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FF:Heart Attacks&Seizures FinalePG1 29/01

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Hi All

Was going to post this after ~Life Support~ but Mahek and Sanaya this is for u guys and the slient readers.... a little intro to this FF. 

Not like My Bedtime FF more humour and witty instead..Embarrassed


Disclaimer: ***This Fan Fiction follows the rules and regulations set by the IF Dev team. I DO NOT take any ownership of any obscene or profound statements made by IF members on this forum. I nor my Fan Fiction will be used to justify such post in this forum. This Fan Fiction may contain adult material and members have been now advised before proceding. Rating of Fan fiction ( 12+)***



~Heart Attacks & Seizures ~


Riddhima stared at the engagement card and let out a sigh… her step sister was getting engaged to a famous surgeon Dr Atul Joshi… and was rubbing her face with the fact she has the man and the career off her dreams and everything she always wanted… while I was still single and working hard to get what I wanted and still an intern doing my final year.  Don't get me wrong I love her to bits but she can be so insensitive at times and a horrible snotty cow.

"So Ridzzy you coming right!" Riddhima held her mobile close to her ear feeling her sister's excitement as she opened the door to her apartment.

"Yeah Di… I will be there wouldn't miss it for the world" she pushed opened the door to see her little bright pink girly pad and smiled it was so good to be home she smiled.

"Oh I got a call from Kirti last week she say you have finally got a man!"  OMG!! NO I have NOT…She gossiping as usual the two face cow!

"For a second we were all worried about you and I was defending you saying you CAN PULL A MAN!" WHAT OMG !! YOU WHAT?? That Kirti has nothing better to do then to gossip about me?? Holding the mobile she felt her anger take hold of her.

"Di I too have a boyfriend!" narrowing her eyes she looked at herself in the large mirror….OMG I am attractivish…OK you're more beautiful then me Di…but I'm not that bad looking I'm I?

"Yeah she said you both looked cute!" hmmm your fishing Di. I'm not telling you anything as like last time you will say Riddzy you have no clue about the opposite sex??

"Di I have to go …. I see you in Delhi soon! Love to Papa and Momma!"

"Riddz don't forget to bring your boyfriend!" WHAT? OMG? HOW THE HELL!!

"No worries we come together as a couple!"  you just lied?? I know but I'll make something up like he is away and sick!  Or something…she thought.

"Bye Di!"

Closing her eyes she remember Sumit the two-face-leech for two months he dated her and then announced he was getting married to Zoya?  I mean Zoya was twice his age and … Ok she was attractive and had the bank balance he so wanted!! THE LOW LIFE SCUMBAG!! UFF ........ Opened her eyes remembering what she had told Anjali and her mother called three days later all excited to meet the new man in her life when the truth was they was no one!!  It was all lies…. Now she was goin to have to find a Boyfirend For Hire!! and create more lies!!!!!!…biting her lip she pulled up the bed covers…I will think of something tomorrow…….


~Please Comment ~

Love Kat

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~~~~~~Full story here~~~~~~


Riddhima sat in the caf and let out a sigh and looked over at Lovely as she ate her second blueberry muffin.

"Lovely this guys ok yeah! I mean he is going to show up right… I have 2 days to sort this mess out!!" she looked at her smile at her… Lovely was an old housemate and very warm and bubbly human being…we where now training at the same hospital and hung out together when we had time, the truth was Lovely was the only Indian person i know in the whole of New York… You would think in one of the worlds largest city I would find other fellow Indians …but the truth was with the studying and the work load I really did not get time to socialize as much as I wanted too… Wanting to be the best cardiologist was tough the long hours and the studying…Smiling she placed the coffee cup..

"HI! Atom bomb!" nearly chocking on the sip she looked up to see him. As he smiled through his beard taking hold of lovely's hand and kissing it…seeing her giggle like a school girl…Riddhima closed her eyes and collected herself.

"Hello Nanaji!" OMG Lovely are you serious this guy? Rolling her eyes she looked at him grinning as he sat down at the table.

"So I believe your looking for an actor…" yeah but some how I don't think this is going to work…Why did I listen to Lovely? She thought placing her hand on her forehead.

"I have started in 42 shows and even SRK calls me up for advise!" OK now I know this guys off the planet..and if I show up with him.. Di and Kirti will be laughing for the whole year… WHY CANT YOU GET ME A SRK DUPLICATE ???….No offensive I was looking for someone who will make me look good! She looked over at Lovely as she just stared at Nana as he went through his resume and how he can help me the sew wali bhai?…. Ok now Lovely is not even looking at me… Uff I leave her to it… getting up she walked towards the door.

As stopped at the traffic lights she sighed I have two days to get a guys suitable in enough to take…. 'hello moto' pushing the hands free button.

"Hello Ridhima!"

"Hi Lovlely… what's up?"

"You left and Nana want to know if he can help!" OMG lovely you serious.

"No honey I don't think any one can help me …I'll just make up something… thanks a lot Lovely…Ok bye!" she pushed end call and carried on driving.

"I just say… Di he had an emergency! Or Di I dumped him …No No wait!! He past died on friday and "….. BANG!!……..

"Are you ok?" she opened her eyes to see him opening her car door.

"I'm so sorry!…I did mean to hit you!"

"Awee my neck!" releasing her seat belt she got out of the car….OMG you jerk you hit me… what else can wrong? I haven't even the full payment and the insurance company ….OMG your cars not even got a scratch….

"I hope you pay for this!" she looked at him as he grinned as he scratched his head. As he stood wearing jeans and a white blazer.

"It's not my car!" he chuckled inspecting the bend bumper and broken tail light.

"What? Ok tell me you have a driving licence and insurance…"

"I have a licence only…this is a friends car I'm just visiting…"

"Great! JUST FANTASTIC!… My day can't get any worse can it!"

"I am very sorry I can pay…"

"Oh your pay all right or I'm suing for reckless driving, driving without insurance and whiplash!" she looked at him as she was now at boiling point.

"Come on you're making a mountain out of a mole hill!" OMG how dare you?….

"Look Mister …I'm a doctor I need my car to help get me around…"

"Oh I will be happy to escort you around any where your heart desires!" OMG WAS THAT A PICK UP LINE??? THE NERVE OF THIS GUY!! She looked at him smiling…as he moved closure towards her.

"Look Mister.." seeing him almost on top of her she moved back.

"Hmm I'm looking!" OK now don't come any nearer…Stop right there.


"Look Mister… first you hit me! now you're…." OMG now I'm crying….

"Hey listen I did not do this on purpose it was an accident and… please don't cry…I will do anything you say but please don't …."

"Anything I say you promise!"


"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?" she looked at him as he looked at her in her flat on the sofa with the cup of tea in his hand

"I don't think you have a choice!" You know I can kill to birds with one stone and you know I could actually pull this thing off.

"I have a choice alright this is down right black mail…and I'm not doing it!" OMG just chill or you're have a seizure… she watched him get up and move towards the door.

"I'm so sorry to hear that…I guess you leave me no other choice but to report you to the police!" she sighed as she picked up the telephone.

"Ok wait!" See I knew you come around to my way of thinking…I'm sorry but you really not given me any choice and the thing is I'm now desperate and I seriously want to get one over on my step sister for once in my life…

"Fine I will do it!" RESULT!!

"I did not catch you're name by the way!" she looked at him smiling.

"Armaan Malik!" Ok stop sulking you big baby… get over it! I win fair and square!!

"Hi Dr Riddhima Gupta!" He looked her smiling like a Cheshire cat…

"Since that all settled why don't you come round tomorrow and we can through the fine details….we have to make sure our story is spot on!"

~Part 2 ~

"Right this Arman guys coming around 7ish I can shower and relax until he comes… dame I have to get packing soon…" she mumbled coming up the lift… as she placed the key in the door..she smiled as she walked into her apartment … It was her last day in the office and everything was slowly coming together … She had the guy and all she need was a romantic story and more lies to pull the whole thing off. As she stepped into the bedroom she grabbed her things and enter the show….

"WHAT THE HELL??" she looked at him dripping on the white tiled floor with just a small towel around his waist looking at her as she just stared at him.. With her hands on her hip shaking her head.

"Could you kindly turn around!" …. NO!! she glared at him to see him blush slightly as the water ran down his face onto his muscular chest…as he held the towel around his waist nervously

"What the hell are you doing here?? and how did you get in??" OMG look at the state of my bathroom looks like a bomb went off… she stared at him as she looked at her slightly embarrassed as she just stood there.

"Can I get dressed? I will explain?"

"look carry on who stopping you!" man you have nothing I have not seen before… jeez?

"Thanks close the door on you're way out!" OMG this is my bathroom you Bandar!!!…narrowing her eyes at him she turned and left the bathroom….

Pacing the bedroom she looked at the door… how the heck did he get into the apartment and what the heck is he doing here… OMG how long does it take a guy to get dress????

He looked at him as he stood in front of her in his CK white vest and Nike bottoms…Smiling cheekily… "See my friend who car I hit you with yesterday …threw me out and I had no where else to go you're the only person beside him I know…I spoke to the super and explained I was your fiance and he let me in the place… Nice pad a little pink for my liking…" FIANCEE WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN YOU'RE MY PRETEND BOYFRIEND…. OMG!!…she looked at him as he walked towards her…

"This will give us time to get to know one another better!!" WHAT??? Taking a deep breath she looked at him.

"Honey why don't you shower I will make us dinner!!" HUH HONEY!! OMG he taking the piss right… OK Ridz calm down you going to have a seizure and decide to top yourself just enjoy a warm shower and maybe this can work!!


As she walked into the living room and looked at the Dinning table she stared at the man in front of her!!….

"Riddhima!" OMG DAD??? WTF!!…. Ok stop having a heart attack and she looked at Armaan smiling at her in her fathers arms.

"Congratulations … both of you!" HUH what?.. She look at Armaan as he walked towards them smiling shyly as he placed his arm around her pulling her closer

"What a surprise Honey!! Dad was in the area!" DAD? OMG… OK this must be mums and the churali Anjali's scheme no one even told me…Dad was here???… she smiled looking at the both to see her father looking at them both.

"Wow engaged I'm a little surprise Riddhima.." ME TOO DAD YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!

"I am so luck to have found a woman like Riddhima!" she looked at him as he pulled her closer to him. BANDAR!! THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND!!… I WANT TO CRY!

"So dad what you doing here?" she broke away from his hold and walked over toward the kitchen.. I can't think on a empty stomach and need food…this is get from bad to worse!! She turned to see Armaan and her father walking over towards the sofa deep in conversation…

"HONEY I'LL MAKE DINNER! BANDAR!!" she mimicked under her breath as looked over at them laughing as she prepared the dinner… as she turned around she looked Armaan right behind her grinning…. He winked at her as he moved closer…

"Armaan!…" Riddhima could see her father approaching them…. She stared him hinting her father was coming.. Seeing him move forward he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her..

"I love you honey!" she stared at her father smiling and smiled back…

"Armaan you are so over doing it!" she whispered as he broke his hold. BANDAR!!

"You're tired honey! Why don't you relax with Dad I sort this out!" OMG now you are being to perfect!! This is going over board..


"Bye dad we see you in soon!" closing the door she looked at him by her side with his arm around her smiling…

"Why the HELL did you say were engaged and …."

"WHAT?… Look here honey I was not going to lie to dad about us!" DAD!! OMG


"Chill honey you're going to have a heart attack if you don't control that temper… by the way! I take the right hand side of the bed!" WHAT??

"NO you're on the sofa bed!! … this is all fake remember!!" she marched over to the bedroom and slammed the door….

'knock knock' she opened the bedroom door and looked at him smiling..

"I made some coco… I thought you might want some…" she looked at him with a mug of coco…

"We need to talk!" taking the mug of coco she walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa bed as he sat next to her on the sofa with his mug..

"Look Armaan I want you to me less likable with my family … as after the wedding we going to break up.. If you prefect then I cant dump ya…" she turned to look at him as he nodded his head.

"You don't find me attractive!" HUH…

"Look Armaan you're cute but not my type … and I don't know anything about you.. You know everything about me!"

"Ok! I understand… I'm 26 years old… currently in between jobs at the moment.. I'm from India and came her to find someone only to discover.. That they don't want anything to do with me and it's over.. I came to New York to visit as my visa runs out at the end of the month and I'm going back home.. I'm disappointed they call this a place where dreams come true but so far I have been disappointed…" She looked at him as he stared into space.. Dame I should give him a break …placing her hand on his arm she looked at him.

"I'm sorry Armaan! I have been under so much pressure with the wedding I really did not mean to hurt you.." Poor guy has me shouting at him as well.

"I'm happy to help you Riddhima you have given me somewhere to stay and paid for the repairs and my flight back.." he smiled cheekily as he placed the mug to his mouth!

"Hmmm I guest we both disappoint with things in our life but we going to have to work together to pull this off…I have a plan so lets discuss that…


"Ridz!!" she felt Anjali arms around her as she kissed her on the cheek

"Di im so excited …where's momma?" she looked to see her mother standing in front of her with the aarti thaal in her hand smiling…

"Wait momma! Honey!" they both stared at her as she turned and smiled to see Armaan join her as she took hold of his hand…. Grinning… Churali see I can pull!! … Where Kirti? I show her this evening!!

Riddhima watch Armaan all evening as he working his magic on the family as he was just brillinat flirting with her grandmother and mother and he even got her father to like him which was some time impossible to do as Papa did not like Atul to begin with but later on they start to share a good relationship… Tomorrow was the haldi and time for part 2 of the plan!…

"Ridz where your engagement ring!" DAME??? She looked over at Armaan as he was engrossed in conversation with her father..

"Actually Armaan?… " OMG how could I have missed this???

"I have it here!" they all looked at Armaan holding up the large diamond solitaire in his hand.

"Dad, Momma and Nani … I told Riddhima I was going to get your blessing before I give her the ring!" OMG Armaan I can kiss you right now my hero… she looked at him as he approached her smiling

"Well in that case Armaan you have our blessing!" she looked at her father and mother smiling as he place the ring on her finger and kissed her on the cheek making her blush as they all looked at her she ran out of the room grinning…

"Ridz!" she looked at him as he stood next to her in the room they where going to share … with guest arriving they where in one suite which had two separate bedrooms.

"Well congrats as part 1 of the plan has worked and when the marriage is over … we going to break up publicly like planned…" OMG yeah… thanks Armaan.. She looked at him as he walked over towards his room and closed the door shut.

"Armaan you asleep?" she shouted.

"No!" she smiled as she opened the door and walked into the room.

"Why where you carrying a diamond engagement ring?" she looked at her hand and back at him as he sat up in bed and looked at her staring at the ring..

"It was the reason I came to the states … but I found her with someone else!" seeing his eyes moisten up she jumped on the bed and looked at him.

"Here! You keep it… as this must have been expensive!" she held the ring up at him as he looked at her.

"I trust you … and it is a perfect ring on your finger.."

"yeah but you had someone special in mind to wear it…"

"Hmm… she does not deserve it …but you do!"

"OK when we break up I will place it in you're hand and you can leave with it! OK!" she looked at him nodding but he looked so uninterested in the whole thing…

"You're tired… good night!" she looked at him close his eyes… and smiled leaving the room…

Feeling his arms around her she smiled as she opened her eyes… 'OMG how did he end up in my bed?'

~~~Part 3~~~

"WHAT THE HEL…" she looked at him confused as he placed his hand on her mouth to silences her…she looked at him mortified…as he looked at the door…

"Someone's been hanging round the door I have heard voices this morning…OK!" he whispered… nodding he released her as she looked at the footsteps by the door.

"Hmm they are spies!"….the churali does not miss a trick!!

"Spies?" he looked at her as she got up and approach the door… she looked at him sitting in the bed topless and smiled as she opened the door.

"DIDI!" Armaan started at the children running into the room and hug her.

"Minnie and Dhoni …this is

"ARMAAN JIJU!… Anjali didi told us about you !" Riddhima looked at Armaan and smiled as she walked over towards him still in the bed…

"Are you two married know?" Armaan looked at Minnie as she moved closer to Riddhima…

"No not yet… he is muscularly and naked in your bed didi!" Riddhima looked at the children chuckle as Armaan blushed.

"OK Guys… Armaan and I want to get ready for breakfast …so I suggest you to get ready to …if you want your gifts this morning." She chuckled as they dashed for the door…. She stopped as she looked at him smiling.

"Mum and Dad run an orphanage so I guess when they both had been diagnosed with Cancer mum shifted them here … they doing much better now…" she looked at him smiling as he got out of the bed with the sheets wrapped around him and stopped… He looked at her looking at him and looked away.

"I uh…cant sleep until I'm totally naked!" OMG I WAS HOLDING YOU NAKED!! HOW LONG WHERE U IN MY BED??…she looked at him walk into his room and closed her eyes.

"Morning!!" everyone looked at them surprised

"OMG u guys look cute in matching colours!" Really I think the Bandar suggestion is way over the top!… for some reason he advised all the top celebs wear matching items of clothes…today …coming down the runway we have me wearing yellow looking seriously like a couple …while the tall monkey next to be is wearing that bed sheet… OMG! What is happening to me?? I'm picturing him a white stain sheet butt naked?… OMG you have seen a naked man before loads of time… YEAH BUT Not IN MY BED WITH ME HOLDING HIM!!!…OH GET OVER IT AND SIT DOWN!!…. she looked at him as he smiled sheepishly next to her… OMG HE KNOWS WHAT IM THINKING????

"So Guys I was thinking before the wedding official get started this evening …we can stop over and see mine and Atul new house…" OMG she so rubbing it in my face…Smiling and placing her arm around Anjali sitting next to her she looked at Armaan.

"Ok Di how about me and Armaan met you there as we have a few errands to run this morning"

"Ok fine Ridz! I call Atul and meet you there at noon OK!… Mom, Papa you coming right!"… Anjali looked at her parents.

"No Beta we have so much to do for this evening… you both will be back by 3pm. Yes!" Ridhima looked and Anjali and her mother… there was something between them like they understood each other without saying anything… Ridhima sighed under breath as she looked down at her bowl of fruit.

Mom was always fussing over Anjali more then her. Anjali was attached to her but mom always gave her everything first while she got the seconds or refused gift… It was the small things that bother her but she learn to live with it …She knew mom loved her but and how hard mom had worked to get Anjali to accept her as her mother but feeling that kind of love would have been nice too…. Seeing her so quite he placed his arm around her…

"Honey…you know that I can't eat until you make me a cup of tea!" HUH WHAT? She looked at him smiling and then looked at her parents. OMG IM NOT YOU'RE SLAVE!… smiling she picked up teapot and poured him a cup of tea.

"Sugar?" Anjali turned to look at her curiously….OH DAME?

"Just take the first sip as you usually do! Honey…" OMG you are so corny

"Armaan?.. I told you to behave we not in New York!" she blushed slightly as she looked at her parents and Anjali staring at them.

"Well I refuse to drink it if you don't take a sip!" she looked at him pout his lip! OMG THE OSCAR FOR CHEESE LINES GOES TO THE BANDAR!!

"Armaan… Look!…" taking a sip she passed the cup to him and rolled her eyes.

"OH MY Atuls is not this sweet!" OMG U like this rubbish… heheh that why I hired the chimp!! Hehehe…you know he making me look good!!

"Armaan better …I'm very interested in that research you are doing!" OMG dad fell for the chemical researcher job thing.

"Hmm Dad! I was wondering since im in Delhi to see your pathologist…" she looked at him surprised.

"That's easy your seeing him this afternoon..Dr Rahul!" OMG Rahul… he going to kill me for not calling him… DAME!! SH*T.

"Really that's great!" OMG NO!!

"Yeah I can't wait for the fireworks this afternoon!" Anjali looked at Ridhima smiling.. CHURALI…. OK now what do I do about my best friend who will kill me as I have told him nothing about Armaan and if I do he will just be so cross and freak out!

"Honey you not eaten a thing!" she looked at him stuffing the tomato filled sandwich in his mouth

"Armaan she dieting …cant you tell!…hehehe!"

"Honey I love you the way you are!" she grinning at Anjali… He will fight my battles heheh… OMG you want to feed me?? feeling the fruit in her mouth she looked at Armaan as he winked at her…


"Armaan I have to tell Rahul about us!"

"NO out of the question he will blow our cover… and jeopardise the mission!" HUH WHAT? This is a stake out??…

"Look we need to keep this OUR secret you can go back to you're childhood sweetheart when we break up…

"WHAT? I love him but not that way!" she looked at him smiling.

"You sure as you talked about him non stop since we got in the car!" I HAVE NOT!! IM FREAKING OUT AS IM GOING TO GET FOUND OUT!!

"OMG how corny where you this morning?…that was so tacky.. sip the tea!" she looked at him chuckling…and started laughing with him
"I can get even more cornier with you by my side!"

"OMG Armaan don't start! I will not be able to stop laughing at you're lines…hehe!" she looked at him smiling as he pulled up in the driveway…

"OK I have never met this Atul guy and they Kirti will be here…"

"Kirti?" Yeah Anjali's best friend… she works in states as well but her flight was delayed she here with her boyfriend …mum was telling me!" she looked at him looking upset for some reason…

"Dr Kirti Sharma"

"Yeah why?" she looked at his face going pale.

"OMG it's her!" Great of all the men in the world I get the dumped left over of Kirti??

"OK lets leave now!" she looked at him as he was very upset.

She looked at him so silent as he drove the car… 'ring ring'… Anjali name flashed on the phone and she silenced it looking at him…. She looked at him as he stopped the car.

"Why don't you leave!! I can handle everything?" he looked at her

"No! see I went there to tell her that I love her and found her with some other man arms…." OMG SHE DOES NOT KNOW!! …she looked at him so upset…placing her hand on his shoulder she looked and saw the hurt in his eyes… Poor guy!! It better if you go! I will just tell them you had an emergency.

"Ridhima I want you to help… show what she has missed out on and win her back!" HUH WHAT?

~~~Part 4~~~

She looked over at him as he looked so nervous and smiled to reassure him. He looked uneasy about the whole thing…

"You sure about all this?" rolling her eyes she looked at him.

"Look you have to be seen as dashing, hip and a babe magnet… and the clothes fit.. So lets work on your attitude!…OK!" Jeez he has no problem flirting with and you just mention Kirti he sweating and freaking out!?

"OK but I totally ignore her?" placing her arm on his shoulder she looked at him in the mirror.

"Do you trust me?" he stared at her in the mirror and nodded.

"Good just follow my lead and act cool like a good friend …I will take it from there..main hoon na!" he looked at her giggling

"You look beautiful in that gold lengha..but the duputta is not right let me help you!" Dame you noticed I hate these long duputta? She looked at him as he took hold of the dupatta in his hands…moving forward he placed it in her waist … feeling her gasped he looked at her and smiled.

"Sorry my hands are cold" OMG u telling me? She smiled looking at his cheeky dimpled smile…. He moved around her as he draped the dupatta… as he stood in front of her he stared into her eyes.. OMG Ridz what the HECK is going on here? Coming back to her senses she looked at him smiling back at her.

"Wow Armaan you made her look perfect!" they turned to see Padma at the door looking at them…

"Mum?" Why don't people ever knock? This is so embarrassing…OMG he's blushing? She looked at him as he walked towards the bathroom

"You know you're fathers never placed a duppatta so lovingly around me…" MUM u have no idea this is a total act? She placed the tikka in her mang and felt her mother loving hand on her head.

"Both I and your father are so happy that you have found a life partner like Armaan…" You're going to all hate me when I dump him or he me!

"Are you feeling ok now?" she looked at her mother confused.

"Anjali mentioned…"

"Oh yes mom … I think I'm still jetlagged and Armaan was feelin tired as well so we went to the beach… can't get over it as we both feel asleep in the car!"… LIAR LIAR BUMS ON FIRE!!… shut up…NO!! as you were scheming a way of getting dumped and Kirti in Armaan's arms…all afternoon and ..SHHH shut up!

"Riddhima you still look pale!" I feel sick and want to throw up! As I feel this will all be a disaster.. Everything in my life always is!

"She's fine Mom… she in capable hands!" Yeah mom listen to the hired help!!.. He knows what he talking about?… and he madly in love with Kirti and I'm wearing her engagement ring!… OMG SHUT UP !!… Feeling Armaan taking hold of her hand she smiled looking at her mother as she giggled leaving the room.

"Ok honey… its show time!" OMG!! She looked at him as he nodded and lead her downstairs….


The house was decorated to beautifully in red and gold.. As the walked down the stairs together all eyes where upon them… tonight was the mendhi and sangeet… she looked at Armaan who smiled at her holding her arm and but she could see his eyes scan the room for his love.

'OK ridz deep breaths and you can pull this off and bag the chaurali for the Bandar' taking a deep breath she smiled as the approached Anjali and Atul.

"YOU?" Anjali and Ridhima stared at Atul as he looked at Armaan angry.

"Ok what are you doing here you murder?" Armaan looked at him angry back.

"ATUL WATCH YOUR MOUTH?" Ridhima stared at Armaan as he pointed a finger at him.

"You are a liar and cheat good for nothing…" everyone stared at them and Anjali looked at Ridhima upset.

"Don't blame me Atul!…you are also to blame!" WTF is happening and everyone is staring at us? YOU TWO KNOW EACH OTHER??… is there anyone who this Bandar does not know? She looked at Armaan as he looked sternly at Atul.

"Ridhima I though you had good taste like your sister and you are dating this man?" Atul turned to look at Ridz..OMG what the hell was that look?

"Actually Atul she marring him!" Anjali looked at her annoyed as the stared at Armaan and Ridhima… OH Yeah I AM get with the program people im marring the murder!!

"You knew about this i bet?" she looked at anjali crying.

"No Di! I don't know what is going on?" they both looked over at Armaan and Atul

"You always do this ridz …spoil my day?" Ridhima looked at Anjali as her eyes filled up with tear. Great now she cryin and everyone going to blame me as usual.

"Armaan what is going on?" she turned him around to face her.

"Who did you kill?" she looked at him as he looked angry back at Atul

"Ridhima he killed Jasmine!" she looked at Atul as he looked really upset.

"It never would have happen if he had told me about her water intake!" WHAT?

"She was the beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on and when I touched her I felt like I was in heaven?" You're going to marry my sister and you are drooling over another woman while she standing next to you… ARE YOU CRAZY!!… she looked at Anjali running of crying.

"Armaan now look what you have done?!" she looked at him as he total ignored her and carried on shouting at Atul.. Now I feel like cryin….she looked over at everyone staring at them and walked away.

"NOW look what you have done CHAMP! …Look I told you i'm sorry for not watering jasmine twice a day!"… he looked at Atul pouting his lip.

"Both our lady loves are upset!…so what are we going to do about… I can't believe you called Anjali 2nd class next to jasmine?" Armaan chuckled and looked over at everyone as he placed his arm around Atul and looked at Shanshank as he looked at them shocked.

"A plant?" Atul looked over at Armaan and then Shanshank..

"I am sorry papa… see Armaan and I were college room mates.. We fight all the time.! Some one should have warned me that the Armaan was coming?"

Everyone started laughing…..


"This is so funny…both Gupta girls are marrying the college geeks" Kirti smiled looking at her friend Sonia..

"I still remember Armaan following you around like love sick puppy… but look at him now!" Ridhima could hear them from balcony!"

"Yeah impressive… he was the biology geek and now a neurologists and Atul cardiologist … you know Anjali does not love him… she marrying him for the fame and money.. She just desperate and Ridhima will get dumped like always she has no class she can never keep them… Armaan looking dish though maybe I could play him like Sumit!" hearing them both giggle she walked into her room.

"Honey I'm sorry!" she looked at him as he wiped her tears and took hold of her.

"You lied to me?" he looked at her

"Lied.. Look Atul still upset about his stupid plant ..I never meant to hurt him"

"I mean you are a neurologist!" he looked at her guilty

"Yeah I was going to tell you but you wanted me to.."

"HELLO Ridhima!" she looked up at the friendly face and ran towards him.

"Rahul please take me away!" she sobbed… Armaan looked at him smiling as he held her in his arms and walked out of the room.

"Wow girlfriend you're getting married?" NO ITS FAKE! I was crying because of Kirti and just took it all out on the Bandar as he loves her. Its a total disaster… she smiled and looked at Armaan standing by her father.

"Yes Armaan is very warm and affectionate.. always there for me…" OMG what are you saying?

"Sounds serious I seen the way he looks at you!… give him a break go talk to him!" LOOKS at me?? he is acting… she walked over towards him outside.

"Armaan?" he took hold of her in his arms..

"Kirti is over there act romantic!" OH YEAH RIGHT but wait she's… feeling his lips on hers..she found her arms around his neck and herself kissing him back…as he nibbled on her upper lips he found her moaning in delight and her body just melted in his arms.. Surpising to him she was kissing him back..opening his eyes he noticed that no one was around and released her….

~~~~Part 5~~~~

"Honey open you're eyes!!" huh what??… opening her eyes she looked at him as he looked around the garden…. Feeling a little giddy she looked at him…HE KISSSSED ME!!??!!?? *sigh*

"She's gone!" WITCH I was enjoying that!! Churali!! … OMG what am I saying he wants that COW?

"Is something the matter?"  yeah she wants you against me you bandar… and OMG can you kiss a girl!!

"Ridz?" *SLAP* he looked at her as he cheek throbbed and smiled shyly as he watched her go inside.

"The flippin cheek… you cant just grab a person and kiss them like that…I bet he was picturing her and kissed me… omg I feel sick!"  ….she felt someone grab her arm, it was Anjali.

"We need to talk!"  oh great now I have nutty over her wanting to give me ear ache and seriously I am not in the mood!… she looked at Anjali closing the door behind her.

"I am sorry!" she looked at her shocked and surprised… DI said the s word?

"Look about earlier I say that you ruion everything and the truth is I am scared?" tears rolled down anjali eyes as she sat down on the bed crying…. OK this is the first first the s word and di is scared?  What the hell? They only thing Di is scared of is…. NOTHING?… Ridz sat on the bed next to her and placed her hand on her shoulder…to find Anjali take hold of her crying.

"Look Atul really loves you loads and he will make you happy!"  Now is not the time to have a panic attack? The guys ladoo over you and im jealous like hell that you have someone who will grow old with you… me I hired Armaan just to get back at you and even I cant get that right… tears ran down her face as she held Anjali.

"The thing is I am scared of failing him…as he loves me to much…and I feel like that because of me …it may not work?"

"Di your just scared… look I see they way you both look at each other and the way he fusses over you… and is there for you no matter what… these things are never easy you have to work at it… You do love him right?"  she looked at her as she wiped her tears with a tissue.

"Yeah of course I do! He the only man who every cared about me seriously the others just used me to get to dad… you know on our first date he gave me a pink rose bush as he said he could not send me dead flowers but only living flowers …which would blossom like me…"   Aweee di sweet!

"I know everyone thinks I am marrying him because he is famous and rich…but when we met he was nothing of those things… and he tells me I am lucky for him…every since I came into his life…. But you know he means the world to me ..i have never met anyone so committed to his patients and me…I guess that is why I am scared! Kirti told me everyone say she is marrying him for the money… but that not true!"  Let me guess the Churali said all this!!.. I bet she wants to break you up!! THE COW!! Let me get my hands on her neck…

"Come on Di!! Lets go and kick butt!….i mean have some fun!  You are getting married to the man you love and I am…"

"You are two soon…"  Yeah yeah I would not bet on it!! He taken by someone eles.

"Forget about me Di …today is your day and we are going to show everyone how much you love him…"

"I am NOT talking to him… he compare me to a plant!"  

"OK you can get him back once you are married…I'm sure you will think of something…" they both giggled getting up.


"Rahul… I need you're help!" Rahul looked at Ridhima as she looked at him as he was talking to a bunch of girls.

"Ridz I don't mean to be rude… but I am at a party, have you seen the single females around here?" he whispered leading her away…she looked at him annoyed… MEN? UFF!!

"Look you husband to be is standing there with Kirti ask him!" WHAT???!!! She turned to look to see him engrossed in conversations with her as she gave him that I want you look!!… NO WAY KIRTI find you're next victim else where?

"Lunch sounds great!!" she looked at him as he stared at Kirti almost drooling

"Honey?"  he turned to look at her and smiled broadly as he placed his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him.

"Where have you been darling?… I have been bored stiff and then noticed Kirti…we started talking about old times…"  I BET!! CHURALI!!

"Ridhima so good to see you… can't believe we both in New York and never get a chance to met up!"  LIKE HELL!! Would freeze over first!!

"So Armaan how did you two meet?" she looked at the way he was staring at her.

"By accident!" she looked at him in a dreamy state and pinched him hard in the back!


"That was what I said when he crashed into the back of my car! Isn't that right Honey?" she looked at him as he looked at her angrily. He looked at Kirti and smiled.

"Darling how can I every forget!!  That was were it all began!"  he whispered "blackmailing" as he looked at Ridhima…. OH YOU JERK!! I should have called the police!!

"I fell in love with her totally and we are living together.. it was funny when dad walked in when I was wondering around in a towel!" OK THAT IS INfORMATION OVER LOAD!! POOR WOMAN WILL BURST ANY MOMENT!! LOOK AT HER DROOOLING ????!!

"Armaan? Such a joker!! Hehe… that dinner you cooked for us was amazing honey!… You know as well as a great doctor he a great cook and…" Armaan looked at Ridhima blush… OMG I WAS GOING TO SAY KISSER!

"Ridz that is only because I love you…" feeling his lips on her cheek she blushed even more… OMG!! He turned her to face him and looked into her eyes.

"I am totally yours honey! I am crazy about you!" OMG U ARE? Feeling his arms around her he hugged him back smiling and looked at Kirti walk away…

"Is she gone?" he whispered in her ear releasing her as he looked around to find her gone.

"OMG I am meeting her for lunch tomorrow!" HUH WHAT!! THE B*&^%$….OK calm down and remember why you came over here!!

"Look Armaan forcus … what are we going to do about them?" he looked at Atul and Anjali as they both looked upset.

"This is totally your fault!!" he looked at her surprised as she looked at him.

"OK! So what do you want me to do?"

"FIX IT!" he looked at her walk off towards Rahul.


"Champ whats up?" Atul looked at him looking gloomy

"Yaar she will not talk to me? I hate it when she upset yaar as I feel like crap!" Armaan looked at him surprised.

"You really fell in love with a girl!" Atul looked at Armaan as he laugh out load.

"I was a little scared that I could not get you talking about the girls as the plants took over the doorm"

"You can talk I could see the way you were drooling over Kirti when she was speaking to you right now!"

"That is history… im taken for remember Ridhima!"  Atul looked at him as he started at Ridhima dancing with Rahul on the dance floor.


"She is blaming me for you two not talking and now not talking to me!"  they both looked at each other and started laughing.

"She's too good for you!" Armaan looked at Atul as he picked up the second glass of whiskey.

"Plus she  has a boyfriend Rahul!"  Armaan picked up the glass and drank it all in one shoot…

"He is just a friend… she loves me!" he looked at Atul and then back at them on the dance floor.

"Right that is enough Atul!! 1 more and you will be drunk… go and ask Anjali to dance!… while I will see what Ridhima says…"  

"May I!"  Rahul looked at Armaan as he stood looking at Ridhima.

"Rahul tell him I do not want to dance with him and…"  Armaan took hold of her arm and twirled her around as she landed on top of him as he held her.

"Look!" he turned her to see Anjali and Atul laughing on the dance floor.

"Happy now honey!" he smiled cheekily looking into her eyes.  Ecstatic can't you see?? …OMG don't pull me to close.

He looked deep into her green eyes… everything about her was so easy… and he felt so comfortable around her…

"Thank you Ridz… you have saved me….more then once and I can never re pay you" she looked at him as he closed the bedroom door and approached her.

"THANK GOD THAT IS OVER!" he looked at her fall on the bed looking at the ceiling… her navel was totally exposed and her arms out with her eyes now closed….her hair gentle on her face covering her and the cool breeze from the window.

"I am totally shattered!…good night Armaan!"  he looked at her turn over to face the window.

"Ridz you asleep?" hearing her moan she turned to look at him.

"Armaan what time is it?"  he looked over towards the clock 

"2am… Ok wake me up at 8am…" I don't get out bed unless its an emergency…she moaned closing her eyes.

"Ridhima? honey?…" he whispered in her ear…feeling him snuggle into bed with her she turned to face him as he stared at her in her bed.


"Before you say anything I am wear pajamas…"  he looked at her closing her eyes again.

"I can't sleep … what do I tell Kirti? …uh I mean what do I talk about?"  FOR flip sake im trying to have a nice dream and know you mention the wicked witch I'm going to have nightmares?… he looked at her taking a long deep sigh and opening her eyes to look at him.

"You're not going to let me sleep are you?" yeah well don't give me that cheeky dimple smile?…he looked at her shaking her head at him.

"Ok tell her the truth!"  see if I care you going to die with heart ache…

"Truth?"  ok calm down I have had heart attack ? Bandhar!

"Look when you are having you conversation about old time drop that you liked her and always imaged marrying her ect ect" blah blah blah!!

"Oh that truth!"   yeah!! mans a doctor?

"Then after the marriage I will then dump you for cheating on me and then you both live happily ever after…. NOW can I get some sleep!!"

"With Rahul right!"  he looked at her stare at him

"Rahul?"  Yeah right as if!!

"I heard him tell some girl that you were his girlfriend!"  why do you sound upset?

"A Girl who happens to be his friend!… Anyway this conversation was about you and Kirti where did Rahul come from?"

"I uh…"         she looked at him look away

"Armaan can I please go to sleep?" he looked at her turn and pull up the blanket.

She felt him body snuggle up next to hers and his arm around her…she moved into his body feeling warm.

"Ridz I feel cold in that big bed by myself…can I?…."

"Armaan Shut up and GO TO SLEEP YOU BANDAR!!"  hearing him chuckle she smiled closing her eyes……

She opened her eyes and saw him asleep next to her… his head resting on her shoulder and his arm holding her close… he was not like anyone she had meet before… a guy would automatically think about sex when getting into bed but he would?…. But then again he was totally in love with someone else and she was nothing but a friend.  He looked like and angel as the sun seeped through the window…placing hand on his arm he pulled her closer as she tried to move.  "Honey go to sleep!" Honey …she smiled he called her that…. She moved closer to him…

"Armaan?" she whispered in his ear…to see a smile spread on his lips.

"WAKE UP YOU HAVE A LUNCH DATE!" he fell out of bed and looked at her as he giggled non stop on the bed!

"YOU!" getting back he took hold of her arm as she turned and picked up the pillow and hit him on the head….

"OYE!" he looked at her as another pillow hit him…. The pillows flew across the room as they laugh…she looked at him as he sat on top of her holding her hands down.

"You give up? or hungry for more?" he asked smiling to see her panting beneath him

"NO!" she smiled back looking at him as he looked at her.

"NO!" feeling him move closer to him….omg Ridz he going to kiss you?

"Kirti?" she looked at him as his smile faded and he nodded and got off her. Ok now why did you say that? As he loves her and not me!

~~~Part6 ~~~~

"Stop biting your lip!" Ridhima looked at Anjali as she stared at her. They both walked into the shopping arcade.

"Sorry Di!" Man its 1pm and Armaan is probably sitting with her laughing behind my back as to how stupid I am. Witch has got him wrapped around her finger I bet! CHURALI

"What the heck is wrong with you?… Ever since we left the house you have been weird??" Di you have no idea the Bandar took two hours to get ready and then he over did the hair and we had to do the whole thing again.. it was murder and then he hugged me kissed me on the cheek and left grinning… *sigh* I am dieing a thousand deaths right now and no one cares..

"Don't tell me you have had an argument with Armaan?" Anjali placed her hand on her arm and looked at her concerned… Ridhima smiled to reassure her.

"Di nothing like that… I think he is bored with me!" its true and anyway there is no US! You meantion the witches name and he has this look in his eyes… OMG he so digs her!!

"You're crazy and you know what I seen the way he looks at you and you him" *sigh* if only di he a great actor…he will beat SRK one day im telling he could run rings around all the female leads.

"So can we Ridz do some shopping?" Yeah di I could do with some retail therapy Lets blow my credit card away as I spent it on him anyway.. I am going to treat myself. Riddhima looked at Anjali as she selected a new sari.

'beep beep' taking out her mobile she looked at Anjali

'Honey wot do I talk about? I am sweating and nervous?' Great just fantastic!! You Bandar!! Cant believe you want me to tell you what to do? Turning off her mobile she placed it in her bag angrily. BANDAR I HATE U!!

Biting her nails she looked at the clock 5pm and he was still not back… closing her eyes she picture Kirti in his arms….

"Ridhima come on!" she looked up to see Sapna pull her up from the sofa and pushed her towards all the girls laughing.

"Come on Ridz… Anjali mehendi you have to dance…" Ridhima smiled at Sapna …man I feel like cryin …you can forget dancing!! I feel like crying and you want me to do nach baliye? What the heck is wrong with everyone????

"Come on Ridz …I remember you dancing at my wedding!" Sapna grabbed her hands and turned her around giggling…

"May be she's lost her touch?" they turned to see Kirti walk down the stairs smiling dressing in light blue lengha

Sapna looked at Ridz as she rolled her eyes…

"Churali is here!" heheh Sapna you kill me…I am so happy you are here as we both cant stand the wicked witch of the west

"Come on Ridz! Lets kick her to the kerb!!" Sapna winked at Ridhima.. both of them looked at each other and turned …..

Jhanak Jhanak Jhan
Khanak Khanak Khan
Jhanak Jhanak Khanak Khanak Khan Khan

Mera Jhumka Utha Ke Laaya Yaar Ve
Jo Gira Tha Barielly Ke Bazaar Mein

Main To Thumka Laga Ke Sharma Gayi
Boli Ghoom Kar Bata De Ke Main Aa Gayi

Mujhko Nacha Ke Nach Le
Aaja Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le

Jhanak Jhanak Jhankaar
Ho…Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le

Ab To Lutaa Hai Bazaar
Sub Ko Bhula Ke Nach Le

Aaja Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Jhanak Jhanak Jhankaar

Ho…Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Ab To Lutaa Hai Bazaar

Nachle Nachle Zara Nachle Nachle Chhatt Pe Bula Ke Nachle
Nachle Nachle Zara Nachle Nachle Jhat Se Bula Kar Nachle

As Ridhima spun around in her green and gold lengha she lost her balance and found herself in Armaans arms … he looked into her eyes and pushed back her loose hair…. Feeling Sapna hand pull her back she turned and danced….

"OMG ridz…you're man caught you in time.. Man I miss Muskhan as we really would have show Kirti our Jalwa!! hehe You both kicked hers and Anjali's butt at my wedding" Ridhima smiled as she looked at Sapna dressed in pink…

"Yeah she could not make it.. her father not well! As she busy in London… I'm stopping over to see her before I go back to new york"

"Honey you are looking breath taking!" huh?…feeling his arms on her waist pulling her close to him….she placed her arms loosely around his neck and smiled as everyone danced with there couples.

"So how was your date?" I WANT ALL THE DETAILS!!

"It was ok we going to meet up after the wedding…." YOU ARE??? She works fast!!

"Good !! I am so happy for you!" NO I AM NOT I WANT TO CRY AS I HAVE FALLEN MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU!! YOU BANDAR!!…. feeling his kiss on her cheek she looked at him.

"What was that for?" OMG YOU Just kiss without thinking don't you!! Or warning.

"Everyone's watching including Kirti!" OMG!! I SO HATE U!!… feeling him pull her close to him he looked into his eyes. You don't have any idea what you are doing to me?? Do you? As you feel nothing to me?….feeling him take hold of her she could feel his breath on her neck… OH he just brushed him lip on my neck. I am going to have a seizure and die

"I just love you fragrance!" you do? OMG girl get a grip!!

"Armaan you are over acting!" he looked at her as she pulled away from him.

"I uh was telling the truth… you always smell good!" OH DON'T GIVE ME THAT CHEEKY DIMPLE SMILE?? …feeling his arm pull her back she looked at him annoyed.


"Armaan?" they turned to see Kirti smiling at them.

"Riddhima I hope you don't mind if I kidnap Armaan!" OVER MY DEAD BODY YOU COW!!

"Sure she does not mind?" hey….NO!!! DON'T GO! She looked at him as he winked at her and walked away. BANDHAR I HATE U!!

He looked at her as she removed her bangles sitting at the dresser…she had been so quite and came up early to the bedroom….he walked over to her as she mumbled…

"Honey are you ok?" NO! AS IF YOU CARE.

"I am tired!" he looked at her as she untied her hair and placed the pins on the dresser… everything had to be in its place ….she was so tidy and took pride in it as he turned to sit on the bed and unbuttoned his black shervani but struggled with the top button…

"I hate theses things…" she turned to look at him.

Feeling her hand on his he looked at her as she kneeled on the floor and looked at him…he lowered his hands slowly to feel her untie the buttons… moving his hands to her face he moved back her hair to see her close her eyes….feeling his lips on her …she felt him lift her up and sit her on his lap…feeling his kisses and his arms pulling her closer to him ….she pulled away and looked away…feeling her eyes fill up… "this is wrong …" feeling his finger on her chin she looked at him.

"Why did you not answer my text?" he looked at her as she lowered her eyes.

"My battery was dead!" she looked at him angrily and got up.

"Look Armaan! We had a deal I pay for the damage of the cars in return you get Kirti!… So why are you playing this game?"

"Me? playing games?" she looked at him as he got off the bed and looked at her.

"Yes God damit! Why the Hell did you kiss me just now?"

"Because you told me too!" WHAT WHEN?

"I Did Not!! ?" feeling him pull her back to him she looked at him in tears.

"You're eyes told me to kiss you!" WHAT AS IF!! My eyes where looking at you period!!

"Look Mister! I want you out of my life when this stupid deal is over … so kindly leave my room as I want to go to bed!"… he looked at her as she turn around crying!!

"I am sorry Ridhima …and you're right we both made a deal and should stick to it!" ….she fell on the bed cryin as he heard him slam the door.

Pulling up the covers she closed her eyes…feeling cold and his warm body not next to her. You stupid fool! You are totally in love with the jerk…and…placing her hands on her ears sobbing STOP IT! I HATE HIM! She sobbed.


She looked at him as he walked into the room in his cream shervani read for the wedding like her he had not slept well at all and they both felt so miserable… as they walked down together but not together…

"Awee Di I am going to miss you!" Ridhima held Anjali as they both sobbed holding each other. Armaan looked at Atul as he looked as if he to was going to cry and placed his hand on his shoulder… He turned to feel Padma's hand on his shoulder.

"Armaan beta…Ridhima is going to taking this badly …could you take her inside!" seeing the tears in her eyes he nodded as he moved forward and placed his hand on Ridhima. She looked at him and sobbed even more…

"Ridhima what wrong?" Anjali looked at Ridhima as she held her tightly and looked at Armaan as he pulled her from her and took hold of her sobbing….

Anjali looked at Ridhima as she held Armaan sobbing 'something is wrong? As she has never cried like that and was so clingy… "Anjali are you ok?" smiling through her tears she nodded at Atul as she turned to see her parents for the last time.

Stoking her soft hair he held her sobbing in his arms everyone turned to stare at them as the wedding car drove off.

"Shhh honey! I know you are going to miss her! I too am going to miss you!" she looked at him and pushed him away.

He looked at her as she ran into the house crying..

"I am going to miss you too momma!" Ridhima released her mother as she looked at her.

"Can't you stay another day?" seeing the tears in her mothers eyes she shock her head.


"Anjali has left me and now you are going so early this morning!" the soon I leave here the better.

"Are you ready?" she looked over at Armaan as she nodded.

"Ok I have spoken to the pandit about you're wedding and he saying best time is in three months…. Armaan I have spoken to your parents. I going to meet them next week… I wish you could both stay longer…" HEY pandit? Parents? She looked over at him as he smiled.

"Armaan we better be going!" she looked at him picking up the suitcases.

"What this about you're parents?" she looked at him angrily at the airport.

"Don't worry about it? I square everything over!" he looked over at her as she nodded.

"Well Armaan it's been fun…I wish Kirti and you all the best in the future! I might see you around in New York!" he looked at her as she held out her hand and smiled….taking hold of her hand he smiled.

"Can I request a hug!" NO! and don't give me that cheeky smile… feeling his arms around her she smiled.

"Good bye Armaan! and here's your engagement ring as you will need it!" she waved at him for the last time feeling her tears running down her face… come on girl! Being single is not all that bad? OMG u want a bet and I kind of got used to him… OK but don't look back…. I know!! as it hurts...


"YOU DUFFER!" Ridhima turned to look at Muskhan as she shook her head at her…Muskhan was staring at her in her London flat as Ridhima told her of the events that happen in New York and Delhi.

"Paagal you should have kept the diamond ring …to pay off the debt!" WHO CARES ABOUT THE RING YAAR??? I AM HEART BROKEN!!

"I can't believe you YAAR!! Diamond ring would have been pay back… you could have e-bayed it and paid off the car repairs and his flight… Yaar!??! Kasaam Nu Khaan!! Took you for a ride!… I hate men like him… and Rahul!…they make me so angry… UFF!"  Ridhima looked at her as a little smile formed on her Muskhan waved her hands in the air karate chopping like a madwoman….

"Yaar!!.. Sapna called me and told me you whooped the charali on the dance floor.. man I missed it I would have showed her my Jalwa!"  Listening to her laugh Ridhima laugh out loud with her on the bed holding her stomach.. as Muskhan moved her hips..

"Man Muskhan I have missed you and that laugh!"  Ridhima took hold of her laughing.

"So tell me what his name? and was he good looking?… and did you French him?" OMG WHAT NO! FRENCH I WISH!!

"Muskhan you have not changed still the same!! Mental cow as ever" Muskhan smiled as she walked over towards the wardrobe

"Yaar what to do as I here in England with the parents and not one nice guys.. all weirdo… I bet that Rahul busy girl after girl…"  rolled her eyes at Riddhima

"You still have a huge crush on him?" Ridhima looked at her as she sighed and nodded her head.

"Duffer calls me up and tells me who he is dating and which girl got more then 1 star!" Girl I cant believe in the 3 years we went to college together behind all those fights you fancied him in a big way?? I thought I had it bad but you for 3 year …

"We are both hopeless cases?!"  Muskhan threw a top and jeans over at Riddhima

"No Babes we are single and ready to mingle… and we going out!!" YAAR NO!! she looked at Muskhan as she had that crazy woman looked in her eyes and looked at her. 


"Ridhima? GET UP!"  Muskhan looked at her hugging the pillow as she slept on the bed all stretched out.

"Muskhan yaar quite! shhhh yaar my head hurts!"  I feel total tired and want to sleep here forever and never get up.

"I'm not surprised you drank like a fish and I had to drag you off the dance floor and those white guys?"  Muskhan looked at her as she moaned and placed her head under the pillow.

"Ridhima puttar ? OH Ridhima puttar… "  Muskhan grabbed the spare pillow and hit her.

"You're going to miss the flight and we have to go and get some shopping done!"  Leave me alone!! …Ridhima got up to see her dressed in her pink pajamas and placed her hand on her head..

"Muskhan I'm broke forget the shopping and let me sleep!"

"My treat yaar any way were sisters practically so…" Feel her hands drag her out of bed she looked at Muskhan pushing her into the bathroom as her legs just wanted to collapse on the floor

As she stepped out the shower she noticed how Muskhan had placed her clothes on the bed and had left her to get changed… 'Hello moto' she looked at her phone and picked it up..

"Hi Girfriend! Where are you?"  smiling she looked at herself in the mirror.

"UK London!!" hearing him take a massive long sigh she grabbed hold of her jeans and sat on the bed wearing the large bath sheet

"You over at the DON's place "  … Ridhima laugh as he chuckled on the phone.

"Come on Rahool I know you call her up everyday to tease her…"

"I can't survive a day with out talking to the DON… she there?" pulling up her jeans she smiled.

"No she get me brekky… anyway what you want!!"  she heard him feel a little uncomfortable on the phone..

"Man I can't believe I am telling you this… Armaan!"  her heart raced hearing his name.

"What about Armaan?" biting her lips she closed her eyes.

"He getting married and it's to Kirti!"  OH Right… quick the acting part.

"Ridz you there… look I'm here in the London I come over to Muskhan's place…" hearing the line go dead she sank into the bed as the tears ran down her face.

Muskhan and Rahool looked at Ridhima as she stared into space …suddenly she started laughing and they looked at her… Rahool took hold of Muskhan's arm scared..

"She gone mad!"  Muskhan looked at his face and then back at Ridhima when they both started laughing at Rahool.

"OMG Ridz tell him the truth!" Ridhima looked at Muskhan as she laugh through her nose and she started laughing again…holding her stomach.

Rahool looked at the pair of them laughing as Ridhima told him the whole story…

"OK if this was Muskhan's plan I would have believe it as she is desperate… " Ridhima laugh as she looked at Muskhan punch his arm hard as he looked hurt.

"Oye! Me desperate…"  She looked at Rahool smile cheekily as he looked at her sulk and sit down next to Ridz on the sofa with her arms folded…

She looked at him as he dragged his feet towards her and kneeled on the floor and took hold of her hands as she pulled them out of his grip.

"Sorry Babes… " he turned to look at Ridz and blinked

"Hatt pichhe! I am not talking to you" Muskhan looked at him and looked away… he looked desperately at Ridhima and knew he had seriously hurt her.

"Muskhan … who would have thought that Ridhima would have out smarted you!" Muskhan glared at him as she pushed him onto the floor and sat on him as he laugh… Ridhima stared at them… they are so in love yet neither one wanted to break there friendship as there where scare… she knew how they felt… she too was scare to say I love you to Armaan as he never felt nothing towards her and she could live the reset of her life in love with someone who would never be hers ever….

"Muskhan stop it!" Ridhima smiled as she looked at Muskhan tickle him as he rolled on the floor tryin to catch her hands scream in laughter.


"You sure you are going to be OK!" she released Muskhan and looked at her worried face.

"I be fine… I need to go back to work as I need the distraction and not forgetting the money!" Man my credit card bill is going to kill me!!  She looked at the final security gate at Heathrow and turned to see Rahool whispering something in Muskhan's ear as she smiled looking at her.

"WHAT?" they looked at her and smiled.

"Nothing!" the both grinned as she looked at them.

"NO! Tell me?!" what the hell? … Riddhima walked over to Rahool and looked at him as he looked at Muskhan.

"Oh that reminds me I have someone to call…" Ridhima looked at him as he pulled out his diary as Muskhan rolled her eyes at Riddhima.

"Muskhan? Tell me what he said?" they turned to see Rahool turn around.

"Leave it yaar he's mental …" looking at him, Ridhima grabbed hold of his black diary as Muskhan looked at him trying to get it back giggling.

Open the pages she looked at his entries all mentioning when and what he discussed with Muskhan and looked at him shaking his head so that she did not let on…. Smiling she closed the book and looked at him…

"Tell me what you said??"  she looked at him sweating and looking very uncomfortable as he looked at Muskhan for help!!

"I told her that!! …."

"He mention you're birthday yaar!"  Rahol turned and hit Muskhan on the head as he snatched his black dairy back. 

"My Birthday?" she looked at them as they smiled.

"What about it?" HECK WHAT ARE YOU PAIR UP TO???

"Can all passengers board British Airways to New York please go to gate 35!"

"LOOK LOOK YAAR YOU HAVE TO GOOOOO!" Ridhima looked at Muskhan as she pushed her towards the security check out… MY god woman you have been dragging my butt everywhere today…

"OK BYE !"

"Muskhan?OYE!!" Ridhima turned to looked at Rahool as he caught up with them.

"What are you up to…???"  I want to know… better not be another blind date?

"OK since motor mouth opened her big mouth.. we are coming to visit you in New York!"  Muskhan stared at him pouting her lip as Ridhima smiled looking at him scratching his head shaking it…  Feeling his warm embrace she looked at him.

"When are you going to tell her that you love her?"  Rahool blushed slightly as he released her.

"Valentine day! That is why I'm here… I thought you guys are all getting married and then the DON need someone" he whispered chuckling as he looked at Muskhan smiling at them as she looked at the departure monitors.

"Well make sure you do? And please don't upset her? As she loves you loads!"  Rahool nodded to reassure her and waved at Muskhan.

"Bye Ridz! Man I loved our two days together!  It went to quick!"  Muskhan hugged her tearfully

"I know but you will have Rahool to keep you company …" Ridhima chuckled looked at her grin like a Cheshire cat.

"Ok now be nice and please tell him you love him!" Muskhan blushed and nodded shyly.

Ridhima looked back at them as she enter the security check out… Now she was going to be totally alone… everyone was with someone and she had her lonely flat to go back too. …

As she pulled out the keys to the flat feeling tired and exhausted from her flight she noticed the door was opened and pushed it slightly feelin nervous as she left her luggage out side.

"Mace!" she whispered placing her hand in her handbag to get ready.

Ok Ridhima keep calm… take deep breathes and don't be scare.. $*** I'm scared …look around the flat everything seem in order as she tiptoed to the kitchen area holding out her mace she looked around nervously…'bedroom' pushing open the door she looked around nothing …she looked at the bathroom door handle being pushed …'OMG' with her heart pumping so fast…..


"YOU BANDAR YOU GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK! IDIOT!" she looked at him holding his face as she lead him back in the bathroom.

"HONEY IT STINGS!"  shaking her head she bent him over towards the basin and washed his face…

"Shut up do you have any idea what I was going through I nearly had a seizure thinking that I had a prowler in the flat… jeez Armaan how was I suppose to know you where here?" she looked at him washing his face as she grabbed a towel and threw it in his hands.

"My vision still!"  she looked at him.

"Just wash your eyes out I get some solution from the medical kit!"

She looked at him as he sat on the leather sofa as she sat on the glass coffee table …holding the cotton wool in her hand she placed it gentle around his eyes.

"What are you doing here Armaan?" why are you here… oh I get it you come back with Kirti?.. feeling his hand on her she looked at him squinting.

"Honey this solutions going to work right?" HONEY?? Her heart raced as his voice was full of concern as she pulled her hands away

"Armaan trust me.. in fact lay down I put the kettle on!" taking hold of his legs she helped him lay down on the sofa as he held the cotton wool over his eyes.

"I did some shopping Honey! Milk, eggs and other things I did not know what you like so I just got what I liked… hope you don't mind hon!"  OK NOW WHAT THE FRIGGIN HELL IS GOING ON????

"This is working…my eyes are not sting as much!" he shouted as she stirred the sugar in the tea.

She banged the tray on the table and looked at him as he got up and looked at her a little surprised.

"I want some answers first of what are you doing in my flat? And secondly aren't you marrying Kirti?? And FOR GOD SAKE STOP CALLING ME HONEY!!"  he looked at her as she glared at him and got up from the sofa…. She looked at him as he awkwardly approached her.

"I liked us being a couple!"  WHAT?? OMG he gone mad???

"Armaan? We were acting! Your goal, remember Kirti?? my goal remember turning up to my sister wedding with a boyfriend… remember!!"  she looked at him as he shifted his weight awkwardly and then looked up to face her.

"I never went on that lunch date… I was in the shopping centre following you that day… I uh saw you read my message and turn off the phone angrily… I felt like I was betraying my wife if I went …I just could not do it." She looked at him stunned as he stepped closure to her. OMG U STOOD UP THE CHURALI but why?

"But you where all excited about it Armaan…??" she looked at him as he took hold of her  hands and sat her down on the sofa

"I guess Ridhima I like what we have… you know? I knew you felt the same as you were so anger and you felt it tooo" feeling his hand take hold of her face so gentle she looked into his eyes to see something she had never seen before.

"I guess Kirti was just a crush I had back in college …but you I have helpless fallen in love with … I realized that day I kissed you outside …and when I held you in my arms in bed I knew this was where I wanted to be… with you always in bed.  Not in that dirty way but in that pure way…someone to hold in my arms for the rest of my life especially with someone who I can be myself with…" seeing the tears in her eyes he leaned forward and kissed her…

"Armaan I don't know what to say?" holding him in her arms she closed her eyes.

"Say you will act with me for the reset of my life!" nodded her head she held him.


"RIDDHIMA!!! AGGGGHHH!" she turned to look at Anjali shouting at her.

"Di you going to be ok…. Just relax!" she stare at her as she sat panting in pain.

"RELAX!!!! I AM HAVING A BABY AND ATUL HAS FAINTED!!" Ridhima looked down at her feet to see Jiju pasted out!

"AWWEEE DIIII!"  she turned to look at Anjali as she took hold of her hand.

"Where the hell is the doctor??"  OMG DI your going to have a seizure??

"Hi!"  Anjali and Ridhima looked at the doctor and then back at each other.

"I am Dr Nana… what is the problem?"  I know this guys??? what the problem she having a baby? im surrounded by bandars today?? 

"Where is my Bulbul?"  they looked at him looking around the room smiling as he looked at them

"WHAT the HELL are you talking about?" Di chill….AW I am not going to have a hand by the end of this??

"Hanji doctor saab?"  LOVELY??

"OMG Riddhima!! How are you? Did you get that fake boyfriend thing sorted out for your sister wedding!"  No lovely not NOWWW??

"WHAT? FAKE BOYFRIEND????!"  omg nnnnnnnoooooooooooo

"Breathe di! Lovely GAS AND AIR! NOW QUICK"


"Look he's coming round?"  Armaan looked at Atul opening his eyes.

"Champ! You ok?"  Atul looked at him and nodded and looked at everyone in the waiting room.

"ANJALI??" he got up and looked around the room and run into the delivery room

Armaan looked at him and chuckled a brilliant surgery and when he saw Anjali in pain he fainted…

"I don't know why you are laughing!" he turned to look at Padma looking at him.

"When Ridhima has the baby …you to will be like Atul!" Armaan looked at her giggling as he stopped laughing….they looked at Atul as he came out of the delivery holding a baby crying.

"I have a son!"

"Jaan I'm scared?" Ridhima opened her eyes to feel his arms around her confused as she walked into the waiting room drained…everyone was with Anjali and the baby…

"Armaan what the matter?" holding him in her arms she looked at him.

"What if I faint? What if there is a problem and I …." Feeling her lips on his she knew she had answered his questions……..

Wow who would have though I would have married and settled down in the last year.. he stopped calling me honey when we got married instead he call me 'Jaan'…. He is a total romantic and I'm not sure if he acting that part hehe but I get a dose of cheese lines everyday hehe … Now we have a new play to work on Mommy and Daddy… should be fun as he talking to my belly every night… btw I know you're going to ask the engagement ring… I got a brand new one… I was not have hers!!  …. Oh yeah before I go I know you all dieing to know Kirti??  Still Single and available.. hehe… I guess Mr Right has not discover her yet… my life is now full of sweet heart attacks and seizures thanks to him……

The End


please comment Embarrassed 

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First Big smile LOL
Hey Cat loved this intro, can't wait to read the 1st part.Wink
So Angie is just like the one from DMG, poor Atul... WTH why did Rids dated Sumit she is only from Armaan, heheEmbarrassed. And I guess he is the one who Rids will show as her "boyfriend"Big smile

Please continue soonSmile

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Hi Kat,

Sounds very interesting!! Clap Clap Embarrassed ....Angie and Atul eh?? Wink Wink ...thats fantastic!!...and LOL LOL LOL ...Ridz is going to look for a boyfriend who she can hire!! ROFL Wink ....I wonder who he is!! Ermm Wink Embarrassed ......its a great start Big smile it!!...please do cont soon! Embarrassed
Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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@ nancy and Tink... guys u know who is goin to have the Heart Attacks & Seizures "from the hired help" LOL LOL LOL ...

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^^^..I think i know who is going to be the unfortunate soul!! Wink Wink Wink ..Bless him!! Embarrassed Embarrassed ...Really lookin forward to it now!! Embarrassed well..the way you are saying it...looks like he is in for shock treatmeant!! from Ridz Embarrassed

Edited by TINK - 15 November 2007 at 3:38pm
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LOL LOL LOL lets just see if i get 2 pages of comments i will post the job description & interview Wink Wink folks get commenting... Embarrassed

Love Kat Wink
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i like ur other ff on this forum but for some reason i dont think i will like this one..........cuz poor ridz has no one to suport her n anjli has everything.........btw is this on like that movie app ke khatir ???? LOL

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