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Guess what i found out that he did a movie name Sauda, TAAQAT, EK PHOOL TEEN KANTE, JEEYO SHAAN SE, DEEWANA HOON PAGAL NAHI, SAAZISH, and i think SHIKAAR
and i got his on e interesting Interview

Vikas Bhalla: Man of the moment   
Vikas Bhalla
He is probably the only one who would flash a big smile if he were referred to as Awara. This should come as no surprise when the man in question is the dashing young singer-performer, Vikas Bhalla. His debut music album Awara, earned him accolades, awards and fans galore, when it was released a few years ago.

Today, he is once again the man of the moment as his new album Woh Pal will be released on July 24. Produced by BMG Crescendo, it has music by Santosh Nair and lyrics by Manohar Iyer.

On the eve of this event, it was time for a few questions:

What is Woh Pal all about?
Basically the feel of the album is about what one experiences when one falls in love for the first time. In fact, the title song is the story of a man who falls in love with a beautiful terrorist. It is true love for both of them, and the song conveys what they go through. Via the music and lyrics of the various songs, we have tried to capture different dimensions and aspects of that wonderful emotion called love. After all, love does make the world go round and adds meaning to one's life!

These days, a lot of emphasis is laid on music videos.
You bet, we have shot the video for the title song. But what is interesting, is that the director of the music video, Neeraj Pathak was involved right from the inception of the album. He was aware of all the nuances of the songs and knew exactly how to project the mukdhas and antras in the video. Hopefully, we have succeeded in projecting the feel of Woh Pal in the music video. We have shot at some exotic locales in Ladakh, Manali and Rohtang Pass.

That must have surely added to the love theme of the album.
Well, that was the idea. Although, shooting at minus 15 degrees Celsius, the last thing one could think of was love. I remember being drowned in shots of brandy before shooting, to fight the cold. (Smiles).

How different is Woh Pal from Awara?
Although Woh Pal is essentially a romantic album, it does have a flavour of Awara in terms of instrumentation. Like Awara, we have used live drums and live guitars to give it a live feel, rather than a recorded feel. The idea was to experiment in a new arena, but within identifiable parameters. I feel that every singer should have his own discernible identity. For instance, you can identify with Bryan Adams or Ricky Martin's music, or for that matter Daler Mehndi's or Lucky Ali's. An artist should not do anything so drastically different that it makes his or her music alien to the listeners. Audiences are used to an artist's style.

Both your albums have been produced by BMG Crescendo.
I consider them my family in the music industry. After all, Suresh Thomas and Basheer Sheikh of BMG Crescendo gave me my first break. I remember, I had gone to them with a classical-based ghazal, which I had recorded. They liked the voice, but decided to do something totally different. They wanted to experiment with rock. And Awara was born. That actually made me the first solo artist to sing rock as the rest are bands. I am grateful that they had enough faith in me and my talent.

Awara was released in 1997. Why has there been such a gap between the two albums?
If I may say so myself, after Awara and particularly the song Hai dhuan people had certain expectations from me. (In fact Awara was even featured as the 'Album Of The Week' in Screen). I wanted to come up with an album which would match up to those expectations and hopefully better them. It took some time to come up with Woh Pal and I felt things were finally going in that direction.

What was the singer in you upto, till Woh Pal happened?
I have been doing a lot of live stage shows. I have performed in Canada, the U.S. and practically all over India. I must have hardly left any city in India untouched except for maybe a Sholapur and Belapur. (Laughs).

And how do you feel singing before a live audience?
It gives me a big high. I make it a point to really sing live. I am against the trend wherein singers lip-sync or mime songs on stage and I refuse all offers that ask me to do so. On stage, one must give it one's all and fully communicate with the audience with every part of one's being.

What do you think is your strongest point as a singer?
My training in classical music. I have learned Hindustani classical music from Pandit Jiyalal Vasant for five years and have a diploma in classical music from Allahabad University. I have also trained in ghazals from Guru Iqbal Gill for over 10 years. Knowledge of classical music helps me to grasp the murkhiyan, taans and other nuances while recording songs. While singing one has to convey the feel and meaning of a song and there are so many other things to be taken care of, so at least on the so-called technical front one can be relaxed.

I thank my parents who detected my flair for singing and started my training at a very young age. Till date, every morning I do riyaaz for at least two hours.

That is quite a revelation.
I guess that's why I am comfortable singing anything from bhajans, ghazals, hard core classical songs, to fast, peppy music, film songs, pop, rock and roll. For any kind of effective singing, a strong base in classical music is absolutely essential.

What about playback singing?
Of course, I would love to. Some great film music is being created and I am looking forward to singing for our talented music directors — especially A.R. Rahman who is a real genius. And it is my dream to sing with the evergreen Asha Bhonsle.

Who else do you admire in the music field?
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, R.D. Burman, Kishore Kumar and Mohd.Rafi. Amongst my peers, I like the work of Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan.

What meaning does music hold in your life?
Music to me is like worshipping God. I am a very God-fearing person or should I say God-loving person. When I do my riyaaz, I feel I have reached a high level of spiritualism. It keeps me happy, relaxed and stable in this competitive world. I will never forget an anecdote, which my Guru, Iqbal Gill had once narrated to me. Someone asked Emperor Akbar as to where God can be found. The Emperor pointed out to Tansen's throat and said, 'Right there'!

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here are some pictures that i took from his official website.

Isn't she new jiya

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I saved the best for the last

Chat with Vikas Bhalla - The Singer
on 3rd July, 2001 Tuesday

fibetubwine : What prompted you to sing?
VikasBhalla: My instincts.

YANKY : What is your musical background?
VikasBhalla: I've trained in hindustani classical music and got my diploma from allahabad university after clearing a 5 year course and also studied light classical and ghazal music for 10 years.

deep : What is your next album in future?
VikasBhalla: It's called WOH PAL releasing on the 12th of this month on the music label BMG Crescendo.

alok : Do you think Classical singers like S. Mudgal coming into pop will affect classical singing?
VikasBhalla: Not at all, in fact it is a lesson for all aspiring singers that they should first train in classical music and then take the plunge into commercial singing as classical training forms a very strong foundation for any form of music.

indian : What is your feeling on hip-hop becoming mainstream? Is hip-hop music exploited?
VikasBhalla: Not to the fullest as yet, there is ample scope yet.

kapil : What numbers are special to you?
VikasBhalla: mine?

bhola : Are you entering the international music scene as well?
VikasBhalla: One step at a time brother.

indian : What makes Punjabi-pop so popular
VikasBhalla: The rhythm, the dance-element, the ability to play it at discos, marriages, functions, etc.

amit : Who are your favourite male and female co-singers (besides Lataji and Ashaji)?
VikasBhalla: Male-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mohd.Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Udit Narayan, Shailendra Singh-female-asha bhosle

renu : Are private music composers relatively underpaid?
VikasBhalla: Yes, but that is their opportunity to showcase their talent to the film music industry.

YANKY : Whom do tou consider the best pop artist in India and in World
VikasBhalla: NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN and ASHA BHOSLE in India, ELVIS PRESLEY and M.J. worldwide

robin : Is shrewd marketing crucial to an album's success
VikasBhalla: not exactly shrewd, but sensible marketing, that showcases the artist's talent to the fullest

bhim : How do you have such a high voltage voice? Is it just passion or do you use something special?
VikasBhalla: i do drugs daily>>>just kiddin...actually i do an hour and a half of riyaaz every morning of classical music to keep my voive in good shape

deep : What are the best song you like and your song Duan hai Duan was superb ?
VikasBhalla: thanx deep, my forthcoming album has a track called WOH PAL which is quite cool, reminds me of my 1st love

robin : Why is it that the foreign audience appreciates ghazals more than the Indian audience?
VikasBhalla: i don't think that is true, jagjit singh and pankaj udhas are equally popular here as they are abroad

indian : Do you like Metallica and Nirvana?
VikasBhalla: yes i do - some of their tracks

alok : Who's your favourite Indian classical performer?
VikasBhalla: ustad bade ghulam ali khan saheb, i also like listening to classical instrumentalists like shiv kumar sharma, hari prasad chaurasiya, etc.

renu : Is it ethical for one established singer to dub another established singer's songs
VikasBhalla: well, i have'nt done it so far so i am not in a position to answer that one>>>

bhim : Are you a trained classical singer? Is it vital?
VikasBhalla: yes i am, and yes it is vital to have a knowledge of the raags

mani : How do you cope with star tantrums and star demands
VikasBhalla: i don't

bhola : what was your ambition in your life before going to Singing and acting ?
VikasBhalla: singing, singing and only singing...

deep : Are u satisfied with what you have got in your life and you and what u are in life ?
VikasBhalla: being satisfied is very important as there is no end to wants and if you are satisfied, only then can you be happy, so yes i am satisfied but at the same time i have my aims and goals clear in front of me which i know i will achieve

vipul : Do you think that Music piracy is going worst day by day ? And what have to say in this ?
VikasBhalla: music piracy is definitely crazy, as more than anything else it robs genuine musicians of their livelihood

YANKY : Does a singer also need to be an actor in todays music -video age?
VikasBhalla: hahaha-thats a good one-but no one does'nt necessarily need to be an actor to be a singer, although being one definitely helps

Reena : Sir is it fun being so popular and known???H ow do you take all this fame and popularity?
VikasBhalla: plz dont sir me reena u can say vikas or viks thats what my pals call me and yes fame is just a by-product of my profeession, the actual thing is music

alok : Do you think Classical singers like S.Mudgal coming into pop will affect classical singing
VikasBhalla: just answered that sometime ago alok

zigzag : r u ready to sing in english? if u r given a chance.
VikasBhalla: yes definitely, just will have to work a bit on the accent though

YANKY : dont u think indy pop has more quantity than quality
VikasBhalla: well it's upto you guys to choose the quality and keep away the quantity

indian : Have you sung for films? Are you going to try playback in near future?
VikasBhalla: not yet, but will definitely do so in the near future

deep : Who is the best singer do you think is and you are admired by ?
VikasBhalla: nusrat fateh ali khan, mohd. rafi, kishore kumar, shailendra singh, udit narayan, asha bhosle

Reena : Do you have a web-site of own ?How can we know more about you ?
VikasBhalla: and my e-mail add is

zigzag : What is your reaction to pop-bands dominating the music industry and not giving underground artists much room to compete?
VikasBhalla: what do you mean by underground artists???

alok : Does you think music has curative properties?
VikasBhalla: yes it does, it can bring rains, storms, light up fires,etc.etc. and also CURE PEOPLE

amit : How can you distinguish between the good and a bad song ? what u see in a song ?
VikasBhalla: it has to appeal in the 1st hearing itself

renu : Are you a born singer?
VikasBhalla: well i came out crying, not singing, bit i definitely took to it by the age of 6

photo : Do you think that the todays everyone is making there video and there are no meaning songs are there from the pop stars Among these where you think you stand ?
VikasBhalla: i am trying to put in a genuine effort to do the best of my abilities

renu : What do you think about Napster?
VikasBhalla: dunno much bout it

robin : what is the most embarrasing situation in your life till now ? Can you tell us?
VikasBhalla: caught two-timing in school

Reena : Sir, what are your upcoming events and what are your present commitments?
VikasBhalla: upcoming events are the album WOH PAL releasing on 12th of this month, let me know after hearing it what u feel???

deep : what is the main area are you in to now a days and are you acting now ?
VikasBhalla: with regard to acting, i am waiting for something interesting to work-out till then busy with my music and shows

mani : What are your main strength and who do you think is behind your sucess?
VikasBhalla: my parents , GOD!

photo : what is your role model ?
VikasBhalla: elvis presley

indian : Do you have girl friends?
VikasBhalla: lotssssssssssssssssssssssss

deep : What is your date of Birth?
VikasBhalla: 24th October-true Scorpio-beware of the sting

alok : I have heard that you are going international. Is that true?
VikasBhalla: hey news spreads pretty fast i must say-well there is yet time for that, but surely sometime in the future

shravan : ting tongggggg, r u married???
VikasBhalla: very much and happily
3 wives and 14 children

amit : who is your dream girl and first crush ?
VikasBhalla: dream girl-her name is ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____, !!!first crush is already married so its not right to talk bout her!

Reena : What do you think about Nadeems involvement in Gulshan Kumar's murder? do you think its right on the part of some industry people who are still calling him for composing music ?
VikasBhalla: no comments

indian : Where did you learn this art?
VikasBhalla: my gurus 2 of them pandit jialal vasant and guru iqbal gill

YANKY : what is your view about Anu Maliks music
VikasBhalla: he is talented otherwise he would'nt be where he is today, it;s a matter of pride for us indians that anu's music has been used in a hollywood film, moulin rouge

boyzzzz : i cant get thorough to u, have u ever tried getting raunchy with any girl onlinee?????
VikasBhalla: not yet

Reena : Who do you think is the greatest singer till date in the industry?Do you think the singers of the last few decades are better than the ones coming up these days ?
VikasBhalla: thats not true, even todays singers like udit narayan and hariharan will be remembered by the future generations the way we remember rafi and kishore

boyzzzz : do u still flirt with girlssssss???
VikasBhalla: yes with all shapes and sizes i don't beleive in discrimination!

indian : What is your goal in life?
VikasBhalla: to be the BEST!!!

VikasBhalla: thats a good idea, will suggest it to him, then we'll have something really interesting for you guys!

Thank you so much for joining us today Mr. Vikas Bhalla. It was a pleasure having you here! Will you like to leave a message for those who have joined us today?

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Hey in that set of pics posted by DASA the one where the Vikas and another person are holding a necklace, is other person Sandeep Rajora(Tushar in KK)?
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he is a really good actor

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ya...he is a really good actor and very cute.
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Nice pix...thanx for sharing
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Did you know Vikas Bhalla is Prem Chopra's son-in-law? I just learned that after watching "Yaadein" which featured interview with Prem Chopra.

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