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*Da BoRn RoCk $tar AnKi BaBy*MOTW-PG*07 (Page 3)

indian888 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 October 2005
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Posted: 24 November 2007 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Congrtas all anki fans ..for this new fan club ..no one in II 3 will hv gone to thrid fan club ..we are the best Clap

we are the best ... Clap

and so many more fan clubs to come Tongue

nrin2k IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 November 2007 at 1:28pm | IP Logged



I cant blv we r awesome

just think within how many days we've opened a new fc

and have allready completed 3pgs

what r u doing guys

whats this LOL LOL

this is for all ankians





YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






nrin2k IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 June 2007
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Posted: 24 November 2007 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhy

Originally posted by * Taurean_21 *

here u go madhy di................Big smileEvil Smile




-describe each member in 3-5 words and dedicate songs to dem..?

Tau.: responsible,dedicated & lively Hug

Naw; Adorable, v swt & v talketiveHug

thank u sweety i know im adorable ,sweet and mostly talkative LOL but ur the sweetest Embarrassed

Jenny ; Intelligent, nicest & frndlyHug

Bitu ; Funniest, coolest &  RomanticLOL

Raj ; Loveble, Crazy & NaughtyHug

Leena : cutest, outspoken & streight4wardHug

Ayan ; Intelligent,honest & seriousBig smile

okk here im dedicating dis song to all my swt ANKIANS instead of dedicating it to one by oneBig smile..nd  i cant dedicate better song den dis to my swtiesTongue

Yaaron dosti bahi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindgi hai
Koi to ho raajdaan
Be garaj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raajdaan

Yaaron mohabbat hi to bandgi hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
bolo yeh zindgi hai
Koi to dilbar ho yaar
Jisko tujhse ho pyaar
Koi to dilbar ho yaar

Teri har ke buraai pe
daante vo dost
Gam ki ho dhoop to
saaya bane tera vo dost
Naache bhi vo
Teri khushi main

Yaaron dosti bahi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindgi hai
Koi to ho raajdaan
Be garaj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raajdaan

Tan mann kar tum pe fida
Mahboob vo
Palkon pe jo rakhe tujhe
Mahboob vo
Jiski vafa tere liye ho

Are Yaaron dosti bahi hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindgi hai
Koi to dilbar ho yaar
Jisko tujhse ho pyaar
Koi to dilbar ho yaar

woww thanks sweeety i love this song Big smile 

-the most weirdest compliment u have got so far?

ITS frm u Tau dt u said i look CRAZYYAngryLOLLOL

- the embarrasing moment of your life?

really dont wanna even think abt dt horrible day of my life & even cant share it on forumOuchCrysorry swtyyOuch

- how many times do u change your clothes daily?

3 times daily

-the thing which is always present in your fridge?


-wat is your shoe size?

37 -38

-if u were a guy than how wud u propose a girl?

ok 1st let me imagine my self as ranbir kapoor nd da girl im(ranbir) going to propose is madhy..omgggggg den i wud take her for a candle night dinner wit me & wud ask her to dance wit me & while dancing i wud put a ring on her handEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

-the unfogetable moment of your life?

aww thr is soo manyEmbarrassedbt i can never 4get my last b'day wen i got soo many surprise gifts frm some one i consider who is v important in my life which i had never expectedEmbarrassed

-do u beleive in astrology stuff?

no coz i hv no even interest to kno abt those thingsEmbarrassed

-if u cud go back in past and correct your one mistake dan wat wud it be?

ummmm i wish i cud go back to 29th oct 2006 & 2007 where i missed wishing bitu on his bdayOuch

-have u slapped any guy?

no not yet bt looking 4ward to get dat golden opportunityLOLim sure da guy wud be da luckiest guy of dis worldLOL

-the fav. thing abt dis FC....?

the grt bond btw all ANKIANS which always give me a big smile on my faceBig smile

-your fav. section of IF?

ummm it used be idol section coz dat was da 1st section which made me addict  IF..dt time thr was lot of fun going on bt now i find da place has becum v dull soo i hv no more fav section bt i rendomly go thru other reality shows's sections if i find somethng interest frm thrSmile

-one thing u hate abt IF?

ohh god u better dont even ask me disDead...wen ever i post IF makes me hate it even more & more...Dead


-wat was your expression when ankita got eliminated?

althoug i was ready to dis after getting butter's sms bt wen her name was announced on TV my 1st ever reaction was Cry


(Deadat alisha udit &ConfusedAngry Annu)

ClapClap(JAVED JI) for supporting AnkiiClap


-one song u wud like to hear from ankita?

i wud hv luved to see her singing nd performing for CRAZY KIYA RE & SAJNA JI VARI on II stage..Big smile


now regarding  members...

wat cumes into your mind when i say the following terms?


hot.... RajLOL


GF material....NawTongue

ohh no LOL now have to be craeful otherwise all guys will be behind me ROFL

BF material....Bitu




thanks sweety it means a lot to me Embarrassed


most friendly....no doubt all Ankians r  v frndlyTongue

craziest fan of ankita....(one male and one female)Raj & Tau


devil of dis FC....its u tau LOLLOLu kno na y im telling dis?WinkLOL

angel of dis FC.....naw,leen,jenny,tau,Ashi(cant choose btw dis 4)for me all r angels


you are the angel u know Embarrassed


write the name of members/ member in front of each character.....

tom n jerry ...Tau & BituLOL

power puff girls....Naw, Tau & leen

hey tau lean lets fly LOL LOL


krishh...Ayan LOL

kareena from don.....Jenny

jay n veeru(sholay) Bitu & Raj

3 guys from the movie masti.....Bitu Raj & Ayan


ok so  now cum to the rapid fire round....

ankita or antara... oops..dis is v diffcult.. Antara has a v soft nd melodius voice nd im proud of her coz she already given a duet wit sonu for da movie speed & in jab we met she gave play back to kareenaBig smilend kareena was more impressed wit her voice den shreyasEmbarrassed

on other hand my rock star ANKI BABY who has a pop & rocking voice nd she is rocking evry where of da world....she rulz stage shows wit her electrifyng performances...im proud of these 2 who sounds same..ANTARA MITRA & ANKITA MISHRA..

sumesh or bitu....Bitu..) Bitu - tau i hope u want make sumesh to see disOuchLOL)

tau or naw......Angry

Ans this ROFL .. tau u know we r soooo bad Evil Smile

icecreams or chocolates....none( i dont like any)

what!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked.. how r u still alive then??

vanila or strawberry.....Strawberry

tea or coffee....both

ranbir or ........WinkLOL              ......WinkLOL

ranbir or tau.......Embarrassed Tau

ohooo very clever!! Wink tau sm1 buttering u LOL LOL

sorry ranbir darlingCry i kno u'll get upset to see bt u kno na tau v well nd she will kill me if i didnt pick herCryLOL

PCs or laptop... PC

movies or dramas.....movies althoug i  watch more dramasLOL

kajol or rani..... both but if i wud choose BTW dem den i wud go for KAJOL..coz i find she is a v natural & born actresssBig smile

karenna or karishma....none

rakhi or kashmera....i watch both jus for time pass bt rakhi is more entertainingSmile

hey last Q.......DESCRIBE TAU?....WAT DO U LIKE ABT HER N WAT DO U HATE ABT HER?......Big smile

she is da most devil sis i hv ever got nd who made me faint wit her tons of questions nd who tried her best to snatch rabir frm me...actually dts da things i like & hate abt herLOL


i think dats enuf.............WinkLOLohh yea it enufErmmdont cum wit any more & stay away frm hereErmmAngryLOLj/k

enjoy...........i think i have grilled u completely...........LOL

bt dont 4get ur turn also cuming soo itna hasne ki zaroorat nehiiErmmErmm


yeeeee waiting for that day!!! Wink Big smile








b4 cuming to answer any more i need to refresh my mindErmmCry




Sweetchick IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 July 2005
Posts: 2754

Posted: 24 November 2007 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
hi guys!!!!

i was in our 5th FC wondering why no one hs posted anything in
ages....then it struck me that i should probably search for our 6th
FC...and here it is


its such a huge achievement to go thru so many FCs...especially now that
II3 has finished...one would think that the excitement would die down but
its good to see that we all still love and support anki as much as we did
while II3 was on, if not more!!!

nrin2k IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 June 2007
Posts: 2930

Posted: 24 November 2007 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhy

Originally posted by Sweetchick

ok here are my questions madhy...ur gonna have a marathon
of these since u have tau and mine to answer LOL LOL

jenny u  cant do dis wit meCryWackoDisapprove

1) What were you doing before you came on the comp?

did nothing jus came office nd sat wit my pc nd as soon as i logging to ANKI fc i saw u & tau's devil ntention of grilling meAngryCry

2) What have you been up to today/ what are your plans for the day?

nothing much since i hv no work today in my office bt yea i hv soo many things to do at evening..like shopping soo many stuffsEmbarrassed

3) Whats your fav book?

i hate reading books dont even remeber wen did i read book lastLOL

4) Fav TV prog (except II)?

now its IVOI,JHALAK & NACHBALIYEBig smilei luv watching all reality shows..apart frm dt i watch AMBHAR DHARA

5) Fav game (board game/ talking game etc)?

UMM  none..im not much into these things

6) First thing you do in the morning?

as soon as i getup frm my bed i rush to my bath room nd start brush my teethEmbarrassed

7) Last thing you do at night?

hit on my bed to sleepLOL

8) A life changing moment?

didnt cum yetSmilebt if it cums i hope it to be a happiest moment of my lifeEmbarrassed

9) Dream holiday?

i wud hv luvd to spend my holiday in AustraliaSmile

10) Dream date? With who and how would you spend the day?

i wud luv to spend my dream date wit john Abraham in my country near to beach at moon lightEmbarrassed..rest of da part i wud tell u after i getting da chance to meet himLOLpls jenny make me him 1stEmbarrassed

11) Do you believe in love at first sight?

some times bt some times not coz i think it starts deere deereLOL

12) What are you wearing right now?

salwar & khameez as im at da office right nowEmbarrassed

13) Your most memorable school year and why?

it calls MALE' ENGILISH SCHOOL & it  was in 2000 nd i had lot of fun thr wit all my devil frnds..Big smile

14) Favourite sportsperson?

Ronaldo & David Beckham

15) Favourite comfort food?

fish & chipsSmile  pizzaSmile

Questions about IF, Anki FC and ofcourse, us...

16) How did u stumble across IF?

it was like 2 yrs back while i was searching for AMIT SANA frm II-1 who was my fav frm 1st II season & i came to kno abt II section &..dts how i hooked wit IFEmbarrassed

17) Who sent you the first pm and who did u pm first?

aww it was some one who calls "Ronit fan" some where he saw my msg thr i said dt i hv some snaps which i hv taken wit Ronit Roy nd Hiten soo he asked me to send those pics to him.Confused bt among frnds it was sumesh who pmed me 2nd to invite me to join Antara FCTongue..hehe i think becoz of sumesh's pm im still here aliveLOL

18) What were your thoughts when you didn't see a fanclub for our idol?

aww jenny u know dt better den me nd it was u first whome i shared wit itEmbarrassed.. remeber dt pm which i discussed u to open a FC for ANKII..at da beginign thr was no FC for her nd i rarely seen a supporter of her like jenny..Ouch but already thr was a FC for all other II contestants nd which disappointed me most nd seeing all ankita haters over thr i had no gut to made up a Fc for herOuch,,bt her wild card entry encouraged me a lot to face all those loosers nd finally i came up wit dis FC.Big smile..nd today i can proudly say dt dis is da bestest Fc among of all II-3 FcsBig smile

19) Which current active members did u invite to join Anki FC and which
ones came themselves?

i invited to urvashi who was present thr in ankii's concert in usa..but donno she didnt cum here yetOuchmay be she is buzyy since she is a very new member in IF..looking 4ward to see her aroundSmile

20) Given a chance, which one member from Anki FC would u like to

omggggggg all of uuuuuuuuuuHugdont ask me disTongue..dt wud be one of da most memorable & cheerfull day of my lifeSmile

21) Who is your best friend on the whole of IF?

umm soo many...

22) On average, how many times a day do u visit IF (not necessarily to
post but even to come on and check)?

if im not stuck wit my work since morning at 9am to 2;pm im online on IFSmile..nd after dt  4pm to 6pm..but except friday coz i always get buzyy on friday wit my own stuffsEmbarrassed

23) Who is your arch enemy on IF? One name please - no diplomacy!!!

ewww no bodyyConfused

24) Which FC member so you trust the most and can tell anything to?

normally if i get frndly & too close wit some one den i dont hide things to those ppl whome i consider my frnds..soo u ,tau,naw,bitu & leen..all r my best frnds..in antara Fc same..

but bitu used be my all time best frnd since i joined IF nd still he is da best & a v trust worthy personBig smile

25) One member without whom this FC would slowly but surely cease to

Taurean..hands downClap

26) Which others section on IF are you an active member of?

i hardly go to other sections..like once in a week.which is jhalak nd nachbaliye

27) If you had to, which guy from Anki FC would you go on a date with?
Raj, Bitu, f_javaid or Ayan?

omgggggggg jenny kiya tu ye crazy ladkiyon ke saat muje bhi pagal karana chaahati hai kiyaa..jus imgine if go a date wit any of these guy den wen i cum back frm thr meriii haalat kaisi hogiiWackoSillyLOL

28) Do you think Anki FC will remain this active even after II4 starts?

aww yea im damn sure..coz u can see antara FC me sumesh,koelii,bitu ,poonam & aisha still keep dt Fc alive nd it still gose on wit its own style nd it was one of da most active FC in IFTonguesoo y not ANKII fc.. we UFA(united fans of ankita) will keep it alive nd Active..Big smile

29) Do you think you will forget about Anki once II4 starts?

no way dt will never happen..inshallahBig smile

29.1)(incase you're wondering about the question number, I added this at
the end) Which two members of Anki FC make the best couple?

Ayan & u jennyLOL mr & ms intelligent

30) Moving one step further from Tau's question, write a paragraph for
each active member of this FC and tell us how u met them, what their
friendship (or otherwise LOL ) means to you and anything else you feel
abou them.

jenny wat is dis nowAngry

jenny i wish i was thr wit u right now den i wud hv shooted u without wasting any timeAngryLOL


i met all of dem in idol section during idol 3 days bt except Bitu & since he is a my 1st frnd in IFEmbarrassedaww urooj also she is my frnd frm II - 2  & BB days bt we started interecting much only frm BB days since we shared a same fav thr Embarrassedwe both always share a same fav in any reality show..miss her lotsCry

i pmed tau , Ayan & Naw to join Ankii fc..but Raj him self joined ankii fc wen it was going on in idol section & his short funny posts made me think dt he is v crazyy...i met leen here in dis FC..i guess i pmed leena too to join dis FC..Confusedcant recall itOuch

jenny i hv always seen u around & frm meenal FC bt hav never got a chance to interect wit u b4 II-3 starts..bt now we r grt frnds..nd i find ur a v smart & intelligent girl..nd as i said b4 ur da 1st ANKII fan i had came across in idol section apart frm meBig smile

i find all active Ankii fans r really swt,crazyy fun luvng nd v much dedicated to ANKITA & her FCHug


More general questions....

31) (since me and tau were just talking about this on msn..) What do you
eat for breakfast everyday?

i dont take break fast at all.dis is da truth..evry body gets mad at me to hear dis..bt i cant eat or drink anything b4 my lunch break...i donno yOuch

32) What will you be eating for your next meal (be it breakfast, lunch or

aww im gonna hv my evening tea which is bajiya & tea,,i luv dis & its my fav short eatEmbarrassed

33) Do you enjoy your job?

ummm kindaSmile

34) Do you like partying?

yea some times..it depends on da mood

35) Do you sing to yourself when u r alone?

aww yea i luv singing wen im alone also i cant keep my self quite bt my bro & all my sis laugh at me if i start singing..they say me not to sing even in bathroom.. but i sing at bathroom alsoLOL

36) Do you dance when you are alone?

aww yea i do nd some times my ask my sis to take video wen im dance lolLOLthough i donno how to danceOuch

37) Do you drive a car? If so, are you a safe or dangerous driver?

noo noooooo i dont drive car..& no i hv not encountred any accident so far..thnks to god

38) Which do you prefer? Tea or coffee?

it depends on my mood.. since i luv both

39) Your fvourite cuisine?

who calls ZAHA..she is more like my sibling sis nd i hv never tried to be partial wit her nd my siblings

40) Apart from Anki, which celeb would you give your right arm to meet?

hehe IF ur telling ankii's name den here i wud pick ANTARA wit HER..

41) Any siblings?

yea i hv 4 siblings.. 2 bro nd 2 younger sis..im da middle one thr..i had 8 more sibling..bt they all were passed away Cryfrm thr i met only one sis...she was elder den me..bt wen i was 8 yrs old she also passed away..dts y i miss her lots.Ouch

42) What do the people who know you closely think of you?

aww most of dem think im lively & funluvng bt some times shor temperd too

43) What do you think of yourself?

nothing..bt very dumb girlLOL

44) Any crazy ambitions as a child?

really i still remeber wen i was a child i always wanted to becum a singer..bt later i realized dt ek besurii ko kaise singer banungiiLOL..waise bhi here we hv no futur in singingDead

45) One goal in life you definitely want to achieve?

to make my parents proud doing something which they desire most

46) Do you beileve in soulmates?

umm yea some times

47) How many languages can you speak fluently?

ohh god only frm my languageLOL 

48) Your favourite way to spend a day off?

hanging around wit my frndsBig smile

49) How many hours of TV do you watch everyday?

i only open my TV around 7;30 pm to catch kekta soaps & other reality showsSmile..day time i dont get time to watch TVOuch

and finally...question no. 50
drum rolls please.....Party Party

50) What is the big secret that you are not telling us??? Wink

aww im leavng it to u guessLOL

jenny i wish i was here wen u were on da  hotseat ..DeadAngryLOL

bt koi bath nehii..u can still becum a MOTW hereEmbarrassedClap

jus wait nd watchLOL




nrin2k IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 June 2007
Posts: 2930

Posted: 24 November 2007 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhy

Originally posted by nrin2k

Aha madhy darling where r u?? now i got u Wink.. how r u feeling to be on hot seat right now?? what about the marathon qs of jenny(if im not wrong i mean sweetchik Tongue)??

hey dont worrt that was just normal fresh n up qs but dont think that u dont have to ans Wink so ans all qs ok..

now lemme start LOL

-Where is ur birth place?

-which place u like the most?(between ur birth n the place ur living right now..or if anything else then mention that)

-how many siblings do u have?

-whom do u close the most?(between ur siblings)

-what is ur hobby?

-what u hate to most?(to do sth)

-what do u like the most travelling,chatting,cooking,writing,listening to music?

-what irritates u the most?

-do u like pet?do u have any?(if yes then what is that ex. dog,cat etc)

-do u like sea? what do u feel when u go to a beach?

wasnt that ur personal qs Confused?? upss sorry dear ok lemme ask u right now!! plss dont angry see im asking ur personal qs sorry for the delay LOL LOL

-when was ur first crash?(NO CELEBS PLSS SOMEONE IN REAL)

-who was it?

-what made u feel like that?(means what impressed u in him Embarrassed)

-r u angaged now?

-as me n tau r discussing that ur going to tell us a good news soon.. so let us know when r u going to get merried?

-if not decided then how is ur dream man would be?give us totalllllllll description!!!! Wink

-what is ur wish that ur dream man will propose u in which way?in what environment?

-how many babiesssss do u want in ur life?

-what do u like baby boy or baby angle girl like u?

-where do u wanna settle down after marriage?

upsss too much personal ok sorry then lets not go that depth(for now after u ans ur qs i go too far then LOL)

ok ok now be happy im coing on fc Big smile

-so who is ur darling of fc??(name any female member of this fc)

-who irritates u the most in fc?

-what irritates u?

-who do admire n why in this fc?

-who do u think the chatterbox,


                      shan of fc,



                  hard worker,

                loves anki baby the mossstt,

                always care for u,

                make u smile,

             u always wait for,

             u miss the most,

             u want to chat with,

              who is ur sis here

              who is ur bro,

              who u love here among the guys of fc,

             who is ur real friend of fc

-which forum do u visit except anki and antra fc ?

-who do think is honestly work in dev team?

-who do u think always bash anki baby in dev team and IF members?Angry

-who is ur friend in dev team and IF?

ok enough of IF n fc... now come to the point!! Big smile

-tell us about anki baby!!

-what impressed u the most?

-did u like her makeover?

-which song do want to her to perform?

-in recent songs which suites anki baby the most?

-where do u see anki baby after 10yrs?

-where do u see this anki baby fc after 5yrs?

-in which costume anki baby looked hot!!!!!!!!!!! ???

-sing sth for us dedicating anki baby!!

-ifff anki baby loves ranbir, will u give her?? will u sacrifice ur love for anki baby?Wink

-think in one morning u went to a beach a u see anki baby there!!!!! then what will be ur reaction???

-if anki baby loves someone from ii3.. then whom do u think it will be?

ohh so many anki qs ok ok let me ask u sth diff sth critical-LOL Wink

-who is the best tau or naw? LOL

-who do u love most tau or naw? LOL

-who irritates u most tau or naw? LOL

ok ok ok last qs-

can u plss do me a favour Embarrassed

can plssssssssssssss count how many qs i gave u??

then i will get to know how many i will ask next time LOL LOL

thank u baby love you Embarrassed

enjoy ur hot seat!!! I will be back againnnnnn LOL Wink









NAW tomorrow i'll answer disAngryAngryCry

indian888 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 November 2007 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
hey Naw....sweet chatter box

are u here ??? Tongue
nrin2k IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 June 2007
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Posted: 24 November 2007 at 2:28pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by indian888

hey Naw....sweet chatter box

are u here ??? Tongue




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