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ARMAAN : 22 lives in london doin mbbs there rich, big flirt,caming back to indai after doin his mbbs in london becouse his dad is in india mis him too much so he going to be intern in sangivani n Wink

ANGAD:  23 age n lives in india done with his mbbs going to be a intern in sangiveni big time flirt taks everthing as a joke

ATUL:  22 lives in india his dream is to became a great doctor n he is all alone no family but he is very possitive abt everything n is very funny


RIDDHIMA:   21 lives in london with her sister love her family (n same as in dmg)is done her mbbs now goin back to india becouse her dad want his both batis to came back n do there internship in his hospital.


ANGALI :22  lives in london with her sis n is sometimes  mean n sometime nice but now is very pissed becouse her dad is calling them back so she will be an intern in sengiveni..

SAPNA:  21 now a intern is sangivani she dont want to get married so she became a doctor so with she willl not have any time to listen 2 her mom 




there is shown big city car moveing here n there  then  the camra goes to a big  building n then to a flat in the flat two girls a fighting

girl 1:came on yaar it nt like its ur wedding came on we will be late 4 a flight  rids jaldi karo .(then her face is shown  its angi she is wearing pant shirt )

girl 2: camein di whts the rush i thought u hate to go india so y ru yelling now (then this girl face is shown 1st her eyes then her lips then her full face it non other the our rids she is wearing a pant n a long coat on it )

angi:shit men i dont know  y dad want us to came bak but  wht can we do so now hurry up

rids:ok lets go

(then both went to airport)


(the camra goes to a house then to a room of tht house where a guy is sleeping on the bad only wear boxers he faceing the bad so we cant c his face then his phone rings)

ring ring ring then he picks it up still sleeping

from phone:ur still sleeping omg  get up or u willl miss ur fligth cameon armaan beta get up

(the the sleeping guy wake slowly 1 his lip then his eyes then here u r its non other then our 1 n only armaan)

armi:chill dad i have already packed my stuff n will at airport at no time so relex ok bye c ya soon

(armi gets up n leaves 4 airport)


angi: rid didnt u get our cits together look there is someone already sitting next to ur sit

rids:no di our sits our  r together let c who it is .

rids:hello ur sitting on our sit (rids said with a irritated smile)

armi:so wht now im sitting here n i dont feel like get up so u can sit on my cit back there (know tht she geting irritated)

rids :hello mister this my sit n im goin to sitt right there ok so move

armi:ok so u can sit on my lap becouse im not moving ok n u pritty girl can sit beside me ok (he said to angi)

angi:smiles n said ok rids y dont u sitt here n i will  go at his sit ok

rids:diiii no way im not sitting with him Angry

(angi who was quite irritated with there fight left n sat on armi sit at the back n rids had no choice but to sit with armi Wink)

armi:hey (know she is really irritated with him he buged her al the way 2 to india )

rid:wht is ur problem u said hey ,hello n wht ever like 1000 of time wht r u trying 2 do leave me alone

armi:hey chill yaar i was just trying to be friendly by the way wht u name

rid:my name is queen victorya  any thing else

armi:woooo im sitting with a queen my luck hmmm great yaar by the way y r u goin to india vic (he said the making funny faces)r ur ppl fed up of ther queen hmmmm


(rids faced the window n ignored armi rest of time )

(when the reached india rids moved as fast as she can to nt want to have talked u him becuse she knewhe will try 2 bug her )

angi :rids lets just get a cab i dont think dad can came he very busy na

rid:ok di came on before the stupid guy came here 2 bug us

angi:came on rids he nt tht bad he is cute

rids :cute my foot he has been buging the whole time n u r sayin he nt tht bad

armi:looks like some body really likes me (he said looking at rids)

angi :hey

armi:hi im armaan n ur very prity

angi:thanks im angi n this my sis rids

rid:diiiiii (she gave her keep quite look)

armi:chill vic ok then i have leave but i will c u guys (he said looking at rid)

angi :ok here is our number c ya(with tht armi left)

angi:wht the hell is vic

rid:its nothing but y in world did u gave the freak our number i cant belive it

angi:chil rid he looks he a nice guy

rid:wht ever lets go now


(everyone wellcamed them n the hugs n kiss blah blah)

shashak :so girl u must be tried so go to sleep tommorow is ur 1st day n dont be late becouse miss kirti dont like late camers ok gud night

angi n rids:gud night papa


a guy is playin bb n then his face is shown is angad  his ball hits some one when she turn it s kirpa she came to him n say

kirpa:cant u see where  ur ball is going ru blind

angad:no not yet but i think ur looks a going to blind me(remaber i told u he is a big flirt)

kirpa:(abit angry and irritated)shut up dont u know how to talk to girl u creap

angad :looooo i m talking u  so sweetly did i said anything wrong r u not pritty ok if u dont like it than i wil nt call u pritty ok ur the most ugly girl i ever saw ok

kirpa:wht did u just said Angry

angad : wht ur problem yaar if i say u r gud lookin then u get angry if isay ur ugly then u get angry wht deal  babe

kirpa:just go to hell(then she leaves )

precap::armi n rid meets agani.n do do angad n kirpa



there is shown a very big hospital there is some guy standing outside praying

guy:ohhhh god plz help me it my first day n becouse of my stupid landlady im already late
plz help me(then his face is shown its our sweety pie atul)
atul walking toward hospital bangs into someone has hair on her face when she lifts her hair
its sapna
atul:sorry miss im really sorry atully i m really confused it my first day of internship
n im already late
sapna:it ok so u r also a intern here
atul:also?means ur also an intern great hi im atul
sapna:hi im sapna
(then there 2 car cameing really fast n stop next to each other )
from  car 1 came out angi n rids
car 2 cames armaan
(when they came face 2 face )
rid n armi together
ar: TUM
rids:ohhhh god not agani
armi;ooo vic wht with attitude i was nt dieing 2 meet ok chill out hi angi hru
angi:im gud how ru
armi:im perfact
(angi who now c atul n sapna watching rid n armi figth say)
angi:hey wht u guys r staring at ahhh
sapna:nothing we wondering r u  also intern here
angi;ya so
atul to sapna:yaaar ya kitni rude hay
sapna:ya but choroo
rid:hi guy in riddima but u can cal me rids
atul n sapna:hi rids
atul:hey ur so nice but tht girl is so rude(he said when angi n armi were busy talkin)
rids :hey she is my sis
atul:oohhhh hehe i was just joking
sapna;so we all r goin to be together so much fun na
armi: ya rite we will have so much fun(he said lookin at rid who just roller her eyes}
(then when they were walking toward the hospital a auto cames n kirpa jumped put of it n felled
they alll turn helped her getting up where angi just rolled her eyes n stayed where she was)
kirpa:thanks guys im so exited its also my 1st day
rids:ya me to so wht ur name
kipa:my name is kirpa
(they al interdues them 2 kirpa then the walk in the hospita)



KIRTI:u all r late exapt mr angad it ur all r nt her to picnic so this ur
1st day the way im leave u

all interns:yes doctor

doc kirti :ok so all of u go to locker room ur casefile r in ur locker n im  only give u small work so u
can look around the hopital n for tom i will give every day dutis is tht clear

alll intern : yes doctor
kirti :u may leave


angad:wha wha wha Nazar na lage mere bachchon ki punctuality ko
(all of them turn 2 c face him)
kirpa:wht did u say
angad:nothing i just said the u all r very punctual
angi:r u making fun of us
(armi,rid,atul,sapna who smiling n enjoying this )
angad:wht who told u tht i cant belive it yaar how did u find out the i was
making fun of u

(kirpa who was already mad at him came forward with angi to face him)
angad :chill ladies i was just kidding hi ur very pritty (he said 2 angi n kirpa went bak to her locker)
angad:hi im angad
angi:hi i anji
(then alll of them became gud friend exapt armaan n rid and angad and kirpa)
armi:hey angad yaar u dont look like a person who should be on time then how came
angad:yaar i have a rule tht i used im my school n collage 1st impersion  is the last impesion with the they left

atul:wht was tht
(angad n armi knew wht was tht )
armi:chilll champ its nothing they r nuts
(they both also go ther work n leave a confused atul bak)

armi in the canteen c rids n says
armi:hey vic hru
rids:Tum!!!!!!!Tum  yahan kya kar rahe ho??
ami:Aloo bech raha hoon!Khareedo gi!!
rids:Mera matlab hai tum mere paas kyun aaye ho??
armi:Tumse ''Izhaar-e-Mohabbat'' karne!!!!!!!!
rids (gets up/angry):What??
armi:Mazaaq kar raha tha!Hyper kyun ho rahi ho,dear!Take a chill pill.(n sit next 2 her)
rids:Stop callin me dear...aur tum yahan kyun aa ke beth gaye ho..
armi:Kal se mein yahaan ''gol gappon ka thela'' lagaon ga..isliye dekh raha tha ke comfortable rahoonga ya nahin...
armi:riddima,I seriously think ke tumhe aik  doctor ki zaroorat...abhi se tumhare kaan kharaab hain..
   jab tumhare ''cute, cute ''Chintu,Pintu'''' woh bechaare to kuch bolne se pehle,ro ro kar hi goonge ho jayenge
rids:Enough is enough!Ab mein samajh chuki hoon ke tum circus se bhaage hue joker ho...apni aqal ka aur ''
pradarshan'' karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai..jalti bolo..kyun betho ho mere saath..
armi;(holds rids hand):Kyunki..... pyaar karne laga hoon tumse!
rids (shoos him off):What!
armi:Bas,bas..bohat ho gaya...mujhe bhi tumhaare saath bethe ka koi shauq nahin kirti said we have to work together
on our first case ok
rids:ohhhh god how can u do this to me ok but behave urself
armi;Ok..Jailor saaiba!
rids;Ur impossible
armi:That's the way I am!!!!!!!!!!


(it have been two weeks the intern have joined sanjeevani armaan n rids r still fighting
the more armi bugs rid the more he likes her angad have been saying to armi tht he is felling
4 rid n armi being armi didnt accept it n 4 rids she cant even stand armi .n r handsame hunk angad n sweety kirpa r now
friends angad stoped flirting with her after finding tht she is already engaged with some guy pritivi  so now he is after
angi bugging her al the time n our dear atul have a soft corner 4 sapna but never shows it n sapna who is head over heel in love
with doctor shubhanker n angi is very irrtated with angad how flirt with her all the time )


armi:hey yaar do u really like angi
an:wht no yaar im doin time pass n wht will happen to me if i dont flirt yaar
ar:hey dont try to play with fire dude she is very dangerou
an:hahha wht else can i do kirpa is engaged sapna is nt my type n rids is my bhabi ji
(armi who was drinkin coke choked )
armi:wht bhabhi oooo i told before i m not into her ok
an:ok if i flirt with rid u willhave no problem na
ar:hmm wo... why will i have any problem but she is goin to like u ok
an:oooo ok chill yaar iwill nt flirt with her c ur face its is red like tomoto
ar:shut up (armi was happy 4 inside but act lke he is angry)
an:hahahaha (then is pager ringss)ok yaar i have 2 go say my hi to bhabi ji(with tht he run 4 thr)
ar:stupid angad bhabi jii hmmmmm no armi it nothing like the ok chill


(everyone is there exapt kirpa)

kir:hi guys i have gud new(she said entrying locker room)
at;ohhh no kirpa how can  u do this didnt u think ok ur mom dad before take such a huge step)
(kirpa who was confused of wht is he talk abt)
ki:atul wht r u talk abt
at:u said u have gud news i only know 1 gud know wooo wali gud news
ki;shut up atul it nothing like tht (everyone start to laugh)
angad:ok so wht is the gud news
kirpa:im getting married
(everyone together);WHAT
rid:congo yaar im so happy 4 u
sapna;ya me 2 but i hope u dont leave sanjeevini
kir:yaar im nt sure but i did i will miss u all
angad; ya we will misss u 2 (angad never misses a chance to came closer 2 girl n he huged her so did everybody else)

(n then everyone was done with ther work a left)


(armaaan,angad n atul were standing near armi car n were eat chips n drinkin coke n trowing thing on the road)
(angi n rid came out of sanjeevani n angi went to get the car n rids was waiting 4 her when she saw the boys makeing mess n
want to them in angry mood)

rids;really angry):Yeh kya.....yeh tum log kha pee ke kuchra neeche kyun phenk rahe ho..uthao yeh Pepsi ka can....
armi is lost in rids eyes

(armaaan 2 angad n atul):Yeh tum donon kya kar rahe ho..uthao yeh kuchra...

 angad n atul together;hum???
armi:Nahin,tumhare padosi....uthao yeh
atul:Utha rahen hai na...ghussa kyun karta hai....
(angad n atul cleaned the ground n set beside armaan)
armi:(shouts):Behre ho kya...maine kaha kuchra uthao
atul:gets angry):Utha to diya hai..ab kya dobaara dustbin mein se nikaal kar dobaara us mein daalein...
rids:Itni meherbaani ki koi zaroorat nahin hai..aur haan.... ab yahan par dobara kuchra hua dekhna
(rid leave)

(angad n atul hit armi on his head)
angad:Yeh kya tha?Hum tere naukar hain kya...
atul;Meri kamar ka satynaash ho gaya hai teri wajah se...
angad:Khud to uski aankhon mein aise doob gaya tha jaise aankhen nahin swimming pool ho..
atul:Aur humse naukaron ki tarah kuchra uthwa raha tha....chal tu...tujhse apna poora ghar saaf na karwaya to mera naam bhi atul nahin...Chal
(kirpa and sapna cames)
kirpa:Kya hua...
atul:Mein batata hoon..
(atul tell them the whole story)
kirpa and sapna start laughin..
atul;Tum log hans rahe ho...wahan hamari haalat kharab ho gaye thi kuchra utha utha ke...
.kaise ghatiya log hain hamare hospital  mein.....poora dustbin khaali tha...saara kuchra dustbin ke baahar pada tha....

angad:Khud to use aise dekh raha tha jaise woh koi alien ho...
aur hamein jhaadu wala samajh kar saara ground saaf karwaya pagal ne

kirpa;Oye armaaan..yeh theek keh rahe hain kya,...
atul:kirpa tum dost hai ya dushman...yahaan pe meri kamar...

sapna;Ruk na atul...tu apni kamar ki daastaan baad mein sunana...haan arman,tum bolo...
armann:Yaar....pata nahi n mujhe kya hogaya tha..

atul:Pagalpan ka daura pada tha aur kya hua tha...

kirpa:Thodi der ke liye mun band kar na atul

armi:Uski aankhon mein ajeeb si kashish thi

atul (interrupts again):Wah!Kya baat hai!Uski aankhon mein ajeeb si kashish thi...aur teri aankhon
mein ajeeb sa Sujal tha jo use dekhe ja raha tha aur tab yeh hospital nahin,''Kahiin to hoga'' ka set ban gaya tha....

kirpa:atul,tu mat aaraam se Love Story sunne dena..

atul:Miss.Majnu to ab yehi kahen ge na....Chal angad,hum chalte hain

angad:ya lets go

armi:hold it dont u all dare to tell her wht happend here ok

angad:ok my majnu came on let play bb
armi :shut up let go (with tht atul n the girl leave n angad n armi start play bb)

(saddenlly armi out no where yelled):i love her

angad;(shocked didnt know wht 2 say ):gud very nice so how r u goin 2 tell her

armi:i dont know
an:does she love u
armi:i dont know
an:r u sure
ar:i dont know
an:whts ur name
ar:i dont know
(angad started laughin..)
(armi who was very pissed now hit him with the ball)
an:ok yaar chilll we will think of somthing ok





ar:so wht should i do

angad:hmmmmm commit suside
(arman just rolled him eyes)
kirpa:shut up this no time to joke

angad:its 7.00 y if u joke at this time will i die or someing

kirpa;i mean tht we should help armann he looks so low

angad:ok ok so wht should we do ...i mean wht should armaan do
armi:oohhhhhhh plz yaar help she dont even  look at my face she is so buged with me help karo plz i love rids alot

kirpa:oooooo so sweet armaan (armaan blushes)w
angad:wah wah look at ur face it so lal lal like tomoto
armi:shut up n tell me wht 2 do 4 the 1st time i dont know wht 2 do
atul;wht the problem yaar take her out
angad;n be very nice with her look after her
armi:she is not sick tht i could look after her
angad:mari bhai im show her how much u care 4 her ok
(with tht rid n angi enter lockerroom)
rids:hey guy wht ru talking abt

angad:nothing i was just telling them how someone broke my heart (he said jokely look at angi)
rid smiled n angi rolled her eyes

armi:hello riddihma how r u(with a huge smile on his face)
(rids who just stard at him ) fine
amri:great so (before he could finish all ok there pagers ringed)
atul:ohh God this doctor kirti will kill me someday
armi:ok so rid i need to talk to u but 1st go 2 kirti
rids:hmmmm ok (she said makeing 1 those faces she make she didnt trust armi abit she thougth he agian is one of those jokes)
atul:Aur woh Hitler…woh tho mere landlady se bhi crazy hain
angad:no yaar she pritty hot
angi:wht u r sick angad she is like 36
angad:so wht cant someone look hot at 36 hmmmm
angi:wht ever(annoyed)


kirti:ok doc ur today dutis r dr angad ur in lab,doc anjali ur in genral ward
doc riddhima ur n doc armaan r in icu doc sapna n atul look after mr amit in room num 12 ok is tht clear
(all togerther):yes doctor
kirti:ok move now


(rids n armi after chk all the cases armi thought this this is the perfect time 2 ask her out)
armi:hey rids i...wa.nt ..ask..u. something
rid:hmmm bolo
armi:hmmm woooo i... i ....i
rid:wht iii say somting
armi:i mean i will talk to u later
(with tht armi runned 4 there leaveing a confused rid bak)


armi:hi rids
rid:let me guess u want to tell me something
armi:hmmm how did u know
rid:just a guess so telll before u change ur mind
armi:no i will never change mind abt this (he said with a dreamy smile)
rids:ok bolo tu
armi:so wht r u doing today
rids;is this wht tok the whole day to ASK me ok nothing but y
armi:i was thinkin u r not doing anything im nt doin anything so lets do something together
rids;WHAT wht u mean by together
armi:hey i was just saying dinner together i didnt mean anything else
rid thinking: (hmmmmm this is nice chance to have some fun )
(armi couldnt belive his ears)
rid:i said i wll have dinner with u
armi:really.,, ok.i wil.l  pick u at 8.00 ok
rid;no it fine i will came myself ok
armi;ok red rose at 8.00 ok(hey guy i thought they have gone all color hotals in dmg but non was name red )


armi:why is she takeing so long
(then the camera goes to the door standing rids looking like an angel armi couldnt take him eyes of her but saddenlly when he
 c angi ,sapna,angad,atul,kirpa alll came out 4 behind her n said hi armaan
(armi who at tht moment want to kill them or himself said)
rid:sorry armaan i hope im nt late
armi;nt at all u have perfect timing
rids:thanks let order the dinner
(when everyone had dinner armi only looked at rids who look very pretty n rids noticed armi stareing at her was
feeling very uncomfortable)


(after rids n angi left armi start running after angad,atut,kirpa n sapna)
armi:u all r lier ,crooks,n god know wht u call ur self friends
angad:chill yaar wht could we do she draged us alll here
armi;wht ever
kirpa:so u today u didnt tell her tht u love her its ok u cant her later
armi:ya u dont know im will nt be able to sleep if i dont tell her i goin tell to her now

angad;ru nut it very late yaar she will give u a tight slap

armi;i dont care i have 2 tell her(with tht armi got in his car n left 4 rid home)

angad:ohhhh god ya majnu to gaya ok kirpa call rids ask her wht r they doin

(kirpa called rids)
kir:hey rid wht r u doin u im ver bored u must be also bored angi has a night duti na
rid;ya but my cozin is here so di tok off from nigth duti n we haveing a blast here
kir:ok bye enjoy 
kir:ur goin have a blast 4 sure
angad:wht she said she is alone na
kir:no angi is there so is 1 of her cozin
an:great i need to call armi n tell me this


(armi slowly enter the house n is now standin near the pip when his phone rings he got scard of
anyone might heard the ring he turn his phone off n start chimbing the pip)


(rids,angi,tina rids cozin r talking while sitting in tv room with nani)
tina;hey i will just came bak i think i 4 got my cell in ur room
(tina went to the room to get her cell she looking 4 it in dressing table when slowly armi enter the room armi is into find rid
tht he even didnt notic tina n tina same as armi was so busy looking her cell when she found it she turn to leave when she saw armi
tina;hi(while way toward the door n then saddenlly she noticed tht there was a starnger in the room then armi n tina turn to look
at each other n both yelled
armi and tina; ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
tina:chor chor chor
armi;where where is the chor
tina:uuuu r the chor
armi:me no im nt chor dont shout plz im nt a chor
(when armi understands she not goin to stop yelling he run 4 his life he start geting down of the pip very fast when he sliped
and felled on the ground very hard but still managed to get up n run when two dogs came runing toward him he forgot every thing
and got in his car want for  ther as fast he could)


SHASHANK:RU alright beta
tina;yes uncal
angi:but did tht chor came in her just look at room color why did nt take anything
shashank;ok leave it u girls go to sleep i will take to tht pro ok gud nigth
tina,angi,rids:gud night
tina:hey guy but tht chor was really cute
angi:wht tina i know u find every guy cute but now u even dont leave chors
tina:came on yaar tht guy didnt look like a chor
rid:ya he just broke in to our house to say hello hmmm tina
tina:wht ever but he the most gud looking chor i ever saw
rid:n how many choros do u know u r saying like u have met lots of chor
angi:ok u can talk abt ur cute chor later let me sleep






(angad,atul,sapna,kirpa, r there talk wht could have happen to armaan last night just then amri enters locker room)
armi:ahhhh (he with his hand on his back becouse of fall from the pip )
angad:ohh my God i knew rids is going to be angry with but i dint know she is going to beat u up
armi:wht ru talking abt why will rids beat me
angad:beacouse u showing up at her houes at mid of night by the way i was trying 2 call u but u turn ur
phone off becouse after u want from red rose we called rids she told us tht angi phus 1 of her cozin is with her

armi:oooo tht was rids cozin(then armi told them th whole story they all start laughin like hell)
kirpa:ohhh my god armi u r saved by a (before she could finsh rids n angi enter)
angi n rids:hi guy

rids:guy u cant belive wht happened last night

angad:dont worry we will belive u (he said lookin at armi from corner of his eyes)

rid:last night a crook broke into our house my cozin saw him but before we enter the room his was gone

angi:ya but its very weird y didnt he take anything
(all of them were trying to hold the laugh )
angad:ohhh my god r u fine(he said hugging her which really annoyed her m she pushed him away)
angi:im fine angad ok so back of n by the i didnt even saw tht crook my cozin tina did n the whole night
she was saying the the chor was really cute
(with tht every1 start laughin where armi start blusing)
rids:ok guys let get back to work(with tht everyone went to ther work)

(A car stopped outside sanjeevani a girl walk out of the car n its tina she is here to pick angi n rids becouse they r goin to have lunch


angad;yes u need these test after tht we will deside wht to do next (with his eyes fell on a girl whoo was talk to rids so
he want to them)

angad:hi rids whts up(he asked rids but was looking at tina)
rids:im over her angad n im fine meet tina my cozin
angad:ohhhh ur r tina hi im angad rids friend n angis so called friend
tina:hahah hi
rids:came tina y dont me rest of the gang
(saddenlly angad felt like he have been punched in the guts he has to tell this to armaan or....)
angad:leave it na rids when im here wht need of anyone else

rids:wht ok angad wll listen to ur jokes later came tina lets say to other before we leave

tina:ok came

(angad runned toward the locker room as fast he could)

angad:armaan run 4 ur life or ur love story wil end before starting
armi:wht ru out of ur mind
angad;oooo dambo rids is cameing here with her cazin
armi:so ......WHAT ohhhhhh god help me wht should i do
(rid enter locker room with her cozin ,kirpa,sapna and angi was nt there)
rids:hi guy
armi;hi (with a file infront of his face)
rid:hey guys meet  tina my cazin
armi:hi tina
tina:hi but why u have tht file infront of ur face
armi:no its nothing like tht im fasting today (the first thig he could think of)
rid:wht ur face has to do with fasting
armi:mmhhmm...wo...i cant show my face to any girl
rid:niice joke armaan ur showed u face to alll of us girl in moreing now move tht file
tina:yes move the file
armi:why u guys wana c my face belive me im nt cute at all u y u wana c me
(rids who now is sure something is fishy
rid:whtever arman move the file now ya parda hatao
armi:nahi parday mai raheny do parda na hatao parda joe nahi nahi nahi bohat pro hojay gi
rid:armaan i said move it now
(armi slowly moves the file as soon as tina saw his face she start yelling )
(rids who was shocked armi give n embersing smile)
rids:tum... woo. im mean u broke in to our houes (now very angry like always)
armi:no i....i...i
(now armi feel stuck didnt know wht to say saddenly felt something in his pocket its rids ring which she once forgot in icu)
armi:uu forgot ur ring at redrose (as he handed out the ring )
rids:mm..,m but y u came trow the pip
armi:oo when i was cameing to ur door ur dog got after me so to save my self i start chimbing the pip(think i brine tht plz
god rids belive his story)
rids:ok lets go tina we r getting late
tina:ok bye guys n bye cute chor.. i mean cute docter
(after they left angad,atul,kirpa,sapna start to llaughin)
armi:shut up tht was close
angad:ya but i will never keep tht fast in which i cant show my face to a girl how will i live na
armi:whtevr so now wht
atul:write her a love latter
kirpa:hey tht a great idia
armi:but i wont be able to give it to her
sapna:ok u write it n i will put it in her bag ok
armi;great thanks



(rids enters her room she is alone angi has night duti)

(her phone rings she picks up it kirpas call)

kirpa:rids.tum ne apnna bag khola??

rids:Na Hello,na HI....rids,tum ne apna bag khola!! the way,yeh tum kyun pooch rahi ho??

kirpa:Woh meri ek book..shayad tumhare bag mein

rids:Achcha,mein check karti hoon

(rids  opens her bag,and starts findin the book,and she gets the letter....

rid;kirpa tumhari book to nahin par ek letter...

rids(thinks):Yeh Kirpa ko kya ho gaya hai??

(rids  is abt to open the letter but the phone bell rings again..this tum,it's sapna)
sapna:rids tum ne apna bag khola...

rids:Haan par..tum..
sapna:Woh meri file tumhare baag mein hai,shayad

rids:Kya museebat hai!Apni books apne bag mein daalne ke bajaye meri bag mein thoons di thin kya..thehro,chack karti hoo...
(rids  checks her bag again)

rids:tumhari file nahin hai mere bag mein!
sapna:Kuch aur hai
rids;Haan..woh ek letter
sapna (interrupts):Achcha rids..ab mein rakhti hoon..kuch kaam yaad aagaya
rids to herself):Yeh in donon ko kya hogaya hai??
(sits on her bed and reads the letter n shocked)






(armi is in the icu doing whtevr they do in hospitals  so then rids came to armi )
rids:armaan i need to talk 2 u(with a huge smile on her face)
(armi was lost in her eyes after few min when rid bang her foot at floor bring him out of dream world)
rids:armaan i want to talk to u(again with a huge smile)
(armi who was now really scard from WAY the she was smileing )
armi:s..suu,re why ..nt came
(they want to tht stircase where armi n rid have thr fights n romance)
armi:han  riddihma
(rid start camein forward n armi start goin backward untill his back hits the wall)
rids;armaan tum wo....(she said in soft  whispere)
(rids then both her hand on each side n armi in middl)
(armi was like on cloud 7 feel rids so close to him)
rid:armaan did u write tht letter (with a voice tht was driving armi crazy)

rids:why didnt u said before armaan
(armi puts his hand on rids waist looking deepy in her eyes
armi:i wanted to say (before armi could sayanything else he felt so much pain)
(rids kicks armi where no1 wants to be kicked)
(armi felled on the floor n hold the place where rids just kicked him with her knee)
armi:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh oooo rids wht the hell was tht abt(almost has tears of pain in his eye rids choose a bad spot to hit )
rids:tht was 4 ur cheap trick armaan malik u take everything as joke wht u thought ur goin give me a letter n im goin u 2 belive u
4 get it armaan  other ppl feeling dont metter 4 u but dontu dare to mass with me again

armi:ahhhhhhh oooo so was tht kick so important u could have told me tht man it hurts so much oooooooo

rid:lato key bhoote bato sey nahi mantey
armi:rids but listen to me u r getin it all wrong (armi try explain but it our rid guy do she listen to anyone ya she listn to every
one exapt armi)


(armi stilll have lot of pain enter locker room everyone is there)
angad:hi eyes go on where armi hand was)
angad:chiii chiii armaan wht in world r u doin
(armi how was on his last narve yelled)
armi:KYA HAI wht ur problem
angad:dude i dont have any pro but i think u have 1 just look where ur hand is
(armi  embarrassed )
angad:wht happend dude u dont look so gud
(rids who ws near her locker ws hearing this n smileing to her self )

armi:hmm ....wo.nothing yaar i dont know y ppl always misunderstande me

rid:becouse there nothing abt u to understand(with tht rids leave)

armi thinking:u will one day understand me i promise (smileing to himself)

angad:wha yaar todays (walking toward angi)atmospear is so hot na (looking at angi)

angi:do u want me to cool it down (showing him a punch)

angad:no i dont like cool weather i like a bit hot abit cool just like
angi:shut up(with tht she also leave angad looking at her dreamly)

kirpa:ok guy i totlly forgot my wedding funtions r goin to start from the day after tom

atul:wow ur the 1st girl who even 4got her marriage

kirpa:atul chup karo n guy tom is mehandi so all of be there n armi wht happend to ur letter

armi:wooo..mmma..she said tht it 1 of my joke

kirpa:wht look  how many time i said to u guys dont joke al time  the one day life will joke with u it
ok armi u will have lots of time in my wedding to convines her ok chill
armi:i hope so (armi didnt told them kick part)


(armi was talking abt something but angad was lost deep in his thoughts)

atmi:oo angad im nt talkin to my food wht happend
an:wo...armi i think im in love
armi:ok gud 4 u go get me a coke
anl:hello i didnt told u weather report i think i said somthin really important nu not even asking me who i love r order me coke
la tara nukar ho kya
armi:ya rite like ur really in love (he looked at his face 4 2 min then yelled)WHT RU REALLY IN LOVE i cant belive my ears great
yaar now get me a coke
(angad glared at him)
armi:ok dont get me a coke so is she
angad:woo yaar i love angi]
armi:wht tu to gaye she is very dangerouse(then he remambers the kick)both of sister r very dangerous
armi;nothing so wht now
angad:tht the pro dont know wht 2 do
armi:lets think together
(them armi n angad sat there think how to get there love)



(armi was in lift when he sew rid caming in to armi looked at HER n she gave him a deadly glare with which armi jumbed back
scard of  she will hit him again)
(armi with all his wil power walk forward 2 talk 2 her)
(rids jumped beck becouse of sadden yel)
rids:ru out of ur mind y u yelled 4
armi:mmm..wo....(he tok a deep breath)wo rids ANDAG LOVES ANGI(HE YELLED AGAIN)
rid:so y ru yelling ok so wht can i do abt its gud but its no use to tell me this tell angi dii
armi:ur rite ok bye
(with tht rids got of the lift armi slap his head he wanted to say i love u to rid but in place said angad love angi)
armi:great goin armaan just simply great


(angad walk to angi)

angad:Kaisi hain aap??
angi:wht(she rised her eyebro she was shocked she should be its angad we r talking abt)
angi:Tumhari tabiyat to theek hai na!By the way,ladkiyon se baat karne ki tameez kahaan se aaye tumhe??
angad:Pyaar sab uch sikha deta hai!
angad:i mean dosti.......dosti sab kuch sikha deti hai...friends??
angi:Baat ko ghumaana achchi tarah se jaante ho....par dosti kar rahe ho to...apni aadatein sudhaarni padengi...sudhaar lo ge?
angad:Tumhare liye kuch bhi karloon ga!
angi:ok nice
(armi n rids who were smilein armi said very quitly)
armi:may bhi Tumhare liye kuch bhi karloon ga!(he said looking at rid)
armi:nothing i can i say anything to Jailor saaiba who dont care of others feelings or just my feeling
(rid felt it but didnt show n went 3 there n armi 2 himself rids 4 how long u will lie 2 ur self iknow u also have feeling 4 me


............................................................ ..................



rids:guys where ia kirpa to i didnt saw 4 the whole day
atul:u 4got tommorow is her menhendi so she is on leave

rids:ya its gone be so much fun na
armi:ya its gone be (looking at her loveinly )ya but our wedding is gone be more rock (he said this quitly)
angad:came on guys or doc kirti is going to be really mad


kirti:doc riddima ur in lab ,armaam u n doc angad r goin to help me in ot,anjali in icu,sapna n atul in genral ward
all together:yes doctor


atul;hey sapna in blood test karwo then will think anything else
sapna:ok i just came(when she was going she bamped is shubhanker )
sub:ohhh doc sapna i  was thinking it has beeen so long
sap:sorry sir how r u sir(lookin at him loveinly)
sub:im fine wht abt u look very cute in this color
sap:ohh thank u sir(blushing)
sub:ok bye
(atul who was watching this felt really baad i hope u ppl didnt 4get i said atul has a soft corner 4 sapna)


(armi n angad were waiting 4 doc kirti outside ot)
armi:yaar wht should we do explaining anything to these 2 sister is like saying hello to a hungry loin
angad;i know yaar yesterday i became friend with angi but tht friendship only stay 4  10 mins these sister r u nuts
armi:ooooo hello u r not the 1 saying tht it should be me i didnt even did anything

angad:wht did i do i only asked 4 a date
armi:ya u asked her out five min after u became friends with her wow
ang:ok yaar hota hai control nahi hota yaar ki kariya
armi:mmmmmm bingo wht abt a movie

angad:WITH US
armi:yes(with a huge smile)
angad:oooo tu pagal hai do u think they will came with us if we want to take them to movie them we have to take
the whole baraat
angad:i mean the whole gang yaar
armi:do we have choice
angad:no 4 sure no wht
armi:we have to take them wht can we do


armi:ok guy we have made a plan  of going 4 a movie
atul:wow tht great armaan
angi:ya at wht time
rid:but my duti ends at 8.20
armi think:ohhhhhh God tusi great hoo now i can have sometime alone with her
armi:no problem my duti also ends at 8.20 u can came with me
(angad stares him like wht he is talking abt his duti is already over)
angi:ya thts great u can came with him ridzy n u can change into ur other cloths in changingroom ok c ya (with tht angi left with even listening
to rids)
armi:ok rids i will wait 4 outside at 8.20 bye(with tht he left as fast as he could didnt want give rid s chance to speak)


armi:wher is rid man girls take so much time
(with tht his eyes fell on the door there standing rids wearing wht she alway wear in dmg but the dress color was black n he
was looking stunting armaan just kept looking at her he could nt drag his eyes of her)

rid:lets go armaan
(he just kept looking at her )
rid:hello armaan chalo ...u r looking beutiful
rid:mmm....thanks (blushing abit)

(they both got in the car n armi started driveing )

(armi now stopped his car )

rid:wht happen armaan y u stoped the car

armi:just wait i,ll  bak in a min

(rid was waiting 4 armaan when after 3 min armi came back his hand behind his back)
rid:where did u go armaan n wht in ur hand
armi;its 4 u close ur eye

rid:wht....ok but it should nt be joke
(rids closed her eyes n armi tok the thing out n asked rid 2 open her eyes)
armi:ok now
rids:juice??? armaan hahahaha its juice
armi;i know it mango ur fav n i didnt give ur flower or anything becouse god know wht wil u do if u kick me again so i thought juice
rid:thank armaan(she tok the juice n start drink it while armi drived when saddenlly abit of juice fell n armi stop the car n start helping her)
(armi tok a  clothe n start helping rids when there hand touched they both looked up now into eachother eyes lost in eachother)

(they were lost rids hand was in armi hand they were so close )
armi:rid.dma i want to say somthing
armi:i..i(before he could finsh rid phone ringed n rid came out of her dream world )
rid:hello ya di we almost there ok bye .chalo armaan di wait kar rahin hn (with tht she turn her face toward the window she was shying)
armi:ok(smileing he thought he willl talk to her while watcing movie)


(everyone was waiting 4 them when they came after all the hello hi )

angad:came on guy let go  armi yaaar we r goin inside plz get popcorns plz yaar

armi:ok so guys go i will get the popcorns
(while walking toward the hall rids turns around n saw armi n armi gave her a big smile n winks at her )

(when armi walks in he saw tht atul is sitting inbetween sapna n rid n the only free chir is next to lovely armi goes to atul

armi:Dekh atul,mere bhai...tujhe meri jaan pyaari hai to plz lovely ke saath beth ja..
atul:armaan,mere bhai,mujhe teri jaan bohat pyaari,ekin apni jaan,usse zyaada pyaari hai,is liye tu beth lovely ke saath

armi:,tu mere liye itna chota sa kaam nahin kar sakta..
(rids put her hand on face 2 hold laughing n was shy )

atul:armi,mein jaanta hoon ke is poori dunya mein tujhse bahadur insaan koi nahin hai,is liye tu beth lovely  ke saath.

armi:Tu kyun itna mara ja raha hai sapna or rids ke saath bethne ke liye..

atul:Hello!Mujhe koi shauq nahin hai inka saath bethne ka,par lekin lovely ke saath bethne se achcha hai ke mein indono
ke saath hi beth liye ja munne,aur beth lovly  ke saath.....Aur sun,Best of luck(shows him a ''Thumbs Up)

armi:gets really angry):Bhaad mein jaye tu aur tera ''Best of luck''!!!!

(now angad who was looing at angi someone else was siiting with her when the person got up to go washroom angad made his move)

angad:Kya mein aapke saath beth sakta hoon??

angi(gets angry):Kyun!Tum koi aasman se uttre ho...

angad (to himself):Is ke saath bethne ke liye aasmaan se utarna zaroori hota hai kya!!
angad:Nahin,kuch nahin...woh aapse ''sorry'' maangna chahta tha...

angi(made face);Haan..haan..yaad aagaya..waise kaafi jaldi khayal agaya sorry maangne ka...
abhi do teen saal aur ruk jaate...jaldi kya thi! it ok
(as movie ends everyone was get up angad said to angi)
angad:angi so dinner tom
angi(look at him like she is goin to kill him)
angad:chilll i was just joking hehehe
angi;it better be

(n they all came out n were now standing outside)

atul:it ws so much fun
armi:shut up atul ke bachche,tujhse se bada dhokebaaz maine aaj ak nahin dekha..
atul:Dekho ge bhi nahin
armi;Dekhna chahta bhi nahin...
atul:Dekhna chaho bhi to bhi nahin dekh pao ge
armi:Mujhe andha samjha hai kya..aur tu to mujhse ab baat hi mat kar
atul;Tune aaj mujhe meri zindagi ki sabsi badi khushi di hai..arman
armi (angry):My pleasure,Mr atul joshi

angad;ok stop it came on let go arman give me the keys i drive n all of u sit a back or angi ji app front sit pay bethey plz
armi:oooooo hello i willl drive n u all wil sit at back n rids u can sit on front sit
angad:i will drive not u
armi:shut up i will drive
(rids n angi who were now really bored with there 10 min of me me )
angi whisper:rid came on let go sapna u also came with us
rid:but di we didnt get the car
angi:its these both r really annoying came on
(with tht rid.angi,sapna) (now back to armi n angad)

armi;me i ill drive
angad:i will
atul:SHUT UP i wil drive i will drive dambos 4 who u guys r figthing thy r gone
armi:ooo shit where did they go it all ur fult
angad:men now wht
atul:now my friends any of u can drive n i will sit on front cit ok.
(then armaan n angad looked at eachother face)




atul:so guys wht r u goin to wear tonite
angad:duh atul cloths wht else
atul:dambo i know ur going to wear cloths ur nt goin there naked wht kind of cloths
armi:so whts the time
rid:its gone be so much fun na
armi:ya its gone be fun (he said looking at her which made her very uncomfrtable)
angad:angi ji ap kya pahnay gi (everyone trying to hold there laugh)
angi:bikni do u have any problem
angad;realy tht great no wait its not great i would have loved tht idia if i was tht only men there
angi:4 god sake angad shut up (with thet she leave)
(n everyone start laughing)
angad:shut up u guy i know ur all secrets so dont mess with me  or i willl write it n put it in notic broad
armi:chill bro dont get angry
angad;ok guy see u alll tonite
armi;ok c ya
atul:ok i have  go to genaral ward or tht kirti will eat me alive bye
(now rids n armi r alone in lockerroom so armi made his move)
armi:hi riddima kasi ho tum
rids:im gud n u
ar:im fit  mm...mmmm i want to say something(with tht rids got realy tensd of wht armi will say)
armi:riddma wo (with tht he start caming forward nrid backwards)
armi: (and then grabbed her waist and brought her closer to him and whispered): , " rids I..",
rid:yes(she said softly)
armi:rids i want u to clean my locker(he said letting go of her turning around thinkin wht he just said in place of i love u)
rid:WHAT(other hand apart from being embarrassed as she thought he would have said something else was angry, )
armi:no..nahi it ok if u dont want to clean my locker (rids angryly left the lockeroom)
armi:great araam malik ur great u had such a great chance of saying i love n wht u did rid can u clean my locker
(he said while slaping his head)



(there were lots of ppl n then we c our armi standing next to angad bothin wear black slawar kamiz lookin extrahot)
(armi how ever just wanted one glance of rids)
angad: dude armi don't worry she'll come
armi:oh be quiet
angad:fine but then you won't know what I was about to tell you
angad:oh that your miss riddima just walked
(armi turn was awe struck by rids looking beautiful she was wearing a blue lanhga
 she was matching silver jewelry and her hair was straight )
angad:hey rids ur lookin stunting if i was not already in love(he said lookin at angi who just entered )then i would have fellen in love with u
(armi kicked on his foot n he start jumping )
angad:ooooo yaaar chill kar it ws a joke ok guy i ll c ya later i have other work(with tht he walked to angi)
armi:mmm...wo..u r lookin (before he could say more rids angryly want from there becouse of the morning insident)
(in no time they allbecame friend with the groom ptivi n now the dance floor
was now open both rids and kripa danced to various songs, while armi chatted up some girls which rids saw and got jealous which armi noticed and simply grinned.)

(After they ate the dance floor was open once again this time they danced around in a circle swapping partners, as soon as rids reached armi the music changed into a slow song,
everyone grabbed the person in front of them and began to dance,   song: Aisa Koi Zindagi Mein Aaye – dosti –friend 

aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye(3)
thode khushiyaan ho thode ansoon ho
aur zara zara pe muskuraye
aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye(2)
thode khushiyaan ho thode ansoon ho
aur zara zara pe muskuraye
aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye(2)

(angad grinned while holding on to her waist and one hand tightly while rids tried hard to control her emotions, her heat was beating fast, really fast, she wasn't sure if she would be able to handle this dance any longer ,
while armi brought her closer , turned her around, dipping her and brought her back up as she crashed into his chest)

dilon jaan se joh mujhpe mare
sirf mujhse mohabbat kare
mere khwabon mein khoya rahe

(she could' take it anymore , she tried to move back but she couldn't one part of her top was stuck
 to one of armaan's button, )

mere kaandho pe soya rahe
mere liye duniya bhulaye
mere dardo gum bhi uthaye
aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye

lamha lamha umar baat le
meri tanhayian kaat le
har ghadi bas mera naam le
ladkhadayon joh main thaam le
mere saare sapne sajaye
meri palko mein ghar banaye

(rids could feel her cheeks turn deep red while armaan smirked , rids gently released herself and walked away)

aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye
thode khushiyaan ho thode ansoon ho
aur zara zara pe muskuraye
aisa koi zindagi mein aaye,
joh zindagi ko zindagi banaye(2)
thode khushiyaan ho thode ansoon ho
aur zara zara pe muskuraye

rids walked outside to control herself , opening her arms taking in the air , she held her dupatta with both hands at both ends and began to turn around and around as she could slightly here the music playing inside. She kept on turning when she started to feel dizzy, deciding to stop she placed her dupatta over her shoulder and walked back into the house, she looked for angi
, she was busy sitting in a circle with atul, angad, armann and sapna,kirpa n pritvi while the grown up were in their own world, she decided to join them. She walked over and sat in between atul and sapna , opposite armaan,
she didn't dare to look him into the eyes not what ever happened on the dance floor. atul- ooh rids your just in time we were going upstairs into kirpas's room to play a game.
They all went up to kiraps's room closing the door they sat around in a circle like this, kirpa,pritvi, angad, angi, rids and armi.

atul:okay so why are we in here
angad:duh of course to see something
armi:and what is that
sapna:to see whether kirpa will have a boy or girl first and how many,
armi: what
pritvi:ooh cool , come on let's play
angad:do you have to be getting married to play this game
angad:cool then I'll play to
sapna:gosh angad you have to be a girl
armi:oh didn't you know sapna angad is not actually angaf but is ,( before he could continue )
angad(interrupted him):ohh hahahahaha very funny
pritivi:anyway let's play

kirpa:no only on one condition I'll play and that is both rids and angi have to do it to
armi:ya tht a great idea
rids:no she said (blushing)
pritivi:oh come on riddima
angad:eh please
sapna:okay we will do kirpa first. (sapna asked kirpa for a gold change with a pendant , which she gave)
sapna:okay so if the pendants goes around that means it's a girl and
if it moves straight it's a boy and if it stops then no more kid

( okay lol so this scene I got the idea from hssh, lol but can't remember if it goes around whether it's a girl or boy so making it up lol)

sapna:so let's start now give me your hand kirpa.
(kirpa placed her hand out straight)
pritvi: omg I'm excited, but how do you know it's true,

sapna:because I do,
atul: yeh just listen to her
(sapna held the chain )
sap:1st girl
pritvi:sweet I'll have an angel,
sap:2nd boy
pritv:yes (he said huging kirpa)

sap:3rd girl

pritvi: hmmm guess I'll have to keep the guys away when they grow up, (they all laughed at his dumbness,)
sap:okay and that's it
angad:okay now angi's turn(who just rolled her eyes)
armi:hmm why are you eager to find out about angi
angad:well just the way you want to know about rids (he said biting his tongue as armi gave him a dirty look while rids blushed deeply)
angi:ok whtever okay my turn whose doing it for me
pritvi:i will do it
pritvi:aww yay 1st a boy
(angi smiled)
angad:cool I have someone to play with,(angi gave him a killer look while the others grinned as angad turn red)
pritvi:okay girl and that's it
angad:what only two kids, this is wrong dw angi we'll have more (he said happily,while angi trow a shoe at him which didnt hit him)

sapna:ok its rids turn what  come on rid put your hand forward
rid:no I don't want to do it
kirpa:come on rids do it please for meeeeeeee
(placed her hand in front while armi watched carefully)

sapna:ok ru ready
(rids nodded already blushing,
sapna:aww she's already blushing and we haven't started yet anyways let's get to it.
angad:whoa dang rids your husband is going to love you,
(rids took her hand back blushing deeply she ran downstairs.)

kirpa:aww she;s so shy, but dang huh 4 kids poor rids,
angad:hmm I wonder whose the father (he said grinning while eyeing armaan who was smirking to himself)


(rids wantto kirpa  and angi who was getting her mehandi done,)

rid:ooooh wow kirpa you hands look beautiful
kirpa:thanks hmmm someone's looking pretty, any special reasons huh?, (she said raising an eyebrow at rids)
rid:no (she said nodding her head, thought smiling inside)

(The dance floor opened and everyone began to dance and enjoy themselves rids danced with both kirpa and atul also with angad who was enjoying himself ,)
(armaan on the other hand danced with kirpa , with angi and some other girls , which rids was annoyed,
(rids was tired and decided to watch for a while before she would join them again)
(She stood there with envy as she saw other girls dancing with armaan)
rids to herself:should I care, why should I get jealous

(When one of the girls called out to her ):riddima di, come and get mehandi done",( rids smiled and went over,)

(rids let her hand put when Armaan walked over)

armi:you know girls I'm very good at this, seriously I'm very artistic,

girl: oh really, fine you do riddima di's mehandi and prove it to us"

armi: my pleasure( he said smirking at rids.)
(armi did one of the hand pretty well kripa had to admit,
when he was doing the other hand he purposely ruined it at one spot,)

armi:uh oh come rids I'll wash it off for you, since your other hand it wet and then I can quickly go over it,
(they both went into the bathroom, he turned the water on,
it was cold he placed part of rids's hand under the water and rubbed the mehandi off, rids blushed )
(looking into the mirror when she saw armi standing right behind her with his two arms around her , it was a perfect Kodak moment.)
(turned off the tap and began to re do it while rids stared at him, when he was done she looked at her hand shocked yet shy, she read at the bottom "armaan)

armi:hmm looks like your all mine (he said grinning, )

(rids was about to turn the tap on when he grabbed both her hands n turned her around )

rid:armaan leave my hand i have go
armi:shhhhhhhhhh(he put a finger on her lips)
armi:riddm i tryed say this but couldnt n i never thougth i would say this in a bathroom (rids blushin like helll)
armi:but if i dont say this today i wil die plz(she said softy)
armi:no plz today rids riddima gupta i love u n cant leave with u i want to i want to c ur face everytime i open my eyes n
when i will close my eyes 4ever i want to c ur face before closeing them i love u riddm gupta i love u (almost have tears of joy in her eyes)i love u to

(them the both hug the hell out of eachother armi then puts his hand on her face she closed her eyes then armi leaned forward
2 kiss her when there lip meet at the same moment the bathroom opens n a small girl is standing there)
girl:mommy mommy look these uncal n anty r doing bad thing in a bathroom ohhhhhhhhh

(armi n rids embarrassed run together to stop tht girl from yelling)
armi:beta shhhhh dont yell plzzzzzzzz

girl:uncal y were u kissing tht anty(rid blashin alot)
armi:becouse i love her
girl:ooooooou love her ok but it costs to keep mouth my shut
armi:ooooo really n wht is tht
armi:ok sweetheart i will get u cocolate cameon
girl:ooooooh uncal u said u love anty but now u calling me sweetheart
armi:ook now ur my sweet heart cameon let go
armi:i will c u later (he said will go n he winked at her n she smiled



angi:came on rids we r getting late
rid:yap di 1 min last night was great na(thinkin abt armi n her moments in bathroom lols)
angi:hmmmmmmmm 4 u but tht angad is so annoying
rid:cameon di i think he really likes u
angi:ya rite he is a flirt he be gone the last person in world im gone trust
rid:hahahahaha  so lets go or tht kirti will nt leave us n today is kirpa wedding
angi:ya tht pritavi guy is gud kirpa is lucky

(everyone is there)

angad:hey guy last night was so much fun
atul:yap but tonite is also gone be great
armi:yea ok guys came on lets go or u know whts gone happend(he sais tht just to get rid of all of thm so he can be alone with rids)

atul:wah mari line tu bol rahe hay otherwish im the onlyone give u guys kirtis reminder came on let rush
(all of them start walking who acted like he was takeing something from locker when everyone was gone rids was abt to go armi
grabed her hand n tok her to changeing room)

rids:armaan leave me?
armi:no(he said camin close to her now rids was pinned to the wall n armi so close to her tht they can hear eachother bearth)
rid:arman wat r u doing? koi dekh le ga (softly)
armi:so pyar kiya to darna kya jaanmaan
rid:armaan (she was blusing like anything n was smilein )
armi:u dont know how happy im today rids i love u so much(he said tht takein hold of her face he leaned forward they were lost
in eachother nothing else in world metterd now then armi kissed on her eyes n then her cheeks and when he was goin to kiss on the lips
rids turned face on other side she was too shy then armi smiled n huged her )

armi:i love u riddma more then u can ever think
rids:i love u too armaan (then there was a knock on the changeinroom door god bless there souls it was KIRTI standing there lookin very angry)
(armi both sparated both embarrassed n scard)
rids:woooo..oo do.c ki.rti 
kirti:quite wht is this nonsenace this is a hospital not lovers park or ur bedroom if i want i can camplain to doctor shashank for this unprofesional act
(when kirti said tht rids felt like she is goin to  faint)
armi:woo..doc kirti im we r sorry if will nt happen again
kirti:it better (she looked at them angryly rids was like she was goin to cry any moment n then kirti left)
armi:ya hitlar bhi na dont listen to her rids(with turn to face rids she was cryin)
armi:omg wht happen rids dont plz dont cry forget tht hitlar
rid:wooo.. armaan aggar woo papa ko bata dati tu(lookin really scared)
armi:tu comeon rid dont u trust me if kirti would told him then i would have gone to ur dad n i will say sir i dont know wht u think i love ur bati n she mine
rid:armaan(she said smileing  then they left)



(armi was walkin in the corridoor he saw rids standing there talkin to someone but he couldnt c tht person becouse of the wall)
(then he want toward rid not bothering to know to rids is talkin to he runned toward her)

armi:hey swe..(before he could finsh he saw tht person it was shashank n armi was shock + scared )
armi:swe swe..swe..
shashk:wht swe doc armaan sweet morning
shash:doc armaan it called gud morning n it also not morning it afternoon ok i think u need to rest
armi:yes sir i mean no sir
(rids was tryin not to laugh n then u make him more uncomfortable she winked at him shashak couldnt see becouse he was faceing armi)
armi:ahhh mmmmm.., sir ur looking beautiful(he bite his tough becose of wht he just said)
shaskah:wht doc armaan
armi:i mean ur lookin very fit do u work out sir
shashk:no doc armaan i dont ok c later bye riddma beta
(after a moment shashak left rid burstout laughing )

rids:i would have gone to ur dad n i will say sir i dont know wht u think i love ur bati n she mine (she said makin fun of armi who said this in mornig)
rids:hahahahahaha wht happen armaan hhahahaha just look at ur face u were so scard
armi;hahaha very funny (then also start laughing  when the turned forward kirti was standin there give them evil glance  they
got scard n runed oppisite ways)


(everyone was there enjoy themselfs prtivi was standing on stagen kirpa is not there so is rids,angi,sapna ,armi was diein c
glance of rids angad on other hand was flirting with random girls)
armi:Joothe Parege Anjali sey tugey
angad:wht joothe men she dont even look at me girl go nut 4 me n she dont get a dam tht a this which i love the most
armi:then dont flirt with girls or u will wash ur hand of from abit trust she have on u

(then kirpa walked downstairs on her one side was rids who was wear pink lahenga n her hair open she was lookin beutiful n on
left side was  angi n they were lookin like 3 charlis angal )

armi:omg i hope my heart dont stop she is lookin so beutiful
angad:hmmmmm (he said watcin angi)

(then kirpa set with pritvi n the dance floor open n ppl begun to dance then armi  went near rid n asked her 4 a dance they
begun to dance on song deewangi deewangi of om santi om)


Dekho Dekho Hai Shaam Badi Deewani
Dheere Dhere Ban Jaye Na Koi Kahani

Dekho Dekho Hai Shaam Badi Deewani
Dheere Dhere Ban Jaye Na Koi Kahani

Dilbar Hai Dilkash Hai Dildaar Nazare Hain
Aaj Zameen Per Utre Kitne Sitare Hai

Atlo Hosh Na Mi Danam
Hum Hai Dil Hai Aur Janam
Bas Deewangi Deewangi Deewangi Hai
Na Koi Rahe Sam Rahe Per
Yeh Ilzaam Lage Kisper
Bas Deewangi Deewangi Deewangi Hai

(n then angad n also draged angi with her joined them on dance floor)

All Hot Gals Put Ur Hands Up And Say
Om Shanti Om

All Cool Boys Comon Make Some Noise N Say
Om Shanti Om

Shaam Gazab Ki Humgamna Khez Ai
Iska Nasha Hi Gehra Hai Tez Hai
Shaam Gazab Ki Humgamna Khez Ai
Iska Nasha Hi Gehra Hai Tez Hai

Zulf Khuli Hai Resham Resham
Saans Ghuli Hai Madham Madham

Yeh To Ishaare Hain

Atlo Hosh Na Mi Danam
Hum Hai Dil Hai Aur Janam
Bas Deewangi Deewangi Deewangi Hai
Na Koi Rahe Sam Rahe Per
Yeh Ilzaam Lage Kisper
Bas Deewangi Deewangi Deewangi Hai

(then all other also join n start dancin around eachother)

( All Hot Gals Put Ur Hands Up And Say
Om Shanti Om

All Cool Boys Comon Make Some Noise N Say
Om Shanti Om )… (2)

Kehene Ko Waise To Sara Sukun Hai
Phir Bhi Yeh Dil Hai Ki Isko Junoon Hai

Kehene Ko Waise To Sara Sukun Hai
Phir Bhi Yeh Dil Hai Ki Isko Junoon Hai
Pal Do Pal Ko Khwaab Saza De
Isko Usko Sab Ko Bata De
Raaz Jo Sare Hain

Atlo Hosh Na Mi Danam
Hum Hai Dil Hai Aur Janam
Bas Deewangi Deewangi Deewangi Hai
Na Koi Rahe Sam Rahe Per
Yeh Ilzaam Lage Kisper

Bas Deewangi Deewangi Deewangi Hai

( All Hot Gals Put Ur Hands Up And Say
Om Shanti Om

All Cool Boys Comon Make Some Noise N Say
Om Shanti Om )… (2)

(then after danceing rids felt her zip 4 the back was openein so she went to kirpa n asked her where is the room n she want to the room)
(armi saw rids goin upstire n followed her when he was in the corridoor he peeked in n saw rids trying to close the zip she was faceing the otherside)
armi to him self:bad armi bad it not gud to peek in others room but control nahi hota yaar i think i should leave or

(then he want inside quitly he stand behind rids who was still trying to close the zip armi put his hand forward then touched 
her bare back rids turned around shocked)
rid:armaan tum yahan(softly n shyly)
(armi moved forward put his and on her waist n pulled her forwards n then moved his hand on her back rid closed her eyes n then
armi close the zip rids opened her eyes n then they were lost in each other eyes n were abt to kiss when rid saw kirti standing on the door n she pulled back)
rids:sorry doc kirti
kirti:there is no need of saying sorry ur not in hospital u can do wht ever u want (then she smiles n went from there)
armi:wht men ya doc kirti bhi na kabab mi hadi(he said pull rids in his arms n then again the start staring at each other
the mode was on again they were abt to kiss but again n knock on the room armi angry turnd angad n atul standing there smileing there)

angad:i hope we did nt distrub u guy
(armi was angry n rid ws blushin )
armi:KYA HAI
angad:wooooo why r u yelling yaar we r just here to call u guy we goin to play game dowmstair boys vs girl came on(n they left)
armi:game my foot i try to kiss my girlfriend but .........ahhhhhh
rid:chill armi if u win the game i will kisss u n if u lose u wil kiss atul ok
armi:tht not fair ok fine came on

(they went downstires n the game was arm wreathin boy vs girl 1st was atul)
atul:ok guy sapna ur goin to lose dont even try
sap:we will c
(they begun atul was winnin but when he say sapn sad he loses on his on )
sap:yaaaa i won atul loser (atul smile n went back to boys)
armi:ooooo chap wht the hell men u stupid men
angad:chill armi im next n never lose just wait n watch
(angad went forward he was with angi they begun angad was wining when angi got n idia)
(then she start rubing her leg up and down angad's leg )

(angad eyes wideopen shocked n angi won the game n went to girl while angad still sitting there still not out of shock wht just happend)

armi;i never lose crap u r more stupid then atul dam men we lost becose of u
angad:so wht yaaar like u were goin to get taj mehal after winnin it
armi:it costed more then taj mehal
(armi walk to rids)
rid:hi u be ready tom u r goin to kiss atul
armi:hmmmmmmmmmm but i gone kiss u too
rid:u lost
armi:u said if i win u goin to kiss me u never said i dont win i cant kiss u
rid:yayaya rite (she leave n armi to himself dont know abt atul but ur goin to kiss me tom then she smile to himself)
(then there was kirpas bidaai everyone huged her n cryed then she want her husband pritvi



part 15 to 19 on pg 2

part 21 on pg 53

part 22 on pg 58

part 23 on pg 63

part 24 on 66

part 25 on 71
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(everyone 1 is in lockeroom)
rids:hey last night was great na u guys lost 4 us boooo
angad:hey u guys cheated
angi:ooo really n how we cheated(he said standin facein angad)
angad:yaya like u dont know wht u did
angi:cameon i dont know tell wht i did
atul:yes angad bol wht they did
angd:mmmmm..m nothing ok happy(he said to angi)
armi:nothing idiot becouse of u i have to......
angad:i have to wht (rids was smilein)
angad:y u said nothin now hmm tell u wht
rid:he have to kiss atul
(everyone together)WHAT
rid:yes          ;           ;           ;           ;           ;           ;           ;           ;  .
angad:on the lip???????
armi:no never u never said where to kiss to i ill kiss him on cheeks ok
atul:chi chi y me yaar there r so many ppl in this hospital y me rids
rid:sorry atul but i can i do now u have to be kissed
armi:sorry atul ???wht u mean by tht girls die 2 kiss me n u r sayin sorry atul u should say sorry to me
rid:yayayaya sorry i will say sorry after u kisss him ok armaan
(armi mad angry face n then kiss atul on cheeks then he start spitin on the floor)
atul:ok rid tum na mari izzat lutwa di ok guy i will c u later i have to wash my face
(everyone start laughing armi angryly want from lockeroom)
angad:ooooo looks like someone is really angry


rid:sister have u seen doc armaan he haves the reports of mr amit
sis:no doc i havent seen him from morning ok doc bye
rid to herself :where is this armi i hope he is not made abt tht joke
(rids start lookin 4 armi in the whole hospital then she went to tarace n armi was sitting there)
rid:arman do u have any idia how worryed  i was wht u think of ur self (rids yelled)
armi:wht u think of ur self hmmm makein fun of me infront of every body (ok before u guy think to hit me i wana tell u it just armi plan 2 get a kiss remamber yesterday he promise himself tht he will get a kiss from rids)
rid:armaan wht  r u talking abt its was just joke i never thought u r so immuture im leavein
(rid walk a few steps then turned around to c armi who was on other side then she said)
rid:im leave
rid:i will leave armaan
armi:tu jao
(as rids start walk armaan start actin he acted he cant breaths )
rid:armi armi(she came runing to him sees him in a fatal condition. She seen Armaan tears rolling down his eyes. He couldn't even bring up one word.
Ridzz was so scared she gave him a mouth to mouth respiration )

(she continued to that when he was well. She kept on giving it to him he was enjoying it then she pulled back)
rids:armaan armaan r u alrite bolo armi r u alrite
(armi start smilein rids who was dumbfolded on y he is smilein )
rid:why r u smilein armi(armi got up n pulled her in his arm)
armi:becouse sweety i did wht i said i said u will kiss me so
rid:wht (she yelled as she pulled out of his arm)
rid:ur disgusting armaan how can u do tht
armi;came on rids its just a joke honey n u also made fun of me infront of everyone
rid:tht was a joke but wht u did do u relise how scared i was hmm
armi:ok baba im sorry now can have kisss(rids glare at him)on the cheeks im sorry na
rid:i will think abt it till then go to hell (n rids left)
armi to himself :chalo i this show how much u love me i love u too rids

(armi was goin to angad to talk abt his pro but he was there busy in his on pro )
angad:angi i didnt do tht parposly it was n assident  ok chill
angi:ooo shut up u did on parpose u trow the coffie on me
angad:dont shut up me n i didnt do on prpose
armi:wooooo guy chilll wht happend
angi:he spilled tht coffi on me
armi;leave it yaar angi it nt a big deal
rid:no di u should not leave it (she said lookin)
(now rids n armi was fighting n angi n angad were stareing them n both yelled at sametime)
angi n angad :HOLD IT
angad:wht u instad of stop us r fight with each other
voice:u guys will never change(it was kirpa)
angad:wow kirpa just 1 day of marriage n back to work
(they all huged her)
rid:so kirpa wht r u doin here it just ur secend day of marriage
kir:woooo...guy i ..i m leaveing sanjeevani
all together:wht
rid:no u cant do this
sapn:ya yaar came dont do this
kirpa:guys pritvi has deside to go to london n  wht i do
armi:it ok all the best yaaar
(then the all huged n rids n sapna cryed n angi rolled her eyes n then after somtime when kirpa was leavein all stod in corridor
n kirpa was walking out and tht sad varsion tital song was playing)


angad:hey this hospital job is so tridin na
angad:guy i have a great idia
armi:n wht tht
angad:look its gone be holidays of saterday n sunday from tom y dont  we go somewhere u  goa or any other place
armi:its a great yaar wht u guys say
rid:ya rite go out of the city with u guy u must be dreamin(ok dont get angry rids is not angry with armi she is just actin like she is angry)
armi:n why is so u say angi
angi:i would love to go but if this dambo is goin then im not
angad:oooooh really u girl know stay we r gone go alone rite armi n atul
angad:wht u mean
atul:i mean im on girls side if they r goin thn im
angi:gud choice atul
angad:men atut 1st i only though  but im sure ur not a men
angi:shut up
angad:wht ever u chick leave it girls dont have gut to do go alone came armi we r goin to leave now 4 goa it gone
be beachs ,pubs,girls n us its gone be a blast

angi:wht u said girl dont have gut go alone ok we r goin to goa but with not u guy camon rids we gone leave now atul n sapna pack ur staf im gone pick u in a hour

rid:diii but dad
angi:came on rids i will c tht
(as the girls leave armi n atul gave high five to eachother)


(rids ,angi ,atul r sitting in angis car they r here pick sapna n then they r goin to leave 4 goa)
angi:yaar this sapna is take so much time its already so late
rid:di  u r sure we r goin alone
angi:came on rid dont be a such a baby now r u  goin to prove those dambo rite tht girl dont have gut to go alone  chill it gone be fun
(outside the car someone was takein air out of tire he left tht much air with tht they could not go so far n now we c it armi
he goes back where angad is sitting)
(then both start laughing)


rid:we r walkin 4 so long now tht stupid car has stop in middle of no where
atul:himmat rakho rid its gone be fine
angi:shutup atul im stupid to show tht girl have gut i have to walk so much tht there will be no gut to show ohhh god help us

(then there was car which stop there the window open n then we c armi n angad smilein face )
angi:great cant it get any bader
amri:wah wah we r god send to u or u have to walk whole way to goa
rid:fine we will walk u leave
(angi speak in rid ear):ridzz wht r doin if they leave wht will we do
rid:di we cant backout now remamber girl dont have guts n all tht so
angi:but ok
rid:u guy can leave we dont need u
armi:think again 4 girl alll alone in middle of now where
atul:wht u mean by 4 girl hmmm im men ok
angad:ya rite if u were a men then u would be sitting in here not standin there ok baby bye girls
(then they lauging left)
sap:great now wht mama mama
(atul,rids,angi who were alreadpissed said:SHUT UP SAPNA
(When they were walkin they sew a car there )
angi:thank god i was thinkin how can leave us here came ridzz hell with gut i can walk anymore
(then  they walk to tht there no one inside then saw angad n armi sittin on a rock near the car walked 2 them)
angi:wht happend y r u guys sittin here
angad:timepass kar kahen hen cant u c our car broke down
(n with tht armi n angad put there fingers in there ears as the other start laughin like hell)
rid:ooooo so sad hhahahahhahaha have fun guy bye camon di
(they start walkin n angad n armi came runin after them )
armi:look guy we r goin to same place our cars broke down so y dont we walk together
rid:no thanks u walk on tht side n we will walk on this side
angad:ohhh cameon guy
angi:u go there
angad :r u sure
armi:think again
rid:no thank
angad:chal armi
armi:chal angad
(then both of them start walk back the girls look dumpfold on wht r they doin then armi n angad got in the car n started it drived
it n stopped in front of the girls who were shocked n they were laughin )

angi:ur car didnt broke down then wht was tht all abt
armi:we just wanted to c  tht if u girl dont need our help then how u will behave with us
(the girls didnt know wht to do knw)
angi:ok so now can we get lift
angad:sure but
angad:u have to say sorry
angi:wht ru out of ur mind
sap:angi say sorry yaar we cant walk anymore plz  say sorry
angi:ahhhh ...sorry
angad:i dint hear abit ...
angad:wow omg it like mizik to my ears plz the car is all urs

(they got in the car n when the reach the resort at mid of night)
rid:mmmmm i m so tried which room is urs di
angi:202 im our n 203 is atuls so lets go to sleep
armi:hey so wht the plan 4 tom
angi:u mean wht our plan becouse we jusy need u guy to get here now u go ur way we our way ok gud night n enjoy ur weekend
(with the girls leaves n left the boys dumbfloded  back..)

PART dil tu mil gaye ff 1-15onpg1 pt 16 on36

............................................................ ......
(rids n sapna were awake drinkin tea n angi was still sleepin then they heard angad laugin voice from outside the girls room window
face the pool after listening to the voice sapna went to the window)

sapna:looks like the boys start there weekend hey rids look those girls r checking armaan out
(rids felt like she has been punched in the guts she went to the balkony with sapna there she see armi laying
near the pool only in his shorts look hotter then hot n angad was swimming n there was a group of 4 girls who were cheachin our hunks out)
rid:look shameless sitting there in shorts
sap:hmmmmmmm looks like someone is jealose
rid:shutup sapna y should i be jeolose(sapna smiles)
(then angi also came to balcony still sleep 1st her eyes fell on angad then on those girls n saddenly felt angry she didnt her self knows y)
angi:idiots wht r they doin wht ever
rid:looks like few ppl r jeolose in here
rid n angi:shut up sapna

(angad came out if pool now both of them were sitting near pool drinkin beer )
armi:men where is rids y they r not camein down my color is turnin black from sittin in sun
angad:chill dude u nut why should we wait 4 those hitlar sisters look ther 4 hot babe lookin at us
armi:shut up yaar rids is before looks like kirtis sister if i flirt with those girl she will fry me alive ok so shut up
angad:men armaan u lost u touch dude i feel bad 4 u
armi:wht u mean by lost my touch i can wooo any girl i want ok
angad:ok so woo tht girl
(armi turns it is depika from om shanti om lols but couldnt think of anyone else )
(armi mouth felled open she was wearin a hot bikni n lookin hot)
angad:oooooo armi close ur mouth ur lookin like a fool bro
armi:mmm.m shut up yaar
angad:u said u can woo anyone woo her
armi:ok but 1st u woo tht girl whose is sitting next to her (no the camra fucas on tht girl is sonam from sawaariya is also lookin hot)
angad:woooooo men she hot ok let go
armi:ok cameon
(n they went to those girls )
angad:hey girls how  ya doin
(the girls turn to c them  made face like wht wirdos )
armi:so we thought u girl like to hang out or somthing
angad:yap so wht say
sonam:i say u can leave we r nt interted
(with the the boy heard laugh when they turned angi.rids,sapna n atul were laughin there head off the guys made angry face n went back to there sits)
armi:this is alll becouse of u makein us look like a fool now
angad:chill yaar i didnt know those girl would have so much attitude i just wanted to make angi jealose
armi:yea rite
(rids ,angi,sapna,atul were sittin on table next to the guys make fun of the guys)
sonam:hey deepika we missed a great chance yaar
de:wht u mean
so:i mean by useing those guy we can make ranbir n om jeolose wht they think of them selfs
de:u r rite but now wht
so:let go n us those guys out

armi:so no.(before he could finsh he sew those girls walking 2 them)
armi:hey angad dont turn ur face those girls r camein here we have great chance to make rids n angi jeolose
angd:wht u sayin men great
deepika:hey guy we were wonderin  do u still wana hang out or somthin(rids who was drinkin coke heard this n choked half of her coke on atul face)
atul:hey rids wht r u doin yaaar i have already washed my face u dont have to wash it again n tht also with coke
rid:oops sorry atul(the guys n the other girls were laughin watch tht)
angad:sure we would love to go (angi who start eatin chips to keep her cool becouse she was burning from inside)
sonam:ok c u guy at 8.00 in hotspots (tht a real place in pakistan i just love it its a cafe but her m gone make it a disco)
armi:ok sure
(with tht those girls left n armi n angad start smilein at our girls)
angi:came on rids
(with tht rid,angileft n draged sapna with them also n atul went to the boys)
atul:hey guys
armi:ao ao ao chap cheater back staber yad ai ab
atu:wooo yaar hmmm
angad:han han bolo
atul:guys i need ur help
armi:hmmmmm bolo
atul:yaar guys mugey bhi koi larki pata do plz
angad:wah yaar tu bhi suhder gaya i thought u like sapna wht abt tht
atul:yaar tht was just likein i love someone but she love someone else
armi:to bad yaar chap but tu buhat master nikla likes sapna n love someone else cool yaar
atul:hmmmm yaar ab mugay bhi koi larki pata do
armi:ya koi ice cream hay jo tugay la dey larki to tugay  khud patani hey
atul:but how yaar
armi:ok u c tht girl go ask her out
atul:r u sure
armi:ya 100 pecent go
(atul walks to tht girl n tht girl is rakhi sawaant lols )
rakhi:yes wht can i do 4 u(he said caming close to him she was wearin a very small swim suit)
atul thinkin;ohh god to  want kind of girl armi sended me mari izzat bacho bhagwan
atul:wo..o...oo(lookin at her nack he closed his eyes )nothin i think i should go
rakhi:y plz have drink with me
atul:heheh no  thanks i dont drink
rakhi:how cute now sit down
(atul try to go she didnt let him n atul tryed to run but she grab leg then atul after freein himself run around the pool n rakhi followin him then after
see she more chipko than lovly he jumbed in the pool then rakhi want away)

(the guys were laughin there heads of until armi eyes fell on rids who was wear swim suit not the small one n a cloth was ties around her waist
armi mouth fell open she was lookin hotter then ever seein armi gaze angad also turned around he sees rids from rids back came angi she
was wearin a really hot n angad almost felled from his chire the girls came n table next to them n they boys chouldnt stop stareing them)

sapna:just look at them how they r staring hahahaha
rid:they can go to hell we will show them
(then atul came out of the n start yelling at angad n armi)
angad:sexyer lovly u mean u say
atul:shut up hi even more chipko then lovly i miss u lovly
armi:then u should have bought ur lovly with u y u asked 4 our hel
angi:wht u asked 4 there help atul u party changer
rid:wht now u can go with ur buddys ook from whome u take advise ok c ya
(with tht the girl left )
angad:ok do sey baney teen came on let go to beach


(the boys were playing wolly ball n saddenly there ball hits rids n rids angryly cames to them)
rid:ru blind  dont u c where ur hit the ball
rids;wht ever
armi:if u can play so well why dont u show us how to play wolly ball hmmmmmm
rid:sure came di sapna we r gone show these idots how to play
(so with tht the  game starts boy vs girls  armi hit the ball then from girl side rids hit it back but armi missed it
n 1  point to girl n end the end the girls win n made fun of the boys n them left n they boys were very pissed they have
deside tht tonite they gone make the girl really jaelose)

AT NIGHT IN HOTSPOTS        &nbs p;         &nbs p;         &nbs p;   
(the boys meet deepika n sonam there they hello hi to each other then sat on the table they start drink water all 4 of them
waitin the girls were wait 4 there boyfriends to came n get jealose n the boy were wait 4 angi n rids to came n get jeolose
non of them were talk to each other all lost in there on thoughts then 2 guy enter 1 was ranbir i just love him he was lookin
dam hot n the other is srk lookin fine i dont think him tht much n at the same moment 2 girls enter rids is wear knee size skirt
n angi is wearin wht she once wore in rids party in dmg )

(then armi n deepika angad n sonam start flirtin with eachother but there eyes were on there love interst who were standin on the
enteranc then ranbir went to rids n srk went to angi n they gave each other frienly hugs n went to sit on table next to them)

(all 4 of them were shock on how there on bullet hited them seein them taalk to each other they were on boilin point the boy couldnt take it
anymore they got up n went to them)

armi:rids i want to talk to u now
ranbir:riddima do u know this guy
rid:ya he is friend
(armi felt like someone kicked him with his on shoe)
angad:ya we r just friend came on armi
(angad tok armi from there rids felt bad these boys need a lisson )
(deepika n sonam got up walked to there bfs )

deepi:wht is this ranbir wht r u doin here with an other girl
ran:just like wht u r doin here with an other guy
sonam:ohh shut up u guys we just use these guy to make u jaolose
rids:we know
ran:ya we heard u girl talk abt makin us jealose n these guy also so make there gf jaelose so
we want to riddima n anjali n they agreed to help so how it feels  to eat ur on dises hmmmm

deep:ohh im sorry
(with tht they left armi ,rids,angi,angad left behind)
armi;mmmm.wo..rids im sorry
rids:its ok
angi:dont even think abt think keep ur sorry to ur self (then she left)
angad:tumhari mom na kya kha key paday ki hey angi ko
(rid n armi start laughin)
angad:yaya laugh as much u went but today she will say iloveu to me
armi:n from where u r gone get gut to mess with her ok best of lack with tht bye
ang:bye??where r u goin
armi:do i look mad to u now i have my gf back so why should wast my time on u ok bye have fun ok camon rids
ang:wow armi u such a gud im much say go to hell i dont need u ok
(with tht rids n armi left n angad sits there talkin to him self)
angad:guts ok i willl get gut with this n i will say  iloveu to angi (he said with have a bottal of vodka in his hands)



armi:i missed u so much rids(he said as they walk on the beach)
rid:armaan its not like i was away from u 4 year
armi:but it felt like  years (then he pulled her in his arms n then made her sit n sitted next so her n leaned forward
rids was now layin to the sand armi was hardly a inche away from her the he start kissin her neck to cheeks they did this
for two 3 min then when he was abt to kiss her lips there was a shout rids n armi got up n saw angi runin n a drank angad after her

angi: angad r u out of ur mind
angad:shut up it my turn to speek (they were standin on another corner of beach )
angad:when ever i want to say something u say shut up itna shut up tu mari ma nay mughay nahi kaha hogay
wht u think u r queen victora hmmmmm wht u r  jab bhi bolo ji ulta he bola ge did u ever thought tht poor angad also have feelin
he also feels bed whts ur pro mari ma ooo hello dont think im drank i want ans bolo green chilly bolo

angi:ky..aa ..bolo
(angad cames close to her n pulls her in his arms )
angad:tht i love   u
(angi looked up n start shy i know i knw it angi but she is shyin)
angi:do u really mean it angad
angad:i know its hard to handal u but yes i love u
(when they were abt to kiss armi n rids came runing there)
rids:di r u alright
armi;n wht was tht all abt
angad:nothin u have mindblowin time guy great
armi:thank n r u drank
angad:woooo to make angi say the truth
rids:so is everything fine now
angi:ya came riddz its very last we should go now bye guys
angad n armi:bye
(with tht the girls left n the boys still standin there waveing there hands)
angad:couldnt u camed after few min u blow my chance to kiss
armi:oooooooo if  u would nt chase her out her then my kiss would have been messd up wasay tht dranks plan was gud]
angad:i know other wise she would have killed me by now if she know i was talkin to her this way in my sense
armi:nice plan
angad:yap but there is some of vodka left shell we
armi:y not
.................................................... &n bsp;         &n bsp;         &n bsp;  



angad:men this morning is so beutiful na
armi:hmmmmmm(they were sitting in the balocony)
ang:yaaar us koumb karan ko to uttao(he is talkin abt atul who is still sleepin
armi:let him sleep ...hey  i have n idia
an:n wht is tht?
armi:why dont we go somewhere alone!
an:ya but y u want to go out alone with me tumhare irraday tu nake han na?
armi:wht r u mad i mean u go alone with angi n me with rids u idiot
an:ohhhh ok hey thts a great idia but?
an:wht abt atul n sapna

(rids n angi also awake but sapna is sleeping)
angi:hey riddz do really love armaan
rid:hmmmmmmm(bhushin abit)
angi:ohhh ur bhushin it feels do wired na my little sweet sis is in love now
rid:cameon rid welll im not the only one in love
angi:hmmm so wht the plan today
(before rids could say any thing her phones ring it was armi)
rids:hmmm bolo armaan
armi:hey sweet heart how r u
rid:im fine nu (bhushing)
angi:wow loverboy na uttay he phone nice rids i think u even bother him in his dreams
rid:diii plz han bolo armaan
armi:haha hey get ready n came down alone
rid:alone but..
angi:tht not fair yaar gf mili tu frinds ko buhal gaye
armi:tell angi kay uska bf bhi uska wait kar raha hai
rid:di he sayin tht angad is also waitin 4 u
angi:ooo ok
armi;tell her why ok now dont u want to hangout with ur frinds now ok wow
rid:armaan but sapna is sleepin
armi:thts great atul is also sleepin let them sleep n we wil go
rid:r u sure
armi:ya i will c u in lobby in 10 min c ya love miss u
rids:me too bye
angi:me tooo hmmmm looks like there is fire on both sides
rid:diiiii will u plz
angi:ok now go n get ready or wait karta karta armi devdas ban jaye ga


armi:where is rids yaar intahan hogi intazzar ki ai na kuch khaber maray yaar ki......
(then is eyes fell on the lift rids camin down she is wearin black capri n white tsshirt n black sunglass)
(armi couldnt take his eyes of rids u guys must be think dont i have new lines i alway write tht armi couldnt take his eyes of rids
but wht can i do armi just cant take his eyes of rids camed to him n stod in front of him)

rids:hi armaan (armi still lookin at her loveingly rids now felt shy becuse of the way he was lookin at her)
rids:armaan y r u watcin me like this
armi:nothing just wonderin how lucky im tht i have u i love so much rids tht u dont know
rid:i love u to armaan (then she gave him a hug n went out n angi who was watcing this was smilein n angad came to her)
angad:hey babe ur lookin hot shell we (angi gave him angry look)
angi:angad u r such a jark u should learn from armi how to talk n behave with girl u r 0 persent romentic
angad;wht tht armi have romentic talks with u tht back staber i will kill him
angi:wht u idiot not me with rids god i still wonder  how i fell 4 u
angad:cameon i will show u how romentic

(armi n rids were roamin around the market n then armi went to get icecream 4 rids n rids was standing outside a jewlary shop
n saw a dimond ring n she just like it not tht much to buy it when she turned around armi was standing behind her )

armi:hey honey ur icecream
rid:thanks so where r we goin now
armi:hmmmm wht abt beach
armi;let go hey i need to go to bathroom i will be back in a min

atul:ahhh,..,mmmm hey mmm guy morning yaar someone pls order coffie(he waited  4 reply but no reply then he got up n looked 4
angad n armi n balcony ,bathroom every where)
atul:where the hell these guys went?????

(sapna was dreamin abt her n shubhanker in beach playin with water when she woke up smilein )
sap:hey girl morning i had such sweet dream girls hello rids angi where r u (she got out of bad n looked for them in  whole room)
(then she want to the boys room to look 4 them ther was only atul there)
sap:hey atul have u seen rids n angi
atul:yap i have seen them lots of time
sap:atul i mean did they came here n where r the boys..ok they left us here n went alone how mean
atul:hmmmmm so wht now
atul:there a movie playin in resort cinima lets go there n after tht lunch

(angi is sittin bored n angad is try to be romentic with by tell her shayari)

angad:Roz subha hum karte hain pyar se unhe good morning...
Woh aise ghoor ke dekte hain
jaise '0 errors aur 5 warning.....wha wha how was it

angi:great(makein faces)
angad:ok i have more...Shayad mere pyar ko Taste karna bhool gaye...
 Dil sey aisa 'cut' kiya
 Ke 'paste' karna bhool gaye
angi:mindblowin it blw my  mindof

angad:ok 1 more.......abse meri zindagi mein,aayi hai ik female.
Bhool gaya hai sab kuchh
kya computer, kya e-mail.

angi:great thanks n plz no more( she stod to when angad grabed her hand n pulled her down now she was in his laps)
angad:itni jaldi yeh mulakat guzar jati hai
pyas bujhti nahi ke barsat guzar jati hai
Apni yaadon se keh do ke yun na aaya kare
neend aati nahi aur raat guzar jati ha.....i love u angi (angi smiled gave him a hug n angad was smilein n puted his mobile bak in
pocket he was readin this from his mobile)

(armi n rids were sitting on beach armi hands around rids )
armi:its so peace full na
armi:wana race
rid:wht ???
armi:hmmmm cameon be a sport let go
(so they were ready to race n when armi said 123 go rids start runin n armi still standin ther smile when rids relise she was
alone runing she came bak  run towards  armi n he run towards the sea n rids folling now there were in water when rids reaches
armi he grab her from her waist n swings her around then slowly bought her down now they were really close to eachother they could
hear hear there heartbeat then saddenly armi strt splashing water on her )

(armi and rids started splashing water on each other)

rids:armaan stop splashing on me(rids yelled)
armi:NO!"( armi stared splashing her more making her wet all over)
armi:Your such a baby!" armi laughed
(Finally RIDS managed to get out of the water and run away)
armi:RIDDIMA..." Angad shouted for her.
(RIDS showed him her tongue and ran further. armi ran after her, and caught up to her.
He held rids's hand to make her stop. Both of them panting,layin on sand
they looked in each other's eyes.were lost in eachother were abt to kiss but armi phone rings it was angad)

angad:hey dude meet us at hotspot atul n sapna r all there men they were so mad at us came soon
armi:ok c ya
rids:wht happend
armi:angad is calling us at hotspot
rid:ok then lets go(rids stod to go but armi held her hand n pulled her down now she was is his lap )
rid:wht happen armi
armi:close ur eyes
(rids close her eyes n armi tok rids rids hand n put a ring on her finger she opened her eyes n was shocked) this  how did u know
armi:i can do anything to make u happy
rid:but armaan i cant take this
armi:ohh cameon rids dont u dare to start tht talk with me
(rids smiled n gave him a kiss on cheeks )
armi:yeh kya im not a baby i want tht kisss
rids:armaan shut up n lets go

(Everyone was there angad n angi were danceing atul n sapna were eatin n armi n rids were standin in a corner talkin)
armi:cameon lets dance
(then they start dancin on Jab Se Tere Naina of sawariya

Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Lage Re
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Lage Re
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Sab Se Begaana Hua
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Oye Oye
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Ho Hohhohho

(he held her close they were looking in eachother eyes )

Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Sab Se Begaana Hua
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Oye Oye
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Ho Hohhohho

Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Lage Re

( Dhin Tak Dhin Tak Dhin Tak Dhin
Awesome )… (1)

Deewana Yeh To Deewana Lage Re

Hooo Jab Se Mila Tera Ishaara
Tab Se Jagi Hai Bechainiya
Jab Se Hui Sargoshiyan
Tab Se Badhi Hai Madhossiyan

(they were caming closer then more closer everything else malted they can only c each other everyone else was like not there 4 them )

Jab Se Jude Yaara
Tere Mere Maan Ke Dhaage
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Sab Se Begaana Hua
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Oye Oye
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re

Ho Jab Re Hui Hai Tujhse Shararat
Tab Se Gaya Karar Ho Hoo
Jab Se Tera Achal Dhala
Tab Se Koi Jaadoo Chala

Jab Se Tujhe Paaya
Yeh Jiya Dhak Dhak Bhaage Re
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Tab Se Deewana Hua Aah Haaa
Sab Se Begaana Hua
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Oye Oye
Rab Bhi Deewana Lage Re Ho Hohhohho

Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Lage Re

(they were so into eachother at this moment they couldnt c anyone  then they kissed it was most any only  kiss they shared )

(everyone was shocked at wht got into them they were kiss in front of everyone atul mouth was open .angad eyes were open wide
angi both mouth open n eyes wide n sapna too shock to do anything)

angad:OYE ARMAAN (armi n rids broke apart n looked at them embarrassed)
angad:ooo dude this india u cant do this in pablic hahahah
(rids run from ther shy n armi following her n the other smiled at how cute they both look together)

TO BE .....


recap:armi n rids kissed in front of everyone then rid run outside n armi after her )

armi:hey rids rids roko
(rids run toward the beach n stopped there n armi came running n stopped  near rids who was shyin to much now )
armi:hey (bhushin)
rids:hmm hey(bhushin)

(armi then hold rids hand she looked up now there eyes were locked  then armi came near her then more closer then more close
nothing else matterd at this moment it was just armaan n his riddhima  then armi put his hand on rids waist n pulled her more close to her
rids closed her eyes then armi kissed her eyes n picked her in his arms)

armi:riddima i love u you will leave me na (rids eyes still closed n armi walkin rids in his armS)
rid:i love  u how can leave my life armaan
armi:ok if i do this u will not leave me na(he kissed her cheeks)
rids:no(rids smiled)
armi:wht abt this(he kissed her lips ) said blushin)
armi:hmmm tum bohta chipko ho
rid:armaannn(n hited him playfully)
armi:n this (he trow her in water)
rid:ARMAAAN U ...(she pulled him in the water they start fightin in the water n other came there start laughin there head of
watchin them when ar relise tht tht everyone is here they got out 4 the water)

armi:mmm...h.hey guys kya hota kabhi kabhi controll nahi hota yaar
rid:im goin to my room di ,sapna u camin
angi:we came rids do u wana go hhahhaha
rid:diiiii(with tht rids left her room n armi for his )
angad:wha kya jodi banai rab na  goliy  danda ki hehe
angi:so wht knw
anga:let go bak to disco

(angi n angad r sitting near the bar n a girl came to angad)
girl:hey handsome wana dance(angad start look at angi n then said to tht girl)

angad:Aisa bhi nahin hai ke I don't like your face.
Par dil ke storage mein
there is no more 'disk space  ok ji

girl:wht a loser (then she went away)
angi:wht u meant by tht u like face
angad:no i said there no more space in my heart 4 her
angi:wht ever im goin(angad followin her n tellin her more shayari)
angad: ro ro ok listen this one  Ghar se jab tum nikale pehen ke reshmi gown.
Jaane kitne dilon ka
ho gaya 'server down'.

angi:angad bye

(then she left n angad also left 4 his room)


(atul n sapna r drink coke in sitting there so atul thought dance on this chance n talk to sapna on love)
atul:mm..sapna wht u think abt love
sapna:hmmm love i dont know how it feels
at:hmmmm when u feel very happy with someone when ever tht person is close to 2 u feel like ur life is  great
sap:OMG I FEEL THE SAME it means atul im love(atul got really excited)
at:really u feels the same
sap:ya(really happy )
atul:tht great
sap:ya when ever doc shubhanker is near me i feel like top of the world
atu:YES YES I KNEW I...(after a while it hit him wht she said)
atul:shubhanker?????u love him
sap:i think so (atul felt like he is goin to break down )
sap:wht u think atul
atu:i.i...i i think i should go to bathroom i wil c u later(atul runned from there leavein n confused sapna bak)

(the boy r waitin 4 the girls outside the resort near car)

angad:wht happen atul why r u so low yaar
atul:remamber i told u tht  love someone but she love someone else
armi:dont worry everything willl be fine

angad:atul i have a shar for ur halat . gaa to main bhi sakta hoon, magar meri aawaz bewafa hai,
baja to main bhi sakta hoon, magar mere saaz bewafa hai,
shahjahan gumaan mat kar haseen taj mahal par,
bana to main bhi sakta hoon,
magar meri mumtaj bewafa hai

armi:shut yaar it no time to joke poor atul i have 1 too .na tum chuth(terrace) pe aati
na main deewana hota
na tum patthar maarti
na mien kana hota

angad:wah wha armi tu to shayar nikla
armi:thank u

(then the girl came )
rid:hey guys
armi:hi give me ur bag i will put it in the car
angad:hey angi Laakhon honge nigaah mein kabhi mujhe bhi pick karo...
Mere pyaar ke 'icon' pe
kabhi to 'double-click' karo..

angi:ya rite put bag in car
(then everyone sits in the car armaan n angad r putting the bag in the car)
amri:wht happen mari shayer angi didnt like the ur shayri

angad:kabhi kabahi mari dil karta hai kay usko ya wala shayr sono  Tajmahal kya cheez hai,
isse badi imarat banaunga,
Mumtaz to marke dafan hui thi,
tuzhe to mein zinda dafnaunga.

armi:hahahah watch out bro if she listen to u who tugha zinga dafnagai ok chal

(now they r in there car armi n angad in front becouse once again they had fight tht who wil drive so girl decide both of them should cit in fronT)
angad:angi shar sonao
armi:no i have a shar on u Gul Gaye Gulshan Gaye, Gul Ke Patte Rah Gaye

Sare Shayair Mar Gaye, Tum Ullu Ke Pathe Rah Gaye

angi,rid,sapna,atul;wha wha wha wha
angad:very funny so now wht r we goin home or to   hopital
rid:i think hospital chalna cahiya


(they reached sanjeevani in when they went in 1st thing was kirti just wanted to eat them alive but thy servied n the 2nd thing
they got was tht 2 new doctors have joined sanjeevani )


sap:who r these 2 new interns
armi:who cares
(rids n angi r standin together when there eyes fell on the door which is of glass n they c a girl walking towards the locker room
n tht girls is non other then anjali of kavyaanjai but here  her name is rhea lols then from her behind cames huda of lrl )

(angi n rids to shocked to say anything )
angi n rids:OH SHIT
rid:this cant be happenin dii tell me its not them
angi:i would love to say tht rids but it them
angad:wht happen to u 2
rhea:nothing there just to happy to c us im rite na girls
(angad ,armi n atul mouth open she was wear a mini shirt n lookin very sexy atul almost felled down )
huda:y they will not be happy to c us hey rids (he huged her n armi closed his mouth n start lookin at angry at huda)
huda:so girls missed us
rid:mm,m y,ya we did so wht brings u back
rhea:hey u dont look so happy to c us hey angi
angi:hey ya we r on top of the world seeing to guys(makein faces)
huda:n who r these guys
rid:this armaan ,angad,atul,sapna
rhea:hi armaan n angad
atul:i m also here
rhea:ohh hi atul
rhea:ok we c ya later we have a meeting with our dad bye babe came on bro  u droll around rids later (when she said this armi felt like knockin huda down tht moment)
huda;ok bye angi bye rids (he winked at her n rid turn her face the other way )
(n the leave)
armi:ok now we someone tell me who the hell tht creep was
angad:ya can someone plz  tell me who tht hotti was (angi glared him)i mean who r these bro sis n how  u guys know them
rids:tht huda n rhea there are ..........
to be.........




recap:gang is back from goa n huda n rhea entry n rid n angi shocked to c thm

rid:thts huda n rhea  they r childran of kapoor uncal our dad best friend 
armi:but u guys didnt look so happy after seeing them wht wrong

angi:tht kapoor use to create problems between our mom dad when mom was alive becouse mom knew his intentions he always wanted
to became the deen of sanjeevani our dad loved him like his on brother  n also letd  him live in our house n after our moms death
one day dad heard his intention but didnt said anything  n  when dad was gettin a better job then here but dad didnt  tok it n tht
back staber tok tht job n went to london with his childran

angad:hmmmm or ya huda or rhea ki kya story ha why go guy looked so pissed with them its was ther dad who made the mistakes not thm
angi:ohhh cameon those bro sis always got us in problems till the day they left
angad:mmmm tht huda also he loooks like so into rids
armi:shut up angad or i will break his or ur legs
angi:hahahaha dont worry armi he alway flirt with rids from childhood he is so useless rid never give a dam 4 him n he is alway after her
rid:hmmmm chala di its gettin late 
angi:ya sure u wait outside i have to talk to doc kirti abt a new case

(then angi left to go to kirti n rids left the locker room when she was walkin armi called her from behind )
armi:hey rids rids
rid:hmm armaan
armi:hey rids stay na (he holds her hand )
rid:armaan its so late we will meet tom na (she said smileing )
armi:hmmmm ok i'll miss u  n i love u
rid:i love u too(then she have him a kiss on cheeks n left armi still standing thr touching his cheeks n smile )

voice:woh gayi ab kya apna mu nochay ga (when he turned angad was standin there)
armi:bas kar yaar may pahla bhohat tension mey hon
anga:becouse of tht huda guy mmm 
armi:shut up n now wht
angad:now tari love story may hoga huda ka angal or may apni love story may dallon gay  rhea ka triangal
armi:kyaaa bakwas band kar i dont get a dam abt tht huda rid loves me n i trust her blindly got tht n wht u mean by
 u rhea ka  triangal  hmmm if angi listens this its gone be last day of ur life ok

angad:ooooo rite u dont get  dam rite then  why ur  so tensed  n abt me chandni chand se hogi to sitaroon ka kiya ho ga
mohabbat eik se hogi to hazaroon ka kiya ho ga ...just kidding

angad:chill yaar 
angad:why bye ? i have more poetry  Patharr kyun marte ho, pura pahaar maar do

Hum yuheeen mar jayenge, sirf ek baar aankh maar do

armi:kya offfff im goin go n tell ur shayari to atul ok gud night(n he leaves)
angad:kya yaar y every run from my shayari chalo i will telll my self a shar Ghar ghar main diya jale

To diwali mat samjho

Agar main tera peeche paroon

To mawali mat samjho wha wha wha  kya yaaar kio tu wha kaho koi nahi chalo bayta ghar chal kay ramu kaka ko shar  sunatay ha

(rids n angi car stopped at there house )
angi:hey rids does dad know k tht kapoor is bak (while walkin towards the door n now is front of the door)
rid:dont kn.(before she could finsh the view of inside shocked her )
angi n rids:not again (it was kapoor n his childran )
kapoor:hey bata anjali riddihma missed u both came here give uncal a hug came here
angi whisper:ya rite
(they went to  kapoor he huged them n angi felt like kicking him but controled  )
kap:it feel great to be back ok everyone c u all in morning (then he starts walkin toward a room )
angi:uncal where r u goin the door is tht way beta we r liveing here
rid n angi:WHAT
rhea:wooooo u look very exited to have us here
shashank:ya there r rite girls(he glare at thm)
angi n rids:rite
sha:ok so why dont u kids catch up  i will c u in morning

(armi was sitting on computer then he opend rids photo n watched them smilein n he got up n called rids)
rids:hey armaan
ami:hey u dont sound like u were sleepin  wht happend
rid:nothing was sitting  there n listenin to rhea n huda rubbish
armi:oh rhea n hu HUDA WHY IS HE THERE
rid:woooo why r u shouting ya they r all here n they r gone be here
armi:they r gone be there wht u mean??
rid:i mean they r liveing here
armi:l..lllliveing  there ok hmmmmm ok rids c u in morning gud night love ya
rid:i love u too bye
armi:armi chill yaar ur worryin to much relax hmmmm


(armi is walkin on a beach then he see rids standin there then he smiles n walk toward rids then he stops n c huda camin there
n then rids n huda hugs then huda n rids start dancein on song dhoom taana of om shanti om n guy just think of tht dance which srk n dipeeka did in this song

Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Dhir Na Dhir Nana Patekar… (2)

Kaise, Naino Se Nain Milao Sajna
Kaise, Mein Aise Na Ghabrao Sajna
Kaise, Aaye Na Kaise Mohe Laaj Sajna
Choona Na Dehko Mohe Aaj Sajna

Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Dhir Na Dhir Na

(huda dancein with rids n armi run towards them n pushs huda n start dancein with rids )

Mrignaine Tu Na Jane, Prem Kitna Mere Maan Mein Hai
Yeh Bechaine Maangthi Hai, Roop Jo Tere Yovan Mein Hai
Tera Phool Sa Hai Aang, Tere Aang Mein Hai Rang
Tere Rang Ke Mein Sang Gori Ye
Tere Rang Mein Hai Roop, Tere Roop Mein Hai Dhoop
Tere Dhoop Hai Anoop, Gori Ye
Sajna Se Kahe Aaye Laaj Sajni
Choone De Aang Mohe Aaj Sajni

Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Dhir Na Dhir Na
(then huda gets up n start danceing to)

Jalki Jalki Phirthi Hun, Chalki Chalki Se Phirthi Hun
Jisme Hai Mere Koi Jaam Hai Jaise
Nazar Milati Hun Kwab Mein Sama Jati Hun
Dil Mein Bas Jana Mera Kaam Hai Jaise

Are Dil Mein Mere Bas Ja Mein Ne Roka Kab Hai
Lekin Kya Aarman Hai Mera Yeh Tho Samjane De
Sajna Se Kahe Aaye Laaj Sajni
Choone De Aang Mohe Aaj Sajni

Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Ta Dum Ta Na Na Na
Dhoom Taana Dhir Na Dhir Na

Kaise, Banjare Maan Ki Baat Mein Aaye
Kaise, Ek Raja Ko Manmeeth Banaye
Kaise, Pehanu Mein Pyaar Ka Ye Taj Sajna
Karthe Ho Tum Kuyn Dil Pe Raj Sajna

(then armi hold hudas shirt n huda hold armi n then they start pushin each other out of way then start pulling rids hands armi
pulls her his way n huda pulls her his way ......

armi:wht a bad dream m..m..i think i should call angad
ring ring ring

angad:Wo ankh bari pyaari thi jo hum nay usay mari thi
Wo sandle bari bhari thi jo us nay hamay mari thi
armi:kya kya bakwas kar rahe ha
angad:shar ta yaar tu bol looks like some tok ur sleep away rids or huda
armi:kya how did u know
ang:mare pas bhi girl friend hey yaar
ang;tu tht angi was taking her anger on me tht y his dad letted his dear kapoor uncal n his kittans  stay  with them
an:but wht happen to u
armi:hmmm nothing bye c ya tom
angad:rok shar sono(armi cutted the phone )
angad;apni problems may yaaad ati ha isko Apni insult ka badalaa dekhna main kaise loonga
mare yaar tere baap ko Shift Delete kar doonga

(rids is walkin in corridoor when armi came there)
armi:hey riddima
rid:hi armaan 
ar:woo rids i need to talk to u (then he tok her to our lovers point the stairs )
rid:bolo armaan
ar:mmm..hmm rids wo (rids knew wht was on his mind but she thought of havein some fun)
rid:bolo armaan i have so much work bolo armaan
arm:mm nothing
rid:ohhh really (she put her arms around armi neck)lier
armi:lier no
rid:armaan tum bohat possessive ho
armi:m.mme no im not.......ok im (rids camed more close to him now they can feel eachother breath )
rid:dont worry armaan i only love u n no one can ever take ur place
armi:i love u so much rids
rid:i love u too (then armi n rids kissed on the lip n this time no disturbing lols this was the most passionate kiss they had ever shared

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pwincess kanzi IF-Rockerz
pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi

Joined: 23 September 2007
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Posted: 16 November 2007 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
grt intro!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds intersting!!!cnt w8 for part 1!!!!!!!!!! update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dmg_sonia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 November 2007 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
gr8 intro dear
do continue soon
i will be waiting
faiza_elahi202 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2007 at 2:28pm | IP Logged
ok guys i have post the part 1 plz tell me how it is
dmg_sonia IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2007
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Posted: 16 November 2007 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
gr8 start Clap
armaan asking ridz 2 sit on her lap LOL LOL LOL
armaan kabhi nahi sudrega LOL
AR fight was damm nicely written soo was AK scene
kripa getting angry on armaan when he said u look pretty n when he said u look ugly hehe very funny

in all i loved ur ff 4 sure
gr8 going gurl
do continue soon

faiza_elahi202 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2007 at 3:01pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by dmg_sonia

gr8 start Clap
armaan asking ridz 2 sit on her lap LOL LOL LOL
armaan kabhi nahi sudrega LOL
AR fight was damm nicely written soo was AK scene
kripa getting angry on armaan when he said u look pretty n when he said u look ugly hehe very funny

in all i loved ur ff 4 sure
gr8 going gurl
do continue soon


hay thanks yaaar i willl try to improve i dont think im tht gud writer so plz bear with me

faiza_elahi202 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2007
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Posted: 16 November 2007 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
came on guy no one else like my ff plz tell me or i dont think i should write no one is telll me how it is plz guy bolo yaar kuch tu bolo gud or bad but atleat tell how it is

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