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Update for Tumhari Disha - 29th Dec Episo

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 30 December 2004 at 2:47am | IP Logged

Nice episode…………………..DK kind of flirts with Disha & she blushes in response! Total awwwwwwww moment!


The episode begins with Sukanya coming over to meet up with Disha (apparently) but its Gargi whom she has come to meet and plan & plot Disha's downfall along with DK's! Gargi comes to know of Disha's scrap with DK over the land issue and in a very fake style tells her that Disha is married to him and that she should realize her responsibilities as a wife, even if DK is not realizing his responsibilities as a husband. Sukanya says that everyone at home read about the news article on DK and Sanya and felt indeed bad for Disha that she has married into such a family. Gargi says that she is indeed feeling ashamed of DK that he in a relationship outside his marriage and now the whole world knows about it. Disha is suddenly overcome by a feeling of deep guilt and confesses to both Sukanya and Gargi that it was she who had led DK and Sanya into a situation like that and she is the one who had called the Media persons to click their photographs. Gargi is already aware of this, hence is not surprised at all, but pretends that she is completely stunned by Disha's statement. Sukanya also appears to be culturally shocked and then both become kind of Mother Goose for Disha and give her a lecture on the parampara and sanskriti of Indian Woman & brain-wash her to give up her clash against DK. Disha is now in two-minds and when alone has a dream in which she is standing in a sort of a family courtroom surrounded by her Aai, Azuba, Inder and Ranu who are questioning her morals and values. Aai asks her what happened to all the beliefs and value systems that the Bhosale family had instilled in her, why she forgetting all that for taking revenge against DK. Inder then tells her that she has let him down by behaving like this and Ranu says that she had always seen Disha as her role-model and that she has broken her trust by behaving in a sneaky manner and trapping DK in such a way. Azuba then tells her that she has to now think like a Wife trying to bridge a gap between her husband and herself and not as a Daughter who is bent on taking revenge. Disha is struck by her self-conscious and thinks to herself that what state has she brought herself too and why she falling in the abyss of darkness by plotting revenge against the man she has married. She then thinks to herself that all said and done, Vijendera did die in an accident and that DK was not directly involved in it and probably had never imagined that things would come to such dire states. Disha then gets this sweet confused expression on her face as she is torn between her duty as a wife and her desire as a daughter.


In the next scene Disha goes to Dev's room and asks him what is one supposed to do if a person is torn between his Family and Duty, what should that person choose. Dev immediately understands what Disha is conveying and tells her that she should do what Arjun had done in the Battlefield after SriKrishna had given him the lesson of the Bhagwad Gita. In a scene very symbolic to the "Gita Updesh" from the "Mahabharata", Dev stands in front of Disha (some hymns are going on in the background) and tells her that if faced with a conflict between your Duty and Family, it is always your duty which is primary. Disha then gets this enlightened look on her face and goes out of Dev's room.


Disha then leaves for the Bhoslae house to meet up Azuba.  DK is sitting in the living, and for a change is not getting drunk and as a "Cat just licked cream" type of an expression and is looking particularly pleased with life in general. As Disha passes by, DK stops her and she feels very odd, as she has just gone through this gamut of feelings and is not able to face DK. This scene was totally rocking, I am giving the details below:


DK : (Our man who has no idea of Disha's recent change of heart, tells her in a haughty and dogged voice) Disha, chahe tum kuch bhi karlo, main apni zameen tumhare Progressive Woman's Association ko kabhi nahin doonga. Tum chahe kitna bhi dabav dalo mujh par, main tumhare aage nahin jhookoonga.


Disha : (Feels extremely awkward and still does not look at DK directly, speaks in a polite, wifely fashion) Hum is bare main kabhi aur baat kar sakte hain. Aap please is bare main aur kuch mat sochiye. Mujhe abhi kahin bahar jaana hai, aur mujhe thodi jaldi hai.


DK : (Has a "What's happened to her now?" type of a look) Hum baat karenge? DK aur logon ke liye decision leta hai, koi aur DK ke decisions nahin lete hai Disha. Yeh topic yahin close ho jaana chaiye. Who zameen sirf mere project ke liye hai, main use tumhare Woman's Association ko kabhi nahin doonga, yeh baat tum acchi tarah yaar rakhna (Gets a curious look on his face) Waise tum kahan jaa rahi ho?


Disha : (Who just wants to get away from DK right now and is feeling very discomforted says in a courteous yet unyielding voice ) Kya yeh batana zaroori hai?


DK : (In a "Who cares" type of voice says) Nahin bilkul zaroori nahin hai, tum jahan chahe aaj jaa sakti ho, meri taraf se tumhe ko rok nahin hai. (Then gets a slight smile on his face and in a charming, flirty voice says) Waise tum chahe toh meri Car le jaa sakti ho.


(As soon as DK says this, Disha blushes deeply and in an endearing sort of way bites her lips to conceal her smile at DK's unexpected gesture and says in a shy sort of voice) Nahin, Main Manage kar loongi. Thanks.


(An adorable, bashful smile escapes DK's lips also as he notices Disha blushing. It was such a perfect awwwww moment and has to be one of the most romantic on Hindi Television! Their chemistry in this scene was just unbelievable!)


Just as Disha goes out, horrid Gargi comes in and starts a tte--tte with DK who is completely put-off at seeing her. Gargi tells "Sonny" that she tried to talk sense to Disha and tell her that she is now married to such a high-profile guy like DK and that being the daughter-in law of such an illustrious family, she should behave like a good, homely girl and not get into this "Mahila Sudhar", Woman's upliftment and other social issues. Gargi then says very condescendingly that Disha is just a kid and is probably behaving her age (I think she was just trying to mock DK that Disha is so much younger than he is) DK makes a "Oh lay off, you stupid old hag" type of an expression and prepares to go to his room, when Gargi says that she has explained to Disha that she has to become a good wife to DK and fulfill all her wifely duties. At this, DK turns and gives a acerbic look at Gargi and says "Jaise aap ne apne pati aur uski family ke liye kiya?" Gargi gets a hateful look as DK taunts her, but being a thick-skinned snake that she is, it does not affect her, and she tells DK that she knows all about the Contract. DK is completely unmoved and tells her she can manipulate a nave person like Disha, but DK is just another ball game and that Gargi cannot ever reach high enough to touch him. Gargi thinks to herself that very soon the day will come when the tables will turn.

(Also in this scene we come to know that DK has a sibling also, most probably a younger step-brother)


At the Kanaka Office, DK is sitting with a very serious, business like look on his face and is in consultation with his Lawyers (the Roy Chap!). One of the lawyers tells him that they have done a detailed analysis of the Contract Documents and they could find just one clause, which can be manipulated, so that the Contract becomes Null & Void for DK and then Disha won't be able to do anything about the Breach of Contract. The lawyers then tell DK how they can go about it and DK listens with surprise, then when they stop, he gets a winning smile on his face and a "Got You Disha" type of a look. The lawyer's conversation was mute; hence the viewers couldn't hearwhat they had told DK.


Disha goes to the Bhosale house, where Suhas opens the door and does not even let Disha come in and as usual spews venom on her and says that she is such a failure that she is not even able to save her own marriage from falling into pieces. Disha is shattered to hear this and feels exceedingly guilty and despondent for what she did to DK and realizes that indirectly it has affected her family more than it has affected him. She returns back home thinking that she will put a stop to her spar against DK as she doesn't want her family to be disgraced because of her.


As Disha reaches home, she sees a posse of policemen in her home and Dev giving explanation to the Police Inspector that Disha could never have attempted anything like this. Disha comes in and is staggered to hear the Inspector telling her that she has been placed under custody for attempting the murder of her husband, Mr. DK Sehgal. Disha who is completely dazed asks the Inspector about DK for which he replies that he has been admitted in a hospital, after being discovered poisoned in his food. Disha is mortified at hearing this and just recovers a little bit enough to say that she has nothing to do with poisoning DK. The Inspector says that they have come with a warrant against Disha and that she will have to come with them to the Police Station. As a powerless Dev looks on, Disha goes with the Inspector with a crestfallen expression on her face and the background title song plays. (Chalte Chalte Meri Rahon Main, Yeh Mod Kaisa Aaya, Na Toh Manzil, Na Hai Karwan, Na toh pyaar ka hai Saaya, dekhe the jo meri aankhon ne, who khwab adhure bhikre hain, har waqt unhi yadoon ke, kuch dard dil main ubhre hain, un yaadon ko, bhoolon kis tarah, kaise main bhoolaon……….nice lyrics!)


At the Police Station, Disha who is both anxious yet calm asks the Inspector where DK is at the moment for which the Inspector says that he cannot disclose his location. Disha who looks sincerely worried for him requests him that she is his wife, she is really worried about his state of health, at least if he could tell her whether DK is out of danger or not. The Inspector feels sympathetic for Disha & says that DK is out of danger, but the Doctor's report have confirmed that he has indeed been poisoned. Disha tries in vain to explain that he might have been poisoned but how does it prove that it was Disha who had poisoned him. The Inspector says that they have arrested Disha on the basis of evidence and that is her own husband's statement against her. Disha is bewildered to hear this and gets a "Only you could have done this to me DK" type of a distressing and disparaging look on her face. The Inspector who probably guess's rightly that Disha has been framed badly tells her that he himself cannot believe that someone like Disha is capable of attempting murder and that when he met DK, he did not seem to have been poisoned at all. Disha wonders how she will get herself out of this muddle now.


Gargi who had seen the entire episode of Disha being arrested is wholly euphoric and is playing chess alone (Crack family, the son also does the same thing!) when Dev comes and begs in front of Gargi to save Disha. Gargi says that it serves Disha right and that what she had intended to do, has been done by DK himself. Dev tries his best to put in plain words that Disha is Sehgal family's honor and that if she gets arrested for attempt to murder her own husband, the whole world will make fun not just of her, but of the family also. Gargi tells Dev to mind his own business and that the game has just began, its time to have fun. Dev gets incensed and then in a lovely, symbolic scene, takes a knight and places it in front of the Queen on the Chessboard and tells Gargi in a icy, indomitable voice that as long as he is there, nothing on heaven or earth can harm Disha & that he will protect her from any injury. Gargi is astounded and looks at Dev with loathing and thinks to herself that anyone who comes in the way of her plans will be struck off the way one by one. She then throws the Chessboard in vehemence!

------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------

cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 December 2004 at 8:46am | IP Logged

Lovely update.

Thanx Disha for spending ur time to update.......thanx a ton.

*~kumudfairy~* Groupbie

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Posted: 30 December 2004 at 9:36am | IP Logged
i hope dk says she didn't poisin me and disha takes care of dk and disha starts to fall in luv Embarrassed
Princess IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 30 December 2004 at 1:43pm | IP Logged

thanks disha. great episode. it's not available in the video store yet, but when it is i'm gonna watch it for sure.

Thanks again for your timeClap Big smile Clap Big smile Clap Big smile Clap Big smile

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Posted: 30 December 2004 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
thanks disha! awesome updates as always!Clap
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