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Hello folks - here are the CKs done by Giri. This
will be updated as and when new ones are written/
posted - No comments here please - CK pages are waiting
for your comments!!! Thanks and Love Roja

Location : Ha Ha Land (island)
Pongal Festival was celebrated and everybody had a very great time for the next 10 days except the doctor who found little to fill up his stomach .
After every sandhosham , there is a dugham ( because life is full of ups and downs Cry Wink). Idhukku etha madiri there was a sudden storm and heavy rains. Runway was damaged. It would take 6 months to get the runway repaired. Ellarukkum ore kavalai, Cry except Roja, who was deeply immersed in her new found serial -free happiness. Big smile

Nothing was left to do except PRAY. All of them were seen praying very deeply. Roja also prayed for her friends.
Dadang...God appeared before them
Each one of you can ask for one varam.
Kams: "I hv to go for my training , pl take me to Chennai" . wish granted. Kams disappeared.
Pat: "I hv to update Kasthuri, Malargal".God said OK, you also go.
Atina : " I hv to take pics and post them and PM to few friends." God said "Ok pogalam"
Giriadimai: "I hv to update Anandham in the absence of Kams and also niraya per kadhula poo sutthanam". God grants her wish also.
Caryn: "Naan veetukku poi vada pannanum."
Dr.Swash : "Nalla sappadu sapittu romba naal aachu, I want to go home."
Ippadiya oruoruthara 'haha' land vittu, thapichome pozhaichome enru poitanga. LOL LOL

Roja, who is in deep meditation, still has her eyes closed. God is in a hurry, so taps Roja on the shoulder and asks her what she wants. Roja is surprised Shocked to find God and looks out for others around the beach.

God: "I shall grant you a boon"
Roja :"Ellarum enge? I want to see them all here now".

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3 people including G.A meet God with few queries.

First: "God, when will there be complete peace in the Gulf region?"
God: "It will take another 75 years".
First person is sad, "I may not be alive at that time."

Second:"Oh, Creator when will India win 50 gold medals in Olympics Games?"
God: "May be after 100 years."
Second person starts crying, " I am not going to see that."

G.A : "Ellam valla Parampurule! When will the serial Anandham get over?"
God starts crying.

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Chennai Airport:

kuppai vandi, maattu vandi, meen vandi, kosuvandi Cry enru ella vandiyil irundhum ,IF membersai izhuthu pottu, kondu vandu Flight 172 la ethi aachu.appada Big smile
Flight leaves for London. The crew plans to goto London to attend the Tiny Brother ( sundara tamizhil 'Thakunoondu Annathey')programme produced by Channel 4.25. Wink Wink

The participants inside the House are Shilpa Shetty, ACD, Priya, Charu, Abirami, Pechi Paati, Caryn, Pravish and Kams LOL LOL

Mattha IF team veliye irundu ivangala kankanichittu irukku.

IF team ,first itself, peruvariya vote pottu , evict Shilpa Shetty. Shetty comes out
G.A: 'Mumbai vaasi penkutti Shipa Shetty
           un osaram parthu en kazhuthu suliki pocchu'

Pecchi paati is seen sitting on an easy chair.
G.A : ' thulakanampati kilaviye Pecchi Paaty
           unnai kuniju parthu en mudugu odanji pocchu'

ACD is seen going towards Pecchi Paati, may be for aseervadham, but before that IF members vote paati out.

Charu walks down the staircase, in slow motion, in heavy jewellery and periya pottu.
G.A : 'Gundu than ennakku pudiccha size
        ava nethiyila than oru roova pieceu'

Abi is seen singing to Charu
     'Accham accham illai, adimai ennam illai...'
G.A: 'vekkam maanam illai, soodu soranai illai,
        unnkku konjam kooda moolai illaye'

Charu and Abi are sent out.

Caryn/Pravish are shown making Thayir Vadai in the kitchen.
G.A elanda pazham paatu stylil : 'Thayir vadai...., thayir vadai.... , ennnn, roundaga irukkum vadai, karagarappa irukkum vadai'
Caryn & Pravish themselves cannot take the torture inside and they come out.

Kams is seen approaching ACD -Priya
G.A gets into a frenzy : "Ammano samiyo, athaiyo mamiyo,
                       Moginiyo,kaminiyo, veliye varuvayo" Angry

Only ACD and Priya are left inside.

G.A : 'idhu daana, inru daana, ippadi daana,ivargal daana...' keeral vizhunda record pola paadikitte,G.A faints down. Dr.Atina rushes to her side.
Atina: "Naan appave sonnen, yaarum ketkalai. Roja virkku vandadavadu MSSS, oralavu gunapaduthidalam, aanal G.A has got MSMMS - Many songs multiple manipulation syndrome. Aalalukku lyrics maathi maathi padi indha nilamaikku kondu vanduteengale.'

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Location : Ha Ha Island
Time : Evening 4 O'clock

Imagine a very peaceful island, niraya trees -pasumai, malai , kaadugal, suthi neela kadal . Beach orama Peria pandhal pottu irukku. Decorated medai. Medaikku munnala 300 chairs.Everyone is saying 'hi' to everyone else - Dasa, serial123,Rathy, jigglypuff, dee63, G.A, Pravish, Caryn ,meli,bk and others. Kams had sent her greetings.Anegama ellam filled up. Medai mela 5 chair. Centre one is beautifully decorated , s it is for today's heroine 'ATINA'. Soft music fills the air and everyone is cheerfully conversing Smile

In walks smiling Atina flanked by 'Pat' and 'Roja'. Everyone Clap. They sit on the medai.
Function begins:-
Pat is the hostess. She takes up the mike and promptly welcomes everyone. She gets a bit nervous and takes out a note and starts reading.
"Soak 1 kg of wheat overnight and grind it to smooth paste"...
While everybody is wondering what is happening , G.A starts singing
" Tirunelveli halwa daa tiruchi malai kotta daa
        Duraipandiyanukku ladoo thandha charu than"
At almost the same time Dasa starts dancing a 'dappan kuthu' like Vikram.
Pat: Embarrassed "oh sorry sorry, cookery exam kku padichittu irundhen, andha paper mix aagiducchu. Today we hv gathered to felicitate 'Kalakkal Oraganiser Atina'.
Atina is a talented person like 'Suhasini'...
G.A : "Paruvame... pudiya paatu paadu..."
Dasa starts jogging around.
Caryn pulls G.A to her seat and Rathy pacifies Dasa.
Pat continues: " Atina is a still-photographer, editor, camerawoman, director, organiser. Time kidaikkum podu kuppai vandi, maatu vandi ellam ootuvanga...."
G.A : "Oram po oram po Atina vandi varudu."
Dasa mimics driving(?) 'maatu vandi'. Big smile
Caryn and Rathy again do the rescue act.
Pat: "Ivalavu thiramai irukku, en kanne pattudum pola irukku" Clap
G.A : "Kannupada poguthamma Atina aunty ae,
        unnakku suthi poda vendummamma Atina aunty ae"
Dasa kumbidu pottu kitte Vijaya kanth pola nadakararu.
Caryn and Rathy's hands are full. LOL
Pat Smile : "Do u see the 2 empty chairs on the dias? Charu and Abirami have agreed to come for this function"
At the mention of Abirami,
G.A : "Kanmani anbodu mental case naan anuppum emaile.."
Dasa starts imitating Gunaa Kamal. Wink
Caryn and Rathy are struggling. Cry
Pat: "Atina oru sakalakala...valli"
G.A :" Sakalakala baby sakalakala baby aatum poda thonalaiya..."
Dasa starts rocking like Sushmita Sen. Big smile
It is getting out of control. Obviously some words in Pat's speech is triggering G.A and her singing Cry is triggering Dasa. LOL LOL
Luckily ,the doctor and nurse team arrive and drag away GA back to hospital as she is still suffering from MSMMS. Exhausted Dasa kku 'glucose' ellam kuduthu pacify pannaranga. Doctor introduces the new syndrome of Dasa - MMMAS - 'multiple musicological mono acting syndrome'
Everything is under control now.
Pat : "I invite Roja to crown Atina as 'The Kalakkal Organiser"
Beaming Atina slowly rises and normal LOLRoja crowns her.

Just then Madhu enters.
Madhu : " Sorry , just finished Kathir - Uma's marriage, adhan late aagiducchu."
Roja jerks : "Uma is married to Shyam, Kathir married Uma , Perumal saamy, mada saamy, veera saamy..." Angry
Atina faints. Wink Wink

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Location : Haha Island
Time : 3PM

Nalla kulumaiyana kadal kaatru. Actual indha island romba perusu, explore panna niraya idam irukku. Very peaceful, no TV, no serials - only 'genuine' Anandham, Nimmadhi & Sorgam. Anyway, beach pakkama , flight 172 nanbargal Cricket vilayadalamnu decide pannanga. There is no such thing as teams. Everybody gets a chance to bowl, bat, field or keep the wicket, because this is a 'friendly match' Hug .

First comes 'blonde' Pat with a bat. Pat takes the bails, puts them on the ground & tries using her bat like a 'gilli' bat Big smile , much to the annoyance of the serious bowler, Dasa. Atina comes to Pat's rescue , " No dear, ippadi gilli madiri vilayada koodadu, indha game peru cricket. Dasa ball poduvaru, u have to hit the ball with your bat". Atina pulls out pictures of cricket matches from her pockets, "en chellame inge paaru", and shows them to Pat. No use, Atina pulls out a mini DVD player ( ithunoondu pocketil eppadi ithanai vishayam vecchu irukangalo LOL ) and shows video of cricket matches. Still no change in Pat's batting Cry . Atina stands behind Pat, holding Pats's hands with the bat, she very patiently demonstrates. Pat is still confused. Atina, at the height of frustration Angry , yanks out Pat's wig. There is a sudden change in Pat's behaviour. "Atina , what are you doing here, why are you not fielding?". Atina manasukulla ," ennakku idhuvum venum, innum venum Ouch ". Pat then goes on to hit 5 boundaries, 1 six and 17 singles , before an LBW from Dasa Smile.

Next batswoman is Roja. She is worse than Pat LOL LOL.Not that she doesn't know abt cricket, the only problem is, however hard she tries, her bat and serial123's balls donot connect.
Atina , after Pat's experience decides to field near the boundary line Wink . GA -present wicket keeper, suddenly tells in a frightened voice Shocked , " Roja...........anga parunga omnipotent". Roja sees omnipotent's face on the ball & she hits a sixer. Needless to say, varusiya next 2 overs , she scored consecutive sixes, before retiring exhausted LOL LOL . Roja later on confesses that she saw Thulasi, Uppari Queen, Rukku , Arasi etc etc on the ball.
When Roja is busily hitting sixes, not having any work, GA discusses with the umpire Rathy , dressed in white coat, black pants , sporting a 'poo suthina Naradar Kondai' and a 'heavy jolna pai' instead of 'veenai'. GA wants to know if the word ???? (kavalai) is a ?????? (homonym) or not. They go on discussing about ???????? 90;? ???????? 70;?? & ??? Big smile.

Dasa plays a very smooth batting and scores an excellent 87 Clap Clap . Caryn bats wonderfully Thumbs Up but every now & then gives dirty looks Dead at GA 's t-shirt, which has the print 'Atina Sacchi, Priya Acchi' . Everyone knows she can't stand the latter part Wink.

GA comes into batting next. Pravish prays she will break 109 coconuts if GA goes duck out Big smile . Meli Evil Smile , with an evil smile is deliberately bowling a very slow ball. GA batta oru sutthu suthina. The ball goes up in the air and is about to fall straight into Pravish's hands. Jiggly who is in the slip, suddenly calls out , "Pravish, Caryn yaro oruthar, vidadeenga AC Durai pola pidinga". Should I say, the ball was dropped ? LOL LOL   

Before Meli's next delivery, Pravish does an anga pradarshan on the ground for GA's dismissal Big smile . But GA manages to hit the ball close to the ground and scores 2 runs. On the third delivery, Pravish kindala dancing Tongue , " Priya oru aluvu moonjee" . GA shows all her anger on the play. Everybody is looking out for the ball and GA is looking out for her bat Confused . GA kaiyai suthina suthil, bat parandu , boundary veliye vizhundiducchu. Ball is in GA's hand. GA claims a sixer, but Meli claims 'catch out'. Atina, who takes the role of third umpire, find the bat falling outside the boundary and GA catching the ball at the same time.Umpire Rathy is rummaging through her jolna pai, only to find ???????? 86;???? (Tholkappiyam) , ?????? ??? ???? (Konar urai nool), ??????? (Nanneri) , ????? ?????? 'Patthupattu' etc etc and no cricket rules book. Ore arguments, sandai Ouch . Everyone gets ready for fighting with whatever items they get – bat, ball, stumps, bails, leg pads, arm pads, helmet, gloves, beach shells, crabs Wink etc. Rathy finally says victory to the side which gives her a heavier suitcase. Dasa, GA, jiggly give her one suitcase, Caryn, Meli and Pravish give her another suitcase. Rendaiyum tharandu partha Rathy kobathin ellaikke poranga. Oru pettiyile kallu, innoru pettiyile mannu LOL LOL.

Meanwhile an helicopter from Vasantha Bhavan arrives. Every one drops everything and leave happily Big smile together to have their food. Caryn and GA are seen happily discussing about vadai, Dasa and Pravish about thirupathi vendudhal, Meli and Jiggly about latest dress designs. Rathy, Atina are going through some pictures.
Smile Wink . Beachula ellam samanamum innum appadi appadiye irukku. Wink

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 AvatarKalakkal  Poo Suttral by Giriadimai

IF member lounge: Atina, Roja, Dasa ,Pat, GA,  Meli, Rathy, serial123, Rhodes (Roja warned you), Uma ( Roja's friend taken for granted as GA's friend also)

Time : Friday 10pm.

Atina leaves for Newyork .  Dasa , normally a very charming person, after Kams farewell he had become a 'touch – me – not' and kadukaduppu that ACD could take lessons from him. Rathy is doing her thesis on ' Kalingathu parani' . Pat is doing an online law course( Pat, if you are really in this profession, the joke is on me). Meli is extensively into graphics designing. GA has started work on poo suttral.

If Roja has an 'ATTENTION SEEKING SYNDROME' everybody else is displaying ACD (ATTENTION COMPLETELY DEFICIENT) syndrome . When GA turns around from her computer, only Roja and Rhodes are in the lounge.

GA : "hai Rhodes, unga tamil translation s/w romba nalla irukku".

Rhodes : " nandringa". She is genuinely happy.

GA to Roja : "amam, ellarum enge? Mukiyama Dasa enge?"

Roja winks w/o Rhodes' knowledge : " summa tamizh, tamizh s/w , posting potadula kovichittu poittar". Rhodes neliyaranga."Dasa indha madiri sollama ponade illai"

Rhodes : " enga, nejamave Dasa kovichittu poittara?"

Roja:" we'll see till tomorrow, if he doesn't turn up, idhan reason"

Rhodes is on the verge of crying.

GA teaches Rhodes a vendudhal unknown to Pravish for Dasa's return.Rhodes dutifully convinces Uma and takes her to theppakulam and float diyas.


After she comes back GA asks her to translate 'Old Mac Donald' nursery rhyme to tamil.

Next day Atina calls up, she is in a hurry -so jus says something like 'saw dasa... , sending some pics" and hangs up. Rhodeskku konjam nimmadhi. 2 Pics arrive from Atina.

 Looking at the pics, Roja says , "Atina didn't see dasa, she must be seeing Dasavatharam shooting. Atina pakkathula Dasa illaiye, yaro american thane irukkan. "

GA : "oruvela Dasa plastic surgery pannitaro?"

Rhodes shows little aarvam.

Roja :" No, no idhu kamalhasanoda american makeup man"

Rhodes again disappointed.

Third pic arrives.

Rhodes :"Nichayama idhu Dasa than."

Roja :" No no, idhu Kamal doing Dasa's role."


 Sunday night: Atina calls up. Rhodes picks up the phone. Atina asks if Dasa has returned back from lala island? Rhodes is confused, neenga parthen sonneengale? GA /Roja grinning.

Atina :" I saw Dasa avatar – Dasa's new cartoon avtar".GA and Roja are having a fit.

Rhodes :" Neenga anupina pictures?"

Atina :"I was testing my new camera".

Roja & GA freeze when they see Rhodes glaringat them. Meanwhile Dasa arrives and Rhodes narrates to him how the chick-devils spoiled her weekend. Dasa has a secret discussion with her & see how the devils were given back.  

From then on , every time Dasa passed Roja , he shouted into both her ears 'uppari queen' or 'omnipotent'. He must have done that atleast 498 times . GA was concluding her poo suttral and didn't notice Dasa taking her pic Angry.


Rhodes : "Giri , ur translation for old mac Donald  is ready: here it goes       

               'kizhavan Donald thotathile... eeya eeya oh......

                 thennai maramum onrirukke... eeya eeya oh....

               Giriyum adhile erinaale.... eeya eeya oh...

                 paadhiyil keezhe vizhundhale..... eeya eeya oh...

               Thengaiyum thalaiyil vizhundiduche..... eeya eeya oh..

                  Inge oru aiyo, ange oru amma,  

               Aiyo, amma, aiyo, amma  (kizhavan)

Vazhga Valamudan

              Anbudan G.A

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Roja Akka,
Happy Valentine's day Smile . I prepared this, this morning itself, but delayed posting since I took longer time in editing pics, but by then you had posted another. Anyway chumma comedy than Big smile. En Guruvin alosanai padi idhaiyum post seikirenBig smile. Avalavu seekiram naan ungala easya vidamaatenWink 

GA was screaming and screaming 'her heart' out, more because she never expected 'her Kanmani Roja', to whom she had given her pink chick, would do this to her. Everyone had a good laugh initially, but looking at her impossible plight, there was a sudden 'sympathy wave' inside the aircraft. GA fainted. Everyone rushed to her side. Doctor checked her pulse, she was ok. Having flown all the way here, they didnot want to miss out the fun in the various rides. The big question was what to do with fainted GA. They cannot carry her around.


Dasa was in a '50 -50 kanava nenava , uppa inippa' condition. He was happy one of the chick-devils got trapped. But at the same time he felt bad because the targeted devil got away. He also had a soft corner for GA, especially since she made the world realize what an excellent batsman he was. He said very strongly,"It is only fair that Roja takes care of GA, while you all go away and I will also stay back to ensure Roja does her part properly. So it was decided that the others would go for the first 4 hours, then  Dasa and Roja could go. GA had come back to her senses, but still having her eyes closed, listened to all this. She had to utilize the next 4 hrs to her full advantage.


GA waited for another 15 mins , before slightly opening her eyes a little and in a karakara voice asked 'thanni..... thanni'. Dasa ran immediately to GA's side and ordered Roja to bring some water. Roja venda veruppa brought water. I donot have so many pages to go into the full details of how Roja waited hand and foot on poor GA, under the glaring supervision of the 'Charming Dasa'. To mention a few things , GA had 3 orange juices, 1    cups of water, 2 meals , 2 packets of chips and 3 cups of coffee , inbetween 3 massages for mudugu and 4 for hands, also GA fingersla  Roja 'nettai' eduthu vittanga and read aloud some tamil novels and poetry.


Roja was getting more and more angry  minute by minute. GA whispered something. Roja barked , " innum enna venum?".GA meekly said "onnum illai". Dasa jumped ," Roja , you better be nice to her." Roja complied . GA :" Roja thiruvalluvarukku kondai mandai ucchiyila, illai pinnaleya?" Roja became suspicious. She went into a thoughtful mood," What is she upto next?". GA knew what triggers Roja more than serials these days and another new syndrome was on the anvil. Meanwhile the others returned back. Caryn brought 'vazhapoo vadai' for GA. Roja and Dasa left. Having done her part, GA went to sleep. Already tired and sensing no trouble from a sleeping GA ,  everyone else dozed off.



After 1 hour, Dasa returned back and everybody wondered where was Roja ," Didn't you two go together?".

Dasa, "Come on, you must be joking." Atina and Pat went in search of Roja  and found her near the beach writing something on the sand. Before Atina could read, waves washed it away.


Atina :" Let us go Roja".

Roja :" Karkka kasadara kalkikumudam vikatan

                Kattrappin virkka paadhivilaikke"

Pat: " ennadu?"

Roja :" Agara mudala ezhuthellam thagara

                 Dappavil ezhudi vaikka"

Atina :????

Roja : " Inna seidharai niruthal avar

                 Kaadhil poo sutthal"

Atina/Pat :" Ivanga rendu perum namalla nimmadhiyave vida maatanga."

GA, not even realizing that her locks were off, or they were on air or about the tsunami of kalakkal thirukkurals hitting the others, slept blissfullyBig smile.


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 The Indomitable Hahaulish Warriors


The beautiful island of Hahaul, inhabited by the peace loving indomitable Hahaulish people. The Hahaul tribe has fought many wars with Kalanidhius Maraner of the Sun Empire, who has taken over the entire world by the sheer power of never-ending, tearful, logic-less soapoperas. Maraner has placed his 5 faithful camps around the island and is always on the look out for a chance to conquer the Hahaulish people.


The island chief is Atinalix , carried around the island on a shield by Rojarix and Girilix. The chief has no fears in the world except for Bandham coming to an end. Rojarix , the brave warrior and Girilix the flower deliverer are the thickest of friends , who also have occasional little bouts for trivial reasons. Dasafix is the island druid , who is known the world over for the possession of a magic flower , plucked from the clouds on a cloudless , new moon night, and kept behind the left ear can give superhuman strength to the wearer. Patrix, although is a wig – monger and title- monger, at times transforms into a legal advisor. Rhodesrieux is the font seller, Umatix is the local dance teacher and doubles up road maker. Meliux is the dress designer and Rathyatrix gives grammar lessons in Hahaulish. Serialatrix is the cheerleader. Carynix ran an inn, specialized in a typical hahaulish delicacy, which centuries later became doughnut in the western world and medhu vadai in Asia.


It was one such pleasant early morning when everything was so peaceful and everyone has started their business as usual. Everyone was queuing up before Rhodesrieux Font shop, when Meliux complained about requirement of fresh fonts , that a big fight broke out between the inhabitants. Patrix was trying to read out the legal implications.

Dasafix who had climbed up his magic ladder to pick flowers the previous night had fallen asleep on his ladder and woke up hearing the commotion below. Before he climbed down his ladder , he saw the renewed preparations in the 5  camps around Hahaul. He hurried down and asked the people to stop fighting warning them about the impending danger.

There was a quick conference in Atinalix's hut and the war strategy was drawn. Dasafix decided to use the magic flowers.  Everyone queued up before the chief's hut for the magic flower. First came the chief, then Rojarix and the others followed. Girilix tried attempting repeatedly to get a flower, but Dasafix firmly refused to give one saying since Girilix was born with flowers behind the ears, now it would be of no use, may even be harmful. Girilix was very disappointed and even angry with Dasalix, but Rojarix cheered Girilix talking about the upcoming fight. Girilix immediately became very cheerful and hugged Rojarix.


The Hahaulish people divided themselves into 5 groups and proceeded to the five beaches of the island. Rojarix single handedly fought the soldiers of  Azhugachium (translated to Malargal in English), Girilix the camp of  no-end-in-sightium (Anandham) , Patrix & Umatix the camp of Bad-Timium (Muhurtham), Atinalix & Meliux the camp of Enemium (Bandham) and the final camp of Pichakarium(Arasi) by Rathyatrix  & Rhodesrieux . Before the fight , Serialatrix went around all the brave soldiers of Hahaul and rendered a vocalis. In all the five beaches , the famous war lasted for full 2 mins and all the enemies retreated with multiple fractures and another blow to already bruised ego of Maraner.


The victorious Hahaul returned to a noisy reception and had a ceremonious banquet under the canopy of cauliflower clouds.


The story was inspired by Meli, so all paarattu should go to her, adhe madiri yaaravadu thitta virumbuneengannalum......LOL ( jus kidding)


For ref reading

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