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Me, Kripa Sharma...Part 2 (3 entry)

aisha1 Goldie

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Posted: 01 December 2007 at 7:15am | IP Logged

Me , Kripa Sharma


This story won't be too long, (i think so lol) , i had make a topic where i said that i will soon write a short ff , for people who had read it , i just wanted to say that this is not the ff that i was talking about.


Kripa Sharma : she Main , she is in college,18 years old , she have a very big problem which in one side is a good thing too, its that sha always enters in other problem to solves them even if it can lead her to the disaster and risk her life, but anyway she is kripa sharma what can not she solve hu??

English mother and Indian father , bleu eyes mixed with brown and grey

   * She have a boyfriend , who none other than our one and only Angad

iqbal khan

Angad :The hero.Everygirl all fida over him , he had a girlfriend before name gauri , but she leaves him , angad is really possessive about his love , he is faithfull , he can do anything for his lady love ...

Ridhima :called ridz , She is a reach familly daughter , she was kripas best friend , she died (we will know by kripa how she died) she was also angad s cousin she was really close to him .

The college loved her she was really populer , she had a boyfriend called Arman

played by karan patel

Arman : a sweet boy , he was maddly in love with ridhima , he was devasted after her dead ,

he is now one of kripas friend

Laksh : kripa s dearest friend , he is the first who talked with kripa and become his friend after ridz dead , he is really close to kripa , so close that he can do anything for her , he cant say no to her , and he know that one day he will be in big trouble for what she make him do


IMAGES BY JENNY1000 and some don't remember


Note : ok i will write the story soon , just wanted to tell you that the story is inspirit by another story (can be movie , book or TV serial) after i finish my fanfic , you will have to tell me if you kno from what i was inspirite if you don't kno i will tell you.

Anyway hope you will enjoy readinf it , please post comment if you like it or if you don't like it and why , it will motivate me.

have a nice lecture...

                Post every Sunday and Saturday

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jiya imdad Goldie
jiya imdad
jiya imdad

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Posted: 01 December 2007 at 7:26am | IP Logged
the intro is very intriguing and interesting!! kripa's character here seems really different. will looking forward for u to start!! Big smile
aisha1 Goldie

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Posted: 01 December 2007 at 7:29am | IP Logged


Chap 1 : PAGE 1

Chap 2: PAGE 2


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aisha1 Goldie

Joined: 13 October 2005
Posts: 2425

Posted: 01 December 2007 at 7:32am | IP Logged

Kripa Sharma

Chap I : A frienship?!


We see a girl getting off of her car , a metalic blue ... car

 , she lock her car , she is wearing a blue jean with a green top and a black jacket and holding a bag she looked quiet cool , she take a deep breath and started walking , she smiled on what she was thinking

Kripa sharma


Kripa : how my life changed from the last year and half , since my dear friend ,my sister-like , my Ridhima s die , we used to do everything together our first boyfriend , our first ball...everything but since the day she die everything in my life changed.

Her death wasnt an accident...she have been mudered ...yes...mudered , this day i lost a friend , a boyfriend , and everyone become distant from me .

The cause of these distance his that i choose my father over my "friends"

My father was in police , He was well-known in this city Tree hill where everything can happen , and don't happen accidently there is always a reason behind everything...

Anyway , my father suspected ridhima s parents for her death and said that it wasn't a suicide but she have been killed , but everyone says that its false , that my father his lying not even my mother

My mother , she leave my father when he needed her the most , its like she was with him only because of his money and fame...

I choose to trust my father , which make averyone against me , no one talked to me , they all gave me this look , which make you feel that you should not have come in this earth , but i didn't care

Than one day i find a friend (big smile on her face apear) , i still remember how we met

Flashback ,

A boy runing , on the road kripa was walking with her dog "tomy" , the boy bumped into kripa and fell down

Kripa saw that he was tensed , he was swating , than she heard voice

Voice : find him...i swear his life will end today

kripa return to were the boy was , she make him stand , and push him in the BIG BIN (XD you kno whish one i mean)

The Guys who where searching for the othe boy come on Kripas way

a boy : hey you ...

Kripa : (same arogant tone) hey me...

A boy : did you see a guy runing there with a blue bag

Kripa : hoo the guy with light blue shirt written LV rules on it and a blue jean with blue grey eyes

A boy : yeah yeah him

(the boy who was in the bin was shocked and was out of his wits he through that the girl would told to those studip guys that he was there he closes his eyes with fear)

Kripa : no i didn't see him

Guy : how do u kno that...

Kripa : ok leave it , he has gine in these way ...know by

on the other side laksh open his eyes a little bit shocked , and relieved from what kripa said

Another guy : hey that Kripa sharma you know the girl

Guy : hawww ok

Kripa : go find ur man , hope to never see you again

the guys at that time didn't have time they had to find this guy

they leave, kripa roled her eyes and turn to look at the bin , she smile and shook her head "alala"

kripa : Boy , you can come out of your house now

boy is coming out : heyy its not my house woman!!

kripa : yeah ...anyway ...i think you will give some explication

Boy : no need ....thanks for your help...

Kripa : opop , i think i have the right to know , maybe i can help ....and actually(sarcastly) i would love to know or else it with bother me in my day night , my life will be ruined on the thought that i maybe help a culprit so...

boy : don't worry save a good man...(laugh mockingly) and i don't think YOU can help me in this case in any ways

a guy who was searching for the boy with kripa see him

Guy : heyy you

the boy who was with kripa turn and said : hooo shit

guy come and hold on the boy : you are in big trouble ....

Boy : leave me

kripa take something from her bag and hit the guy with that , it was something that gave electric shock (don't worry your not death when you recieve that) , the guy fall

Boy : Owee

he look at kripa flabergasted

kripa : you want to stay here and die or should we leave

boy : RUNNNN

they both run and were know near a library

Kripa : so man ...i can't help you

Boy : ...laksh

Kripa : what ???

boy : laksh its my name

Kripa : indian ???

laksh : haila dikta nahin hai kiya

Kripa : hoye aram se ... main un lagooron ko bulahon kiya?!?

laksh : haila maf kar meri ma

kripa : anyway , what is the matter why are they all behind you

laksh : tea or coffee???

kripa : hu??

laksh : you want to drink tea or coffee

Kripa : you are flirting or what?!

laksh : i really don't have time to flirt right now ...its just that its a long story and near a library i don't think that ...

kripa : coffee

laksh : lets go ...

Coffee shop

Kripa : so dear laksh...what is your problem ..

Laksh : i am in trouble

Kripa : hooooo seriously (sarcasly) i don't believe i though that you were just playing catching game (role her eyes)

Laksh : you want to listen or what

Kripa : speak...

Laksh : main pasaya gaya hoon , ek chori main ... they have photo of me , and they blackmail me with me , they said if i don't do there job they will shaw this photo to the police officer ,and will have problems

they will lock me and i will have problems with my study ...(blabla)...

Kripa :hw come you run away than...they will show your photo now

laksh : that the point ... they run after me because i found that they were....

kripa : they were...

laksh : they solde drugs

kripa : why don't you tell the policeman

Laksh : the photo

kripa : mmm...yeah

laksh : see i told you that you can't do anything...

kripa her eyebrow which mean ho yeah are you sure???

Laksh : hu why i feel like i am wrong

Kripa : where are those langoor stay

Laksh : they never shaw me

Kripa : shit ...

laksh : but...

kripa : BUT what ...?

laksh : i know were they will do they next dealing ...i don't kno if it help you much

Kripa : perfect ....when it is

Laksh : Behind the xavier bouilding

kripa : time???

laksh : i don't but they said something stange ... mmm 19o5+1H

Kripa : mmm ho yeah simple 19 o5 mean 7:05 PM and +1H mean add 1 hour that mean the dealing is at 8PM , ok lets go

behind the building kripa was hidding in the bouilding in the cave more precisly , they was a litle like window

Laksh : sit down

Kripa : if i was you i would not sit down

Laksh : hu...why not

kripa : because there is rat (evil mouth XDDD) and there is lot of disgusting think

Laksh start to got up quickly and put it hand somewhere not good

Laksh ; eww what his this

kripa point the light on his way

laksh lookat his hand and see a brownish green disgusting liquid in his hand

Kripa : (smile) told you

Laksh : yuck its DISGUSting

kripa : shutttt there are here look if its them

laksh look ... : yeah its them

Kripa took some photo s quickly

kripa : perfectooo ...(to laksh) isn't it ...ok know mmm hold this

laksh : what do i have to do

Kripa : ok you stay here , i will go to... (cut by laksh)

Laksh : what i stay here alone noo

Kripa : litle lakshy is afraid

laksh : (kid voice ) :no i am not

Lripa : good so listen if you want freedom ... i will go out and see the black car i will enter in it

laksh : how will you do that

Kripa : don't worry about that ...when you see me in you press in this button and the police siren will ring ok

Laksh : but...

kripa : done ...see you

kripa leave quicly

Laksh : haila pagal kudi hai

kripa his out , she see a man close to the wall

kripa : 1 2 3

kripa give cover the man mouth and give an electric shock and hide him

Kripa : chalo tu gaya kum se agle 10 min ke liye ...have nice sleep

kripa discretly go behind the car she open the (back of the car) and start enter she heard police alarm

laksh : hu...oops

Kripa : Duffer ... i told him when i would be inside

she quickly come in

guys : Quickkk

they all drive to there location

At the location where black car was , the man go out of the car he looked angry

man : crapp come the police come

another : leave it sir ..

man : yeah , anyway

meanwhile kripa manage to come out of her car

Man : did u find laksh

another : no but he didn't went to police

man : ok find him quick and ok i will go to get the files and come back in less than 5 min , wait here

Kripa follow the man , they were both in a corridor the man feel that someone was behind him , he return to see but at the same time kripa hide herself ,

man : hoo anyways

he continu until he reach to his destination , his office , he press a code , kripa was looking

he open the door and get inside and go out about 2 or 4 min later he leaves, Kripa waited there for about 10 minutes

Then she goes in front of the door , she close her eyes

Kripa : 0486

she press the code and valid the door open

She went inside and searching for something

Kripa : think, think ...ho yeah obviously in the table drass ,she open it and find what she was searching for

she quickly put everything in their respictive place and leave quickly

She was nearly out when she heard a familiar voice she look to where it was coming and see Laksh

Kripa : this guy na

She leave quickly

Police station ...

Kripa : Can i meet officer jafferson

Secratare : sorry ...he said not to disturb him

Kripa : (smile at her) go and tell him if he want a good possition without doing anything ...he should listen this...ot else he will regret all his life and will have to do WORK which his not is principale preocupation

Secratery look at kripa in questionaly manner

Kripa : op op op go tell him

secreatary goes inside the bureau of officer Jafferson

Secreatary : someone want to meet you and she said "if you want a good possition without doing should listen her...or else you will regret all ur life and will have to..."

cut by our lovely police officer

Jafferson : send MISS KRIPA SHARMA

secretary : how do u kno

Jafferson : don't ask my dear

Secretary goes outside

Secratary ; you...

Kripa : thanks

Secretary : hu???

Kripa enter Officer Jafferson Office

Jafferson : Hello hello ...Miss Kripa Sharma

Kripa : hello mmmm ho yeah LAZYYYY officer

Jafferson : ok come to the point, don't want to argue today

Kripa : woau waou my dear lovely officer had some fight with gorlfriend

Jafferson raise his eyebro

Kripa : ok dear officer that i love from the bottom of my heart (sarcastly)Drug dealing in road (blabla...) a Boy in ottage name Laksh...don't kno his familly name

Jafferson stand up and start leaving

Kripa : lets go

Jafferson : where do u think your are going

Kripa : HA HA HA jaffy


kripa : ho you dont want to become intimate with me ok (playing)

Jafferson : Kri

Kripa : you don't have choice but to take me with you ,i hope i don't have to explain u

Jafferson role his eyes and leave

Kripa :Girls rules (smile)

Arrived to destination

Police arrest them

Man : this guy laksh is also involved i have proof

Laksh was quite nervous , because of the fake proof

The man goes to find the proof and didn't find it come back (with officer chamcha s officly)

Man : you...start counting ur day of life

Laksh was relief and smile he kno that it was kripa , he looked for her since the police came but couldn't find her than later heard

Kripa : OWH litle man i don't think he will count his day of living , but either think that you will count your day in prison , your r also accused of death (look at jafferson) proof on ur sweet desk near you cakes

and ho yeah stop thinking that Mrs Garty have something to be into the the files his in the bin anyway


Kripa : awwww i will have to go back home by foot i think

They all leave , kripa start leaving

Laksh come running after her

Laksh : hey you

Kripa : yeah me

Laksh :voh...mmm vaise to khete hai no thanks no sorry in friendship , but in this case thanks

Kripa :hu...friendship, haha (sarcastic gigle) let me laugh tomoro first time in college you will void to see me in front of everyone just for ur "REPUTATION" and for everyone stare for this friendship no thanks

kripa leave , later so does laksh

Next day kripa sit alone in the canteen , with duffers table in front of her

One on the duffer : awww poor litle girl alone

A boy looked at her with a desparate also pity and guilty look , kripa look at him with what we can call mmm likeness a llltile like they have a story happen before

he turn around

Kripa : these guy

She start eating when somebody sit in front of her she look ar this person

it was laksh , he look a chip from kripa s plate with ketchum

Laksh : yummy but not as mine , its alou ke parathe , you want some

Kripa looked at him

Laksh : HEY jana ek baar kissi Se dosti kar lete hai to phir mukarna hamari adaat nahin (dev anad voice)

kripa take the paratha from his plate and smile

so does laksh

here start a GRAND friendship


END OF FLASHBACK (yeah i kno it was quite long for a flashback)

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P u j a- -* Senior Member
P u j a- -*
P u j a- -*

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Posted: 01 December 2007 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Hii [:)] ..Sounds Really Interesting! Kripa & Angad Are Already Together Yay! [LOL] I Wonder How Ridz Died?..Poor Armaan! [8(] Yayy .. Laksh Is In It [:D] ..Cont Soon [:)] x
P u j a- -* Senior Member
P u j a- -*
P u j a- -*

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Posted: 01 December 2007 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Awwwww Lovely 1st Part ..Loved Kripa & Lakshs Meeting LOL Do Cont Soon Smile x
jiya imdad Goldie
jiya imdad
jiya imdad

Joined: 07 December 2006
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Posted: 01 December 2007 at 11:43am | IP Logged
loved the part! wonder who killed ridzz? kripa and laksh enounter was very interesting! awesome update, continue soon Big smile
aisha1 Goldie

Joined: 13 October 2005
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Posted: 01 December 2007 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
jiya imdad : thanx you for ur comment , ur the first one to comment, sweet , yeah hope her characters will remain interesting lol ,

P U J A : i see that you like all the characters , yeah sad for ridz but she had to die lol and yeah keep reading to kno how she died and whos the killer

Disha88 : bari tez ho yaar lol , happy that you liked it

it will take some times for me to start because i think i am gonna change something like ridzi killer

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