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She cried again, yes she cried again...as always 2day also her pillow was wet...wet with her tears...from last one yr crying is all she in her emtry home...she doesnt know what is a family what is happiness from last 1 yr...from last 1 yr or she is working or she is crying all alone ...yes she is alive but dead too...she has lost everything her dad, mom, finance, family, her happiness, smile everything...only thing she is left with is her small sister who is in coma she is living on a hope that one day she will see her sister out of the coma...she lives with sadness...sadness is all around her...1 yr back diwali night changed her life forever...a gurl full of life was now not more than a body without soul...no more she is seen smiling, giggling and laughing...very rarely any1 has seen her with a fake smile also...no her eyes doesnt sparkle with happiness any more... Yes ur right she is dying every movement...she is a changed gurl now...the gurl who was strong believer of god before now for her god doesnt exist...who believed in love now things love is the biggest pain in life...holding a photo frame she is crying all over again...thinking of her past yes she is crying again

who is she? Wat is her deep dark past? Find ur answer in next chapter



it was morning 6 a clock...the mist had  truned into light...getting up from her bed she walks towards wash room...her pillow is again wet this morning like always...after getting fresh she leaves for a walk, sadness gives her company...she runs around the garden with teary eyes remembering her past...the 1st time she met his finance adnan here, how their friendship truned into love, how they got engaged n how he broke the engagement n left her...soon after completing her 5 daily rounds she heads back to her emtry house...quickly getting ready she leaves for her duty leaving the breakfast on the table like always
After reaching her work place she picks up her lab coat, stethoscope from the locker room she heads towards her sister's room with the hope she may see a little movement 2day in her sister...with a desire to see her sister back from coma...reaching the room she again saw her hope's death...from past one yr she is seeing her hope, desire's death everyday no more she could see this...holding her sister's hand she cries again begging her to get up from her sleep "an..jali plea..se utho naa plea..se" she says while snobbing, crying all over again...after 15 mins her pager rings, she wipes her tears kisses her sister's forehead she says "bye anjali, mujhe duty pe jana hai" n leaves the room with moist red eyes
She enters her cabin and finds DR keerti waiting for her...hello dr keerti she said while sitting on the chair..."riddima u cried again" she said in return after seeing her moist red eyes...she immediatly digged her face in a file n said "no i didnt"...picking up the file from her hand she said "y r u lieing i can see ur eyes red riddima"..."yes DR keerti i cried again, n u know y" she replied crying again "i cant take all this any more, i hav lost everything, everything dad, mom, anjali my sister nnn..." she continued snobbing n crying..."i know everything riddhima everything; plz stop hurting urself, its been one yr but u still been living with all this, u need to move on n forget him, he cheated u he need only loved ur money n not u n u hav to face the fact" he said her angerily...the next movement to avoid taking about him ridz picked up her files n said quickly "i hav patients i hav to leave"




Walking towards the general ward she just cursed herself she really wanted to move on in her life but couldnt...every time
she tried she failed...her emty house always reminds her of her parents, small sister anjali, finance...seeing her sister
in coma she cant forget the bitter truth...only her heart knew how much she wants to get out of all this...soon she walked
in the general ward...by noon she had finished checking all the patients of the general ward...she headed towards ICU


"hi ridz" atul called out as she entered the lift..."hi atul" she said walking towards him..."soo where r u going? Canteen
right?" he asked placing his stethoscope on his shoulders..."no i have ICU duty" she answered looking at her pager which
showed one message..."u dont know DR keerti has asked us to come at canteen she wants to discuss something" he said while ridz
attended the message "yea i just saw now the message, i didnt see the message before" she admitted giving a blank look


In the canteen
Dr keerti was sitting on a table with a black forest huge cake placed on the table which was her favourate Dr riddima's
fav cake, the dish which she could have at anytime of the day n night
making way sapna, atul, n ridz sat surrounding the table; cake...all the three good respected Dr of sangivni had same
questions on their minds "y had Dr keerti called them here? Wat is this cake here? Wats the occasion?..."congrats Dr,
sangivni is declared asia's no 1 hospital congrats riddima u have done it" she announced loudly smiling at ridz...Ridz
smiled with joy, her eyes too were smiling, sparking 2day after a long year, she couldnt believe all her sleepless nights,
hard work has been payed off 2day, her dad's dream was kind of fulfiled...she went forward and hugged Dr keerti "thanks
aunty this all could be possible becoz of u, thanks alot aunty Ahh i mean Dr keerti" she said departing from the hug n sat
next to her..."Dr Riddima Gupta please cut the cake" Smiling Dr keerti said offering her a knife to ridz...she quickly
grabbed the knife cutted the soft tasty cake...cutting the cake her lips planted a upward curve...every1 present at the
canteen erupts with joy, on success of the hospital n after seeing their fav Dr finally smiling with joy


At the end of the day every staff had received sweets n thank you letter for their contribution towards the hospital by
riddima the head of the hospital (after Dr shashank)


Dr keerti entered Riddima's cabin with a gift wrapped very beautifully with a stylish paper n ribbons...riddima was talking
to his dad's pic "i know dad i have still a long way to go, i will make sangivni world's best hospital for this soon i will
expand sangivni there will be more good Dr, better machinery, better service that means i have still more sleepless nights"
she smiled n said...Dr keerti was very happy 2day "mission accomplised" she said in her mind, walking towards ridz who was
busy talking to the frame "riddhima this is for u" she announced to ridz while placing the gift in front of her..."dont ask
me wat it is, y im giving u jus open it" she ordered in a clear tone while sitting on the chair next to ridz...ridz
unwraped the gift, kept glazing at the gift with joy..."its awesome" she said picking up the article framed, the article
which said "sangivni is the best hospital in asia"...Dr keerti knew wat she had to do next for Ridz, her best friend Dr
shashank's dauther, with that thought she left the cabin leaving a happy ridz alone




After hearing the news Dr Ridhima's life had changed for good, she had decided to 4get the bitter parts of her life forever,
she wanted to move on in her life take life in a positive way deep in her heart she thought if she didnt move on now she
will never be able to move on later in her life it was then 4 the 1st time in that year she smiled n went 2 her sister's
room before leaving for home, 2night she didnt shead tears she knew now its time 2 move on...that night she decided to
remember good parts of her life rather than the bitter part of her life
lying on the huge bed she was remembering the good time she spent with her parents, sister, best friend armaan, she also
recollected her school, col n internship days...how armaan n she used to annoy all the teachers by doing all the wrong things,
breaking all the rules...remembering all these things brought a smile on her face


Next day morning she got up hearing her phone ringing "hello" she said while yawning..."k aunty i will be therein an hour"
she said n kept the phone aside...getting up from the bed she was shocked seeing the time "its 7:30 how come i was sleeping
till now never mind " she said getting up n walking towards the bathroom


around 8:30-9 she was standing at a door of a beautiful house wondering y aunty has called her over her place early this
morning...a handsom guy in a shorts n vest opened the door saying "hey wats up im back"...for a movement she couldnt
believe her eyes, is this real or a dream she said in her mind, she couldnt believe he is back after one n half year she is
seeing him but he looks the same, same eyes, naughty smile, body n yea same stupid shorts which he always wears..."u there
dumbo" he said waving his hand in front of her face to wake her up 4m her dreams..."stupid u here? when u came? how cum
suddenly? waise howz u? howz life?" she continued with her questions still standing at the door...after hearing soo many
questions dropping at his ear naturally he got bugged n shouted "bas aro tum" within fractions of secs her mouth was shut...
u gurls are soo sick" he commented n told her 2 cum in firstly


holding a hug of coffee in her hand ridz sat down on the sofa after 5 mins...ur 1st question u here? nahi mera bhoot hai
tumhare samne stupid gurl"..."armaan ur soo damm rude" she shouted..."wat armaan how many questions u asked me in 1 min,
ur mad i must tell u" he said drinking the coffee..."k then im going bye" she said placing the mug...while walking towards
the door she was waiting 4 him 2 call back..."hey dumbo" he called her pausing for sum secs he continued "u hav 4gotten
ur cell, cum n take it" he said while trying hard 2 not 2 giggle seeing her annoyed face..."well im not going back, i will
be sitting with aunty" she replied n walked 2wards the stairs to search for her aunty keerti



"hello aunty" she said walking inside the room..."hi beta, howz u" dr keerti said placing the novel aside which she was
reading..."im fine aunty, did i distubed u aunty?" she said sitting next to her..."no not at all" she said smiling at
her...before they could further say anything armaan stepped in blowing a whistle..."mom, im hungry came me something 2 eat,
till then i will talk 2 this stupid gurl about something imp" he said looking once at keerti n then at ridz..."k u
guys talk i will make something 4 u both" she said n left the room
"listen very carefully ridz" he said sitting next 2 her...after hearing ridz 4m him she thought something is serious or he
would never address her as ridz he would address her dumbo, stupid crack pot or watever bad names he knows..."ridz u know
wat i need 2 make century soon" seeing ridz confused face he understood she hasnt understood anything "arre stupid in all
till now i had affairs with 99 gurls i need 1 more 4 century" he said in a serious tone..."ur total gone case i must
say" she said throwing the pillows on him she continued "tumha kuch nahi ho sakta"..."yeah yeah right waise tumhare bhi
kuch nahi hoga rememberthis dumbo" he said throwing the pillow with force n running out of the room




Sitting in the lawn they were enjoying the wind blowing towards them

"u know wat i meet our col kavita teacher that day, she still looks like a horror movie" she said smiling to the old
time again

his eyes widened "that baby elephant? u know she was soo happy when we graguated, she was soo tired of us"

"yea i know, tumhe yaad hai ek din tumne uske gaadi tire punchur kar diya tha" she said

"aur usko ghar drop kiya tha, 120 ki speed pe, uski toh jaan chali gayi thi" armaan added

"omg kitna chila rahi thi" she said giving a high five to him while both laughed to their old times

they were now talking how evil they were, there was not even one teacher in school or col who didnt complain about them, they
didnt leave any stone turned to trouble their teachers they laughed like hell out

"hey howz angie n adnan?" he asked starring at her for the truth after talking about the old times

within fraction of secs the pretty mile of ridz vanished, couldnt understand wat should be the answer? The truth or false
...she saw a battle played by her heart n brain, her heart wanted to hide the truth while her brain was asking her to speak
up the truth

"they are fine" she said placing a fake smile on her lips

quickly she got up looking at the watch she said "i have work at sangivni, i should make a move now"

"wait a min, i will drop u" he said n followered her towards the main door in silence

"i have a car, u can rest i will go alone" he starred at her thinking how much she hated driving she always liked someone
else driving while she would sit next to the seat n enjoy the music

"u have changed over the year?" he said still couldnt understand y she is not sharing her bitter past

"everyone has changed, look out the world also has changed" she said digging her eyes in the ground, just couldnt get courage
 to face him

"yea i saw everything has changed even my neighbours has changed first there was a 80 yr old lady now 18 yr old sxy gurl but"
he stopped to check where is her attention

she smiled at him n his stupid talks "but wat"

"but her nose is very long" he starred at her trying to see her reaction

she looked at him still making out wat she heard rolling her eye ball she replied "wat u have to do with her nose"

"u know naa if u wanna date DR Armaan u need to be toooo perfect" he smiled n sat in the car

"yea yea i know" she said switching on the radio

"whichever song is played 1st is for u from my side, 2nd from ur side" she starred him with disbeleif

"u still remember our stupid games" she stated

he nodded

diverting her mind he quickly played a cd while she thought radio is on

(bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum - 2
khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do
bechaaniyaa bhi de do, de do naa) - 2

listening to the few lines she tries to change the fm "dont change the song, i like this song" he said

"u like this song" she rolled her eye ball n said

"my last gf was a indian she loved this song becoz of he even i like this song" he tried to give a convincing reason

(bhigi palkon se churaa lungaa nami
rehane dungaa naa, khahin koi kami) - 2
tumko daaman naa bhigone dungaa
ab kabhi tumko naa rone dungaa
uljhane ghum ki parchhaiye
de do mujhe apni tanhaaiyaan
gumnamiyaan bhi do, naakaamiyaan bhi do
viraaniyaan bhi de do, de do naa

(tere hotho pe sajaa dungaa hansi
teri raahon mein bhichhaa dungaa khushi) - 2
tum mujhe apnaa maanti ho agar
yu khafaa hoke naa jhukaao nazar
mushkile apni majburi
ho de do mujhe sari benuri
pareshaaniyaaa bhi do, hairaaniyaa bhi do
nhigebaaniyaa bhi de do, de do naa

bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum - 2
khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do,
bechaniyaa bhi de do, (de do naa- 2)

the rest of the song ridz was listening with eyes shut, talking to herself "i think he knows everything, everything about
angie n adnan ass****, should i confront him wat if he doesnt know", she was surrounded by soo many questions...she could
read the truth in armaan's eyes, she feare how will he react she very well knew his anger, how much sad this truth will
make him but i cant hide the truth now, she wanted pour her heart out in front of him,
as soon as the song ended she opened her eyes saw the car parked at a beach n armaan starring at her she finally
decided of speaking to him

walking 2gether along the beach ridz finally broke the silence
"u know everything naa"

he looked at her for a sec then at the water, that one sec look was enough for her to understand him, she saw anger, pain,
rejection, sadness in his grey eyes he said after a min long silence "everything? about wat dumbo"

she rolled her eyes n replied "u know wat im talking about"

"im not a mind reader, i cant understand wats on ur mind" he said folding his arms around his strong chest

"armaan stop acting, my 6 sense is telling me u know every damm thing" she yelled

"yes i know everything from a week happy come lets go, u must be getting late for hospital naa" he said n walked off towards
the car

The world stoped for her the min the heard him saying he knows everything, she walked behind him towards the car



silence was all around the car, armaan was silent becoz he didnt knew wat should he say...he was angry on her for hiding
all the facts, breaking their friendship promise but he was angry on himself too for not being near her when she needed him
the most; when she was broken
while ridz was confused y is he soo calm? y he is not yelling at her?...his silence was killing her, her ears were longing
to hear him yelling at her
both wanted to talk, ask questions to each other but stayed quiet, they didnt knew from where should they start plus
both knew their mistake but then too both waited for the other to start a conversation, sitting silently

After about 15 min silent drive they entered sangivni
"'Um, armaan. I wanted...to...i didnt mean...i was " she tried to say something, but jus couldnt frame her thoughts in

before she could say anything further armaan said "i thinku r getting late"

'umm yaa but" she again tried to speak up

"'It's oh okay, dumbo, i will catch u later in the evening till then bye" he said placing his hand on her shoulder n giving
a weak smile, she returned a weak smile n left


The whole day she worked hard like always, she wanted to wind up her work early today to fix up some matters with armaan in
the evening, by 6 in the evening she finished some file work, usual rounds, one operation

"DR keerti i want to talk to u" she said walking inside her cabin

"ridhima i was the one who told armaan everything" she said giving a weak smile

"aunty y did u tell him everything, u knew naa how happy he was there, his dream was to work in AALOMAS hospital, world's
best hospital" she said

"i did what i thought was right at that movement, tell me 1 thing how many days u wanted to hide all this?" she replied sternly

"um aunty i think ur right, i should make a move now bye aunty" she hugged her n left the cabin


She sat in the car n dove off...she went straight to armaan's place, she needed to talk to him, explain him everything...
she needed him now, wanting to pour her heart out...no more she could lie him, hide everything from his best friend; her
buddy..."armaan" she called him out...she searched for him in the whole house, but couldnt find him

atlast she found sapna in the lawn "sapna where is armaan" she asked n let her breath out

"bro? i dont know? he left with u in the morning naa?" a confused sis replied

"after that he didnt come back?" she asked

"no" she said

within fraction of secs ridz left the house while sapna was shouting her name (calling her)...she searched for him at every
posible place...baseket ball court, club where he goes for gyming, beach everywhere but couldnt find him






from past 2 hours she was searching for armaan but still couldn't trace him

fear of loosing armaan was haunting her again n again "no" She yelled n stopped the car suddenly

she started cursing herself for leaving him alone in the morning, for not checking

whether he reached home safely...in these 2 hours she cursed herself countless times 

after searching for him for another

Hour she was now not felling well, then she remembered she is hungry from afternoon, she decided to go back home n think

What she should do next

last three hours she searched for him at every possible place gym, clubs, basket ball court, his friends Places, armaan's local hang out places but couldn't find him, the strange part was his friends didn't knew e is back also, soo the thought of where he was now more scary for ridz 




She entered her home slowly still thinking about him, she was soo lost in her thoughts...suddenly she trips n fell off on the floor 

"wat the hell when u will learn to see n walk" he walked towards her 

"where were u lost idiot" he asked while removing her sandals

she was still starring at him with disbelief "ridz where is balm kept?" he asked her, she didn't answer 

he asked her again "wat happ answer me where is the balm" instead of answering him, she leaned forward n hugged him tightly

armaan got worried by her sudden action, he scenes she was scarred, worried of something "where were u gone, I got soo scared stupid" she said departing from the hug

"I was here only, waiting for u from soo many

hours" he said with a sweet smile tugging her hair behind her ears

"n y was ur mobile off" she then questioned him

"battery problem" he smiled n said

she then explained him whole evening ride, how she got sacred when sapna informed her u didn't come back home from morning n the three hrs long search

"nothing will happen to me silly gurl don't worry soo much" he stated n placed his hand on her shoulder to relax her

"im damm hungry, come on lets have dinner" he added n got up

"ouch" she screamed n pain while getting up from the floor

he ran to her rescue, picked her up in his arms...she wrapped her arms around his neck

"omg ur too heavy," he said to tease her

her eyes widened she then twisted his ear

"leave me, its hurting" he yelled

"1st tell me sorry" she said n twisted his ear further

"k im sorry yaar" he finally apologized

"that's better" she said proudly n released his ear

he placed her on the couch n then asked her "where is the balm"

"4th shelf" she said looking at her swollen foot

he got the balm n sat next to her n started applying it slowly slowly while she was yelling in pain




they had teir dinner in silence not becoz they didn't had anything to talk or they were scarred of anything 

they were very hungry both were lost in their work the whole day

ridz was busy trying to wind up her work early 

armaan was working on some imp things for ridz, things which were necessary for ridz, things which would help her to get out of her bitter past



"armaan" she called him after finishing her food 

the way she called him he understood she wants to pour he heart out, he wanted to tell her lets not talk about the past becoz that would make her more sad which he never wanted, but couldn't refuse after seeing her she needed to pour out everything once and for all

"im listening ridz u can continue" he said n stopped in a middle of pouring 2 glasses of soft drinks for them...went n sat near her, placing his arm around her shoulder giving her warmth n protection

She gathered some courage took a deep breath n started telling him her bitter past "u know wat sometime lfe behaves with us in a crazy way before u left for states everything was going gr8 in my life, I had everything in my life dad, my sweet little sis angie, adnan my love n of course u, my best friend"

he started rubbing her arms slowly n softly to relax her while she rested her head on his shoulder n continued

"after u went one day I found out Dr padma was my mom, dad had adopted me this news came as shock to me before I could react I get to know she is on her death bed, she had cancer, n within hrs I lost her, some days past with the help of everyone I came out of this shock just to find more shock waiting for me...adnan nature was changing he started forcing me to ask dad to transfer sangivni on my name on the diwali morning I over heard him speaking to himself I then realized he loved my money not me, I felt my world has torn apart that day I broke my engagement with him...I cried like hell that afternoon n told everything to dad, he made me realize there is more things in life I promised him I wil forget him soon n move on, in the evening I was alone in the house waiting dad n angie they had gone to hospital they meet with an accident while returning back that day armaan my world shattered armaan dad left me all alone angie went into comma the day of lights brought darkness in my life, I lost every dam thing that day" tears formed in her eyes but they didn't came out of her beautiful eyes becoz of armaan

In ridz's world if her dad or armaan is by her side she can never cry, the warmth, support they give her makes her strong becoz of which she just cant cry

he stopped her in middle knowing the fact the next thing she will say y did she hide everything from him, how was her life in these months he knew she never told him because she didn't wanted to come in front of his dreams and of course her life was worse than hell these months "forget the past"

he said to consoled her

"ur fine naa?" he added

she simply nodded n said "if my best friend; my buddy is with me then im fine"
he flashed a small smile kissed her forehead n replied "im always with u"




after sumtime

"Armaan u should go home now, aunty must be waiting for u, drop me at my room then u can go" she said after looking at the time on the clock

"yea it's getting late, we should leave now" armaan said n got up from the couch

"we? Where r we going"

she looked up to him n replied with a surprised look on her place

"well from 2day ur staying at my place" he declared firmly

ridz eyes widened with shock, she then yelled to protested "no im not"

"of course you are!" pausing for some seconds he added

"n for ur kind information all ur stuff has been shifted to my place oops our place" he said n picked her in his arms

"leave me armaan im not coming" she ordered him

the next few mins they were arguing over going or not going, both were not ready to back out while armaan was carrying her towards the car

"bas..enough..u win..arguing with u is like breaking ur own head wth a stone" finally ridz agreed

"happy realization" he smirked at her saying he won n placed her in the front seat of his car




In the car

ridz switched on the radio

a sweet Hindi song was played on air by the RJ

armi switched on the cd n said "I want to hear some English songs not ur stupid sentimental Hindi songs"

she again switched on the radio n replied 'no we r listening to Hindi songs only"

with a million dollar smile he said "hang on it's my car soo I will decide wat song will be played"

"no i will decide, it's my best friend's car u moron"

she again switch to the FM

they went no and no for the rest of the journey arguing on which language song they r going to hear like always

suddenly they realized they have almost reached home they looked at each other the next second they burst out laughing at their stupid argument




After reaching armi's place ridz requests him "I will manage" n she tries to walk with a sollen foot 

withcar's help she walks few steps then again she was about to loose her balance when armaan holds her

"for god's sake stop thinking ur very smart" he picked her in his arms

she bit her lower lips seeing armi's bugged on her n said with a puppy face "sorry"

he rang the door bell n yelled "don't u dare use that word, how many times I have told u not to use this word"

silence prevailed

Dr keerti opened the door n asked "wat happ to her?"

"as usual" armaan said angrily, keerti understood she again must be walking blindly

"do one thing take her to the room, mein iske liye haadi ka dhood lati hu" keerti smiled n said 

ridz wanted to protest, milk was the last thing she wanted to have but armaan was giving her furious glances becoz of which she couldn't refuse




They stepped inside ridz's new room 

the whole room was painted in blue n white color, on one wall there were all those family pictures which she had in her previous room...armaan had hanged a big picure of ridz behind the bed

there was less furniture which she always likes

her bed was low, she only liked low beds armaan knew this very well 

he placed her on the bed, dr keerti soon brought milk

ridz was about to say no to keerti but before than armaan said "don't u dare say no to milk"

keerti started smiling seeing armaan bossing ridz... ridz had no choice but to have the milk at last

after she drank milk armaan gave her medicine he then puts a blanket over her

"good night armaan" she says n goes off to sleep




a new day came smiling at everyone

Ridz got up late this morning becoz of medicine n yesterday's stressful day, she walked to the balcony to watch the beautiful new day

armaan had just returned from jogging he was reading newspaper having his morning coffee in the garden
 seeing armaan from the balcony ridz naughty soul came up with a mischief

she send him a sms "good morning armaan, can u come over to my room I need some help" 

amaan smiled seeing the message n started walking towards her room

in the room ridz was waiting for him with a mischiefous plan



Thanks Giving: Guys im very happy 2day, yesterday night i went back n read all the comments i received for part 6, i couldnt stop smiling hehe loved them all thanks thanks a ton for them
all my lovely readers plz this time also write frank comments for me, it encourages my very lazy soul 2 write the next part; lolz im very lazy guys




After 5 mins armaan was climbing the stairs unfortunately not knowing ridz naughty soul is awake waiting for him

in the room, ridz was standing on the ladder behind the door, the ladder was quiet high

"good morning dumbo"  he said opening half the door the next second ridz threw a bucket of very chilled water on armaan

armaan stood there for a min, a chill ran through his spine, he shivered becoz of the ice cold water

he was still stunned n suprised beyond words but one thing was sure he is not goig to leave her "ur-soo-dead" he thought

Grabbing the opportunity she stepped down from the high ladder

holding her stomach she was giggling n laughing very loudly seeing his condition, he was soaked in chilled water from head to toe; water was dripping from his hair

armaan yelled "u moron u will hav to pay for this"

n he ran towards her he started chasing her around the room, while chasing her he threw whatever things he got on his way

some were good aim, at every good aim armaan flashed a wicked smile n ridz yelled but some were bad aim also n of course at every bad aim ridz showed him a thumbs down which added fuel to armi's anger




ridz finally ran outside the room jus to safe her, "god can only save me now" she muttered he followed her fuming in anger

on the way she found bananas kept on the corner table, her wicked mind shouted "grab the opportunity"

soon she threw the banana peal on the floor, causing armaan falling on the floor

she stick her tongue out to him n landed on the couch

she laughing like a maniac, knowing the fact her life is in danger but she was having fun looking at armaan who just slipped badly of course landed on the floor

"aa ouch my back" he cried

armaan bad soul also woke up

unfortunately ridz was soo engrossed in laughing at armaan's condition that she didnt notice armaan was  now standing right in front of her

she saw him giving her evil glances, she looked around if by any chance she could save her again, "no chance" she muttered

"ur dead stupid gurl" armaan said with a wicked smile

"im sor" he didnt let her complete n started tickling her

she started laughing giggling rolling on the couch

her stomach started paining becoz of laughing soo much

"armaan...stop....its....hurting....me" ahh she couldnt say a sentence properly becoz armaan was still tickling her

"u should have thought of the consequences  before" he snapped back still enjoying the revenge

"armaan....my....foot...paining" she tred to save her

"dam ur foot it was not paining when u climbed the ladder to throw water on me n all this while" he tried defending his act

the next second ridz punched armaan in his stomach "ouchhh" he yelled n pulled off her hands (from tickling her further)

she slightly giggled n ran for her life straight towards the stairs to get to her room

"r u drunk this morning" armaan yelled n questioned her




ridz ran to her bathroom slams the door, "god bless me, im getting late (for sangivni)" she mummered

after having her shower she unlocked the door of the bathroom only to find armaan has locked her from outside

"armaannnnnnn" she yelled
"u moron open the damm door" she added

"stop shouting im here only n my ears are still in working condition" he replied

"well thats good for u but for god's sake open the door" she yelled n pleaded

"for god sake first u stop shouting n i will surly open the door" he paused

"in the evening" he added giggling at the thought

"evening? Have u lost it" she again yelled kicking the door in frustration

"no sweety" he switches on some random FM for her on the music player

"ur mentally retarted armaan" she banged the door

"thanks for the info n same to u dear" he giggled, keeping the highest volume of the player he leaves the room whistling looking here n there




Dr keerti in her cabin

"sister lovely Dr Riddhima has arrived or not" she called at the reception n asked

lovely scratched her head n replied "not yet Dr Keerti"

Is she fine, may be her foot is still not well she thought

she picked her cell dialed ridz no 9819######

"no respond" she got in return

she then thought of calling armaan but bad luck she had a emergency case

i will call him later, with that thought she left the cabin




armaan changed into some fresh cloths with a million dollar smile on his face he really missed all these fun in states

should I go n unlock the door now he thought

"no soo early its been only 15 mins till now let me take a short nap first then i will unlock the door he said to himself giggling at the thought




In the bathroom

tired of yelling, shouting ridz sat on the floor rested her head on  the wall closing her eyes she prayed armaan gets his senses back soo that he opens the door soon




armaan gets up from his sleep becoz his mobile was buzzing

"hey mom" he replied in a sleepy tone

"ur sleeping?" she questioned him after analyzing his tone

"yea y wat happ? Anything wrong?" he questioned back

"where is riddhima, its 12 a clock she is still not here is she fine?" she asked as she was concented about her

"mom who is riddhima now?" she shook her head in disbelief, couldnt beleive her ears

"armaan ur k naa" she asked

he then recollected riddhima means dumbo n he had locked her

he looked at his watch "bumbo? O shit she will kill me bye mom gtg to save my life"

not waiting for her mom to respond he bande the phone on the bed

"from past 2 1/2 hrs she is inside the bathroom omg today im soo dead" he said to himself n ran towards ridz room




keerti got scared the way armaan reacted

"sapna go home right now, jus check ridz is fine i jus cant trust armaan (trust means he will trouble ridz; nothing more)"

"K bye tc" she replied n left 4 home

"call me when u reach home" keerti said






Armaan quickly unlocked the door n prayed for his life

"he really needs gods blessing as of now" he thought n knocked at the door

Inside the wash room waiting for armaan ridz also had gone to sleep in the same position (head resting on the wall)

"im sorry" She got up listening to the knocks n armaan voice

she then looked at her watch, the time chocks her eye brows up in shock

she pinches herself jus to make sure this isnt a dream

she still couldnt believe she was locked in the wash room from 2 1/2 hr n of course she slept inside

"never in wildest dream also any1 must ave slept in a wash room she muttered to herself

she picks up mop to hit armaan for his act

"2day i will kill u for sure" she promise herself n makes her way to get out of the wash room




she steps out of the wash room, her face was red like a tamato

she saw him standing few steps away only, she threw "ur-dead" glances towards armaan

scratching his head he apologizied "im sorry sweety i"

she hit him with the Mop he cried "ouch"

(next few lines imagine ridz n armi talking while ridz chasing him n hitting him with the mop in very small internal)

he started running to save himself, ridz followed him with murder on her mind

"ouch" armi yelled when she hitted him again

"i didnt mean to lock u for soo long" she gave him one more not letting him explain his part of story

"by mistake i went off to sleep, I" she again intrupped hitting him again but this time a little harder after listening he went off to sleep

"how could u go off to sleep u moron" she yelled n gave him one more this time n his butt

"god plz save me from this shetaan ki naani" He pleaded but added fuel to ridz anger

"mein shetaan ki naani toh tum shetaan ki dadaji hoge naa?" she yelled in anger n gave him one more on his back

he turned his head back looked at her face which was red, a pure red colour, her expressions said "within 15 mins he will surely kill me" he slightly giggled at her

but then again she gave him on his butt

The next five mins they were running around the room, ridz hitting him again n again while armi pleading to stop hitting him

"sorry im really very sorry yaar" he said n collapsed on her bed after getting tired from this cat-mise fight

she stood in front of the bed breathing heavily still holding the mop

"like u said before, u should have thought of the consequences before hand" she said placing a wicked smile on her delicate lips

he slowly gets up from the bed n says "sorry dear i never had those intension"

"whatever" she snapped back

she then realized in the past 10 mins 10-12 times she hi him, she fells pity for him n his condition now

But still her naughty soul was awake thinking of some more wicked plan

"ahh nice idea" she said to herself under her breath

She suppressed her naughty smile placed the angry expression on her face n said "k u moron i except ur apology but im going to inform aunty about everything"

not pleased with the news, his jaw dropped he remembered his mom's punishments like wash vessels, clothes or she will lock me in the wash room for double the time

the next second he got up from the bed n replied "no plz u cant be soo mean, u know mom n her punishments"

"k then u have to do this..." she then explains him his punishment

he rolls his eye ball in disbelief n yells "no im not going to do this"

she grins at his response n folds her arms over her chest, "u hav to or"

for the next few mins armaan argued with her, trying hard to convince her that he really cant do wat she wants but finally gave up

"k i will do but first let me add fuel to my body" he agrees unwilligly n walks off

she giggles n laughes thinking about her weird plan

"Wow it will be fun" with that thought she walks to look for him






Downstairs armaan says to himself "im dead sure 2day she is drunk 2day" n then he walks towards his mini bar to check which hard drink is missing

in middle of his counting bottles ridz walked in n says "wat the hell ur doing armaan"

"actually i was wondering which drink" he stopped himself saying anything further, he couldnt endanger his own life

"nothing nothing come lets go and restore our empty stomach" he then said






They quickly had some food n juices

after completing ridz said "time for ur punishment"

"unfortunately she still remembered" armaan thought rolled his eye ball

"yah yah im ready to do 250 Sit-ups" he proudly said giving a week smile






She quickly sat on the couch n laughed under her breath

holding his ears with his hands he started his sit-ups while ridz was counting 1, 2, 3....enjoyng the movement

"47, 48, 49, 50" her wicked smiled widened n armi still was thinking which drink this moron had 2day morning

sapna entered the house, as per her mom ridz was in danger but here she sees armaan's life in danger

"wat the hell is going" sapna asked

ridz explains her everything that happen right from throwing water at armaan till now

she was neither shocked nor suprised after listening to everything, she very well knew AR were real monsters

"tum log kabhi nahi sudhrooge" she laughed like hell n declared

by now armi had done 75 sit-ups ridz thoughts its high time to stop this stupid thing, "armaan its k u can stop now becoz of ur good behaviour i have redused ur punishment" she said with a naughty smile

Sapna then went n called her mom, told her everything unfortunately
 which AR didnt wanted

"k gtg bye guys enjoy" sapna walked towards them n said

"wait a min sapna even im coming" ridz hurriedly replied

"when will u two be back?" armaan sat on the couch n questioned them

"by evening" apna replied

"not until my work gets over all thanks to our stupid acts i will be at hospital still late night" ridz answered too

"i will be back in a min u two dont leave till then" armaan says n walks the stairs at a high speed

sapna n ridz looked at him leaving the hall soo fast that they couldnt ask him y also

soon armaan comes down stairs wearing a black shirt n blue jeans looking very hot as usual

rolling his car keys in the finger he said "come lets go gurls"

sapna n ridz look at him then at each other thinking where is he going

"dumbo i will help u to wind up ur work faster" he flashes a smile n declares firmly

ridz smiles at armaan,

they then thinks in their mind "whatever however big pranks we play on each other one thing is sure it doesnt effect on our relationship (friendship) the best part is we 2gether laugh at the pranks at the end of the day"

Soon They get out of the house, n gets seated inside the car






The rest of the afternoon and evening AR worked 2gether o wrap up ridz work fast

armaan completed all her paper work in the afternoon while she was busy with a surgery

In the evening they 2gether went for routine rounds





AT ARMAAN's PLACE (dinner table, all 4 r there)

"y did u turn up soo late 2 sangivni 2day ridhima, i hope ur well?" Dr keerti asked, she very well knew the reason but some how wanted 2 excamine their reaction n story 4m them

ridz who was jus going 2 feed herself with the delicious food suddenly stopped not knowing what should she reply

armaan looked at his mom who was waiting 4 the answer, with a firm look

"actually aunty i was not felling well" she lied in a convincing tone then digging her face into the plate

"ohh yea, but sapna told me a different story" she said

AR's jaw dropped

"k im not going 2 leave u both this time, u people r more bad than monsters" he declared in a firm voice supressing her laughter

AR's got scared, they remembered their old punishment when they were kids

Soon Keerti couldnt control her laghter any more, she burst of laughing n sapna joined her mom

AR looked first at them then at each other jus couldnt guess wat happ all of a sudden

after few mins they realized keerti; they mom n aunty jus fooled them

Soon All four laughed at beautiful day









A new bright morning had arrived...the mist had  truned into light welcoming every1 cheerfully,


morning 6:30 a clock armaan gets up, throwing his arms in air, then rubbing his eyes like a kid


quickly gets into his tracks n vest for his routine jogging n basketball


"2day dumbo is fine, i think i should take her also for jogging" with that thought he walks towards her room


*knock knock* he knocks at the door


no reply is all he gets in return for knocking for 4-5 times


"utho..dumboooo" he walks inside atlast


"ummmm" she replies in a sleepy tone


"get up its 6:30, jogging ke liye nahi jaana" he opens the curtains of her room allowing the bright sun to peep inside


"noooo" she coves her face with the bed sheet


"common get up lazy bones" he says removing the bed sheet covering her face


"ummmm u have ur own legs to jog naa Then y r u troubling me"


"very funny i do own two legs, now get up"


"let me sleep" she digs her face in a pillow


"nahi maanogi naa"


"ummm ofcourse nahi"


finally gives up n an says "k then bye"






"good morning mom" armi entered the home n greeted his mom who was sitting n reading the morning newspaper


"good morning" she smiled n said, putting down the newspaper


"she is still sleeping?" he asked in disbelief


"yea" she answers, armi sits next 2 his mom now


"armaan wat hav u planned, i mean r u going back 2 states or living here only" she asks him


"i hav 2 months holiday, i still havnt decided wat should i do"

"wat r u going 2 do in 2 months jus roam around with gurls?" not pleased with the news keerti says, she jus cant see armaan wasting two months like this

"u jus cant be away from wok 4 continuous 2 long months" she then adds

he looks at his mom in disbeleif n then says "wat u want? should i return 2 states"

"well join sangivni for two months, u can come for few hrs only i dont mind that but i dont want u 2 be away from work for such a long span of time" she declars firmly

"for few hrs only" he snapped back, n then warns "not from 2day, i will cum from 2morrow"


"k from 2morrow i dont mind, u jus hav 2 1st pass the routine interview first" he looks at his mom in disbelief


"i n interview no ways" he protested


"well ur interview is 2morrow at 10 a clock" she declars firmly gaving a wicked smile n then walks towards the kitchen not waiting for his responce




armi quickly enters ridz the room

"how cute n innocent she is looking" some of ridz hair stants were resting on her pretty face

"omg wat am i thinking" he slaps his head softly n then thought "time for some fun "

he slowly picks her in his arms, she is still in her dreamland sleeping peacefully

"shaya sab kuch bech-bach kar soote hai" he mum__________

he slowly walks towards the bathroom without waking her up

and then

threw her in the bath tub which was full of water

"aaaaaaaaaaaaa" she yelled, panicked becoz a min before she was on her bed sleeping n now she was surrounded by water, for a movement she thought she is dying, in a sea

she fells suffocated for the next few secs

getting hold of her breath she heard  armaan laughing loudly "ha ha ha ha ha"

"armaannnnnnn...tum...nahi...chodugi...aaj...ruko" she got up ran behind him once again

he ran around her bed room then towards his bedroom still laughing loudly again n again, jus couldnt control himself looking at ridz red n annoyed, irritated face


he banged his bedroom door on her face, n shouted "good morning dumbo" still in fits of laughter

"my foot good morning u moron" she yelled back looking at herself

"is this a way to wake anyone in the morning" she said banging the door

"well i hav never taken training how to wake any1" he cofidently replies

"ur sick, idiot, mad, n disgusting armaan n"

"mentally retarted" she added, n walked towards her room

"thanks for the sweet info" he flashed a wicked smiled n said


after getting a quick shower, she headed down to help keerti in the breakfast

"good morning aunty" she said while walking inside the kitchen

"good morning beta" she layed the breakfast on a tray

"can i help u" she politely asked

"sure jus make some coffee for armaan, i will be back in few mins" she requested, after seeing ridz nodding in affirmation she left

"morning morning u threw me in water naa now see wat will i do" she murmured

she very well knew armaan cant start his day without perfect coffee, spoiling his morning coffee would be fun

"im leaving for sangivni n plz dont fool around 2day n be late, u have a imp meeting with board of directors at 10:30" keerti informed n left the house
leaving ridz tensed, nervous behind


"hey wats there in breakfast?" armi entered the kitchen

ridz didnt eply she was tensed about the board meeting, she was lost in her trance

he picks up his coffee mug n placed it on his lips

"wat the hell" he spells out the coffee

she gets back from her thoughts n sees armaan annoyed, irritated, angry all in one expression

she soon starts giggling n laughing forgetting all her problem aside

"u idiot how could u put salt in my coffee" he yelled n threw the coffee in the basin

"like u threw me in water this morning" she snapped back

before armaan could further say anything she hands him another coffee mug which had sugar instead of salt this time n says "k baba im sorry"

"ur fine naa tum mujhe sorry bol rahi ho" he asks with a concerned tone

"woh...kuch nahi" she replies with a tensed voice, relizing the meeting thing

"wat happ spell out"

she then explained, she has some future plans for sangivni which she has to lay down 2day in front of broad of directors but she is not prepared, sacred n confused

"bus itni se baat" he smiled n said

she rolled her eye ball n sad "tumhe yeh itni se baat lagti hai"

"frankly yes, n by the way im Dr Armaan who has worked in world's best hospital" he proudly announces pulling his collars up

she gave him a dirty look

"k chill come lets hav breakfast n i will help u for the meeting" he pulled her out of the kitchen




They had their breakfast while discussing the details n everything, prepareing some papers, nothing sum info n all

after some discussion about the meeting ridz says "armaan"

he interruped "thank u bolne ki koi jarurat nahi hai"

"mein thanks nahi bol rahi thi, tumne dosti ki hai toh nibhana toh padhega naa" she gets up from the chair n declares

"yup galti ki hai ab pachtane ka kya fayada (kiddingly he says doing friendship with her was a mistake)" he murmured under his breath

ridz understood armaan was saying something but couldnt understand wat he said, she then questioned him "wat did u say right now"

"me...nothing...nothing" he hesitately replies

"no u said, common on tell me" she ordered him pointin one finger towards him rest towards her

"ur getting late naa i suppose" he then tries to change her focuss

she looks at her watch and said "yeah ur right bye" she ran towards her room

he signed a relief, felt happy 2 distract her mind




picking her stuff from her room she heads back downwards to leave for a imp day of her life, "2day is a imp day for me n sangivni" she says to herself

"all the best" armaan shouts while playing his play station

"how did u know i walked im back" she asked seeing armaan's back was facing her n his eyes fixed on his play station's screen

"dumbo becoz of ur high heels noise"

"how rude" she yelled

"kidding yaar, i know u from grade one i really dont need to see u for noticing ur presence"

"yea right k bye"

"i want a treat if all goes well 2day?" he said, still his eyes fixed on the screen

"hmmm k bye" she said n left




the whole late morning armaan played his play station, in the afternoon he went to his friend's place to catch up with ld friends after 1 1/2 yr, they even went to see a horror english film

when the movie ended it was around 7, he decided to call ridz to talk about the dinner plans

a cheeky smile flashed after seeing her mobile flashing moron calling, she answered the call n said "hey u know wat the meeting went very smoothly"

"thats gr8 news, congrats" pleased with the news he smiled

"hmmm soo r we going for dinner tonight" she then asked him walking inside the room

"of course we r"

"k then see u at home n by the way i hav one more gud news for u"

"n wats that" he interruped

"well when i meet u then only i will tell u"

"k whatever" he says, no matter wat the news is, if she is happy with it he surely is happy too; he senced happiness dripping from her voice

"do one thing on the way pick me from zodiac pool place" he adds

"k i will pick u in an hour's time" she informs him n gets back to her work




in the zodiac pool place

armi n his few friends were playing pool, armaan loved playng pool, playing pool is always a stress burster n fun for armaan, he was a master in pool game for sure

his lips was holding a million dollar smile throughout the game becoz this time also luck was resting by his side he was winning the game yet again

"nice shot handsome" a gurl walks towards armaan

armi turns to face her

sees his ex gf standing next to her looking sexy like always wearing a black mini skirt like always with a halter red top with a cigrate in her hand


Part 1 to 9 - page 1

part 10 to 13 - pg 73

 Part 14 to 16 - pg 113

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faiza_elahi202 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2007 at 3:47am | IP Logged
hey sonia great intro plz do update n soon Smile
ifrahnaqash Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2007 at 3:47am | IP Logged
sounds interesting..!
will be waiting for the next chapter! do post it!
dmg_sonia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2007 at 3:51am | IP Logged

Originally posted by maha_elahi202

hey sonia great intro plz do update n soon Smile

hey dear thanks a ton 4 the comment...u know this ff was written 15 days back but i was not sure t was nice or not...but im happy u liked it...n i will update 2day night only...

dmg_sonia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2007 at 3:51am | IP Logged

Originally posted by ifrahnaqash

sounds interesting..!
will be waiting for the next chapter! do post it!

thanks dear 4 commenting, i was really scared to post this ff, n yaa next part 2day night will be posted

Sanaya_86 Goldie

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thnx for the pm dear!!
the intro is gr8!!waiting for the next part!! Smile
pwincess kanzi IF-Rockerz
pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lov ure part n cnt w8 to find out who dat gurl is but i fink its ridz bt will she! but surly her past n y she is cryin i have no idea so will be watin for ure nxt part! n yaar sonia i have been w8in for ure dosti aur pyaar update plz update it soon. Tongue
contd.... soon..........
dmg_sonia IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Sanaya_86

thnx for the pm dear!!
the intro is gr8!!waiting for the next part!! Smile

ur always welcum 4 the pm...thanks 4 the comments dearBig smile...

i will continue 2night if i get amt no of commentsEmbarrassed

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