ITA 2004
    Best Fresh Face -ITA 2004
    Best Jodi - ITA 2004 (with Aamna)
  • Best jodi -Star Parivaar awards





I guess this was quite an unexpected step from Rajeev's side!!!

90 of 100 Rajeevians expected him to debut in some romantic story, but Raj toh tehra Raj!!


Always n always expect the unexpected from Raj's side!!!!

Ab yeh parallel cinema hain ya nahiin yeh toh pata nahiin lekin haan Rajeev aur hum sab ke liye the most important cinema of 2008 zaroor hogi!!!!

Suni suni baatein—Good story—A very much believable character ----Aamir ---hmm Raj ke liye perfect choice--What say??!!!

Keeping our fingers crossed----betaab to listen to those golden words "Aamir is a HIT"!!!!!

Aamir speaks!!!!!!!

Hi friends....   Its been a long time....and i missed you all as much or even more, then you did......as you all know the reason for my long absence, i don't feel guilty...   No let me just update you all with the latest on Aamir....as of now just the climax(4days) and london shoot is pending...we had to break the shoot because my cinematographer, Alphonse Roy, had a prior committment in US...he is back on 24th Dec and we start shooting from 26th till 30th in Mumbai and we leave for London in the first week of Jan...   I have had a great time shooting for Aamir...everyone loved me and i felt like the fav 'boy' in the unit...Alphonse is a great technician and is now a great friend of mine...very few can shoot the way he has shot the film...but along with the challenges of shooting he had another challenge on his personal front....his daughter and i are having this 'Chini Kum' affair and Alphonse can't seem to stop us....   Shooting Aamir wasn't easy...u will get to see that in 'the making of Aamir'...we all have worked like crazy trying to get everything right...My director RajKumar has put in his best...the assistant directors Neil, Devaanka, Anubhuti, Nitin, Ajay have worked really really hard...poor guys used to get a lot of scolding too from RajKumar...but they all miss being on the sets as much as i do....   Let me tell all of you that the film has some music(so u see, its not all that dry)...and my instincts say that you all will love all the numbers....   The trailors of the film come out with Jodha Akbar(end of jan release)....and the film finally comes out in march/april...who doesn't like his/baby? i may be biased but i hope it is a treat to watch in  the cinema halls....   This is the first time i have spoken in length about Aamir...haven't even spoken to the press till date...and i m so happy about it....   Finally, i hope all of you are doing well in your lives...let me know if i could do anything for anyone...lets make this little world of ours full of love....and i asure you all that someday all of us will meet together and party...i am working towards it...   Love and regards

(Will update this column soon with more facts!!)

Silver Jubilee

Contributions from Rajeevians!!!

Siggy made just for this occasion by Amu(amail)


And this one is by Faroo

Videomix--Journey in RK FC-

by Chandni(Uudee)


All Rajeevians will be given a new name now


CK group members

1- farislove (Zee)   

2- nram
3- basanti_diya
4- cute_rabi
5- starbellz_21
6- ruksaar_khan
7- nailaqureshi
8- angelic eyes
9- angeliclooks_me
10- ANKESH --> (bravehearted)
11- cuttiepie_81
12- kiran_sherry
13- S a r a h
14- rajeevthegr88
15- lrl rocks
16- sanaa_firoz
17- shareen
18- mahek-e-gulab
19- neetaldesai
20- emms


22- nyle

23- vivacious virgo

24- anum-mehrun
25- pinka_anshu
26- anitathebest

27- ambrinaltaf

28- sujalkideewani
29- nazrinkhan
30- togepe30 (Vandana)

31- maroon

32- janubaba253

33- ums5

34- *mansibhatia*

35- varallika

36- rajeev_crazy

37- minnee

38- Naina_lrl

39- yyyy

40- CINDRELLA(Preeti)

41- Paru_M

42- amail1601

43- a_b

44- riya_03

45- nidhi2013

46- Rajeev Aamna<33

47- surbhi 01

48- soniya_1010

49- 4ever urs

50- Ritika2025

51- sunaina02

















69.Barnali di
70.Trups di






76. salluranifan

77. violence_peace

78. Sweet_sujal

79. rakshi_sweety

80. cutykoo20


83. Kanak

84. *sowmya*


86. Voldemort (Ajay)


89.Sarah khan
92-Thaakur Saab (sorry bro all places are reservedLOLCry)
97. KMP14
98.Saara COMB

Hey Rajeevians,
Thank U sooo much for being a part of this FC for sooo long and just hope that we all manage to stay here FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

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sidivyapall IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 December 2006
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Posted: 11 December 2007 at 7:51pm | IP Logged
Congo everybody!!!!!!! cheers to the true Rajeevians!!!!!!! Big smile can't wait for Aamir to release!!!!
ranjitha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 October 2005
Posts: 4991

Posted: 11 December 2007 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
Just a small set of instructions to be followed, just to keep this world away from warnings!!!!!!!

Do not quote big posts,as it makes the FC look untidy,n make it take loong time to load.
Do not post like thanx,and welcome.
Make sure each of ur post has something related to Raj
Do not hurt any other member's felings
Try maximum to avoid posts that could invite fights.
Updates of the FC
1)Celeb Chat by SAHELIGSWM:
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=809675&T PN=5
2)New movie puts spotlight on Mumbai in terror radar:
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10)Happy Birthday to Ammu by nidhi2013
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Wallpapers & siggies & Videomix
1)Wallpaper by amail1601
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=809675&T PN=25
2)Siggy Of Aamir bu rajeevthegr88
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=809675&T PN=46
3)Cadates remebering Rajveer(videomix)By SAHELIGSWM
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=809675&T PN=73
1)Vote for the Pictures by nidhi2013
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=809675&T PN=75
Rajeev's mesaage for RK FC Silver Jubilee by Barnali dii
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=809675&T PN=32

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-Preeti- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 December 2007 at 7:55pm | IP Logged


Ranju : really good home page
ekdum jhakaas

Faru & Ammu : Owsome siggy
tum dono toh chaa gayee yaara

Chandni : Nice video beta
tum logon ne toh sach much FC ki shobha bada dii

Edited by CINDRELLA - 12 December 2007 at 8:53am
ranjitha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 October 2005
Posts: 4991

Posted: 11 December 2007 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Three things!!!!

1)I want to thank Kiran Dii for giving me a chance to open this FCHug
    Saheli and Nidhi for helping from scratch to end!!!!HugHug
     Neha for providing  pics Hug
       Amu, Faroo and Chandni for making such special siggies and Videos for this occassion!!!!!

2)All  those who are wondering as to why silver jubilee is been celebrated in the 27th FC, do chk previous FC--I've mentioned the reason correctly!!!!!!
(Will add the link too later)

3)I had asked U all to post a letter on UR journey in this FC, which many R yet to do, so I'll post in the front page, once I get everybody's letters!!!!

Thank U

Edited by ranjitha - 13 December 2007 at 12:01am
angelic eyes IF-Sizzlerz
angelic eyes
angelic eyes

Joined: 24 August 2006
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Posted: 11 December 2007 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
Congrats everybody..a New FC..!!Thumbs Up was searchn for the old one... uske 150 pages hogaye ek raat mein..lol..!!WinkEmbarrassedClap

Congrats Rajeevians for this FC..Great Job Ranju..!!ClapClapThumbs Up

Edited by angelic eyes - 11 December 2007 at 8:44pm
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

Joined: 16 October 2004
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Posted: 11 December 2007 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Ranju dear that was brilliant..absolutely superb yaar.. bohat hii achcha hai.. i loved your introduction post.. kitta mast likha hai yaar tune..ek dum jhakaas...bilkul dhassu... Clap congo to all Rajeevians...it's party time... let's make this FC rocking..... Party

Edited by sun_423 - 11 December 2007 at 10:21pm
-Preeti- IF-Addictz

Joined: 01 June 2005
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Posted: 11 December 2007 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Jisse reason nahii pata of the Silver Jublee unke liye yeh post




aap sab soching kii achanak Ranju koo kya hoing kii woh 27th FC mein Silver Jubilee kii baat karing
"yaa toh Ranju abhi paagal hogayi hain ya phir woh paidahishi paagal hainLOLLOLLOL"
Are nahiin I'm not Alekh so mujhe counting  aati hainLOLLOL
lekin baat yeh hain kii
ahmmmm abhi zaraa seriously likhing hehehe

Woh kya hua kii kahiin dino se RK FC mein bohat log active nahiin the, kyunki unke exams chal rahe the
Rajeev ke baare mein humaare paas koi info nahiin tha n nahiin uske film Aamir ke baare mein and silver jubilee celebrate karne ke liye kuch specific reason bhi honi chahiye naa
Members kam, uske oopar Rajeev ke baare mein koi news nahiin --aise mein celebrate karte toh kuch khaas mazaa nahiin aata!!!
Toh humne (RK FC Management Team) kii jab yeh dono kamii poori hojaaye tab party karein!!!!
And now most of the members have finished their exams, N R absolutely free now!!!
Rajeev has completed nearly 95% shooting for Aamir and Hidden Sources reveal that Rajeev is gonna rock as Aamir and more than anything we see a Happy and a Satisfied Rajeev after a long long time!!!!
So I guess this is THE PERFECT TIME  to celebrate!!!

This celebration will start in the next FC!!!!
us naye FC ke opening se END tak sirf celebrations hii honge!!
Uske saath Hum Officially AAMIR ke promotion shuru karenge!!!!
So start cracking UR heads as to how exactly U want to promote UR AAMIR!!!!!
Is FC se lekar Marsc--April tak har FC mein mainly AAMIR ko promote Karenge!!!!

Ek aur choti si request!!!!!

This FC would not have been possible without U all, sorry We All
chahe woh New Members ho, ya phir Old Members ya phir Mods like Bhaskar Bro and Barnali dii
Sabne kisina kisi tareeke se is FC ke success ke liye reason bane hain!!!!
Toh I just want U all to write down UR journey in this FC, UR happiest moments, the celebrations, UR bad day ---anything n everything u gained n lost in this FC and plzzzzzzzzz PM me (PM before this FC reaches pg140LOLLOLLOL)(This will be posted together in next FC)
U can even PM Saheli or Preethi dii!!!!

Don't forget to be a part of this celebration bcoz U R worth itLOLLOLLOL

NOTE::Most of my writing here is in Hindi--if someone feels hard to understand, then feel free to demand a translation!!!

By Ranju

Edited by CINDRELLA - 11 December 2007 at 9:39pm

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