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Main Laksh Ki Deewani Hoon(Final Part 51-Pg30) (Page 4)

kt4lakshya Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2007 at 10:46am | IP Logged
rocking part you finally updated i think KT is right she should wait coz if she tells laksh now then he might laugh it off and think as a joke
update soon


hp_2006 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2007 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Thank u friends for reading my fanfic and giving encouraging comments.... Smile
hp_2006 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2007 at 9:53pm | IP Logged

In the evening:

Sneha came to their room and found Kt sound asleep. She thought not to disturb her and changed her dress. After that she also lay on her bed because she was feeling a little tired.
At that time Kt opened her eyes and she saw Sneha who was lying on her bed.

K: Sneha, when did you reach?
S:(gets up and sits on Kt's bed) I came just now.(feels her head)How are you feeling now?
K:I am feeling a little ok now..Head ache has gone..
S:Yeah...temperature has lowered now..I think you will be alright by tomorrow..You should have the tablet tonight also.
K:Acha..Woh sab chodo..Did you see Laksh today..?
S:Haan..Woh main tumse kehna hi bhool gayi..Aaj sab baithke dedh saare baatein ki...Maine Laksh ke baare mein saare jaankaari li hain...
K:Kya??(gets excited and tries to sit up)
S:(laughing)Dekha..Laksh ka naam sunthe hi tumhare saare fever door ho gayi...
K:(blushing)Go away Sneha...Now tell me...
S:I asked him about his home,family etc etc....His home is in Mumbai...Jiska naam "ShantiNiketan" hai.His full name is Laksh Virani.He has a younger sister.Her name is Archita.
His father Sahil Virani is a businessman and his Mom Ganga Virani, housewife...His home is.......
K:(interrupts)Did you guys play the Truth or Dare game as we planned yesterday..?(sadly)To know if he loves someone else or not..
S:Arre pagli..What are you saying..?Woh game hum dono ne milke plan ki thi na?
S:Then how can I carry out our plan without you babe..?
K:(laughing)..ok baba ok..
Next day in college:

Sneha and Kt were walking up the staircase and then Laksh sped past them. He was running up two steps at a time as if he was in some tension. He didnt notice them.


Laksh stopped and turned. When he saw them he came running down to them.

L:Hiii Sneha..Hiii Kt...
S:Why were you running Laksh.?Koi jaldi hai kya?
L:Yeah, Sneha..I was going to meet the Principal. When I went to his office, they said that he is upstairs .So I wanted to meet him quickly and go back to my class before the bell rings.How are you feeling now,Kt?
K:(smiling)I am alright now Laksh...But, hurry up now.The bell will ring in 10 minutes.
L:(checks the time)Arre..Baap re..Byee..(runs upstairs)
K:Paagal ladka....
S:(giggles)Aur tum paagal ladki..

Kt made an angry face at Sneha and then laughed.Then they went up the stairs to their class.
They went and sat in their places.Soon Prachi came to the class.She seemed very happy.

P:(very happily, to Sneha and Kt) Hiiii girls...Hey Kt..Ab kaisi ho?
K:Main teek hoon..Kya baat hai Prachi..?Aaj tum bahut khush nazar aa rahi ho...
P:Haan.Woh isliye,kyunki aaj mera birthday hai..
S:Oh wow!Happy birthday Prachi..(hugs her)
K:Many many happy returns of the day...(hugs Prachi)
P:Thank you....Thank you...
S:(tells loudly to the whole class)Friends…Today is Prachi's birthday…

Everybody sings the "Happy Birthday to you" song and wished Prachi…Prachi gave sweets to everyone.The bell rang and everybody went and sat in their places.

P:Listen,Aaj shaam ko mere ghar mein party hai..Tum dono ko aana hi hoga...
S:(sadly)Lekin...Our hostel in time...?
P:No Lekin Vekin.....I will drop you in your hostel before 7.30 pm..Is that ok?

Sneha and Kt became happy and excited.

K:Kya Laksh bhi party mein aayega?
P:(smiles)Haan...Mein Laksh aur Manthan ko bhi invite karoongi...

At that time their teacher came in and their class started.....

.x.Saira.x. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2007 at 4:42am | IP Logged
awesome part Clap
v.sweet Embarrassed
abin11 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 December 2007 at 8:04am | IP Logged
wow..... Clap
plz update sooooon Tongue
Kisna_saawariya Newbie

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Posted: 26 December 2007 at 10:35am | IP Logged
nice fanfic... Clap this is my first post in india-forums...update soon.....
hp_2006 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2007 at 11:39pm | IP Logged

In the evening after class:

P:I am going to Neev's class to invite Laksh and Manthan,and I am going home early today with Neev.Party ki taiyaariya karni hai na....I will come to your hostel in my car at 5 o clock to take you home...Be ready....Ok...Byeeeee
Sneha and Kt: Bye Prachi...

Then Prachi went off.

K:If we had known earlier that today is her birthday,we could have got her a gift na...
S:Haan...But we can go and buy now.

They went to the hostel and kept their bags.Then they went outside for shopping.After buying their gifts for Prachi, they began to get ready for the party.Kt dressed up in a beautiful orange salwar kameez and Sneha wore a pretty blue skirt and top.At 5 o clock Prachi came.She was looking very pretty in a blue dress.Kt and Sneha presented their gifts to Prachi and she thanked them both by hugging them....

At the party:

Prachi,Kt and Sneha reached Prachi's home in her car.The party was organized in the hall.They moved to the hall.Someone called Prachi from behind.It was her Mom Premlatha Shah.

Pl:(smiling)Prachi,toh yeh hai Kt aur Sneha...
P:Haan maa...(shows Kt)Yeh Kt hai...
K:Namaste Aunty...
P:(shows Sneha)Aur yeh hai Sneha..
S:Namaste Aunty...
Pl:Namste Beti...Prachi tum logon ke baare mein hamesha baat karti hai...

Then Prachi's Dad Mr.Inder Shah came to them.And Prachi introduced Kt and Sneha to him too.Then her Mom and Dad went to meet some guests.

Kt was searching the hall for Laksh..Sneha noticed this and showed it to Prachi..

P:(teases)Kisko dhoondh rahi hai Kt?
K:(still searching)Woh Laksh kahi nazar nahi aa raha...
S:Woh yahi kahi hoga...
P:Aur yeh Neev kahan chala gaya..?Laksh aur Manthan bhi usi ke saath honge..Main dekh kar aati hoon...Yahan ruko..

Prachi went to look for them...

Neev came to the hall with Laksh and Manthan.Laksh was looking hot in a black shirt and blue jeans.Manthan was wearing an orange shirt and Neev was in a blue shirt. Neev had went to pick them up.But Sneha and Kt didnt notice them coming.Both of them were standing in front of a pillar in a corner.
Neev and Manthan were going to Sneha and Kt, and Laksh stopped them.

L:(winking)You wait here..And watch me...

Then slowly he went and stood behind the pillar.He leaned forward and pulled Sneha's hair slowly.When she looked back,he hid behind the pillar.

K:What happened?
S:I felt like someone is pulling my hair from behind.
K:You'd have imagined it.
S:(shrugging her shoulders)May be....

Neev and Manthan was watching this and laughing..
Laksh (smiling naughtily at them) again pulled her hair with some more force..

K:(gets angry)Kya baat hai Sneha..?
S:Phir kisi ne mera baal kheencha...
K:(looks behind)Yaha pe toh koyi nahi hai...

Laksh was again going to pull Sneha's hair as he felt some one pulling his ear..

L:Aahh....(and he saw Prachi pulling his ear)Kyaa yaar....?

Sneha and Kt heard the noise and looked behind the pillar.

S:(angrily)LAKSHHH....It was you..?Haaaa....I will kill youuuuu...(and started beating Laksh)
L:(tries to run away)Arre...Baap re...
Sneha ran behind him..
M:(comes and catches Laksh)Aao Sneha....Aur maro...
Sneha continued beating Laksh playfully....Manthan was holding Laksh tightly..Kt,Prachi,and Neev were laughing ,watching the scene..
Then Sneha stopped beating Laksh and started laughing....Manthan let go off Laksh and they also began to laugh..

At that time the lights went off and a spot light was shone on a person.It was Prachi's brother Alaap Shah...

A:Ladies and Gentlemen.....Welcome to the party...Firstly, my sister Prachi will cut the Birthday Cake.
The spotlight shone over Prachi...Everybody clapped their hands and Prachi smiled at all.
Neev led Prachi over to the table where the cake was kept..Prachi blew the candles and then cut the cake..Everybody sang the "Happy Birthday" Song.......

But Kt was not noticing any of these..She was busy staring at Laksh...She thought ,"Yeh kitna handsome hai.."...... And she started dreaming the song "tumse milkar..aisa laga tumse milkar...." in which she and Laksh were together, dancing to the song....

Prachi came to feed the cake to her.
P:Kt...(whispers in her ear)Stop staring at Laksh and have this cake.
Kt:(wakes from her dream)Oh...(has the cake)..

A:Now "its the time to disco"..Every one come to the dancefloor with his/her pair and enjoy...Play the music..

The dim lights were on.The song "Where's the party tonight" started to play..Neev and Prachi went to the dance floor and began to dance..Kt,Laksh,Sneha and Manthan were standing in a corner and enjoying the music.Then the song "Kya mujhe pyaar hai" remix( from Woh Lamhe) was played..Laksh couldn't control himself and began to dance there itself..He was dancing so well that every body stopped their dance and began cheering him up...The spotlight was shone on him... Kt wished that she could also dance with him...
Everybody asked Laksh to move on to the dancefloor with his pair...
S:(nudged Kt and whispered)Go....
Kt was about to go when Laksh came to Sneha..
L:(offering his hand to Sneha)Come on Sneha...Dance with me...
Everybody was looking at Sneha and the spotlight was shining on Sneha and Laksh........
(Part 5 will be continued tomorrow......)
Krishna Tulsi Newbie
Krishna Tulsi
Krishna Tulsi

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Posted: 28 December 2007 at 12:06am | IP Logged

Plz dont tell us in the other part that Lakshya is in love with SnehaCryCryCry

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