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Update for Tumhari Disha - 28th Dec Episo

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The episode begins the horrid Gargi calling up Taj at the middle of night and telling him that he has to get hold of a copy of the Contract which has bound DK and Disha in Marriage and that the Contract apparently has some clause in it which has taken the living day lights out of DK and that is why he is not able to get rid of Disha. Taj tries to convince Gargi that it will be impossible to get hold of the Contract from DK's Office and that if he even gets an inkling that such a theft was attempted, Gargi can be sure that they would have no place to hide on the face of this earth from DK's wrath. Gargi tells Taj that this is the only chance they have against DK and that Taj has to get hold of the Contract Copy somehow. Taj hesitatingly tells Gargi that he will go to DK's lawyer, some Mr. Roy, and try to find a copy of the Contract in his Officer. Gargi on the other end smiles evilly to herself, "I will get you Sonny, just wait and watch." (Every time Gargi plots something against either Disha or DK, her silly background voice says "Uff Gargi, You are Too Much"! and the ugly witch gives a stupid sneer!)


DK is alone in his Terrace with a thoughtful expression on his face and remembers Disha's words that she will never let DK get out from the Contract and that he will never be free from Disha. DK gets a steely expression in his eyes as he resolves in his mind that he will teach Disha the lesson of his life for her effrontery against DK.


At the same time Taj is shown in Mr. Roy's Office (DK's Lawyer) trying to search for the Contract, but to no avail. He calls up Gargi & tells her that the Lawyer does not have a copy of the Contract and that his guess is that only DK and probably Disha has a copy of the legal document. Gargi is frustrated, but then thinks that she will have to take a risk and go to Disha's bedroom and run a check for the Contract, as she realizes that she can never even think of going to either DK's Office or Bedroom. Disha is alone in her room looking at the Sky from her Window and generally thinking about all what she said to DK and feels bad. She is seen to be in a sort of dilemma between her vow to take revenge on DK and between her values and principals which tells her to fulfill her duties as a wife now that she has married DK. Just then Disha hears some noise outside her room and very cautiously opens the door to see who is outside, when Gargi stealthily slips inside Disha's room and while she is away run a check through Disha's cupboards and drawers to see if she has a copy of the Contract. Suddenly DK comes in! The room is in dark hence DK is not able to see who is in the room, he can just see a shadow standing and assumes that it is Disha. Gargi is fear struck and stands behind a pillar, when DK calls out Disha's name (in the sweetest husbandly manner……….it was very cute, I thought he will say something nice to her, but I was mistaken!) and when he does not hear any response assumes that Disha just is ignoring him. DK still under the impression that it is Disha in her room, tells her in a victorious voice that he has found out a loophole in the Contract and is now going to use it to get out of the Contract. He tells Disha that if she thought that she was smart enough to use the Contract in her advantage, she has forgotten that the Contract was masterminded by DK himself and that now Disha will not know what has hit her. Gargi is stunned to hear what DK had just said and then it dawns on her that DK and Disha are not actually married and that it is just a paper contract. DK then goes out of the room and Gargi gives a evil smirk and gets out, when Taj calls her up and tells her that he found a copy of the Contract somehow. Gargi is elated and tells him that they will meet up the next day somewhere outside and she will go through it.


At the Bhosale house, poor Azuba is very ill and Suhas is nursing him. She feels really bad for Azuba and wonders about the piece of news that came in the Newspaper about DK and his mistress and prays to God that Azuba should never come to know about this as Disha is his favorite and he will worry himself very much over her state. She then remembers Sukanya's threat to her that unless she signs on the property documents, she will tell Azuba about Disha's state of life in her married home. Azuba notices that Suhas is preoccupied and asks her, but Suhas somehow manages to convince him that everything is all right. Azuba tells Suhas that he knows how Hrishikesh and Sukanya have changed after Vijay's death and that they are mentally torturing Suhas, he feels very bad about the state of things.


At the Kanaka house, Gargi in her honey-coated voice calls Disha and expresses false concern for the state of things between DK and Disha. Gargi tries her best to wriggle out some information out of Disha regarding her marriage contract with DK, but Disha very politely yet firmly refuses to divulge anything. Gargi then tells Disha that she is getting really worried for DK as he seems to be extremely worried and hassled these days and it seems that some sort of an emotional pressure is building up inside his head which is eating him up everyday. Disha suddenly gets very concerned & guilty as Gargi further says that she is worried that DK's health might get severely affected if he keeps getting tense like this. Disha very sincerely tells Gargi that there is absolutely no problems between her and DK and that maybe DK is bogged down by some business problems and hence is appearing to be troubled these days. Disha promises Gargi that she will talk to DK and find out what is bothering him so much. As Disha leaves the room with a knowing yet guilty look, Gargi smiles and says to herself that when Taj hands over the Contract file to her, she will know what exactly is bothering DK so much and why is he not able to get out of the marriage contract.


At the Khosala house, Ranu is lying on her bed (trying to be cute but failing miserably!) and calls up Inder on his cell phone & asks him when he will come back home, Inder who is already home teases her & as he keeps chatting with her on the phone he comes and sits besides her, when Ranu turns around she sees him and gets all hyper and elated! Both of them share a silly, childish moment and giggle like teenagers!


Taj and Gargi both meet at a restaurant where the super irritating Taj very gleefully boasts that he bribed DK's Lawyer's assistant and got hold of the Contract file and that he has taken a huge risk in doing so. Gargi is least interested in listening to Taj's tall claims and avariciously snatches the Contract file from his hand and quickly scans the documents. Taj who is busy munching something tell Gargi that he has already gone through the Contract, but he could not notice anything that would be a cause of concern for DK. Gargi who's eyes are still glued on one page breaks into her silly smirk and without looking at Taj says that she has found out DK's Achilles Heel! As a stunned Taj listens, Gargi says that using the terms and conditions of the contract, Gargi can not just easily separate DK and Disha but also destroy both of them with one stroke! Taj who is now literally dying out of curiosity asks her what is that clause, Gargi tells him to just wait and watch!


Disha thinks about her meeting with the Progressive Woman's Front President, Rati Mehra who had told her about Sanya's misadventure throught which she was planning to humiliate Disha in front of DK & the World. Rati Mehra had told Disha that their association was planning to open an Orphanage for some destitute kids and that they needed land for that. DK has a piece of prime property in the heart of Mumbai which is where the association is aiming to open up the Orphanage, Rati had requested Disha that if she is able to convince DK to donate the land to them, they would be able to go ahead with this. Disha at first had been taken aback and tried to tell Rati that she will never be able to ask DK for a help like this, but after much request and persuasion from Rati, Disha being the softy that she is promises Rati that she will convince DK to donate his land for the Orphanage. Disha then remembers DK's threat to her that unless and until she apologizes to him for her misbehavior in the past few days, he will never agree to anything she says. Disha gathers guts and goes to DK's study where he is again lost in thoughts and drinking (my guess is that if the producers of the show have to knock of DK, they can show him dying of liver cirrhosis, since he is shown taking alcohol by gallons!) This was a really good scene, and both DK and Disha had this incredible chemistry, which just lit up the screen. DK was wearing the same White formal shirt and looking oh! So searing with that sexy grin on his face and Disha was also looking very attractive in an indigo coloured sheer, chiffon saree! I will recount their scene in the dialogue format:


Disha : (First notices him lost in his thoughts and kind of looking worried about something, then in a partly playful, partly sarcastic note, says) Maine suna hai ki aajkal DK bahut pareshaan rehne lage hai. Kya wajah ho sakti hai iski?


DK : (Completely irritated but smiles in a "just lay off Disha, you can't get me this time" type of an expression) Tum mere study mein kya kar rahi ho Disha?


Disha : (The same tone but now in a softer voice & expression) Tumhain pareshaan ho kar soch rahi ho ke meri manzil toh mujhe saaf dikh rahi hai, tumahri pareshaani  ka karan bhi main samajhti hoon, phir bhi mujhe kushi kyon nahin ho rahi. Yaad hai tumhe, jab tumnain meri zindagi ko nark banaya tha aur mujhe itna pareshaan dekh kar, tum kitna kush hue the? Kitni beimaani aur nakli kushi thi who, DK. Aaj main tumhain zindagi ki asli kushi dekhne ka mauqa dene aayi hoon.


DK : (Now has a "Oh so you wanna play the game of words with me, Cool, I am game" type of an amused yet impatient look) Tumhara kya matlab hai Disha. Mujhse saaf baat kiya karo, mujhe tedi baton mein aur tede logo se saqt nafrat hain.


Disha : (Now has a completely "Oh please, God, may he agree to what I'm about to say" type of a desperate look) DK, maa aur pita ka saaya sar par naa hone ka dard toh shayad tum acchi tarah jaante ho….


DK : (Gets a frozen expression on his face and says in a cold voice ) Agar tum mere personal life ke bare me discuss karne ke liye aai ho, toh isi waqt mere kamre se niqal jaao.


Disha : (With a exasperated look but with a "I have to tell him" type of expression) Main tumse sirf itna kehne aai hoon, ki Progressive Woman's Association kuch anath bacchon ke liye ek Orphanage banaa chahati hai……….(halt for a while and lowers her voice slightly more) aur iske liye unhe tumhari Andheri waali zameen chahiye.


DK : (Bursts out laughing with a "Oh, so that is why you came here, gosh this is funny man" type of laughter) Accha toh is liye meri pyaari patni mere paas aayi thi, Progressive Woman's Association ki dalaal banke! (Laughs again, now sarcastically & then in a "How dare you" kind of a voice says) tumnain yeh socha bhi kaise ki main apni zameen tumhare us Good for Nothing Association ke naam kardoonga. Tumhain kuch andaza bhi, ke tum mujhse kya bol rahi ho.


Disha : (Thoroughly embarrassed but somehow manages to maintain some dignity and in a pleading tone says) Kanaka Empire ke maaliq ke liye ek mamooli zameen ka tukda kya maayne rakhta hai, DK. Agar tum chaho toh, kitne anath baccho ko sahara mil sakta hai. '


DK : (Now gets up with a "Just go away" type of an irritated and avoiding look on his face and turns his back to Disha who has this lost puppy expression on her face) Disha mujhe bahut sara kaam hai, please just go away. Mere time in faltu ki bakwaas sunnain ke liye nahin hai.


Disha : (Now gets up and is completely in the begging mode) Please DK, tum kya ek zameen ka tukda nahin de sakte.


DK : (Turns to look at her with a "What a kid?" type of a look in his face and is pretty irritated now) Ek Zameen Ka Tukda? Who zameen ka tukda karodon ka hain, aur wahan main ek bahut bada shopping complex kholne wala hoon jisme saare bade brands honge, aur hoga ek exclusive Kanaka Design Studio jahan hamara naya Diamond Collection display hoga. Tumhain kya lagta hai ki main apne karodon ki zameen tumhare us fateechar sanstha ko muft main de doonga, jiski tum himayati ban ke aayi ho.


Disha : (Now that she knows that she will never be able to convince DK on this issue, gets on the Offensive mode and speaks sharply as DK looks on completely amused) Theek hai, toh tum who zameen nahin doge………….mujhe aur bhi tareeke aate hain tumse kaam nikalwane ke, DK.


DK : (Has a "Oh, the lady has some cheek" type of a look" DK and Disha are standing really close & opposite to each other and have the "Oh Yeah" kind of a look on their faces which makes them look really couplish!) Doosre tareeke toh mujhe bhi aate hain Disha, aur agar tumnain mere business ke mamlon main phir se dakhal diya, toh main bhi tumhain seekhadoonga ki mujhse ulajhne ka kya anjaam hota hai.


DK turns his back with a steely expression on this face and Disha gives a frustrated, yet "I will get you" type of a look and storms off the room.


TRANSLATION : Disha asks DK to donate a particularly expensive piece of land which he owns to the Progressive Woman's Assoication for opening an Orphanae. She appeals to him saying that since he too doesn't have parents, he very well knows how painful htat can be. DK is least impressed and retorts back that he is not falling for her nonsense & that he is planning to open a shopping mall in that land. Disha gets irritated and tells him that she will find out some way through which he will have to hand over the land to the association, to which DK replies that if she tries to mess around with him once more, he too will find ways through which he will quieten Disha once and for all! (Disha has some cheek to get into a fight with DK at every given opportunity & then threaten him to hand over his property!)

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 Thanks   for the great update...


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thanxs Big smile
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thanks disha!!!!Big smileClap
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 gr8 update,as usualSmile
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thanks disha! awesome updates as always!
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